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Since I have several short stories to share, I prefer to create a single thread. There will be a lot of stabbing, some shooting and strangling. Non-cons, female victims (not pre-teens), usually realistic. Rape sometimes, depends on the story. No cannibalism, crushing or extreme torture, they are not for me.

I hope you like my story, please skip over grammatical errors, I'm not english. However, advice on language and writing is welcome.

I prefer skip tag on the single stories to keep a little surprise (if you prefer otherwise, let me know)

Stories coming up!


Rewritten with the help of Squunch

Kim's Last Night

Kim was a lonely girl, pale skin, long brown hair and big blue eyes. She was 21 years old, she liked to read: books, manga, comics, anything was right for her. Unfortunately, her peers didn't share her weakness for reading so she hadn’t any friends. For this reason, when Monika, the newcomer girl, proposed her a girls-night-in at her home, Kim accepted immediately.

Monika was a beautiful girl, black hair down to her shoulders, fringe. She approached Kim apparently without reason. She was also passionate about books, in a few days they became friends.

Evening started with a pizza at Monika’s home, they were alone. Kim wore a dark green t-shirt, very large for her. It was a warm night and she didn't wear trousers, only a pair of underwear hidden under the shirt. Monika wore a light pajamas, light pink which highlights a shapely body. The two girls chatted all evening, they watched a film on Netflix, Monika showed her friends her library, she read her an excerpt of "Rant", of Chuck Palahniuk, her favourite book. the evening passed pleasantly, the two girls joked, ate and drank a little. Kim felt she had finally found a friend!
It was the one o’clock, Kim was beginning to be tired. She looked around but Monika was not there, maybe she was in the kitchen. She got up to go to the bathroom. The door was at the end of the corridor, she walked humming a tune. She was almost at the door when Monika came out from an adjacent room and rushed against her banging her against the wall. Kim felt a severe pain in the stomach. The other girl stepped back, Kim felt something get out of her abdomen, she didn't understand what it was until she saw Monika with a long knife stained with blood in hand. Monika laughed. The left hand was in her pants moving slowly. Kim looked down, she saw blood, a lot of blood, a deep wound in her flesh. The girl trembled, mouth and eyes wide open, looking at who she thought was a friend.

“Beautiful! Very beautiful! The knife that penetrates the flesh! What a feeling, Kim! You should see your face!”

“Please, you do…”

“Aw, sorry! I forgot something!” she hit her again, a deep stab above the right breast. Kim was terrified, she couldn't hold back the pee and a warm trail runs down her leg. She wanted to move but the pain was too much and she slide along the wall onto the ground. Monika watched her breathing with difficulty continuing to masturbate. She sat next to her, almost tenderly, she caressed her hair, looked at the wounds with a curious air. Kim couldn't believe it, she was dying and her friend looked her aroused. Monika watched the wall behind her victim "No blood on the wall. I have not sunk enough. What a pity. I like it."

“Monika, call an ambulance ple…”

The soon-to-be killer slipped two fingers in the stomach wound, Kim tried to scream but what came out was more like a gurgle. Monika brought her blood-stained fingers back in her underwear “I beg…” another gurgle, a bubble of blood exploded from her lips, Monika panted more and more excited, she had the knife in hand again.

On the ground blood mixed with urine, Kim was getting weaker and weaker. Monika accelerated the rhythm, she felt the orgasm was near. Another lunge in the stomach and the girl came, screaming with pleasure, continuing to stab her victim, dirtying everywhere with blood. After not less than ten stabs, Monika stopped, caught her breath, the knife still stuck in Kim's side. The poor girl had cuts every, defense wounds on her arms, a lot of wounds in the chest and abdomen. Monika staggered to her feet, still shaken by the orgasm, a wide smile on her face.

“It's a shame you can't try it sweetheart. It’s… heavenly!”

Kim no longer had the strength to respond her. She was choking in her own blood, her lungs full of liquid, her eyes wandering aimlessly. She remained alive for several minutes, spitting and gasping until she bent her head forward with a last gurgle.

Monika stood for a while looking at her work. Her first murder. Still aroused she went to bed. She would take care of the cleaning the next day.


Interruption of Studies

“Hurry up Lu or we’ll miss the train”

Michela was 19yo, long hair, auburn, with a single blonde lock. She wore a green sweater and a white jacket. Lucia plodded behind her, shorter than her friend, black bobbed hair, a nice round face, a black coat closed with a zip. They were at the train station, it was october, both had just begun the university. Best friends since middle school, they attended high school together and finally they enrolled at the same university. Both had a handbag with a couple of recently started notebooks.

“We're on time, don't get upset!”

“Get a move on!”

“Otherwise we don’t get the nice assistant of the first hour, don’t we?”

Michela turned away pretending to be scandalized “How dare you?”

“Come on, here we go” they stamped the ticket and walked calmly towards their train, a few dozen meters ahead.

“So, I was telling you” Luisa said “We were at Mauro's when, around eleven, Mirco entered, drunk. You had to see how he staggered! And nothing, practically he was with his pants down, the broken belt or whatever”

“Why wasn’t I there?” Michela said, laughing.

Neither of the two girls noticed it, but two figures come out of an alley, black sweatshirts and hood.

“He held his pants with two hands and asked Mauro, peacefully Can I have a beer?”

Michela laughed “Poor guy, it's getting worse!”

“And then Mauro said…>

From behind, an hand tapped Lucia’s mouth, she raised her hands to defend herself but a long kitchen knife penetrated her stomach. The other man took Michela for her hairs and cut her throat, then threw her to the ground face forward. The first man hit fast, Lucia was stabbed four more times; Michela was turned on her back “Wait, wait…” she gurgled something before the blade sank two times in her left breast. With an hand on her throat and the another one that tried to defend her, Michela could not offer real resistance, another deep blow reached her at the stomach.

Tufts of bloody feathers came out of Lucia’s coat while the stabs piled up. Eyes wide open, she can’t react, she was thrown to the ground. The two girls were lying on the floor, stained with blood, agonizing, the two men threw themselves back on them hitting them without stopping. Two stabs at Lucia’s throat, other lunges to her chest, Michela received several stabs at the groin and at the chest, three at the abdomen. Satisfied, the two attackers looked around and ran away after taking some bills from the two girls' wallets. Not a lot, maybe one hundred euros.

Everything lasted less than a minute, the few people who were at the station rushed to help but it was too late. The two young women were dead, slaughtered without a reason. They were lying in a lake of blood, with their handbags, notes and hopes.


One Less Witch in the World

Marta was 16 yo, brown curly hair, a pair of jeans and a light blue sweater. She was home alone, her parents were at work and she had recently returned from school. She was in the living room, lying on the sofa, tv on, cell phone in hand. She didn't notice that someone had entered the house. A man entered in the living room and pointed a gun at her and shouting:

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?" He was about 30 yo but he showed more, eyes wide with anger, ripped clothes.

Marta, surprised, raised her hands in surrender.

"STAND UP!" She obeyed trembling "Tell me what the fuck are you doing in my house!"

"Thi… this is my house, I live here…"


The man hit the girl with a slap throwing her to the ground. He bowed on her, pressing the gun again her chest.

"They sent you, right? You are here to kill me, right?"

The girl tried to get away by crawling but the man didn't let her go.

"Please, I don't want to hurt you, I don't know what are you talking about!"

"You are a lying whore!"

He pressed the trigger but there was only a click.

"Shit, it's unloaded!"

To Marta, that second lasted an eternity: he would have shot her! The gun was unloaded only for a miracle! Terrified, she could not hold the pee and dark stain began to widen in her pants. Seeing him distracted with the magazine, Marta got up and ran to the door as fast as she could. The man swore and ran to catch her. The girl arrived just a meter from the door when his arm clung around her neck.

"Where are you going, bitch?" He dragged her again in the living room and throw her to the ground.

"I don't know what you did to my gun, you were good but no more jokes" he pointed the gun to her head "How many are you? I know you are hunting me, I killed another one just yesterday. You won't put me back in, I guarantee you"

"Please, I don't know what are you talking about, you are wrong, I don't wanna die!"

He laughed "Do you think you are so smart? So why are you in my house?"

He grabbed her neck with one hand and began to squeeze it, she felt out of breath.

"I know what you do to the people, I saw your labs, your factories! You hide in the crowd but I can see you, do you know? I can recognize you! For this reason I can stop you, for this reason you can't win!"

Marta was in panic, she tried to loosen the grip on her neck, even with both hands she failed to win the man's strength.

"Do you know why am I saying you this? Because you can't tell it to anyone!"

He pressed the gun against her stomach, Marta hit him with weak fists, the face red with fear.

"Oh, are you afraid? Then you also have feelings, I didn't expect it"

A loud bang, the slug entered the girl's body leaving behind a bleeding wound. Immediately after, a second shot. A smile showed on the man's face. Marta is shattered. In shock she stopped hitting him.

"I bet it hurts. Do you know how much you hurt me with your experiments?"

"I… I don't know what… are you talking about" Marta managed to say pressing the hands against the wounds.

He got up from the ground, she looked at her blood-stained hands, she looked at her sweater, now dark red. He paced back and forth, chuckling; he laughed watching the girl agonizing, then he threw himself on her trying to take off her clothes. She screamed and fought with all the force she had, he panted trying to tear her sweater, she pointed to his face and hair. The man, furious, grabbed both her hands in a grip, she screamed for the pain, he raised her hands to have a clear view and fired. The slug entered from under the right breast and went up diagonally. Marta jumped at this new blow.

"Then you want to get yourself killed? Is it better this way? IS IT BETTER?"

Another shot, with a trajectory similar to the previous one. Marta could no longer resist with four bullets in her body. Smiling excited, always keeping her hands above her head, he raised her sweater and bra, he squeezed her breasts, he lingered over her wounds. He then lowered her pants and underpants, just enough to have a clear view.

"It's the cunt of a witch… but anyway it's a beautiful cunt!"

She began to tremble, she spat blood as he began to masturbate.

"I won, again! Tell your empress! Tell her that you can't catch me!"

Marta didn't even try to contradict him, she was barely conscious. She coughed a large blood clot, he moaned and came, splattering her face. He had lasted just over a minute.

"One witch less in the world. Today I did my duty"

He stood looking at her, touching her satisfied. With a last one moan, Marta died.

This too was done. But now they knew where he lived, he had to leave. They couldn't get him! Not again!



Rachel lay down on the bed of her hotel room, staring at the ceiling. Her great blue eyes were smiling, framed by a cascade of blond hair. Seventeen years old, wide hips and busty breast, she was there for a little play with Micheal, her boyfriend. She was the unaware and innocent girl, he was the dangerous raper that broke in her room to rape her. She had already given him the key of the room, he would come, at a certain time of the night, playing his part. Rachel's part was to stay awake and to keep herself busy, better if in skimpy clothes. The thought of the night was already beginning to thrill her.

Rachel took a shower. She put on a reduced blue underwear and a light white t-shirt which she knotted under the breast. She ate something, watched a movie on tv, always with an eye to the clock. Micheal knew how to increase tension. Rachel started to browse Gurochan just to warm herself up a little.

It was 10:28 pm when she heard a key turn in the lock. There he is! She rose from the bed. She wanted to give him a position of advantage by giving her back to the door. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the man enter the door with padded step. She had to make an effort not to laugh, seeing him with black clothes and black balaclava, almost the parody of a thief.

He grabbed her from behind with force, Rachel had never been good at acting but did her best <Oh God! Please, please! Don't hurt me! I'll do whatever you want. Whatever!> Micheal didn't speak. Yanking her, he threw her on the bed belly down, he took out a pair of handcuff and tied her hands behind the back. Rachel liked the handcuffs, maybe these were a little tight but, after all, her role was the victim. It wasn't her who dictated the rules and she didn't have to be confortable. Obviously Micheal knew her limits, he knew what to do, what not to do and when to stop. Unfortunately for her, this man was not Micheal.

He turned her on the back and began to rub her breasts, Rachel shouted fake scream while the man explored her body with his hands. He tore off her underpants, leaving only one leg in the indument. She was starting to get wet. When his hands tightened around her neck she found nothing strange there. She liked it, the lack of air increased her pleasure, it was arousing. This time however Micheal squeezed more than usual. Feeling the lungs begin to burn, Rachel began to move uneasily.
"Micheal…" she managed to whisper
"It's too tight Micheal" on the contrary, he tightened his grip.
"Please Micheal, what are you doing?" No response.
"What are you doing Micheal?"

Panic exploded in Rachel's stomach, she started kicking <Xylophone! Xylophone!> not even their safeword could stop what she thought was Micheal. Her lungs were on fire, her legs kicked desperately. Too weak to talk, I don't want to die Micheal, please, I don't want to die! She wanted to scream but not a single breath could come out of her lips that were slowly turning blue.

Micheal… why…

The tongue slightly out of the mouth, her eyes red and wet, almost numb to the man's cock that violated her, too busy not to die. When she finally died, he certainly hadn't finished yet. He turned the body over and over again penetrating every orifice, spending more than one hour with the beautiful corpse of the girl.

