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A slightly goofy piece of "fan-fic" inspired by Ellen's story about the New Year Fireworks (which I recommend everyone reads first!)

Part 2 to follow.



“Do I really have to be naked?” 14 year old Suzie whined. “Can’t I wear a bikini or something?”

“No, sweetie.” Her father Aaron chuckled, “We want to put on a good show for the neighbours don’t we? And anyway, it’s not like you have anything to be ashamed of with that tight little body of yours!”

“Then can I at least get rid of the ears?” she pleaded, “I feel so stupid!”

“You can’t be an Easter Bunny without ears!” Aaron pointed out, “Which reminds me, turn around!” The naked teen rolled her eyes and turned her back on her father. She felt something furry being pushed into the top of her butt-crack. It obviously has some kind of sticky pad or tape on it as it pulled on her skin uncomfortably. “There! Now you have a proper bunny tail too!”

It was the Saturday before Easter Sunday and the neighbourhood committee had decided to hold their regular party on the Saturday rather than the Sunday as many people would be out of town visiting family on the day itself and they didn’t want anyone to miss out on the fun. Aaron Jacobson was hosting and had roped in his daughter Suzie to assist with the entertainment. It could hardly be claimed that she was a willing participant but neither did she protest all that much, knowing that, short of running away from home and probably ending up getting raped and murdered on the streets, she didn’t really have a lot of choice in the matter.

“Hey! Looking good!” Her twin brother Brandon teased as he walked through the living room on his way to grab a drink out of the fridge. “If you like emo chicks that is!”

“Everyone prefers goth chicks over hippies!” she retorted, making sure to emphasise the word “goth”. Despite their many apparent differences, the twins were far more alike than either would care to admit. Both were metal-heads although Suzie was a goth while Brandon favoured the grunge look. Both had been born with light brown hair but while Brandon, who was in a band with a couple of his friends, let his grow wild and unkempt, Suzie kept hers straightened and dyed jet black. Even today, stark naked apart from a pair of bunny-ears and a stick-on tail, she was wearing black eyeliner and dark red lipstick. Brandon was trying to grow a beard on his chin but, being six months shy of his 15th birthday, it wasn’t going so well. Suzie had decided to shave all over for the occasion figuring that, if she was going to be humiliated and killed in front of the whole neighbourhood, she should at least look her best while she did so!

“So,” Brandon asked, wandering back over and sipping a cold can of Coke, “ready to go boom?”

“You’d better hope I do!” Suzie glared at him darkly. “Remember our bet!”

“Yeah I don’t think I have too much to worry about!” he chuckled, “I’ve seen what Dad’s got set up outside. You’re not gonna last one minute! Anyway,” he flicked her perky left nipple, “looks like you’re kinda looking forward to it to me!”

“It’s cold in here.” she muttered, not wanting to admit that she was indeed finding the thought of what was about to happen rather thrilling. Everyone had enjoyed seeing Vanessa blown up with fireworks at New Year but she had been a chubby, rather plain girl whereas Suzie was pretty, trim and athletic with a figure many of her friends were envious of. Surely people would enjoy watching her more than they had poor Vanessa and, unlike Vanessa, there was the slimmest of chances that she might actually survive her ordeal.

“Everyone’s here!” Their neighbour, Ted, stuck his head through the French windows. “Ready when you are!”

“I guess this is it!” Aaron grinned at his daughter. “Remember what you have to do?”

“Collect eggs, try not to blow up!” Suzie rolled her eyes again. It wasn’t as if there were really a lot of instructions to remember.

“That’s it!” her dad grinned, “Ready?”

He led the way out through the French window into the garden, Suzie following close behind and Brandon following, checking out his sister’s pert round backside as she walked. He’d honestly never really thought of his sister that way before, after all, she was his sister! But a naked girl was a naked girl and he had to admit she was pretty easy on the eye.

All the neighbours clapped and cheered as the family emerged. The Jacobsons had the biggest back yard on the street and Aaron had taken full advantage of it. On the massive lawn behind the house, he had marked out a square arena roughly fifty feet across. Around it were scattered various brightly-coloured eggs. As he reached the edge of the patio, his wife Karen handed him a whicker basket with what looked like a control for a model helicopter or something similar in it.

“Good luck, sweetie!” Karen kissed her daughter on the cheek and patted her bare behind.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” Aaron began, “As most of you know, the company I work for manufactures covert explosive devices for militaries around the world. I was lucky enough to be able to snag a few free samples to set up this afternoon’s entertainment for you.” There were hearty chuckles and a little more applause from those assembled.

“First of all,” he fished in the basket and pulled out a metal pellet about the size of a peanut in its shell, “I need you to swallow this.” He handed it to Suzie who did as she was told. “That pellet,” he explained to the onlookers, “contains a powerful explosive. Once I remotely activate it, it will begin to count down three minutes. The only way to deactivate it is to place the correct, pre-programmed weight on the scale in the middle of the arena.” He pointed to a shiny metal platform. “That will also disarm all the landmines. Oh?” He asked somewhat theatrically, watching Suzie’s eyes go wide, “did I not mention those? I’m afraid the arena is peppered with those and a few other surprises but you’ll find out all about those in due course. The scale is exactly calibrated to recognise this basket and ten of the Easter Eggs you see scattered around. If Suzie can collect ten and put the basket on the scale within three minutes then the pellet bomb and all the mines will power down. If she cannot, well, I’ll be sure to get her feet to send a postcard to her head!” There was more laughter. Suzie was beginning to feel incredibly nervous now.

“Don’t forget,” Aaron reminded his daughter, “you’re a bunny so you have to hop. Oh, and some of the eggs are boobie-trapped.” Suzie could feel her odds diminishing by the second. “To make things a little more interesting,” Aaron announced to the audience, “I have a couple of sniper-rifles we can pass around. They take a few seconds to reload so it’s really only one shot at a time and I know most of us aren’t too proficient but it should give our little bunny here and incentive to keep moving and not stay still for too long! Ready, sweetheart?”

“I guess so.” Suzie gulped. He handed her the basket and led her to the edge of the arena where there was a small opening in the fence. She stepped inside and took a few tentative steps forward.

“Okay!” Aaron held the large remote in front of him and hovered his thumb over a large red button. “Arming the explosives… NOW! Good luck, Bunny!”



Part 2 - third and final part to come!


“Here goes nothing!” Suzie muttered to herself, crouching down as instructed and taking a tentative hop towards one of the brightly-coloured eggs. There was a bang from behind her and a whistling sound as a bullet from one of the rifles passed worryingly close to her head. She knew she had to keep moving, mines or no mines. Another hop brought her close enough to the egg to reach. Quickly, she grabbed it and dropped it into the basket. So far, so good! She set her sights on a second one and hopped towards it. Another shot rang out but seemed to be nowhere near hear.

“Fuck!” Suzie swore under hear breath, hearing a tell-tale click and she lifted the second egg. Thinking quickly, she threw the bright green object as far as she could. It had not quite landed when it made a kind of damp popping sound and burst like a water-balloon. However, it was clear from the way the meter-wide circle of grass began to smoke and wither that it was not water in the egg but a rather nasty acid. Clearly she was going to have far more to worry about than just the time-bomb in her belly.

It was a risky move but Suzie knew, if she were to collect all the eggs in time, she would need to be able to test the ground in front of her. She took the bright red egg out of her basket and rolled it towards the next one. Nothing happened. Quickly, before whoever currently held the rifles could reload, she followed the egg and scooped the new one into her basket. There was laughter from the crowd as a metal spike shot up from beneath the soil, presumably activated by remote control, scratching her left buttock but thankfully missing its target of impaling her flesh. Swearing again, she rolled the egg once more. As it rolled towards its target, an explosive charge went off beneath it, scattering dry soil and turf. Miraculously, the egg seemed to have rolled on and was not damaged. Knowing that the clock was ticking, she quickly hopped forwards and gathered both eggs.

The next egg was in reach without moving but as she leant forward to grab it, there was another bang from the rifle and this time she felt a burning sensation in her shoulder as the bullet grazed her skin. That was not the worst part, however, as the sound of the gun had masked the tell-tale click warning her of a dangerous egg. This one, however, was not an acid bomb but a miniature grenade. The egg exploded, blasting her hand clean off. She cried out in pain but knew that, if she did not continue with her challenge, the device inside her would ensure that a missing hand was the least of her worries. If she survived, she could maybe look at getting some kind of prosthetic but for now she was simple grateful that the heat of the explosion had seared the flesh around the room and she would not bleed out.

“One minute to go, honey!” Suzie heard her father call out. There was no time left for being careful. She had three eggs and needed seven more if she were to have the faintest chance of surviving. Staying in a crouch but springing forward with first one foot then the other, she launched herself forward to grab another egg. This one held no nasty surprise and she went for the next. She rolled, head over-heels, somehow managing to keep the basket upright as a mine exploded behind her. The heat of the explosion scorched the skin of her back but she kept moving, collecting five, six, seven, eight eggs. Constantly moving avoiding the whistling bullets and cruel spikes erupting from the ground. One scraped a deep gash in her thigh that stung mercilessly but she knew she had to keep going. Fortunately, the adrenaline her body pumped out was enough to keep the pain in the background of her consciousness.

