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Maybe someone will enjoy them I usually dont write anything and those are not even check after i read them so ther will be a LOT of errors and stuff. But maybe one person will like them.

It was already 10 minutes since bell ring to signify end of the recess and called all the students in a small rural village school. Mark was standing in boys toilet wearing gear he collected from his pap garage locker. Pap was alweys warning him to kips his paws away from it but he did show him how to use most of his police gear. he even took Mark few times to a shooting range and let him shot his glocks and semi automatic rifle.
Mark never enjoyed it, not really. His father was a jackass and alweys treated him the same way his classmates did - as a weak and useless nobody.

Today he decided to make everyone recognize him and see that he could do SOMETHING big on his own.
Last beating from his clase bullies made something snap in his head.Or maybe it was the grins on the girls faces as they pulled his underwear down and made him stand there exposed and humiliated before the whole class…

He looked around and walked out toward his classroom.
beside his class and two teachers there shouldn't be anyone else at the school at this time of day. It was friday and his integrated class had most of the kids form the town attending. Mark would be just turning 14 next month home but in his class there were kids younger and older then him… The oldest and the biggest bully was Jake a 16yo athletic wolf and a school best football player that every girl - from 10yo Magy to 15yo Jenny - worshiped…
Then there were Adam 15yo cat and Carl 16y lepard - Jake sidekicks, alweys first to show their loyalty but humiliating Mark…

He had it… He pull the safety off the guns. Two colts and semi-auto rifle gun. His head go blank with only one purpose pushing his legs forward - anger and revenge. No One would help him if he won't fight for himself - just like his father alweys told him before kicking his ass again for being a sissy…
He make sure everything is ready and with one hand on the the rifle he pushes the door open.
- Oh Mark! Finally you decided to show up! - Miss. Merry a 30yo deer woman and Jenny mother says after seeing his head lean inside the class.
- No move your butt to your desk! And as a punishment you will - BAM! - loud crack and Merry's brain splatters on the blackboard… she let out a loud whimper and spins on her heels before her legs give up and she collapses on top of her desk beside her… flashing Mark her black lace panties…
Mark turns to the class and see all of his classmates frozen in shock some looking at him and some at their clearly dead teacher.

After a second or two of complete silence Jake stands up quickly and tries to run for the doors but Mark just swing the rifle his way and let it go. Two bullets pierces Jake chest and one rip a chunk off his neck he collapses on the ground gurgling blood and looking up at Mark with tears in his eyes.
In a moment later the whole class goes into panic mode kids crys, some hides under desks other try to scream at Mark one of the girls throw her book in his direction and only menages to hit him lightly in the leg.
Mark aim his rifle at random and let the bullets fly. After a 20 maybe 30 seconds as he looks at the bodies he more feel than hear the door behind him open.
Mis. Abygale their young fox PE teacher stands in the door in shock. She jumps at Mark and pins him to the floor. They struggle for a moment and she manage to pull the rifle out of his small hands. She holds the gun with one hand and with the other she holds Marks arm pinned to the ground.
After another secund a singular loud BANNNG! is herd and Aby's eyes go wide then roll into her head as her pierced heart stops pumping blood into her brain… she collapses on top of Mark her breasts suffocating him for a moment before he pushes her off of him.
Mark sits there and look at the smoking colt in his hand then at the teacher spasming body…

He hear some noise behind him and he see Jenny a slim deer girl trying to crawl closer to her mother desk.
Mark alweys had a crush on her and 13yo Sally their class one and only hyene girl… He aims his glock at Jenny and as her eyes meets his he pull the trigger - neat round hole appears on Jennys forehead and with a soft moan she collapses just inches from the teacher desk.

Mark sits there for a minute scanning the class and thinking about what he just did.
He did not think what he will do AFTER. He was thinking it would not work. Or that he will die in the process himself…
Now it was only him and a class full of dead bodies. He knew he dont have a life after this. But what he still had he will use wisely.

