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Part 1: Losing More Than Her Way
tags: non-con, F/F, rape, beheading, necrophilia

Having charged into Honnoji Academy on her own, Ryuko Matoi intended to finally take out Nui Harime and Ragyo Kiryuin. Wearing nothing but a bedsheet she had turned into a coat, and wielding only her red Scissor Blade, the young woman demanded for the two to come out and fight her. Nui Harime obliged, and Ryuko quickly began to exchange blows with the Grand Couturier. However, Ragyo was nowhere to be seen. Ryuko wasn’t really bothered by that - figuring out she could start off with killing the spiral-haired woman. For a while, she and Nui crashed in a flurry of blows - the black-haired girl doing her hardest to finally defeat the woman who had killed her father. Finally, she saw an opening - using her coat to catch Nui as she was recoiling from one of her attacks, and pull her closer to her. Then, she impaled the girl through the chest with her scissor blade. Nui lowered her head, screaming out in pain while coughing out blood. Ah! She had done it! She finally avenged her father!

Or so Ryuko thought. “How lovely! You're more wild and cooler than ever today, Ryuko!” After giving Ryuko just a moment to think she had won, Nui just chuckled back at her - the life fibers that were a part of Nui’s body protecting her from any harm. “I’m the same as you! Life fibers also flow through my body! That makes me your soul sister!” Nui called out while jumping away from Ryuko - who just stared at her angrily. That woman… How could she hurt her for real? As the exchange student wondered that, she suddenly felt something tearing at her body from all sides. Looking down, she did it just in time to see the bedsheet she was wearing be ripped to a billion pieces - leaving her in the nude. Without it, she could see that dozens of life fibers were now stuck into various spots on her body. Even worse, the way they were pulling at her left her completely immobilized - the Scissor Blade falling out of her hands. Nui’s threads lifted her a bit higher in the air - the girl suspended spread-eagle in the air… Completely naked and helpless.

“Nui Harime! What is the meaning of this?” Ryuko barked at Nui angrily, and Nui just cheerfully smiled back at her. “While we were fighting, I took your measurements and shot you full of tacking needles! Now, you cannot escape! You can't fight the threads of fate!” Nui told her in her usual, cheerful voice while getting closer to the girl. “Noooooow, Ryuko… You must be so lonely! But don’t worry, I’m here for you! I’ll take good care of your body!” As she said that, Nui put her own Scissor Blade aside - and instead moved her hands towards Ryuko’s body. Immediately, she proceeded to brush them against her skin. “Ah, Ryuko-chan! Your skin is so soft!” Nui called out happily after a few moments of rubbing her hands against the skin of her belly, legs and arms. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?!” Ryuko asked Nui furiously, but Nui didn’t respond. Instead, her hands went for Ryuko’s breasts instead - giving them a good groping. “And your tits feel great in my hands, too!” She added after squashing them with her fingers for a while. “L-Leave them alone!” In response, Ryuko called out to Nui again - and surprisingly, Nui obeyed.

Letting go of Ryuko’s chest, the blonde maniac lowered herself a little - enough for her face to line up with Ryuko’s vagina. “Your pussy is so cute, Ryuko!” She called out before moving her hands towards it - poking at her labia with her fingers. “Ghh!” Ryuko grit her teeth while drawing a sharp breath at the unwanted surge of pleasure. Nui was skilled at manipulating life fibers - and so, as she proceeded to massage Ryuko’s slit, she proceeded to draw more of these reactions from her - enough that Ryuko’s cunt began leaking with her arousal. “You’re already wet! You’re such a dirty girl, Ryuko!” Nui laughed at the girl while forcing her fingers inside her for the first time - proceeding to finger her. She used one hand for that, her digits poking and wiping against the inner walls of Ryuko’s pussy - bringing out the most pleasure from within them she could. With the other one, she rubbed Ryuko’s clit - all while enjoying the way the girl writhed in the threads and fought hard not to moan. But Ryuko couldn’t hold out like that forever - and finally, a proper moan escaped from her mouth.

“Ah, perfect! See Ryuko? I really know what’s best for you!” Nui called out before pulling her fingers out, and instead moving her mouth in. Her small mouth opened, letting out a surprisingly large tongue - which she them proceeded to lick Ryuko’s slit with. “Mmm, Ryuko, you taste so good!” Nui let out a muffled comment while continuing to eat Ryuko out - the black-haired girl continuing to unsuccessfully struggle against the threads holding her in place. Nui lapped at Ryuko’s slit for a while longer - until she finally managed to bring Ryuko to the first climax of her young life. Ryuko’s juices gushed straight onto Nui’s face, the Grand Couturier making sure to eat it all up. Then, she backed away a little - taking in the sight of Ryuko’s body, which was shivering in her first orgasm. Seeing her like this, Nui was filled with desire to play more with her body. “I know!” She clapped her hands as she got the perfect idea - and as her hands parted, a double-ended dildo was in between them. She quickly weaved it from some life fibers - and shoved it under her pink dress, right into her own fiber-infused snatch. “Here we go, Ryuko!” She called out while getting back to the black-haired girl again - Ryuko staring at her with fury.