Another mine exploded just as she reached for an egg with her one remaining hand but Suzie managed to throw herself backwards. She wished she knew how many of the remaining eggs were boobie-trapped. She needed just two more.

The next one she picked up betrayed itself with the tell-tale click and she threw it away just as a ring of vicious spikes sprung from the centre. The next emitted a noxious gas and the battered, exhausted and panicked teen felt herself getting light-headed.

“Twenty seconds!”

Knowing there was no time to be careful any more, she leapt to and grabbed the final two eggs she needed.

“Ten!” The audience began to count down. She stood and saw the scale only a few feet away. She made the mistake of standing still for too long, however, and a bullet passed diagonally threw her right breast. She sprang forward, narrowly avoiding a spike which sprang up just where her left foot had been.

“Nine!” She was so nearly there, a few more steps.

“Eight!” A wall of fire sprung up around the scale, clearly triggered by her father’s remote.

“Seven!” She circled the fire vainly, looking for a gap.

“Six!” Another shot rang out, she flung herself aside but spilled her eggs in the process.


“Four!” Panicking now, Suzie gathered the eggs back into the basket.

“Three!” There was nothing else for it. Using her stump-arm to shield her face, she leapt forward, through the flames. The heat was intense, fed from below by gas jets. She could smell the ends of her hair burning but she was safely through at least. Now nothing stood between her and the scale but would it work and, even if it did, would her father keep his word?

“Two!” The crowd shouted in eager anticipation but then let out a collective groan as the entire system powered down. The jets of fire sank back into the ground revealing Suzie stood behind the scale. Battered, bloodied, drenched in sweat but triumphant.

“Let’s hear it for our Easter Bunny!” Aaron called out and the neighbours applauded politely. Suzie took a bow and walked towards the edge of the arena, confident that any mines below her feet were now inactive. She noticed that everyone seemed to be avoiding making eye-contact and it was clear that they had all been rooting for her to fail but they had not reckoned on her determination.

“Well done, sugar-pie!” Her dad chuckled, “Who knew you had it in you, huh?”

“I think there was the little matter of a bet?” Suzie asked, her remaining hand on her hip and her stump waving in the general direction of her brother who had suddenly gone incredibly pale.

“Oh yeah!” Aaron grinned, “Show’s not over yet, folks! Brandon here was so confident that we were going to be scraping little bits of his sister off the lawn that he made a bet with her for if she survived. Fortunately, I figured she might surprise us all so I have everything prepared out front. Time to pay up, my boy!”

“What?!” Brandon was panicking now, “That was just a joke! I’m not gonna really… you can’t expect me to…”

“Hey, a bet’s a bet!” his dad reminded him. “You gonna strip here or we gonna drag you out front and cut those jeans off you?”


The final installment - definitely not my usual style but a fun change of pace as a one-off :) Let me know what you think!


“Okay, okay.” Brandon sighed, seeing two of his dad’s larger friends advancing towards him. The embarrassed and worried boy kicked off his trainers, slipped his open, baggy shirt off then pulled his rarely-washed Nirvana t-shirt over his head. Finally he unbuttoned and dropped his ripped jeans. “There!” he held out his hands, dressed in nothing but his boxer-shorts, “Happy now?”

“Come on, all the way!” his naked sister chided. “Fair’s fair after all!” Suzie could feel that her body was starting to go into shock as the adrenaline and competitive endorphins wore off but she was determined not to pass out – not until she had seen her brother get what was coming to him at least!

“Oh come on!” Brandon whined, still clinging to the hope that he was being set up in a cruel prank and that his father did not actually intend to hold him to his wager.

“Fair’s fair, like she said!” Aaron crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow at his son. Grumbling and swearing under his breath, Brandon lowered his boxers and pulled them off, along with his socks. He stood naked and angry, glaring at his father and sister.

Suzie’s mum had gone to find a first-aid box and was wrapping a bandage around the stump where her daughter’s hand had been. The exhausted teen knew she was probably going to need some serious medical attention but was determined that that could wait.

“Okay everyone,” her dad announced, “through to the front! Perhaps Brandon would like to lead the way?” Still glaring and covering himself with his cupped hands, the boy led the way down the passage beside the house to the front lawn. What he saw there made him stop and stare in horror.

“But how did you…?” he stammered, “Where did…? What…?”

“Not bad, is it?” Aaron laughed, patting his son on the shoulder, “Joe from number twenty-three knocked it up for me last week when I told him about your bet. I had a feeling Suzie might surprise us and I wanted to be prepared!”

Laying on the lawn close to a small, freshly-dug pit lay a large wooden cross, similar to those that often stand outside churches. Beside it was a mallet and some broad-headed iron nails.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Brandon was really starting to panic now. Not even his father would have gone to so much trouble for a simple prank. “Come on,” he almost pleaded, “You’ve had your fun. Can I put my clothes back on now?”

His answer came when the two large men he had noticed earlier grabbed him by the arms and practically dragged him towards the cross. One over it, one of them kicked the back of his knee, forcing him down. Once his arms were stretched out in position, Suzie came and knelt on his chest to hold him down. Brandon was almost in tears – the day was certainly not working out how he’d expected.

“Suzie?” he looked at her pleadingly. “If you say it’s okay I’m sure Dad will let me go. It’s a bet between us after all!” He tried to smile but was met with a dark glare from his goth sister. “Oh come on, it’s not like I was the one who put you through all that! It’s Dad you should be mad at, not me!”

“You seemed happy enough at the idea of seeing me blown to bits!” she reminded him, “And Dad’s not the one who was stupid enough to bet his life against mine! Now are you gonna cry like a little hippie bitch or are you going to take it like a man?”

Brandon knew there was no point in further argument.

“Fucking emo cunt.” he snarled at his sister.

“That’s goth cunt, thank you!” She corrected him, tossing her slightly singed black hair over her shoulder.

The men were still holding the terrified, angry boy’s arms against the cross-beam of the crucifix. His father took the mallet and one of the nails and, after lining it up carefully, lifted the hammer high and brought it down hard, driving the spike through the heel of Brandon’s left hand and into the wood. Two more thumps embedded it deeply. He then walked around and repeated the action with his right, pinning him securely to the wood. Suzie felt something brushing slightly damp against her ass.

“Hey!” She exclaimed, standing up and looking at his surprisingly large erection, the end glistening with pre-cum. Was it a response to the pain? Some kind of involuntary reaction of his body? The fact that he was naked in public or maybe even the fact that she had been kneeling on him stark naked herself? Remembering his treatment of her earlier, she flicked the tip. “Seems like you’re looking forward to this after all!” All the onlookers laughed and her brother blushed a deep crimson.

Suzie stood back as her father approached the other end with his mallet and the final nail. By now, Brandon’s spirit was broken and he offered no resistance and one foot was placed over the other and the nail driven through both. Once the naked boy was fully pinned, his father’s two friends helped him to lift the cross and slide it into the waiting hole that was deep enough to ensure that it stood upright.

A group of five girls who had been passing by, aged between 13 and 16 stopped to watch the show. Brandon couldn’t help but noticed, despite the pain and embarrassment, that they seemed to be looking admiringly at his proud member, pointing it out to each other and giggling. One even made eye-contact with him and licked her lips.

“Looks like you’ve got some admirers!” his dad teased as he filled in the earth around the base of the cross, fixing it securely in place. “Guess I should take our guests inside so they can give you a goodnight kiss?” He made air-quotes around the final word.

“Please let me down.” Brandon begged. “I’ll do anything you say just let me down. You’ve had your fun and these vultures got their show!”

“Not so funny when you’re the one being snuffed for their entertainment, it is?” Suzie asked pointedly.

“I know, I know,” Brandon spoke weakly, the pain in his hands and feet excruciating and the pressure on his chest almost too much to bear. “I get it, I do. Let me down?”

“You know,” his father commented conversationally, “I was reading the other day about Roman crucifixions, your little bet got me interested! It seems that it’s a pretty slow death. A healthy man could take four or five days to die! Now,” he chuckled, “you’re not exactly in peak physical shape, what with your pizzas and weed, but I’d say you’ve got another three days or so up there so how about this? You make it through tonight and tomorrow and we’ll talk about bringing you down before lunch on Monday? How does that sound? I know you wouldn’t want to miss a family barbecue!” Brandon nodded weakly. “So, ladies and gentlemen,” Aaron addressed the friends and neighbours again, “If you’d like to come through into the house, I believe my wife has prepared some drinks! Have fun, girls!” He winked at the girls who still seemed to have their eyes on Brandon’s exposed and conveniently-heighted manhood.

“You know,” he put his arm around Suzie as she walked with him into the house, “I’m glad you survived my little game.”

“Really, Daddy?” she asked, genuinely surprised, “I figured you’d be kinda disappointed?”

“No, no,” he smiled, “you’ve saved me quite a lot of hassle!”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, if you’d got yourself blown up, I’d have had to go shopping Monday morning to find meat for the barbecue, but now I don’t need to bother!” He kissed her on the forehead and led her inside.


