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So after reading Edward Hyde stories after a long pause is text story writing, I decided to write my own version as well.
English is not my native language and I will try some experimental formatting for easier reading.
I will post the story as I write in the real-time, without much of proofreading, but let's hope my spell checker will do a good job.
Probably this time it is more suitable to be in the /lit/ board even if it may contain few 3d pictures.
Whoever is willing to participate in proofreading or other ways to improve the story pretty, please.

I can't think a good title so let's call it *Meatgirl's adventures*.
This is almost the typical story about girls getting cooked, but not in the typical style and plot.
In some way, it can be regarded as Dolcett parody.
As can be expected from me, it will likely include all possible fetishes in existence. ;)

It was the last week of the summer vacation.
The day was nice, Lily still had some free time to enjoy before going back to school.
Everyone knew Lily as top student good grades and high ambitions in the carrier after finishing school.
Suddenly she heard a voice shouting on all street:
-"Hey! Lilly! Here!"
Lily turned around and gasped. In front of her was her schoolmate Candy, as if the girl materialized from the thin air, standing just a few steps away wawing her raised hands, calling her name.
Candy was a well-known troublemaker in the class exceptionally energetic and mischevious girl almost total opposite of Lily, her grades were not even nearly as good, but anyone who ever underestimated smarts eventually was very surprised.
Lily did not expect to meet Candy in this town, but she was even more surprised to see her schoolmate totally naked right on the street she was only wearing sporty shoes, plastic bracelet, and colorful wristband. Lily also noticed something shiny attached to her left nipple, It looked like a gold metal tag with some numbers something similar to the tags used to mark cattle in the farm. (No point to continue description just look at the picture and assume that you read 1000 words here LOL)
When candy got full Lily's attention candy continued:
-"Hi! What are you doing here?"
-"Uh, I came here with family for a vacation. I am just exploring the town looking around for something interesting" quickly responded lily just to ask: "And what about you? Why are you all naked? Don't you feel shy walking like that in front of all people?"
Candy grinned:
-"Looks cool, doesn't it?" she moved her hand down to her crotch slipped fingers between her legs, slightly spread her pussy apart and lightly rubbed it there right in front of all people. "It feels so good without those stupid panties would you like to take yours off too?"
Lily blushed from such offer
-"Thanks, but no. I can't walk naked in the street I am a human being."
-"He, he" smiled candy, "poor Lily, fortunately, I am not a human anymore look at this" Candy tugged her nipple tag "this means that now I am a meat girl, essentially just a piglet. So I can do anything I want and I do not need to wear clothes or feel shy about being naked. I can even play with myself anytime I want or peed right on the street " Candy slipped her fingers into her pussy and spread it in front of all people " ahh just what I needed, she moaned while letting a stream of yellow liquid right on the pavement. Not even bothering to finish she walked towards Lily. She could see yellow streal running down Candy's legs and shoes dripping on the ground leaving a trace as she walks. Candy took Lily's hand and dragged her down the street.
Lily was aware of meat girls existence it was on her family plans to visit a restaurant to order girl meat on this vacation it was quite expensive but she could not even imagine seeing her schoolmate in that position or god forbid volunteer herself. although she heard that manly girls are very willing to get served for dinner.
-"Uh, yes that… " Lily paused. "You know piglets eventually get served for dinner in the restaurants."
-"Yes, of course, I know wouldn't you also love to get all naked in front of many people covered in the cooking oil and then big cold steel rod getting inserted right here," Cady said while slipping her hand under Lily's pants and pushed her finger into Lily's but. " then it goes in deeper and deeper until it comes out of your mouth. chef ties your hands and legs and puts you to roast on the slow fire until you get all nice and crispy like a tasty piglet. All crowd of drools while looking at you being cooked and shivering in pain on the spit from being cooked alive, They eagerly waiting for you to get ready. In the end, all those people cut pieces of your body, your but your nipples and put then on the plate to enjoy the best meal in their life." Candy continued her lecture with great big grin and enthusiasm giving extra pointers on Lily's body with her fingers. and all of that while walking right on the busy street in front of the crowd of people.
-"Oh, no. I do not want that. Being a meat girl is not for me. I have other plans"
-"Really?" said Candy with a big grin while looking at her face "then why your shirt is covered with your drool" she swiped her finger over Lily's face getting it covered with her saliva. Candy licked the dirty finger making Lily gasp again. "I suppose you are now daydreaming how you go back to school for 8 more years, listen all that crap from boring textbooks then spend 5 more years in college and when you become old hag you can spend the rest of your life helping rich fat businessmen to evade tax." continued Candy with a big evil grin on her face.
Lily was got totally off guard here, with the Candy's astonishing persuasion abilities meat girl perspective was not looking so bad anymore. Lily started to think and imagine both scenarios one of her being a respectable lady doing paperwork in the prestigious lawyer agency for rich customers, being paid big money for her work. And another: being impaled on the steel rod cooking on the fire, or maybe being boiled in the big bowl of stew, or maybe getting butchered into pieces or …. all of that in front of lecherous men, boys girls women who are waiting for her meat with shining eyes dripping saliva from their mouths.
-"Umm, well, I don't know, I need to think about that more," she said reluctantly.
-"Yes, Of course, you need to think about it… maybe you will share your thoughts about being impaled with me ?" Candy winked her eye making Lily face blush all red. it felt as if Candy could read her mind.