“Ah, no fair Ryuko! Don’t give me that look! You already put on a Kamui created by someone else as your first, so let me have this part of you at least!” Nui called out while guiding the dildo towards Ryuko’s slit. Then, she shoved it right in - her life-fiber dildo stealing Ryuko’s virginity. Staring down, Nui felt just the greatest thrill of all as she saw some blood trickle out of Ryuko’s pussy. Seeing that pushed her into some heightened state - and she just began humping at Ryuko’s pussy with the same speed and force the two of them had exhibited during their duel earlier. This time, however, Ryuko had no chance to keep up with her - the girl just groaning in pain as Nui hammered the dildo into her body again and again. Her pussy was lubricated with the come that had gushed out of her during her forced climax before, making it so that Nui had no problems doing just that. However, it was still too much for her pussy to work with - even despite the fact that the life fibers resonated within her, too. Being battered with them again and again led to her inner walls being pretty bruised - her pussy aching through the whole thing. Nui, however, was able to feel each and every of her thrusts, her pussy pleasantly pounded by the dildo’s other end. The life fibers of the fucktoy connected with those in her own slit as well, granting her pleasure in just the right way - the blonde quickly working towards a climax. “Ryuko! Your pussy feels amaziiiiing!” Nui called out as she finally came - her juices gushing out of her and all over both her and Ryuko’s thighs.

Even amidst her own orgasm, Nui was still the chaotic ball of energy she ever was. As coital pleasure flowed through her body, she pulled herself back - enough to drag the dildo out of Ryuko’s slit. Then, she quickly encircled Ryuko, getting behind her - and slamming her life-fiber dildo right into the girl’s tight asshole. She didn’t struggle with it at all, the life fibers shrinking momentarily to fit into the tight hole - and then growing in size again as Nui proceeded to rape Ryuko anally. “Get out of there!” Ryuko screamed at her as she felt the intrusion in her rectum, feeling her ass’s walls stretch as the life-fiber dildo within her began to swell. However, Nui just giggled. “Ah, Ryuko, don’t tell me you’re not enjoying this too!” She called out before starting to pummel her captive’s anus with the same vigor she showcased on her pussy - both of Ryuko’s lower holes forced to take the same abuse. Nui continued to play with Ryuko’s ass like that for some more time - but eventually got bored of the sensation. “Aaaw Ryuko, this is no fun!” She called out while pulling out of Ryuko’s now-swollen sphincter - and immediately dismissing her latest creation, the life fibers she formed it out of dispersing into the air.

“Now, Ryuko, why don’t we play with one of your toys?” Going downwards, Nui retrieved Ryuko’s Scissor blade. Then, picking her own as well, she quickly combined it in one quick motion - forming the Rending Scissors. The sudden outburst of energy that that caused blew at Ryuko, making her just a little afraid - the black-haired girl slowly recovering from the rough rape Nui subjected her to. “Put them down! My father made them! They’re mine!” She called out to Nui, and Nui turned back to her with a bright smile. “Right, they are! I should let you feel them!” She called out - pointing the deadly weapon towards Ryuko. Getting closer again, she pressed it directly against Ryuko’s skin - letting the woman feel the deadly hardened life fibers pressed against her. Ryuko looked at it with jealousy as Nui rubbed them against her skin - her anger slowly boiling over. As if that wasn’t enough, Nui began to play with her body again - massaging her breasts once more. “Give them back to me! They’re my birthright!” Eventually, Ryuko screamed at Nui like that - no longer able to control her feelings.

“Ah, Ryuko… I’d love to do that! But what would you do with them? Kill me? And then Lady Ragyo? I can’t have that happening!” Nui called out while backing away, for once in her life sounding serious. But then her tone became as carefree as ever. “Fancy joining us instead, mon cher?” She asked happily while looking directly at Ryuko. “Never! I can’t let you guys win!” Ryuko called out in return - and a small pout formed on Nui’s lips for a moment. However, it disappeared as soon as it appeared - Nui calling out to her happily again. “Then just die!” The contrast between her carefree voice and the weight of her words wasn’t lost to Ryuko as Nui swing the scissors towards her - the deadly crimson blades cutting through the air right towards her. Even if Ryuko knew that they couldn’t hurt her - nothing could, just like with Nui and Ragyo - the sight still scared her. That fear managed to pop up on her face - Ryuko staring at the blade in horror as it flew towards her.

However, Nui stopped it just an inch or two away from Ryuko’s body - and burst into a heavy laughter. “Ah, you should have seen the look on your face! You look so cute even when you’re scared, Ryuko! However-” As she added that, Nui opened the scissors instead of treating them like a single blade “-this is the proper way to kill you!” She finished while moving the now-open Rending Scissors so that Ryuko’s neck rested between its blades. “W-wait, Nui, don’t do this!” Ryuko called out to Nui, but Nui just shook her head. “Why not? I’ll have some more fun with your corpse!” Nui explained, before slamming the scissors shut - the twin blades cutting through Ryuko’s neck from both sides. This was one wound life fibers couldn’t heal - slicing through them like that was the very purpose of those scissors. The life fibers fused with Ryuko’s neck were severed for good - the black-haired girl beheaded with what should have been her own weapon.

