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I don't know if harassment it's the correct tag (It's not rape but however…) and if the title is grammatically correct.

Anyway, enjoy the story!

A Witch Less in the World

Marta was 16 yo, brown curly hair, a pair of jeans and a light blue sweater. She was home alone, her parents were at work and she had recently returned from school. She was in the living room, lying on the sofa, tv on, cell phone in hand. She didn't notice that someone had entered the house. A man entered in the living room and pointed a gun at her and shouting:

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?" He was about 30 yo but he showed more, eyes wide with anger, ripped clothes.

Marta, surprised, raised her hands in surrender.

"STAND UP!" She obeyed trembling "Tell me what the fuck are you doing in my house!"

"Thi… this is my house, I live here…"


The man hit the girl with a slap throwing her to the ground. He bowed on her, pressing the gun again her chest.

"They sent you, right? You are here to kill me, right?"

The girl tried to get away by crawling but the man didn't let her go.

"Please, I don't want to hurt you, I don't know what are you talking about!"

"You are a lying whore!"

He pressed the trigger but there was only a click.

"Shit, it's unloaded!"

To Marta, that second lasted an eternity: he would have shot her! The gun was unloaded only for a miracle! Terrified, she could not hold the pee and dark stain began to widen in her pants. Seeing him distracted with the magazine, Marta got up and ran to the door as fast as she could. The man swore and ran to catch her. The girl arrived just a meter from the door when his arm clung around her neck.

"Where are you going, bitch?" He dragged her again in the living room and throw her to the ground.

"I don't know what you did to my gun, you were good but no more jokes" he pointed the gun to her head "How many are you? I know you are hunting me, I killed another one just yesterday. You won't put me back in, I guarantee you"

"Please, I don't know what are you talking about, you are wrong, I don't wanna die!"

He laughed "Do you think you are so smart? So why are you in my house?"

He grabbed her neck with one hand and began to squeeze it, she felt out of breath.

"I know what you do to the people, I saw your labs, your factories! You hide in the crowd but I can see you, do you know? I can recognize you! For this reason I can stop you, for this reason you can't win!"

Marta was in panic, she tried to loosen the grip on her neck, even with both hands she failed to win the man's strength.

"Do you know why am I saying you this? Because you can't tell it to anyone!"

He pressed the gun against her stomach, Marta hit him with weak fists, the face red with fear.

"Oh, are you afraid? Then you also have feelings, I didn't expect it"

A loud bang, the slug entered the girl's body leaving behind a bleeding wound. Immediately after, a second shot. A smile showed on the man's face. Marta is shattered. In shock she stopped hitting him.

"I bet it hurts. Do you know how much you hurt me with your experiments?"

"I… I don't know what… are you talking about" Marta managed to say pressing the hands against the wounds.

He got up from the ground, she looked at her blood-stained hands, she looked at her sweater, now dark red. He paced back and forth, chuckling; he laughed watching the girl agonizing, then he threw himself on her trying to take off her clothes. She screamed and fought with all the force she had, he panted trying to tear her sweater, she pointed to his face and hair. The man, furious, grabbed both her hands in a grip, she screamed for the pain, he raised her hands to have a clear view and fired. The slug entered from under the right breast and went up diagonally. Marta jumped at this new blow.

"Then you want to get yourself killed? Is it better this way? IS IT BETTER?"

Another shot, with a trajectory similar to the previous one. Marta could no longer resist with four bullets in her body. Smiling excited, always keeping her hands above her head, he raised her sweater and bra, he squeezed her breasts, he lingered over her wounds. He then lowered her pants and underpants, just enough to have a clear view.

"It's the cunt of a witch… but anyway it's a beautiful cunt!"

She began to tremble, she spat blood as he began to masturbate.

"I won, again! Tell your empress! Tell her that you can't catch me!"

Marta didn't even try to contradict him, she was barely conscious. She coughed a large blood clot, he moaned and came, splattering her face. He had lasted just over a minute.

"A witch less in the world. Today I did my duty"

He stood looking at her, touching her satisfied. With a last one moan, Marta died.

This too was done. But now they knew where he lived, he had to leave. They couldn't get him! Not again!


I loved this one! I had been thinking of writing a similar story for years now, where Julie bumps into a mentally unstable man and gets shot to death for it, but I never could put it all together.

You did a great job of conveying the hopelessness of trying to dissuade a crazy man of his delusions.


Loved this too, and it does remind me of Bloodlust's work.

I think the title is correct enough, though I would probably say "One Less Witch in the World." But I'm being picky again. Thinking about it more, it really should be "fewer", not "less", but that ruins the impact. And "One Fewer Witch" sounds wrong to me. Maybe someone with glasses who knows about "words and stuff" can help.

Harassment doesn't seem quite strong enough… Maybe Assault? Murder? Torture? Brutalization?

Anyway, those are minor considerations. The grammar is way better than your first story. Looking forward to more!


Thanks both. I checked better the grammar this time. I want to write a prequel and a final part for this if I manage to have enough different ideas. I'm thinking to create a single thread and update it, I don't like to create too much threads.


He should have shot her in the pussy tbh



Sorry, pussy shots are not my thing


Great short story! And I agree with Bloodlust. Who I'm also a fan of his stories.
Shooting scenes are my favorite as well. Hope to read more from you!

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