I like Candy a lot! Looking forward to a "dinner date" with her! ;)


Also love the way the old lady is looking disapprovingly at her in the picture! Was that deliberate or lucky coincidence?


Happy to see you liked it.
It will take quite some time until they actually reach the moment of getting in the pot :) and until that lots do disgusting things will happen ;)
I hope I will not lose my inspiration before I finish it.

Yeah, that's a lucky coincidence as this time I am using photo backgrounds for pictures.


Haha well the coincidence worked out beautifully! There are some "disgusting" things I don't like reading about so I can always skip over those parts. Can't wait to see how the story develops!


File: 1564841383082.jpg (398.08 KB, 1177x1275, mg 002.jpg)

Some more pictures for the chapter posted above.

because of gurochan formatting issues it is impossible to interleave pictures with the story as I would like but when it will be finished I will redo everything properly


File: 1564841470855.jpg (416 KB, 1024x1024, mg 003.jpg)


So here is the next part where Lily becomes a meat girl as well. I hope you will like it.
Pictures will come later

-"Yes, Of course, you need to think about it… maybe you will share your thoughts about being impaled with me ?" Candy winked her eye making Lily face blush all red. it felt as if Candy could read her mind.
-"Well, fine. for some strange reason, it feels arousing when I think about it, like I can feel butterflies in my belly," confessed Lily " but it looks so scary. I wonder if I can bear all that pain being cooked alive. I will die of embarrassment if I have to be naked in front of the crowd."
- "then maybe you would rather prefer to be boiled in the pot of stew? maybe if they heat it lowly you will not even notice like that frog" giggled Candy
- "Idiot it only works on frogs it does not even work on pigs"
-"yeah, looks like there is no other way you will have to endure… I think, it would be so much fun to be cooked together on one spit we both come all naked on the stage chef take extra long spit and comes to you first, he pushes the skewer right in your butt, deeper and deeper until if gets out of your mouth. at that moment I bend down and he starts to push the tip into my butt, that same way. everyone in the restaurant will see as if you are eating my ass and sniffing my butt. I will show V sign with my both hands and stick out the tongue right before the spit comes out of my mouth. That will be juts hilarious when you rub my butt hole with your nose struggling while being cooked, Everyone will call you 'Lily the butt licker' after that"
-"No, no, no, why I have to go first, I don't want to sniff your dirty asshole. you go first and then you can smell my farts."
-"Not a chance" protested Candy "this is my idea and we do it my way!"

-"You know You are such a nasty bitch that that when I look at you the only thing in my mind now is how I place you on the table grab a meat cleaver, chop off your feet, then hands and when you scream and struggle in pain I continue chopping you into small pieces and then feed those pieces to the stray dogs and you know what is the worst of all, I stop once you are reduced to the plain torso and leave you to watch the feast"
-"So cruel, do you think I am only good for dog food. Cant, you at least donate my meat to an orphanage or give it as a gift to some handsome boy?"
-"No! I said dogs and if you continue to argue I will feed it to street rats!" after that Lily burst into laughter noticing that it is the first time she is so assertive.
-"Ok, fine you win, you can do it your way," said candy making submissive pose as if acknowledging Lily as her boss.. "But… only if you register as meatgirl too. Or else it will be unfair. If you agree you can do whatever you want with me."
- "Even feed your meat to street dogs?"
- "Yes, anything you do will be fine" said candy with the evil grin. "Look what coincidence! It is the same place where I got this nipple tag. how about we come in and you get one too?"
-"Sure let's go can't wait to teach you a lesson!".

Both girls came through the door into small office building the inside resembled post office or bank. except that walls were covered with pictures of the beautiful girls in various poses advertising various restaurants that serve girl meat.
"We turn every girl into a star! " told one of the billboards depicting a slightly chubby girl with the queen crown in the stew pot surrounded by the group of hottest boys and men running all around preparing her.
"Best chefs in the world, elite kitchen facilities. No.1 choice for those who make no compromises" then on the extra paper "Looking for a young girl with extraordinary big breasts and model looks for the special customer. will pay 100 times of the typical price" said another small and boring sheet of paper.
"Molly's Family restaurant. The best place for birthdays and other family holidays. Bring your own girl and get 50% discount." was written in the colorful flyer, depicting a bunch of little kids helping and a smiling guy in the cook uniform next to the BBQ stand where the little girl of their age is being cooked.