He closed and blocked the door to the class with a chair.
Then he walked to the PE teacher and with one swift motion ripped her button up shirt open and with another pulled her bra off her huge firm breasts. He runs his fingers over the soft warm flesh and fur tweaking her nipples and making her breasts bounce
After a while he looks at his classmates and get an idea. He will go like a KING. He will humiliate them ALL!

He walk around the class pulling bodies into a corner and undressing them… he laughs when he gets to Jake - big wolf had a little pecker and its all stiff and standing at full mast now. He places him and his two buddies on both sides of Jake making them look like they are kissing,pulling their tongues out and even puting Adam head on Jake laps so that his face is just inch from his dick…
- You 3 were alweys acting like faggots…

With a grin Mark looks at the 3 girls he left fo last… Sally, Jenny and Magy.
Magy small mouse body and as the youngest one in the class is the easiest to move so she goes first.
Mark enjoys taking off her summer dress and pulling her wet wanties off her smootch crotch. Even for him she is small, her cunt and her small butt still leaned with baby-fat making it all extra soft and pussy. He small whiskers and little pink lips make mark pause to run his hands over her soft short fur and kiss her lips… She was alweys the most nice one to him, its a shame…
He put her on the side of the pille of nude bodies.
He then gets to Jenny - her eyes wide open look at the ceiling… He quickly pulls her shirt and tight jeans off her body and looks at the lean corpse in front of him… her breasts just started to grow and were miles behind her mothers - that can now be seen in all their glory behind him on the pile- he undo the bra straps and let her dark nipples see the sun she had a huge stiff nubs for the nipples and they looked a bit silly on her small body but they were still appetizing - like cherries on top of two sweet jelly desserts! He lean in and kisses them his hand kneading her breasts and then sliding over her slim belly to her crotch. His fingers find a small bush of thicker and darker fur and then end up in her moist almost HOT slit. he moves away and pulls her panties off of her and lean her over next to Magy making them both look as if they were posing for a very lewd picture with their legs spread and faces cheek to cheek.

Last he looks at Sally. He spots something he didynt expect to see… her skirt is sprouting a small tent of cloth. Intrigued he pushes her skirt up and pulls off her stretched panties. He gasp as he looks at a combo he didynt expect to see- small stiff penis looks like its growing just from the top of her small pink slit… It looks almost like a normal one but lacks balls under it. Instead ther is a full fledged pink lipped and glistering with golden drops pussy…
Mark did heard about it but never saw it in his short life. He leans in and let his hand stroke her semi-penis - its still warm and quite hard but soft to the touch. Very interesting and contradicting thing. He smiles and finally let himself go. His own fully erect penis penetrates Sally virgin hole and her member twitches and bounces off her belly…
As its his 1st time mark only menages to play with Sally - kissing her and running his hands over her small breasts, stroking her penis - only for few moments before his ass clenches and he let his load off deep inside Sally womb.

"Well girls and boys. I WON!" Mark says as he sets his telephone on the desk pointing it at the big body pile to stream video onto an social media profile- " Now to pay the price. I hope that the pictures i taken and posted online of each one of you will go viral! I hope your families will feel shame and know the same pain i did!"
He strokes Sallys hair as he pulls her between his legs. He leans in and kisses Magy small nose and look at Jenny pussy still dripping some of her fluids… "See you all in hell!" Mark says looking at Jake and his pals. With one swift motion he opens his maw and puts berel of his glock into his mouth pulling the trigger second after. BANG!

Marks body goes limp but his penis still sending fully erect twitches and spasm before spraying himself and some of the girls around him with his seed before going limp and resting on top of Sallys head…


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This one was made in 2 parts… 1st was written the ending and then the beginning was added so it sound awful…

