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So after reading Edward Hyde stories after a long pause is text story writing, I decided to write my own version as well.
English is not my native language and I will try some experimental formatting for easier reading.
I will post the story as I write in the real-time, without much of proofreading, but let's hope my spell checker will do a good job.
Probably this time it is more suitable to be in the /lit/ board even if it may contain few 3d pictures.
Whoever is willing to participate in proofreading or other ways to improve the story pretty, please.

I can't think a good title so let's call it *Meatgirl's adventures*.
This is almost the typical story about girls getting cooked, but not in the typical style and plot.
In some way, it can be regarded as Dolcett parody.
As can be expected from me, it will likely include all possible fetishes in existence. ;)

It was the last week of the summer vacation.
The day was nice, Lily still had some free time to enjoy before going back to school.
Everyone knew Lily as top student good grades and high ambitions in the carrier after finishing school.
Suddenly she heard a voice shouting on all street:
-"Hey! Lilly! Here!"
Lily turned around and gasped. In front of her was her schoolmate Candy, as if the girl materialized from the thin air, standing just a few steps away wawing her raised hands, calling her name.
Candy was a well-known troublemaker in the class exceptionally energetic and mischevious girl almost total opposite of Lily, her grades were not even nearly as good, but anyone who ever underestimated smarts eventually was very surprised.
Lily did not expect to meet Candy in this town, but she was even more surprised to see her schoolmate totally naked right on the street she was only wearing sporty shoes, plastic bracelet, and colorful wristband. Lily also noticed something shiny attached to her left nipple, It looked like a gold metal tag with some numbers something similar to the tags used to mark cattle in the farm. (No point to continue description just look at the picture and assume that you read 1000 words here LOL)
When candy got full Lily's attention candy continued:
-"Hi! What are you doing here?"
-"Uh, I came here with family for a vacation. I am just exploring the town looking around for something interesting" quickly responded lily just to ask: "And what about you? Why are you all naked? Don't you feel shy walking like that in front of all people?"
Candy grinned:
-"Looks cool, doesn't it?" she moved her hand down to her crotch slipped fingers between her legs, slightly spread her pussy apart and lightly rubbed it there right in front of all people. "It feels so good without those stupid panties would you like to take yours off too?"
Lily blushed from such offer
-"Thanks, but no. I can't walk naked in the street I am a human being."
-"He, he" smiled candy, "poor Lily, fortunately, I am not a human anymore look at this" Candy tugged her nipple tag "this means that now I am a meat girl, essentially just a piglet. So I can do anything I want and I do not need to wear clothes or feel shy about being naked. I can even play with myself anytime I want or peed right on the street " Candy slipped her fingers into her pussy and spread it in front of all people " ahh just what I needed, she moaned while letting a stream of yellow liquid right on the pavement. Not even bothering to finish she walked towards Lily. She could see yellow streal running down Candy's legs and shoes dripping on the ground leaving a trace as she walks. Candy took Lily's hand and dragged her down the street.
Lily was aware of meat girls existence it was on her family plans to visit a restaurant to order girl meat on this vacation it was quite expensive but she could not even imagine seeing her schoolmate in that position or god forbid volunteer herself. although she heard that manly girls are very willing to get served for dinner.
-"Uh, yes that… " Lily paused. "You know piglets eventually get served for dinner in the restaurants."
-"Yes, of course, I know wouldn't you also love to get all naked in front of many people covered in the cooking oil and then big cold steel rod getting inserted right here," Cady said while slipping her hand under Lily's pants and pushed her finger into Lily's but. " then it goes in deeper and deeper until it comes out of your mouth. chef ties your hands and legs and puts you to roast on the slow fire until you get all nice and crispy like a tasty piglet. All crowd of drools while looking at you being cooked and shivering in pain on the spit from being cooked alive, They eagerly waiting for you to get ready. In the end, all those people cut pieces of your body, your but your nipples and put then on the plate to enjoy the best meal in their life." Candy continued her lecture with great big grin and enthusiasm giving extra pointers on Lily's body with her fingers. and all of that while walking right on the busy street in front of the crowd of people.
-"Oh, no. I do not want that. Being a meat girl is not for me. I have other plans"
-"Really?" said Candy with a big grin while looking at her face "then why your shirt is covered with your drool" she swiped her finger over Lily's face getting it covered with her saliva. Candy licked the dirty finger making Lily gasp again. "I suppose you are now daydreaming how you go back to school for 8 more years, listen all that crap from boring textbooks then spend 5 more years in college and when you become old hag you can spend the rest of your life helping rich fat businessmen to evade tax." continued Candy with a big evil grin on her face.
Lily was got totally off guard here, with the Candy's astonishing persuasion abilities meat girl perspective was not looking so bad anymore. Lily started to think and imagine both scenarios one of her being a respectable lady doing paperwork in the prestigious lawyer agency for rich customers, being paid big money for her work. And another: being impaled on the steel rod cooking on the fire, or maybe being boiled in the big bowl of stew, or maybe getting butchered into pieces or …. all of that in front of lecherous men, boys girls women who are waiting for her meat with shining eyes dripping saliva from their mouths.
-"Umm, well, I don't know, I need to think about that more," she said reluctantly.
-"Yes, Of course, you need to think about it… maybe you will share your thoughts about being impaled with me ?" Candy winked her eye making Lily face blush all red. it felt as if Candy could read her mind.