-"Wow, never expected it to be so popular" exclaimed Lily.
-"Yes, indeed. just a year before it was something exotic, and now way more girls volunteer that if it continues within few years, we may end with more girls than customers unless we sell them for the dog food so if you want a good deal, hurry up." the guy ate the counter entered their conversation.
-"You really mean that girls are coming here and register to become meat?" responded Lily
-"Yes of course. Furthermore, it is the end of the vacation, so about 10 girls register every day restaurants are so busy that you may need to wait an entire month for your time. Some people just register their daughters for private BBQ. Even if they do it themselves you are required to register according to the law. I am surprised what kind of cuties and beauties some here.

A few days ago a 14-year-old girl came, with the breasts bigger than the typical adult and perfect barbie figure can't believe they are real. She kinda won some beauty contest and now she will be served on the plate for some very lucky customer.

Earlier, 2 cute twins came. They were only 8 but they came all alone and requested to keep registration secret from their dad because they want to make him a surprise birthday present. They even invited me to the birthday party. Could not even imagine what they are going to do but what a surprise it was when two 8-year-old twins brought 2 covered plates to their dad and when they uncovered them each had a small pussy, tiny vagina tube neatly pierced on the bamboo skewer and womb along with the ovaries finally 2 nipples on top of the plate well cooked with spice and other stuff. That is the most valued delicacy. Their registration tags were still in the severed and cooked nipples.
"Happy birthday daddy! you liked them so much so this is your present" They pulled up their skirts to show where it came from.
I have no clue how they managed to do it and hide it from everyone until the last moment. Maybe they carved them, out of each other and cooked just before the birthday party. It is a mystery how they managed to smile and pretend as if everything is normal just before the last moment. Nobody even noticed them dripping blood between their legs.
Sadly, their dad was not very happy about that, probably because he could not enjoy the meal of his life because of some stomach problems but all the guests had a great party….."

-"Wow! So impressive!" commented Lily.
-" he he, that lazy bastard cannot stop talking. I just came here yesterday to look around and registered just to make him to shut up " Cindy threw a sarcastic comment.
-"Ah, you again. I am afraid with that attitude you will only be taken for dog food." Grinned the register guy.
-"Why everyone is so mean to me?" replied Candy making obviously fake sad puppy eyes.
–"Because you are such a bitch" replied both the guy and Lily.
-"Careful, you virgin nerd, Or I will cancel your invitation to my cooking party" replied Candy with the grin on her face and the tone that made everyone get goosebumps.
-"Ok ok, you are the cutest and tastiest bitch in the town," said the guy back with the smile. "but still there are no orders for you today"

-"Then maybe someone will be interested in 2 girls? I met my schoolmate today and she wants to register too." Candy shifted the conversation in another direction.
The register guy turned to Lily:
-"So you decided to keep company for your friend. maybe you already know it but I have to explain you rules.
Once you register you will no longer be a human so it will legal to use you for food or any other purpose and you will be no longer a subject of the law. To indicate your status you will receive this tag, once put on, the tag cannot be removed."
-"Ah screw it, Just do it faster, that bitch is getting on my nerves!" quickly replied Lily.
-"Let me do it let me!" candy interrupted everyone.
-"hmm it is my job to put tags but if you insist and she does not object, Here!" he handed her a strange complex device which automatically pierces a nipple inserts a numbered tag and then weld the tag shut securing it there forever. Since girls usually do not stay around for very long there are no concerns with sterilization.

Candy took the device and walked towards her friend. With her typical grin, she lifted her shirt then pushed the device to Lily's nipple And pressed the button"
-"Ayyee" loud scream echoed in the room when Lily shrieked from the pain as her nipple was pierced and stretched by the huge needle.
-"Ahem, You know those are adjustable You could choose a thinner needle "
-"Yes I know" replied Candy and winked her eye looking to the register guy.
-"You bitch! why did you do that? it hurts like hell?"
-"Can she take off her clothes here ?" Candy asked the guy ignoring Lily.
-"uh, yes, you can throw them in this disposer tube if you want."
Without any delay Candy stripped her still confused friend all naked just leaving her shoes and threw everything in the disposer tube.
-"well, most of the girls keep clothes after registration and only take them off before getting cooked…"
-"Ah who cares, We are no longer human and we do not need clothes."
-"Hey, I had my wallet here and my tickets and other stuff" You threw it all away bring it back!"
-"Unfortunately everything thrown here gets immediately incinerated as waste" explained the guy.
-"What?!" lily Got totally mad and grabbed a chair "You fucking bitch I will kill you, Come back!"
Candy just laughed and ran out through the door. Lily followed her swinging the chair all around screaming like some Hulk

"What the hell just happened?" murmured the register guy after he got back to his senses.


I find Cany's bluntness and excitedness about being cooked really hot! (plus I have a thing for red-heads so…) Love the posters in the registration office too - they seem straight out of my "world" :-D Looking forward to the next chapter!