When the real Micheal came, around half past midnight, he found Rachel's body on the bed, still tied, dirty with sweat and sperm, a red mark around her neck, her dead eyes, wide with terror.


This is the first story which I have not already posted on Gurochan. It's the first real Original. Enjoy it!

Returning Home

Sonia had just come out of the hospital where she worked. Nurse trainee, 24 yo she had just finished her shift. Blond brown hair, curly, to the bottom. Nice physique but not excessive. She wore a yellow jacket and a blue wool cap with a pon pon on top. She was a cheerful and kind girl, always in a good mood which was rare with the work she did. During her shift, she lit up the ward, at least a couple of nurses were in love with her. He lived just minutes from the hospital and, although the evening of february was still cold, she liked to walk home. The sky promised snow, the city under the white mantle was always a marvel. At home, a nice steak prepared by her mother was waiting for her, Sonia was starting to get hungry.

Her could have been a long and satisfying life if she hadn't heard a noise coming from the park, if her good soul had not led her to control. The park was often frequented by homeless but at this time and with this weather it was strange that there was anyone. They were like groans of pain, someone was sick! And with this cold, he would have died if no one had intervened.

Sonia ran to the source of the noise. She knew what she was doing was dangerous but she couldn't let it go. Moreover, although she hated it, in her purse she had a gun. It was her father's idea, frightened by the usual media exaggerations. For sure, certain things didn't happen in this city but after so much insistence on the part of her parents, he had agreed to carry it with her.

In front of her, she saw a man on the ground, leaning against a tree. He was wearing a torn green shirt and corduroy trousers, he seemed to be about forty. Few brown hair in strands, like glued. His head was low and dangling, Sonia saw his shirt mottled with vomit "I am a nurse, are you ok?" The only answer was a tired moan "He's not ok" the girl thought, seeing that the man was shaking. She took off her jacket to cover the homeless, she had a blue and white suit underneath "This will keep you warm for a while" the man was brawny and, looking better, Sonia saw that he had a flourescent green bracelet on his arm that she knew well. This man was not an homeless, he was one of the guests in the hospital's psychiatric ward. He had fled, perhaps coming out of a window, perhaps lowering himself from a tree. This explained the torn clothes, perhaps they were caught in some branch.

She certainly couldn't leave him there and she wouldn't be able to bring him in alone with her 157cm. She looked around hoping to see someone. Nobody. "Don't worry, now I call for help" she pulled out her cell phone with her hands trembling with cold. She didn't know if the man needed medicine nor how long was he out there. She called the hospital "Come on Carlo, answer…" a recorded tape began to list the services offered by the hospital, she had to wait until the end to speak with the shift operator, Carlo. She looked around for someone who could help her.

Suddenly, distracted by the phone call, she felt something hit the side of her neck, a strange, hot feeling. The pain came a few seconds later together with the awareness of what had happened: a piece of metal had entered her neck; the man, who seemed unconscious until a minute ago, was now standing and had just stabbed her in the neck. He removed the piece of metal and a river of blood began to flow from the gash in her neck. In panic ran with one hand to the wound, dabbing it, staring at the man with wide eyes, the other hand to act as a shield "Wait, wait.. " a slash hit her hand, dropping her cell phone "You won't get me again!" He shouted, slashing with his piece of metal. Rusty, sharp and long at least 15 cm, it was a lethal weapon for a man so strong.

The girl tried to defend herself with her hand, backing. Lacerations opened on her arm and on her hand as he pursued her. She wanted to scream but her voice was low and husky for the gash in the neck. Suddenly, she remembered of the gun she had in her purse, if only she could get it… she ran with her hands to the purse but the dark and the man who was on her made the search difficult. Her hands, wounded and blood stained trembled with fear. He grabbed the purse and tore it away forcefully, throwing it away. "Please, stop! I want to help you!" "I don't need your help, you won't take me back in there"
"Stop! I won't…" finally, a blow reached its target, the iron penetrated the body of the girl, between the stomach and the groin, on the right. She shouted hoarsely, eyes wide with pain. He throw her to the ground, crashing her under his weight, he turned the blade that slashed everything in its path. He took out the blade and stabbed her five more times, always in the same area.

"I don't wanna die" Sonia thought continuing to lose blood "It doesn't make sense" having gathered all her strength, she managed to use her legs to push the man back. He fell backward stumbling over a root giving the girl a few seconds of advantage. She rose, holding an hand on the neck and the other on the abdomen. From this last wound were visible short stretches of guts that Rachel was desperately trying to contain. She remembered the years of medicine as she tried to understand how serious her injuries were and what organs that madman had damaged them.

Her escape did not last long, a few meters and the man grabbed her from behind and slipped the blade into her right breast. Sonia heard him whisper a chant, like a prayer, directly in her ear. Another stab, higher than the other, pierced her lung. She could not stand up, she collapsed to the ground spitting blood, the man right above her. Laughing, he slipped the jagged piece of metal in her throat, two times again, the last time tearing to the right, slashing skin, muscles and blood vessels "Do you know? I have never killed a witch, it's not difficult as I thought" his breath smelled of vomit, Sonia couldn't speak with the blood filling her throat. Also moving was impossible with the weight of the man above her. I will die here. It's not fair. I only wanted to help him. The face against the ground, slightly tilted, eyes full of tears and the grass below her now red blood.

She continued to think to her body from a clinic point of view, almost if she were not lying on the ground with the guts outside. Several laceration to the neck, serious damage to the respiratory system, perforated lung. Serious damage to the digestive system, severe bleeding. In a strange way, it almost made her laugh. Only when she felt something penetrate her into the ass who realized that he had lowered her trousers and had begun to rape her. Not that she cared much now. Just at that moment he saw a car on the road, two headlights that almost illuminated the terrible scene that was taking place. A last trick of the fate. Under the thrusts of the madman, Rachel's gaze became increasingly dull, dark spots formed in her visual field. I'm cold. I don't want to die. I want to go back home.

When the man finished, few minutes later, the witch was dead. Panting, he lay on her for a while. What had they done to him? He remembered everything in fragment, needles, tablets, his miraculous escape from the window. He did not remember where he had taken that piece of iron but it certainly proved useful. He had to continue to flee, he couldn't stop here, others would arrive. The snow began to fall and to whiten the witch's corpse. He had no remorse. those he fought were not human beings, they deserved everything he did to them. He looked in her purse and, in addition to documents and wallet, he found a gun. Thank goodness! Now he could defend himself. His next goal was to find his house. from there, he could plan the next move.


An old story of mine without too many questions. I have a weakness for cut throats


A dark room was the first thing Sabrina saw opening her eyes. Where the fuck was she? She realized she was tied hands and feet, kneeling and stuck to the floor, and panicked "Wait! I shouldn't be here!" Sabrina was 19 years old, light blond hair, blue eyes. She heard other female voices, others were starting to wake up, they too in the same situation. The lights came on, almost blinding for a few seconds. When she got used to the light, she looked around. To her right, nine other women, about from fifteen to thirty, all tied up and kneeling. In front of them there was three men, two of them behind a camera.

"What the fuck is this?" "Let us go!" Others remained silent, others wept "What's going on, who are you?" No one answered the women but the men smiled amused. The third man, about forty, approached the girl to the right, black hair in her twenties "Wait up! I did nothing, tell us why we are here, maybe we can…" no one had seen the knife, the blade tore through the girl's throat, the man threw the woman forward. The girls screamed, all together, a scream of terror looking at the girl in agony. The man didn't pause, he went to the second woman, a brunette woman in her thirties, she felt her head tilt back "No no no, wait, I didn't do anything, you can't…" another slash, another cut throat.

The third was an auburn girl, 22 years old, she cried in despair "Please, don't kill me" the knife rested on her throat "I beg you, I will do what you want!" a moment later a splash of blood exploded from her throat, she fell to the ground coughing "He's killing us! Please, do something!" Sabrina shouted towards the cameras. They kept screaming, mixed threats, supplications and bloody gurgles, cry. The fourth was a blonde teen, she will not have been more than sixteen "Please, I want to go home, please" when the knife cut, she remained a few seconds with her head held high, eyes wide open, then she too was pushed to the ground, along with the others.

The fifth is a woman, dark short hair "You are a coward, you tied us up, you don't even have the courage to face us! Do you feel strong? Do you feel…" the blade also cut her throat, the man had no hesitation, no remorse. He was smiling. He looked back: the second had stopped moving but the others were still spitting blood darting like fish in spasms.

The sixth had red hair, 17 years old, blue eyes "Please, you don't have to do it! I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die, I don't…" another cut, another slit girl. Sabrina watched the man get closer and closer, the room was getting quieter. The number seven was a fifteen years old girl, brunette, ponytail "I don't want to be here, I'm only fifteen, please. Please move on" the man ran the knife but nothing happened, the little girl, expecting to be slit, pissed herself "Thank you! Thank you! Thank…" laughing, the man slit the girl's throat, this time for real, she too fell forward to spit blood.

The eighth was a brunette girl, 25 years "If you don't kill me, I'll do whatever you want, I'm good you know, I'll be your slave, you can't do it, please" Not a hesitation, another cut throat. The two surviving girls looked at each other in terror. why no one came to save them? The ninth girl was a 18 years old girl, auburn hair "Wai…" He didn't even give her time to talk, he quickly cut her throat and throws her to the ground.

Sabrina was the last one left "Wait, I can give you money, a lot of money, mine are rich" he placed the blade on her neck "At least tell me why you do it! Don't do it, you don't…" the blade also sank into her neck, that moment lasted an eternity, the knife running through her throat, the blood wetting her chest.

A violent push and also Sabrina was on the ground together with the others, also engaged in the same useless attempt. She felt the blood rise in his mouth, filling her throat, spreading on the floor. She coughed but the situation got worse, he couldn't breathe. She didn't know how long she struggled not to die but in the end, she also surrendered and died in a lake of blood, her and her nine companions.


I wanted to write the last part of the escape of the madman but this idea struck me like lightning. It's different from my other stories, I wanted to try something new.

I think it's the first time I write a scene of consensual sex in detail, I hope it came out well.

I don't know if it's the correct procedures for a hurricane but give me an artistic license. Enjoy it!

Tony and Liz

Although it was an almost apocalyptic scenario, it was a breathtaking sight. A barrier of black clouds, like a slowly advancing wall. Every now and then flashes furrowed the enormous cloud almost like a demon charging itself with power, ready to pour it over the city.

Elizabeth watched the thundercloud with arms folded from behind a window, warm and safe, at least for now. She was a beautiful girl, barely nineteen, wearing a gray tank top and a pair of short white shorts that highlighted her dry and well-shaped body. Behind her came Tony, the man she was having an affair with. An attractive man, he began to get closer to forty but he had a beautiful body and an elegant appearance. Black hair that was beginning to turn gray, he was a teacher in a high school.

It was there that he and Liz had met, it was two years that they were lovers even though he was married and had a daughter just a couple of years younger than Elizabeth. Girding her with his arms, Tony kissed her brown hair, tied in a ponytail.

"What do they say on the news?" She asked.

"They call for evacuation, it will be ugly"

Elizabeth's gaze fell on the railing outside the window. Some metal poles were unstable, a couple had already broken off.

"You should fix them, if they fly away during the hurricane they could spill someone."


"Sure, haven't you read about that man stuck by an umbrella a few years ago?"

"It's an urban legend, they're not that dangerous"

"As you wish, but if I end up skewered like a skewer you will have me on your conscience"

Tony smiled kissing her neck "It won't happen, my love"

They spent a few minutes looking at the coming storm.

"How soon will it arrive?"

"Three hours before the last bus"

"Three hours? We have all the time," she said, bowing her head back to kiss him.

They had been there for a couple of days, a romantic weekend for only the two of them. The arrival of the hurricane was an unexpected surprise for both.

"It's dangerous to stay here, you know."

"A little bit excites me," she said with a chuckle. She turned and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her gray eyes stared at Tony's.

"Come on, three hours are a lot … and we just need a couple of minutes …"

Tony laughed at that dart and grabbed her butt firmly with one hand "A couple of minutes, miss? They'll find us here still clinging together when this is over"

Laughing both, they headed for the bedroom, kissing and taking off each other's clothes. On the bed they arrived naked, she lay down on the bed while Tony moved his lips along her barely tanned skin, first on her neck, then on her perfect breasts, on her stomach and on her navel up to her wonderful vagina that began to suck and kiss, teasing all the most sensitive parts with the tongue. If there was one thing Tony could do was just this, Elizabeth was already panting, staring at the ceiling, her lover's head clutched with her thighs. He continued for a long time while she screamed with pleasure. He got up and continued to kiss her, then it was Liz's turn to kneel on the floor, grab the man's penis and put it in her mouth, while he lovingly caressed her hips. The understanding between them was perfect, everyone knew what the other liked, their bodies eagerly sought each other. Their meeting lasted a long time, illuminated by the flashes of the coming storm. Both came several times until, in the end, they were both exhausted and sweaty, lying on the bed, one in the other's arms. The last bus had eighty minutes left.