Comodo had many opponents in his career as a Killing Bites champion but today was special for him. Brute Rabbit organized a private fight between him and Brute Ratel! He stood in front of this famous new brute and he could not stop himself from ogling her body. she was ready and in her transformed form wearing only pair of white panties and a white t-shirt. She was stretching in front of him to warm her muscles. Her huge breasts swayed from side to side and bounced in with her movements. She locked eyes with him and smiled "Like what you see? This fists will be the last thing you will see in your life!" she said showing him her fist and then going into a battle stance. "Stupid girl. I will enjoy your body long after i kill you! You will fit perfectly on my wall between my previous kills! " Comodo said and crouched while turning on his own transformation, his head elongated, eyes turns into those of an raprilian, his hands and arms covers in thick scales and his fingers turn into sharp claws… "Come at me little girl if you are ready to die!" Ratel didynt wait as rushed at Comodo with her incredible speed she closed the few meters separating them in a second and her claw aimed at Comodo neck but before she could reach her target Comodos maw opened and his head snapped in the patch of Ratel outstretched arm.

SNAP with a snap Comodo jaws closed on Ratel forearm and before she could hit him with her other claw he jumped backward letting go of her arm. Ratel looked at her bleeding arm, her skin was cut in many places as rows of sharp like needles fangs penetrated and ripped the skin.
Comodo stood up and smiled. "Well i was really expecting you to come more prepared… this turned out to be a very boring match…" Rattle shaked her arm acting like she didynt care about her injury. "Hah? This? This is nothing i can, and will still kick your a..a….ass… what the…" she swayed and collapsed on her knees. "What did do to m…" Comodo smiled widely and started to undo transformation on his head. "My saliva you stupid vermin… it contain special toxin that no animal can withstand.
And for you i was extra sure to make it potent to the limits of my ability. You should have more or less around a minute of life left…" He looked closely at Ratel shaking body only thing she could move now was her head, her breasts shaking from short forced breath and her legs twitching uselessly… Then he looked to the side at Brute Rabbit.
She looked completely in shock her mouth open agape and her eyes locked firmly on Ratel "You should have enough life in you to see this" Comodo said as he with a blinding speed rushed to Rabbit and with a slash of his clawed hand decapitated poor unsuspecting Rabbit. Rabbit felt a sudden burning sensation on her neck but a second letter she felt nothing.
As the word spined she saw her own chest white bandana covering her breasts slipping down revealing one of her breasts and then with a thud she landed on the ground, she saw her body from a perspective under her own crotch her pussy hidden in her fluffy fur was starting to get wet and was twitching like crazy. "eh?What is this? How did i… " was all she could think of before her vision started to fade to dark. Last think she could feel but not see was something warm spraying all over her face.. Commodo laughed as the Rabbit body frozen in a crouching pose started to piss over her own head. "Well that's a proper end for a coward like her dont you think?" He said turning to Ratel but his words fallen on deaf ears. Ratel body was only shaking as her eyes were forged over and it was certain life have already pleated her body. "Oh well." he said and walked to Ratel body. "Time for some fun with you girls while you are still warm" He dragged Ratel limp shaking body and throw it on top of Rabbit. He used his sharp claws to rip away Ratel shirt letting her breasts bounce around for a bit as he played with them slapping them with his hands and pinching her dark hard nipples.

Next he shredded her panties and with whistled when he saw a patch of thick but short black pubes covering her pussy in a nice soft carpet but leaving her slit completely bare. And what a nice slit it was, with how socially awkward Ratel was she never had sex or even masturbate. It was truly a tight and virgin pussy. Comodo put his hands under her ass and lifted her hips up to his face. Her breasts bounced up and down on her chest as he pushed his face between Ratel tights and started licking her salty slit, his nose firmly on her pubes taking strong sniffs of her salty and fresh smell, it felt like a mix of young girl pheromones, sweat and fresh pee.
His long tongue leaped between her tight labia and pussy as his dick literally broke out of his pants. It was huge but not gigantic. He didynt wanna to destroy his new toy. In the meantime Rabbit body lay completely still under Ratel. Her own huge breasts slipped completely free from her bandana and now were handled by Ratel back, her weight squeezing them and pushing Rabbit huge hard nipples into dead Ratel back fuzzy fur. Rabbits head layd between all 3 bodies legs if she could see all she would see is a pair of balls as they pushed inside her own tight and fluffy anus pushing it open painful. As much as she was a slutt It was her 1st time taking a men in that hole…