To tell the truth, Candy has a bit different motives than just being cooked. You know she is a well know bad girl ;)
I am trying to show another side of your world here too.

since you mentioned those posters it may become relevant later ;)

I wonder if anyone noticed parts with the double meaning.;)


I'm definitely intrigued to see where it goes!


I'm wondering if Candy is actually playing a long con and wants Lily for her dinner herself but we shall have to see!


That's quite an extreme theory :) It may take a really decent amount of of time to find out ;) lots of stuff will happen before we get to the end.

in fact, I a not entirely decided on what will happen in this story since the stuff you or someone else writes, may drive my fantasy into an unexpected direction.

In the overall storyline, our protagonists will have quite a few adventures, meet different people and other stuff. since as you already noticed all restaurants are heavily overbooked and cannot process all volunteers quickly.


Looks like there is no much interest in my scribbling LOL
So maybe usual picture story will be more interesting.
check it here


wait don't go onix. i was enjoying the story, but thought it was rude to inturupt before you finished.


I'm curious for more too! Although your CGI girls are SO cute!


Looks like I have 2 readers after all so I can't quit LOL

But still I will first finish posting that picture story now
and then continue this one




Will we be seeing some more of this one? I'm hungry!
(The old lady's face in the first one pic still cracks me up!)


In fact yes, I have big plans for this story ;) but I want to make a few illustrations first for the new chapters.
Although story direction significantly changed over all this time ;)

After reading other stuff here, I decided that big part of this story will be a version of "meat-girl expo" which they will be exploring. I am now making other illustrations for that now.


You can always make it more of a picture story with chunks of text at the bottom if that's more your style :-)


File: 1568936479269.jpg (251.25 KB, 1308x1216, piggies 5.jpg)

-"Stop running!" shouted Lily who had quite a problem catching Candy, the chair she was carrying along was slowing her down considerably.
-"Ok" suddenly replied Candy and stopped still letting Lilly get closer. But lily did not get to enjoy her victory. She noticed that she is standing in the center of the busy street with many people looking at her as some crazy naked girl running with a chair in her hand. She turned around and got totally petrified from embarrassment the time itself stopped for her as she observed piercing looks of the crowd pointing at her.
-"Mommy! Why this crazy girl is running on the street naked? is she a pervert like our neighbor who likes show me his wee-wee?" a little 4-year-old girl asked her mom a few meters away.
Lily wanted to make some clever excuse but got even more embarrassed once she understood how silly is her situation and how pathetic her excuses will look like.
Candy briefly observer all that with amusement and went to the little girl.
-"She is naked because she is a meat girl just like me" explained Candy.
–"What is a Meat girl?" asked the girl.
-"It is girls just like a piggy you slaughter and cook them for food. Meat girls are very delicious" Candy started her lecture to the curious girl. She then went to the still petrified Lily took a chair from her hands grabbed her small breasts from behind and started to massage "The most valuable parts of meat girl are her boobies, they look small but they are super delicious when you stuff them with herbs and cheese, and also her pussy" Candy continued her lecture and moved her hands down. with a little force, she moved lily's legs apart to reveal her pussy and used her fingers to spread it apart, giving a full view of the most private parts to the whole crowd "Some people call it 'cunt'. It is the most delicious part when cooked. Usually, you stuff a carrot or onions here before you put a girl in the oven." Candy casually rubbed Lily's clit and slipped her finger into lily's pussy to demonstrate wahst she is talking, she pushed 2 fingers inside and tried to spread the hole.
A girl and remaining crowd observed all that with extreme curiosity. " Oh yes, meat girls", "never expected to see one here", "Yes you should come to visit that restaurant they have best girl meat dishes at the low price". "she has pretty good pussy" the crowd murmured all around.
The girl came closer to get a better look and tried to touch lily's pussy with her tiny hand.
Candy made an evil smirk and gently took her hand.
-"here check it yourself. A good quality pussy must be firm and tight" she guided the girl toward Lily's vagina and pushed her hand in. It did not need too much force because Lily was already dripping wet. "So how does it feel?"
–"It's tight and slippery" replied the girl while trying to examine Lily's vagina like some professional cook.
At that moment candy quietly moved away into the crown leaving Lily alone with the girl for everyone to observe.
This experience was just too surreal for the Lily.
She was standing in the middle of the busy street naked, surrounded by the crowd of people: men strangely holding their hands in the pockets of their pants. Women looking at them with disapproving faces and a little girl with the serious face curiously trying to find a bottom of her vagina with her fingers. Lily could not even imagine such a scene happening in hardcore porn. Her face got all red and she came back to her senses.
"So how do you like my Cu.., cu., P.. Pussy?" somehow uttered Lily to end the uncomfortable silence somehow.
The girl pulled her hand out "Very good meat, I'd love my mom to cook you for my birthday. Meat girls are great. I will ask my mom to buy one for me" A girl showered Lily with unexpected praises.
"Let's go home!" girls mom suddenly interrupted her and she happily ran back to her mom and took her hand.
"Can I also become a meat girl?" asked the girl while they both walked away.
"Why mommy? You could cook me and I will be delicious"
"I said NO!"
"At least check my cunt" demanded a girl while lifting her skirt and trying to push her finger into her still tiny pussy.
"Mommy, Can I check your cunt….. "
Eyes of the crowd moved from the Lily to the little girl and it started to dissipate.
"Hey! anyone else wants to check the quality of my meat" shouted Lily to the remaining few people with a sarcastic tone and spread her pussy lips to show everything she got there.
"Mine is much tastier than her's loose cunt!" lily head Candy's voice who was approaching her and also trying to spread her pussy to show it to everyone. "Hey! anyone wants to check our meat?" shouted Candy again.