I'd really love to hear people's thoughts on this one - even if you hate it! It's so different from what I usually write that I can't quite tell what I think of it myself! lol


Well I quite enjoyed it, and the writing is excellent as always. But I'd have preferred the 'other' ending, if you know what I mean. But that's just me of course.


I know, but that seemed a little too predictable! Plus this way I got to have the crucifixion part too ;)


I made sure her "victory" was going to be short-lived! lol


I loved it, suzies ass definantly needs a pole in it ;) imagine its quite a good fuck. The twist at tbe end with the boy being chosen was even better, though id have suzie take hid dick home as a souvionier or prize. Great writing and sensual!


Thanks! As for Brandon's dick, maybe one of the passers-by will keep it as a souvenir! lol


Oh and I agree about Suzie - would be such a waste NOT to eat that hot, tight body of hers ;)


Its also concise, whem i write i have hundreds of random scenes but its hard to interconnect them. Again thanks for the story. Looking forward to more work in the future!


This was actually better than expo 2080

I definitely have to praise your originality, after reading Sidney's I thought you are just "one trick pony" but seems that I could not be any more wrong. Your variety of content is astounding. Totally different story mood this time.

The story ending is just hilarious too.


Disappointed that this Brandon is not going to die at the cross


Onix - thank you! I admit I was starting to think so myself which is why I branched out a little with this and "Sacrificing Sophie"!

Polkan - That all depends how strong he is! 48 hours is a pretty long time on a cross! However, I did think of a follow-up this morning which you may enjoy!


Considering the partially nonconsensual type of this story and Suzie's character issues. I think it could be a great opportunity to sabotage the upcoming barbecue.
and I guess the best way to do it is to volunteer for being cooked by some homeless guys or by her classmates right before the main event ;) so that her dad will look like a fool without any meat.
Or she could sell pieces of her body so that the best parts are gone.

Brandon can take Suzie's place LOL and it would be super funny if dad will try to pass him as a girl by putting on some makeup and other stuff :) as being cooked is probably a better death than staying on the cross for few more days.


I've started a follow-up where she definitely gets the last laugh! :-D


The goddess of creativity is not really with me this evening but here's the start of the next part of the story. You may think you know where it's going but I hope you'll be wrong as I like surprising my readers! ;)


Suzie had not lasted much longer Saturday afternoon – the mental and physical stress, not to mention the trauma to her young body, had tired her right out. She has excused herself from the party, taken a long hot bath then gone to bed. It was Sunday morning before she awoke, feeling sore and aching but no more than after a good gym session. Sitting no the toilet, she heard a metallic clink of something hitting the bowl and realised that she must have passed the explosive device she’d been told to swallow. She wasn’t going to ask her dad if he wanted it back and she certainly didn’t feel like fishing around for it but it did get her thinking. Her dad had said that all the devices used in her challenge the day before had been adapted from his military projects at work so what was the little explosive supposed to do? Were you supposed to trick and enemy into swallowing it then detonate it once you were a safe distance away or something? She resolved to sneak into her dad’s study and find out.

As luck would have it, when she came out of the bathroom, Suzie realised that her parents had already left for Church, leaving her to sleep, and she was alone in the house. She quickly dressed in black leggings and a black crop top and went to investigate. In her dad’s study she found not only a whole case of the shiny metal pellets but a small detonation device with each. Clearly the one that had been inside her had been specially adapted for the purpose, to explode on a timer, but the rest seemed to be unmodified. The manual with them made for very interesting reading indeed and gave her an idea. She returned to her bedroom and started to think through the plan.

Putting on makeup with her left hand was trickier than she’d thought it might be but she was damned if she was not going to spend her last day or so fully expressing herself. She knew that she wouldn’t be allowed to wear any for the barbecue but she figured that by that point it would be the least of her worries. With a pair of scissors, she trimmed the burned ends off her long black hair. It was not perfect but she made a reasonable job of it. Looking out her bedroom window she saw that her dad and his friends had clearly been busy while she was sleeping.

The arena had been completely dismantled and the damaged sections of lawn re-turfed. What most caught her eye, however, was the metal barbecue that had been constructed on the patio. She noticed that it was not as wide as she had expected but appeared to be a two-tier construction. She hoped that her dad did not plan no butchering her before cooking – that might ruin the plan! Although, she reflected, it would still work after a fashion, just wouldn’t be as entertaining or satisfying.

Remembering what she had seen the in manual, Suzie used her phone to pair the explosive pellet to the detonator then, taking a deep breath, picked up her scissors again. One she had done what she needed to do, she went downstairs to check on her brother.

Suzie opened the front door to see her brother being sucked off by a teenage blonde in a pink crop-top that was really little more than a sports bra. She recognised her at once – it was Angelique from her year at school. Angelique lived two streets away and was the deadly combination of pretty, rich and popular which made her feel she had the right to act like a world-class bitch to anyone who fell short of her social perfection.

“Hey, freak!” Angelique noticed her watching from the doorway and straightened up, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. “Thought you were gonna get blown up yesterday!”

“So did a lot of people.” Suzie replied with a deadpan expression, folding her arms. “Yet here I am!”

“For now!” Angelique laughed sarcastically. “I hear your daddy’s gonna roast you like a piggy tomorrow!”

“So he tells me.” Suzie shrugged. “But I guess that means I’ll have done at least one useful thing with my life, unlike some people. And I’m surprised you of all people would judge someone for sharing their body with the neighbourhood!”

“Stupid little goth freak!” Angelique sneered, “I suppose you’ve come for a little taste of brother dearest huh? A last little freak meal for you?”

“Well I don’t wanna be the only girl in town who hasn’t now, do I?” Suzie raised an eyebrow.

“What can I say?” Angelique ran her manicured finger along Brandon’s erect penis and stroked the tip causing him to moan slightly. “I don’t know whether it’s some involuntary body reaction to his condition or he has a real thing about nails but your brother has been hard since the moment your daddy nailed him up! Be such a shame to waste it, huh?”

“Why don’t you run along home now, Goldilocks.” Suzie glared, “I bet Daddy Bear is horny and wants to play with his dumb little fuck toy!”

“Fuck you, freak!” Angelique retorted but never the less started to walk away with her two friends who had been watching the whole interaction. A few steps down the road, however, she turned back to Suzie. “Maybe I’ll ask your daddy to invite me to his barbecue tomorrow, beg him to unpin your brother here and suck his massive cock while I watch your freak ass roast! What do you think of that?”

“Oh please do!” Suzie smiled coldly. She could not believe the delicious bonus the self-absorbed mean girl was offering her. Her plan might work out even better than she had anticipated. “Nothing would give me greater pleasure!”


well well, after that title you do not even need to write a story anymore it is already evident what will happen LOL

But I am dying to find out how it will happen. It looks very promising.
On your previous stories I had everything finished until the end and here I have to endure waiting.


Ah but is it? Suzie might me more cunning than you think ;)


I've been following your writing since Sidney's, but never had a chance to leave a comment because every time I wanted there was already a new chapter to read. You just keep writing faster than I can keep up. That's crazy. Good stuff too. At first I was worried that given the setting it'll all be just cooking and will get old soon. But before I had a chance to voice that concern, you're already trying new stuff here. That's great. On one hand I want to say keep it up, but on the other seeing how you've been keeping it up until now I'm almost worried for you and want to say maybe you should have some rest sometimes too.


Oh, but do finish this one though, because I'm intrigued to see what Suzie's plan is, sounds like it is surely a lot of fun.


Thank you Aoi! I was worried about the stories becoming a little repetitive too which is why I branched out a little.

These stories started as a way to break my writer's block and it's been so nice to be writing for an audience again but I agree I don't want to burn out. I have slowed my output and this will probably be my last one for a while (I know I said that before the last three! lol)

Very glad you've been enjoying them 'though!


Just a short installment this morning. Might be more later if I get time :)


“Here,” Suzie held up a bottle of water and squeezed some into Brandon’s mouth once Angelique and her friends had rounded the corner, “I figured you’d be ready for some by now?”

“Please tell Dad I can come down.” Her brother pleaded softly, “I don’t think I can take much more of this!” She looked with puzzled interest at his erect penis which, while sucked dry and now decorated with various different shades of lipstick, was still standing very much proud and ready for the next taker. She pushed it down with the tip of her finger and watched it pop up again, bouncing comically. She noticed notches cut on either side of the cross. She counted fourteen on the left and nineteen on the right.

“What are these about?” she asked, running her finger over them. “Someone making a half-assed attempt to cut you down with a nail-file or something?”

“The girls left them.” Brandon explained through laboured breaths. Every time he wanted to breathe in, he had to lift himself against the nails in his feet and, the weaker he got, the harder it was proving. At least the numbness which had spread now through his entire body meant that it did not hurt like it had the first few times. “Some guys too. Left is hand-jobs,” he took another breath, “right is blow-jobs.”

“Wow!” Suzie couldn’t help being a little impressed, “Looks like you got more action last night than you’ve got in…well, ever!”

“Could only feel, like, the first three or four.” He sighed, “And even then these fucking nails hurt too much to really care. Bit of a distraction ‘though. Since then I’ve just been a side-show game for them.”

