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My second translated story, faster than I thought. I hope my grammar has improved and that the tense it's adeguated.


“Hurry up Lu or we’ll miss the train”

Michela was 19yo, long hair, auburn, with a single blonde lock. She wore a green sweater and a white jacket. Lucia plodded behind her, shorter than her friend, black bobbed hair, a nice round face, a black coat closed with a zip. They were at the train station, it was october, both had just begun the university. Best friends since middle school, they attended high school together and finally they enrolled at the same university. Both had a handbag with a couple of recently started notebooks.

“We're on time, don't get upset!”

“Get a move on!”

“Otherwise we don’t get the nice assistant of the first hour, don’t we?”

Michela turned away pretending to be scandalized “How dare you?”

“Come on, here we go” they stamped the ticket and walked calmly towards their train, a few dozen meters ahead.

“So, I was telling you” Luisa said “We were at Mauro's when, around eleven, Mirco entered, drunk. You had to see how he staggered! And nothing, practically he was with his pants down, the broken belt or whatever”

“Why wasn’t I there?” Michela said, laughing.

Neither of the two girls noticed it, but two figures come out of an alley, black sweatshirts and hood.

“He held his pants with two hands and asked Mauro, peacefully Can I have a beer?”

Michela laughed “Poor guy, it's getting worse!”

“And then Mauro said…>

From behind, an hand tapped Lucia’s mouth, she raised her hands to defend herself but a long kitchen knife penetrated her stomach. The other man took Michela for her hairs and cut her throat, then threw her to the ground face forward. The first man hit fast, Lucia was stabbed four more times; Michela was turned on her back “Wait, wait…” she gurgled something before the blade sank two times in her left breast. With an hand on her throat and the another one that tried to defend her, Michela could not offer real resistance, another deep blow reached her at the stomach.

Tufts of bloody feathers came out of Lucia’s coat while the stabs piled up. Eyes wide open, she can’t react, she was thrown to the ground. The two girls were lying on the floor, stained with blood, agonizing, the two men threw themselves back on them hitting them without stopping. Two stabs at Lucia’s throat, other lunges to her chest, Michela received several stabs at the groin and at the chest, three at the abdomen. Satisfied, the two attackers looked around and ran away after taking some bills from the two girls' wallets. Not a lot, maybe one hundred euros.

Everything lasted less than a minute, the few people who were at the station rushed to help but it was too late. The two young women were dead, slaughtered without a reason. They were lying in a lake of blood, with their handbags, notes and hopes.


Obviously, thanks to Squunch that helped me with my grammar

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