So finally some more of the story.
Got carried away and it went not as planned LOL

But I want to hear your responses. before I continue. If you want to see more pictures of what happened or more text of what will happen ;)


That was pretty awesome! The pictures are fun but now we know what both girls look like, text-only is fine :-) That was a fun and hot scene - I hope the little girl does get a nice meatgirl for her birthday dinner!


I wonder if mom will let her check her meat too ;)

I should post one more chapter today. It will not have any pictures and it contains some nasty stuff, but it is sort of required for the plot ;)

After that, I should start "Gir-meat expo" arc, but it will, of course, take quite a while until Lily and Candy will get into the pot ;)


I shall await it eagerly!


Unfortunately nobody came to check quality of meat girls, remaining people quickly left and things got quest again besides just occasional glances from new people passing by, but nobody was stopping to look.

–"I will really kill you", quietly muttered Lily
-"Oh common It was not that bad, you really enjoyed it".
–"I almost died from embarrassment because of you!"
-"oh yes, especially when screaming 'everyone! Come and check my Cunt!" Candy mocked her spreading her pussy lips as Lily did that time
–"I never said that!. I had to do something and I was just dying from the embarrassment at that time!"
-"Haha did you peed yourself because of embarrassment too" candy pointed to the pussy juices dripping down Lily's leg and smirked.
–"You stupid bitch you threw away all my money!" Lily attempted to move the conversation away from the embarrassing

topic "I didn't eat anything today and I do not even have money to get some snack or get home!"
-"Oh common! Is that even a problem why piggies like us even need money? Let's look around and we will find something" the girls continued walking down the street and suddenly Candy grabbed Lily's hand and started to drag her. Until they both got next to the cheap restaurant entrance.
"Now what? we have no money we can't order anything" complained Lily.
"Hehe. who cares about that restaurant. Look here. Free snacks!" Replied Candy while digging the trash container.

–"Look! that's an almost full bottle of the Coca-Cola!" She removed the cork and took a sip, then handed it to the Lily.

"Wow! and also a full bottle of the tomato sauce barely used at all!"
Lily took the bottle "extra hot" was written on the label "I think it was too hot for someone" ironically remarked Lily while taking the bottle.
-"Ta da! Want some pizza?" proudly proclaimed candy while holding the box of pizza.
–"I am not eating that trash" categorically refused Lilly.
-"Oh come on, we are pigs we can eat anything" argued Candy while opening the box. But to her disappointment, the box contained just some old leftovers covered with mold and crawling with maggots.
–"So, can you eat that little piggie?" Lily started to tease Candy
-"Piece of cake" proudly replied candy trying to act cool.
–"No, you can't! it is a way too disgusting. Let's make a bet If you eat it I will take a bite too, but if not I will shove that ketchup in your ass."
-"Hehe Just watch!" Candy took a deep breath and took a bite of the disgusting maggot-infested pizza. She started to chew it slowly with a smile on her face but just when Lily started to worry Candy grimaced horribly covered her mouth with the hand and quickly ran away back to the trash container.
Lily smirked seeing all that and followed candy, and just as she heard sound her throwing up, she pushed the tip of the hot ketchup into the Candy's oozing butt and squirted it's content inside.
Almost at that same time, Candy jumped up like a rocket grabbed her butt cheeks with both hands and stopped moving.
She stood a few seconds with the blank stare as a mystery to the lily her pupils dilated and then she slowly uttered with the quiet voice.
-"Please kill me now… You can feed me to the dogs or whatever just make my die" she talked slowly while squeezing her butt cheeks with both hands. The strange performance continued for a few minutes. candy started to breathe heavily and a few moments later got totally insane.
-"You fucking bitch! that hurt more than being cooked alive! I will rip out your heart for that"
–"Haha serves you right." Laughed Lily happy with her revenge. "It can't be that bad. If you can't take a little hot sauce how do you take a spit in your ass?"
-"Try it yourself!" Candy Jumped on unprepared Lily and pinned her down Before lily even manage to start resisting she showed the nozzle into Lily's butthole and squirted remaining contents inside.
Lily struggled with all her force and practically threw Candy into the air.
–"Ah, it hurts! I can't stand it anymore. Lily started to run around looking for something. She tried to push her fingers and remove the sauce but it was no use. She fell on the ground struggled and shook trying to deal with the pain.

