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Tit Butchery by Bill (a debreasting story)
 "Hey girls, where are we going for lunch today?" called out the tanned brunette as she intercepted her two friends on their way out the door of the office.

"Hi Tai, we're going down to the butchery and Liria is having her tits chopped off for my lunch." The slender, asian Liria nodded and blushed as Tai ogled her plump breasts.

"Wow, you too Liria? I'm going to have my boobs butchered today." Tai cupped her big breasts and gave them a squeeze.

"Hee hee, this is going to be great fun for me to watch then isn't it girls? Come one, let's go. I want to watch you two get your tits chopped off." Tammy's spunky black hair shook as she giggled and led Tai and Liria out of the office.

Liria eyed Tai's firm bust as they were dragged to the butchery by the pale Tammy. "What's the occasion for giving yourself to the butchery Tai?"

"Oh, I bet my boobs in a game of poker last night and lost out. So, all the gals from the game are waiting for me to fill in my end of the deal and get hacked up."

"That's a bummer! I lost mine gambling to Tammy yesterday so I'm paying up now."

"Hurry it up girls, we're almost there!" Tammy tugged them around a corner and then into the gleaming glass doors of the butchery. "Hi Meg!" Tammy called out to a well-endowed girl with short curly black hair who was working behind a counter.

"Hi Tammy, are you bringing more meat for us?" Tammy smiled wickedly. "You've got to be our #1 supplier of tits girl, you're awesome!" Meg got up and led the three girls through a pair of double doors into a bloody slaughterhouse.

"Ok girls," said Meg, "shirts off, lets get your tits out and ready to be chopped up."

"You've got it!"

"Yes ma'am!"

Tai and Liria glanced around eagerly as they peeled off their tops and exposed their braless boobs to the chill air of the butchery. Tai's well-tanned tits were large and firm with perfectly round aereole that crinkled in the cool air. Liria's big tits were smooth and pale with prominent pink nipples that were rigid from the cold.

"Well, well, you sure found some nice titmeat this time Tammy. These girls have some excellent breasts." Meg rummaged around and pulled out a clipboard. "Ok, who's getting their tits chopped up and how? Don't forget Tammy, you can volunteer your meaty chest anytime you want." Meg winked at Tammy and licked her lip suggestively.

"Hee hee," Tammy giggled and clutched her ample chest protectively, "Don't forget Meg, for just a couple of bucks I can have any Butchery employee butchered too."

"Ooh, that's mean of you girl, teasing me like that." Meg lowered her clipboard to afford them all a clear view of her large breasts and stiff nipples poking at the fabric of her shirt. Her pen poised over an important looking check mark on the clipboard, "Let me know if you want them chopped girl, I have your credit card on file so the charge can be deducted automatically, all you have to do is give the word." She winked at the other two girls as they appraised her breasts.

"You know I'm just joking Meg! Who would I flirt with if you weren't here any more." She ran up and gave Meg a big hug, both of them laughed as they squeezed their big tits together and ground their nipples into one another.

"You're right. Although, I do have some excellent tit meat and I'm sure you'd have a great time watching me get chopped up." She cupped her voluptuous breasts proudly before returning to the clipboard. "Now, speaking of excellent tit meat, who are you two and what are we going to be doing to you today?"

Tai stepped forward first and thrust her chest forwards, "I'm Tai, I lost my tits in a game of poker and there are a bunch of girls in processor 3C waiting to see me pay up." Meg nodded and made a check on her clipboard.

Lirai stepped up next and presented her full boobs to Meg. "My name's Lirai and I'm getting my tits chopped up so Tammy can have them for lunch today." 

Meg looked at Lirai and then at Tammy, "Nice job Tammy, how'd you talk her into it?"

Tammy blushed, "I didn't have to do anything, she asked me if I'd like to place a bet yesterday. She bet she had bigger nipples than me. After she lost she asked if I'd prefer pumpernickel or rye with her tit meat in a sandwich." 

Lirai nodded as Meg glanced at her, "I even brought the bread and fixings with me, they're in my purse for once I've had my tits hacked off."

Meg smiled at her, "Good plan girl, there's nothing like planning the condiments to your own titmeat to guarantee a good meal." Meg made a final few checkmarks on her clipboard then announced "Ok, all set, who's first?"

"How about we do Lirai, I'd like to get my lunch and eat it while I watch Tai's tits get chopped."

"That sounds like a good plan Tammy." Lirai cupped her tits at Meg, "Where do you need these?"

"We can do that right here." Meg slid a vicious looking slicer out to the middle of the room and waved Lirai up to it.

Lirai stepped up nervously. A gleaming steel plate with two holes was braced up against the cutting board and a dizzying array of blades were poised above it. "Wow, is that a Slicer 310?" Exclaimed Lirai as she eyed the machine.

"Yes it is, good eye girl!"

"Thanks, I read Tit Meat Monthly so I've heard all about this model. Does it have the automatic tit-grippers and self-flushing system?"

"It does, slide your tits through those holes and you'll get a chance to experience them first-hand."

"Sure thing, this is going to be awesome." Tammy and Tai looked at one another with a silent 'she's nuts' message as they watched Lirai slide her juicy globes through the slots in the machine and snugged her chest up to it.

"All ready?"

"Yup!" There was a brief whirring then Lirai started and fluttered her hands across her breasts. "Oh, those are the tit-grippers, right?"

"Yup, they've gripped the base of your tits so you can't back out."

"Oh come on, who'd do that? If you've come this far, just accept that you're meat and suck it up."

"That's the spirit Lirai!" cheered Tammy, "Now, hurry it up and get your tits sliced for my lunch, I'm hungry."

Lirai winked at Tammy, "One succulent tit-sandwich, coming right up!" She rummaged through her purse and arranged the sandwich fixings on the chopping table in front of her. Four slices of bread were laid out with veggies, waiting for the juicy meat of her tits to complete them.

"Ready?" asked Meg. Lirai nodded and gripped the sides of the slicer firmly as Meg started adjusting the blades. "That should get those primed, now lets get these beauties in place." Lirai watched nervously as Meg handled her breasts, cupping them and pulling gently to make sure they were fully through the holes then squeezing them softly and settling them squarely on the board. With a pinch of her nipples, Meg was done playing with Lirai's breasts and Lirai was breathing heavily.

"Getting ready for the big moment Lirai?" asked Tai breathily, her own nipples betraying her arousal.

"Um… yup…" whispered Lirai nervously as Meg brought the overhead mesh of blades a notch closer to the tender meat of her bulging tits.

"Brace yourself for it babe, it's time for you to give 'em up like you promised."

"Yeah… You're next don't forget…"

Tai grinned cockily, struck a pose and cupped one melon sized-tit, "You mean one of these beauties? I can hardly wait!"

"It's all set Tammy, just hit this button and it'll start." said Meg indicating a button on the remote she passed to Tammy.

Tammy looked up at Lirai and smiled, "Goodbye Lirai!" *click*

"Bye Tammy, I hope you enjoy my mm-mea-argh!" Lirai clenched in pain as the whirring blades descended on her trapped tits. The meat of her boobs was pierced by twin prongs through their center to hold them in place, then a spinning blade lashed out and sliced off Lirai's tender nipples.

Tai & Tammy winced sympathetically as Lirai screamed in pain. Meg watched fascinated as the blades worked, quietly rubbing her clipboard against her rock-hard nipples.

Two more passes of the spinning saw-blade sliced of two juicy slices of Lirai's tits as she shuddered in pain. Then the saw retracted and a large chopping blade descended swiftly, slicing through Lirai's tits once, twice then a third time. The final chop was nearly level with Lirai's chest and as it completed, the machine whirred and retracted the bloody blades.

"There we go!" Exclaimed Meg as Lirai collapsed to the ground clutching her bleeding chest. "Your sandwich meat is ready girl, wasn't that fun to watch?"

Tammy nodded and stepped forward over Lirai's trembling form. Picking up bloody slices of tit she slapped them onto the bread and fixed up her sandwiches while Lirai struggled to compose herself. Tammy took a great big bite of a sandwich as Lirai rose to her feet. "Mmmm, dsh zs vry gdd!" she mumbled through a mouthful of Lirai's tit.

Meg caught Lirai as she was about to collapse again. "Whoa there girl! It's ok, I have you. Good job on giving up your tits there, that was incredible to watch. Now come on, follow me and I'll get you checked out."

Lirai smiled faintly as she was lead away to the cooler. There Meg hung her up by her ankles over a grate in the floor. With a quick slash, Lirai's throat was slit open and her lifeblood began gurgling down the drain.

Tai nudged Tammy as she watched Lirai get checked out. "Think they'll do that to me?" she asked.

Tammy swallowed a mouthful of delicious tit sandwich and replied. "Of course, every girl I bring here gets checked out after they get their tits chopped off. Your tits are bigger than hers so you'll take longer to chop up, but once you're done you'll get hung & bled before you can make too much of a mess on the floor."

"Hmm… I guess I should've worked on my poker skills then!" laughed Tai. "Oh well, my tits are toast, but at least it's fun to watch so the girls can all enjoy watching my big boobs get chopped up." As she spoke, Tai stroked the smooth skin of her huge tits and tweaked her nipples.

When Meg returned from the cooler both girls noticed her rigid nipples poking through her taught shirt. "All right ladies, what's next on the agenda now that you have lunch?"

Tai spoke up, "There are a bunch of girls waiting for me in 3C so I should get my tits chopped up soon."

"Right, follow me." Meg turned and walked to a door on the far side of the room. The girls followed her shapely ass as she led them down a corridor into a mid-size hexagonal room. There were rows of seats on one half of the room and an elaborate chair-like device in the middle. The chairs were mostly occupied by a gaggle of beautiful girls in sexy outfits, they were playing cards as Meg entered the room but stopped as soon as they saw the half-naked Tai.

"Ooooh! Hi Tai!" One of the busty girls squealed and waved from her chair.

"Hi Sue, are you girls all here to watch me lose these?" Tai cupped her big, tanned tits and squeezed them firmly.

"You bet babe, just hold on a sec - we have an awesome game going on here and Jill is about to lose her boobs if she can't pull a straight flush this round."

"Is that right Jill?" a busty brunette nodded nervously as Sue dealt her in to a hand of cards. Her big boobs were already bare and were topped by a pair of rigidly aroused nipples as she watched the cards land in front of her. "Well, good luck girl, it'll be a bitch on monday if we're two short tomorrow - the Stepford account is due."

"It's time…" Sue said and the girls both flipped their cards… to reveal a full house for Sue against Jill's pair of 8s. "That's just a two-pair Jill, you're up next!"

Jill inhaled deeply and stared at the cards as they lay in front of her. Her hands strayed up her body to cup her plump breasts and tweak her stiff nipples. "Yeah…" she muttered, "that means I'm up. Ok girls, are you going to watch me lose my boobs?"

"You better believe it!" said the busty Sue as she and the rest of the ladies grinned. "Give her a hand there… Meg! We have the fixins, all we need is a double batch of breast meat."

Meg stepped up to Jill and lead her to the chair-like machine. "This is it Jill, all you have to do is climb in." Jill had her sexy long legs guided into the seat and her firm rump slid into place then locked with a belt. Her chest was level with a tray and Meg quickly folded up a metal panel with two holes in it. "Your tits go through here, need a hand getting them in?"

"No, I can do it." The office girls leered as Jill carefully slid her large breasts through the holes. Her tits bulged as Meg gently folded her arms behind her back and tied them in place.

"There all tied up, let me adjust these quickly…" Meg grabbed Jill's breasts in a business-like manner and Jill gasped as her tender tits were tugged, squeezed and pulled into position before having her nipples gently tweaked. Satisfied with their position, Meg gave Jill's tits a final prod then pressed a button.

"Oh!" Exclaimed Jill as the grippers sunk dozens of small needles into the base of her breasts to hold them in place. The rest of the girls stared hungrily at her trapped bust, many of their own nipples tingling excitedly as they waited for Jill's tits to get sliced off. Meg breathed heavily as she smoothly activated the slicer and stepped back as the blades whirred to life.

Jill watched in nervous anticipation as a thin buzzsaw blade descended on her tits, biting into the flesh of her bust and neatly severing her nipples. She screamed in pain and the rest of the girls tittered among themselves as the spinning saw blade made two more passes at her meaty bust, making two neat slices of juicy meat fall away from her chest. Then the saw retracted and a razor-sharp butchering blade came down with two solid THWACKs, chopping her breasts into thick slices of meat, with the final slice coming down even with her chest.

The girls applauded as Meg stepped up and quickly caught Jill as the machine released her and she slumped out, clutching her bloody chest. "Great job girl, everybody really enjoyed watching you give those up. Now come on, let me help you check out so Tai can have her turn." Meg winked at Tai who smiled back eagerly as the woozy Jill was lead to the corner. With practiced ease Meg hooked her up by her ankles over the drain and smoothly slit her neck from ear to ear. Jill gurgled and bled out as Meg walked back to the group of girls who were excitedly serving up Jill's sliced boobs with crackers and other snack foods.

"My turn?" Asked Tai breathlessly, stroking her melon-sized breasts as she stepped up to the machine.

"You bet!" Hollered Sue from the group of sexily-dressed office girls. They were all gathered around the platter of food they'd made from Jill and were hungrily staring at Tai's big boobs.

Tai smiled proudly as Meg helped her into the blood-spattered seat. Leaning forward she carefully eased her big breasts into place and grinned eagerly as Meg tugged and tweaked them into perfect chopping position. She gasped as the grippers locked her boobs in place then held up one hand as Meg reached for the start button.

"Can I?" She asked.

"Of course!" Said Meg, stepping out of the way so everyone had a clear view of Tai strapped into the machine with her great big boobs ready to be sliced.

"Ready for the show?" Teased Tai, one finger on the button. Her co-workers shouted and cheered in response. "Then let's get it started!" She shouted, clicking the button.

The machine whirred to life and everyone stared as the buzzsaw came up and descended on Tai's rock-hard nipples. But, rather than screaming in pain, she cried out in ecstacy as her nipples were severed and, with two more swift passes, great meaty slices of her bust were carved away. Tai's hips bucked as she furiously worked one hand in her crotch while the razor sharp butcher's blade rose up and lashed out at her remaining bust. With swift strokes, and cries of passion from Tai, it was soon over and the machine went still.

Meg was stunned by Tai's butchering show and almost missed catching her as she slumped out of the machine. "Wow… that was awesome girl, you really gave those up like a pro." She said as she helped Tai to her feet. "Ready to get checked out now?" Tai smiled woozily as she was lead over to the drain and hooked up by her ankles. She smiled and gave Meg a thumbs up as she bared her neck for the knife. As her throat was slit she gurgled softly and shuddered as her blood ran down into the grate.

"Wow, that was incredible!" Cried Sue as Tai's breastmeat was arranged with the rest of the snacks.

"Yeah…" Muttered Tammy, stroking her own impressive bust as she gazed at the machine.

"Tempted to go for it?" Teased Meg. "Or how about watching me?" She thrust out her own big breasts temptingly.

"Doesn't it sound fun?" Interjected Sue, holding a deck of cards. "Come on and take a risk for some fun. Low card gets the chop - you can even pick which one of us you want to bet against." The sexily dressed office girls murmured their approval and gathered around, presenting their full busts to Tammy.

"Well…" Muttered Tammy, looking over the array of breasts. Then she gasped as she spotted one huge rack belonging to a curly redhead. "You! Ok, you're on!"

"Ha! I knew it'd be you Clara!" Laughed Sue as she shuffled the cards.

"Me too, jealous?" Teased the redhead as she calmly drew a card and tucked it between her bulging breasts without even looking at it.

Tammy stared, mesmerized, at Clara's huge boobs as she drew her card. Looking down she saw the eight of clubs and held it up for all to see.

"Not bad, how'd I do?" Clara closed her eyes and thrust her chest forward.

Sue plucked the card from her cleavage. "Three of diamonds girl, you're up!"

Clara shuddered excitedly, stiff nipples straining the fabric of her top as everyone applauded her. "Oh wow," she said, carefully unwrapping her top to bare her huge, yet still firm, breasts, "this will be intense." She looked at her co-workers and grinned. "And you're all going to love watching it aren't you?"

"They aren't the only ones." Said Tammy cheerfully as she ogled Clara's smooth-skinned bust and light pink nipples.

"No kidding!" Blurted Meg, eagerly admiring Clara's bust as she waved her over to the machine.

Clara complied, calmly taking a seat and moaning with pleasure as Meg eased her huge boobs into place. Meg had to struggle to get Clara's massive bust through the rings properly, but nobody seemed to mind, least of all Clara who moaned each time Meg squeezed her stiff-nippled melons.

"There we go!" Exclaimed Meg as Clara's huge boobs finally settled properly, the fleshy mounds spilling across the tray. Clara grunted as she locked the grippers in place, then smiled proudly as the start button was pressed and the machine whirred to life. Everybody was stunned, Clara included, as the machine suddenly flashed red lights and beeped, then shut down.

"Did I break it?" Clara asked disappointedly as she watched the buzzsaw retract.

"Nope." Said Meg, examining the side of the machine. "It just needs adjusting to handle a set of boobs as big as yours!"

Clara blushed proudly as everyone applauded her magnificently huge bust while Meg adjusted the machine. After just a moment Meg finished pressing buttons and slapped the Start button with a flourish. "There we go!" she said as the machine whirred to life again and the buzzsaw raised up once more and made its way towards Clara's erect nipples.

"Oh!" Gasped Clara as the buzzsaw bit into her massive boobs with a bloody spray and quickly severed her first nipple. She bit her lip and writhed in the seat, bucking her hips as one hand frantically worked her pussy while the machine carved her meaty chest into succulent slices of mammary. Three juicy slices of her huge boobs lay on the machine and the buzzsaw was busily chewing through her smooth flesh to make a fourth when Clara erupted in orgasm, crying out as the mix of pleasure and pain overcame her. 

The gathered crowd applauded and cheered as they watched their gorgeous co-worker shudder in the machine as the buzzsaw carved her incredible boobs into slices of meat. Five thick slices of flesh lay on the machine before the buzzsaw retracted and the razor-sharp butcher's knife emerged for the final slices. Clara blew a wayward strand of hair out of her way and stared woozily at her friends, emerging from her haze long enough to blow her friends a teasing kiss before the blade sliced into her smooth-skinned breasts and she cried out in pain again as two swift slices carved away the last of her mighty chest.

The applause was thunderous as the machine beeped and unlocked Clara, who slumped into Meg's waiting arms. "That was terrific! You put on a great show for everybody, and you had such a rack to give up. Everybody loved it, now come on and I'll get you checked out."

Meg helped Clara over to the drain and quickly hooked her up next to the other girls. She held her head back with one hand in her mass of red tangles as she smoothly sliced through Clara's neck and left her gurgling gently as she bled out.

"That was awesome!" Crowed Sue. "But, I still want to see yours on the block sweetie. How about another wager, same deal as before?" The office girls displayed themselves again as Sue held out the deck of cards.

"I… think I'm done…" Said Tammy indecisively as she eyed the tempting array of flesh that was being presented.

"What if I sweeten the pot?" Chimed in Meg.

"How?" Asked Tammy.

"With these…" Meg removed her top in one smooth motion, baring her voluptuous breasts. "Whoever wins," she gulped excitedly, "gets them."

Everybody admired Meg's proudly displayed bust, then turned back to Tammy.

"So, what do you say?" Asked Sue, "Yours against one of ours, plus Meg goes to the winner."

"Oooohhh… Meg, baby, those are beauties!"

"Thanks!" Said Meg, beaming proudly as she displayed her pale, dark-nippled mounds to the hungry crowd.

"Ok, you're on!" Said Tammy, flushing excitedly as the girls all applauded. "And I'll wager with… you!" She said, pointing one finger at Sue.

Sue proudly showed off her stylishly displayed bust to the room. "Me? Well, I guess I must have the finest boobs here, It'll be an honor to compete with you. And a delight to sink my teeth into your tits when you lose!" She laughed brazenly and passed the deck to a busty crew-cut co-worker to shuffle.

The deck of cards was shuffled and held out. Tammy rested her hand on it, looked over at Meg who smiled and nodded, then drew a card. Sue leered predatorily at Tammy's big bust as she drew her card, flipping it up immediately. "Seven of clubs!" She called.

Tammy looked down at her own card and gulped nervously.

"Come on girl, spit it out. Or you could save time and climb into that chair right now…"

"Seven of hearts." Said Tammy, slowly revealing her card to the room.

"A tie?" Gasped Meg. 

"Holy shit!" Blurted Sue. "That's a win for the house, we all get the chop!" She laughed and looked back at her co-workers. "Looks like you all get one hell of a show girls."

"Wow!" Said Meg excitedly. "This will be a great show, you're so lucky! Now, I've called for a new staffgirl to help out while I get chopped and she's just about h…"

"Hi Meg!" Called the tanned blonde in the straining butchershop outfit as she entered the room. "What's up, you getting bought? Or is someone making a request for big tanned tits and I'm on the menu?" She grinned, squeezing her big boobs together so everyone could see her firm nipples straining her shirt.

"Ha! Maybe later Teri, it's my turn right now." Meg said, proudly showing off her bare breasts.

"Oh? We'll miss you at the Meat Party this Friday girl, Zammie was looking forward to demonstrating her new toy on you."

"Shit! That's right…" Meg looked crestfallen at the thought of disappointing her friend. "Wait, could you take my place here Teri?" She asked hopefully.

"Sure thing!" Teri smiled and proudly pulled her top off to bare her incredible breasts. They were tanned, pertly nippled and rode high on her chest, despite their size. "What do you say girls, are these good enough?" She asked, displaying them to the room full of hungry girls.

The applause and catcalls seemed to satisfy her and Meg, so she slid into the machine and eagerly squeezed her breasts through the holes. "Mmm… it's bloody, you've been having fun in here haven't you?" She asked as Meg groped and squeezed her bust into position.

"And we still are!" Called Sue as she ogled Teri's bulging tits.

Meg quickly adjusted the machine and whispered. "It's ready whenever you are. Thanks doll." 

"You're welcome, have fun at the party and give my best to Zammie!"

Teri gave a thumbs up to the crowd and hit the start button. She braced herself as the buzzsaw came up, then cried out passionately as it sawed off her nipples in one smooth pass. One hand worked her pussy as she writhed in pain as the saw passed back and forth, sawing through her big tanned tits and spraying blood. The girls applauded and cheered her as slices of her impressive bust hit the tray until the buzzsaw finally retracted. "Enjoy them!" She cried as the sharp knife came out and made two swift slices to sever the last of her breasts.

Meg stumbled as she caught Teri, then helped her up and over to the drain. "Great show Teri, your tits looked great as you gave 'em up and everybody loved it, right?" The girls applauded as Teri was hoisted up by her ankles and had her throat smoothly slit.

"Come on girl, out with your tits!" Sue hollered at Tammy as she undid her own top and hauled her big breasts out for all to see.

Tammy smiled and pulled open her top, proudly showing off her great big boobs. Everybody gasped as they saw what her baggy top had been concealing - a succulent set of tits with erect quarter-sized nipples.

"Oh yum." Said Sue. "Ok, heads mine go first," she thrust out her firm tits, "tails it's yours," she indicated Tammy's plump mounds, "ready?" Tammy nodded and Sue flipped a coin. It landed with a *clink* and they both looked at it - heads.

"Get ready for my show!" Sue called to her co-workers, then sat herself down in the machine and thrust her breasts towards the two holes. She closed her eyes and grunted in satisfaction as Meg squeezed her breasts through the holes and settled them in position.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath as she saw Meg reach for the Start button, Sue braced herself as she heard the *click* and then the whine of the buzzsaw. Her eyes flung open and her body went rigid as her nipples parted with a crimson spray. Looking down, wide-eyed, at the buzzsaw as it whirred back for a second pass, Sue moaned deeply and thrust her chest against the machine, grinding her hips erotically as she pressed more of her soft flesh into the machine.

The office girls applauded and cheered as Sue's bust was sliced up amidst cries of passion and pain. Three, then four slices of her big tits were laying on the tray before the buzzsaw retracted and the knife came up to make the final slices. Chop, chop went the blade, reducing the last of Sue's firm bust to sliced meat and dropping her into Meg's waiting arms.

"Good job, that was a great show." Muttered Meg encouragingly as she helped Sue to her feet. "Your tits looked terrific as they were chopped up, now lets get you checked out." Sue smiled proudly as she was hung up and bravely tilted her head back, offering her smooth neck to the knife. Meg obliged her and in no time she was bleeding out.

"M-my turn?" Asked Tammy in nervous anticipation as Meg returned.

"Yeah!" Said Meg excitedly as she stared at Tammy's tits. "God those look juicy girl, I can't wait to see them sliced. Come on, give me a hug!" The two girls embraced in a tit-grinding hug while the office girls watched and whistled. "It's a shame we couldn't go together." Whispered Meg as she tweaked Tammy's erect nipples.

"A tease to the end eh?" Said Tammy as her groping hands gave Meg's firm nipples a painful squeeze.

