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ok so i had idea for storys 1 were disney chefs from chef mikey cooks little toddlers and little boys another ide was disney charecters snuffing them but when they get hugged they get regeneration powers

i cant write stories so if somebody wants to take the task look forward to seeing it non sexual just affection for the kids




If you're not going to bother with an effort and writing your own stories, don't make a thread on /lit/, make a thread on /req/.


*making an effort


Harsh, but fair.

OP, you can write stories, and IMO you should give it a go. Consider the benefits:

1. It'll improve your writing, which will improve your thinking too.

2. It'll improve your self confidence, because you're learning a skill.

3. You'll learn many things about yourself.

4. You'll learn something about other people, and the generosity of strangers.

5. You'll no longer be a rather sad, needy individual that relies on others to do your bidding, but instead you'll be taking your destiny into your own hands.

This may all seem a bit strong, but I'm speaking from experience. I was in the same situation, couldn't find stuff that interested me, so decided to have a go and write my own (with zero experience), and it's been 100% positive for me.


If you manged to write this "request" you should be capable to write story as well.

Also this is not relay even an idea but actually story itself, idea is when you invent some kind of plot to justify logic of the story so that it becomes predictable.
it is not enuogh to give idea what characters are doing you need to tell why they are doing it. only when we know what is their goal we can write a story how they achieve that goal.


I agree with Squunch and Onix - have a stab at it yourself! Stories on here don't have to be works of high literature :) Just have fun and see how it goes!

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