Tony stood up, kissing her on the back of the neck "Come on love, let's get ready, it's almost time" he got up picking up the clothes he had sown in the corridor and heading for the living room. Elizabeth stood up slowly, smiling. She tied again her ponytail that had untied, who knows when, during the relationship. It was time to leave, to return to their normal lives, until their next secret meeting, who knows when. A veil of sadness fell over the girl's eyes. She was the other woman for him, not the love of his life, not the woman with whom to build a family, no matter how many times he said I love you. He wiped a tear as he picked up her shirt and shorts. There was no time for certain ideas, now they had to go.

Barefoot, Elizabeth headed for the living room. Tony was already there, still naked, holding one of the railing stakes "Then you convinced yourself to get them out of the way" he seemed distracted, he didn't look her in the eyes.

"Tony, what's wrong, all right?"

"My love, you don't know how sorry I am"

With his left hand he grabbed her arm, pulling her toward him. Liz tried to resist, but she was taken by surprise and found herself on him. A strange sensation crossed her, Tony had used the momentum to slip the stake into her stomach, angling the piece of iron upwards. Pierced from side to side, Liz took a few seconds to register the pain. "I'm so sorry, Liz," he pushed her to the ground, she fell to the side, mouth wide open, hands on the shaft.

"What the fuck did you do Tony?"

"Excuse me, Liz, I had to do it"

"You skewered me! You put a stake in my stomach!"

"Liz, love, try to understand me. My wife was beginning to suspect, if our story came out … believe me, it's better for everyone"

Elizabeth watched the blood spread over her shirt "Better for everyone? What the fuck are you saying?" a grimace of pain took shape on his face "We could talk about it, you could tell me! Anything, any, but not … this!"

"You were a minor, you were my student! If anyone knew about it … I'm sorry, Liz. It had to be a cleaner shot, I didn't want to make you suffer like that. It's the truth, believe me"

"Tony, I don't want to die, please"

"You will stay here, in the midst of the storm. They will find you with that pole in your stomach, your lungs full of water and undocumented. Another of the storm's nameless victims. And no one will be able to connect you to me."

Elizabeth heard his voice crack as he spoke "Love, it's not too late, take me away, I can still save myself, we can settle everything. Love, please. Tony, I love you!"

"I love you too, Liz!" Tony screamed "That's why it's so difficult" he went to his room to prepare for evacuation. Elizabeth remained on the ground, watching the pool of blood slowly spread beneath her. She tried to pull the pole out but the searing pain almost made her faint. She couldn't get up, she felt like throwing up; although the room was warm, she trembled.

Tony returned ten minutes wearing a jacket and a bag, found the girl sobbing on the ground, still bent over. She had her back to him.

"I'm afraid Tony. You can't leave me here, please."

"I have already told you, I will not take you with me, you are already dead, resigned. Do not make me more difficult than it is."

"I'm afraid, I don't want to stay here alone, please."

"I can't pierce you again, it would be suspect. I'm sorry, Liz, you'll have to die with that piece of iron in your stomach." He smiled. "Do you remember what you said before? If this can soothe you, I will indeed have you on my conscience, I won't forget you. I love you."

"If you had loved me, you wouldn't have killed me," said Elizabeth, crying.

Tony didn't answer, he moved behind her like a caged animal. Liz could hear him sobbing. They remained silent, crying for several minutes. After a while, Tony stopped and walked briskly towards the bathroom. From the living room, Liz could hear the sound of flowing water "What do you want to do Tony?" no answer "Tony, please tell me what you want to do" the man came back to her and made her get up, the pole inside her moved at the slightest movement making her scream with pain "I'm sorry my love, it will be over soon." Unable to resist, Elizabeth was dragged to the almost full bathtub. "I do it for you Liz" Tony pushed her head under the water, she struggled desperately to get back to the surface

"You can die drowned, I can do it now, without waiting for the flood. You won't have to wait for hours alone. And I won't run the risk of changing my mind."

The girl's stomach pressed against the edge of the tub, causing the pole to move inside her, her lungs caught on fire even though they were filling up with water. The hand of the man she loved held her head down condemning her to death. He didn't know how long he had been struggling to resurface but the forces were less and less "I don't want to die" he kept thinking as he struggled desperately despite the disparity of forces. He struggled to the end, until his body was no longer responsive, until his brain, now without oxygen, died out forever.

Tony kept Elizabeth in the water for a few more minutes even when she was no longer moving. Then, crying, he pulled her out of the tub. He watched her now pale skin, the body he adored, the face he loved strangely relaxed. He closed her lifeless eyes and gave her a last kiss on the lips "Goodbye Liz" got up and, without looking back, took his bag and left the house. The storm was approaching but there was still time. He reached the buses that were evacuating the city. The tears on his face mixed with the first rain.


Feedback always appreciated


Good stuff. I particularly liked Returning Home and Tony and Liz. I love the idea of the nurse’s kind heart leading her to a terrible end, and the horrible betrayal Liz endured was a big turn on for me (I wish Tony had just let her die slowly, though). You come up with some cool concepts.

For a bit of constructive criticism, be careful with pronouns. “He” and “his” are masculine pronouns, and are used to refer to male characters. You used them frequently when talking about actions and thoughts pertaining to Liz, and in those cases it should have been “she” and “her”. This was particularly noticeable in the 2nd to the last paragraph of the story.


Thanks. I also have simpler stories but I prefer to post these a little bit more complex (instead of the usual stab stab stab).

Betrayal and extremely unjust deaths are key point in my stories, i love them. Betrayal particularly.

About the long death for Liz… I've thought about it but it didn't convince me at all. It is not a very reasoned story, it suddenly appeared to me and I stayed as close as possible to the initial idea. And, strange as it was, Toby was sincere and leaving her agonizing for hours was not in the character. I also thought about making him become more cynical, just another lover, but it didn't work for me (even if I could use a long and lonely death in a future story, the more I think about it the more it intrigues me)

You're right about pronouns but google translate and sleep betrayed me in the 2nd to last paragraph, usually I check it.


A story I wrote some time ago. It's based on Rimworld, a great colony simulator in an hostile planet (with a lot of cannibalism and human skin hat).
This is not a story about the darkest side of the game and you don't need to know the game to understand it (I hope). All the character are based on my colonist of a specific colony. Enjoy it!

Chronicles of the Rim - Raid on the Infirmary

Ann was stuck in the infirmary, hell was outside. A group of pirates had attacked the colony, most of her friends were out there fighting but not her. Thirty years, light blond hair, she had never harmed anyone. She simply could not, the very idea of ​​holding a weapon paralyzed her. For this reason she had chosen to become the doctor of the colony, even able to tell the truth. More than once she had saved his companions' lives, mending them when they seemed to be doomed. But this time it was different. By now it was a lot that she heard them fight, the pirates had arrived in mass and they seem to have breached the perimeter. Holed up in a corner with her head in her hands, Ann was terrified.

Suddenly the door swung open. She screamed, but it was not a pirate but a little girl. Ann recognized, under the helmet too big for her, Cockroach 14 years, the last and youngest member of their group, long black hair, light brown skin. Panting and with a bullet in her arm, she was holding a semiautomatic gun

"Ann, Ann! Help me! They are coming, they have passed the turrets, penetrated our defenses, they are coming here"

"I … I don't … i …" Ann stammered in terror as Cockroach handed her a shotgun

"I can't use it, I can't feel my arm, please, please!"

Ann picked up the weapon with her eyes wide open, her hands were shaking "I can't do it. Roach, I don't …"

"They're coming!" Roach hid behind the door with the gun in her hand, and Ann hid behind a bed, trembling .

Endless seconds of waiting, then a man opened the door wide. He wasn't one of them. Massive, a brown leather jacket, unkempt beard. He smelled of alcohol and was stained with blood, his veins were unusually large and visible, Ann recognized the mark of the Luciferium, the most powerful drug on the Rim. Roach tried to catch him by surprise, as soon as the door opened, she pointed the gun at the pirate's head but he was tremendously fast and dodged his head back before the girl could shoot, grabbed her still stretched arm and he slammed her against the wall, Roach tried to fire again but noticed that the gun had fallen into the scuffle. Before she could recover, the pirate was on her and grabbed her by the neck. Ann tried to make herself as small as possible and not make any noise.

Roach kicked as much as she could and tried to defend herself with the only working arm, but the pirate was at least twice her size and stoned on Luci, it was like hitting a mountain. He put her on the table and squeezed her neck “So girl, where do you keep the pills?” Unable to breathe and speak, Roach touched the pirate's hand trying to loosen his grip but he was too stupid or too stoned to understand her intentions and continued to tighten “So little slut? WHERE ARE THEY?” Ann watched the scene without making a noise. The rifle, useless, in her hands.

The man smiled <Obviously it is not enough for you> he pulled a large knife from his belt and impaled it on Roach's belly, making his way under the girl's armor. Ann didn't see the scene in detail but from how Roach jumped she realized that she had been stabbed. The girl's eyes widened in pain, she stared at the man trying to calm him but his mind was elsewhere now. Suddenly, air at last! It almost hurt as it entered her lungs. She took deep breaths with her eyes closed, but when she opened them again he was still in front of her. Before he could speak he grabbed her by the hair and lifted her making her scream <THEN? WHERE ARE THEY?> Roach barely had time to open her mouth to speak that the pirate thrusts the knife into her neck three times and then throws her to the ground. same blood, look in Ann's direction begging for help. She beckons her no, so she will show her <No no no no, please no> look at the pirate who has already lost interest in the girl on the ground. From a clinical point of view the scene is interesting for Ann: the Luciferium accelerates bodily functions giving surprising agility and strength but, over time, the subject's perceptions are accelerated. This is why he speaks so fast, he moves so fast, everything is slowed down in his head, it's like the world goes in slow motion. For this he was so impatient, from his point of view Roach was who knows how to fix it without answering his questions. The woman took refuge in these thoughts hoping to escape from reality when she realized that the pirate was heading towards her. She recoiled trying to avoid him but there was no room to move, when she realized that he could no longer hide, with her back to the wall, Ann activated her shield belt.

As soon as he saw her, Ann knew he had to act quickly: before he could do anything, the woman pointed with a hand to a door a little way away "From there, that's where we keep the Luci" The pirate smiled enthusiastically "Thank you, really kind " rushed into the closet and came out with a bottle full of red pills. He swallowed one, savoring the discharge going through his body. Ann stared at him paralyzed: maybe it would have been enough, maybe he would have forgotten her. Instead he went back to staring at her, the huge pupils in the blood-red eyes "Thanks again" he pointed the gun at her and fired twice, the woman jumped but the shield deflected the two bullets, an annoyed expression showed up on the pirate's face "I hate these shit" "No wait, there's no need…" he started shooting again, continuous shots that broke on the shield "Wait, that's enough!" One last shot bounced off the shield but in the end two bullets reached the target, the first one hit to the sternum, the second, the the right breast. "Ah ah! Peck!" The woman tried to stop the wounds, she gave short cries looking at the blood coming out copiously.

When she looked up again, the pirate was not there, maybe he was gone. Ann tried to get up, she knew that in the closet next to her there were Glitterworld medicines, coming from the most advanced planets in the universe, if she could reach them she could still save herself. Tenacious, the woman climbed on the piece of furniture, painful pangs tormented her but with great effort she grabbed the briefcase and fell back to the ground. She shouted for the blow but smiled. She had it! She had taken it! She sat back down and, leaning against the wall, began to prepare the syringe, finally slipped it into her arm. He breathed a sigh of relief: the nanites began to flow in her veins, they reached the wounds and began to close them. Ann was breathing heavily, she was alive, she was saved.

The pirate's return took her by surprise "But are you still here?" Ann's eyes widened in terror "No no no" the pirate fired again, four more shots, one in the stomach and three in the chest. He stood in front of her, looked her in the face and yelled at her. "Do you think I have bullets to waste?" Ann began to cough and spit blood "That I have time to lose?" Another shot in the lower abdomen, then he kicked the suitcase of medicines. She was crying, unable to move. It had been useless. She could not breathe and saw everything black, the woman felt the pirate touching her but she could do nothing. Then the darkness.

Thorn entered the hospital attracted by the shots. A Charge Rifle in his hand, he saw one of the pirates bent over in a corner. They did not need prisoners, instinctively fired a short burst and the pirate's head exploded in a small explosion. Nik arrived right after him. He saw the three corpses on the ground, two belonging to the colony "Shit!" The battle had been hard, they had had some losses but in the end they had repelled the attackers "This had escaped us" the first corpse "Roach and Ann. Poor girls" observed "This was stoned. They tried to fight" look at Ann's body with ripped clothes

"At least he didn't have time to do anything else"

"What do we do?"

"have supplies prepared, let's go visit them ".