"Mmm… yeah." Muttered Meg, thrusting her tits into Tammy's hands for more rough treatment. She gasped and rose up on her toes as Tammy viciously dug her nails into her nipples and twisted. "Ohh… fuck!" She gasped as her hips shuddered in orgasm from the sudden pain. "Wow…" She breathed. "Ok, your turn!" She said, smiling as she put one arm around Tammy and guided her to a seat in the machine.

Tammy took her seat and looked nervously from her big bust to the two holes before thrusting her tits forward and easing them through the holes with both hands. Meg helped her guide her smooth flesh into the machine and the extra set of hands teasing her breasts and nipples sent tingles of excitement through them.

Tammy sighed in satisfaction as her chest snugged up against the holes. The tightness around the base of her breasts squeezed her fleshy mounds pleasantly and made them bulge as they lay displayed on the tray. "They look great don't they?" She asked Meg, then again, louder, to the office girls.

"Yeah!" Cried Meg while the office girls hooted and applauded.

"Think they'll look even better sliced up?" Shouted Tammy, pointing proudly at her succulent boobs.

The office girls hollered their assent and Meg smiled proudly at Tammy as she readied the machine. She gave Tammy's smooth tits one final gentle stroke and pecked Tammy on the cheek before indicating the Start button and stepping aside.

Tammy smiled at Meg then turned to the office girls. "Let's find out!" She cried, then hit the Start button.

The whir of the buzzsaw sent a breeze streaming across the tingling flesh of Tammy's trapped breasts as it descended on her engorged nipples. Tammy gasped as the blade bit into her flesh with a burning pain and didn't stop. The erect flesh of her nipples slowly peeled away from the rest of her big breasts as the blade sliced through it and they fell neatly onto the tray with a slight bloody spray.

Tammy's grip on the machine tightened as a wave of intense pleasure unfolded in her loins and overrode the pain in her tits. A throaty cry crept out of her as the buzzsaw returned and dove into her tender flesh a second time. As it passed through the juicy flesh of her bust, Tammy reveled in the feeling of helpless submission and the agony she was willingly submitting herself too. The wave of pain in her pussy erupted into an orgasm and her hips began bucking uncontrollably as the buzzsaw finished its second pass through her meaty chest and returned for a third violation.

The office girls were on their feet, applauding and cheering as Tammy writhed and howled with ecstasy as a third slice of her firm tits was sliced away. The buzzsaw soon reversed itself for a fourth pass through Tammy's still-impressive breasts, giving Tammy barely enough time to take a deep breath and grin cockily at the office girls before it buzzed into her flesh again, parting her skin and causing her to cry out in pain.

The wet slap of her flesh hitting the tray signaled the final pass of the buzzsaw and Tammy watched it retract woozily as the burning agony in her carved breasts pulsed through her, matched by the rushing pleasure of her submissive high and multiple agony-induced orgasms. She licked her lips eagerly, anticipating her coming end, as the butcher knife rose up above her remaining bosom. Thrusting her chest forward she panted passionately as she offered herself to the descending blade, craving the kiss of its steel blade even as it sliced down through her breasts.

With two pounding *CHUNK*s Tammy felt the blade strip away the last of her once-proud bust and she gasped in trembling orgasm as she slumped into Meg's waiting arms.

"Great show babe, your tits were fucking fantastic and watching you give them up was awesome." Smiled Meg as she escorted Tammy past the cheering office girls and over to the drain.

"Wait!" Cried one tall blonde office girl as the pair staggered past.

"Yes?" Asked Meg.

"We've all decided that," she glanced back at her half-dozen co-workers who nodded encouragingly, "we'd like to volunteer as meat!" She blurted, face flush and nipples erect with excitement.

"All of you?"

A chorus of affirmative voices replied. "This is way too much fun, and we're all sick to death of the damnable Stedman account anyway!" Said the blonde. "So, how do we volunteer?"

As she spoke a slim brunette held up some papers. "I found these volunteer forms by the door, is this it?"

"That's it!" Said Meg with a smile. "Just sign on the bottom, toss your clothes into the bin, and you're meat!"

"Oh, this is so exciting!" Squealed a beauty with blue hair, clutching her sumptuous bosom as she penned her name on the form. "Just think, someone will be able to buy us as food!"

"Actually," interrupted Meg, "you'll probably all get allocated to the annual Meat Party this Friday. It's a big event and as new staff it'll be your job to be meat on the hoof, anybody at the party will be able to do anything they want to you." The office girls muttered excitedly, bragging about who would be chosen first, as they peeled out of their clothes, revealing a bevy of curvy bodies, rounded rumps and full breasts.

"Perfect! Thank you so much for volunteering girls, especially you," an especially busty brunette blushed and thrust her proud breasts out brazenly, "but I need to take care of Tammy, I'll be back in a minute." Meg gave the woozy Tammy a shake and helped her the rest of the way to the drain.

Tammy felt a sharp pain in her ankles that faded to a dull sense of tension as her world flipped upside down. A hand grabbed a fist-full of hair and she knew what to expect as her head was pulled back. Her view of the drain was suddenly obstructed by Meg's smiling face. Tammy grunted in surprise as she was kissed full on the lips. She moaned softly as Meg's sensuous tongue probed her mouth and she did the same. Meg broke their fierce lip-lock after a long minute and pecked Tammy softly on the cheek, whispering "You taste great…" as she swiftly drew something ice-cold across Tammy's neck.

The cold started to burn, then a warm wet sensation trickled up her face as Tammy started to bleed out. Gurgling gently she smiled and relaxed into a sublime sense of satisfaction as her world faded to black.


I looked at the light glinting off the sharp metal. 

The pin between my fingers was as long as a sewing needle, but capped with a small coloured ball. In front of me was a bathroom mirror, my nude form reflected in its depths, my perky breasts covered with goosebumps and capped with hard nipples. I placed the end of the pin against a nondescript part of the outer curve of my right tit and pushed, gasping as I painfully, gradually pressed it into the meat of my soft pale orb. All that was visible now was the bright plastic ball, but I could feel the entire length of the shaft inside my breast. The feeling was amazing, and I gasped with pleasure as my free hand caressed my sex. 

I had a pile of pins, and continued to push them into myself one by one, wincing and moaning as I felt my breasts pierced by the tiny steel spears. They were beginning to look like pincushions with over 30 pins penetrating them in various places. Panting, I sucked some of my own juices off my fingers, before grabbing one of my as yet untouched nipples and stretching it out. My heart was thudding in my chest as I skewered the nipple sideways with a pin, then let out a small sob as I did it again at ninety degrees to the first. I picked up another pin, and focusing my attention on my right nipple, this time I put the pin right at the tip of my teat, before pushing it into the nipple towards my chest. I felt it stab through my sensitive bud, plunging at least an inch into the flesh. 

I looked at myself in the mirror. My breasts were covered in points of colour, every one of them a beacon of exquisite pain. Stepping back to admire the view, I sat down on the edge of the bathtub. Stroking my pussy, I saw that there were yet more pins, and I knew what I wanted to do with them. I shifted my position and spread my legs wide. Pulling on one of my labia, I thrust a pin through without hesitation, then twisted it and pushed it back through the same lip like a tailor pinning a piece of cloth, the point of the pin bursting out the side with a tiny drop of blood. I repeated this a number of times, also pushing some straight down, deep into my swollen outer labia. Finally I picked up a pin with a pink plastic ball on the end. Perfect. Taking my clitoris between my fingers, I held it steady as I placed the pin against the end of my nub of sensitive flesh. I took a deep breath, then pushed, impaling my clit on the little skewer. I couldn't stop myself from letting out a scream of pain as I pierced my most intimate place. Looking at my handiwork, I saw that it was only going into my clit about a centimetre before it came back out the side again. The sharp end was exposed, and I knew it was going to prick me regularly as I walked if I left it like that. 

Well, I liked a challenge. 

I slowly stood up, wincing as the movement jostled my now tender nether region. Sliding on a bra and pair of lace panties over the pins, I dressed slowly in my favourite red dress and knee high boots. Embracing the pain and ignoring the constant pricks my pussy was receiving, I grabbed my purse off the table and walked out the door, locking it behind me.

I stepped off the elevator into the hotel foyer. Making my way to the front desk, I had to stop myself from flinching with every prick. I slid the keycard across the desk along with my credit card. The pretty receptionist smiled as she took them from me. "Checking out, Miss Love?" 

I returned it with one of my own. "Yes, thank you. I had my bags brought down a few minutes ago." I signed the receipt and took back my plastic, 'accidentally' brushing her hand as I did so. 

"Thank you for staying with us. Your car should be around shortly." I thanked her again and made my way out of the hotel. The valet was already pulling up in my black Ferrari. I handed him a tip and and got in my car. In no time I was on my way, heading out of the city. 

I dialed a number on my phone and it picked up on the second ring. Celeste's melodic voice answered. "Hello?" 

"It's Annabel. I've just left the hotel and should be home in a few hours. Anything important happen at the board meeting?" 

"The usual dull affair. They just reminded each other how much money they've made this week, gave themselves all pats on the back, and had lunch. Business is doing well at the moment, so there wasn't much to cover. Only small fly in the ointment is Synergy Labs. Their CEO is a bit of a misogynist. He doesn't want to play ball with a company owned by the fairer sex. Thinks you should should get married and start making babies while your husband runs things. He didn't say that in so many words, at least not while I was on the conference call, but I read between the lines. And paraphrased." 

I made at face at the mental image. "That fat piece of shit is getting on my nerves. I know their genetics lab in San Francisco is has made some serious leaps in tissue growth. I want what they have." 

Celeste sighed. "I'll keep working on it. I'm getting no help from the boardmembers. I think you may need to pay a visit and kick some arse." 

Annoying. "Keep trying. Let me know next week." 

"Will do. Cheerio." I hung up the phone and tried to push the business aside. I was looking forward to soaking in a hot bubble bath with a glass of bubbly. 

The wind rushed past, whipping up strands of my hair as I cruised along a stretch of highway, the scenic Italian Mediterranean coastline alongside me. On warm days like this I liked to have the top down on my convertible. I'd had it nearly a year, and it still felt exciting every time I got it on the open road. I was making my way back south after a medical conference in Milan, to a small villa I owned, a nice private place where I had been living while I took care of some business. Love Technologies, my company, was a big player in the field of R&D, mainly in biology and medicine, and I liked to keep myself appraised of any new toys that were being developed. In the past I had found some very convenient uses for some of our products. 

Truth be told, I didn't actually have to do much. I'd inherited it from my father when he'd passed away nearly a decade ago, and wasn't really that interested in the business side of things. I left that to the grey-haired old men who sat on the board. I was more interested in the tech, and only stuck my nose in when I wanted something. They always condescendingly acquiesced to my demands for resources, thinking they were keeping me out of the way while they tried to hide the fact they were undressing me in their heads. It suited me just fine. I kept tabs on them through my lawyer slash personal assistant Celeste, who had power of attorney, but I lived the life I wanted and I had a few aces up my sleeves just in case they ever got the idea keeping my interests met became more trouble than it was worth. 

I shifted in my seat, yelping as I felt another sharp prick between my legs. The exposed pin that pierced my painfully throbbing clitoris jabbed me for the umpteenth time. This was a new experiment for me, seeing if I liked causing myself pain, testing how much torture my intimate places could take. So far, it was having the effect of an aphrodisiac on me, every prick, every steel cylinder piercing my flesh making me incredibly horny. I considered the exercise a resounding success. I reached up with one hand and grabbed my left breast, squeezing it tightly, the delicious pain bringing tears to the corners of my eyes as the dozens of metal fangs bit down further into my tit. I swerved slightly, and refocused on my driving, silently chastising myself for being so reckless. 

As I rounded the next bend, I noticed a figure in the distance. They saw me and stuck out an arm and thumb. A hitchhiker. I slowed down slightly as I approached, and the figure slowly became a very attractive young blonde girl, looking to be around her late teens or early twenties. It wasn't difficult to make a decision. I definitely have a weakness for pretty girls, so I pulled up to the side of the road. She let let out a shout of success and ran up to the passenger door. 

"Hey, I'm headed to Livorno, you going my way?" 

I studied her, taking in her honey blonde hair and busty chest. She wore a light tank top which showed off a lovely amount of cleavage, her bare midriff displaying a belly button piercing. My subtle appraisal lasted only a split second before I replied. "Not the entire way, but I am headed in that direction. Hop in." 

She thanked me enthusiastically, but I wasn't listening. I watched her breasts as she took off her bag and climbed into my car. I wondered what they would look like naked, and just for a moment I allowed myself to imagine the twin globes severed and lying on a plate, blood pooling from the cut flesh at the base of the breasts. Pale and soft, capped by stiff nipples defying their fate. I winced quietly as my clit grew stiff, impaling itself further onto the vicious spike that secretly adorned it. 

I broke my gaze as she finished seating herself, and pulled back out onto the road. "My name's Annabelle." I reached out a hand in greeting. 

"Bianca." She smiled as she shook it, and I felt a pinch in my chest as my heart started beating faster. I wanted to giggle as our skin made contact, but I kept my emotions on a tight leash. "Thank you so much for stopping. I love your car! Is this a Ferrari?" 

I smiled, remembering the day I got it. "Yes, I asked a friend to arrange a car for me while I was in Italy, and she had a thing for Ferraris. It's a little flashier than I usually drive, but it's grown on me." I gave the accelerator a push for emphasis, the engine roaring like it wanted to break free. 

"She did you a favour. There's nothing like traveling in one of these." She thought for a second. "Although technically it's my first time…" 


"No, not technically, it's totally my first time. But I've seen movies of people driving them!" She laughed and flashed me a grin. I tried to concentrate on the road and attempted to distract myself from her lovely eyes with a conversation. 

"So, what brings you this way? Are you visiting someone?" 

"No, more like the opposite, getting away from them. I'm heading to Livorno to try and get a job. Need a place, need food, it all takes money, of which I have little." 

"Getting away? From who?" 

Her expression took on a serious tone. "Just my parents. We had a bit of a disagreement. Let's just say I'm not welcome at home anymore, so I'm off into the wide world to make my own way." 

I glanced at her. "Parents. I know what that can be like. Leaving all your friends and family must have been tough though." 

"Didn't have much reason to stay. Kind of burned some bridges in my extremely fundamentalist social circles." Her smile returned suddenly. "I refuse to let life get me down, though! I've washed my hands of my old life, time to find a new one. With the way my luck's been going, I think I'm due some good fortune. You giving me a lift is a sign that things are going to get better, yeah?" 

I exhaled a sigh of reluctance, gripped by guilt. I could take her where she was trying to go. I could drop her off and wish her luck with her new life. I could do the right thing… But I already knew I wasn't going to. I reached down and flipped the lid off a compartment between the seats and lifted out a chilled bottle of water. Screwing off the cap I took a swig and then pretended to realise what I was doing. "Oh, god, I'm sorry, you must be parched. There's one left if you want it." 

She grinned at me with her lovely eyes. "Wow, thank you so much! You're right, I've been in the sun all morning and I'm dry as a bone here." She pulled the plastic wrap off the cap and opened it, taking a huge swig. "Damn that tastes good!" 

I tried to change the subject. "Got any ideas about what you want to do when you get there?" 

"I'm a programmer. Was studying as a major in software development, but… kinda dropped out with all the home drama. It'd be nice to get something to make use of all the time I put into that, but with no degree my options are pretty terrible. I'll be happy just to get something that puts money on the table. Maybe freelancing." She closed her eyes for a second, then opened them again. "How about you? You must pull in a pretty paycheck if you can afford a car like this without even seeing it first." 

"I inherited the family business when my parents passed away. It's not a bad job. I find myself with a lot of free time to pursue… hobbies." Bianca took another swig from her bottle, oblivious that she had already become my latest hobby. 

"Sorry to hear about your parents. Sounds like a dream job though. Don't suppose you need a programmer with half an education and no credentials to her name?" Bianca asked with a giggle. 

I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye. "Well you're much prettier than most of my programmers. That gives you leg up as far as I'm concerned." 

Bianca blushed furiously and I felt my heart skip a beat. She tried not to meet my eyes as she changed the subject. "Hey, mind if I turn on the radio?" 

"Go for it." I motioned toward the dashboard and she started jumping stations until she found some soft rock. "Hey, I lub these guys… ugh, love. Duh." She giggled at her own slur. "I had all their CDs at… home. Guess I'll have to buy them… Buy them all again…" She dropped the water bottle, spilling it on the floor. "Shit! I'm so sorry!" She reached forward to pick it up and missed. "What…?" Her head bumped against the glove box and she fell forward and stayed there, her body no longer moving. I reached over and pushed her unconscious form back against the seat, a bit of drool leaking from the corner of her mouth. I wiped it up with a finger, then reluctantly stuck my hand inside her top and under her bra, and gave her breast a squeeze, guiltily enjoying the soft sensation of her warm skin. 

"Sweet dreams, Bianca." I knew mine would be.
3 . Name: Mindtrap @ 2013-09-23 05:53 ID: cec560 

I pulled up to my villa. There was nothing around for miles but hills and fields, so I knew that noone would see the form of the unconscious girl being unloaded into the house. She was so light, I had little difficulty carrying her through the kitchen and down into my basement, although it did jostle the many pins still piercing my body, causing me sharp pricks of pain. Far from your average basement, mine had no stone walls, and was quite nicely furnished. Tiled floors, disposable furnishings, and most importantly no windows. I hadn't actually planned to bring anyone here, but it was nice to have in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as this. 

I lay Bianca down on the bed and began to pull off her top. The breasts I had been lusting after in the car bounced out as I pulled it over her head, restrained only by a black bra. Dropping the top to the floor, I undid the clasp slowly, savouring the moment as the delectable orbs were fully exposed. Cute nipples rose up to greet me as I put my hands around her boobs, squeezing and kneading the pliable flesh. I hadn't been able to get my teeth into a pair of breasts for months, and and I lowered my mouth to them, wrapping my lips around her nipple, sucking gently. I loved these moments, before my victims awoke and started to resist. They were all mine, willing to let me do whatever I wanted to them. So vulnerable. 

With a pop, I released her nipple from my mouth, shiny and covered with my saliva. I moved down her body and undid her pants. Pulling them down I had to pause and remove her shoes, but then they joined her bra and top on the floor. I looked at her cute panties, putting my face between her legs and inhaling her scent. I bit down on the cloth and pulled with my teeth, lifting her hips so that I could drag the underwear down her legs. Her pussy was right in front of me as I did so, and I was surprised to see she was clean shaven. It would save me some time, but I'd miss the experience of getting to denude her pretty mound of venus. 

I pulled her panties past her feet and snapped her ankle into the manacle chained to the floor. Returning to her sex, I pushed her legs wide, putting my mouth to her and nibbling gently on her lower lips. The taste of her sweet pussy rushed up to greet me, and I eagerly lapped at it with my tongue, until she moaned slightly and I ceased my ministrations. She was starting to come around, much sooner than I had thought she would. I hurriedly moved her clothes away from the bed, dumping them in a hamper at the corner of the room, and pushed a TV into place at the foot of the bed. With that I left the room, locking the door and going to my study. I had a couple of CCTV cameras set up down there, and pulled up the display on my laptop. 

I watched her come around, enjoying her reaction as the realised she was naked and chained to a bed. She held her arm in front of her breasts, as if there was someone in the room with her. I let it sink in for a few minutes, waiting for her to get over the shock of not know where she was, then pressed a button causing the TV to turn on and start playing the video I had set up. It was the recording I had made of a pair of sisters in France, in much the same situation as she was in now. She watched the TV intently as the afternoon wore on, as I stripped and shaved the sisters, as they woke and cried to each other, as they were forced to commit incest. 

Then the torture began. She watched, transfixed as I prepared one of them, Marie, and let out a cry of shock at the scream that came from the TV as the french girl lost her pussy. She put her hands between her legs and hunched over in empathy of the pain the girl in the recording must have felt, but never once took her eyes off the screen. The video continued, and she saw the sisters eat their meal. 

Suddenly I noticed something odd. She had not taken her hand away from between her legs since the cutting began. I looked closer. She seemed to be moving it, almost as if she were playing with herself. I rubbed my eyes and zoomed in on her. Sure enough her hand was moving back and forth. Her eyes wide, she was biting her bottom lip, and the expression on her face was unmistakable as I heard her gasp. She was masturbating. I simply sat there, stunned, watching the feed. The scene moved on to the other sister, Estelle, having her breasts guillotined off, and Bianca grabbed one of her own, squeezing it and plunging her fingers inside herself. Why was she turned on? Surely she understood she was now in their position. With a moan, she appeared to be orgasming as Estelle's screams burst over the speakers. Shuddering a few times, she then relaxed, her hands at her side as she watched the recording play out. I simply sat there in shock for what must have been nearly fifteen minutes. I was unsure how to proceed. Girls never reacted this way. 

A small sound from my laptop caught my attention me as it alerted me to the presence of a high priority email. Grateful for the distraction, I tabbed my email client and read it. It was from Celeste. One of the scientists that worked for my company's Japanese branch was trying to contact me. A man named Hirimoto, he and I had an understanding. Gratuitous amounts of funding in exchange for keeping his results private between the two of us. He had been working on something I was interested in, a project attempting to develop functional nanites. The medical implications were huge. One day we hoped to be able to use them to repair all sorts of damage. Perhaps one day even regrowing missing body parts would even be a reality, but for now that was still a pipe dream. Our current generation was just a crude, simple thing, unable to do more than relay instructions. Certainly, mechanical functions from the bots were a long way off. 

I dialed Celeste and she picked up almost immediately. 

"That was fast, I just hit send." 

I sighed. "It's not really a good time. What does Hirimoto want?" 

"Apparently his project has had a development. He wouldn't tell me what it was, just that it was incredible. Something about unforeseen consequences. He was annoyingly vague about it, but he made something clear - if you don't visit immediately, it could jeopardize the project. He's trying to keep his discovery under wraps, but he can't hide it for long." 

Shit. "Fine. Get the jet ready. I'll head out tomorrow morning." 

"Yes ma'am. I'll let him know you're coming." There was a click as she hung up the phone. 

"Fuck!" I let forth a string of expletives and grabbed a cup off my desk, hurling it at the wall where it shattered into a dozen fragments. Not now! I didn't have time to go to Japan! There was girl in my basement who was not acting how I expected. I didn't know what to do. 

Sighing, I made my way over to the mess I had made and started picking up the pieces. I piled them on the desk and looked at Bianca, sitting there oblivious to my frustrated state. Time to go and meet her.

Unlocking the door, I entered. Bianca's eyes were on me like a deer in headlights, uncertainty on her face. I put on my best aura of composure, like I was completely in control, despite the fact I did not feel like it. I approached the bed, sliding a wheeled table topped with a tray within reach as I did so. Bianca watched me silently, and I could smell her arousal. I decided to take a friendly approach, to see how she would respond. 

"Hello, Bianca." 

"Hello." She responded quietly. 

I slipped my dress off my shoulders, and began to slide out of it. Bianca blushed and looked away. I snapped off my bra, exposing the many pins underneath. "Could you give me a hand with these?" 

She looked at my breasts, surprised. I sat on the bed next to her and positioned my chest out innocently. Bianca was unsure what to do, and I waited patiently until she reached out and told hold of one of the brightly coloured balls, sliding the metal out of my tit. I stifled a gasp. "Thanks." 

She continued to slide the pins out of me. "Why do you have pins in your breasts?" 

"It was an experiment. I wanted to see if I liked it." 

"Did you?" She held my breast with one hand as she slid them out. Rather than finding it unpleasant, I was sure I noticed her squeezing it ever so slightly. I started to wonder if she was a bit keen on girls herself. 

"I found it rather fun, yes." 

She slid one of the ones out of my nipples. "Were they there the entire time in the car?" I nodded in affirmative. She finished taking out the last one, a few drops of blood all that remained. "That's all of them. No permanent damage. They're still lovely." I looked at her curiously at the unsolicited comment, and she blushed and looked away again. 

"Not quite all of them." She looked back at my breasts and then searched my body for the pins she had missed. Her gaze settled on my panties. I slipped my thumbs under the material and pulled my underwear down and off. Spreading my legs, I showed her the rest of them. 


"Oh, ouch." She started to pull the tiny skewers out of my pussy, causing me to gasp again. Finally there was only one left. She was hesitant at first, then I bit back a cry as she took hold of my clitoris and pulled it gently so she could slide the pin out. She dropped it onto the small pile she had made and the two of us sat there naked. She was still holding onto my clit, and I remained silent, just enjoying the feel of her touch until she realised what she was doing and quickly let go. She blushed again, looking like she had a dozen questions on her mind, but was too nervous to speak, so I gestured to the TV. "Did you enjoy the show?" 

"Are you going to do that to me?" Her voice took me by surprise. It was steady, a hint of fear behind it, but just a little. Every other girl I had taken, by this point, was terrified. 

"Not that, exactly. But I am going to cut off your breasts." Her eyes widened as I reached out and stroked one gently. 