“Hey, a blow’s a blow! I’d still count them if I were you! Who knows when you’re gonna hit that total otherwise!”

“You’re gonna get Dad to let me down, then?” Brandon asked, hopefully, “I’m only up here because of that dumb bet I made with you. If you tell him I paid my debt, I’m sure he’d let me down.”

“Yeah, I bet he will.” Suzie sighed. She was under no illusion anyway. Shortly after getting home from Church, having enjoyed a good laugh at his son’s expense, he would most likely let him down anyway and any bargaining power she might have would be lost. Then she’d cooked and eaten like a farmed pig tomorrow and that would be the end of her story while Brandon got on with his life. Right now, ‘though, she knew her brother was afraid and desperate for any kind of help. This was her chance for some real pay-back!

“I’m gonna make you a deal.” She informed him. “I’m gonna tell Dad to let you down as soon as he gets back from Church but that means you’re my slave until the barbecue tomorrow, got that? You’re gonna be my little hippie bitch!”

“Whatever, just get me out of this!” He figured, however excessive and humiliating his sister’s demands were, he’d be able to tolerate them for a little more than 24 hours if the alternative was dying of asfixation on the cross!

“So we have a deal?” Suzie asked, her arms folded.

“Yes! We have a deal! I’ll be your bitch slave and do whatever you want just promise me you’ll get me out of this!”

“I promise!” Suzie smiled archly, “But first I need a little something from you to ensure that you’ll keep your word!”


“I need you to swallow this.” She held up the metal pellet.

“One of Dad’s time-bombs? What for? You gonna set it to blow up if I don’t give you a good enough back-rub or something?”

“Actually only the one he gave me was a time-bomb,” Suzie explained, “he must have had his friends in the work-shop adapt is specially. This is one of the normal ones that works with a pretty conventional detonator. I’ve got the detonator and I’m keeping it close,” she informed him truthfully. “If you try to go back on our deal once I get you down from there, you’ll be sorry! Understood?”

“What about after you’re gone?” he asked, nervous about putting his life so decisively in his sister’s hands, even more so than it was at the moment. “Have I got to spend the rest of my life with a bomb in my stomach and hope that nobody finds the detonator and wonders what it does?”

“You really don’t need to worry about after the barbecue.” she assured him. “You’ll pass it in a day or so, mine came out this morning. After that, it’s the sewage company’s problem if it goes off!”

“Well, okay.” Brandon sighed, “If it means I can get down from here?” He opened his mouth and Suzie placed the bullet-like device on his dry tongue. He tried swallowing but his throat was too parched.

“Here,” Suzie squirted more water from the bottle into his mouth. She found she was managing to adapt to using her non-dominant hand for everything but only having one at all was a real nuisance! “Have some more of this.” With the help of the cooling liquid he was able to swallow it down. Just as he had done so, their parents’ car pulled into the driveway.

“I’ll go talk to Dad.” Suzie told him. “Now remember, not a word about our arrangement to them! As far as they’re concerned, you’re just a lovely and grateful brother wanting to give his sister a good final day, got it?” Brandon nodded and Suzie walked over to greet her parents.


Oops - this was part 2, not part 3! It's still early… :-P


You are expert of teasing ;)
Now I want to know what will happen later even more.

This story seem to resemble mine in terns of its plot. You probably already suspect that stuff will not go smoothly in my story as well.
But you could add a bit more erotic content as fan service ;) or give some more hints on what is going to happen.

I wonder if you can burn out by doing it too much, because at least for me if I get into this mood I can continue forever up to the level where I lose weight for not eating LOL
but if I get interrupted it usually ends with the loss of interest which lasts months or even forever.

The main problem is that you need to do other stuff as well in your life not just make guro porn content for 5 of your fans.


The problem with this one is I'm not finding it remotely sexy or hot - it's just fun to write. The ones about little cuties offering themselves up as dinner are what gets my blood pumping lol.

Hopefully the next installment will be the end as there's nothing much else I need to set up.

If you want a hint (please don't post your speculations - keep them in your head!) it all comes down to the purpose the swallowable explosives were designed for and how the detonator works!


Well, I obviously know that it will involve that but there are a lot of ways to use them and I wonder which one of them will happen;) I already imagined all of the possible outcomes ;)
I hope you will post the next chapter soon.

And Yes, I noticed that girls offering themselves for dinner is your thing, because that's where your stories get best and sexiest of all.
May I suggest, that for better results you could combine fun and sexiness next time. same as in that expo2080 except that instead of posting multiple independent stories side by side you combine them into single crossover story with multiple plots that interact with each other.
Now the problem is that in the beginning, everything goes slowly and then we get flooded with the sexy stuff. It would be nice to spread it all around a bit, but still maintain continuity.


I think you may be over-estimating my abilities there a little! XD

I'm afraid when it comes to my writing, what style comes out is very much dependant on my mood. I appreciate that most of the action seems to come towards the end which is why, in most of the Sidney's stories, I tried to include my protagonist watching at least one other girl cooked or otherwise processed along the way :-)

I've got a little time now so may be able to finish the story over the next hour or two but we'll have too see :-)


>The problem with this one is I'm not finding it remotely sexy or hot - it's just fun to write.

Good. It's hard to write and masturbate at the same time. I learned it trying to write a roman when I was 14 or 13. Many years ago.

But it was not in English. May be in English it's different


Cute story. Can't wait to read more.

What about the kid's mother? Will she participate in cooking her kids? Is she as sarcastic as her daughter?


Haha I write a lot of my stories early in the morning before my shower so I have a chance to… relieve the tension once I've posted! :-P

Polkan, I'm aware the mum hasn't really been a significant character so far - I have a small role for her in the final part but she's more of a background character. You never know, though - my characters have a habit of hijacking my stories and taking them where they want, whatever I may have planned! lol


Okay so I didn't finish it! Will probably be able to later but for now I thought I'd share this next little bit.

AN EXPLOSIVELY GOOD BBQ Pt3 (For real this time!)

“So,” Aaron chuckled, mounting a small set of garden steps, claw-hammer in hand, “Suzie tells me she thinks you’ve learned your lesson and I should let you down. Pity,” he chuckled again, “lots of people this morning were complimenting me on my Easter decorations! Brace yourself, this is probably gonna sting!” He wedged the claw-hammer behind the nail through Brandon’s left wrist and pushed against the bone. At first, the nail did not want to move, glued in place with the boy’s dried blood, but eventually it broke free and slid out with a rather stomach-turning squelching sound. Fresh blood began to ooze from the newly-disturbed wound. Brandon’s arm slumped down weakly by his side.

Wiping the sweat of his effort from his forehead, Aaron climbed back down and moved the steps to repeat the process with his son’s right wrist. This time, the teenager’s whole body slumped forward over his father’s shoulder.

“Well, this is kinda awkward!” he laughed, steadying his son with one hand and holding out the hammer to his daughter, “What do you say you get the one in his feet, huh sweetheart?” Suzie did as she was asked, taking gleeful delight in grinding the back of the hammer against her brother’s bony foot and wiggling it back and forth to free the final nail.

“He looks pretty done in!” their mother remarked, looking at Brandon’s all but lifeless form slumped over her husband’s shoulder. “Maybe I should give him a bath and get him to bed?” Brandon tried to speak but couldn’t find the strength. The relief at no longer being nailed to the cross along with the pain of having the nails pulled out had completely drained what last little energy he had left.

“Don’t worry about our deal for now.” Suzie walked alongside her father and spoke to Brandon as he carried him into the house. “No point in a slave who’s too beaten up and tired to work anyway! I’ll have plenty for you to do later! For now, there’s just one thing you need to do before you go to sleep.” Brandon managed to raise his head and look at her, questioningly. “Text that little whole Angelique and invite her to the barbecue!”

“Huh?” Brandon managed. “I thought you’d…”

“I want her to be there and taste my meat!” Suzie told him vindictively, “Let her find out my juicy round ‘goth freak’ ass is way tastier than her skinny little whore-bitch butt could ever be!” Brandon almost managed an amused smile before succumbing once again and slumping forward over his father’s shoulder.

A few hours later, around 4pm, Suzie decided her brother had been allowed enough recovery time and went to wake him. Seeing him completely passed out on the bed with his phone cast aside, a little way from his bandaged hand, she decided to check whether or not he had carried out her first instruction. After using his thumb to unlock the screen, she checked his messages. Sure enough, there was a message inviting Angelique to the barbecue the next day, and her reply:

“Wouldn’t miss it, babes! Glad your dad saw sense. I’m gonna suck you so hard right in front of that little freak’s face while she roasts so the last thing she sees is you cumming in my mouth then we can share one of her juicy titties and a big slice of her ass!”

“Perfect!” Suzie thought to herself. It was a pity she wouldn’t get to witness the scene of her final revenge for herself but just knowing that it would happen was satisfaction enough! She could only imagine how other onlookers might react. “At least they’re going to have some tasty meat to munch on while they talk about it after!”