Ryuko’s head slid forwards - the threads keeping her head in place also cut with the scissors. Her face bore the expression of pure shock - was this really it? She couldn’t feel that weird sensation that followed Ragyo pulling her heart out - there were no life fibers popping out of the stump of her neck and trying to pull her head back towards it. Instead, her head just fell - only for Nui to discard the scissors and pick it up instead. With some adjustments to the threads holding Ryuko in place, she rotated her headless body so that it was now held horizontally - all while lifting Ryuko’s head to her face and squealing at it. “You’re just a head now, Ryuko! How cute!” She told the girl before placing the head down on top of her body’s breasts - having Ryuko’s face turned towards her. The stump of her neck fountained blood, splashing onto her tits and the ground below it - the sight of it driving Nui mad with lust again. Nui couldn’t control herself. She quickly formed another dildo, and rammed it right into Ryuko’s open windpipe - then quickly mounted it herself. Ryuko was given a perfect view of her father’s - and now hers, too - killer fucking her neck wound with a life fiber dildo. "Father… I’m sorry I couldn’t avenge you…" Ryuko’s thoughts went towards the man who had created the scissors - the fiber-infused girl dying while watching Nui grind her pussy against the stump of her neck.

Nui only barely noticed that Ryuko was gone - the other fiber-infused girl just going with the flow of fucking Ryuko’s open neck. She put as much force into it as she did while working on Ryuko’s lower holes - while slowly reducing the amount of threads keeping Ryuko in place. She dismissed most of them - only keeping those without which Ryuko’s corpse would fall to the ground. Because of that, Ryuko’s dead body was shaken in the air with each of her thrusts - her limbs shaking and her tits jiggling each time she pushed in. She made sure to take the part of the dildo sticking out of Ryuko as deep inside her own slit as she could as well - pressing her pussy lips against the open wound in Ryuko’s neck from time to time. She even managed to touch Ryuko’s flesh with her clit a few times! Fucking the life fiber dildo and Ryuko’s neck stump like that, Nui began to feel a familiar warmth inside her pussy - a warmth that soon had turned into the pleasant numbness of another very potent climax. “Ah, Ryuko! This feels… SO GOOD!” The Grand Couturier gave a voice to her pleasure while cumming hard all over Ryuko’s upper body.

Following that, once she had recovered from her climax, Nui lowered Ryuko’s corpse to the ground. Pulling the dildo out of Ryuko’s pussy, she walked around her body again - and forced herself in between Ryuko’s legs again. Her pussy was now unresponsive - but Nui couldn’t tell anyways. She just proceeded to fuck her, but couldn’t really put as much energy into it as she did before. It would be boring to keep going in the same way! So instead she just began fucking Ryuko’s body at a very slow, yet steady pace. As she did, she picked up Ryuko’s head and turned it around, before placing it on the girl’s stomach - getting another look at Ryuko’s slack face. Her mouth was open, her tongue hanging out of it - with some drool having escaped from it as well. Her eyelids have slid down quite a bit - her eyes reduces to just small slit through which Nui could barely see her empty eyes.

Nui stared at Ryuko’s face for some time while absentmindedly humping the dead girl’s corpse, her hands playing with Ryuko’s tits again. There was still quite a charm to it even with the girl dead. But… It wouldn’t stay like this forever! A huge part of it was just floppy, labile flesh! If she left it unattended… It just waste away, turning into an ugly, filthy, rotten corpse! It would be such a waste! She couldn’t let that happen! “Ah, Ryuko! Don’t rot away on me!” She begged the corpse in front of her while trying to come up with something. Fortunately, she stumbled upon just the right idea. Ryuko’s body was infused with life fibers… So, what if she used the same preservative REVOCS used on all the COVERS they created… It’d react with the life fibers contained within the girl’s corpse, and hopefully protect it from the ugly aftereffects that came with the passage of time!

With that idea filling her mind, Nui took off from the grounds of the Honnoji Academy. Taking Ryuko’s corpse with her, she quickly made it for the clothes laboratories. REVOCS have taken over it, so their tech was all over the place - letting Nui get just what she desired. Applying the preservatives to Ryuko’s corpse - along with some extra adjustments she had made to the corpse with some well-placed stitches and some extra sewing - the Grand Couturier had turned Ryuko’s body into quite an enjoyable fuck doll. Her head had been put through the same treatment, too - Nui blessed with not just one, but two new sex toys. She would have preferred for Ryuko to join their side - for the girl to willingly come and make love with her - but this result satisfied her too. Taking the Ryuko sex doll back to her quarters, she put her head on one of her shelves - making sure it was facing her bed. Like this, Ryuko’s dead eyes would watch her no matter what she did to the rest of her body. Then, she threw the corpse on top of her bed - and climbed onto it herself. This time, instead of making a dildo to use on her, she decided not to use any extra toys. Instead, she just interlocked her legs with Ryuko’s. Like that, her pussy was lined up with her victim’s. Pushing her hips forward, she began to rub her slit agianst Ryuko’s - Nui and Ryuko’s corpse scissoring on the blonde’s bed.

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