She swallowed as she looked down at my hand on the pale orbs sticking out from her chest. "You're going to cut them off… how are you going to do it?" 

"I haven't decided yet. Any preferences?" 

"Preferences? You're asking me to decide which way I would most prefer to be debreasted?" 

I smirked at her frankness. "Pretty much." 

She looked down at her tits. 

"I… I don't know. What ways are there?" 

"Oh, so many possibilities… the most basic would be to just use a knife, or course." I heard a gasp under her breath as I held one of her boobs to demonstrate. "I could start by putting the blade between them, then cutting sideways into your right breast…" I scratched a nail along the side of her pale orb, mimicking the slice of a knife. Her nipple stiffened even more to my surprise, and I continued. "…I'll continue to saw the knife up and down, slicing the tit meat away from your chest. Eventually the blade will come out the other side, and you'll be able to enjoy the sight of me holding your detached tit in my hand, while you'll have nothing but a big red hole in your body where it used to be." 

Bianca's eyes were glazing over, as though she were looking at something far away. She was breathing heavily. Was it fear? I didn't think so. Her voice was almost a whisper. "Then what?" 

Her question threw me off guard. "Pardon?" 

"When you're holding one of my severed breasts, then what will you do? Will you make me suck on it?" 

I looked at her carefully. None of the girls I'd ever taken had been this calm in the face of their own torture before. None of them had seemed so… interested. "Yes," I replied. "I'll make you suck on your own nipple. You won't feel anything of course, reinforcing the reality that it's no longer attached to your body." Bianca closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip at my description of her mutilation. The gesture made me want to shove her down onto the bed and ravage her, but I restrained my urges, wanting to finish telling her what I was going to do. Grabbing her other breast, I continued gesturing. "Once that's done, I'll make you hold it while I cut off this other one. I think I'll start at the top this time, and cut down into your tit. Once it comes off you'll be completely flat chested, your pretty boobs will be nothing but meat on that tray." 

"What about my pussy? Are you going to do anything to that?" 

I reached over into the draw in the portable table beside the bed and took out a pair of shears. "I'm going to use these on it." I held them up for her, squeezing the blades together a few times, the sound of metal sliding against metal causing her to flinch. I knelt down between her legs, pushing them open and finding no resistance. I pinched her labia and pulled them sharply, causing Bianca to let out a whimper. Stretching them as far as I could, I positioned the blades of the shears around her genitals. I closed them until they were right up against her skin. Bianca was panting heavily now, her pussy lips precariously positioned between the two razor sharp pieces of steel. "Maybe I won't wait. Maybe I'll slice them off right now. All I have to do is squeeze a bit more…" 

I squeezed gently. The blades closed until they began to pinch and cut into the very bottom of her labia. Bianca let out a guttural scream and fell backwards as the shears drew blood from her sensitive sex. Juice flowed from her pussy, covering my hands and the shears, and I realised her scream wasn't just from of pain - she was gripped by a sudden, intense orgasm. I opened the blades again and released her still-attached lower lips. A small droplet of blood ran down from the shallow cut I had made, dripping to the bed. Bianca just lay back, panting as she came to her senses. 

Eventually she sat up, and touched herself between her legs, finding herself whole. "I thought you were really doing it. I thought that was it, that you were cutting off my pussy lips. I can't believe how hard I came." 

I began to stroke her vagina again, pushing a finger from my free hand barely a fingernail's distance inside her, causing her to tense up and rock against my palm. "You really wanted me to do it, didn't you?" 

She looked confused and blissful at the same time. "Mmmm, I don't know. Part of me did, I think. Another part of me was terrified. It's just so… permanent, I guess. Once they're gone, that's it." 

"I know what you mean. I've fantasised about losing my own clitoris. I wish there was a way I could find out what it feels like to have it cut off, but still have it afterwards." 

Bianca enthusiastically thrust against my hand. I kept it on the very edge of her pussy, frustrating her efforts to impale herself on my finger. She looked at me. "I guess you could say you want to have your clit and eat it too." 

I laughed and returned her gaze. "That's true. What should I do with you?" 

She looked at me with big eyes. "Please don't kill me. Cut off anything you like, I just don't want to die." 

I pushed my finger further inside her, eliciting a gasp. "I regret kidnapping you. Something has come up and this hasn't turned out like I expected." I was overwhelmed with a desire to see her safe. I'd never met anyone like her, and the thought of ending her existence in this world caused a pang of sadness in my chest. "Perhaps… I could knock you out again, leave you somewhere far from here." Her eyes brightened, hopeful, and I made up my mind. "I'll go get the tranquilizer. You don't have to be afraid." 

She seemed to be surprised. "Just like that? You're not going to remove my breasts?" Was she really disappointed? I knew she was turned on by the thought of it, but fantasy and reality were leagues apart. 

I decided that I wanted to at least make my mark on her before I set her loose. I gestured to her tit. "Stretch out your nipple." 

She swallowed nervously. "Why?" 

"Because I told you to." I stared at her until she took hold of the little nub and pulled on it, stretching her breast into a conical shape. Her wide eyes followed my hand as I opened the shears and positioned them over her aureole. "Ask me to do it."

She groaned as I rubbed her harder. "Pardon?" 

"I'm not going to close the shears unless you ask me to." 

She was panting heavily as I roughly fingered her, looking at her delicate flesh positioned between the blades. She knew she would be asking me to do something irreversible. Could she do it? Would she? She was pinching her nipple so hard that her knuckles were white. She let out a deep breath as she came to a decision. "Please, close the shears. Cut it off." 

"Are you certain?" 

"Yes! Please… Before I chicken out." 

"As you wish." I squeezed. The silver blades came together, closing on the soft meat of her breast. I became excited at the sight of her skin parting, and Bianca screamed as the steel sliced through the end of her tit. Blood spilled down the curve of her breast and continued down her stomach. For the second time, she went cross-eyed as she was gripped by an orgasm. Her pussy clenched around my fingers as she spasmed, and suddenly her hand came away from her chest, still holding her detached nipple. Her screaming had stopped, reduced to heavy gasping as she twitched a few more times and her eyes refocused. She looked at the bloody piece of herself in her fingers, unable to find the words. 

I held out a cloth. "Hold that against your breast." She did so without taking her eyes off her excised flesh, wincing as she pressed it against the wound. I retrieved the latest development of Love Tech's medical sealant. We had done away with the gauze, now it was just a small high pressure spray canister. Pulling Bianca's hand and the towel away from her bleeding breast, I sprayed a coating of sealant across the hole I had just made, the chemicals forming a makeshift rubbery skin, and the blood flow ceased. Using the towel, I wiped up most of the blood that covered her stomach, leaving just a circular hole at the peak of her breast, the meat behind the sealant looking like a cross section from a biology book. Bianca was still staring at her nipple in wonder. I caught her attention. "I'd like to see you eat it." 

She didn't say anything, just looked at her little nub again. I wondered if she had registered what I'd said, but then she lifted her hand to her mouth, and slowly put the severed nipple in, closing her lips around her fingers as she withdrew them. She closed her eyes, just tasting her own flesh for a second, and then began to chew it. The sound of her little morsel being crushed between her teeth sent a wave of arousal through my loins, and as I watched her swallow her own nipple I took her hand and forced it between my legs. Bianca realised what I wanted her to do and started to push her fingers inside me, first one, then a second and a third joined it, impaling me as I groaned in ecstasy. "More…" I forced the word out between breaths, and let out a whimper as a fourth finger joined the first three. She looked at me and I nodded in affirmation. I spread my legs wide and leaned back as she tucked her thumb in and I cried out as she pushed again, her knuckles forcing their way inside my pussy. 


Her hand moved deeper inside me until I felt my labia tighten around her wrist. I felt so filled, and she wiggled her fingers and scratched her nails against my tender inner walls, all the while pumping her fist back and forth inside me as far as it could go. I felt her hit the end of my passage, and fell back on the bed as my entire body rocked from the force of her thrusts. Reaching up over my head, I grabbed on to whatever anchor I could find, trying to brace myself as I cried my pleasure out to the room. I managed to get one hand on the headboard, and finding nothing within reach for the second I settled for grabbing the sheets and clinging to them as though my life depended on it. Our eyes met as I started to peak, and I saw a look on her face I did not expect. Gratitude. "Thank you." Her mouth formed the words, but the sound never reached me as her fist pushed me over the edge of my climax. I saw stars as waves of pleasure hit me, and the next thing I remembered, I was lying back, Bianca by my side with one arm draped across my stomach and caressing my breast, both of our bodies covered in sweat. I picked up her hand and brought it to my mouth, licking my fluids from her fingers before letting it fall back to my stomach, exhausted. It was like that that we fell asleep together, my dreams that night so very sweet.

I was greeted by a lovely vision as I opened my eyes. Bianca was spooning up against my side, my arm around her, and her damaged breast lay across my stomach, the lack of a nipple immediately obvious. I reached out to her chest and stroked it, eliciting a pleasured murmur as she lay sleeping. I gently untangled her arm from where lay between my legs and rolled her onto her back. Trying not to wake her, I got up and made my way over to the table, opening the draw and taking out a case containing a syringe. 

I returned to her side as I took it out, and was about to inject her when her eyes opened and looked at me. "Hmmm…? What are you doing?" She asked groggily. 

"I told you, I'm going to put you under and take you somewhere safe." Her eyes opened wider as she woke up properly and I waited for her to adjust. 

She looked at me like a child who had been told Christmas was cancelled. "Will I ever see you again?" 

"I kidnapped you and cut off your nipple. I was planning to dismember and kill you, I would have thought you would be relieved that I'm going to let you go instead." 

"And my rational mind tells me I should be, but my feelings say otherwise. I'd rather not die, but when you gave me a lift the other day, I thought you were so pretty. Never in my wildest dreams did I think you'd have any interest in me. Then I woke up and found myself here, naked. I was frightened at first, but watching that video of those those two sisters…" She spoke wistfully as she recalled it. "…it just got me excited. I've always had these fantasies about my breasts and pussy, about violent things happening to them. I always felt like a deviant. I've never told anyone about it, but being the thought of being debreasted has always been my biggest fetish. I never thought it would be anything more than a fantasy, and when a beautiful woman like you told me you were going to actually do it, actually cut them off… for I moment I was so happy." 

I looked at the sexy orbs sitting prominently on her chest. "It's not something that can be undone." 

"I know. I've always been too afraid to actually do anything to myself. Afraid of being disfigured. Afraid of being judged a pervert. But then you actually cut off my nipple." She fingered the tender hole. "It was everything I'd imagined. It wasn't just teasing, or threatening or a fantasy. I watched it actually happen, I saw and felt it come off and knew this time it was real." She leaned over and our lips met, parting as her tongue entered my mouth. I didn't resist or take control, simply letting her kiss me, enjoying the contact before she leaned back and caught her breath. "I don't really know anything about you, but I've never felt this way before." She looked me directly in the eyes. "I think I love you." 

My head spun as I felt like the world had fallen out from under me. I couldn't breathe. No one had ever said that to me before. Not like this. She stared at me intently and I felt myself growing nervous under her gaze. I didn't know how to respond. "This is impossible. I can't let you stay. I have business… very urgent business to take care of. I have to get on a plane today." I looked at Bianca and felt my chest tighten at her crestfallen expression. 

"Couldn't I come with you? I won't get in the way." 

I shook my head. "You can't be in love with me. I'd use you up. I'd torture you until you begged me to stop. It's just… it's what I do." I stood up, as though I could run from her. 

"You can! I'll give you my breasts. I'll give you my pussy, and my arms and legs too if you want them. If I can't satisfy you, you can sleep with other people. I just want to be with you. Please, I've got no one else. I've never been as sure of anything as I am of this. It just feels right to me." 

I gazed into her eyes and felt myself falling. I looked at her and felt a calm come over me, soon replaced by a feeling of intense happiness. Sitting down on the bed again I picked up the syringe, discarded during her confession. Bianca simply closed her eyes and waited for the small prick to take her to oblivion, a single tear falling down her cheek, but I placed the syringe back in its box and snapped it closed. Bianca opened her eyes in surprise and looked at me questioningly. 

I pointed to the hamper. "You'd better get dressed. We have a plane to catch." Bianca took a second to register what I'd said, then squealed with joy and launched herself at me. I fell back with her arms around my naked body, laughing while she plastered kisses all over me. I smacked her on the top of her head. "Hey, down girl. I meant what I said, we have a plane to catch, and I can't take you out in public like that." 

She grinned as I released her ankle chain and danced off to don her clothes. I watched her cute little butt as she walked and I thanked the universe that I had been in the right place at the right time to pick up this sexy little hitchhiker.
The barrier was raised as I pulled into the airport and traveled across the tarmac to the hangar. As I pulled up, Bianca looked at the jet. "Are you fucking kidding me? You've got your own plane?" 

I shrugged it off. "It's a company plane." 

"Family business huh? Do you also dress up like a bat at night and fight crime?" She wore an impish grin as I glanced at her. 

"You know exactly what I get up to at night." She tried to stifle a laugh at my comment. 

We got out of the car and I gave the keys to one of the ground crew to park it for me once our bags had been loaded. Bianca followed me as I ascended the steps, and I saw her blush out of the corner of my eye as the stewardess greeted her with a welcoming smile. I made my way through the living area to the room at the back of the plane. Bianca was lost for words as she entered and saw the bed. I closed the door behind me and slumped into an armchair by the door. "Some flights can take a long time. The bed is here to make sure I'm refreshed and ready to get to work when we land." I crossed my legs and pouted at Bianca "Business can be so demanding." 

She got a mischievous look on her face. "Is that what we'll be doing on this flight? Getting our beauty sleep?" 

I felt myself grow warm at her lusty look. "There might be time for a nap later. First we should discuss payment." 

Bianca looked puzzled. "Payment?" 

"Sorry, but I'm not a charity. If you want to take this flight, you'll have to buy passage." 

Bianca looked uncomfortable. "Uh… I don't really have much money. How much do you want?" 

I smiled and mimicked the impression of a salesperson. "The price of passage is… one clitoris." Bianca paled visibly at my words. I continued the act, smiling politely. "Are you able to afford that?" 

Bianca looked down shyly. "Well… I do happen to have one on me." 

I couldn't hide my grin. "How fortunate. Are you prepared to spend it?" 

Bianca swallowed. "Yes." 

I got up and retrieved a box. Returning to Bianca, I opened it, revealing the contents. "How would you like to pay?" I picked up one of the items inside, a small paring knife, razor sharp. "We have the classic knife, a very popular payment method, quick and clean," Putting it down, I selected another device, "or we can pretend your clit is a cigar, and use this cigar cutter on it. I've always thought they practically look as though they were designed for this purpose. Oh, we have some pliers here," I snapped them in front of Bianca, causing her to flinch slightly. "Imagine these clamping down on your little button, then tearing it out of you." I caught her eye. "Of course, if these tools are too intimidating, you could always ask me to just bite it off." I licked my lips, causing her to blush. 

Bianca looked at the tools. "Whatever you choose." 

I gave her a reassuring pat on the knee. "Okay. Let's use the knife. Keep it simple, yeah?" I reached for Bianca's hips and hooked my fingers in her panties. With one motion, I tugged off her lower clothes, removing them from her legs one ankle at a time. I extracted her panties and held them to my nose, taking a deep breath and smelling her excitement. I stood in front of her and put them to her mouth. She obediently opened it and let me gag her. I moved closer and whispered in her ear, "This room is soundproofed, but it's best not to let you scream too loud." Giving it a lick, I saw goosebumps travel down her leg and my heart did a little somersault. 

Returning to the floor in front of her, I spread her legs, feasting my eyes on her pretty little pussy. So cute, so pure. So unmutilated. I stroked my fingers lightly down her glistening labia, enjoying the muffled moan that escaped through her panties. My middle finger, I gently pushed against her opening, sliding it in to the first knuckle, then back out again. I added a second finger and pushed them further inside her, wiggling them, teasing. I withdrew them again, and pushing her hood back with my other hand, I leaned forward and licked her stiffening clit. Bianca was hyperventilating now, partly from pleasure and partly from fear, her eyes wide and fixed on the knife I had just picked up. 

Eliciting a squeal by giving her doomed clit one final nip, I grasped it in my fingers, and pulled it tight. Watching her reaction, I trailed the knife up her thigh and between her legs. She watched the steel as I brought it slowly up her pussy lip, pressing sharply against the glistening skin without breaking it. Then it was at the top of her slit, and I rested the deadly blade on the taut organ. It was fully aroused, and I winked at her as I caught her eye, suddenly sliding the knife across her flesh. The metal sliced into her clit and Bianca screamed into her gag. She instinctively tried to close her legs to protect her delicate parts from the pain, but I leaned against one leg and propped a knee against the other, pinning her shaking legs wide, and continued to lightly saw the knife, each stroke cutting another few millimetres through her sensitive bud. Her hands tightly gripped the chair, pale white, as blood flowed freely down her pussy onto the towels, and then with a final slice my hand came away from her body, her severed clitoris between my fingers. She was still screaming as I set the bloody knife back down into the box, and I pressed a towel against her groin, staunching the crimson flow. Keeping it there, I held her former organ up for her to see. She stared at it, unable to focus as tears streamed down her beautiful face. 

I took the towel away and gave her wounded pussy a light spray with the medical sealant. Bianca just sat there with her legs spread wide as I stood up, looking dazed and disoriented. Retrieving a moist cloth, I returned to her and gently wiped away the blood and excess sealant, eliciting small whimpers from her as I ran the warm flannel over her vagina. Looking up at her, I found myself captivated by her frightened, tearful look. Removing her saliva-coated panties from her limp lips, I brought a clean section of the cloth to her cheeks and wiped away the tears and drool. I brushed a wisp of hair from her cheek, and then I was kissing her, intertwining my tongue with hers. She didn't react at first, but then began to respond, returning my passionate embrace. 

I broke the kiss with a gasp for air and helped her out of the seat. She winced and stumbled at the pain in her loins, but I held her tightly and led her to the bed, stripping her remaining clothes as we went. Laying her down I pressed the intercom button. "I'm ready to leave. Take us up." 

"Understood." The pilot's voice crackled over the speaker, and the plane shuddered as it began to move. 

I returned to my lovely passenger, shrugging off my dress and letting it fall around my ankles. My bra and panties followed, and then I was as naked as Bianca, climbing over her on the bed, kissing, licking and nipping my way up her arm to the sweet sound of her surprised gasps. My hand found her nippleless breast, squeezing it as I buried my face in her neck, inhaling her scent. She moaned, and I put my arms around her and rolled, pulling her on top of me with our breasts pressing against each other. "I want you to eat me," I breathlessly whispered. She looked at me, blushing as she began to move down my body, pausing to kiss and suck on my breasts. I pushed my chest up into her mouth, purring with ecstasy, and then growling with disappointment as she removed her mouth from them and continued down past my stomach. 

As she descended below my navel, I brought my hand up and smiled as I gazed at the severed clitoris I still held. Such a precious piece of flesh, and she gave it up to me freely. I had butterflies in my stomach, giggling softly to myself as I rubbed it softly across my lips and up my cheek. I couldn't help but grin as she parted my legs, spreading them wide, and as the jet suddenly sped up, I felt my weight shift, the inertia pressing me into the bed as Bianca's mouth pressed down on my excited little box, her tongue entering me in one divine stab and causing me to cry out in joy. 

I played with her clit - mine now, rubbing the pale symbol of her femininity on my breasts and nipples while she licked my pussy enthusiastically, intermittently thrusting her tongue inside me and licking my labia while her busy fingers found and rubbed my clit. Then she switched, sucking my bud into her mouth and pushing her fingers deep into my wet tunnel. I moaned at the stimulation. "Bite me!" I gasped through clenched teeth. Bianca hesitated, then I felt her begin to nip my clitoris. "Harder!" I nearly screamed as she obeyed, her teeth clamping down hard on my sensitive organ. Blood rushed to my head as the angle of the jet pitched back, and I was overcome with dizziness, pleasure and pain. Her fingers plunged in and out of me as she bit down, the mix of conflicting sensations that I loved so much reaching a crescendo in my loins. My eyes crossed and I gasped as I came, splashing Bianca with my juices. Her teeth left my clit as she tried to swallow the fluids I was releasing, her lips forming a seal over mine. As my body settled, she withdrew her mouth, her face shiny with my come, and gave my slit one last lick before climbing up the bed to lie her head on my shoulder. 

I simply put my arm around her head and stroked her hair affectionately, still wallowing in my bliss. Her eyes fell on her clitoris, lying between my breasts where it had fallen, and she reached over and picked it up, studying the tiny piece of meat. "It's real. I've really had my clit cut off. It seems so unbelievable." 

"Are you unhappy about it?" I asked. 

"I have mixed feelings. I'm going to miss it, of course. But I'd be lying if I said I hadn't fantasised about this a load of times. And it's what you wanted, which makes me kind of happy, too." 

"Does it hurt much?" 

"It's a pretty painful aching between my legs. But… I kind of like it. It keeps reminding me that you did it. You cut off my clitoris." She let out a giggle. "I like saying that. You cut off my clitoris." 

I met her eyes as she looked up at me. "The pleasure was all mine." 

Bianca noticed the amulet around my neck, then held her clit up to it, side by side. "Is that a…?" 

I held it up and looked at it. "You remember the french girl from that video? It was hers. I encased it in resin." 

She laughed. "And you just wear it around in public? That's daring." 

"Well, it's not very easy to recognize, an indistinct pink object obscured by slightly cloudy material. You had to know the sort of thing I get up to and compare it to yours before you made the connection. And it means I get to take a little piece of her with me wherever I go." 

"That's true." She lay her head back down on my shoulder and I stroked her hair. "Can we watch that video again?" 

"Maybe when we get to Japan." A knock on the door interrupted us. Bianca sat back and pulled the sheets up as I got up and pulled on a silk robe. I motioned to her missing nipple. "Keep your breast hidden." Then pointed to where her clitoris lay on the bed. "And hide your clit too. I turned around and opened the door. 

Paige, the stewardess, greeted me. "Good morning, Miss Love. We'll be ready to serve lunch in a couple of hours if it suits you. There's either chicken or fish." 

My stomach growled at the thought. "I think chicken sounds ideal." 

Paige nodded and looked at Bianca, who was sitting nervously in the bed, clearly naked as she held the sheets to her chest. "And for you miss?" 

Bianca looked like a deer in headlights. She smiled, awkwardly opening her lips while keeping her teeth clenched together. "I'll have the chicken too, thanks." I gave her a puzzled look. 

"Certainly," Paige replied. "and would you like anything to drink?" 

"Just a coke would be fine." Bianca was blushing red and continuing to talk through clenched teeth. 

"Coke for both of us." I motioned to Paige and she nodded and took her leave with our order. I looked back at Bianca. "What on earth…?" 

She reached into her mouth and took out her clitoris. "You said to hide it…" 

I let out a laugh. "So you hid it in your mouth?" 

"It seemed like a good idea at the time. I won't get a chance to suck on my own clitoris again" Bianca blushed harder. "I can't believe she saw me naked in your bed. She probably thinks I'm such a slut." 


disrobed and joined her back under the covers. "Paige knows my preferences. Not for torture, but for pretty girls. I pay my staff for discretion." I took the clitoris from her fingers. "We should probably do something with this though." 

"I'd like to see you eat it." Bianca echoed my words from the previous day. Our eyes met as I slowly put the little piece of raw flesh in my mouth and started to chew. I felt it squash and come apart between my teeth before swallowing the sexy meat. Bianca just stared at me, enjoying the display."What does it taste like? Eating a girl's pussy cooked?" 

"It's unlike anything else. It's like a good meal and oral sex at the same time. It tastes like meat, but there's always the knowledge that you're consuming a part of their body, making it a part of yours…" I looked at Bianca. "It's been a while since I've eaten one. By the end of tonight, I was originally planning to have your fried pussy for dinner with a nice Merlot." 

"You sure know how to sweet talk a girl." 

I chuckled. "I think you're the first girl that particular pick up line has ever worked on." 

Bianca took my hand and placed it between her legs. "It works really well though. As far as I'm concerned, you own my pussy. Whether you want to play with it or fry it up for a late night snack, it's yours to do with as you please." 

"That's a bold claim. Maybe I'll have you sit on a grill until it's nice and sizzling, then get down between your legs and eat you out…" I leaned over and blew in her ear, causing her to shiver "…literally." 

"I'll enjoy every bite you take." Bianca put her fingers to my lips, prompting me to kiss them in response. "I've never met anyone like you before." 

I smiled. "I'm glad. There'd be less of you for me to enjoy if you had." Bianca laughed at my comment. "I think I'd better start pacing myself though." I stroked my hand between her legs, causing her to gasp. "I want to enjoy you for as long as possible. If I keep going at this rate, you won't have anything left by the end of our trip." I began to move down her body, scratching her stomach lightly with my nails, exposing her nudity to the cabin as I pushed back the sheets with my butt. She had a look of shocked innocence on her face that lit a fire inside me as I came level with her clitless mound. She pressed her lips together, trying to stifle a moan as I opened my mouth and proceeded to gently blow on her pussy. 