Just letting you know it won't be tonight - have to be up at stupid o'clock in the morning! lol. Should have a bit of time in the morning so will try to finish it then x


That's no problem, take as much time as you need. the only thing to worry about is that you did not lose your inspiration ;)

I think I already know how it will end and only need to read your confirmation ;)

By the way, totally forgot to mention that it was very unexpected that Suzy's bunny tail was glued to her skin instead of using that other way ;) to attach it


Haha I did consider the other method but that would have made it too low down. Works for a cat or horse tail but a bunny tail up her butt would have looked like she was taking a furry poop!

I'll finish it tomorrow, then you will have your answers!


Oh, this is going to be the best BBQ party ever


It may be a good story abbot BBQ party.
But it is already clear that it will be the worst BBQ party ever ;)



In my opinion worse is better in that context


Entertaining, for sure! ;) Don't worry - working on the next part :)


Just to prove I've not dead! :-P


“Wake up!” Suzie jabbed her toe into her brother’s rib, standing over him on the bed. “That’s enough sleep for a slave!”

“Huh?” the boy woke groggily, peering up at his sister who stood looming over him like some predatory beast. He winced as he sat up, absent-mindedly putting pressure on his bandaged wrists and causing a stab of white-hot pain to shoot up his arms.

“Stop being a little pussy! At least you still have both your hands!” Suzie brandished her stump at him. “Maybe I should have told Dad to get you down with an axe and left your hands and feet nailed up! But then I suppose you wouldn’t have made much of a slave then and wouldn’t have been able to go run me a bath now!”

“A bath?” Brandon was still trying to shake the just-woken fog from his brain.

“Yeah – you’re gonna go run me a bath with peppermint oil then you’re gonna massage my feet!”

“What if I don’t, huh?” he asked belligerently.

“Then you make a horrible, bloody mess of these clean sheets!” she warned him with a glare.

“Maybe I’ll just push you under the water and drown you in the bath!” her brother retorted. “Where are you gonna keep a detonator when you’re naked anyway?”

“It’s pretty small.” She reminded him. “For all you know I could be keeping it in my mouth or somewhere else! Is that really a risk you want to take? Anyway,” she folded her arms, “you know live cooking makes for tastier meat. Don’t you think Dad might be pretty pissed at you if you ruin his barbecue by killing me a day early? He might even decide to make you take my place. People like barbecued sausage, don’t they?” She placed her heel over where she judged his genitalia to be under the duvet and pressed down, just hard enough to cause extreme discomfort.

“Okay, okay!” He waved his hands to signal truce. “I’ll run your fucking bath for you!”

“And rub my feet?”

“And rub your feet. Although maybe I should use barbecue sauce instead of peppermint oil?” It felt like a small victory but at least he was able to remind her that any power she had over him was going to be short-lived and she was essentially a matter of hours away from being nothing but food.

Somewhat reluctantly, he heaved himself out of bed, wincing against as he put his weight on his pieced feet. Slightly gingerly, he pulled on his jeans and a t-shirt over the underwear his mother had slipped him into before tucking him up in bed. He felt like he needed the bath more than his sister but figured he only had to keep her sweet for an afternoon – their dad was likely to start the barbecue prep fairly early in the morning and then she’d be in no position to threaten him. A few hours after he’d eaten her meat, he’d shit her out along with the explosive and wouldn’t have to worry about either ever again!

Suzie hung back in her brother’s bedroom while he went to run her bath. Did he really deserve what she planned on doing to him? She wondered. It was their dad after all who had set her the deadly challenge and was planning to cook her the next day – why was it her brother that she was so pissed at? The answer hit her. Their parents were jerks – all parents were! Happy to sacrifice their kids to improve their own social standing. She knew not to expect anything better from them. Yet her brother could have stood up for her – could have asked their dad not to go through with his plans or even offered to take her place but instead he had teased her and apparently looked forward to seeing her blown to pieces. Well, she smirked to herself, he was certainly going to get what was coming to him.

Once she judged enough time had passed, she wandered through to the bathroom where her brother sat on the edge of a reasonably-full bath, testing the water with his hand. A comforting smell of peppermint filled the air.

“Is it’s ready?” Suzie asked.

“I guess so.” Brandon frowned a little. “I know you girls like it weirdly hot!” Suzie put her one remaining hand in the water and swished it around a little.

“Perfect!” she smiled. Her happiness was actually genuine. She had not bathed or showered since the Easter Egg hunt and her aching body craved the comforting heat of the water. Quickly, without really thinking about it, she slipped out of her clothes and into the water. After the events of the previous day and the acceptance that she was soon to be barbecued, her own nakedness meant very little to her but she didn’t like the way Brandon seemed to be staring.

“Hey!” She covered her chest with her hands and sank a little lower under the water. “Quit looking at my tits!”

“I’m going to share one with Angelique tomorrow,” he explained sarcastically, “and I’m checking out which is the juiciest and most tasty-looking!”

“I’d have thought that little whore would be too full of her daddy’s cum to have any room for my meat!” Suzie retorted.

“She’s gonna be full of cum alright,” he agreed, “but not her daddy’s!”

“If you think you’ve got any left after last night?” Suzie raised an eyebrow. “Sounds like every girl in the neighbourhood has their fill! I’m surprised you’re not all shrivelled up! Now,” she raised her toes out the water and wiggled them, “are you gonna rub my feet or am I gonna redecorate this bathroom an attractive shade of red?”



“So what now?” Brandon asked after he’d finished towelling off his sister’s naked body. He tried not to enjoy it – she was his sister after all and it seemed kinda gross but still, she was also a hot teenage girl and he couldn’t help the way his body responded to touching her. Suzie was all too aware and found it very amusing. She had honestly not planned his next task but, once the idea popped into her head, it was too delicious to let go. “Do I have to make you dinner or fix you a drink or something?”

“No,” Suzie reflected, “I probably shouldn’t eat too much today anyway. Next, we’re going to go into Mum and Dad’s room and you’re gonna fuck me. Hard.” Brandon was not sure that he had heard her right and even less sure how he felt about the idea if he had. His immediate mental response was to think “Eww gross!” but his body told a different story and his teenage, hormone-driven dick wanted nothing more that to be inside her. “You’re a virgin, right?” She teased him, “About time you got some practice!”

“Well, yeah…” he muttered, thinking of the multiple hand and blow-jobs he’d received the night before, “Technically I guess. Aren’t you?”

“Not for about four years!” Suzie laughed.

“But,” Brandon was genuinely shocked, “I’ve never known you date anyone?”

“Doesn’t mean I don’t fuck!” she shrugged. “Why do you think I never get a detention even ‘though I hardly ever do my homework?”

“You fuck your teachers to get out of homework?” Her brother couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing.

“Sometimes.” She admitted, “And sometimes just for fun! First time was for a candy bar!”

“Wait…” Brandon did some mental calculations, “You fucked your teacher for a candy bar when you were ten? Wouldn’t that have been… No way! You fucked Mr Winters? Isn’t he like a hundred years old?”

“One hundred and seven, last birthday, I believe!” Suzie joked. “But man, he has some stamina for an old guy!”

“That better have been one hell of a candy bar!” Brandon made a face, trying not to picture the scene too vividly. “You’ve seriously got to be kidding me, right?”

“Maybe I am and maybe I’m not!” Suzie gave him an inscrutable smile, “But for the ret of your life you’re gonna remember that your first time was with your skanky goth freak of a sister, how does that feel?” Brandon didn’t reply. “Anything you do with that little blonde-ass whore Angelique, you’re gonna know that I was there first and when you watch Dad or anyone else eat my yummy barbecued pussy tomorrow you’re gonna know that your gross hippy dick was inside it just a few hours earlier! Now quit wasting time!” She shoved him in the chest and he backed towards the door. “You’re gonna have to take your own pants off,” she brandished her stump at him, “I’m not so good with buttons any more!”


That's pretty hilarious. But you'll never turn me into a cann-fag with all this cutesy shit, Mr Hyde.


Haha it always bugs me in movies with cannibals like Leatherface - the girls get so battered and bruised it would surely spoil the meat! Happy meat is tasty meat!



The experience was not exactly mind-blowing – the fact that it was Brandon’s first time was painfully obvious. Still, Suzie wasn’t too bothered. Her own sexual gratification had not been her main goal, she had vibrators for that! Her aim with this part of her demand had been the awkwardness and conflict that her brother would feel about it. On the one hand, he finally got to have sex with a hot teenage girl, on the other hand that girl was his sister. Plus not only did he have to deal with the fact that he was fucking his sister but that it was his first ever fuck! Still, to a horny 14 year old boy, did it really matter who the pussy was attached to as long as he got to slide his dick into it? She hoped it would matter just a little at least!

“Mum’s gonna want to turn my bedroom into a sewing room once I’m eaten,” Suzie explained, sitting up in her parents’ bed and elbowing her brother in his still-sore ribs, “and she’ll expect me to tidy it up before I go but I’ll be damned if that’s how I’m spending my last free evening so guess what your next task it? I think there’s boxes in the garage. I’m gonna be outside. I figure I’m gonna be getting a pretty dark all-over tan tomorrow so I might as well enjoy the sun for a bit. Let me know when you’re done packing up my room and I’ll give you your next task.”