I like Candy a lot! Looking forward to a "dinner date" with her! ;)


Also love the way the old lady is looking disapprovingly at her in the picture! Was that deliberate or lucky coincidence?


Happy to see you liked it.
It will take quite some time until they actually reach the moment of getting in the pot :) and until that lots do disgusting things will happen ;)
I hope I will not lose my inspiration before I finish it.

Yeah, that's a lucky coincidence as this time I am using photo backgrounds for pictures.


Haha well the coincidence worked out beautifully! There are some "disgusting" things I don't like reading about so I can always skip over those parts. Can't wait to see how the story develops!


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Some more pictures for the chapter posted above.

because of gurochan formatting issues it is impossible to interleave pictures with the story as I would like but when it will be finished I will redo everything properly


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So here is the next part where Lily becomes a meat girl as well. I hope you will like it.
Pictures will come later

-"Yes, Of course, you need to think about it… maybe you will share your thoughts about being impaled with me ?" Candy winked her eye making Lily face blush all red. it felt as if Candy could read her mind.
-"Well, fine. for some strange reason, it feels arousing when I think about it, like I can feel butterflies in my belly," confessed Lily " but it looks so scary. I wonder if I can bear all that pain being cooked alive. I will die of embarrassment if I have to be naked in front of the crowd."
- "then maybe you would rather prefer to be boiled in the pot of stew? maybe if they heat it lowly you will not even notice like that frog" giggled Candy
- "Idiot it only works on frogs it does not even work on pigs"
-"yeah, looks like there is no other way you will have to endure… I think, it would be so much fun to be cooked together on one spit we both come all naked on the stage chef take extra long spit and comes to you first, he pushes the skewer right in your butt, deeper and deeper until if gets out of your mouth. at that moment I bend down and he starts to push the tip into my butt, that same way. everyone in the restaurant will see as if you are eating my ass and sniffing my butt. I will show V sign with my both hands and stick out the tongue right before the spit comes out of my mouth. That will be juts hilarious when you rub my butt hole with your nose struggling while being cooked, Everyone will call you 'Lily the butt licker' after that"
-"No, no, no, why I have to go first, I don't want to sniff your dirty asshole. you go first and then you can smell my farts."
-"Not a chance" protested Candy "this is my idea and we do it my way!"