Bianca let out a groan. "Do you… do you think I can still come without my clitoris?" 

"I aim to find out." I extended my tongue and dragged it up her dampening labia, before putting it at her entrance and wiggling it inside. She moaned again as I savoured her taste, pushing my lips against her pelvis and reveling in the sweet juice that began to dribble slowly into my mouth. I explored the contours of her channel with my tongue and had to put my arms around her thighs to stop her from bucking. Eventually I had to stop for air, so I replaced my mouth with two of my fingers and put my lips around her clitoral hood, chewing on it viciously. I poked the stump of her former clit with my tongue, causing her to clasp her hands to her mouth to muffle a scream. I spent some time rubbing my fingers inside her, and then another bite on that tender area and she was climaxing, her come flowing out of her like a dam had burst. I hurriedly put my lips back over her pussy, forming a seal around it and drinking the fluid like it was ambrosia. 

She gasped beside me as I collapsed on the bed. "I didn't think I'd be able to have orgasms anymore." 

"It helps that you get off on pain. You might find it more difficult though, as you lose more of your bits." 

She gave me a naughty smile. "Which bit will it be next? My other nipple?" 

I looked at her unmarked breast. "No, I want that one to have a nipple when I cut it off. Your entire breast, whole and complete… sitting on a silver platter waiting to be cooked and eaten. As for what comes off next, when it eventually happens…" I leaned in and gave her a kiss, which she returned eagerly. "That will be a surprise for both of us." 
I lay back, covered in sweat, and took a piece of sushi, popping it in my mouth. We were approaching the end of the flight, and I had allowed Paige to bring our dinner right in the middle of our lovemaking, much to Bianca's complete embarrassment. She had left it on the table by the bed and walked out as though we had been merely been chatting about fashion, instead of me trying to see how far inside Bianca I could reach with my tongue. I didn't think it had been possible for Bianca to turn any redder. 

I finished chewing and looked at her. I had covered her naked body in sushi and was using her as a platter for our meal, with instructions to lie there and not move. I took another piece and dipped it into the soy sauce pooling in her belly button, before holding it to her mouth. She took the offering and chewed it happily. "You know, we still don't know much about each other. Our most intimate fetishes, sure, but I'm still wondering what you were doing hitchhiking along the coast." A look of sadness crossed her face and I stroked her hair. "Sorry, if you don't want to tell me you don't have to…" 

"No, no. I want to, it just involves some unpleasant memories." I took another piece from between her breasts and popped it in my mouth. "I went to high school with this girl, Cristiana. We were never really friends. She was popular and gorgeous, and I was kind of a geek. She seemed to enjoy making my days miserable." 

I finished chewing and swallowed. "I dislike her already." 

"I always used to admire the girls I went to school with. I admired their figures and their faces, in the changing rooms I would try to sneak glances at their breasts or pussies. I told myself I was just trying to compare them to mine but the truth was that every time I saw them, I got excited. I would think about them in bed at night while I explored myself. I finally came to admit I was very attracted to girls." 

I took a piece of tempura and held her pussy open. Bianca gasped as I pushed it into her, coating it in her own natural sauce. "Mmm, what's not to like?" 

Bianca moaned. "That's going to make it very difficult to tell you my story. Do you want to have sex instead? I can finish telling your later." 

"Uh-uh. Story." I grinned at her sheepishly at I wolfed down the tasty tempura. "Sex later." 

She smiled. "Cristiana started to get wise to my preferences. I think she must have noticed me looking at her. She started calling attention to it. Spreading rumours about who I was making out with, making sure everyone knew to be wary around me, like I was going to suddenly rape them or something." Her expression reminded me of how she looked when it was screwed up in pain and I feel my loins stir at the memory. I cleared my mind and concentrated on listening to her. "It was hell. I denied it whenever I could, but of course that didn't help." She sighed. "We eventually graduated and as it turned out we got into the same college in Venice, much to my horror. I went to the other side of the country and she was still a blight on my life. I already told you I was taking a course in software development; I was doing what I wanted to do, and I was also further away from home, which allowed me to start meeting other girls who liked girls. I finally hooked up at a party one night." 

Distracted again, I squealed. "Ooh, details! What was her name, the girl who popped your cherry?" I giggled wickedly as Bianca blushed slightly at my comment. 

"Sara. We went upstairs to one of the rooms and started to really get into each other, if you know what I mean." She gave me a sly grin. 

I returned her naughty look. "You can show me later. Back to the story." 

"It was just a one night stand. Unfortunately one of Cristiana's friends was at the party, Nicola. She and Cristiana had been friends through high school. She had no friends until she met Cristiana, so she was always doing what Cristiana told her to. She sneaked into the bedroom and got some picture of me and Sara in a very compromising position." I simply lay there waiting for her to continue. "Cristiana did the worst thing she could have done with them. When Nicola sent her the pictures, she posted them on my facebook page. She must have stolen my password somehow. I have a younger sister, Sofia, who saw them. Shes only 10, and she showed my mother, who showed my father, both of whom are are religious fundamentalists. It didn't go down well." 

I held her hand. "I think I see where this is going." 

"Yeah. I went home, but my parents wanted nothing to do with me. They said I was no longer welcome under their roof. My father was so angry I thought he was going to kill me. Honestly though, getting out of that house feels like a burden has been lifted. I was always trying to be the perfect daughter, never allowing myself to be me. I can live with that. What really breaks my heart is Sofia. They said I can't ever see her again, afraid I'll corrupt her or something. Sofia and I were inseparable when we were growing up, she always looked up to me. I managed to see her just once before I left and she was in tears because she thought this was all her fault since she said something about it to my parents. I told her it wasn't, but she was inconsolable." Bianca was silent for a moment as she looked at the clouds outside the window. "I really miss her…" 

I wiped her eyes and kissed her. "You'll see her again, I promise. One day she'll no longer be a minor and she can make her own decisions about who she keeps in her life." I took another piece of sushi from her body and fed it to her. 

"Thank you." Bianca giggled halfheartedly. "Anyway, that's enough about me and my depressing drama. What about you? How did your parents react when you came out to them? Assuming you have." 

I smiled and set my eyes on the piece of sushi covering Bianca's nipple. Leaning over her I took the entire piece in my mouth, biting down on the nipple underneath it. Bianca squealed as I pulled my head up, stretching her tit and licking the piece of flesh trapped between my teeth. I let it go, enjoying the sight of it snapping back into place with a wobble, and lay back, finishing my mouthful before continuing. 

"My parents are dead." Bianca's face turned to one of horror and I laughed. "Don't worry about it, it happened a long time ago. My mother died when I was 16, some sort of heart failure. A week later my father went to his study and put his shotgun in his mouth. We weren't very close, so it didn't really bother me when he died. I missed my mother for a time though." 

I suddenly felt like I was suffocating, like the walls of the plane were getting tighter. I quickly reached over to my purse and took out my pills. Bianca watched as I popped one in my mouth and washed it down with some water. "What are those?" 

"Just my meds. I see a shrink, and he prescribed them. For anxiety, and… other things." I gave the bottle a little shake. "I've had some mental issues in the past. Breakdowns and blackouts. I'm a bit of a basket case, if you haven't noticed." 

She smiled at me. "I can't see anything wrong from where I am. How much do you tell him about yourself?" 

"Nothing that would allow him to break confidentiality." 

Bianca picked up the bottle and looked at it. "Hang on, this says you prescribed them. You're a doctor?" 

I winced. "I have a medical license. I don't like to tell people. It was expected as the head of a company specialising in medical science I would at least have some understanding of what we're doing. We also have a few hospitals, but I don't practice. It allows me to refill my own prescriptions without seeing my shrink every time though." Bianca was trying to suppress a laugh. "What?" 

"Dr. Love." She had a grin from ear to ear. "It sounds like the name of a relationship advice columnist." She laughed at the expression on my face, trying not to let the remaining sushi adorning her body fall off. "Paging Dr. Love, you're needed in reception!" 

I glared at her, trying not to smile. "Thank you Bianca, that's why I don't like to tell anyone." I picked up a rice ball and stuffed it in her mouth, gagging her. "Chew on that until you stop laughing, or the two of us will be visiting surgery, not reception." She ate it, her giggling subsiding, while I finished the few pieces still left on her stomach. I was glad that she was enjoying herself again after her painful recollection earlier. 

I licked the last few pieces of rice from my fingers and got up off the bed. "We should shower and clean up. We'll be landing in Tokyo soon." I held out a hand to Bianca and her eyes lit up as she took it. "It'll be late afternoon when we land, so we'll go to my place and get some rest. Then tomorrow morning we can go to the lab and I'll find out what was so urgent I had to drop everything and come halfway around the world to see it." 

I opened my eyes to a traditional Japanese painting adorning a paper wall. Yawning, I looked down at Bianca. She was snuggled up in the crook of my arm again, so I gently extricated myself from her, causing a moan of displeasure to escape from her lips. We had been met by a driver after we landed, who had taken us to my local penthouse apartment overlooking Tokyo. Jet lag and excessive fucking on the plane had worn the two of us out, so we had gone straight to bed and I had slept like the dead. 

I got up and pulled on a robe as I walked over to my laptop. Checking my email, I confirmed that Celeste had already arrived and arranged to meet me at the lab this morning. I returned to the bed and began to lightly tickle Bianca's sensitive waist. "Time to get up, love." Bianca didn't open her eyes, but she stifled a giggle as goosebumps spread across her ivory skin, brought on by my nails' light scratching. I reached down between her legs and smacked her pussy, causing her to inhale deeply and clutch her damaged sex, whimpering. "Still sore?" 

"It's always a constant throbbing pain, but when I move or, well, someone smacks it, it really hurts." A tear shed from her eye. 

I stroked her hair affectionately. "Do you regret letting me cut it off?" 

She shook her head. "I'd let you do it again in a heartbeat." 

I gave her a peck on the cheek. "I'll make us a quick breakfast. Just a bit of rice before we go." 

"Rice for breakfast?" 

"It's pretty common here. I'll get us something else later, when we have time. Get dressed and get ready to eat, I have an appointment soon and you're coming with me." 

She pouted. "But I'm wounded. Don't clitless girls get to sleep in?" 

"No, and neither do the ones that still have them. You've got two more minutes and then I'm getting my whip to flay you out of bed." 

Bianca made an undignified face, but while I cooked up some rice and miso soup, she made her way out of bed and into the shower. I was tempted to join her, but restrained myself. I didn't want to get sidetracked today, although the little minx made it difficult as she softly hummed to herself. I had been feeling like I was on cloud nine since she confessed to me. 

As I finished preparing the meal, she came into the kitchen, limping slightly as she walked and wearing some new clothes I had laid out for her. "How come you have clothes in my size?" 

I dished out her meal. "I had someone buy them yesterday and drop them off." 

"You say that so casually. You're very used to people doing what you tell them." 

I stepped behind her as she sat down, pushing her chair in behind her, then I reached around and pinching her sole nipple through her shirt, eliciting a gasp. "Yes, I like being in control. I like knowing that I could tell you to do anything, even cut your own tits off… and you'd do it, wouldn't you?" 

Bianca panted as I squeezed, enjoying my roughness. "Yes, I would." 

I let go of her nipple and stroked her head. "That makes you more precious to me than anyone." She looked delighted at my remark, and started on her meal. She finished it while I got dressed, and I stepped onto the elevator with her eagerly in tow as we left the apartment. 

The car pulled up to the building entrance and I opened the door. Squinting as the sun reflected off the glass in front of us, Bianca followed me out of the car before it drove off. Celeste was waiting, and stepped up to greet me with a handshake. "Ma'am, welcome back to Japan. Hope you had a nice flight." She raised a questioning eyebrow at Bianca. 

"Celeste, this is Bianca, someone I met in Italy. We've become very good friends." I left the unspoken words hang in the air. 

Celeste winked. "Say no more. It's a pleasure to meet you, Bianca." She held out her hand and Bianca shook it, then she turned back to me. "Hirimoto has asked me to escort you to his department." She gestured to the Japanese girl she was with. "This is Himiko Saeki, one of Hirimoto's lab assistants. I've asked her what he wants to show you, but she says she has no idea. Apparently he's not the most forthcoming person even with his own staff. He's had them relegated to unrelated projects since his email." 

Himiko bowed and gave me a shy Japanese greeting. My eyes flicked impulsively to her chest, just for a second. Her breasts were unusually large for a Japanese girl. I started to imagine what they looked like naked, and then stopped. I didn't like to let myself get too careless around staff unless I paid them for discretion. I didn't want any legal complications. Fortunately she didn't notice as she was already leading us into the building. I followed, with Celeste alongside and Bianca continuing to silently trail behind me, managing to do a superb job of walking normally. 

Celeste's finger hovered over the top button as we stepped onto the elevator. "Did you want to stop by your office first?" 

"No, take me straight to Hirimoto's lab. I've had enough of this cloak and dagger bullshit. I don't like being out of the loop." She nodded and hit one of the upper buttons. "Can you have someone take Bianca to my office, though?" 

Bianca looked at me questioningly. "You don't want me with you?" 

"Just while I meet Hirimoto." I replied, "I'll come and see you there afterwards." 

Celeste cleared her throat. "If you like, ma'am, I could have Himiko-san give her a tour of the facilities. That would be more interesting than sitting alone in an office."

I saw the curious look on Bianca's face. "Fine. Himiko-san, please show her around anywhere that isn't high security. I'll have Celeste come and find you both when I'm done." Himiko bowed gracefully, accepting my instructions, and my eyes were drawn to her cleavage again. I checked myself as the elevator dinged for my floor and Celeste and I stepped off, leaving Bianca and Himiko behind as the door closed. 

Following Celeste into the lab, I saw Hirimoto working at a computer, a tiny, wizened old man surrounded by various pieces of complex-looking robotics equipment. "Kenta!" I familiarly called him by his first name. He never seemed to mind. "What the fuck am I doing here?" I gave him a half-hearted glare. "You'd better have something good to show me." 

He looked up at me and gave me a grin as wide as his head. "Good morning, Annabel-san. Good to see you! It is up to you whether it is good or bad. Our research has had a result I could never have predicted." He paused, looking at Celeste with a frown, and I gave her a nod indicating she could go. Having a seat by his workstation, he brought up a diagram of a nanite once we were alone. "These machines, very simple devices. They are small enough to be injected into a human body, but as a result they have no moving parts, all we've managed to get them to do is talk to each other." 

I sighed, distractedly picking up a pen from the table. "I know this much. I was hoping you'd called me here to tell me we'd gotten past this stage." 

He shook his head. "We're working on it, but we're at least three years from even getting them to connect two pieces of cut tissue together, let alone replacing damaged cells. Maybe if we had access to some of our competitors' research we could cut down the time, but…" He scowled. "You are letting me get sidetracked. This has nothing to do with the complexity of the machines, Annabel-san. They network, which allows them to coordinate where they need to go, what they need to do. They are also designed to be able to receive and transmit electrical signals from a spot on their hull, to allow multiple nanites to form together and communicate, like plugging an electronic device into a computer port." He pointed to the diagram, but he didn't need to. It didn't look very different to the ones I'd already seen and studied. I waiting for him to get to his point. "I discovered something quite by accident last week. The machines can latch on to tissue, we designed them to do this in order to be able to repair it in future. But when some attached to a brain, the conductive component began to intercept the electrical signals running through it." 

I sat there in silence for a moment, twirling the pen and trying to understand what he was saying. "so… what? You detected brain activity with them? Like an MRI?" 

He shook his head. "More than just an MRI. Enough nanites and I was able to map every electrical signal the test brain put out. I had it send the information across the nanite network into the computer. Every thought it processed." 

I stopped and looked at him. "Are you telling me these things can read minds?" 

He frowned, waving his hands in a vague gesture. "That is not exactly true. The data they get is untranslatable, gibberish. We don't know exactly what each signal in a brain means, so we can't translate it into machine code." He smiled. "But then I thought about the scribes of past times. Many of them were illiterate, you know. But they faithfully reproduced many great works, despite not having an inkling of what they contained. I thought to myself, 'What if we had something to translate at the other end? Something that could speak the language of a brain? That the nanites could transmit the signal to wirelessly and convert the data back into information identical to the original.'" I watched him as he sat there, a glimmer of pure joy sparkling in his eyes. "Another brain, of course. The nanites are a bridge! They don't need to translate anything to show up as words on a computer screen. They just read the message at one end, and then write it down at the other, exactly the same as it was!" 

"You're talking about computer assisted telepathy?" I simply stared at him incredulously for a moment. "This sounds like science fiction." 


"I thought so too. I mean, there's no way to test it on the rats we use, how would I know if a rat was communicating telepathically with another rat? I don't speak rat." He shrugged. "I suppose I could have gotten something smarter, monkeys perhaps." He scowled. "It would have taken too long. My assistant, Himiko-san. I tested them on her." 

The pen dropped to the floor with a clatter. "You what?!" 

He held his hands up defensively. "I needed to find out. It was the fastest way." He looked at me, annoyed that he should have to explain himself. "She has no idea. I slipped some of the machines into her tea, programmed to travel to her brain and attach themselves. Then I did the same to myself." 

He paused and lifted a small square suitcase onto the table and opened it. "I built this," he said as he pulled out a small half circle. "It's a headset. It handles the relay of information from the subject to the recipient." He grinned again. "I've been using it for a week with no adverse effects. If I put this on, I can see and hear everything that Himiko-san sees or hears." 

"And she really has no idea?" 

He frowned. "No… there is an odd effect when the device is in use. The subject has no idea that someone is in their head, but… the recipient doesn't know either." 

"I don't understand." 

"When I was in Himiko-san's head… I forgot myself. I had no identity, there was just her. The nanites take over everything. When the headset was off, I remembered it all, but while it was on, it was like being her. I'm sure I can fix this… I just need the right software controlling the bridge." 

"I'm afraid I don't follow. What exactly do you mean when you say you forgot yourself? Like amnesia?" 

He waved away my comment. "No. It is hard to explain." He handed me a vial. "I prepared these. I thought the best way to convince you would be for you to experience it for yourself." I looked at him like he was handing me poison, and he laughed. "I told you, no adverse effects after a week of use. These nanites break down after a few days, your body will pass them naturally, just drink a lot of fluids."

A week was hardly an adequate trial, but I was tempted. More than tempted. The possibilities here were too good to pass up, but if anyone ever saw into my head… "No one knows about these?" 

He smiled. "No. As soon as I discovered it, I locked down the lab. My staff is very unhappy that I would not tell them why, but who cares what they think." He gave me an exasperated gesture. "They are all idiots. Do only what I tell them. Replaceable." 

I made up my mind and popped the cap off the vial. Throwing caution and common sense to the wind, I leaned my head back and swallowed the fluid. Hirimoto smiled and passed me the suitcase. "Go somewhere you won't be disturbed and put this on. There is a program on the flash drive that will allow you to control the connection." He looked me in the eye. "You will not be disappointed, I think, Miss Love." 

I opened my eyes. Reaching over to the toilet paper I took some and gently pulled off a couple of squares, using them to dry myself before I stood up and flushed. I quickly pulled up my panties and straightened my skirt. Stepping out of the cubicle, I wondered if Love-san and Hirimoto-sensei were going to be long. I had already showed Bianca-san the labs, and was about to show her the factory floor, but after that I was going to run out of low-security areas that I was sure I could show her. 

I washed my hands in the sink and dried them. I turned to leave when the curve of my bust caught my eye. I turned sideways and thrust them out, admiring my profile in the mirror. I was very proud of my breasts. They turned many heads once they had sprung out during puberty, and caused many glares of jealousy from the girls I had gone to school with. 

I reached up and squeezed them through the bra, surprised by how aroused I suddenly was. I had never gotten so turned on by just touching my own breasts before. Looking around to make sure I was the only one in here, I decided to just take a quick peek. I wasn't sure why, I saw them every day after all, but right then I had an overwhelming urge to look at them. I started to unbutton my blouse. Opening it, I unsnapped my bra and slipped it off under my sleeves, exposing my lovely pale orbs. I simply stared at my exposed chest in the mirror, enjoying the view, and reached up again to squeeze one of them, biting my lip in pleasure as my hand kneaded the soft flesh. 

There was a knock a the door. Bianca called out to me. "Himiko? Are you nearly done?" I panicked at the thought of being caught, and hurriedly buttoned up my blouse. There was no time to don my bra, and I hoped no one would notice. I would have to put it back on discreetly when I had a moment. I stuffed it hastily into my skirt pocket. 

I washed my hands quickly and stepped out of the bathroom. "Forgive me, Bianca-san." I gestured down the hall as we continued the tour. "This way is the factory floor. It is where we produce the hardware for the company's products." I led her through the double doors and into the main room. We were on a walkway overlooking the industrial machines, workers rushing around focused on keeping the production line running. 

"Real large-scale operation you've got here." Bianca looked out across the floor with interest. 

I pointed to a door at the end of the walkway. "Through there is the control room. I will show you." I reached into my pocket to grab my key card, and as I pulled it out, I heard a small noise and saw Bianca look at the ground in surprise. I followed her gaze and felt horror grip me as I saw my bra lying on the walkway, having fallen out when I retrieved my keycard. I felt my face turn bright red. Stammering apologies to Bianca, I stepped forward hastily, trying to pick it up, but to my continued horror I clumsily kicked it with my toe before my fingers could close around it. My heart sank as it fell, landing on a large press that formed steel casings for the spray cans we produced. 

I closed my eyes in shame. "Please forgive me, Bianca-san. I can explain." 

"Oh no, that's quite alright. I'm sure it's none of my business." She was almost as embarrassed as I was, looking off in the opposite direction. 

I looked around the factory floor. No one had noticed my bra yet. If the workers found it my humiliation would be complete. "Please wait here, I will be right back." I quickly hurried down the stairs to the floor. No one was near the machine where my bra lay. I stepped over to it. It was about waist high, a number of openings in the top, and my bra lay on the frame on the far side. 

I looked around to make sure no one was watching. Stepping over the yellow and black hazard line, I pressed my hips up against the machine and leaned over the top, reaching for bra. It was just further than my hands width away. I stretched my body forward, trying to get a grip on it, my fingers brushing the cup, and felt my braless breasts hang down in a gap in the machine below me. It suddenly occurred to me that this was a very bad idea. Maybe I should… 

A klaxon sounded and a red light on the wall in front of me lit. Oh god. I felt a vibration in the machine below me, and suddenly a shooting pain shot through my breasts as the mechanism moved, crushing them between the steel plates. I couldn't breath for a moment, but then I let out an agonised scream, my feet scrabbling against the device fruitlessly as I tried to push myself away, but I was trapped by my breasts! Floor workers were running up, and I managed to stop screaming long enough to beg them for help. "Please! Turn it off!" 

I heard the manager yelling. "Hit the kill switch!" But then the machine moved again, downwards, and I was pulled against the frame. My face was pressed up against the metal and I let out a renewed scream as I felt an incredible pain in my chest. I felt my breasts being stretched further than they ever had, and then blinding agony took my breath away as I heard a wet ripping sound in front of me. I tried to scream, but no sound came from my mouth as something splashed my face, then suddenly I was released from the machine, pushing myself up. My chest was a beacon of white hot agony and I fell backwards into the arms of my colleagues. 

"Oh my god…" The concern in the manager's voice gripped me with fear. I forced myself to look at my breasts. At where they had been. A wave of nausea joined the pain and dizziness as I laid eyes on the bloody ruins of my chest. This couldn't be happening! My breasts had been torn off! I prayed for it not to be true, unable to speak as I fruitlessly waved my hands over the empty space where there should have been a pair of soft pale mounds. Instead, all I could see were the exposed muscles of my chest vibrating with my ragged breathing, through a hole torn in my bloodstained blouse. 

I couldn't hear what my colleagues were saying to me anymore. Something about holding on, as a man rushed up and sprayed a can of our sealant across my wounds. It was all getting fuzzy. All I could think of was wondering where my tits had gone. I wanted to rush over to the press and find them, place them back on my body where they belonged, but I didn't have the strength, my arms getting heavy. Where were my breasts? 

And then I didn't see anything else. 

I leapt out of my chair, gasping. My hands flew to my chest, and I was shocked to feel them clasp my boobs, squeezing in disbelief that they were there. It had felt so real. I had thought my own breasts had been torn off! I quickly undid my blouse and pulled on my bra, looking inside it. Yes, they were definitely still there. Had it been some sort of hallucination? 

My desk phone buzzed with on an internal line and I picked it up. Celeste's voice sounded on the other end. "Miss Love? You'd better come down to the factory floor right away. There's been an accident." 

I gripped the receiver tightly. "Was anyone hurt?" 

"Yes. Himiko has been injured. I don't know how bad it is. I've already called for an ambulance." 

"I'll be right there." I locked my laptop and dropped the nanite headset on the desk. Not a hallucination then. I had been there. Inside her head. Not only that, I had wanted to see her breasts in the bathroom, and she had taken off her top and felt herself up. Unless she was as much of a pervert as I was, and from her employee profile I doubted she was, then this device did more than just let send out impulses from a person's brain. 