“You need me to leave out any clothes or anything?” Brandon asked, reigned to doing his sister’s bidding but rather impressed with himself about his performance in bed. If she had been fucking old men since she was 10, he hoped he had shown his sister a whole new level of sexual satisfaction to the extent that she’d feel bad about how meanly she’d been treating him!

“Nah, I don’t think I’ll bother.” Suzie languidly heaved herself out of the bed and wrapped the bath towel which seemed to have come with them around herself, but more as an easy way to carry it than out of any particular sense of modesty. After all, she’d just fucked her brother and was going to be spit-roasted naked in front of her whole family and assorted friends the next day so what was the point in being shy?

Out on the back patio, her dad was working on the barbecue – heaving gas bottles out of the shed and hooking them up to the pipe. Suzie found herself a little troubled again by how short it seemed. If the plan was to butcher her and cut her body up into pieces before cooking then her revenge would not be nearly so satisfying. She decided simply to ask.

“Hey Dad!” she smiled, wandering over dressed only in the large green bath towel and peering with interest at what he was working on.

“Oh, hi Honey.” He smiled back at her. “Just getting everything ready for your big day tomorrow.”

“That’s a pretty short spit.” She observed. “Looks like it’s more for cooking little kids. You sure I’m gonna fit?”

“I was worried about that when I saw it.” Aaron admitted, “I borrowed it from a guy at work who said he’d used it to cook his daughter but it turns out she had just turned six. It was her birthday treat apparently, the only present she wanted!” He chuckled and shook his head in amused disbelief. “Don’t worry, ‘though. I don’t want you to miss out on the experience of cooking alive so what I’ve decided to do is cut your arms and legs off later this evening, cut them into steaks, make some burgers, that sort of thing. That way, not only will you fit on the spit but, as they’ll cook a lot quicker, you’ll be able to watch people enjoying your meat before you check out!”

“Sounds like a plan!” Suzie smiled, genuinely relieved. “I’m gonna enjoy the sun for a bit. Let me know when you need me.” She walked out onto the newly-restored lawn, removed the towel then lay it out before stretching her slightly bruised but still very attractive body across it, enjoying the last of the late-afternoon sun while her brother lugged a pile of flat-packed boxes from the garage up to her bedroom.


I should probably explain the short installments - I do most of my writing at work and often I am alone but the last few days I've always had a coworker with me so only been able to write before they arrive :) I will finish this soon, I promise! lol


I think considering that fact that Angelique loves to suck Brandon’s dick so much he is technically not a virgin but pretty popular guy ;)


Nah that was just the girls being opportunistic while he was on the cross and Angelique was mostly just doing it to be a bitch to Suzie!


Well, you should know better since it is your story.
But staying virgin in the universe where top model girls randomly attack you to suck your dick while you are hanging on the cross, is something super extraordinary ;)


That was more opportunistic sexual assault than anything remotely romantic! lol. Plus he's a loser by the standards of that "world" lol


the girl days are numbered :-(



Relax, Onix. You are not a fag. Just a paedo


Yes indeed they are but she's gonna make sure she goes with a "bang"!

It was Squunch that said that, not Onix ;) And you call him a pedo like it's a bad thing?! :-P


Sorry Onix. I was talking to Squunch


I'm hoping that some of those gas bottles go boom. Lots of shrapnel.


Next installment will be the last - just posting this chapter because I'm not trusting my laptop not to die on me in the mean time!


“Hey, Sleeping Beauty!” Suzie opened her eyes and saw her mum knelt down beside her. She was still laying out on the grass on her bath towel but the sun had definitely lowered since she she had settled herself there. She winced a little as she sat up, feeling the stinging tightness of sunburn. Not that it mattered too much, she thought to herself, she was going to feel far worse heat than that over the gas-powered flames and, she suspected, her mum had not woken her up to offer her an ice cream! “Dad’s got everything ready. We need to get started.”

“What time is it?” Suzie asked, realising that it was actually starting to get a little dark.

“Just after eight.” Her mum informed her. “You looked so relaxed we decided to let you sleep. It’s not like there was much point waking you for dinner, after all, since you can’t eat and I’d been going to ask you to pack up your bedroom but your brother has been really sweet and done it all for you!”

“Yeah, really sweet of him.” Suzie smirked, “Isn’t he a doll?” She picked up her towel and followed her mum inside. The sight that greeted her made her stop in her tracks and gulp. She had known and fully accepted that she was going to be cooked and eaten but, somehow, seeing all the equipment laid out on the kitchen counter next to a thick protective sheet of plastic made it all seem horrifically real.

“What’s going on here, Dad?” she asked, “You preparing dinner or filming an episode of Dexter?”

“Just want to keep things neat.” Aaron explained. “Why don’t you come lay down on the counter here?”

Handing the towel to her mum, Suzie climbed up onto the kitchen counter and took detailed note of the tools her dad had standing by. There was a hand-held circular saw and a blow-torch, the pilot-flame of which was already lit. There was also a hand-cranked meat-grinder, a big mixing bowl and a burger-pressing machine.

“Do I at least get a wooden spoon to bite down on or something?” Suzie asked, noting that neither of her parents seemed to be offering her any sort of pain-killer.

“I’ll get you one in a sec,” her dad promised, “but if I do this right, you shouldn’t feel all that much pain anyway.” He picked up a packet of long, thick cable-ties at least 1cm wide and far longer than the type used to keep the wires behind the computer neat. First he looped one around Suzie’s right arm, the one that had been damaged by the exploding Easter Egg, wiggled it as high as it would go towards her shoulder then pulled it tight. The plastic cut into her skin but was more uncomfortable than painful and, very quickly, Suzie felt her arm start to go numb as the blood-flow was constricted. She realised this was how her father planned to ensure she wouldn’t bleed out.

The process was quickly repeated with her left arm and then her legs. It was a little strange and unsettling to feel her dad’s hands so far up her thighs but he seemed to be going about his work in a business-like manner and, Suzie reflected, after what she’d recently done with her brother and considering what was going to get shoved up there the next morning, she had very little reason to feel prudish! Very soon, there was little to no feeling in any of her limbs.

“Here, honey.” Her dad held a wooden spoon close to her mouth. Suzie leaned her head forward and took it between her teeth, ready to bite down when the pain came. “You okay to hold the other end?” Aaron asked his wife who nodded dutifully and took hold of Suzie’s left hand, holding her arm out straight. It felt as if her mum was stroking her hand a little for comfort but Suzie decided she did not want to risk looking as her dad stood behind her with the circular saw. Despite the numbness, there was still a burst of pain and the spinning blade sliced through skin and muscle and forced its way through bone. Suzie bit down hard on the spoon and tried not to scream. Suddenly there was a strange feeling of lightness and she realised her arm had been removed. There were only a few seconds respite, however, as her father set down the saw and picked up the blow-torch, searing the flesh of the wound to prevent it starting to bleed once the cable-tie was removed. It was a smell like grilling bacon and Suzie couldn’t help wondering if that was how she was going to smell while she cooked for real and if she’d get to experience it or would be dead before she really started to cook.

It was so strange seeing her severed arm laying a few feet away on a kitchen trolley. It looked much the same as it always had but wasn’t a part of her any more and Suzie really didn’t know how to feel about that. She still didn’t dare look at where it had been but looked steadfastly at her toes as he mum took hold of her right arm with its still-bandaged stump and held it out from the saw. Whether from the pain or simply her body going into shock having lost two limbs, Suzie mercifully passed out.

When she came to, Suzie found that she was sat up on one of the kitchen chairs, strapped in with a scarf tied around her waist and looked through the bars on the back of the chair. She felt like a toddler in a high-chair. Looking down, she saw that her legs were now gone too. She couldn’t help noticing that the wounds where they had been cut off looked a little like grilled gammon steaks – something she had always enjoyed! She almost regretted that she would not get to taste her own meat.

“Oh, you’re back with us!” Her dad smiled from over near the kitchen counter where he appeared to be pressing minced meat from the mixing bowl into burgers. Suzie realised with a start that it was her own meat, either from her arms or legs, mixed with seasoning and maybe some onions. She may have expected to feel horror, revulsion or anger but instead just felt curiosity. The wounds from her amputations, rather surprisingly, barely hurt at all. In fact, the worst discomfort she felt was the aching from where the cable-ties had been.

“We’ve been chatting,” her dad continued, “and we think it’s probably safest if you sleep in our room tonight. I found your old cot in the shed so I’m going to set that up. Don’t want to risk you falling out of bed since you have no arms or legs any more.” Oh great, Suzie thought to herself, first she has to be strapped into a chair like a toddler and now she has to sleep in a cot!

“Hey, you woke up then?” Brandon walked into the room, laughing to see his sister tied up in such an undignified way. “Thought you might still be snoring by the time Dad shoves that pole up your pussy tomorrow! I wanted to tip a bucket of water over you but they wouldn’t let me!”