Third and last of the madman rampage. Not my favourite but I wanted to finish this cycle. I thought for a long time about how the Empress might look and Dany's face kept coming back to me. So I gave up. Other stories in the next days, I had a lot of ideas recently and I will complete them, whether there is someone to read them or not

An Afternoon of Study

It seemed like a day like many others for Daniela. A pair of jeans, a red blouse and a black overcoat, the student had arrived at the university that morning to study for the upcoming exam. Twenty-one years old but due to her short stature, she looked a few years younger. Not much breasts and an ass a little bigger than she wanted. Her strength, however, was an angelic face, framed by blond hair, almost white, smooth, halfway down his back. Full lips and a slightly upturned nose. The ones that most attracted attention were undoubtedly the eyes. Big smiling eyes, of an almost supernatural purple color. Throughout the day the study room she was in had been full of students coming and going. Now, late afternoon, Daniela was the only one left. She liked studying like that, with no one to bother her. As usual, she would leave the faculty last, just before closing.

With a heavy head for the study, around six in the afternoon, Daniela decided to take a break. A coffee was what she wanted. On the ground floor there was a vending machine, the girl got up to go and get her small reward. She called the elevator and waited. She was cheerful, felt safe for the upcoming exam, knew she could pass it with flying colors. All this should have happened a week later.

The elevator door opened and to her surprise, someone was inside. It was strange to see someone on the fifth floor at that hour, least of all a man who looked at least forty years she had never seen in there. He seemed lost, even surprised to see her. She smiled at him, urging him to go out. His eyes widened, staring at her "Empress!" Daniela frowned a little amused. She was used to people who were surprised by the color of her eyes and usually she was flattered but this was new "Thanks but I don't think I …" the man threw himself at her slamming her against the wall, one hand covering her mouth the other held a pistol aimed at her head. Daniela was paralyzed by terror. It was the first time in her life that she saw a live weapon and being on the wrong side of the barrel was not the best of the first times "Empress! You look different from last time but I would recognize those eyes everywhere!" He took her hand from her mouth, squeezing her neck slightly. The man, despite having clean clothes, smelled of vomit and alcohol. It was obvious he didn't have all the wheels in place, plus he held a gun. Daniela's brain was in fibrillation, she had heard that a madman must be seconded but was it really the best move? It was obvious that he had hatred against this empress. However he had not yet fired at her, perhaps she could have power over him in some way. Sge decided to go along with it.

"It's me," she said, trying to keep her voice as firm as possible, "I'm the Empress. You found me." The man's face twisted into a huge smile "The Empress! When I saw this place … it's so huge, so … majestic! I knew I would find you here!" The university building was in fact the tallest building in the vicinity but defining it as majestic was definitely excessive "I'm surprised you don't have guards with you" he slammed the barrel of the gun against his head "Do you know? I've already killed two of your witches. This time will end, forever! " Hearing these words, Daniela felt faint. The murder of that nurse the night before was the news of the day, especially if combined with the escape of that patient from the psychiatric ward. It almost looked like a horror movie plot, she even laughed of it a couple of times that morning. Now everything had suddenly become real. A dark spot spread in her jeans as she realized what situation she was in. Now she wondered if she had done well to support him.

Still pointing the gun at her, he pushed her back into the study room, she obeyed with her hands up. The man looked around, evaluating the environment. He chose a large wardrobe and, showing physical strength, he moved it to the door. Blocked the entrance, he took the cell phone from Daniela's pocket, slammed it to the ground and shot it. The sudden noise frightened the girl who threw herself on her knees, her hands over her ears.

"Please let me go"

"Certainly not, Empress. Not after what you did to me, not after all the time I took to find you"

"I didn't do anything to you" she trembled, still on her knees "I'm not the Empress"

The man staggered "No. No, no, no, I am not fooled. I recognize you, I know well who you are. You won't get away with this!"

Daniela burst into tears "I'm not the Empress, I don't even know who she is. My name is Daniela, I'm twenty-one, I don't want to die!"

He approached her putting a finger on her lips "I already heard this story, it didn't work and it won't work now"

With trembling lips, the girl listened to the ravings of the man. He really wanted to kill her, he was now convinced that she was this Empress. The only way to survive was to take time, waiting for the police to arrive. At that moment someone knocked on the door, the man fired again trying to hit anyone out there "Back or I'll blow your head off!" screams of terror sounded on the other side of the wall "Now your thugs know we are here. We will have fun. You don't move, you stay on your knees" he looked out of a window "And don't do any of your tricks with your fingers if you don't want me to cut them one by one. "He took a big kitchen knife from his trousers and showed it to the girl with satisfaction. "Do you like it? I took it at my house, after I killed that bitch of yours" he thought for a moment, "I think. Whatever you did to me, it fucked up my memories" he put his hand under her chin, raising her head slightly.

"Meanwhile we wait" Daniela felt her blood freeze "What do you say you and I have some fun?" She didn't speak, didn't have the courage, but nodded her head weakly. He brought his groin closer to the girl who, trembling with fear, undid his pants and pulled his member out of his underwear. It was of medium length, less dirty than what Daniela feared. She started masturbating with her left hand, hoping to please him. He pointed the gun at her head "With your mouth" with a resigned expression, Daniela opened her mouth and took it in her mouth. It wasn't the first time she was giving someone a blowjob but she wasn't even that expert. And certainly not under the threat of a gun. She did her best by moving her head slowly, looking up with pleading eyes. The last thing she wanted was to get a bullet in the head practicing oral sex with a madman. Of course, hers would have been a great epitaph.

The man laughed tastefully looking upwards. The Empress was finally in his power, at his complete disposal. She would finally pay for all those years tied to a bed, watched by brutes and witches dressed in white. His finger pinched on the trigger. He could press it now and his war would end forever. The temptation was strong but it was not yet time. He looked down at the Empress's violet eyes fixed on his. Supplicants, this time without power. She wouldn't get away with a bullet in the head.

Daniela went on sobbing for a while. The penis was hot in her mouth, she felt that there was not much left, the man pressed the gun hard against her head "Don't move or I'll kill you! Don't move or I'll kill you!" He came, still in the girl's mouth, howling moans of pleasure mixed with laughter. He pressed his other hand against Daniela's nape to keep her glued to him. With one last groan he let her go, the girl threw herself to the ground spitting out a part of the sperm she had been forced to swallow. In the distance, police sirens.

"Oh, your other friends? I can't wait to meet them" he looked out of the window and shouted "COME ON BASTARDS! COME AND I KILL HER!" Daniela was on the ground, tending not to be weak "It's not too late. Surrender to me and all your problems will be solved. I'll give you gold, lands and castles. If only you let me go" He looked at her, for a moment confused " What the fuck are you saying? Castles?" He was lost, almost frightened. Was he in himself for a moment? He pressed his hands against his head like a migraine.The pistol fell from his hand.

Without a second thought, Daniela threw herself on the weapon. It was her only chance to get out of there alive, she knew that before getting caught, this fool would kill her. It was obvious that he did not have an escape plan, that now his only goal was to die bringing the Empress with her. He didn't even see her throw herself, too busy shouting at his demons. Triumphant, the girl stood up with the gun in her hand "Stand still, raise your hands!" He ignored her "Raise your hands!" She screamed in a hysterical voice. The man turned to Daniela, holding the knife, a grin on his face. Desperately the girl screamed again, her finger trembling on the trigger "STOP!" he moved toward her, she pulled the trigger. Click. The gun did not fire. Daniela's eyes widened in terror. Click, click, click. No shot, the weapon had run out, had been threatened so far with an unloaded weapon. Because of fear she lost again the control of her bladder, a warm trail went down her thigh.

"Wait, sorry, did not want, sorry, sorry …" the man grabs her by the hair, points the knife at her face "I'm sorry Empress, our meeting is about to end. I wanted to last longer" he pulled her hair with strength "And I won this war!" He dragged her towards the window, she tried to hold on to whatever she found along the way "No, please! I'm not the Empress, my name is Daniela, I'm twenty-one, I'm a student, I don't want to die, please!" The man pushed Daniela toward the window, held her bent forward, the upper half of her body outside the building. He pointed the knife to her throat. Below, in the courtyard, a small crowd of onlookers and police officers had gathered, many resumed the scene with the cell phone "HERE YOU'RE GOT YOUR QUEEN!" Daniela saw some policemen entering the building. She knew, however, that there were five floors and a door barred between them and her. The wind at that height made her hair fly. From below, a man tried to negotiate "Stay calm, there is no need for someone to get hurt. You have no way out, surrender" Daniela felt the sun on her face, it was a pleasant feeling. She narrowed his eyes "I didn't do anything to you, don't hurt me, I beg you" she murmured to the madman "It's too late for the prayers Empress" he pushed her torso forward and sank the blade into the girl's neck. From under, the crowd jumped, shouts came from below as the knife cut the student's throat from left to right. Many resumed the scene, some almost smiling, seeing all that blood flow down the girl's chest and fall from the fifth floor. When he had finished, a large gash ran through Daniela's throat, her wide open purple eyes looking down, her arms dangling, her blood flowing like a small waterfall to the ground. Incredulous, she couldn't believe what had just happened.

The madman grabbed her by the hair again and dragged her back inside. The red river was impressive, Daniela tried to stop it with her hands but she couldn't even slow it down. The madman looked at her excitedly, she could see the draft in his pants. He spat in her face "Good-bye slut, I'm going to get myself killed" he moved the closet from the door and threw himself toward the stairs brandishing gun and knife, shouting at the top of his lungs.

Daniela was alone, in a pool of blood. Until half an hour ago she was happily studying for an exam, now she was bleeding to death in the same classroom. She couldn't breathe with the blood that filled her throat and poured into her lungs. She still didn't understand what had happened, who was that man? Why kill her? Had she done something wrong? Could she save herself somehow? All questions destined to remain unanswered, it was too late to think of an alternative. If only that day she had stayed home. Four shots from the floor below echoed, but Daniela never heard them, she was already dead. The man who had raped and murdered her lay on the ground with four bullet holes in her chest and a smile on her face. In any case, the awareness of having been avenged would have been no consolation.

"Good evening, let's open the news today with a tragic news. A few hours ago, at the university of [REDACTED] a man took a student hostage, Daniela Rigoni, who he murdered shortly afterwards. The man was killed in a firefight with the police.
The murderer, Cristiano Giordani, had fled last night from the hospital where he was hospitalized. He suffered from paranoid hallucinations and is suspected of two other murders that took place last night and this morning in the same area, Sonia Simoni, 24, and Marta Moriconi, 16. And now let's move on to politics … "


I know I'm a bit biased, but would you be willing to do one or more with younger girls, or maybe pregnant girls, getting their pussies ruined before anything else happens to them? I rather love your stories.


Pregnant girls are not a problem, I could do something as soon I have an idea.

Younger yes, but at least thirteen or fourteen, I am not comfortable writing about subjects that are too young (I have some stories about younger subjects but I stop at murder, no sexuality)

Pussy shots or stab… I could use it for some stories, they are not my favourite but I can think of something. I have an idea in this regard.

Stay tuned.


I just saw that in Returning Home, Sonia become Rachel for a sentence. It was her old name, but I had just used it in another story


As I write the next story (something coming for Pussy Shooter), I post this, a story I wrote some times ago. If you think that you know the female main character, you are right. Giulia is my version of Julie, the wonderful Bloodlust's character. This alter ego is less resistant (I'm not able to write of so much wounds) but shares her low life expectancy. Enjoy it!

Home Raid

It was the first time they allowed Stefano to participate in a raid. Fourteen, short blond hair, standing in front of the door of the house they were about to attack. With him were his two accomplices, two men, both in their thirties, Marco and Fabio. In front of the door, with a knife in his hand, he thought that all the people inside that house were going to die. He wondered if he, too, would have succeeded in killing someone

"Come on boy, this is the plan: as soon as Fabio finishes opening the door we enter. You will do the Vanguard, do not disappoint us. The first you see you kill her, without hesitating. We taught you how to. It should be an easy blow, there are only girls in here."

Giulia was in the room, lying on the bed, cell phone in hand. Together with her there were two of her roommates, Chiara and Elena. It was a beautiful day to be February, Giulia was wearing a pair of jeans and a white sweater: she had recently returned home, she hadn't changed yet. He was nineteen, attending the faculty of economics. Brown hair, tied with a ponytail, her breast was not too big but she had a nice butt, or at least that's what they always told her. His strong point certainly was the big blue eyes.
The other two girls were talking to each other, something that had to do with a course that she didn't attend, she wasn't paying particular attention. Elena had long brown hair, nice breasts, a few extra pounds but no doubt a beautiful girl. Chiara had curly blond hair, green eyes, very light skin. Giulia had known them for a few months, since they had rented this apartment together but, apart from a few quarrels, she considered them now good friends. From the kitchen she could hear Angela, the fourth roommate, working at the stove. They had all their lives ahead, a bright future. Or at least that's what they believed. Giulia got up to go to the bathroom giving, without knowing it, the last look at her roommates.

The lock gave way, Fabio had taken a few minutes. Stefano opened the door as quietly as possible, the other two men behind him. Noises from the room, noises from the kitchen. The latter was closer. Knife in hand, Stefano walked in silence, heard the voice of a girl singing, well tuned for more! He certainly sang better than he did. When he found himself in front of her, they both remained paralyzed: the girl in front of him was low, short red hair, freckles, a blue sweater. He knew what his task was but couldn't move, he was stuck. The girl was the first to recover from the surprise and screamed.