But a minute later Lily stopped moving.
-"Now we are even" declared candy looking at her lifeless friend
Lily grimaced and slowly turned around.
–"I think my insides already got cooked. It felt like someone filled my belly with the molten lead."
-"Want to try it again" Smirked candy and shook the dreaded bottle in front of Lily, then threw it back to the trash " I almost peed myself from pain, never felt anything even close to that before."
–"hmm, You know It does not hurt anymore. At first, it felt like I am going to die but Now I barely can fell anything" Lily said while trying to stand on her feet.
-"Yeah, my butt feels totally numb. It is so strange" Candy tried to push her fingers inside and pinch her butthole. "just can't fell anything there"
–"Haha! It will hurt less when you will get on the spit" laughed Lily. "But I am still hungry" she changed the topic.
-"maybe we should find some meat girl and cook her on the bonfire ?"
–"haha that could work" I just have one candidate. " Lily Then reached towards Candy's breasts and grabbed them "She is all A+ quality meat ready for roasting"
-"I am also starting to feel hungry" smirked Candy, and grabbed Lily's crotch "A piece of fresh Pussy fillet would be very nice now"
–"You know, I just remembered that I came to this town with my parents to visit 'meat-girl expo' It is happening the first time in 5 years. If I remeber it right it should be at the next corner. Although tickets are quite expensive and we dont have money"
-"Set's go check it anyway" suggested Candy and both girls went forward.


So here is one more chapter, and I actually think it did not came out as smooth as it was in my fantasy :)
But at least it is finished ;)

I hope next part will come out better and also each new part in meat girl expo will contain some illustrations because there will be a lot of new girls and contraptions.


That was funny! Rather good to see Lily get the better of Candy for once! ;-)


Very nice!


I like funny maggot part^^


Nice, I as wondering if anyone will like it ;)

They are becoming better friends ;)


"So, ho do you decided to become a meat girl" Lily started a new conversation while walking.
"Well, my dad used to call me little piggy while nagging me to clean up my room. He often jokes to cook me as punishment. So when we came to this town for a vacation I got this idea. I registered as a meat girl, and just imagine look on my dad's face when I came home all naked and offered myself for dinner." Candy started telling her story.
"Wow, I can imagine that" amazed Lily
"hehe yes, exactly! My dad told me to find a restaurant to get cooked for his upcoming business meeting" smiled Candy. "imagine him when he will find out that instead of one he will get 2 girls"
Lily smiled too, "So that's why you convinced me to register, you just love doing pranks."
"Oh common, it will be fun, my dad is having a business meeting a few famous people" Candy winked her eye. "You may even get on TV"
"For some reason, I worry that your dad may regret it" grinned Lily.
"Haha, what can go wrong? we are just 2 delicious little piggies oink oink" Laughed Candy then hugged lily with one hand and made and "explaining pose" "Imagine this: Just before the main event we put on nose hooks" Candy made a demonstration with her fingers making her nose look like a snout "Then we stuff these big carrots in our butts and finally we cut off our hands and legs here" she swiped her finger on Lily's knee and elbow "and crawl out on our stumps shaking our butts to meet the guests proudly smiling like 2 little piggies."

"Ouch! You are taking this really seriously"
"Well if you insist we can stuff our butts with fireworks and firecrackers. That's will be a way to go out with the bang!" Laughed Candy.
"Your dad would be mad at you for ruining the party"
"Ah, don't worry. I am just joking. It would be quite a waste to ruin our delicious meat. We can find a better way to have some fun before getting cooked"


So this time just a very short episode, but it actually took more time to write than anything else and I still did not managed to do all i wanted.
But oh well, it need to go forward somehow


File: 1569461898393.jpg (727.8 KB, 1385x1200, Piggies 6.jpg)

-"Wow!" look there" candy pointed her finger to the entrance to the big building "It looks like nobody is gonna miss that"
–"Yeah, Looks like this Girl meat expo is going to be really interesting. If only we could get in"
—"Hi, Nice to meet you" Suddenly a girl at the entrance greeted Lily and candy as they came closer.
–"Hi" slowly responded Lily and Candy while observing her with curious looks.
—"Did you come to the Girl meat expo?" Continued the girl.
–"Yes but we do not have any money" replied lily
—"Oh! don't worry, Entrance is free for meat girls but you may be asked to volunteer for some demonstration" grinned the girl.
-"It looks really impressive. I wonder who came up with such an idea. Are you a meat girl too?" Asked candy.
—"Hehe maybe you want to take a closer look" smiled the girl.

Lily came closer and walked around. There were 2 chains hanging from the balcony ending with meathooks, The hooks were pierced into the skin of the back of the woman of the age somewhere over 20 making her hang on them like a piece of meat. another pair of double hooks were skewered into her breasts to hold a little girl in a similar way just above the ground. The tinny breasts of the girl were skewered with the spit pole holding the plastic "meat girl expo" sign.