It also sent them back in. 

I quickly made my way downstairs and found Celeste, pacing frantically. "Annabel, ma'am, I don't know how it happened, but Himiko was leaning over one of the factory machines while it was running. She got her…" Celeste gestured to her own chest "…well, her breasts caught in the mechanism." She swallowed. "It… it just ripped them right off her chest." 

As if I hadn't known. "Is she going to be okay?" 

"I don't know. One of the guys got some first aid stuff and stopped the bleeding, but jesus… she had her tits torn off, of all things. I can't even begin to imagine what that felt like." She held her own breasts sympathetically. "They were really nice tits, too." 

I knew very well what it felt like, and I had enjoyed it immensely. We approached the scene, people crowding around, but they saw me coming and made their way back to their stations. "Celeste, the ambulance should be here very soon. Can you follow it to the hospital? I want you to keep me informed of her condition." I knelt down by Himiko's unconscious form, staring at the destruction her body had suffered. The sealant had stopped the bleeding, but it had not been a clean separation, and strips of flesh and fat were still hanging from the bloody craters that had been left behind. I checked her pulse and breathing. It was faint, but steady. I didn't think she was in any immediate danger, and had just fainted from the shock and pain of losing her tits. 

We were distracted by the sounds of sirens outside, and then the paramedics burst in. They were efficient, checking her vitals as I had and loading her onto a stretcher, and then they were gone. I called the manager over to me. "Kawamura, I want this place cleared out. Send everyone home for the day, full pay. Everyone has had a shock and we all need to take some time to collect ourselves and pick up the pieces. I'll take care of getting some cleaners in here to…" I gestured at the puddle of Himiko's blood. "…well, to clean up." 

"Thank you, Love-san, I will do as you say." He looked crestfallen. "I assume full responsibility for this accident. I should have been more attentive." He gave me a low bow of apology. 

"Don't worry about that for now. Bianca was with Himiko-san, I'll get her to fill me in on what happened. Just go home and relax for tonight, if you can. We'll talk in the morning." I felt a pang of guilt. Kawamura was a good manager, and it hadn't been his fault Himiko had foolishly lowered her breasts into those steel jaws, and I resolved to let him know that he had not been responsible as soon as I could believably have learned what had happened. 

I went and stood by Bianca as the staff filed out, chatting excitedly amongst themselves. At a glance she looked like she was in shock, but I saw her pressing her legs together and knew it was something else entirely. "Quite a show." I murmured to her under my breath. 

She reached up and squeezed her undamaged breast. "I just saw a girl get her tits ripped off." She looked up at me. "I mean, I hope she's okay, but that was fucking hot! I kind of want to go down and stick my own boobs in there." 

I nodded. "You're telling me. come this way." I led her over to the control room the two of them had originally been heading to, swiping my access card to allow me inside. Stepping over to the computers, I entered my code and deactivated the security cameras. Bianca tagged along behind me as I made my way back out and down the stairs. 

"You probably want to know what happened." Bianca said, with a slight questioning tone. 

"Let me guess, she dropped her bra and was too embarrassed to follow standard safety procedures, so she climbed onto a dangerous machine, exposing her breasts to the hazardous machinery that lay within. Does that about sum it up?" 

Bianca stared at me incredulously. "How the hell did you know that?" 

"Hirimoto's discovery. It allows me to read minds. I was inside her head the whole time. I saw and felt everything." She looked at me like I was crazy. "I'll explain everything later, but for now just take my word for it. Everything that just happened to Himiko, happened to me as well." I approached the press, making certain the workmen had cut the power to it. 

"No shit?" Bianca watched as I went around the side of the press and took off a cover. I reached inside and felt around. "Are you sure you should be sticking your arm in there?" Bianca looked at me with concern. 

"Don't worry, it's been shut down. There's no way it can possibly harm me, and no, those are not famous last words. It really is impossible." I smiled as my hand closed on something soft. "Besides…" I withdrew my arm and showed Bianca what I held. "I thought you might like to see this." She gasped. In my hand was one of Himiko's breasts. 

"Oh my god." Bianca approached me, her eyes fixed on the tit. "I can't believe it. I didn't think there would be anything left! I'm really looking at a severed breast! I never thought I would… Can I hold it?" 

I laughed, passing her the wobbling pound of meat and watched as she marveled at the soft body part, making it jiggle in her hands before turning it over and looking at the exposed fatty insides of the female organ. I reached back into the machine to see if I could find the other one. "The mechanism didn't squash the breasts completely, just hard enough to trap them between the plates. Then it turned in such away that it pulled them a certain distance, and Himiko's torso couldn't follow. It just ripped them off." 

"Fuck me, and you felt the whole thing? What was it like?" She flicked the nipple a couple of times before taking it in her mouth and suckling on the detached tit in her hands. She was clearly enjoying herself as she bit and chewed on the cold flesh. 

"I didn't just feel it." I managed to get a grip on the other one by what felt like the nipple. "Hirimoto's device causes the user to forget their identity. I thought I was Himiko. I really thought my breasts had been torn off." I carefully extracted the second tit from inside the machine and held it up my the nipple, dangling it in front of Bianca as she sucked on its twin with a massive smile on her face. "Even though I was Himiko, and felt her terror, part of me, the real me, was thrilled to have my tits torn off. I wouldn't mind doing it again someday." 

She pulled it from her lips with a soft pop. "What will we do with them?" 

"They're a bit scratched up and greasy, but otherwise intact. I hate to waste a lovely pair of tits. I'm thinking dinner. Feel like some Asian cuisine tonight?" 

Her eyes widened. "Seriously? Oh my god, I'm going to get to eat a girl's breast?" Her eyes glazed over as she imagined it. I was going to enjoy watching her first time dining on the sexual parts of another woman. One never forgets her first time… I wistfully remembered my own. I had been so nervous. "Hang on…" Bianca brought me out of my reverie. "Won't anyone wonder what happened to them?" 

"No. I'll call in a third party to clean up the mess. They won't get any details of what happened, so they won't expect to find a pair of tits in the machine, and everyone else will assume the cleaning company disposed of them as medical waste. Couldn't be simpler." Bianca just grinned again and went back to sucking on the breast in her hands. I picked up a nearby container and laid a few towels from the medical kit inside. Placing the severed breast I held within it, I held the box out to Bianca for the one she was playing with. She dropped it next to its twin with a wobble, and I placed a lid over them, sealing the container for the ride home. "Let's go. I'll make an appointment with the cleaners on the way, and have an engineer meet them in the factory. They'll probably have to dismantle the whole thing." 

With that, we left the building and had my driver meet us out front. Bianca carried the container with Himiko's tits in it, holding it tightly against her own chest with a wide smile on her face like all her birthdays had come at once. 

I placed the severed breast on the grill with a loud sizzle. Bianca was in front of the sink, washing off Himiko's other mound of all the grease that it had picked up from the press at the factory. She threw herself into the task, massaging the sexy piece of meat with enthusiasm. When she was satisfied it was clean, she handed it to me and I placed it next to the first with another sizzle of frying flesh. I always liked being naked when I cooked girl meat, and I felt the heat of the flames on my own tits as the pair in front of me cooked. 

I showed her every step I took to make the organs edible, injecting them with my own special sauces for flavour, stuffing to help them retain their shape, and jabbing the darkening skin with a fork to see if the insides were cooking properly. A puff of steam that came out when the skin broke was evidence they were ready, and I dished one each onto plates for us, along with some roasted vegetables. 


Bianca was already sitting at the table, also wearing nothing but a smile and ready to get stuck in, and I placed her plate in front of her before taking my seat. She looked in awe at the golden brown Asian breast in the centre of her plate, still capped with a now slightly crispy nipple. "I love rice, I do, but this is what I call a meal." She picked up her knife and fork and took a slice from the edge, enjoying the delicious smell. She put the morsel in her mouth and I interlocked my fingers, resting my chin on them as I watched in pleasure, my own meal ignored for the moment. Bianca ate it slowly, her first experience of eating a girl's cooked meat. 

The sight aroused me. I sat back and put my hand between my legs, rubbing myself gently. "How does Himiko taste?" 

"Amazing." Bianca cut off another piece of tit and speared it on the fork along with a chunk of potato. "You said a pussy tastes even better than this?" 

I smiled. "Breasts require a lot of prep work. Vaginas are much easier. The meat between our legs is better quality." Bianca started, glancing down at her own sex at my reminder that she also had the ingredients for a delicious meal, should I decide to harvest them. She grinned and spread her legs wide, exposing her sexy little cunt to my gaze through the glass table and put the second piece of meat in her mouth, chewing blissfully. I took up my knife and fork, and started as I usually did by slicing off the nipple. Himiko's flavour hit me as I bit into it, savouring the texture for a moment before munching on it and swallowing, making it a part of myself as I had done to so many before it. 

Bianca looked into the distance thoughtfully, finishing her mouthful before speaking. "I wish we had her pussy here as well. I would have loved to taste it." 

I shook my head. "I generally don't go near my employees, or anyone else within my social circles. Himiko's breasts are only on our menu because the opportunity presented itself." 

"You tend to go after pretty hitchhikers you've never met before, huh?" 

I admired her lovely naked figure, my eyes lingering on her missing nipple. Very pretty indeed. "Actually, if you're interested in tasting pussy, I have been thinking about that. I want to test Hirimoto's device again. I want to capture a girl, and get inside her head for longer. I'd like to experience more than just losing my breasts." 

Bianca speared the nipple of her meal, slicing it from the mound in front of her and eating it slowly, letting out a moan of pleasure as she devoured it. "Mmmm… You're going to kidnap someone? Any ideas who?" 

"Actually I've had someone in mind since our flight. Cristiana." 

Bianca stopped and looked at me. "Really?" 

"You said she was pretty, right? Well, it bothers me what she did to you. The idea of putting a girl like her in her place appeals to me." I stroked my foot up and down Bianca's leg gently, causing her to shiver. "Wouldn't you very much like to get some payback? Wouldn't you like to cut out her pussy while she watches? Make her wish she had never treated you so badly as you cook her body parts? Maybe even give her a taste of them?" 

Bianca grinned and returned my foot play. "I thought you said not to go after anyone in your social circle?" 

I replied with a smile as I took a sip of wine. "She's not part of my social circle. I've never met the girl." 

We sat in silence for a moment, just eating our meal, until finally Bianca spoke up. "If that's what you want, then it's what I want too. Just tell me what I have to do." 

I gave her a sultry look. "Let's finish our meal, I want to put on another of my home movies and ravage every inch of you while we watch it." She responded by excitedly digging back into the food on her plate, and I did the same. 

Shifting the flowers I held, I knocked on the door. When a voice gave me permission to enter, I turned the handle and stepped in, Bianca following me. Himiko lay in the hospital bed smiling at me with tired eyes, her flat chest bandaged up thoroughly from the surgery. "Good morning Love-san. You did not have to come and visit me." 

I put the flowers down in a space on the table in the room and pulled up an empty chair to the side of the bed, sitting down. "I wanted to see how you were doing, make sure you were being treated well. Is there anything I can get you?" A man sat opposite me by the window, probably her boyfriend or husband, holding her hand. He nodded at me in greeting. 

Himiko looked embarrassed. "Please, Love-san, forgive me for causing such a terrible event at work. I have been very foolish. Bianca-san must have told you what I was doing to get myself in such a predicament." 

I stopped her. "Please don't worry about work. You've suffered a terrible loss and I want you to know I don't hold you responsible for what happened. It was an accident, that's all. I want to to rest up and take the time you need to get your health back. I've had a word with the hospital director and he's going to give you first class treatment." 

She looked like she was holding back tears. "Thank you Love-san, you are too kind, but I don't think I will be able to return to work." She sniffled sadly and motioned to her chest. "Everyone knows they are gone. I know they would talk about me." She looked at me questioningly. "Was there anything left?" 

I shook my head. "I don't think so, anything that remained would have been too damaged to save, and had to be disposed of as biological waste." Her subdued demeanor returned and I took her free hand. "Himiko, you know what we were working on. Don't lose hope. I promise you this will only make us redouble our efforts to develop the nanites." I felt her squeeze my hand, as though she had a glimmer of hope. "If you don't want to return to the Japanese branch, you could always transfer. We're in the process of acquiring some new American labs that specialise in tissue growth. If you want to, when you're done recuperating there will always be an opening, wherever you want to go." 

A small smile crept onto her face, though it didn't quite reach her eyes. "Do you think it's possible? Could I really get new breasts one day?" 

"You'll be at the very top of the list once we have a working solution. I'm sure we'll make the necessary headway in the next few years." 

Himiko wiped her eyes. "Thank you Love-san. Even if it is a small chance, you have given me something to hope for." 

I reached into my purse and pulled out a card. "Here," I handed it to Himiko. "This is a counselor I know. She's very good. If you ever feel like you need to talk to someone, I'm sure she will be able to help you." Himiko thanked me as she took the card, and I stood up to leave. "I really must be going, I have a plane to catch. Take care of yourself Himiko, and feel better soon." 

"Thank you Love-san. Perhaps I will ask to see your friend when I get out of the hospital." She smiled and Bianca gave her a little wave as we left. Himiko shyly returned it with one of her own. 

Bianca glanced at me as we walked down the hallway. "I feel a little guilty. We ate her breasts and then acted so polite and understanding as we lied to her." 

"Don't worry about it. They were dead meat as soon as they were separated from her body. The rest is just sentimentality. She'll be okay. She'll heal up, her life will go on, and she might even get a brand new pair if we can get over the wall that's holding up our R&D division." 

"You think she'll see that counselor? 

I thought about it and beamed excitedly. "Maybe. In any case I'm going to bug that office. The next best thing to taking a girls tits from her is hearing her talk about it."

We landed at Marco Polo Airport in Venice after taking my plane back to Italy. It had been the second long flight in a week and there was a third one scheduled again soon. I wanted to get set up at our hotel before jetlag kicked in, so we caught a taxi to the edge of Venice. From there we walked to our hotel, enjoying the sights as I dragged a simple wheeled suitcase behind me. 

The lobby was a fancy affair, and I noticed Bianca glancing around in awe at the marble columns. I stepped up to the reception desk with her trailing a short distance behind me. She was starting to remind me of a cute little puppy. The image caused me to giggle to myself. I tapped the bell and the receptionist came out of the office with a smile. 

"Checking in, my name is Annabel Love. My sister and I have a reservation." 

She tapped away at her computer. "Here we go Miss Love, suite 310, an especially lovely one." She handed me an electronic card. "A queen and a single." I thanked her and made my way to the lifts. 

"Sister?" Bianca looked at me with a smirk. 

"I'm too young to have a daughter your age, and I always wanted a sister growing up. Alas, it never came to be." I grinned back at her as the elevator doors closed. "Would you prefer I introduced you as my little fucktoy?" 

Bianca blushed. "It's a more accurate description than sister. What we do with each other is not at all sisterly." 

"I don't know about that. I was always a horny little teenager. I think if I'd had a sister I wouldn't have been able to keep my hands off her." I kept looking straight ahead, stifling a laugh as I heard Bianca cough in embarrassed shock at my comment. Torture and mutilation in her stride, but she became flustered at the thought of incest. She was adorable. 

We stepped off the lift into a hallway and made our way to our room. Unlocking the suite, I ungraciously dumped my luggage in the middle of the floor and wandered into the kitchen, heading straight for the minibar. Finding some wine I poured the two of us a glass. I watched Bianca sip hers over the rim of my own glass, appreciating the curves of her figure. We hadn't had any time for fun on the plane, as I had spend most of the trip trying to figure out how to deal with my acquisition problem in San Francisco. Placing my glass on the counter, I reached out and stroked the side of her neck. 

She swallowed the rest of the wine in one gulp and I took the glass from her, putting it next to mine. Taking her hand I led her into the master bedroom and sat down on the end of the bed. Bianca came and sat next to me. She put out a hand and ran it up my thigh. I didn't move, allowing her access. Gasping as she touched me intimately, I reached over to her head and pulled her lips to mine, locking them in a kiss. 

Gasping for air as we broke contact, I motioned at her skirt. "Take that off. Your panties too, I want to look at your pussy and see how it's healing." Bianca obediently stripped off, removing the clothing below her waist. She sat down on the bed wearing only her shirt and socks, and spread her legs, exposing herself to me. I knelt down between them and spread her labia with my fingers. The stump where her clit used to be was healing well. There was a bit of bruising where I had cut through the flesh, but the sealant had removed any possibility of infection and there was no swelling. The skin would eventually grow over the raw exposed part until there was no evidence that she ever had a clitoris except for a smooth scar. 

I touched the wound, eliciting a small gasp from Bianca. "Does this still hurt?" 

She smiled. "Only a little. I'm pretty much used to the pain now." I moved my finger off the stump and trailed it down to her entrance. She was already quite wet, so I wasted no time in pushing it deep inside her, making her pant and squirm as I crooked it and dragged it out again with a beckoning gesture. Back inside, this time with a second. "Please, I want them all…" Bianca gasped as she stared down at me, a look of intense need on her face. 

She was moaning heavily as I teased her. "Think you can take them?" 

"I don't care if you tear me open. I want your whole hand inside me!" 

"Well, Miss Manners, you're going to have to ask me nicer than that. In fact, now I think you'd better earn your reward, or suffer a punishment. If you come before I say…" I wiggled my fingers gently. "…Your pussy is toast." 

I felt her clench tightly around my fingers as she heard me. "What do you mean toast? What will you do?" 

"I don't know yet, but I guarantee you that it will take a long time to heal… if it's not permanent." I leaned down and gave her empty clit hood a little lick. "Of course, all you have to do to avoid it is control yourself until I decide to reward you." I pointed at the digital clock on bedside table. "Let's say you have to hold out until ten past, then you can come. Should be easy for a clitless girl, right?" I started to stuff more of my fingers inside Bianca's vagina, as she had asked me to do. She groaned as I pushed my entire hand into her up to my wrist, and her muscles were clasping it firmly as I moved it around. 

After a while the clock read 5:08. Bianca was writhing in pleasure, but she hadn't come yet. She was doing well, looking around the room in every direction except for at the action occurring between her legs, her eyes frequently glancing at the clock. It looked like she would make it. I didn't want it to be too easy however. "I'm going to debreast you, Bianca." 


I laughed. "Not now. Someday. I don't know if I'll be able to wait until the nanites are working though. Sometimes I just get… frisky." I pushed harder, forcing more of my arm inside her and causing her to let out a wail. "I've got a guillotine, you know. A french one, like they used in the revolution. It's very sharp. The only difference is the stock. There are two holes in it, at chest height." 

Bianca winced, her lust showing plainly on her face. "This isn't fair!" She looked at the clock. Nine past. 

I smiled, unwilling to let up. "I'm going to sit you down in front of that guillotine, Bianca. I'm going to strap you into it so you can't move and your pale breasts are poking through the holes. That will be the last time you get to feel anyone playing with them." Bianca was losing control, starting to peak. "I'm going to let you stew in your own juices, then you'll watch me pull the lever that releases the blade. It's going to come down fast, and it'll slice right through your tits, severing them quickly and cleanly from your body. Your sexy little orbs will be mine." Bianca began to shake, and I pushed roughly, forcing my entire forearm deep into her pussy. I felt my knuckles bump into her cervix, and she let out a scream of pure bliss as she came hard. Her back arched and I glanced around as her legs stretched out past my head, elation filling me as I watched her toes curl up. 

Then she went limp, falling back on the bed. We looked at the clock just as the last two digits changed. 5:10. She just lay there, stunned in the afterglow, a nervous look on her face as she was probably wondering what I was going to do to her. She grunted softly as I extracted my arm from her opening with a sucking sound. My entire forearm was soaked, and I couldn't resist licking it, enjoying the taste of her defeat. 

I stood up and walked over to my suitcase, opening it and pulled out a thick towel and a short riding crop. Instead of a leather loop at the end, it had a number of tassels, each capped with a sharp metal stud. "Pull your legs up." Bianca eyed the crop fearfully, but did as I asked. While I dried off my arm, she hooked her hands behind her knees, pulling her legs up and apart as much as she could. Her pussy was completely unprotected. Placing the towel down on the bed underneath her butt, I decided to start with an easy one. I let fly with the crop, hitting her cunt right in the middle with a sharp crack. Bianca let out a short scream, but didn't let go of her legs. 

I was impressed. I hit her again, harder, this time on the spot where her clit formerly lived. She Let out a strangled groan, her nails digging into her legs, but she still didn't let go. Again I lashed out with the crop, my aim spot on the bullseye between her legs. I whipped her vagina repeatedly, until tears were streaming down her cheeks and there were numerous tears in her pussy lips where the studs had caught on the loose flesh. She still hadn't let go of her legs, although there were a few trickles of blood where she had gripped them so tightly she had broken the skin.

I set down the crop, and knelt down between her legs, running my tongue slowly up her slit. The taste of her blood spread across my tongue, and I was overwhelmed with the desire to sink my teeth into her tender pussy, biting into the flesh and tearing off a mouthful. I took one of her labia into my mouth and started to bite down, a dangerous glint in my eyes as I looked up at her scared but reluctantly excited expression from my position between her legs. I knew what she was thinking as I increased the pressure, wondering what I was going to do. 

I released the sensitive meat from my jaws, continuing to pleasure them with my tongue instead. I heard her let out a sigh of relief. I didn't want to take any more body parts from her, not yet, but I still wanted to commit more violence against her cunt. 

I spied one of the free standing lamps by the bed. Standing up, I walked over to it. It was about waist high, and capped with a small shade that I pulled off and tossed on the bedside table. I disassembled the socket and brought it over to the bed, trailing the wire behind it. Getting between Bianca's legs again, I put the bulb at her entrance, still slightly red from the whipping. "Pull apart your labia." She reached down and did so, stretching herself as wide as she could, and I pushed the light bulb against her slit, rotating it back and forth to cover it with her blood and come. she gasped as the smooth round head entered her. It was a tight fit, so I helped her pull her labia out around the socket as I pushed it in. Finally it was entirely inside her, sitting snugly in her wet channel. I casually stepped over to the wall, plugging in the lamp and turning it on. 

I sat down next to her on the bed, and started to undress, simply watching her. She lay there watching me back as I shed my garments, a wire running between her legs. It was a lovely sight. I finished taking off my clothes and started to play with myself. Bianca was beginning to squirm about. "Getting uncomfortable?" 

She swallowed. "It's getting a little warm." 

"Light bulbs can heat up for a few hundred degrees. Soon it will start to burn the walls of your pussy. If I leave it in too long, your vagina will literally fry. You know, I've actually done a girl that way before. Not with a light bulb though." I reached out and slipped my hand down her shirt, caressing her breast as my other hand snaked down between my legs and pulled on my clit. 

I watched eagerly, taking my time as I pleasured myself. After a few minutes Bianca was starting to let out small yelps as the light bulb ever so slightly began to burn her. "Ah…. ah. It's starting to hurt." I could hear a slight sizzling sound coming from her cunt as her juices began to get hot. Her yelps were starting to turn into shrieks as she writhed next to me. I tugged my clitoris violently, releasing her breast and plunging my fingers inside me as I imagined her cooked cunt served up on a plate, ready to eat. I thought of myself feeding it to her as she happily ate her own sex. Bianca let out a piercing scream, and then I was climaxing, shuddering violently as waves of pleasure washed over me. 

I caught my breath and quickly reached down to unplug the light bulb. Bianca's relief was not immediate of course, as the hot bulb continued to burn. I looked at her shuddering form. Small tendrils of smoke were rising from her entrance. "I think your little pussy has been cooked enough for one day." Here in a hotel room was not the time or the place to be doing anything would stop her from walking out. 

Bianca looked at me, tears in her eyes. "I love you, Annabel." 

I still wasn't used to hearing that from a girl I was torturing, and it made me smile. I shifted on the bed, climbing over her and put my knee on her abdomen, returning her gaze. "No matter what?" 

She swallowed as she saw what I was about to do and nodded. "No matter what." She put her hand in her mouth, ready to muffle her scream. 

"I love you too." I put all my weight onto the leg resting on her body. There was a muffled crack as the light bulb shattered under the pressure, and Bianca let out a massive scream, biting down onto her hand in pain. She curled into a fetal position as I removed my knee, clutching at her pussy. Blood ran through her fingers, dripping onto the towel underneath her. I took her in my arms and stroked her head as she sobbed, comforting her. We lay there for some time, until the glass in her pussy had cooled. "Straighten up, darling, I need to pull the shards out." 

Bianca lay straight, tears still coming from her eyes. The filament and wire had fallen to the floor without the glass to hold it in place. I spread her bloody lips with two fingers, peering inside her slit. Numerous pieces of glass were puncturing the walls of her birth canal. I slid my fingers inside her a short distance, grabbed a big one and pulled it out, eliciting a sob from Bianca as it caught on one of her inner labia as I extracted it, cutting a red line where it passed. 