"Fuck it!" Shouted Marco.

He moved Stefano roughly, grabbed the redhead and slammed her against the wall stabbing her six times in the abdomen. The girl's muffled screams quickly became weaker, when he left her, she slipped to the ground in tears. Marco took the phone from her pocket and threw it against the wall, bent over her again and slipped the knife into her throat

"Shit, I hate doing things in a hurry! Stupid boy, check out, we take the others!"

Elena jumped at Angela's scream, after a few seconds of doubt she got up to go and see. She arrived just at the door: a man in his thirties grabbed her by the hair and started to stab her in the breast and in the stomach. Another one behind him went to Chiara. The poor girl had her hands up in surrender when the knife slipped into her belly

"Thank you so much girl, it's always a pleasure to have a clean target"

The slaughter continued, Marco and Fabio continued to hit without mercy.

Giulia had not yet sat down when she heard Angela's scream coming from the kitchen. A shiver ran through her back and silently pushed the bathroom light. His caution rewarded her as two men ran past the door and slipped into the bedroom. The screams of her friends who are slaughtered sent her into a panic. It can't be true, it can't be true! She looked for the phone but she left it in her room. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Ok, calm … think … if I stay here they'll find me, I have to run! Now! While they are busy! The door is near, I can reach it and run into the street, someone will help me there. They must help me! She heard Elena begs for mercy. I don't want to die. She took a few breaths to calm herself Now! She ran out of the bathroom door, someone yelled at her "Hey, there's another!" Run! Do not stop! You're almost there!

Stefano was in the kitchen, along with Angela, now dying Stupid, stupid! I risked messing up everything! He walked in a circle, head down. He looked at Angela that was trying in vain to stay alive I got stuck! I could kill her, I could kill her! But instead I got stuck! She was so beautiful! I got stuck!

Suddenly he heard a noise coming from the corridor, someone was coming running. He threw himself toward the door and as soon as he arrived in the corridor, Giulia fell on him. The long knife had ended almost by accident in her stomach, for the whole length of the blade I took it! I took one! She is a brunette, little breast but beautiful. His penis was suddenly as hard as marble, he smiled as he held the girl in his arms.
He took me … there was another fucking one! It's a pimply little boy and he put a knife in my belly! His mouth wide open in surprise, Giulia could hear him laughing nervously I got her! God, how beautiful she is! He stammered, he wanted to say something but couldn't find the courage "Who are you? Why did you do it, please"

"Good boy, you took her!" Fabio arrived running. He pulled her hair back to look at her face "Very pretty face" he looked at the handle sticking out of Giulia's belly "And good lunge" "I don't want to die, please" Not like that. I have my whole life ahead, I can't die so She felt the blade slowly come out of her stomach, it hurt terribly! Stefano looked into her eyes as he took out the blade, felt the erection become more and more violent, the girl trembled in his arms. Giulia felt her blood coming out copious from the wound, she felt the boy's excitement. Is my life worth five minutes of fun for these guys? What did I do to deserve this? another stab interrupted her thoughts, a blood clot came up from her stomach and came out of her mouth This is not good! At the sight, Stefano came in his pants. He moaned without restraint You lousy pervert, does it excite you to see me bleed? Is that all? Did you kill me for twenty seconds of erection? The pain was tremendous, Stefano continued to swing her using the blade as a pivot, then placed her on the ground, pulling the knife out again.
On his knees, he watched her: Giulia was in tears, her sweater was covered in blood, she tried in vain to stop her wounds with her hands "Don't be in a hurry, the others are dead, let her bleed a little more" Fabio patted him on the shoulder "Find out what's her name if you want, I'm going to do cleaning".

Stefano was alone with the girl he had just stabbed, Giulia was breathing heavily
"You are … really beautiful" Stefano found the courage to speak "So why did you stab me?" Giulia answered sobbing. He didn't answer her, as if her question weren't important, like it didn't come from a human being. He kept looking at her curiously. Get up Giulia, you can do it! Take the knife from his hands and stick it in that fucking face! Giulia tried to get up but the pain was terrible and fell to the ground. He bent over her, cut off her now red sweater exposing her navel and white bra. He had a little more fat than what Stefano thought but it was still a show. The two wounds in the abdomen gleamed red and black. He lifted her bra and finally had the clear view on the girl's tits "What's your name?" "Why? Do you want to know the name of the first girl you touched her tits?" He was staring at her, waiting for an answer "Giulia. Congratulations, fucking psychopath" Ignoring the girl's sideswipe, Stefano, trembling, stretched out his hand to touch her breasts, squeezed them a couple of times with one hand, then rested the knife on the ground and grabbed the girl's tits with both hands.
He is an excited little boy, you can do it, he put down the knife
With all the strength she had, Giulia threw herself at the knife, the sudden movement of the body caused her a sharp pain but stoically resisted. She managed to touch the handle but Stefano was faster: frightened by the sudden leap, he threw himself instinctively towards the knife and, thanks to the advantageous position (and to the fact that he didn't have two deep stab wounds in the stomach) he grabbed the handle first by removing it at the girl's hands. She fell to the ground again, disheartened.

"You… you didn't have to do this. There was no need." She cried in despair "You could take what you wanted, there was no need to kill us! I don't want to die, please"

The boy came up excitedly "I'll suck your cock, whatever you want .." he covered her mouth. In the eyes of the little boy he saw an insecurity I may have hit the mark! hope did not last. A sudden pain in the neck "Nonono, sto..GHL!" in a slow motion, the blade severed her throat. Giulia opened her eyes wide, feeling the blood flowing hot from the wound. He cut my throat … he cut my throat! Stefano got up without being able to take his eyes off the girl.

"It's the first time I kill someone, fo you know?"

Giulia was too busy not to die to answer the boy sarcastically. She couldn't breathe, the blood filled her throat. Every time he tried to spit it out, more blood came to soffocate her.

I don't want to die … I want to live … I don't want to leave like this.

For at least five minutes Giulia fought against the bleeding by keeping her hands on her throat. Rattling on the ground, she tried to breathe, to stay alive. Every time she tried to get up, Stefano threw her back on the ground, without too much effort. The room was getting darker and dark.

It's cold … why is it so cold … why can't … to … I don't want to die … it's still early. I still have a lot to do…

She began to gasp like a fish, emitting only gurgling sounds. Shortly thereafter, Giulia stopped moving. Her beautiful blue eyes went out forever.

Stefano joined his two companions, a broad smile on his face. He found them intent on having fun with the bodies of the two girls in the room. Once finished, they began to clean up the house: money, cell phones, everything they found valuable. They took pictures and videos of the bodies of the four girls, a massacre of this kind had to be remembered. Before leaving, Stefano gave Giulia a last look, still lying in front of the door, with her eyes turned off. "Who knows where she is now," thought the boy. The three murderers left, leaving behind them a silent house and four massacred girls.


And, as promised to my only active fan:

A Bloody Swim

It was a hot day, at the end of July. Gemma had decided it was the perfect day for a nice swim at the lake. A round of phone calls and, to her great regret, none of her friends was free that afternoon. Certainly this won't stop her, she was a stubborn girl and the day was really too hot to stay indoors. So she decide to leave alone, only her, her scooter and the fresh waters of the lake.

Gemma was only 14, smooth red hair, just below the shoulders. Blue eyes and freckles, she was a girl destined to break a lot of hearts in the future. She was wearing a pair of white shorts and a light yellow shirt, a half-sleeved.

She parked the scooter fifty meters from the shore, put her helmet and handbag beside the vehicle and looked around. The lake was wonderful in a day like this: it was isolated enough to be almost always desert but the place for Gemma was definitely worth the trip. It still receives light until late afternoon; from the bank where the girl was standing grew a layer of grass that reaches almost to the water. It was a well-kept place, some people went there once a week to fix it. The water shone fresh and inviting.

Gemma undressed, impatient to take a refreshing swim. She had a blue two-piece costume, nothing too provocative: it was not her genre and her girlish body would have seemed ridiculous with certain clothes on. Slender but not too tall, a pale skin full of freckles, a breast that was slowly starting to grow, Gemma certainly didn't have a woman's body. Regardless of these thoughts, the girl runs towards the water with her bare feet trampling on the grass.

The impact with the surface of the lake took her breath away for half a second. Compared to the torrid air, it seemed to be in heaven there! Gemma was a skilled swimmer, she had been swimming since she was six and had never stopped. Water was her natural element, she was more at ease there than on earth where, to tell the truth, she was also a bit clumsy. For almost two hours the girl juggled between the cool waters of the lake, almost like a siren, regardless of what was happening in the outside world.

In the end, her nature as a land animal returned to be heard. It was starting to get cold, her fingers had become wrinkled, her lips were beginning to darken, it was time to get out of the water. With a last pirouette, Gemma headed for the shore to where it touched and stood up. Her wet skin shone in the sun, her red hair stuck to her face.

She managed to take only a couple of steps before something hit her right between her legs. Her eyes widened in surprise, she brought her hands to the groin and looked down. Where her vagina had stood a moment before, there was now a bloody cluster. Blood mixed with urine ran down between her thighs. Only a few moments later came the awareness of what had happened. Incredulous, the girl began to scream as waves of pain ran through her body.

They shot me! Someone shot me!

Unable to stand up, Gemma knelt, still with her hands between her legs. Trembling, she looked at her now red costume. Who could do that to her? Surely he had to be some careless hunter, she had never hurt anyone, why should they shoot her?

"Help! Help me!" Screams mixed with tears "They shot me! They shot me!"

The wind had risen, it was cold on his wet skin. No one responded to her appeal.

"Help! Someone help me!"

Another blow reached her: in the middle of the ribs, on the right. Taken by surprise she fell backward, her eyes turned to the sky. She touched the new wound with one hand.

It wasn't an accident. Someone shot me voluntarily!

In her mind the thoughts chased each other

''Who is it? Why did he shoot me? What did I do to him? "

Not even a hypothesis, nothing that could remotely explain.

"Please, I don't know who you are, you have the wrong person! Call an ambulance! Help me! I don't want to die!"

The new bullet prevented her from breathing well, she was not expert enough in anatomy to assume what it had damaged her. She thought of the phone he had left near the scooter. Perhaps she could reach it by crawling. Perhaps if she remained lying down, the sniper would not see her.

She turned and lay down on his stomach. She could do it, even slowly, she didn't care but she had to get on the phone and call someone. Gemma began to crawl, one limb at a time even though every movement caused her excruciating pain especially when she had to move her legs. She tried in vain not to think about her mangled sexual organs. Would she have been able to make love? To have children? She had never had sex with anyone but at this point, if she came out alive, she didn't care about spending a spinster's life, she would have been able to live for a few years at least.

A red trail of blood formed behind her as she advanced. The sun was hot on her skin but at least a slight breeze had risen which gave her some relief. Her progress was tragically slow but nevertheless proceeded: she came to the grass, about ten meters from the water. Compared to the little stones on the shore, the slight pinching of the grass was almost pleasant. The sniper hadn't been heard for a while, maybe he was tired of waiting for her, maybe he had given her up for dead, Gemma could only hope. Three more meters crawling on the grass, she heard the familiar ringing of a message: maybe someone would look for her, maybe they would come up here!

No Gemma, nobody will come, you have to get by yourself or you will never go home again. Get the fucking scooter!

Another two meters, now the pain was constant but the girl resisted and went on. By now she had almost made it a habit, she had found a technique that allowed her to advance without feeling pain Or, at least, without experiencing a blinding pain with every movement of a muscle. Two more meters.

It was then that the sniper fired again. In the silence, Gemma heard a muffled sound and half a second later the bullet slipped into the girl's right side, smashing her a rib "Son of a bitch!" She cried. Suddenly the cell phone seemed even farther away, a whole series of new muscles had been torn off and launched new warning signals. She had no time to decide what to do, a fourth bullet went through the air and planted itself in her back.

Gemma saw all her hope crumble: the sniper was out there and could see her, she would never reach her cell phone, nor would she ever go home to her family, her friends. He would never have had a boyfriend or had the first kiss. She would never run or swim again. She would never get up from that lawn again. By now also incapable of moving her legs Who knows what that last bullet hit, Gemma could not help but cry. She turned her head to the right, from where the blows came roughly: it seemed to her for a moment to see a reflection in the woods but maybe it was just her brain that was delirious.

She tried to scream, to call for help, but her whispers reached only a few meters from her. With her face in the grass waiting for death, her red hair spread out in front of her, Gemma surrendered. Every now and then the sniper gave signs of life by shooting a few shots around where she was lying, just to let her know she wasn't alone. Gemma still didn't understand why that man had killed her. She had never hurt anyone, she just wanted to live a happy life. She felt more and more cold, her sight was increasingly blurred, then suddenly everything went out.

From the hill that Monika had chosen as a base, Gemma seemed dead. She fired another couple of shots but her target did not react in any way. At least forty minutes had passed since the last time she hit her. Still shaken by the last orgasm of that afternoon, Monika put the rifle she had just used to kill an innocent girl in the car. A friend of her sister, moreover. She felt alive, the world around her was brighter than ever.