—"Oh, No" smiled the girl, "I am not a meatgilrl yet. My dad is organizing this event and I am helping him with my mom. At first, he just planned to buy a meatgirl and put her on the spit next to the entrance but I convinced him that this will look better."
–"Does it hurt?" Asked Lily while observing the pole?
—"hehe, my brother almost tore my chest trying to put it here almost made me cry but it does not hurt anymore"
—-"Dam you Yuki! why did you suggest this idea at all? It feels like my breasts are gonna tear. You are so heavy." her mom finally spoke too
—"Mom! Stop whining! You are embarrassing me in front of people"
—-"My breasts hurt from all that weight"
—"Mom! If you want, we can change places tomorrow but be quiet!" … "It is so embarrassing. My mom is such a crybaby."
–"Well then, we will be going," said Lily and walked towards the entrance.
-"Bye!" added Candy and gave a good slap with her hand to the whiny mom's butt then followed Lily inside.


File: 1569462328040.jpg (715.46 KB, 1385x1200, piggies 6a.jpg)

One more part today with pictures.


Sounds like Candy's dad will be lucky if she makes it as far as his meeting! lol. Great fun installments :-D


Will we be seeing more of this now that your picture story is finished? :-)


I have so many plans for this story that it even scares me to even get back into it :)

But since you mentioned it I will write the next chapter soon.


The inside of the building was a big hall divided into cells with plastic walls like a typical industrial exhibition.
All kinds of culinary equipment was put on display with live demonstrations and videos running in loops on the big TV screens. As usual advertising flyers and brochures were hanging on the walls and every table.

-"Hey! that's too expensive" the girls heard a conversation happening at the nearby cell "who can pay that much for a spit?"
-"It is not just some ordinary spit it is our special Teflon coated technology which makes the surface extra slippery for the best spitting experience for the meatgirls."
-"who the hell cares about the experience of the meat? as if they could fell any difference anyway" objected the customer and went away.

Lily and Candy came closer to observe a special spit exhibition.
-"Wow, that looks really slippery. I wonder how does it feel when it goes in your butt" pondered Candy while rubbing the spit with her hand maybe I shoud ask my dad to buy one?.
-"Oh! I can ensure you it is much better than usual plain steel spits! Every girl loved them" the owner of the stand entered the conversation.
-"but it does not really look that special, plain spit will be just as slippery when oiled properly" argued Lily
-"yes but plain steel spits sometimes do not work properly." replied the guy and turned on the TV. "look what sometimes can happen if you use cheap spits."
The video on the screen showed footage seemingly recorder by the mobile phone camera in the restaurant.
A happy girl giggled and joked about getting cooked The cook hilding shiny steek spit directed her to lay down on the table and placed the spit in her butt. the girl giggled and complained about it being cold as the cook was trying to push it inside. Everything went well but at some moment girl face horribly changed, she started screaming and fighting back, begging to stop But nobody listened, more people came to the scene and held the screaming girl while the cook just kept pushing until the girl started coughing blood and finally the spit came out of her mouth dragging her guts along. The girl still convulsed on the spit until finally she calmed down died.

-"Yuck! that was gross". Commented Lily
-"I would not want that to happen to me either" seconded Candy.
-"Yes, girls that would never happen if the were using our patented technology." Proudly said the presenter.
The video continued with the advertisement of the patented spit:
the happy smiling girl held the spit in her hands and gave it to the cook.
she got on the table and smiled in the camera. The Cook pointed the spit in her butt and pushed it inside in one go.
The girl's smile changed into an expression of surprise and spit came out from her mouth almost with no resistance.
-"This is how our spits work" bragged the presenter.
-"Wow that's really impressive, I will ask my dad to buy one of those," said Candy.
-"Don't listen to that scammer!" the girls heard the voice of another guy behind their back. "Those spits are just overpriced crap, they are no better than plain cheap ones"
-"You again!" exclaimed the presenter."Stop ruining my business!"
-"You sold me one of those and it was horrible the girl screamed like hell and totally ruined the mood for everyone and I will make sure you will not sell any more of that crap to anyone again"
-"it is your own fault for not using proper painkillers"
Surprised Lily and Candy slowly backed away from the arguing guys.
-"You know almost don't want to get spit-roasted anymore" pondered Lily
-"Oh don't worry I read that if you take good painkillers it does not hurt that much" Candy calmed her down. "Wow! look there! what kind of strange device is that?" candy pointed her finger to the next cell.