-"You know You are such a nasty bitch that that when I look at you the only thing in my mind now is how I place you on the table grab a meat cleaver, chop off your feet, then hands and when you scream and struggle in pain I continue chopping you into small pieces and then feed those pieces to the stray dogs and you know what is the worst of all, I stop once you are reduced to the plain torso and leave you to watch the feast"
-"So cruel, do you think I am only good for dog food. Cant, you at least donate my meat to an orphanage or give it as a gift to some handsome boy?"
-"No! I said dogs and if you continue to argue I will feed it to street rats!" after that Lily burst into laughter noticing that it is the first time she is so assertive.
-"Ok, fine you win, you can do it your way," said candy making submissive pose as if acknowledging Lily as her boss.. "But… only if you register as meatgirl too. Or else it will be unfair. If you agree you can do whatever you want with me."
- "Even feed your meat to street dogs?"
- "Yes, anything you do will be fine" said candy with the evil grin. "Look what coincidence! It is the same place where I got this nipple tag. how about we come in and you get one too?"
-"Sure let's go can't wait to teach you a lesson!".

Both girls came through the door into small office building the inside resembled post office or bank. except that walls were covered with pictures of the beautiful girls in various poses advertising various restaurants that serve girl meat.
"We turn every girl into a star! " told one of the billboards depicting a slightly chubby girl with the queen crown in the stew pot surrounded by the group of hottest boys and men running all around preparing her.
"Best chefs in the world, elite kitchen facilities. No.1 choice for those who make no compromises" then on the extra paper "Looking for a young girl with extraordinary big breasts and model looks for the special customer. will pay 100 times of the typical price" said another small and boring sheet of paper.
"Molly's Family restaurant. The best place for birthdays and other family holidays. Bring your own girl and get 50% discount." was written in the colorful flyer, depicting a bunch of little kids helping and a smiling guy in the cook uniform next to the BBQ stand where the little girl of their age is being cooked.

-"Wow, never expected it to be so popular" exclaimed Lily.
-"Yes, indeed. just a year before it was something exotic, and now way more girls volunteer that if it continues within few years, we may end with more girls than customers unless we sell them for the dog food so if you want a good deal, hurry up." the guy ate the counter entered their conversation.
-"You really mean that girls are coming here and register to become meat?" responded Lily
-"Yes of course. Furthermore, it is the end of the vacation, so about 10 girls register every day restaurants are so busy that you may need to wait an entire month for your time. Some people just register their daughters for private BBQ. Even if they do it themselves you are required to register according to the law. I am surprised what kind of cuties and beauties some here.

A few days ago a 14-year-old girl came, with the breasts bigger than the typical adult and perfect barbie figure can't believe they are real. She kinda won some beauty contest and now she will be served on the plate for some very lucky customer.

Earlier, 2 cute twins came. They were only 8 but they came all alone and requested to keep registration secret from their dad because they want to make him a surprise birthday present. They even invited me to the birthday party. Could not even imagine what they are going to do but what a surprise it was when two 8-year-old twins brought 2 covered plates to their dad and when they uncovered them each had a small pussy, tiny vagina tube neatly pierced on the bamboo skewer and womb along with the ovaries finally 2 nipples on top of the plate well cooked with spice and other stuff. That is the most valued delicacy. Their registration tags were still in the severed and cooked nipples.
"Happy birthday daddy! you liked them so much so this is your present" They pulled up their skirts to show where it came from.
I have no clue how they managed to do it and hide it from everyone until the last moment. Maybe they carved them, out of each other and cooked just before the birthday party. It is a mystery how they managed to smile and pretend as if everything is normal just before the last moment. Nobody even noticed them dripping blood between their legs.
Sadly, their dad was not very happy about that, probably because he could not enjoy the meal of his life because of some stomach problems but all the guests had a great party….."