Please let me second the request for pregnant victims.

I am certain that you have many fans. Your most ardent admirers are simply unable to type with both hands by the time they finish your story. The others are busy nitpicking.

I enjoy the style, and I don't mind if the verb tenses aren't always correct. English is hard. I would only request you check your pronouns. I find myself skipping "he/him" so I can get to my preferred "she/her" action. That's my one handed nitpicking.


Masturbation is the sincerest form of flattery, so thanks. Pregnant girls will arrive but not for the next. I have a sketched idea but I have to think about it.


Yeah, I'm still enjoying your stuff quite a lot, and I'm sorry I haven't posted sooner.

I really liked Afternoon of Study, even though I'm not terribly into throat slitting. The concept, the setting, and your attention to detail all came together nicely.

I loved Home Raid, again, despite not being a huge fan of throat slitting. Your description of Julie was spot on, and she behaved exactly as I would've wanted. Thank you so much for posting that!

I would second what dudet said about pronouns. They can be a bit of a distraction when reading about a female character being referred to as he or him.


A little longer than usual but I really liked writing this. English has too many pronouns, I hope I got them all right this time. Let me know if you like it. Enjoy it!

Trust Me

"Come on Alessandra, it will be a good party, we'll have fun, trust me! Everyone will be there, even Tiziano! Don't get prayed, put on something nice, I'll pick you up at 9pm"

Alessandra was not really the party type: she could not stand alcohol and was particularly closed in on herself, she did not like the confusion. How Teresa had become her friend was a mystery to everyone, there was an old joke that said that introverts make friends when an extrovert decides to adopt them. Teresa had adopted Alessandra. She was the opposite of her friend, witty, funny, with so much energy on her to make the world explode. Blonde, bobbed hair and a physique that her best friend envied her. Not that Alessandra was a ugly girl, on the contrary, but when confronted with Teresa she always felt a little uncomfortable.

A white blouse and a green skirt were the clothes she had chosen for the evening. Her brown hair was tied up in a braid, her brown eyes, magnified by large eyeglasses, flew insecure from side to side. They weren't clothes she would have bought, the skirt was a little too short for her taste but Teresa was stubborn and one day she showed up at her house with a dozen different clothes. Stuff she didn't use anymore, she said. Certainly more expensive and daring clothes than those Alessandra could afford.

Teresa stopped with the car in front of her, took a look at her friend's look.

"You are fantastic! Jump on"

Smiling, Alessandra got into the car with Teresa. While Alessandra was still only 17 years old, her friend had already turned 18 and had immediately taken her license. This car was the gift for her eighteenth birthday, she loved it. Alessandra observed her friend: a wonderful blue dress reached her mid-thigh, tightened at the waist by a black belt. Her breasts were beautiful even without an excessive neckline. A night of entertainment was ahead of them.

The party was held in an old factory outside the city. For a moment, Alessandra regretted having accepted seeing all those people and loud music, but sometimes Teresa's enthusiasm was contagious. They entered and took a cocktail each. By the time Teresa had finished her, Alessandra hadn't even arrived in half. Going around the party, they met several classmates including, of course, Tiziano. They knew each other since they were eleven and Alessandra had a crush on him for at least a year. But he had been engaged for a long time with a girl from another class and Alessandra was not perfidious enough to get in the way despite of Teresa's encouragement. But now he was single again and her friend never missed an opportunity to make them meet.

The evening went on for a long time. Tiziano was with two friends that the girls did not know, Simone, a mulatto boy, Italian father and Moroccan mother, and Giulio, a handsome blond boy with short hair; the five sat down at a table and began to chat, surrounded by alcohol and music. Slowly Teresa pushed her friend towards Tiziano while she seemed to have stuck to Giulio. Simone, now fifth wheel of the wagon, decided to get up to seek his fortune elsewhere.

It was Tiziano who carried on the conversation, they talked about this and that, remembering old events, Alessandra always with her head down caressing the back of her neck. Tiziano put his hand under her chin and lifted her face.

"You have beautiful eyes" In an instant Alessandra turned as red as a tomato, he drew back "Sorry, I am banal but I had to say it", a half smile escaped her "No no. Rather. Is cute. No one had ever told me” They stared at each other for a while, his hand over hers “Shall we find a quieter place to talk?” Alessandra's heart was beating wildly, she turned toward her friend only to find her entwined with Giulio, engaged in a heavy exchange of saliva. She was alone. She looked back at Tiziano, looked at his blue eyes and his slightly curly black hair, his fresh beard, his sweet smile. Trying to appear as calm as possible, Alessandra said "Sure".

They both got up hand in hand. Alessandra turned back looking for her friend's gaze but she was too busy with her new conquest. With her heart bursting in the chest, the girl followed Tiziano into a dark corner of the room, he leaned her against the wall and kissed her. Alessandra returned the kiss and soon they found themselves stuck to the wall, lost in each other. The people around them kept screaming and dancing but they didn't care. He felt her small breasts, she didn't resist. Tiziano tried to raise her skirt but she stopped him "Wait, wait. Not here. Don't you have a quieter place? Only the two of us" the look that Alessandra gave him left him no choice "I know a place, trust me".

He took her to a secluded wing of the former factory, this place was full of rooms, cafeterias, and changing rooms. What he was looking for was the caretaker's bedroom. After making sure that no one had their own idea, he took the girl inside the room and closed the door. On the threshold, Alessandra looked around: it was a pretty room, light green walls, white tiles. Bright but without windows; on the walls there were some fairly trivial paintings of landscapes and in the corner there was a small wooden wardrobe. The music arrived muffled so much that, if you didn't pay attention, it almost seemed to disappear. What occupied more than half of the room was a large double bed, right in the middle. Alessandra looked at it with excitement mixed with embarrassment. "It is here that it will happen"

Tiziano took her face in his hands and started kissing again, rolling on the bed. She took off her glasses and placed them on the bedside table. She regretted never having switched to contact lenses since her sight without glasses was not perfect but it was certainly not the sight that would have helped her that night.

Suddenly, the sound of keys turning in the door interrupted the two lovers. It was Simone, Tiziano's friend, who did not show the slightest sign of embarrassment at having caught them in bed. Alessandra looked at him confused.

"Hey, you could also expect me!"

"What the fuck Simone, I told you to wait until I did the first lap alone!"

"Fuck your first lap, you left me alone like a jerk. Give me this little bitch here"

Simone grabbed the girl by the arms raising her from the bed, she looked at Tiziano bewildered

"What's going on Tiziano?"

"Sorry dear. First the friends, then the pussy. "

"Let me go" Alessandra struggled but was at least twenty pounds too light to put up any real resistance. She still managed to turn around and scratch Simone's face with her nails.

"Shit, this cat has claws!" He gave her an upright in her stomach, so strong it took her breath away. She fell to the ground, red in the face.

"Don't disassemble her!"

"She started it," he spat on her hair, then bending down he took her hands and tied them behind her back with a pair of handcuffs. He lifted her from the ground and brought her to her knees

Tiziano got up and, hands on his knees, he turned to the girl.

"Now let's do a nice game, Alessandra. I would ask you if you want to participate but you don't really have a choice. You can still decide whether to make it simple, and in that case we could all have fun, or try to resist. In that case it won't be pleasant for you but we will still have what we want "

Simone knelt in front of her, clasped his hands and with a teasing tone said to her: "Please, resist. I love when they resist. "

"Ignore him, he's an idiot. The choice is up to you Alessandra. We'll fuck you anyway. But it doesn't have to be an unpleasant experience."

The girl started crying "I want to go home"

"You will go there, God forbid. But first we all have a little fun together. You seemed so excited a little while ago" he puts a hand in her underpants "you're still wet"

Alessandra stared in astonishment at the two boys, breathing with difficulty. She had always known Tiziano, how could he do this "There was no need for this, Tiziano. I … I was consenting, we had to … "

"Tell this idiot. If it had been for me we would have had the first fuck just the two of us, tenderly. I would have caught your virginity and… you are a virgin, aren't you? "

The girl bowed her head sobbing. She would lose her virginity in a rape. Never she would have thought of being in such a situation.

"But enough talk" he lifted her up and slammed her on the bed from side to side, on her back. He lifted her skirt and took off her white underpants, admiring her beautiful slit "Don't worry, you'll like this too", he bent between the girl's legs and started licking, stimulating her clitoris with his tongue. On the other side of the bed, Simone had taken out his cock and was trying to put it in her mouth.

"Stand still and open your mouth"

"Please no"

He grabbed her throat with his hand

"I said open it!"

With her head upside-down, Alessandra was forced to swallow the boy's member.

"You remember that speech from before, right? Don't try to make jokes"

The girl nodded in terror as the two boys violated her. Simone grabbed the sides of her shirt and pulled on both sides, the buttons jumped easily, then grabbed the bra and tore it at the center, this time with a little more difficulty. Finally he could see the girl's small tits, he threw himself on them without ever taking his cock out of her mouth.

With horror Alessandra realized that, despite everything, her body was starting to get aroused, her nipples hardened, she felt a growing pleasure between her legs. On the contrary, her conscious part was terrified: disgusted by the piece of meat that continued to violate her mouth, which made it difficult to breathe, which humiliated her while the boy she liked was treating her no better than an inflatable doll. She could only hope that this torture would end soon.

Tiziano got up and gave a last touch "It's time Ale, you're about to become a woman" the girl, unable, did not answer, just muttered something. Without any delicacy, the boy penetrated her, Alessandra's eyes widened in surprise. A few strokes and she began to feel pain, Tiziano had pierced her hymen, blood began to come out of her vagina, he didn't stop or slow down. "So, what do you think of your first time? You have two good men to please you, you couldn't have hoped for better, right?" With her legs up and white shoes still at her feet, Alessandra could do nothing but suffer.

The violence continued, in spite of herself the girl was feeling pleasure and inside she hated herself for this. A growing pleasure as Tiziano pushed her. All of a sudden she arched her back caught by a powerful orgasm, the shame followed soon after: they were raping her and she had just come. "Hey! This bitch has just come! I told you that underneath she was a pretty slut” hearing Tiziano talking like that about her was like putting salt on the wound. Had he always treated her kindly, had he always pretended so far?

Her thoughts were interrupted by Simone's member who had decided to have enough and who emptied its entire load into Alessandra's mouth. Taken by surprise, the girl swallowed the first sketches then tried to dodge but the boy would not let her. She risked choking while the sperm ended up in the airways amid Simone's fun and excitement. Seeing her struggling with the lack of air was what Tiziano lacked to finally come, unloading everything inside her.

The two boys went out almost at the same time, Tiziano took the girl's panties to clean his penis, Simone used the collar of her shirt.

"Do not hope too much, slut, this was only the first round."

Sobbing, Alessandra screamed at him "I'm not a slut, Tiziano, and you know it!"

He approached her, took her cheeks with one hand "You followed me here to fuck me, you sucked my friend's cock with enthusiasm and you came while we raped you. I'm sorry Ale, but you're a slut ”.

Simone laughed, she sniffed "It's not true" she turned her head to the side to cough, a few drops of cum trickled from her lips "You're bastards". Tiziano put a finger on her lips "Now stop that little mouth, we're starting again" they brought Alessandra to her knee at the end of the bed, each massaging his member to regain an erection. The frightened look of the poor girl was enough to quickly return in strength even without counting her half-naked body. Tiziano was the first to recover, grabbed Alessandra's head and shoved his cock inside her mouth, then it was Simone's turn to do the same. Between saliva and sperm, the two friends shared a hole to break, regardless of whether this hole was the mouth of a crying friend. Alessandra wanted to throw up but resisted because she didn't know how they would react. By now she automatically passed from one cock to another, trying to please the two boys as much as possible.

Tired of bouncing off the girl's head, they threw her back on the bed, on her stomach. In front of her was Tiziano while Simone took his place above her. Alessandra felt that he lifted her skirt and spread her buttocks "Please Tiziano, don't let him do it, please stop him AAAH!" The boy penetrated her from behind without hesitation, cum and saliva the only lubricants he used. Eyes wide with pain, she felt Tiziano raise her face again "I didn't lie, you really have beautiful eyes" He brought his member back to the girl's mouth and started raping her again "Everything will be fine, trust me"

The pain was terrible, her asshole was too narrow to be used like this. Her arms, still tied behind her back, were beginning to hurt her, her fingers twitched, they were the only thing she could move. Simone thought for a moment to tighten them too in a vice but he liked to see them twitch.

They went on for a long time, Simone came without pulling out his penis from Alessandra's ass, while Tiziano took it out a few seconds before ejaculating, took it in his hand and shot into her face, her eyes and her hair. Leaving her sobbing on the bed, the two sat on the floor in front of the bed.


"Sure! Fuck it's warm! "

"Next time we bring a fridge" Tiziano took a long drink

"Ale, do you want one?" She didn't answer, kept on sobbing.

"She already drank enough cum," they both laughed.