File: 1570758196786.jpg (1.25 MB, 1500x1300, injector 18.jpg)

Girls came closer and started to observe the strange thing.
-"What the hell is that" wondered Lily while walking around.
-"Hi girls!" The nice-looking guy came closer and waved his hand.
-"Let me guess! It must be sued for meat girl vaccination" grinned Candy and to make it more effective it has 4 syringes
The strange device was a frame with 4 strange looking motorized injectors with long needles attached to the metal frame on the stand and big tank of the liquid attached to the base
-"haha' Good one" laughed the guy "but no, this is a device for improving the taste of the girl's breasts. As you know breasts only look attractive but on their own, they are just skin and fat. Sure you can just fill or stuff them manually but my machine will do that way faster and without any manual work. Girls can even do it themselves. You just put your chest here and press the button to get injected with the stuffing of your choice. A real time saver for any restaurant. And also a quick way to make your breasts one size bigger"
-"Cool," remarked Lily. While checking the size of her Little boobies
-"What kind of stuffing you have available?" asked Candy
-"The stuffing is our special gelatin mixture which after injection hardens into jelly resembling natural meat. Naturally, it is mixed with spice and taste enhancers to make your boobies extra delicious" The guy grinned and grabbed Lily's and Candy's breasts to rub them. The girls giggled and jumped back from the surprise.
The guy smirked mysteriously and continued. "Just today we have a new special promotion. My favorite extra hot stuffing for free. Would you like to try some?"
Lily and Candy both gasped upon hearing the 'extra hot' words and covered their boobies with hands remembering the recent experience with hot sauce in their butts.
-"Umm, well, Maybe some other time!" both replied unanimously "we are not getting cooked today"
-"HEY! I will take some" the loud girl voice came from behind making everyone turn around.
It was a young country girl wearing plain clothes and ginger hair braided into 2 tight pigtails.
Lily and candy quickly noticed that her chest was just huge for a girl of that age but also they could see some strange skin color behind her blouse. The girl quickly approached that device and stood next to it.
-"Wendy! it's you again" exclaimed the guy unable to hide his surprise.
-"Hehe, yes" grinned the girl, "I think I will take some more of that stuffing"
-"You must be crazy you already took 5 doses if you try to do it again your chest will explode!" complained the guy.
-"Oh common. You said it yourself it is free and I can take as much as I want! I definitely can fit 3 more argued the girl while massaging her huge breasts.
-"Fine do as you like but if they explode don't blame me."
The girl took off the blouse and Lily gasped from what she saw. The girl's breasts were just enormous, but they had a strange blue-pink color.
-"Dam it! you will scare away all customers" quietly complained the owner of the machine "she is coming here every day and almost consumed the entire tank of stuffing herself." he explained the situation to the surprised girls.
"hehe. He promised that I can use as much as I want" the girl smiled.
-"Doesn't it hurt?" asked Lily looking at her deformed boobies.
-"Oh no! not anymore they just itch horribly." she then grinned and continued. "The first time I did it I almost fainted from the pain and he just laughed looking at me. This stuffing is really hot."
-"Are you getting cooked today?" asked Candy
-"Hehe, no. But this weekend my brother is celebrating his birthday so I will be roasted for the party. He will be very surprised" Smirked Wendy.

She rubbed her blue-pink breasts and placed them in the frame.
"Can you press that button?" she asked while looking at the Lily with a smile.
Lily did what she was asked. The lights next to the injectors flashed red and a moment later needles rapidly moved forward, piercing Wendy's breasts in 4 places at once.
To Lily's surprise, Wendy did not even flinch, until plungers started to move slowly injecting the liquid.


File: 1570758469425.jpg (1.15 MB, 1500x1300, injector 17.jpg)


File: 1570758553556.jpg (1.32 MB, 1500x1300, injector 10.jpg)


Very nice :-D I'm sure Wendy's brother will enjoy his surprise!


Also, how did I just KNOW her name was gonna be Wendy when I saw the picture? ;-)


Actually I was trying to make Pippi Longstocking because she should have that kind of character
But later named her Wendy for the same reason as you did ;)


Hehe I can see a bit of Pipi too - she's definitely a cute little hillbilly! I just hope her boobs calm down a bit before her brother's party. I'm sure they'll be tasty but right now they don't look too appetising :-/

Intrigued to see what else is being displayed/demonstrated! :-D


Yes, you correctly noticed that they don't look that appetizing but there is a reason for that ;) which I should tell later.
You know that in my stories things rarely go right way :)
Although when she will get cooked it will look way better
Maybe there will be an entire story about her getting cooked later.


Well I half suspect she WILL over-fill them and they will burst but I never quite know with you ;-)


No, this will not happen LOL they will just get pretty big
But the situation in terms of character relationships has small similarity with your "Easter bunny" story


Ah-ha! She is not as fond of her brother as it might seem then? Is that the big surprise he will get?


As usual I will try to make that everyone will get many surprises ;)

but it is not that she hates her brother just sort of going to play a joke on him


Hmm she mentioned that the stuffing was very spicy - I wonder if that might figure in her prank?


Hehe, you are pretty observant:) he will get to eat very big and spicy breasts
although I think it will require separate story


Hehe just call me Sherlock ;-)

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