“Probably best for everyone that you didn’t!” Suzie reminded her brother with a glare. She stuck out her tongue then ran it along her teeth before slipping it behind and tapping, all the while giving him a knowing look. Brandon’s blood went cold – she had warned him in the bath that the detonator might be hidden somewhere she could set it off without warning. He knew it was highly unlikely that it was stuck to the inside of her mouth but it seemed too big a gamble to risk.

“Oh!” He stammered. “Right, yeah, best to let you get your rest, huh? Is there anything I can get you?”

“I could go for a cold cider and one of my burgers,” Suzie quipped, “but I’m not allowed to eat or drink anything. I guess you could move my chair over to the TV so I can at least watch a movie?” Brandon rather nervously did as she asked and Suzie spent the next couple of hours trying not to think about her situation by immersing herself in the latest Spider-Man movie. Finally, around midnight, her parents confirmed that everything was ready for the next day and that it was time for bed.

Aaron carried his limbless daughter up the stairs and set her down in the cot at the foot of the bed. Although she was now a young woman, it made him remember how sweet she and her brother had been as babies. Knowing there really wasn’t much to do other than try to sleep, ignoring the now-throbbing soreness where her arms and legs had been, Suzie closed her eyes and went to sleep.


This girl hes nerves of steel. If I was in the same situation as she I would be screaming, biting and pleading to let me go.


The fortitude that comes with beligerance! She knows there's no chance of mercy being shown so doesn't want to give them the satisfaction of begging for her life. She's content knowing that she'll get her own back at her brother at least!


After cutting her hands and legs there is not much left to cook ;) she could be kept as pillow girl LOL

But now I see the way how I expected it to end was wrong (or you screwed up something in the story :) So now I am way more curious about what will happen again.


Well, this is a fantastic story. Thank you, I'm really enjoying it.


After she survived the egg hunt, I began to view her the way I'd view any protagonist, and I've found myself rooting for her to live, trying not to glance up at the url on the top of the screen.


Oh Onix - I did warn you not to try to guess the ending! ;-) Certainly nothing's been messed up - it's all going very much to plan (just taking longer than I thought!) But how can you say there's not much meat left? As confirmed on The Simpsons, the best meat's in the rump ;)

Thank you to everyone else who is enjoying it :-D



And I see the end differently. The girl seduces the boy to fuck her in exchange for to join her on the spit. The problem is the spit is very short even for one girl. I don't know how resolve it. May be to move the cooking to oven or frying pan?


Finally finished! Enjoy :)


“It’s time, sweetheart!” Suzie’s mum was rocking her gently by the shoulder. “Grandma and Grampa are here, Uncle Ron, Aunt Emma and the girls, Uncle Frank and Aunt Marie will be here soon and some of the neighbours have come over too. Daddy wants to get you mounted and cooking now so that you’ll be done by lunch time.”

Suzie woke groggily and tried to sit up, feeling frustrated at first when she could not before remembering that she no longer had any arms or legs.

“Can I please have a little bit of water?” she asked, “My mouth is seriously dry!”

“Sure,” her mum smiled and held a glass of water from the bedside to her lips. “Can’t have the spit getting stuck after all, can we?” she winked at her daughter who was not especially in the mood for jokes. There was only one slight consolation and that was the plan she had for her brother. Suzie found herself wishing that ghosts would turn out to be real so she’d get to see the aftermath of her epic prank!

“Now,” her mum leant down into the cot and lifted Suzie out. Without her arms and legs she did not weigh that much more than a small child, “we need to get you cleaned up and taken care of before I take you down. Dad’s mixing up his special barbecue sauce but we need you nice and clean first.” She carried her daughter through into the bathroom and settled her into the empty tub. “First things first!” She picked up a large pair of scissors and an electric razor which she switched on for a second to check that it was fully charged.

“What are you doing?” Suzie asked, a little alarmed.

“Your hair has to come off, of course!” her mother explained, “Otherwise it would burn while you’re cooking and that would smell really bad!”

“Can’t you just tie it up or wrap it or something?” Suzie pleaded. She wondered why the through of losing her hair was bothering her more than her limbs or even her life. She supposed it was because pretty much everyone had arms and legs, you just got the ones nature gave you, but her hair was something she had chosen for herself, both style and colour, it was part of who she was and having it taken away felt horribly cruel.

“Don’t be silly.” Her mum tilted the tearful girl’s head back over the side of the bath and began to cut. “It’s not like you need it any more after all. Nobody’s going to be worrying about how pretty you are once they see you cooking and start smelling your delicious meat!” She continued chopping with the scissors until she was close to the skin then set them down and went to work with the razor. “There!” she ran a hand admiringly over Suzie’s bald head. “All smooth. Wait! I almost forgot…” She picked up the razor again and this time removed her daughter’s eyebrows. Once the shaving was complete, she took the shower head from above the taps and rinsed Suzie off before taking a bottle of unscented shower gel and giving her a thorough all-over wash. Suzie didn’t have the strength or will any more to protest as she was brusquely rolled around in the tub. Once her mum was done and lifted her out, setting her on a chair to dry her, Suzie caught sight of herself in the mirror. Or rather, she saw the characterless thing she had been turned into.

Without her hair and makeup she barely recognised herself. Just a bald head on top of an admittedly attractive torso. She looked like a partial-body shop mannequin or, she realised, more accurately, nothing more than a piece of meat.

Outside, most of Suzie’s family along with a few family friends and some others she didn’t recognise had gathered to watch her cook. Two tables had been set out beside the barbecue – one piled high with bread rolls, salad, potato-chips and other condiments and side dishes expected at a barbecue. The other had two metal trays, one with burgers and one with sliced steaks – clearly what remained of Suzie’s arms and legs. Once she was spitted, they would be put on to cook on the lower half of the grill as appetizers while the hungry guests waited for their main course. Suzie’s mum laid her on her back on the table beside the trays and her dad got to work brushing his specially-prepared glaze all over her before flipping her onto her belly and covering her back and bottom. Neither he nor anybody else bothered to talk to her or even acknowledge she was anything more than meat being prepared.

“Hey! Am I too late?” Suzie looked to the side, following the sound and saw Angelique letting herself in down the side path beside the house. The blonde bimbo was as good as naked, wearing only a tiny bikini and a sheer sarong. She paused and looked a little surprised for a moment seeing everyone else dressed in regular made-an-effort-but-nothing-fancy clothes. Suzie couldn’t help but smirk a little at the other girl’s discomfort – it was obvious what family parties round her house were usually like and she’d obviously assumed that was the norm! Angelique’s face brightened again as Brandon came to greet her.

“Not at all!” He pulled her close for a slightly awkward snog. “Dad’s just about to spit our little piggy!”

“Ooh goody!” the blonde clapped her hands excitedly and followed Brandon over to join the rest of the guests. “Hey little piggy!” She got up close to Suzie’s face, “Ready to watch me suck your brother’s dick while you roast?”

“Just make your you spit!” Suzie glared back at the mean girl, realising as she did so that Angelique had been the only one to talk to or even really acknowledge her. “Wouldn’t want you to be too full to eat my ass!”

“Oh don’t worry!” Angelique almost purred, “Brandon and I are gonna enjoy your meat together then have a lot more fun. Isn’t that so, Brandon baby?” she turned to Suzie’s brother who actually had the decency to look a little embarrassed in front of his parents and grandparents but none of those around seemed shocked or annoyed at the conversation and most were laughing.

“Enough banter, you two!” Aaron slapped Suzie’s basted left buttock, acknowledging her at last. “Time for the spit!”

With no legs to spread or arms to be kept out of the way, there was really very little for Suzie to do as her dad slid the sharp, buttered end of the spit into her vagina and continued to push. She felt it piercing her internal organs as it passed through, praying it would miss her heart. Eventually, the spit emerged through her mouth and everybody began to clap. Aaron slid the stabiliser along the pole and between her butt cheeks then, with help from Ted from next door, lifted the spit and mounted it over the gas-powered flames. He then spread some of the steaks and burgers out over the lower part of the barbecue. The mechanism activated and Suzie’s deliciously-basted body started to slowly turn over the heat. She wondered how long she’d be able to hold on and hoped her brother and his floozie would not waste too much time.

Fortunately, she had completed less than three revolutions before Angelique pulled Brandon into her eyeline, making eye-contact not with the boy but with the cooking girl. Kneeling down in front of him, she took the slightly embarrassed boy’s admittedly excited penis in her mouth and began licking and sucking hungrily. Suzie completed a few more turns but already the heat was getting to her. She felt dizzy and light-headed and soon she closed her eyes for the final time, a satisfied smile on her lips despite the spit holding them apart. She lost consciousness but her heart would continue to beat for a minute or two more and that was all that mattered.

“Having a good time?” Aaron asked his son as he wandered over with a beer, glancing down at the energetic girl kneeling in front of him. “You know, when your Mum and I were first together, she used to do stuff like this for me all the time!”

“Yeah Dad!” Brandon answered, feeling the awkwardness of the situation but also incredibly turned on be how brazen his new girlfriend was and how eager to please him. “This is a pretty great party! Can’t wait to try some Suzie meat!”

“I was worried you’d gone kinda soft and were gonna ask me to let her go!” He sipped his beer. “You seemed pretty attentive to her and caring after she asked me to take you off the cross. You know you were only up there in the first place because of her, right?”