I continued to remove the glass, taking care not to cut myself, and trying to limit the damage I was doing to Bianca as best I could. It was a slow process, but finally I thought I had got them all and grabbed a can of sealant, spraying a gratuitous amount into Bianca's vagina. I pulled the bloody towel out from under her, then noticed some of it had soaked into her shirt. I cursed under my breath. "Take your top off." She did so, wincing at the movement she had to make. "You can borrow one of mine, we'll go buy you a new one tomorrow. We really need to get you a wardrobe." 

Bianca grinned as I climbed onto the bed and lay down beside her, pressing my naked body against hers. "Sounds fun." 

I draped an arm over her, my hand cupping her breast. "Are you prepared for what we're going to do?" 

She turned to look at me. "You mean kidnap Cristiana?" 

"We're not just going to kidnap her. We're going to kill her, and although I'll be going ride-along in her head, I don't know how much control I'll have. She may not be a willing participant. You'll have to torture her, mutilate her while she resists you every step of the way. Are you comfortable with that?" 

Bianca rested her head in the crook of my neck, nuzzling the top of her head against my chin. "I don't care about Cristiana. She hurt me, but because of what she did, I got to meet you. It's all the same to me whether she resists or not. I love you. I'll kill for you if I have to." 

Bianca was going to be very sore between her legs tomorrow, but she was going to have to put up with it as we walked around the city. There was a lot to get done. I pulled her into an embrace and smiled to myself as she difted off to sleep in my arms. For now, she could rest. 

Holding some garments I had selected, I ducked through the curtain into the small room. Bianca was standing on a platform, looking at herself in the mirror while a shop assistant crouched at her feet, measuring the hem of the black evening dress she was wearing. I put down the items I was carrying and stepped up behind her, admiring her petite from. "Lovely." I purred. Standing on my tiptoes I rested my chin on her shoulder and ran my hands over her hips, feeling the lovely smooth fabric that covered them. I pinched the silk, pulling on the slightly loose material. "It needs to be taken in here." 

"Yes, ma'am." The shop assistant stood when I spoke, taking my place behind Bianca and wrapping the measuring tape around her shapely waist. She took note of the measurement and turned to me. "I'll make some arrangements with the tailor and ring up your other purchases, Miss Love." 

"Have them delivered to my hotel as soon as they're ready." She nodded in acknowledgement and I thanked her as she left the two of us to continue changing. 

Bianca looked at me, blushing. "Any tighter and my panty line will show." 

I laughed. "You're not meant to wear any in this dress." I reached inside the long slit up one leg hooked my fingers inside the black lacy thing she had being trying on, expertly tugging it down until gravity caught it and deposited it around her ankles. "This is how you'll be dressed when you're attending formal occasions with me, kitten. There's some lovely art galleries I'd relish taking you to. It'll be so much fun knowing that underneath your dress you'll be going commando, completely exposed and unprotected from my inquisitive fingers when people aren't looking." 

Bianca's face gained a measure of colour as she stood in front of the mirror. "Kitten?" She smiled at my use of the pet name. 

I reached up to her zip, slowly pulling it down, exposing her back. She had to hold her hands to her chest to stop the dress from falling. "That's right, you remind me think of one because you always look so happy lapping up my cream." I gently took her hands, pulling them from her chest, and the gown slid to the ground in a puddle at her feet. 

She blushed some more as I gazed at her breasts. They looked asymmetrical, her missing nipple standing out in its absence. "Meow?" She grinned sheepishly, embarrassed that she had made the cute sound. 

I chuckled and walked to the chair where I had dropped the items I'd brought in. "Put these on. They're from the lingerie section." Bianca took the pair of stockings from me as I handed them to her, and I helped her balance as she slid them up her legs. The next item was a garter belt, and I attached the suspenders to her stockings while she donned the bra. 

"This seems a bit short." I looked up. The cups of the bra stopped just below where her nipple was, supporting her breast but provided no cover whatsoever. 

I finished buttoning her suspenders and stood up in front of her, giving her nipple a light pinch. "No, this is exactly what I was looking for, something a little slutty." I smiled as I attached the last piece around her neck, a simple black choker with a white embossed B on the front in a cursive font. "I had them do this while you were getting measured." Bianca looked at herself in the mirror, touching the choker. She didn't say anything, but for a fleeting second, I saw an expression of pride before she stepped down off the platform, and picked up her discarded panties. I stopped her as she was about to bend over and put them on. "I think I'll just hold onto these." I said as I slipped them into my pocket. "No one will know but me. Finish getting dressed and let's be going. I want you to show me your school." 

Bianca nodded and pulled on the rest of the relatively casual clothing I had laid out for her, a short skirt and camisole with spaghetti straps. As she pulled on the top, we saw that there was a hard bump showing through on one of her breasts, while the other was completely smooth. We looked at each other. "Well," I said, cocking my head as I looked at her. "That was to be expected, really. I'm sure no one will notice." 

"Yes, a girl's chest is the last place anybody would ever routinely look." Bianca said with a sarcastic tone. 

"You think we should head back to the hotel and even things out?" 

Bianca paled. "Uhh…" 

I laughed and leaned close to her ear, whispering. "I told you, I want your left tit whole. I have plans for it." I walked over to the curtain and held it aside for her. "If anyone notices, they can just wonder about it. Let's be on our way." 
We crossed some more of Venice's bridges as we headed east to the college Bianca had attended. She seemed to be very self conscious about the fact she wasn't wearing any panties, which unfortunately - for her, I was most entertained by it - was making her sole nipple remain hard the entire time, a tiny bump atop the large curve of her breast. She was very alarmed at one point when a boat load of people passed slowly underneath us, walking stiffly with her legs closed as tightly as she could manage and turning bright red, but she needn't have worried. Her skirt came down far enough that someone would have to be almost right underneath her to get an eyeful of her cute pussy. 

"We're nearly there. It's just over the next bridge." Bianca was looking around wistfully at the buildings that comprised the area that she used to call home. Suddenly she came to a halt at the edge of a plaza. I stopped and looked back at her as she stared across it. "That's her. Both of them." She pointed at the people sitting outside a cafe, chatting. I returned to her side and followed her line of vision. Two girls were speaking to a waitress who was taking their order. 

"Well, that certainly didn't take as long as I expected." 

"They must have an empty period this morning. I used to come here as well on my off days, with friends." 

I tried to make out their features, but we were too far away. "Shall we go get a coffee then?" 

Bianca fidgeted nervously. "What if they see me? They could suspect…" 

"What, that we aim to kidnap them?" I put my arm around Bianca. "That we will hurt them and carve off their girl parts for our evening meal? Kitten, there's no way they could have the slightest inkling. You have any number of reasons to be back here, even if they do spot you… actually that kind of gives me an idea." 

We made our way across the plaza and surreptitiously took a seat near the entrance to the cafe. The two girls didn't pay us any attention as Bianca sat down, obscured from them by a large plant. I took the a sunny spot where I had a good view of my newest prey. "Which one is Cristiana?" 

"The one who looks like the world exists solely to cater to her whims." Bianca said sourly. Truthfully I could have guessed. The girl I had surmised was Cristiana had an air of authority about her, and an expression that she was not impressed with anything she saw. Nicola seemed quite tame in comparison. If they had been a lesbian BDSM couple it would have been clear Nicola was the submissive. I gave Cristiana a more thorough glance. She was very pretty, perfect for my tastes. Long, blonde hair. Excellently groomed. A generous bust that I imagined being able to sink my teeth into. I was very pleased. 

I whispered to Bianca. "When the waitress comes with their drinks, grab her attention as soon as she's beside me. Place an order and keep eye contact with her." I reached into my purse and took out a small box with a pill in it. It was full of nanites. 

Bianca saw me and looked around anxiously. "You're going to do that now? Here?" 

I pointed at our surroundings. "It's a perfect set up. We're close to the empty building I rented this morning and we know they're about to have drinks. This table is in an area surrounded by plants on one side and there's no one on the other side because it's in the shade." I patted her hand. "Don't worry, I'm a total pro at dropping roofies into drinks without being seen." 

"Wow… did any of them survive?" 

I nodded. "Some. Occasionally I liked them too much to want to kill them. Other times… well, I ate them." I sighed. "I was usually pretty careful. I tended to check out their digs before I followed them home, made sure they were secluded, private. I made sure I knew their schedules, who they had planned to meet and how long before anyone would miss them." I recalled my past misbehaviours. "I did get careless at one point though. Started acting irrationally. I spent some time in Germany, got a little… unwound. Started having breakdowns, black spots in my memory. I didn't feel like myself. Eventually I got out and went to France, and that was when I started getting medicated." I tapped my purse, causing the pill bottle inside to rattle. 

"Since then I've been back to my old self. Only going after a girl when I'm positive I can do it cleanly. Thing is though, once I'm in their head, I know what they're thinking. If I can make Cristiana think about her life, her plans for the day, I can get everything I need. No more pesky stalking." I saw the waitress returning and pointed at her. "She's coming this way with two drinks. It's got to be theirs since the other groups already have some. Get ready." 

Bianca nodded and prepared her self. As the waitress passed, Bianca did her part perfectly, calling out to her when the drink tray was right next to me. She turned her head to look at Bianca, her body turning half a second slower, and in that instant I moved my hand from the table and passed it quickly over the tray, picking one of the two cups to drop it into. The pill silently splashed into the cappuccino with barely a ripple, and without missing a beat my hand continued the motion of reaching down to my bag on the ground, picking it up and placing it on the table. Bianca finished placing her order while I retrieved some cash. 

The waitress turned to me. "I won't have anything, I was just about to leave actually." I said as I passed the cash to Bianca and started to gather my things. The waitress continued to Cristiana's table. I growled under my breath as she put the cappuccino down in front of Nicola and gave the frappé to Cristiana. 


"Is this a problem?" Bianca asked. 

I shook my head. "It was a fifty-fifty chance Cristiana would drink it anyway. I guess we'll be taking an extra passenger back with us instead of one. I prepared for this eventuality. Maybe it's better this way, Nicola strikes me as being easier to manipulate." I stood up to go. "Give me twenty minutes to get to the apartment. I'll text you to leave and follow me there. Try and get them to notice you, and do exactly as we discussed this morning." I waved goodbye and hurried back across the plaza, walking quickly, but not running. Now it was time to be careful. If I could pull this off I was going to make the two girls walk themselves right into my web. 

I hurried up the stairs and into the makeshift bedroom where I'd dumped a mattress and set up my laptop. Lying down, I put the headset on and made myself comfortable. It should have been long enough by now for the nanites to enter Nicola's system. I sent Bianca a text and then hit the enter button. 


I shook my head slightly in confusion. "Sorry… what was that last thing you said?" 

"Oh my god, Nicci, I swear, you just had a hit of concentrated caffeine and you're still falling asleep? Were you up all night fucking Marco or something?" Cristi scoffed. "I was saying that waitress looks like she's on crack. I can't believe the service here."

"Don't be mean," I frowned. "She's probably been working all day." 

Cristi Looked at me with a disgusted expression. "What, are you her girlfriend or something?" 

I didn't respond, instead looking around while I tried to think of a way to change the subject. I saw a petite girl at the cafe entrance get up to leave. She seemed familiar… I gasped. "Oh my god, Cristi, is that Bianca?" I pointed as she started heading across the plaza. 

Cristiana studied her for a second. "That little bitch, what is she doing back here? I thought we ran her out of town last year." 

I remembered the cruel prank we'd pulled on her. It was Cristi's idea, like so many things were. She had dropped out a short time after that. I hadn't meant for that to happen, but Cristi had been delighted. "I wonder where she's going?" I mused to myself. I had a crazy idea. "Should we follow her? Maybe she's trying to re-enrol here." 

"God, I hope not." Cristi thought about it for a second and stood up. "You're right, it's going to bug me. I thought I'd finally gotten rid of the little lesbian and now she's back to ruin my day." I didn't say anything. I didn't understand why Cristi had such a grudge against Bianca, but it was best not to ask her about such things. She tended to explode in people's faces. Cristi left some money to settle the bill and we made our way across the plaza, trying to catch up with the blonde girl disappearing into the distance. 

She was heading south, away from the main population centre, walking fairly quickly as we went over some bridges. She crossed a narrow one, and one of the workmen sitting on the dock below looked up at her and shouted something suddenly. I thought I heard some wolf whistles from him and his friends, and Bianca dashed away clutching her skirt against her thighs. 

Bianca and I took a closer bridge that went in the direction Bianca was heading as we tried to catch up. We were going down a few narrow alleyways now. "Maybe she's got a flat in this direction." I said to Cristiana. "I think you can rent some of the studios here relatively cheaply." Cristiana didn't reply, her curiousity piqued by Bianca's odd behaviour. 

Finally we saw her go into an old building on the edge of a canal. I looked at the run down building. "Kind of a dump." 

Cristi just laughed. "Figures. Well, we know where she's staying I guess. Let's head back to our place. I want to think of some way to throw her a welcome back celebration." 

Something stopped me. "Hang on." I walked quickly across the alley up to the door. 

"Nicola, what are you doing?" Cristiana hissed from behind me. I turned and waved for her to follow. I reached up to the doorknob and turned it slowly. It wasn't locked. Cristi cam up behind me. "What has got into you?" 

"We should see if she really is staying here," I whispered. "We don't know if it's her place." I inched inside. There was a hallway running past a large room. Glancing in, I couldn't see anything. It was empty of furniture, decor, or Bianca. Cristi gently closed the door behind us as I silently crept down the hallway and started up the stairs. I paused as they creaked slightly, holding my breath. All I could hear was my heart beating in my chest. Cristi gave me a small nudge from behind when there was no sign of movement above, so I continued up. 

There was a room at the top. I peeked inside, and saw a bed with a woman on it. She was lying down asleep, some kind of device on her head. and a laptop beside her. The oddest sensation came over me as I looked at her, like I had seen her before. She was so familiar… Bianca tapped me on the shoulder and I realised I had wandered into the room and was staring at the sleeping figure. "Nicci, let's go." She whispered into my ear. "This is creeping me out." 

I nodded and we turned to leave. Suddenly I heard a couple of muffled noises and felt a sharp prick in my stomach. Bianca was standing at the doorway, a pair of what looked like guns in her hands. I looked down and saw some kind of dart sticking out of me, a bright tuft of material at the end. Cristi was shrieking and as I looked at her, I saw her staring down in horror at another dart sticking out of her breast. I tried to say something, but my head swam, and then the floor was coming up sideways. The last thing I remembered was my head hitting the ground. 


I clutched my head as I woke up and looked at Bianca, standing above the two fallen girls. "One of these days I'm going to find out what a graceful shutdown of this device feels like." 

Bianca looked at the crate I had brought for transportation, a love logo emblazoned on the top along with a biological material sticker. "This will barely fit one of them."

I gauged the size. "The second one is in the other room. I told you, I came prepared." I punched the 10-digit code into the crate, unlocking it. Retrieving the oxygen mask within, I placed it on Cristiana's face and the two of us lifted her into the padded box, curling her into a fetal position. "They may have a few bruises after the trip, but that will be the least of their worries." I gave her an injection to keep her out for another fifteen hours or so and closed the lid. 

I nodded to the doorway as I stepped over Nicola's prone form. "Let's go get the other one." 

Bianca followed me down the hallway. "How are we going to get them through customs?" 

"It's a private plane, so there's no security to worry about. There are still customs checks, but it's a much more lax affair than using a public airliner. We'll just nonchalantly move the crates aboard, and if anyone notices it's not unusual for a medical company like mine to be transporting bio material, especially with the medical conference I was at not long ago. These crates are actually leftovers from legitimate transportation, so all I have to do is fudge the numbers a bit on my company's documents." 

Before long Nicola shared her friend's readiness for shipping. We loaded the crates into an old elevator and hit the button for the dock in the basement. After loading them onto a boat, I dropped Bianca off at the hotel to check out and pick up our belongings, while I took the crates to the airport. The operation went without a hitch, and before long Bianca and I were enjoying each other's company in the plane's bedroom, our precious cargo tucked safely away in the hold. 

A little under fifteen hours later, we arrived home, back in Japan. I pulled into the driveway of my property just outside of the city. It had a large wall, like many quality residences did in Japan, with plenty of privacy. Perfect for me. I parked the van I had borrowed from work, and Bianca and I unloaded the crates, getting them down the stairs into the hidden basement with the help of a motorised warehouse trolley. 

I dumped them together in the center of the floor as Bianca looked around, marveling at the room. I had no interest in a dank grey brick basement, this room was furnished, my own private hideaway of perversion. It was a BDSM room, with dozens of fun toys hanging on the walls, and of course cameras that recorded every little scream, every slice that happened, straight to an encrypted server. 

I pushed the lid off one of the containers, revealing the pretty girl sleeping soundly inside. Bianca helped me lift Nicola out and we carried her to the bed. While Bianca snapped a manacle around Nicola's ankle, I slapped some duct tape on her mouth, then returned to the second container. Opening it, I looked at Cristiana close up. She really was a vision of loveliness. Such a shame her personality didn't live up to her looks. 

I picked her up and carried her to a modified gynecological chair on the other side of the room. I strapped in her arms and legs, covering her mouth with tape as well, and returned to the bed. I kissed Bianca lovingly. "Let's start stripping them." 

She grinned and we began to remove both of the girls' clothing, cutting the fabric from around their restraints when necessary. I sat at the head of the bed, cradling Nicola between my legs as I pulled off her bra. Her breasts bounced into view, and I reached around her, squeezing them roughly. 

"Bianca." I caught her attention and she looked at me holding Nicola's pale tits out to her. She smile and climbed over us, dipping her head to take one of the unconscious girl's nipples in her mouth. I felt myself grow damp at the sight. "I love these moments…" I spoke softly, "when they're completely mine, to do anything I like to them, and they can't resist." 

Bianca release the nipple with a pop, moving down the Nicola's legs and pulling off her panties. "Did you do anything to me?" 

I put on a look of innocence. "Only a little oral sex. You woke up too soon for me to do anything really fun." I looked at Nicola's neatly trimmed bush and felt my excitement rise. "There's a razor and some shaving cream in that cupboard over there," I said, pointing to one of the many cabinets in the room. "Be a dear and get them, would you? I want you to make her lovely and smooth." 

Bianca complied, wandering over and pulling out the equipment. She gasped as she held up the razor-sharp cutthroat razor. "I thought you meant one like I'd use on my legs. This is… villainous." She smiled as the brought the tools back to the bed. "I'll have to try to resist the temptation to accidentally 'slip' and cut off something sensitive." 

I laughed. "It's hard, I know. I wasn't quite so restrained on the girl I had before you. She had such a pretty pussy. I lost control after I finished and ended up slicing her labia off then and there, while she was out cold. I held them in my hand and fingered myself silly while I played with them. When she woke up to find her precious pussy lips on a plate beside her, she did not react well." 

Bianca gave me a seductive glance as she finished spreading shaving cream over Nicola's mound and started scraping away with the razor. "Please make sure I'm awake when you take mine. I don't want to miss the sight of you cutting them off." 

"I promise. I'll make sure to film it as well, so you can watch your own mutilation as many times as you like." Bianca finished denuding Nicola's pussy of hair, visibly happy at my promise to her. 

I returned to Cristiana and finished stripping her of her last few garments. As I removed her top, my eyes fell on a tattoo. She had a small blue butterfly on the top of her breast, slightly towards the centre. I was captivated by it, so cute and in such an intimate place. I pulled out my cellphone and aimed it at her breast, snapping a picture. 

Like Bianca had been, Crisitana was smooth shaven between her legs. Bianca looked at her and gasped. "That little hypocrite. The number of times she mocked me for having a shaved pussy for the benefit of my girlfriends and she has hers the same." I simply smiled and bent down, giving the unconscious girl's slit a little lick, enjoying the taste. 

A moan came from Nicola. "She's waking up." I got up and made my way to the stairs. "I'm going to head up and reconnect. You know what to do?" Bianca nodded, smiling at me with adoration in her eyes, along with unmistakable excitement. I blew her a kiss and left the room. 


I tried to speak, but something was covering my mouth. It took a few minutes for the memories to come flooding back. Cristiana and I had been following Bianca, and then… Oh my god. I opened my eyes. I was suddenly wide awake as I realised I was naked, chained spreadeagled to a bed. Cristi was in front of me in some kind of gynecological chair, still unconscious but restrained the same as I was. Her legs were spread wide, her vagina totally exposed and hairless, as was mine. Tears started to accompany the panic as I realised that if we'd been put in these positions we were probably going to be raped. I looked around the room, taking in my surroundings. A TV sat near some stairs leading up where it could be viewed by both of us, and there was a kitchen off to the other side of the room. It had both a stove element and a barbecue grill beneath a large vent, as well as a large fridge. All around were a number of cupboards and cabinets, and I swallowed as I noticed a lot of bondage paraphernalia seemed to be displayed on the wall. There was an Asian theme to all of it. Japanese? I noticed a large katana prominently displayed in the middle of the perverted objects. 

I heard a movement behind me and then Bianca walked into view. My stomach sank as I remembered the things we had done to her while she was at high school and college. Was that why we were naked? Were we here as her revenge? I had so many questions as she stepped up to me, putting a hand between my legs and touching my pussy, rubbing it. I tried to close them but my restraints held me open, vulnerable. She reached up and pulled off the tape. I cried out in pain. "Gaah! What are you doing? Why am I naked?" 

"Because I like the sight of your nude body." She said nonchalantly. She sat down next to me on the bed, reaching out and stroking my left breast lightly. I gasped as goosebumps traveled down my body, caused by her feather touch. 

I couldn't believe this was happening to me. You read about this sort of thing in the papers, but it's always someone else, in another country. How could I be one of the unlucky few that gets kidnapped and raped? I wanted this all to be a horrible dream. "You can't do this. People will be looking for us, it's only a matter of time before we're found. You should stop this and let us go." 

I shivered as she tightened her grip, laughing and squeezing my breast more insistently. I was ashamed that I was responding to the sensation, my nipples hardening against my will. "No one is going to look for you here. We're not in Venice any more. In fact, we're not even in Italy. You've been out for quite some time." She followed my gaze as I looked around at the Asian decorations. "You can probably guess where you are, but it doesn't matter. The two of you are all mine, to do with as I please, for as long as I like." 

"You're going to rape us?" I knew the answer, but I needed her to confirm my fears. 

"Yes." As much as I expected her to say it, my heart still sank. "I'm not going to stop at rape though. We're going to have a night of rough sex, physical torture and mutilation, and possibly a couple of snuffings." 

I shook my head in disbelief. This wasn't happening. None of it was real. She did not just say she was going to snuff me. I was just a 19 year old college student, on my way to becoming a lawyer. I wasn't an angel, but I was a relatively good person. This sort of thing just didn't happen to good people. She leaned down and licked my nipple a few times before sucking on it. I gasped with pleasure as my face flushed red with shame. Bianca released it and leaned down to my ear "I'm going to start torturing you now." She whispered. 

"D… Don't. I don't deserve this. It's not fair!" 

Bianca ignored me, her gaze traveling down my nude body. I felt myself blush at being so exposed to her appraising eyes. She reached out and took my nipple between her fingers, pinching and rolling it. I tried not to respond, but the sensation made me gasp. Bianca reached up and took hold of a line hanging from the ceiling that I had not noticed before. She pulled it down, and I felt a chill as I saw a very thick, wicked-looking fishhook on the end. 

"What are you going to do…?" She brought the hook towards my nipple and I began to panic. "No… NO!, Wait, what are you doOEAARGH!" I let out a scream as the forced the hook through the very base of my nipple. I watched in horror as the barb burst out the other side of my aureole, bloodied from it's journey through my tit. I kept screaming as Bianca casually walked to the other side of the bed. I couldn't believe what had just happened! She reached up and grabbed a second line. I tried to beg her not to hurt me again as she tweaked my nipple, preparing it for her torture, but my sobs were unintelligible, and part of me knew they would have been futile anyway. 

Another scream burst from my lips as my other nipple was brutally pierced. I looked at both of my them, a small trickle of blood coming from where the metal parted skin, following the thin chain up to the ceiling. There was a pulley there, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Bianca step over to a switch. I suspected what was coming next, but surely not. I prayed she wasn't that cruel. "Please… no…" 

Bianca pressed the button and a motor hummed quietly as I watched the slack chains rise up. I winced as my pierced nipples began to rise with them, my breasts stretching underneath them. Bianca slowed the motor to a crawl, and I felt my breasts being pulled harder and harder. My breasts looked like traffic cones. Eventually they could stretch no further, and I began to wail as I felt my torso lifted up off the mattress by my nipples. Bianca raised me with excruciating slowness, and there was so much pain coming from my chest that I was terrified the tips of my breasts were going to be torn off at any moment. 

The motor stopped as Bianca returned to the bedside. Again, she reached up to the ceiling and took another chain, this one further toward the end of the bed. I whimpered and tried to raise my head to watch her as she disappeared toward my legs. I felt her free hand move between and take hold of one of my pussy lips. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my most intimate area, and I knew she had just pushed a hook through my left labia. I looked up and saw there were more hooks, three of them, and as Bianca took them she used them on my pussy, each one causing me to let out a cry of pain as they were forced through my vulva. My one relief was that Bianca hadn't put one through my clitoris. I didn't think I could have handled that. 