"In addition, she doesn't like alcohol, she has not even finished her cocktail"

To Alessandra, these looked like memories of a lifetime ago.

The two boys drained their beers, then got up.

"It was fun Ale, we should do it again sometimes" Tiziano took a handkerchief and took a little spunk from the girl's face "Didn't you have fun?" No answer "I said: didn't you have fun?" A slight nod with the head "Great!" he gave her a light kiss on the lips while Simone took off the handcuff "We go back to the party, you stay to sleep if you want". They dressed and, giving each one a last slap on the girl's ass, they left the room.

Finally alone, Alessandra could cry without restraining herself. In absolute silence the music of the party reached her ears, people enjoying themselves while she was there to experience the worst pain, the worst humiliation of her life. She hated them. She hated that room, which an hour before had seemed so welcoming, hated those two pigs who had just raped her, hated Tiziano who had deceived her so much, how could he have done this to her? He hated Teresa who had dragged her there. "Everyone will be there, even Tiziano!" he could almost hear her voice. And now she'll be fucking somewhere with some asshole. She hated him too. She hated herself for not being able to react, she hated her body for having an orgasm while they raped her. She hated everything, even those who had always loved her. Her world had turned black.

Motionless on the bed, she heard the music change pace a couple of times, still sobbing. Her whole body was hurting, the terrible scenes she had just passed kept coming back to her mind. Slowly, she sat on the bed and looked around. She could not find underwear, bra and cell phone, they probably took it all as booty. The shirt was in pieces, they hadn't even pulled it off, it had been clinging to her arms all the time, what mattered was seeing her breasts. She tried to fasten the shirt stained with blood and sperm but most of the buttons had skipped. Only a couple were miraculously saved, one at the top and one in the middle. She covered herself as best she could. On the floor, her glasses, fallen who knows when, a lens was cracked. She looked down for the first time, blood, semen and various body fluids were encrusting between her thighs. There was no bathroom in the room, she had to clean herself with a sheet. She looked for a mirror to observe how her backside was but she couldn't find one; maybe it was better this way.

Staggering, she stood up, catatonic. She just wanted to go home, go to sleep and wake up the next morning. She wanted to find out that it was all a nightmare and that none of this had really happened. She opened the door of the room to return to the party.

Before she could turn on the lights, from the darkness, a figure fell on her full force. Alessandra felt a very strong pain in her stomach while an arm behind her back prevented her from falling. She sucked air to shout but that scream never came out "Surprise Ale". Outside the room, in the corridor, she saw Simone, while the figure who had jumped on her was Tiziano and he had just plunged a long knife into her stomach. With eyes wide with terror, Alessandra shook her head in disbelief, rested her right hand on the boy's shoulder.

"We thought you never came out, we were bored out there. A little joke, nothing personal." he turned the blade "You didn't really think we would let you go like this, would you? A little bird ready to tell the police what the two bad guys did to her, didn't you? "

"I won't say anything, please"

"Oh, I'm sure you won't say anything, not if I cut you like a fish!"

"Tiziano, please don't do it. I love you."

"I love you," Simone repeated, mocking her.

"Oh, the poor little girl in love," he pulled out the knife and sank it again, a little higher. She shrank on him, her head resting on his shoulder.

"I don't want to die, please. I will do what you want, you can rape me when you want but not kill me ".

"So it is true that you are a slut" another stab, always in the stomach, more deeply than the others, Alessandra seemed to feel the knife come out of her back. When he removed the blade, Tiziano watched her gasp. Her terror was arousing him again.

"Let me try, let me try!" Simone took the friend's knife and stabbed the girl just below her right breast, a little on the side, he opened his mouth for the pleasure "Fuck, dude! We had to do it first! It became hard in an instant! "

"To whom do you say"

Simone took her in his arms and stabbed her twice more in the sternum, then threw her to the ground to squirm. He pulled his penis out again and began to masturbate, Tiziano, after a moment of hesitation followed his example. Not that it mattered what Alessandra thought of them now.

Lying in a pool of blood that kept growing, the girl had lost hope. Above her, like giants, the two boys who had stabbed her were masturbating on her agony. She could not tell if the whole world had gone mad or if she had never understood anything. She couldn't speak, she was out of breath; seized by sudden spasms, she coughed large drops of blood. Simone came at that moment splashing her face. Alessandra's agony lasted a few more minutes but in the end her brown eyes were staring into nothing. Tiziano also came when he saw life going out in his friend's eyes, he too concluded on her face.

Still dazed, the two boys started the last phase of the plan. They wrapped the girl's body in a plastic sheet and then in a carpet, it was light enough to be easily transportable. They came out of a side door far from prying eyes and loaded it into the trunk of the car away from the confusion.

Teresa's car was parked in a dark corner, not too far from the factory. It was swaying up and down, someone was working hard inside. On the passenger seat, facing the rear, was Teresa, still wearing her blue dress. Below her, Giulio, who was panting harder as he moved the girl up and down, up and down, with his hands on her hips. With a last moan, he too emptied into the girl's loins. No longer supported by Giulio, Teresa fell to the side, into the driver's seat with her chest, stomach and throat battered by at least thirty stab wounds. Giulio squeezed again the beautiful breast of his victim just as he saw two headlights approaching from a distance.

"Why did you take so long?"

"She didn't want to leave the room, we got bored to death"

"Oh poor fellow. Next time I want a nice comfortable bed "

He loaded Teresa's body into the trunk next to Alessandra's.

"What the hell do you want, we left you the prettiest friend!"

"It may be, but yours was not bad either, you know?"

"Come on, let's go and bury them in the usual place, later we will burn the car"

"Did you remember to take bra and panties this time?"

"Shut up and drive"


This was awesome! I loved it.

And yes, you got all the pronouns right. :)


It was the far 2004 when a young and aroused OfixN decided to write his first snuff story. It evolved into a small series of stories about a club that kidnapped girls and had them killed by wealthy clients. Then Hostel came out in theaters, goodbye millions of takings. A bit rough story but I reread it after a long time and it's less worse than I remembered. I would be lying if I said that the victim is not inspired by anyone in particular. I leave this story here out of nostalgia. Something else coming in tomorrow (she's a bit slow, she's five months pregnant). Enjoy it!


Dark. Yet she had opened her eyes. Of one thing she was sure: she was not in her room. The stone floor beneath her, a strange taste in her mouth, was nothing familiar to her. Had she been drinking? She wasn't the girl who drank a lot. She vaguely remembered that the night before she had gone out with some friends: they had gone to a pizzeria and then to a nearby pub. Had she been drinking? She thought again. A little something, even if she didn't think she had exaggerated. Had she been drugged?

As soon as her mind had formulated this thought a cold shiver ran down her back. She had seen too many similar stories in the newspapers, girls drugged and locked up in dark closets to satisfy the sick sexual appetites of some maniac.

She stood up abruptly. She felt no pains except for a slight headache and therefore she excluded to have suffered violence. "So far," she found herself thinking. Perhaps she had really drunk too much and was now simply unable to recognize the place that at other times would have seemed familiar. Maybe it was because of too much glasses of beer or maybe darkness … darkness? Now that she thought about it she realized that the room was not as dark as it had seemed at first: torches were lit on the walls and illuminated the room with a faint light. The walls looked like stone as did the floor.

A shiver. She seemed to be the victim in Jigsaw who wakes up wearing a contraption that would have robbed her of life in a few moments. She almost expected to hear at any moment a deep voice that would have greeted her by calling her by name "Hi Marta" and then starting to list the sins for which she would be punished as the voice of a fanatical preacher who wanted to teach her own victims the joy of life. She quickly dismissed this thought: first, she was not imprisoned in any diabolical mechanism and then no reason came to mind for which Jigsaw would have wanted to kidnap her. She was a good girl, 17 years old, a high school student, with no connection to drugs, suicide attempts or anything like that behind her …

She realized again that she did nothing but say bullshit: that was just a movie and there was no Jigsaw looking for victims. Not that it made her feel better, there were psychopaths who didn't need a reason to kill you, they meet you on the street and begin to desire your death. Even if they manage to hold themselves at the moment this desire begins to gnaw at the brain like a worm until they can't take it anymore in the middle of the night and get out of bed to vent their instincts by surprising their victim in her sleep and then torturing her and then finally killing her.

She stood up. Her eyes had become accustomed to the darkness and she looked around "Is there anyone?" She said. They were her first words since she had woken up in that room. No one answered her. She estimated that the room was large enough, about as much as a medium-sized room only in a circular shape. She touched the wall with one hand and was almost surprised to feel it warm to the touch. She imagined it was a cold rock and instead emanated a pleasant sensation of warmth. And indeed the room was neither cold nor humid. Indeed, it seemed to have been recently cleaned.

"Can anyone hear me?" She said again. At those words a figure advanced from darkness. Marta had not noticed him before, perhaps because he was in the least illuminated area of ​​the room. He didn't say a word, he seemed impassive in front of the astonishment and terror of the girl. Marta observed his features: a black suit that covered the whole body, including hands. The suit didn't seem made of a normal cloth but sturdier stuffed stuff, kevlar or something like that occurred to her. A white mask with skeletal features covered his face, while in his hand he held two small swords held low as if he wanted to be admired.

At this vision the girl felt a wave of pure terror and barely managed to hold back a scream. She felt a primordial sensation coming from her stomach and heading towards her brain. Fear. Terror. The animal fear that pervades the prey in the moment of need, in the moment in which it must face its predator, in the moment in which it is chosen whether to live or die (Jigsaw comes back to mind again) to succumb to the adversary or not.

"Who are you? What the fuck do you want from me? "

She found the strength to scream at that apparition even with her voice broken with fear. The apparition did not reply, did no gestures of any kind, merely observed her, looking her up and down. That silence terrified her even more than any threats. Did that silence mean that he didn't consider her anything? That it didn't matter at all to answer her questions since he would soon kill her? She groped for the wall behind her, reached it and began to look desperately for something, a window, a door, a brick that moved to reveal a secret passage, anything. The person present in the room kept looking at her without moving a muscle. He knew, like her inside, that there was no exit from that room. Marta turned slowly; the figure had not taken a single step. She caught her breath and asked again in a calm voice

"What do you want from me?"

Not even this time the figure said anything but, kneeling down, he placed the sword he held in his left hand on the ground and pushed it firmly towards Marta. The sword stopped at the feet of the girl who looked at the man questioningly. He waved his sword to her and she took the sword from the floor. She looked at the weapon in her hand: it looked like the classic ancient weapon. It looked straight out of the movie "The gladiator", it was about a meter long and very well sharpened. It was perhaps a couple of pounds heavy and her inexperienced hand could move it without too much difficulty. She was well balanced and concluded that it could hit with the tip and both cuts. She looked away from the sword and looked the man in the eye. The mask prevented her from seeing the expression on her face but his eyes were visible. They were young eyes, certainly not belonging to an adult man. What she had in front of her must have been a boy, perhaps of her age or a little more. The eyes betrayed not fear but almost fun.

Marta jumped when a flash of madness crossed those eyes. At the same time the man's body was placed in a fighting position with his right hand, which held a sword equal to that of the girl, forward. He sprinted towards her without making a sound, vibrated horizontally with the blade but stopped before he hit his victim who hadn't even had time to realize the attack. Marta, after looking death in the face, awoke as if from a dream and, although she had never used a sword, she prepared herself to fight. It was an absurd feeling, she would never have thought of fighting for her life against an unknown, armed with a sword she had only seen in movies so far.

The figure, pleased that Marta had agreed to resist, began to launch attacks against her. The girl was forced on the defensive but the man's blows were neither too fast nor powerful and she managed to avoid them or intercept them even though she feared that her opponent was capable of much more skill.

Even in that way the clash was still uneven: she had to act if she didn't want one of those shots to finally hit the mark. Her brain was like it didn't think, the body reacted automatically to the lunges. Moving to the right she managed to dodge. The man did not expect such a move and leaned forward while she made a complete rotation of the body and found herself behind the opponent to whom she hit the right shoulder inflicting a showy wound. The man walked away quickly to avoid a second blow, got on his knees and brought his left hand on the cut. He looked at the blood on his fingers and then again at Marta. Her enthusiasm soon turned to regret when she saw the small amount of damage inflicted and wished she had put more strength into it or aimed at a more vulnerable point: if the blow had reached his neck, just higher up, her aggressor at that time would have been grounded in agony. Probably he also reached the same conclusion as a movement of fear seemed to shake him. He stood up again before the girl could take advantage and, taking up the sword in his hand, returned to the assault.

He did not seem to feel the slightest pain from his shoulder and his attacks were not affected, indeed, fear probably increased his enthusiasm. This time Marta found herself in difficulty in blocking his attacks. She began to back away quickly, always under the pressure of her opponent. The two began to spin around the room like a pair of dancers engaged in some kind of deadly dance.