“I kinda had to!” Brandon explained a little breathlessly. Angelique was very good at what she did and was making it rather hard for him to focus on the conversation. “She made me swallow one of those explosive pellets of yours and said if I didn’t do exactly what she told me, she’d set it off!”

Aaron threw his head back and laughed.

“Oh boy did she pull one over on you! Did she cut your chest and slide anything under your skin?”

“No?” Brandon was genuinely puzzled.

“Let me tell you how those things work.” The amused father sipped his beer again. “The one I gave her was a special one I had my buddies put together for me but, even if she gave you that exact one, it wouldn’t work after it had been primed then powered down anyway. There’d be no way what so ever to detonate it.”

“What about the normal ones?” Brandon was confused and more than a little irritated.

“They’re designed for soldiers and agents sent on assassination missions.” Aaron explained, “The detonator is inserted under the skin of the chest, close to the heart, and sync to the wearer’s heartbeat. If it misses two expected beats, it sets off the explosive. The idea is that, as long as the assassin can get close enough to their target, even if they get shot, there’s still a chance they can complete their mission!”

“So there’s no way she could have set it off manually?”

“Nope. None what so ever! In fact if you swallowed it Sunday morning it should be pretty low in your colon now, ready to pass. Sorry, boy, but she got you!” He laughed again and wandered back towards the barbecue. Brandon tried to refocus his attention on the epic blow-job he was receiving but his mind kept coming back to his sister’s trickery. Suddenly, a horrifying thought hit him and he looked over at the barbecue where Suzie’s unconscious body was still turning over the flames. He hadn’t noticed at the time because of all the cuts and bruises on her body from the Easter Egg hunt but there it was – on the inside of her left breast, a small cut about one centimetre long, just over her heart.

Brandon looked down in horror, just in time to see his hips explode, taking Angelique’s pretty blonde head with them. He felt a sensation of being hurled backwards and landed heavily on the patio, cracking his head painfully on the concrete. He managed to look up a little and saw Suzie turning on the spit, the smug, satisfied smile still on her dead lips.

“Fucking emo bitch…” Brandon managed to mutter with his last breath.

“Wow!” Aaron exclaimed, dropping his beer and looking on in shock. “You’re smarter than I gave you credit for, girl!” He complimented his dead, partially-cooked daughter with genuine admiration. “Sorry folks!” He called out to the equally astonished guests. “Sibling rivalry gets a little out of hand sometimes. I’m sure you know how it is!” They all laughed. “We’ll get this mess cleaned up, don’t worry. In the mean time, burgers are nearly done!”

Looking over at Angelique’s headless corpse, slumped over Brandon’s legs in the middle of the lawn, he realised that he had better let her father know. He took out his cell phone and dialled.

“Hey, Andy?” He asked nervously when his acquaintance answered. “It’s Aaron, from the golf club?”

“Oh, hey!” Andy answered, “What’s up?”

“Well, umm, not quite sure how to put this but you know how you told me your little girl gives great head?”

“Sure does!” he agreed with a hearty chuckle, “She’s known how to blow my mind since she was seven!”

“Well, she was giving some to my boy Brandon and kinda got in the way of a prank is sister was pulling on him.”


“Yeah… You said she knew how to blow your mind well, hers kinda got blown and she’s not going to be giving any more head to anyone as she doesn’t have one any more!”

“Wow!” Andy took a moment to process this news. “You’re telling me her head got blown off?”

“Yup. Blown up in fact. Gone completely along with Brandon’s dick and everything about ten inches either side of it!”

“Wow okay… So it’s just her head that’s gone? The good stuff’s still there?”

“Everything below the neck looks pretty much intact!” Aaron chuckled.

“Great! We’re at the inlaws’ for a couple of hours yet but I’ll pick her up this afternoon. In the mean time, you and your guests have some fun with her. She was always very sociable at parties so I can’t imagine her objecting. If there’s anything worth saving by the time you’re all done, just chuck her in the deep freeze, that okay?”

“Sure! See you later!” Aaron slipped the phone back into his pocket.

“Hey good news folks!” He announced. “Not only is the food nearly ready but we’ve got ourselves a great little toy to play with to work up an appetite!” He walked over and picked up Angelique’s headless body and laid in over a picnic table on the lawn. He then removed what little bits of clothing she had been wearing and threw them aside. “Who wants to go first?!”


Just came to gurochan to see if anything new happened and when I was about to leave, you posted new chapter ;)

But speaking about the ending I think it was not as good as I expected.
(I expected it to be something close to nuclear explosion, according to the name LOL)
Poor Brandon being blown up is hardly even revenge since he was about to die on the cross anyway and nobody cares. She did not even ruin the BBQ and in fact, nobody seems to even notice wahst happened;)

I guess that means Polkan was right here >>17304
it was the best BBQ party after all because instead of one girl they got two LOL
(or three, if we add Brandon's leftovers. LOL)


I made it clear in earlier stories that she only intended revenge on Brandon as she had expected better from him! The family may not have been too bothered but I'm pretty sure Brandon was a trifle cheesed off about it ;)


Maybe I missed something but Brandon kinda did nothing to her to deserve this happening to him. It was her dad who made her play bunny. So I expected that she is taking revenge on her dad.


Short version - she knows her dad is a jerk like all parents in that universe but she had hoped her brother might at least try to stick up for her but instead he just made fun of her and told her he was looking forward to seeing her blown up so, in her mind, he was the one who had it coming!


That was an awesome ending. I loved how the prank carried through plus she got a little extra. Thank you.


Thank you, tSade! I had the ending planned from the beginning, just had to work back from it which proved more complicated than I'd imagined! lol


Onix, why on earth would you expect a major explosion? why would that device go off with any more force than the one that just took her hand and a bit of her arm? I mean, it did seem to, but there was no reason to expect it, and the power was close, that's not a reasonable hope for her to firebomb the entire backyard.

and if you have a bully and you have someone who is just indifferent to your pain without being actively mean, which one do you punish?

if you have a story where you think your ideas rattling around are better, by all means, write it. but elements of a story written by someone else not appealing to your exact sensibilities are not 'mistake', they are choices, and you are free to make your own, snuff your loli however you like :)


Thanks Ellen :-D Really glad you enjoyed it!

The explosive in Brandon was the same power as the one Suzie swallowed but survived - had it gone off in her it would have blown her to pieces (being higher up that Brandon's was by the time it went off) but not much other damage. Aaron wouldn't have wanted his guests in danger after all!

Onix, as I have said before, you are more than welcome to take any story premise of mine and come up with your own based around it - that's how fantasy works after all!

Remember also Suzie had a degree of pride in her meat - if she'd blown herself up along with anyone who might eat her, she'd have thought it such a waste!


First, do not assume that I am demanding you to change anything or that I hate your story. In fact, since it ended not exactly as I expected is also kinda good, because it is sort of the story twist :)
It just quite unexpected ending which not as spectacular as it could be ;) but now I think considering your style it is exactly what should be expected. :)

And yes I will write my own story and show you how to do it properly LOL then you will get to criticize it.

I hope you are interested in hearing my opinion just like I am interested to hear your regardless what do you think about it.

If you got offended about "screwing up something", I said the before the last part and the meaning of that was not that you made your story wrong but that it no longer can end the way I expected it to end unless you somehow try to fix it. So this is why I got very curious what another ending you have in mind.

Just for the reference, here is my version of what I imagined after reading the title:

After Suzie gets humiliated like that in front of everyone she decides to make them pay.
so when she finds those explosive pellets she drinks all box just before the bbq and when she is being cooked on the spit she explodes what makes all her guts and body parts fly around messing up the entire area leaving nothing to eat and lots to explain and clean for her dad.
Not really a big punishment but a pretty funny prank.


Hehe that is indeed a way it could have gone but I figured that would be too obvious ;) If you now go back and read the story from the beginning you will probably notice clues to the ending ;)


Just got round to reading the last couple of chapters. Funny stuff, really enjoyed!




Thanks Squunch!

Polkan, is that a good or bad WOW? ;)


It's great!!!


Thank you! Quite a different tone from my normal output so I'm so glad people enjoyed it :-D


I'm a bit surprised she didn't swallow one of the bombs herself, just to ruin the BBQ.


Nah she's proud of her meat and wouldn't want to waste it ;)


hehe, Looks like I am not the only one who expected that kind of ending :)

But I would say that you still screwed up the story plot a little, in failing to give a really good reason for Suzie to do it to Brandon. You only now say that she is proud of her meat, you did not say it in the story.

For example, she could find out that it was Brandon who suggested all that humiliating performance just after it all ended. and also she could also have a bit more enthusiastic about being cooked so that there is no need to take revenge on her dad and ruin the BBQ


She does reflect on why she's so angry at Brandon at some point - I think it's when he's gone to run her bath.


Yup - it's about half way through part 4 where she explains why it's Brandon she's mad at rather than her dad :)


But like I said, feel free to make up your own "head canon" ending - this is simply light-hearted fantasy porn I wrote to get over my writer's block! Now I hope I can actually make progress with something publishable! lol

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