She returned to the switch and pressed it again, this time raising the lower four chains. I knew it was going to hurt, but I consoled myself that at least some of the weight would be taken off my nipples. As my labia began to stretch upwards, I found out I was wrong, it was not a good trade. I screamed as my entire body was lifted off the bed by my nipples and pussy. I don't know how they were able to take the weight of my body without being torn off, and among the pain I managed to thank my lucky stars I was relatively small and light. 

Bianca released my legs from the manacles and then did the same for my arms, forcing them behind my back and strapping them together. I didn't struggle - any movement sent unbearable pain shooting through my genitals and breasts. Then I heard the motor again and saw myself moving sideways, off the bed. When I was completely off, I looked at Bianca, unsure what she was about to do. She pressed a button again and my hips started rising while my chest began to lower. She was going to hang me upside down by my pussy! 

"Bianca, please!" I cried out in desperation. "Please don't hurt me any more, I'll do anything you want! I'll go down on you. I'll do my best to make you feel good, please don't do this!" She just smiled at me as I felt my labia protest the abuse they were suffering. All the blood was rushing to my head as I turned vertical, and then I was being suspended in the air only by the four fishhooks skewering my pussy lips, as the chains in my nipples went slack. I couldn't scream anymore. I couldn't make any sound, my breath was knocked out of me and my head was spinning. There was no way those two flaps of meat were going to hold me. The suspense was unbearable as I waited for my pussy flesh to tear, dropping me to the floor. 

It didn't happen. Bianca came and stood in front of me, raising her skirt. She wasn't wearing any panties, only a pair of stockings attached to a garter belt, and her bare vagina was directly in front of my face. "I'll take you up on that offer now." she said. I realised she wanted me to lick her. I hesitated and she continued. "If you don't, I'll raise you to the ceiling and give you a short drop. If you think this hurts, believe me, your lower lips won't survive that." 

If she had asked me to do so before this torture I would have resisted, but now I would have done anything to endear her to me so that she would spare me from the terrible agony I was feeling. I moved my head forward between her legs, tentatively stretching out my tongue. I received my very first taste of a girl's cunt as I ran it along her smooth slit, her excitement from her pleasure at torturing my sexual organs flowing onto my tongue. It was not as bad as I had feared, but then I was very distracted. I stabbed out with the fleshy organ, probing her entrance clumsily, but she didn't seem to mind my inexperience as she moaned in pleasure. I felt her flick my tender labia a few times with her fingers, each time causing my head to swim as I let forth a muffled scream of pain into her pussy. 

Suddenly I heard a click and she stopped, stepping back and out of my reach. I was sure she hadn't orgasmed. She held a cellphone in front of me and I saw the awful sight of my own labia stretched beyond all possibility. It didn't even look like the vagina I knew and loved anymore. There were rivulets of blood coming from holes that were stretched open by the hooks so much that I could see through them. She looked down at me. "That'll do for now. It takes a lot of effort to make me come, and we'll be here all night if we try." She reached out and pushed me slightly, causing me to choke as the swinging motion made the hooks pull harder on my pussy lips and releasing a new wave of agony from my pelvis. She lowered me to the bed slowly as I swung, and then I was back on the mattress as the chains went slack, sobbing with relief as I pressed my thighs together, trying to endure the throbbing coming from between my legs. 

Bianca reattached my arms and legs to the bedposts again, and I was in the same position I had been when I woke, this time a little more exhausted and a lot more sore. She reached out and touched my breast, and I flinched away from her, scared she was going to hurt them some more. She held my chin and turned me to look at her. "You should let me play with them while you can." 


"Because soon your breasts are coming off." 

I looked at her in confusion. "I don't understand." 

She reached out again, making me gasp as she roughly groped my sensitive globe. "They're going to come off. As in, they will no longer be attached to you." 

"No… You can't be serious." 

"Yes, I'm going to remove your breasts. You should try and get as much pleasure out of them as you can, before they're gone." 

I stared at her, incredulous. "I don't believe you. You're just trying to scare me." 

Bianca smiled. "If I wanted to scare you, I'd show you this." She got up and walked to a laptop sitting on the kitchen bench, picking up a remote and turning on the TV. I saw a computer desktop displayed on it, and she opened a file which requested a password. She typed it in and the image of a girl appeared on the screen, her breasts held underneath a large guillotine blade. A second girl took hold of the blade's handle and began to pull it down. I closed my eyes, afraid to watch, but I heard the screams. It couldn't be real, surely it was staged. Opening my eyes again, any doubts I had perished. I watched as the girl's breasts were sliced off, the detached organs held by a third figure, then the screen went dark again as Bianca hit the power button on the remote. I retched. 

I felt sick. She was talking about mutilating my chest. She couldn't be serious! No one would hurt a girl in such a way! "You… You're kidding, right? I know we really humiliated you, but you're a girl, like me. You wouldn't… you know… cut off my tits. How could you?" 

"Get your head wrapped around it, you're getting debreasted in a minute, just like that girl did." She leaned in and took my nipple between her lips. She was really going to do it. I couldn't move as I watched her suck on one of the breasts she had told me she was going brutally amputate. I gasped as she slipped a hand between my legs and began to stroke my wounded pussy. I could feel myself getting damp and I blushed with shame as I realised she was going to try to get me off before she maimed me. 

"Did you kill her too? The girl on TV?" 

"Mmm, no." She mumbled into my breast. "She got to go home, without her tits of course. Don't get your hopes up, I doubt you'll be so lucky." 

"Please, I know we wronged you, but nothing we did warranted this kind of revenge." 

She released my nipple from her mouth with a pop. "You're right, it doesn't. The truth is, this is just something I want to do. If it hadn't been you it would have been someone else. The stuff in college was just the reason it ended up being Bianca, and you just got mixed up in it." 

"There has to be some way I can talk you out of this. I have money…" 

"I don't need your money. I need you to watch as I sever your luscious tits and place them on a platter in front of you. I need you to understand this is the last time you will ever get to feel this pleasure before you have to endure the pain of having them cut from your body. I'd try to enjoy it if I were you." She returned to pleasuring my breasts with her tongue, flicking it across my hardening nipples and circling my areola. 

I wanted to wake up, to find myself in my bed at home, my breasts safe from this maniac. But I didn't, this was really going to happen. The shock was starting to wear off and reality was setting in. This crazy sadist was going to debreast me. Never in my darkest nightmares could I have imagined that I could one day lose my breasts. I was going to become Nicola, the girl with no tits. 

A rush of terrified thoughts flew through my brain. I was going to be permanently disfigured. Having to explain to people what had happened, why I was now flat chested. Throwing out all my unnecessary bras. Guys losing interest in me without my bust to catch their attention. I bit my lip as Bianca increased her intensity between my legs. I was going to come, despite my fear, despite the fact I was engaged in lesbian activity with another girl, despite the knowledge of my approaching mutilation. 

Suddenly, the fingers in my pussy were gone. I groaned in frustration as my impending climax was lost. "Time's up." Bianca walked to my side and grabbed my nipple, pulling it up. A knife appeared in her hand out of nowhere, and she moved it to the underside of my breast. I started to hyperventilate. Oh my god, This was it. I hadn't even come yet and she was already going to cut my tit off! 

"Please…" I begged her. "Please… anything but my breasts." I closed my eyes tight as I waited for the pain, the acute feeling of the razor sharp knife delicately touching my skin, a heartbeat away from slicing into my soft white globe. I held my breath in anticipation. The knife moved away from my breast, and I opened my eyes in surprise, breathing again for a moment before she began to trail it down between my legs. My fear returned. 

The cold steel scraped gently across my labia, hinting at the danger it posed to my precious femininity. I gasped at the sensation. "These lips are important to you, right? Okay. I won't promise you that you'll get to keep your tits, but I won't cut them off yet if you give up your labia. I want you to remove them yourself." 

Remove them? What did she…? I gasped. "You're talking about cutting off a piece of my own vagina? Oh my god, that's crazy! There's no way I could handle the pain!" I tried to imagine trying to give myself a labiectomy. It was a ridiculous notion. 

"Your breasts or your pussy lips. Which are more important?" I couldn't believe this. I didn't want to lose my tits, but I loved my vagina! I didn't want to cut pieces of it off! I closed my eyes and sobbed. Deep down, I knew I didn't have a choice. There was no doubt in my mind, that if I didn't do as she said, I was seconds away from having my precious breasts taken from me. Could I really mutilate myself? 


"I…. I don't know. I don't want to lose either!" 

"Well, you have to make a decision. pick a body part to kiss goodbye, or get ready to have sex with this knife. I'm sure you've never been brave enough to push 6 inches of sharp steel up inside yourself. I did once, and even being really careful I must have cut myself dozens of times. Little cuts, inside my pussy. There's nothing that quite compares to the sense of danger being gently fucked with a knife gives you. If you're not careful you only ever get to experience it one time." I felt the tip of the blade ever so gently slide between my labia, Bianca readying to to push it into me, using it to give me that painful final fuck. She leaned in, speaking softly. "I'll sweeten the deal. Accept, and I'll give you an orgasm first, for real this time. You'll get to feel my tongue lick your lovely lips before you lose them. I won't make you slice them off until you climax." 

I felt a glimmer of hope in my chest. Maybe there was a way out of this. If I managed not to have an orgasm, to resist her ministrations, she promised she wouldn't make me do it. I swallowed. It couldn't be that difficult, I wasn't even into girls. "I choose my pussy." 


"My breasts are more important than my pussy lips. I'll do it. I'll… I'll cut them. Just please don't take my tits." 

I stopped holding my breath as the blade was removed from my vagina. Bianca stood up and went behind the curtain. She emerged again with a shiny scalpel and a felt pen. Kneeling between my legs again, she leaned in and I moaned as I felt her tongue slide up my cunt. I tried not to scream with joy as she circled it around my opening. Oh my god, this was amazing! I had no idea it felt so good to have someone go down on me. My heart sank as I remembered this was going to be the only time I would ever be able to enjoy this if I didn't control myself. 

Her tongue plunged deep inside my pussy for several minutes and I let out a groan as my pleasure eventually grew, despite my attempts to resist it. The wet, dexterous organ was rubbing my most sensitive spots, forcing me to writhe in bliss as my juices flowed like a dam had burst. Bianca pinched my clit and I saw stars as my orgasm hit, washing over me like a wave as a torrent of fluid flowed out of me into her mouth. She sealed her lips against my opening and drank everything I released. 

I lay back, panting and exhausted, my faint hope dying like a candle flame in the wind, my fate sealed. I felt Bianca withdraw her tongue from my vagina and then she was pulling on one of my labia, stretching it out. She started to draw a dotted line along it, and I bit my lip, stifling a moan brought on by the pleasant sensation of the pen's rough tip gently scratching along my delicate skin. 

Bianca finished drawing a line up one side of my vulva and continued down the other. It dawned on me that she was marking a line where to cut. My stomach lurched a bit with fear, but I let her finish. I looked where she'd drawn as she released my wrists from the frame. "Hang on, that's too much! It's right up against my pelvis, there'll be nothing left if I cut there." 

"That's the idea. You and her took everyone important from me, so I'm taking everything from you. Cut them off now, or kiss your boobs goodbye." 

I realised I was out of choices. if I didn't do this, I had no doubt that if I refused, true to her word Bianca would take her knife and push that steel blade through my breasts, forever robbing me of the soft mounds, and then she'd probably fuck me with it as well, destroying my vagina anyway. This was the rational choice, but it still felt like there was a lead weight in my stomach as I looked down at the doomed flesh between my legs. I was scared, but I had to resign myself to the loss if there was any chance my breasts would be spared. I knew there were girls that had this sort of thing done voluntarily, to make themselves smooth down there, but they had anesthetic and professional surgeons. I wasn't going to have such luxuries. I knew this was going to hurt, far more than the pain I had felt so far. I hoped I could endure it. 

I pulled on my right labia, wincing as the contact irritated the large holes that had been pierced in them earlier. Looking at the line she'd drawn, I picked up the scalpel. All I had to do was follow that line, it couldn't be that hard if I cut quickly. I placed the sharp edge of the scalpel against the skin and felt my pussy involuntarily moisten. Oh god, why was I becoming aroused? I swallowed, took a deep breath, and started to slice. I didn't feel anything at first but a cold feeling where there scalpel was. The blade was so sharp that it just moved into my soft meat without resistance. Then, the stretched flesh held between my fingers began to part, and the line where I was cutting suddenly started to ignite into a fiery, throbbing agony. 

I started to clench my teeth in pain, and Bianca put her hand on my head, stroking me. "The faster you do it, the sooner it will be over." My vision blurred with tears as I renewed the cutting, and trying to keep the blade close to the line drawn on my pussy lip was proving rather difficult. As I made my way along the bleeding flap of skin, I had to continually reposition where my fingers held it, as the part I was gripping kept becoming detached and loose. Finally I reached the top near my clitoris. I turned the scalpel and brought it to the top of my clitoral hood. With one last pull, the piece of pussy meat in my fingers was suddenly no longer connected to me. I held it up to my face and looked at it. It looked like something you'd trim from a side of steak, not like something that had just framed one side of my vagina. 

I lay the bloody strip of flesh on my thigh and took a deep breath, dizziness almost overwhelming me. Taking hold of my remaining labia, I tried to pull it out, but my fingers had become slippery with blood. I had to dig my nails in to get a grip on it as I tugged it as far as it would stretch and my hand was shaking so much that that I couldn't get the scalpel against the edge of the line. In desperation I stabbed it into the middle of the lip, poking it straight through to the other side. With the blade stabilised I then proceeded to slice downwards severing the lower half of my pussy lip before returning the blade to the corner of the wound and cutting up to the top this time. 

Again I laid a piece of my own vagina on my thigh and gasped. I'd done it. I had just sliced off both of my pussy lips. My entrance was completely exposed, my clitoris laid bare without the flaps of flesh to hide it. There was agony, to be sure, but to my great surprise, deep in my loins the pain was slightly subdued by an intense arousal. I could feel a massive orgasm building as I cut away my own intimate parts, and it was so very close. I needed to come more than anything. The scalpel dropped from my weak fingers, clattering to the floor. 

"Holy shit." A voice snapped me out of my own thoughts. Bianca had been sitting in a chair watching me mutilate myself, and judging by the dripping puddle she was sitting on, she had been masturbating furiously. She got up and knelt between my legs with a wicked smile on her face, and my heart beat faster as she put her head close to my bloody sex. 

The pain increased as she lightly touched the wound where my missing labia should have been, causing me to wince. I tried not to scream as her fingers trailed the ragged slices up to the top of my slit, where she took hold of my clit and pulled. The pleasure made me go cross eyed, and as she reached the limit of how far she could pull it, it began to hurt along with my severed lips. She let go of my stretched organ, causing it to snap back into place, and leaned forward, extending her tongue. I bit my lower lip as she licked along the length of my bleeding pussy, pain and pleasure mixing together in a confusing cocktail of sensations, then licked my clitoris before taking it into her mouth. 

I gasped as she sucked on my most sensitive body part. My pleasure began to drown out the pain, but something inside me wanted it back. I wanted more. "Could you… bite it?" My voice came out as a whisper. 

"Hmmmm?" Bianca glanced up at me, without taking her mouth from my pussy. 

"P… Please… can you bite it? Just a little?" She grinned, and I felt her teeth close around my clit, the pain returning in force as my nub was trapped between her jaws. I let out a strangled groan, relishing the agony that the little bundle of nerves was sending into my brain. I really wanted this? I was so confused. "Harder." I gasped. "Please?" 

My heart sank as she released my clit instead, and looked me in the eyes. "How much harder?" I hesitated, unsure what I wanted, so Bianca asked again. "Do you want me to bite it off?" 

Fear gripped me. She was asking me if I wanted her to bite off my clitoris! I wanted to beg her not to, but the words stuck in my throat. I simply sat there unable to decline. "If you're not going to object…" Bianca smiled and took my clit back in her mouth. I began to hyperventilate. I was about to have my clit bitten off! What was I doing? I had to tell her to stop! The rush of pleasure was fleeting as Bianca put her lips against my mound, and behind them I could feel her teeth begin to bite me again, the pain returning. I closed my eyes in shame as I reluctantly reveled in it. 

How could pain be enjoyable? It made no sense to me, but the effect was undeniable. Bianca was biting harder, her teeth starting to grind on my flesh, and again I started to lose the ability to tell pain from pleasure. I couldn't even understand what I was feeling anymore, the sensations from my cunt were overwhelming me as it all become a hot pulse of lust, deep in my abdomen. I started to scream as I opened my eyes again, excitement and fear making my heart thud in my chest as I watched Bianca bite down on my poor clit and chew until I thought I could see blood spilling from the side of her mouth. 

Delicious agony from between my legs caused me to shudder as Bianca jerked her head back, away from my pussy. I felt my clit receive one last tug as she jerked back again, and then I actually felt it separate as it was torn away. I heard myself let out an ear-splitting scream, and I nearly blacked out, whether from the pain of my circumcision or the earth-shattering orgasm it caused, I'm not sure, but when I was able to see straight again, I found her between my legs with a medical spray, shiny crimson staining her lips. Placing it down, she came up to my side and took my hand, putting her face over it. From her mouth she dropped my severed clitoris into my palm. I picked it up and held it between my thumb and forefinger, a barely recognizable little worm of flesh dripping blood onto the sheets. 

As I held the little piece of my sex, staring at it, I was beginning to realise the finality of what I had allowed Bianca to do. I felt tears form in my eyes as I looked at the main source of all my sexual pleasure. Destroyed. Gone. I had let her deprive me of my precious clitoris without a single protest, probably forever ending the possibility of any future orgasms. "Oh my god…" I began to sniffle. It was gone, all of it. I'd sacrificed my sex to save my breasts, but the cost was only just hitting home. I would never again be able to feel my finger run up my labia, the cute, soft, amputated lips lying in the bowl where Bianca had just dropped them, bloody and raw. I could no longer enjoy tugging on my clitoris as I climaxed. I looked at the little nub, once a huge part of my adolescence, now just a piece of dead tissue. "What have I done?" 

Suddenly a mouth was on my own as Bianca's lips met mine. I tried to speak, but she used the opportunity to thrust her tongue into my mouth as her hands found my breasts and began to caress them gently. Despite my situation, I began to lose myself in lust again, wrestling her tongue with my own. She gave me a smile that somehow caused a rush of pleasure through my vagina. I wasn't sure how that worked, I mean there wasn't much left to feel pleasure with down there. She broke the kiss. "Okay, you kept up your end of the deal. Consider your tits spared, for now. Just so you know, that was so fucking hot, watching you do that." 

Despite the horror of what I had done to myself, I felt a sense of relief that I had bought time for my breasts' continued existence. I even felt a little thrill from her compliment. She thought I looked sexy. She liked watching me mutilate myself. I leaned in and kissed her passionately again. I'd never felt this way before, this indescribable attraction to another girl. She took my severed clit from my fingers and dropped the bloody gobbet into the dish with my lips, then as she started stripping off her clothes, I tried to help. She pulled her shirt over her head, and I gasped as I saw her breasts, cupped in a bra that concealed almost nothing. Her left was beautiful and unmarred, but her right tit just had a raw looking wound where her nipple should have been. "Oh my god, what happened?" 

Bianca looked down at her chest. "Someone cut it off. They wanted to do it, and I wanted to let them, so I did." She grinned wickedly. "It was incredible." 

I reached out to it, and stopped. "I guess I'm not one to talk. I'm missing a lot more than just a nipple." 

Bianca took my hand. "You can touch it if you want." I let her guide my fingers to the hole in her breast. It felt rubbery and soft where I touched. She undid her skirt and dropped it to the floor. "My clit is gone, too." I put my hand between her legs and extended a finger under her clit hood. Sure enough there was an empty space where her pleasure button should have been. She let out a little gasp as I touched the wound. "That's why I can't orgasm easily." 

I looked up at her, blushing as I made the perverted request that had been in the back of my mind for a while. "Can I lick your pussy again?" She climbed off the bed and jumped up onto the kitchen bench, spreading her legs and giving me an unimpeded view of her opening. I followed her, bending down between her legs and extending my tongue. Gingerly, I touched it to her wet, sticky labia, and ran it up her slit. The taste of her sex hit me for the second time that evening and I realised I was starting to like it. I took another lick. 

Bianca grabbed the back of my head and held me against her pussy. I ran my tongue deep inside and nuzzled my nose into the empty space under her clit hood. I would have kept going, but she pulled my head back, and stopped me. I followed her gaze and saw that Cristi was starting to rouse and look around. "Do you like me, Nicola?" I nodded as I looked back up at her, hoping she would also like me enough to not want to snuff me. She turned my head to look at Cristiana. "I want you to pleasure her. I want to watch you eat out her pussy." 

I got up and walked over to my best friend. She had realised she was naked, strapped to a chair with her legs apart. I reached over and pulled off the tape. 

"Ow! What the hell is going on? Where are we? Why is everyone naked?" 

I looked at Bianca. She had moved into the kitchen and was over by the grill. I saw her turn it on, flames licking up at the wires, and she tucked a small knife into the element, leaving it there as she exited the kitchen. For a second, the thought of getting that knife flashed across my mind, but I immediately discarded it. I didn't want us to be snuffed. I had to make Bianca like me, and that meant doing as I was told. "I think we're in Asia somewhere, possibly Japan. Bianca kidnapped us, she brought us here and she's going to torture us." 

Cristi looked at me like I was insane. "The hell she is!" 

Bianca stepped up. "Shut up, Cristiana." She looked at me. "Do it." 

I got down between Cristiana's spread legs. She tried to protest. "Nikki, what are you doing? Stop!" 

Bianca cut her off with a slap. "I'm the one in charge here. You both do what I tell you to. Nicola, please eat out your best friend." 

I nodded and looked at Cristiana. "I have to, Cristi, it's best if we just do as she asks." Her cunt was right in front of me. I'd seen it in changing rooms before, but never this close, and for the first time I realised it was the most perfect pussy I'd ever seen. I knew she was proud of it, but I'd never been able to see it in such lovely detail before, and I felt a tinge of jealousy that she still had all her bits while I'd sacrificed mine. Sticking out my tongue, I could barely contain my excitement as I touched it to the bottom of Cristiana's pussy, and heard her gasp as I steadily licked up her slit. 

The taste of her sex washed over me, and I licked it again and again, eliciting pants of pleasure from above. It tasted… sexy. Different from Bianca's. I licked it slower, a longer one this time, then again. I ran my tongue around her pussy lips and flicked it against her hood, causing her to whimper. I liked having this control over her. 

Reaching up, I put my hands on her pelvis, pulling her pretty labia apart and exposing her entirely to my hungry eyes. It occurred to me bitterly that I no longer had a pair of these cute lips. She writhed as I ran my tongue around the rim of her entrance, shuddering with unwilling pleasure. I let go of her lips and took her entire mound in my mouth, wiggling my tongue into her vagina, stabbing it as deeply as I could and tasting the walls of her cunt. She looked at me, anger in her eyes, and I felt a bit guilty, but I didn't stop. I had no choice, I was being forced to do this. I just reminded myself that it wasn't my idea to perform lesbian oral sex on my best friend since high school. 

Her wetness flowed into my mouth and I savoured the taste like it was honey. It was certainly an aphrodisiac, as my own pussy grew damp as well, even as mutilated as it was. I reached between my legs, trying to touch something that felt good, but my efforts were thwarted as there was nothing there that provided pleasure any more. I settled for playing with my breasts with one hand while I pinched Cristi's clit with the other, pulling and tugging on it. She was starting to moan and pant heavily now, and I released her pussy from my mouth, plunging my digits inside her while I took her clitoris between my lips, sucking it forcefully. Cristiana went crazy, bucking and screaming with lust. I felt her cunt clench around my fingers, and released her clit to return my lips to her opening. A flood of her come filled my mouth, and I felt some of it spill down my chin as I tried to swallow all I could. Cristiana went limp, too exhausted to move. 

I stood up, letting out a yelp as Bianca slapped my behind. "Well done." She went to a cupboard and took out a narrow tray, bringing it over to the chair and placing it on the table beside us. It was full of long steel skewers of varying lengths and thicknesses. I just looked at her, waiting for her to explain. She stepped behind Cristiana and reached around my friend's body, fondling her breasts. "I want you to help me fill these fat tits with those things." 

Cristi was getting furious now. "This screwed up sex game of yours has gone on long enough! Do you think I'm going to beg for mercy or something? I don't know how you managed to talk Nicci into performing that… depraved act on me, but you don't really expect me to believe you're going to hurt me, do you?" She sneered at Bianca. "You're not that bold." 

Bianca was visibly upset. I could see Cristiana's influence over her still had an effect, but then she took a deep breath, and when she opened her eyes again I could see the determination in them. "Nicola, show Cristiana what we did you you." 