The girl, taking advantage of a successful parade, tried to counterattack that was easily dodged. She began to get tired: her arms hurt and more than once her legs risked to intertwine making her fall to the ground and condemning her to death. How long have they been fighting? An hour? A minute? Several hours? She was unable to say. She began to despair of being able to win. Began? She had always known that she would never be able to win, she had accepted the challenge only to not tacitly surrender to fate. Her opponent, on the other hand, seemed to suffer from no fatigue nor from shoulder injury; indeed, his speed continued to increase. He was obviously bloodthirsty.

He struck a quick shot from above with violence, the girl managed to catch the impact by holding the sword with both hands but remained unbalanced for a moment. He took advantage of it and made a quick gesture with his left hand. He didn't strike with too much force because he didn't want it to be fatal. The blade penetrated for a few centimeters in Marta's flesh, she gave a cry before falling backwards. She stood up bent over in pain, her left hand resting on the wound. She was beginning to sob. She had believed that it was all over, that the fight had ended when she felt that pain in her side. Instead he hadn't moved. He stood watching her as she writhed in pain. He didn't seem satisfied. He wanted the duel to continue. He still wanted to play. Marta stared at him still bent over. The bloody left hand. She realized that it would not be a quick death. Her eyes were still full of tears when she got up to continue the fight.

She plunged full of anger on his opponent: he would kill her, she knew it and for this she was furious with him. She thought that everything he had done up to that point had been useless: friends, school, her family, nothing mattered anymore. She was about to die. She didn't even think for a moment of asking for mercy: she knew her murderer would never give it to him, his eyes sparkled with excitement. It was funny: she talked about that man like her murderer even though he hadn't killed her yet. Was she the first? Or had others already known that fate? Would there have been others? This was wondering while her body in an almost automatic way still fought for survival with parades and lunges while the mind had already resigned itself to the end. She would never have expected it that way, fate sometimes plays tricks.

She swerved a direct blow to the heart and tried to counterattack. Her adversary moved easily, sending the attack to nothing. Marta cut the air with her sword and found the man behind her. Without thinking, she turned abruptly and screaming directed a violent diagonal blow to his neck. He parried the blow without getting upset and with a quick movement he hit her with his shoulder, sending her violently into the wall. Trying to recover from the blow Marta looked the weapon with her hand and realized with horror that she could not find her; she looked around and saw that it had been knocked off in the collision. She saw that the masked man approached the sword and, after having looked at her, thrown it away with a kick, he was heading towards her. At that moment all the courage Marta had supported so far disappeared. Now she was helpless. She stood up and leaned against the wall. He put his sword down, pulled out his dagger and came to her front. The girl could not move, she was paralyzed with terror: she stared at the ice eyes of that figure and he returned her gaze. Perhaps he was beginning to pity his victim? Perhaps she would eventually be saved?

With a lightning-fast click the man grabbed Marta by the throat with his left hand holding her locked to the wall at least ten centimeters from the ground. The poor girl was terrified: that hand was like a vice that prevented her from breathing; she tried to speak but only a whisper came out. She kicked frantically and tried in vain to free herself. The time seemed to slow down: the man was impassive and watched her struggle to find some air. Suddenly she felt a cold pang in her stomach. She knew what it was before she saw it. She looked down and saw the knife penetrate her all into the flesh. He loosened his grip and brought her back to the ground.

Marta looked at the figure in front of her with a surprised air. She was trying to figure out what he was feeling behind that mask. She felt the cold blade inside her depriving her of the strength she had left. The murderer (now she could really call him that) took out the knife and sank it again and again. Marta's eyes widened and her mouth fell open in front of those new stabs. She felt the body of the man on her, she almost kneeling, looking over that white mask: why was this happening?

The man turned the knife in the wound. The girl made a gurgling noise and felt blood flow up her throat and out through her mouth. The killer took out the dagger and dropped the girl to the ground. She fell on her side: she waited for that being to finish it. More blood came out of her mouth, forming a small puddle on the floor. At that point, seeing that the man did not move, she summoned all her strength and managed to kneel.

She laid her hands on her stomach in an absurd attempt to stop the wounds. The pain was tremendous; she began to cry: "I don't want to die" she thought "not now, not like this. I have so many things to do, so many projects … all lost! "She looked at her hand and found it gross with blood. She began to crawl forward trying to put a few feet between her and the killer. She suddenly felt his steps: he was approaching. "No, please," she said between sobs, still moving. The man grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and and raised her to her knees. She felt that with one hand he held her head high and with the other he rested the blade on her neck. She was unable to react "No no no no … please no, don't …" With a slow but firm movement the blade passed from left to right tearing her throat and interrupting that plea.

The killer let her go and she fell forward holding her hand over her throat. The blood flowed copiously from the wound, first wetting the neck and then smearing the top of the shirt red. She turned around and with energies that she did not believe she possessed, she got up and walked towards the one who had just wounded her to death. He was still, he only moved his head to observe her. Marta reached him a few centimeters but then her legs gave way, dropping her on her knees in front of the man. She clung to his shoulders and stared into his eyes. She was dying, the energies were leaving her. She seemed to feel another stab in her chest but she wasn't sure: by now the body was no longer responding. She fell with her face turned upwards. She kept on spitting blood. Here, she was finally dying. Dark.


This story gave me more problems than I expected but in the end I'm almost satisfied. Enjoy it!

It was all your fault

It was 7 pm, Vanessa was preparing dinner for her boyfriend, Diego. The girl was 22 years old, shoulder-length light brown hair, brown eyes. She was at the fifth month of pregnancy and her belly was beginning to be evident. A pair of blue leggings and a light gray robe was all she needed to wander around the house waiting for her man to arrive. On the television they gave a replica of a western TV show, she wasn't so interested in the plot, it was right to have some noise in the background. From what she heard a gunslinger had arrived in the city and had entered the feud between two families.

It was a pleasant April evening, the sun was beginning to set and she had prepared a nice roast chicken with potatoes to eat with Diego and the little … Child. They hadn't wanted to know the sex of the unborn child, it would have been a surprise so for now for everyone was just Child.

At about 8am Diego finally arrived home, Vanessa ran to hug him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips "Welcome back!" Diego's eyes were bright, Vanessa could recognize when he drank and repeatedly tried in vain to make him stop. It was no longer like the year before when he had come to hit her a couple of times but every now and then he still came home after having first made a long stop at the bar.

"You drank, didn't you?"

"Only a couple of beers with Luca"

It wasn't a couple of beers.

"Honey, I told you you don't have to drink when you drive, I'm afraid"

"I told you, they were just a couple of beers"

"You don't want to leave Child without a father, do you?"

Diego frowns a moment "He would still have you"

"I would die of a broken heart!" She giggled putting her hand on her chest "Come on, I'm kidding. You should drink less anyway "

He smiled at her "I'll try"

"Let's eat, I made a mouth-watering chicken"

The two ate well, Vanessa was a really good cook.

"Aim for the hearth, Ramon" said the protagonist of the film shortly before he fell to the ground hit by a shot.

Diego swallowed another glass of wine, Vanessa looked at him thoughtfully. She tried to distract him to keep him from drinking.

"I saw some stuff for Child's bedroom, it was on sale, great price and good quality. If that's ok, let's go and get it on Sunday. "

He watched her, nodding. At least he had put down his glass.

I also wrote down a few names, Silvia is a name I would love for a female. "

"It's a beautiful name," he admitted unenthusiastically.

"I also thought of repainting the bedroom but for that there is still time, if anything I can think about it, Domenico will give me a hand …"

Diego darkened to hear the name of Domenico. Vanessa noticed it but did not yield. Domenico was always like a shadow in their midst. He had known Vanessa since they were children and they played together in the courtyard. Between them there had never been anything but a fantastic friendship that had continued throughout the school years and beyond. Diego had never accepted this friendship, he had always feared that between the two there was more, Vanessa did not laugh with him as she laughed with Domenico, she did not spend whole afternoons with him sending him messages as she did with Domenico. She reassured him, he was the only man she needed and she kept telling him she loved him all the time. Which was true: Vanessa loved Diego despite all his faults and would never betray him. Nevertheless, he continued to look at her childhood friend with suspicion.

"Don't you accept it yet?"

He slammed his hand on the table, making Vanessa jump

"No it don't accept it! Always with that cretin, always at his feet. I break my ass every day and you … "

"Diego calm down, I …"

"They saw you, did you know? This morning, at the bar, in the square. Always with that Domenico! "

Vanessa thought back to the morning. She had actually gone to the bar with Domenico but just to have a chat. He had talked to her about a woman who had started dating but one hour only and they said goodbye "

"Did we have a coffee, what should I do, stay indoors all day?"

"No, but …" Diego frowned, alcohol and anger confused his ideas "I don't want you to see him. Even Luca before … "

"Tell him to mind his own business!" Luca had never liked her, he drank more than Diego and occasionally got stuck in some shady traffic. And he was a fucking misogynist.

"But he's right, you shouldn't be so close, this thing drives me crazy. Even when in November you both followed that course … "

"And now what does it have to do with it?"

Diego sniffed "Luca made me think. The doctor said you are in the fifth month, right? "

Vanessa opened her mouth in disbelief. "Do you really think we lied to you? That we are lovers and that the child is his? "

"And what should I believe?" Was in tears.

"Diego, I love you" she approached to caress his cheek. At that moment, Vanessa's cell phone, leaning against the table, received a message. She went for half a second with her eyes to the sound source. Something snapped in Diego's head, from behind his back he pulled out a gun and pointed it at his girlfriend. She suddenly turned white.

"Don't you dare answer"

"Diego, what do you want to do?" Vanessa rose from her chair and backed away to the kitchen counter.

He stood up and held the gun pointed "Put an end to doubts once and for all"

"Where did you get that?" Diego had never had a weapon, he never even thought of taking one.

He thought about it for a second. "Curious, I can't remember. So: do you have a relationship with Domenico? "

"I already told you that …"


Vanessa jumped for the sudden scream. She looked around: she had come to the corner of the counter and could no longer back away. The hand instinctively grabbed a kitchen knife that was resting on the cabinet and pointed it at Diego.

"No! I repeat it to you another time, I love only you" the girl's voice was broken by tears "The child is yours, do not hurt me, I pray you "the hand with the knife trembled violently, the other hand protected the baby bump .

"LIAR!" Diego fired, his face flushed with alcohol and anger. The blow reached Vanessa just at the vagina, destroying her genitals and painting the cabinet behind her red. The girl took a few seconds to figure out that he had actually shot her. The knife fell from her hand, her whole body began to tremble. In shock she brought a hand to the wound and found it stained with blood and bits of meat. She couldn't accept that all that blood dripping towards the floor really belonged to her, there had to be a mistake, a joke of some kind. She couldn't accept that Diego had shot her.

"That's what you deserve, bitch"

Another shot, this time the bullet hit her belly, followed immediately by another shot, just to the left of the last one. Her knees gave way and the girl dropped down the sideboard, leaving a red trail behind her. With trembling lips and wide eyes, he looked alternately at Diego and the belly that held her child.

"What the fuck did you do Diego?"

"I killed that bastard and the slut who conceived him"

He walked over to her, slipped his fingers into the holes in her shirt and tore it off. He admired the wounds on Vanessa's swollen belly, then threw himself greedily at her breasts, starting to bite and suck.

"Stop Diego, please. Call an ambulance!"

"Are you fucking me? An ambulance! Now I'll fuck you! I'll show you how to treat a bitch"

He turned her on her stomach, not listening to her screams of agony and lowering her pants.

"Your cunt is out of the game, let's try something new. You never wanted to try it, now I'll have fun!" He penetrated violently her ass, leaning all his weight on the girl.

"Please, you're hurting me, stop!"

"Shut up, a whore like you doesn't have to talk"

The pain of the rape and the weight of her companion weighing on her belly sent waves of pain throughout her body, her brain could not work out an escape from all this. Soon she stopped fighting, she was just consuming energy unnecessarily. He came after a few minutes, spraying her on the back.

"I bet I fuck much better than Domenico, didn't I, Vanessa?"

Rising on her elbows, the girl felt waves of nausea, felt something rising from her stomach and looked with horror at the blood that came out of her mouth. Her hands trembled like leaves.

"Help me Diego, I beg you!"

A shot, a strong pain in the middle of the back "NO …" Diego grabbed her arm and turned her. He wanted to look into her eyes.

"Remember, it was all your fault"

Vanessa wanted to answer but two more shots reached her, one for each breast, at close range. She was dying and she knew it. She could not move a muscle, the pain was constant, she felt the blood flow warm from the wounds. She thought of the child inside her that he would never be born. He was probably already dead. She thought of all the projects she had with Diego, now unattainable. The last thing the poor girl saw was her boyfriend with her cell phone in his hand who was taking photos of her. Someone knocked violently on the door but it was too late, her eyes staring into space.

Diego sent the photos of the dying girl to Domenico, he also wrote a message "This is what your slut deserved". Send.

Outside the door, someone kept knocking, Diego looked again at the corpse of the girl who had betrayed him.

"I loved you Vanessa. It was all your fault"

He pointed the gun at his temple and pulled the trigger.

He died before reaching the ground, his body fell with his head resting on Vanessa's belly. The young couple lay in a pool of blood, one next to the other.

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