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The day it happen.

Bisection, lesbienne, gore, sex

I was going to see my newest date, oh my name is Mia, and my date is Sarah. We was going to meet up in this old building that she owns.

Before getting there I did a warm up, I inserted an vibro egg, love those things. When I arrived she popped open a bottle of champagne and we just started to drink, and thing could up hot very quickly.

She started to go down to my skirt and in my panties, where she discovered the wet and horny pussy waiting, she looked at me and I ask her to search deep in, she kneed in front of me, I was on the couch, and she started thrusting slowing, licking her fingers, licking my pussy and in few minutes she was deep grasping the egg and drop it in my mouth, and was I love my taste, by joking around i said, I wounder if the taste is the same from the source. She continued licking my pussy and rubbing her pussy.

Suddenly a big crack from the ceiling, bits falling then a big rope just want through me, I felt light, the orgasm was still there but different she looked at me holding my hips, then she drop then on the fall, I looked at my hips, i wasn't crying just felt light one of my hand was still on my ti, playing with it, twisting it, she was looking at me, and still had her hand down her pussy.

I told her that I didn't want to die, she stood up, I looked at her sex wet, dripping, when she arrive at next to she sat down, I drop on her hips, she told that she is here, I felt the wet form her pussy behind my neck, i ask her to touch my tits, and she did, I ask her to show me my lower half, she pulled it toward her.

See told me it's still shining of com, it's still smell good, she lean towards it and pick it up, my legs was hanging, my pussy facing her and I can see it from above my head, i started to lower my hand just like i would to start and finger myself but there it was, above me, she put my pussy down in front of me with me legs open, she take one of my hands and started to finger my pussy with it.

There I was seeing my thumb sink into my pussy, she was playing with my tits, I was playing with myself in a way that bo girl ever did, the pleasure was different, I turned my head and started licking her when she stopped me and lean me in front of my pussy, I grap my cheeks, justvlike I would, and licking from top to bottom, the taste was different, it was orgasmic, I was hearing Sarah moaning like no other girl, I looked at her was had the bottle of champagne up in her pussy humping it, she wanted more.

She turn me around sat on my face, I licked her, sucked her, she pick up my half and did the same she ripped out my pleasure organ and show it to me, there it was, she gave it to me, putting my down, I played with it then she started to finger herself again in front of me hard I started to feel weak, she put my half on me again before I die, she was licking my tits hard. Then black


I watch way too much horror - "my wet and horney pussy" conjured up Lovecraftian images for me!


Man I wish I could have seen him live his era

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