Comodo pushed inside Rabbit tight anus while still eating out Ratel tasty pussy and ass. She tasted great and her pheromones have put him into sex overdrive. Holding ratel pelvis up with one hand he started to finger Rabbit pussy with his other hand… He could feel his dick thro the walls of her pussy…
He let felt he was close but decided that Ratel deserved to be the first to receive his seed in her dead womb. He let go of her letting her body lay down completely on top of Rabbit. He pulled his dick out of rabbit ass and flipped Ratele on her belly. Now both girls big breasts were squished between their bodies and he had a nice look at Ratel ass and spread open pussy. He pushed his throbbing dick inside ratel feeling her virginity stretch and resist him for a moment before with a light snap he dived deep inside him. He felt as if his dick was dipped in a hot furnace Ratel insides were wet and burning hot probably form all the excitement before and during their battle..
He even felt her body twitch and squeeze him just a little as he pushed in and out of her hot tunel. With few more shakes and the feeling of Ratel right pussy, her soft ass bouncing off of his crotch and his balls hitting either Ratel fluffy pubes or Rabbit wet pussy Comodo pushed one last time with gusto hard and deep inside Ratel and cumed inside her dead womb filling her full… With a wet sucking sound he pulled his dick out of Rates lagina and let it rest hotdogged between her shaking buttocks. "FUCK girls… Now im sure i wont leave you two here!
I will have MONTHS of use out of your bodies!" he laid on top of the warm corpses for a while playing with their breasts and pussies for a little longer before putting his dick away and dragging his prey into a car waiting outside the building. This was a good loot even if the fight was less exciting then he anticipated. Oh well, he may love to fight but he will take a good fucking instead of good fight ANY day! And for what he had planned for those two this will not be the end of fun he will have with them!
Fresh Ratel corpse was hanged on the wall in full view of the guests.
Her body cut into two halves… just above her navel the torso was hanging by the stumps of her arms nailed to the board behind her. her heavy round breasts crowning her chest. Her big, pink and hard nipples on top of the mounds of soft skin… Her face was frozen in a stupefied expression, her eyes rolled up her mouth forcefully open showing rows of canine like shard fans mixed with human teeths. Her tongue was pulled out of her mouth, it was longer than normal human tongue and still wet with her saliva… it was a perfect cushion for a ruthless blowjob that hear corpse would surely soon experience… Under her torso was her lower half.
Her legs spread wide and holded up under the knees by chains attached to the wall on the side of her torso. You could clearly see inside her spread pussy crowned by a thick patch of dark pubic hair, her small and tight but little plump anus… her ass was nice and athletic but not muscular under it and from the top of her ass was hanging her little tail that alweys looked so enticing when she transformed… some guests marveled at her shapely legs that were covered in thick and soft fur from little above her knees down to her feets… Even if the owner would not let them play with her to much each guest had a chance to squeeze her breasts that bounced around and was able to run his hands on the insides of her tights, feeling her soft skin and fur.
One lucky enough guy using a moment of distraction managed to steal a lick off her still moist pussy tasting her sweat and juices… he would remember that taste and smell for a long time after that party…
Inside Comodo office displayed in an ass up and head down pose was toxidermed body of Brute Rabbit.
It turn out that her Rabbit genes made her perfect for him to relieve his stress. her pheromones calmed him and turned him on so each time when he felt stressed he just walked behind the stuffed girl skin and pushed inside her holes, with a bit of high tech materials they were alweys warm and lubricated quickly. She still smelled nice of grass and forest so he liked to lay on top of her playing with her soft breasts and sucking on her big nipples while fucking on of her holes. And having so many servent meant he didynt have to worry about cleaning her, they would do it for him…
That was the life worthy of Killing Bites CHAMPION! But he knew he will need new girls for his collection soon! There were already few places waiting for them one for a pelt off the Brute Cheetah… he knew her small breasts and soft fur would feel fantastic under his feets and that small head of hers would be a perfect thing to clean off his dick after he plays with Ratel ass…

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