-"Wow! So impressive!" commented Lily.
-" he he, that lazy bastard cannot stop talking. I just came here yesterday to look around and registered just to make him to shut up " Cindy threw a sarcastic comment.
-"Ah, you again. I am afraid with that attitude you will only be taken for dog food." Grinned the register guy.
-"Why everyone is so mean to me?" replied Candy making obviously fake sad puppy eyes.
–"Because you are such a bitch" replied both the guy and Lily.
-"Careful, you virgin nerd, Or I will cancel your invitation to my cooking party" replied Candy with the grin on her face and the tone that made everyone get goosebumps.
-"Ok ok, you are the cutest and tastiest bitch in the town," said the guy back with the smile. "but still there are no orders for you today"

-"Then maybe someone will be interested in 2 girls? I met my schoolmate today and she wants to register too." Candy shifted the conversation in another direction.
The register guy turned to Lily:
-"So you decided to keep company for your friend. maybe you already know it but I have to explain you rules.
Once you register you will no longer be a human so it will legal to use you for food or any other purpose and you will be no longer a subject of the law. To indicate your status you will receive this tag, once put on, the tag cannot be removed."
-"Ah screw it, Just do it faster, that bitch is getting on my nerves!" quickly replied Lily.
-"Let me do it let me!" candy interrupted everyone.
-"hmm it is my job to put tags but if you insist and she does not object, Here!" he handed her a strange complex device which automatically pierces a nipple inserts a numbered tag and then weld the tag shut securing it there forever. Since girls usually do not stay around for very long there are no concerns with sterilization.

Candy took the device and walked towards her friend. With her typical grin, she lifted her shirt then pushed the device to Lily's nipple And pressed the button"
-"Ayyee" loud scream echoed in the room when Lily shrieked from the pain as her nipple was pierced and stretched by the huge needle.
-"Ahem, You know those are adjustable You could choose a thinner needle "
-"Yes I know" replied Candy and winked her eye looking to the register guy.
-"You bitch! why did you do that? it hurts like hell?"
-"Can she take off her clothes here ?" Candy asked the guy ignoring Lily.
-"uh, yes, you can throw them in this disposer tube if you want."
Without any delay Candy stripped her still confused friend all naked just leaving her shoes and threw everything in the disposer tube.
-"well, most of the girls keep clothes after registration and only take them off before getting cooked…"
-"Ah who cares, We are no longer human and we do not need clothes."
-"Hey, I had my wallet here and my tickets and other stuff" You threw it all away bring it back!"
-"Unfortunately everything thrown here gets immediately incinerated as waste" explained the guy.
-"What?!" lily Got totally mad and grabbed a chair "You fucking bitch I will kill you, Come back!"
Candy just laughed and ran out through the door. Lily followed her swinging the chair all around screaming like some Hulk

"What the hell just happened?" murmured the register guy after he got back to his senses.


I find Cany's bluntness and excitedness about being cooked really hot! (plus I have a thing for red-heads so…) Love the posters in the registration office too - they seem straight out of my "world" :-D Looking forward to the next chapter!


To tell the truth, Candy has a bit different motives than just being cooked. You know she is a well know bad girl ;)
I am trying to show another side of your world here too.

since you mentioned those posters it may become relevant later ;)

I wonder if anyone noticed parts with the double meaning.;)


I'm definitely intrigued to see where it goes!


I'm wondering if Candy is actually playing a long con and wants Lily for her dinner herself but we shall have to see!


That's quite an extreme theory :) It may take a really decent amount of of time to find out ;) lots of stuff will happen before we get to the end.

in fact, I a not entirely decided on what will happen in this story since the stuff you or someone else writes, may drive my fantasy into an unexpected direction.

In the overall storyline, our protagonists will have quite a few adventures, meet different people and other stuff. since as you already noticed all restaurants are heavily overbooked and cannot process all volunteers quickly.


Looks like there is no much interest in my scribbling LOL
So maybe usual picture story will be more interesting.
check it here


wait don't go onix. i was enjoying the story, but thought it was rude to inturupt before you finished.


I'm curious for more too! Although your CGI girls are SO cute!


Looks like I have 2 readers after all so I can't quit LOL

But still I will first finish posting that picture story now
and then continue this one



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