I was embarrassed at having to show Cristiana the extent of my mutilation, but I did as Bianca asked, wincing as I hooked my hand under my knee and lifted my leg to the arm of the chair. Cristiana just stared in horror at the carnage that had previously been my vagina. "Jesus. What happened?" 

Bianca held up the bowl with my amputated body parts in it for Cristiana to see. "Just a little amateur surgery with a scalpel. Am I bold now, Cristiana?" 

Cristi's atmosphere of being in control crumbled as she realised what she was looking at, what I had endured. She tried to look away, but kept glancing back as though she couldn't believe what she saw. "God, no," She whispered. "I'm so sorry for all the bullying, Bianca, please! The photos weren't my idea! Nicola, you're my friend, don't do this… mmph!" With a thoughtful look on her face, Bianca stuffed a red ball gag into her mouth, strapping it behind her head, and part of me was relieved. I already felt guilty from going down on her, and that was a pleasant experience compared to what Bianca just told me to do. Hearing Cristi beg for mercy was making me feel worse. 

I grabbed some skewers from the table and stood in front of her. This was it. I was about to torture a girl I considered my friend, to increase our odds of living through this. I had to get on Bianca's good side. I was sure that Cristiana would forgive me later, once this was over. She would understand there was no other way. I grabbed her left tit with one of the skewers in my other hand and positioned the point against the soft, sexy globe. 

I took a deep breath, preparing myself. Cristiana got scared when she saw I was going to do it. She protested into the gag, and then let out a muffled scream of pain as I pushed. The skewer broke skin and I thrust it hard into the meat of her breast, part of me reveling in the sensation of feeling the metal make its way through her flesh. We both looked at it as a small point formed on the other side of the tit, myself with fascination and her with horror, and then with a thrust the bloody tip of the skewer burst out of her flesh with a small trickle of blood. I stood back and looked at my handiwork. I had to admit that it was kind of awesome, a long shaft of steel completely penetrating her breast from one side to the other. I grabbed a longer one and put it horizontally against her right tit. 

Cristiana was screaming as I pushed it into her, rolling her eyes and banging her head against the headrest in pain. She stared at the skewer as it burst out the side of her right boob. I repositioned my hand on the end and pushed it further again, sending it deep into her left one. Cristiana groaned as it completed its journey, and I stood back and looked. She now had a steel rod going straight through both boobs, connecting them. Bianca had just watched me to start with, but now she picked up a third skewer and started to add to the number of spikes adorning my friend's breasts. I picked up a small one about six inches long and hiding it behind me, put my mouth to one of Cristi's quivering globes. My lips wrapped around her right nipple, and I sucked it like a lover. I felt the little nub harden as I flicked it with my tongue, and Cristiana's groans started to turn into moans as the pleasure I was giving her mixed with the pain. The respite was all too brief however, as I took the nipple from my mouth, and pinching it between my thumb and forefinger, I plunged the skewer straight through the top of her nipple, into her breast. Her cries renewed again with this latest steel intrusion into her body, and I stood back and watched Bianca add a few more skewers to the ones I had already decorated her with. I absentmindedly raised a hand to my own breast, caressing it as I wondered what it felt like to be Cristiana right now, with nearly a dozen shafts of metal piercing them in every direction. 

To my relief, Cristi had stopped screaming, instead just groaning softly as she lay there. Bianca came up beside me. "I think her tits have taken all they can for now. Let's let give her a moment to recover. I don't want her to pass out from shock." 

I nodded and took the opportunity to gaze at the various devices hanging on the walls. My eyes landed on the Japanese sword again and I felt goosebumps run down my arms. I was sure that it was sharp. Wandering over, I saw a shiny metal object lower down, sitting discreetly in a small box. I lifted it out and felt a twinge of lovely pain in my vagina. It was a pear of anguish. A lovely, phallic, golden device, with ornate lines carved into the four petals and a turnkey poking out the end. I carried it back to Bianca to show her what I'd found. "Have you ever used this on anyone?" 

Bianca beamed as she saw it. "No, but I think I'd like to." She took it from me and held it up to my mouth. "Get it nice and wet for your friend." I obediently opened my lips wide and Bianca gently inserted the instrument of torture. I licked the steel object like a popsicle, and when I had coated it, Bianca opened the leg stirrups, stepping between Cristiana's legs and putting it at the entrance to her unprotected pussy. Cristi let out a squeal as Bianca pushed it in, her pussy lips engulfing the bulge, tightening around the narrow end as it popped inside. She reluctantly moaned in pleasure as it filled her, but then as Bianca started to turn the screw, watching as the quarters of the pear began to move apart. Cristiana was shrieking into the gag as she felt it expand, knowing what it would do to her. 

The pear was stretching her to about the diameter of a soda can now, and Cristi's lips were stretched tight. Bianca stopped and stepped back, motioning for to me to take her place. "Do you want to have a turn?" 

I nodded excitedly as I got between Cristiana's legs. "How much should I turn it?" 

"As much as you want. Tear her open if you like." 

Cristi glared at me as I began turning the device. I watched, aroused, as her labia began to stretch to their limit, trying to accommodate its incredible width. I could see right inside her, all the way to her cervix. After several revolutions, Cristiana let out a piercing scream and I felt something wet hit me in the face as she bucked her hips wildly within the restraints. Unable to stretch any further, her pussy had torn in the front, next to her clit. A bright red line had appeared, and it grew bigger as I turned the screw some more, making her muffled screams increase in intensity. 

"Okay, that's enough." Bianca rested her hand on mine, before I turned the key again. "We don't want her to bleed too much yet, and I want her cunt relatively undamaged. Take it out as gently as you can." I started turning the key the other way, and Cristi let out a sigh of relief as the petals closed, giving her torn lips a reprieve. When the device was fully contracted, I pulled it out, hearing a tired grunt from my friend. It was coated in her vaginal fluids and a bit of blood here and there. Absentmindedly I started licking it again as I listened to Bianca talk. 

"I'm going to do some pretty nasty things to you, Cristiana. You deserve it." Bianca stroked her fingertips down Cristi's stomach as the restrained girl shook with fear. "But first of all, I'm going to cut out your vagina." Cristi screamed into her gag in horror at her tormentor's words as Bianca touched her there, pinching her torn labia. I was shocked myself. Her vagina? As in the whole thing? I looked at the glowing knife in the grill and realised that this was what that was for. Bianca was going to carve out Cristi's entire pussy, cauterising the wound as she did it so Cristi didn't die from blood loss during the process. I felt a throbbing in my own maimed sex, and tried to imagine what it would feel like to have that entire body part violently removed. 

Bianca continued speaking. "I don't want you to be delirious from pain, or in shock when I do it, so I'm going to do it before we go any further. I want you to have you full mental faculties as you watch me push this knife into your pelvis and cut around that precious slit of yours. I want you to see everything as I detach it from your body. I want it to look nice and presentable once it's removed." I began to pant more heavily as I listened. I was reluctant to admit it, but I was excited. This was far beyond what I did to myself with a little scalpel. I was going to see my best friend forever lose her precious lady parts, and I was slightly ashamed that it didn't bother me at all. I was looking forward to this. 

Cristiana protested incoherently as Bianca took the small knife from the element and ran it down her stomach, almost touching her skin. I could tell she felt the heat from the blade, and it occurred to me that the handle must have been a heat resistant material if Bianca could hold it as the knife was a dark orange glow. Finally stopping at her mound, Bianca moved it to the right of her lips, the ripped one leaking a small trickle of blood from the damage done by the pear. Cristiana was watching the knife, her eyes wide with fear, and then they bulged with horror as she saw it pierce her skin. There was a hiss of cooking flesh and Cristiana began to scream as Bianca pushed the knife slowly forward into the other girl's pelvis, to the side of her entrance. 

The hilt came up to her body and Bianca didn't move it. Instead she picked up her cellphone, holding it up and taking a photo of the handle sticking out of Cristiana's pubic mound. Cristi just stared at it, screaming into the gag. Taking hold of the knife again, Bianca began to push the blade down, slicing an angry red line that trailed behind the still glowing steel. Smoke was escaping from the wound, the heated metal cauterising Cristi's exposed flesh as Bianca slowly cut to the perineum and around her pussy in a small V shape, sawing deeply as the bound girl screamed at the violent intrusion. Once the knife reached the top again, mirroring the cut on the other side, Bianca withdrew it. The glow had faded, so she put it back on the element. 

I reached out a finger and stroked Cristiana's clit, still coated in my saliva. "Can you still feel this?" She didn't respond, not hearing me as she thrashed around, straining against the straps that held her in place. I slid my index finger inside her, trying to stimulate her, but as she continued sobbing I couldn't tell if she felt any pleasure amongst the pain. After a minute Bianca took the knife out again, its glow renewed, and put it against the end of the wound, pushing it deep into Cristi's mound a second time. This time she sliced horizontally across the front of my friend's sex, completing the triangular cut. "Nicola, would you like to do the honours?" She smiled as I wordlessly stood up, and I looked around for something to place Cristiana's pussy on. I spied a plate and grabbed it off the bench. I returned to the chair and got down between Cristiana's legs. Holding it out, I pinched her labia with one hand, pulling gently. Cristi's tear-stained eyes bulged as she saw her entire vaginal mound slide out of her body onto the white plate in my hand. Between her legs was just a red, sizzling opening, her cunt now a steaming pie shaped piece of meat on the plate. Her screams ceased as she went limp, passing out. 

I handed the dish to Bianca, who placed it on the table. 

I was feeling dizzy at what I had just seen. It was awful and horrible and at the same time, so incredibly exciting and erotic. To lose such an intimate, inherent part of oneself. The pain must have been crippling for Cristiana, but the knowledge that she was having such a precious body part taken from her must have been… exquisite. I gasped clutching at my breasts, digging my nails into them until I drew blood, faint red scratches running down the alabaster skin. 

Bianca returned to my side to see what had me so worked up and suddenly I grabbed her breasts. Lowering my head to the one with a nipple, I took it in my mouth, sucking on it hungrily. I had never done this sort of thing with a girl before, but I was so horny I needed to feel the touch of skin on skin. "Oh god, Bianca," I murmured around her nipple. "I'm so worked up, I need to get off. What should I do?"

Bianca pried me off her breast. "If you want a bit of straight-style sex, I think there's a strap-on around here somewhere. I could use it on you, but you're pretty cut up down there and missing most of your bits. It would probably hurt." I purred with lust as I imagined her fucking me, and nodded my acceptance. I didn't care about the pain. Bianca indicated with a flick of her eyes. "Go over to the bed." I did as she asked, lying down and playing with my tits, reveling in the sensations as I squeezed them. I watched as she took a strapped dildo out of a cupboard and started to slide it into herself. I realised there was an attachment on the outside for an additional connection. She would be getting fucked at the same time as me. 

She brought a box to the bed and opened it. "These are the different attachments." She held up two of them. I looked at the one on my left, a small rod about the size of a hairbrush. I had only ever stuck something that large in myself before. My eyes moved to the one in her other hand. A large, silver, metallic shaft with sharp little spikes jutting out the sides by about half a finger's width at every angle. This was not a toy for giving a girl pleasure, it was a torture device that would would inflict some serious damage. "If you answer correctly, I'll use the nice one. If you answer incorrectly, I get to use the naughty one." She wiggled the steel monster and I felt felt a touch of fear. If she used that I could forget about getting off. I'd probably never feel pleasure between my legs again. 

"What's the question?" 

"Did Cristiana tell you to get pics of me with Sara?" 

I felt a surge of guilt. "No. I just happened to be at that party and saw you and her heading off to a bedroom. I thought I could get some shots for Cristi to just tease you with, but she broke into your face book… I'm really sorry." I whispered. "I never meant to make you drop out." 

Bianca patted me on the shoulder. "Thanks for being honest. I forgive you." She held up the steel dildo wiggling it in front of me. "But, that was the answer that gets 'Mr. Spiky.'" 

I sighed and thought about the damage I had already done to myself. In for a penny… "My pussy is pretty fucked up. Whats the worst we can do now?" I reached out and tapped one of the spikes and jerked my hand back, a drop of blood leaking from my finger. These things were sharp. I shivered with fear. Bianca nodded and started screwing it to her crotch. When she finished it stood out from her pelvis, a killer cock. I swallowed nervously. "That stuff you used to seal up my wounds. It should work on any wounds we make here, right? I think it will be a lot messier than what we did earlier." 

"Yes, it should. I know a doctor who works with it. She told me its creating quite a stir among the medical community. It's seals up wounds like nothing else." 

I smiled and simply lay back on the bed, spreading my legs as wide as I could, opening myself up to be fucked like never before. Bianca wordlessly climbed over me, positioning the dildo at my mutilated entrance. The smooth round tip of the steel cock nuzzled against the wounds of my labia, and I put my hand over my mouth to muffle my cry. 

Then Bianca thrust forward, a look of bliss crossing her face, and I screamed into my palm as I felt the sharp spikes tear their way into my birth canal, ripping huge gashes in the tender lining of my cunt. I barely had time to catch my breath before she pulled out slowly, then thrust her hips forward again, creating new pathways of blinding pain inside me. I held both my hands to my mouth as she fucked me, tears spilling down my cheeks. It hurt so much, but somehow I loved it. My pussy was being ripped to shreds and I just wanted her to keep going. 

Bianca's breasts slapped against my own as she moved back and forth, pleasuring herself on her end of the toy while my end did the opposite, and I put my arms around her and pulled her against me, wrapping my legs behind her butt and trying to pull her hips as deep into me as possible. My mind was being overwhelmed with sensations of pleasure and pain, and my eyes crossed as beyond all expectations I felt a climax building. Another thrust and I felt something else tear inside me as I exploded into an orgasm of agony, and then another one, and a third. I lost count as my mind went blank, until finally Bianca stopped moving, just lying on top of me with her steel shaft buried in my ruined pussy. Slowly, eventually, she began to stir. I winced as she pushed herself off me, sweat dripping from her forehead, then slowly, tenderly pulled the spiked dildo out of me one last time. Looking at it, I saw it was coated in blood and small pieces of flesh, and I felt more dripping down between my cheeks onto the bed. I put my hand down there and let out another wince as I touched myself. There was no substance down there. It just felt wet, and my fingers came away stained red. Bianca grabbed the can of medical spray and spread a gratuitous amount between my legs. As she put the can at my entrance and pressed the nozzle I felt the light substance coat my insides. 

"Fuck…" I looked at Bianca's naked form, covered in sweat. "I don't think I'll be able to do that again." 

"Probably not." She handed me a cloth and stroked her hand down the side of my breast. I was rocking gently with my hands between my legs, holding the cloth to my genitals as I tried to ignore the throbbing pain in my nether region while I came down from my sexual high. I was pretty sure my vagina was destroyed. It was so final, so permanent. This must be how Cristiana felt a moment ago. Feelings of sadness and immense loss welled up inside me, but at the same time I was somehow so turned on that if my pussy wasn't in ruins I had no doubt I would be fingering myself silly. I felt like I was going crazy. 

Cristiana stirred. Eventually her eyes opened, and then she began to panic as the she noticed the agony still coming from between her legs. Climbing off the bed, I limped painfully over to her. Bianca picked up the plate that held Cristi's genitalia and held it up for her to see. My friend just stared at her former body part. Tears streamed down her eyes as they darted between the severed pussy in front of her and the gaping red hole where it used to be. 


I reached over and took out her gag. "Oh god. It hurts. What have you done to me?" 

I looked down apologetically. "Sorry, Cristi." 

"Sorry? You're sorry? She cut out my entire vagina! I've been mutilated!" 

Bianca handed me the plate and I looked down at the triangular piece of meat. The pussy still looked pristine despite a little tear on the lip, and immediately recognisable as the one I had pleasured before. It was so strange seeing it now without the hips that had housed it. Bianca turned back to Cristi. "You always claimed I liked to eat pussy, Cristiana. Well, you were right, and now I get to eat yours." I looked up in surprise at this. I hadn't realised Bianca was a cannibal, but suddenly having a kitchen down here made sense. I wondered what a girl's cooked pussy tasted like as I looked down at the cut of meat. 

Cristi was aghast. "You're… you're not seriously going to eat it? It's my pussy! You can't!" 

"It's not yours anymore, Cristiana, but since you seem to want it so badly, I'll give you a final taste before I fry it up." With that, Bianca picked up the cunt filet and held it to Cristiana's mouth. 

She closed her lips of course, refusing to cooperate, so Bianca leaned down to her ear and whispered into it. "Cristiana, if you don't play nice I'll have to punish you. It won't hurt you to give your pussy a little lick for us, but it will hurt if I drag you over to that element and press one of your breasts against it. How about it, want to find out what it feels like to have your tits fried while they're still attached?" 

Sobbing, Cristiana opened her mouth and extended her tongue to the severed meat. She licked up and down the lifeless lips and clitoris of her former opening, before pushing her tongue as deeply as she could into the hole. I felt myself become aroused as I watched Cristiana perform oral sex on her own amputated pussy. After a minute, Bianca took the meat away from her mouth, causing her to look away in disgust as a long string of saliva and pussy juice connected to her wet lips before breaking, and returned it to the plate. She had been forced to taste her own cunt. Not many girls are lucky enough to experience that. I suddenly thought of my own pussy lips, over on the table, and my mouth began to water. I realised I hadn't eaten anything since the morning when I sat in the cafe with Cristi. I was quite hungry. 

Bianca held out the piece of meat to me. "Want a lick?" 

It looked so sexy, lying there in her hand. I felt a rush of pleasure. I blushed and shook my head. "I don't need to, I've already licked it plenty." 

"Come on, don't be shy." She held Cristiana's pussy up to my face. "I can see you're excited by this." I blushed deeper as I leaned forward and ran my tongue along the slit. It tasted like it had before, still coated in the remnants of the last orgasm Cristi would ever be able to have. 

"Are you really going to eat it?" I asked Bianca. 

"Yep. It's going to be my first time actually eating a cooked pussy. I'm really looking forward to it." She looked closely at me. "Wondering what it's like?" I looked away, slightly ashamed at my perversion. "Hey, it's okay," Bianca said, stroking my hair, "if you're really interested in tasting a bit of pussy flesh, there's a couple of lips that no one needs anymore over in that bowl on the bench. Let's fry them up!" She winked at me and I tried to stifle a giggle. I could scarcely believe it, but I was actually tempted. She was right, it wasn't like I had a use for them. 

"You know what?" Bianca grasped my breasts firmly, caressing them. "You should think about adding your tits to the menu." She leaned down and wrapped her lips around one of my hard nipples. 

I looked at her in shock. "Are you serious? Eat my own breasts? I can't do that… My pussy was one thing, but to lose my breasts as well…" Cutting off my genitals had been agony, and the thought of sliding that shiny steel through my meat once more sent shivers down my spine. 

Bianca took her mouth from my nipple with a soft pop. "You're losing them one way or another. I said earlier that I was only going to put off your debreasting temporarily, so it won't change the outcome. Well, I won't make you, but I have to say, a cute girl cutting off her own tits would be so hot to watch." I blushed at her compliment as she stepped back. "And just so you know, I've eaten some before, they taste much better than you'd imagine." 

I had forgotten that my breasts were still destined for the chopping block tonight. Looking down at them, I saw my nipples grow harder at the thought. Was it fear that made them do that, or excitement? Bianca had drawn my thoughts to the twin globes poking out from my chest, and I found myself wondering if it would feel just as bad - and just as good - to cut into them as it had my pussy. Why was I having these thoughts? 

My contemplation was interrupted by Bianca leaning forward and kissing me. I felt her lips on mine, and my head swam with dizziness, then she broke the kiss and kept eye contact with me as she lowered her mouth to my breast again. I watched intently as she continued sucking on my nipple, letting out a moan of lust. It struck me that the nipple in her mouth, the one giving me so much pleasure, wasn't going to be part of me much longer. Both nipples, and the soft tits that stuck out from my chest, no longer attached to my body. Just meat. What would it feel like, to hold them in my hands? To lift one to my mouth and suck on my own nipple? 

I opened my mouth to protest again, but I hesitated, thinking about it for a second. I couldn't deny how aroused I was as I looked down at my boobs. Could I? Did the thought of eating them really appeal to me? How would they taste? If I was going to lose them anyway, what did it matter if it was by my own hand? I felt a shiver of excitement pass through me, and a rush of pleasure shot through the pain in my loins. I still didn't understand how that was possible. The last of my doubts vanished and I threw caution to the wind, smiling at Bianca. "Okay. I'll try. How do we do it? Should I use that knife from before?" 

She squealed with delight and pulled me up by my hands. "Let's go and see what else we've got!" I limped after her as she dashed over to the makeshift kitchen section of the room I noticed earlier, slowed by the pit of fire between my legs. She placed Cristi's pussy in the fridge and when I got there she had pulled a large knife out of a knife block, and was fingering the edge. I swallowed as I imagined pushing that sharp steel into one of my tits. 

Then I heard her gasp as she saw another device. She looked like this was the first time she'd seen it. Was this stuff not hers? Putting the blade back in the block, she reached over to an electric knife. She lifted it up and looked at the serrated edge before switching it on. The twin blades started sliding smoothly against each other. It was designed to cut through meat. I gulped. She switched it off and looked at me with wide eyes. "You've got to use this!" 

Nodding, I took the knife from her. This was it. The moment of truth. My heart was thumping in my chest as I grasped my left breast, feeling my hand caress it for the last time. Pulling it out by my nipple, I turned the electric knife back on with a whir, and held the blurring edge close to my skin, vertically near the side of my stretched boob. I swallowed. Could I do this? My chest would never look the same again. I looked at my nipples and saw they were still as hard as rocks at the thought of what I was about to do. I knew then I was going to go through with it. "I'm sorry little titty," I whispered, "you and I have had wonderful times together, but it's time for us to part ways." Taking a deep breath, I pushed the automatic blade against my soft mound. It sunk into my titmeat without resistance, the cold steel separating red veins, spilling their contents down my body. I screamed in pain as I debreasted myself, tears streaming from my eyes as I slowly pushed the metal further, assisting the mechanical knife by sawing slightly. Blood was streaming down my arm and stomach as I cut towards the center of my chest, and I couldn't take my eyes off the hypnotic end of the knife bobbing up and down out of the top of my tit, a red line trailing behind it as I pushed it across my bust. 

I lost the sensation of my hand holding it as I made progress, and then suddenly my tit was free in my hand, a wobbling mound of flesh in my palm, and I was hit by another orgasm despite the ruined state of my pussy. As I climaxed I clumsily reached out with a shaking hand and managed to drop my severed breast onto the chopping board with a splat. I could barely hear Bianca talking to me as she took the knife from my hand, switching if off and putting it down before spraying her sealant over the gaping hole on the left hand side of my chest. My lone remaining tit looked asymmetrical by itself. I looked at the one on the chopping board, reaching out to stroke it. It felt so familiar to the touch, soft and malleable with a nipple on top. I fingered it lightly with one hand, pinching my right and still-attached nipple with the other. 

"Holy shit, you did it! That was amazing!" I focused on Bianca talking excitedly at me, and I was aware of my surroundings again. I had really done it! I had cut off my left breast. The feeling I had after mutilating my pussy had returned - pain, but with an overwhelming arousal making me pant with pleasure. I looked at my severed breast sitting on the board again as I fondled it, and thought it was the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen. 

Bianca picked up the cleaver from the bench and stepped over to me. I moaned as she squeezed my remaining breast. "Do you think I could do the other one?" Her eyes were shining with delight, and it was clear to me that she was as turned on as I was.

I looked at the large blade in her hand. "God, yes." Shaking unsteadily, I stumbled over to the chopping board and pushed the disembodied tit lying on it to one side, making room. I leaned into the bench, laying my doomed breast against the wood. Bianca stepped up behind me, reaching around with the meat cleaver, positioning it above the slope of my breast, stroking my skin lightly with the sharp edge. Goosebumps spread across my skin. "Do it quickly, take it off." The waiting was driving me crazy, to feel it again, the mix of pain and pleasure. I was dreading it, but at the same time, part of me wanted it. Bianca slid the cleaver down to my erect nipple, cutting a red line as she gently sliced the sharp edge across the side of my hard nub. I let out a whimper of pain. "Please… just do it already… I want you to cut it off!" I whispered. 

She teased me, smiling, as she returned the steel to the very top of my tit. I couldn't believe what I was saying, even after everything I'd done. Bianca raised the cleaver up above my head. My eyes were glued to it as she held it aloft, then my breath caught as she swung it down rapidly. I gasped as I watched her slam it into the base of the chopping board with a loud thud. For a split second, I thought she had missed, but then my brain registered that my breast was now on the opposite side of the steel blade to my body. Then I was screaming again as the pain hit me and I watched in aroused horror as it began to peel away from the metal with a wet sucking sound, until the pound of meat rolled forward onto the board, the exposed fatty insides bared for all to see. 

My throat was hoarse, but I couldn't stop as I stared at the meat that had been freshly carved from my chest. My meat. Bianca picked it up, turning it over, and my eyes darted between the severed breast in her hand, my own breast, and the bloody hole that remained behind on my now featureless chest. Bianca dropped it back next to its twin on the board, and as she took care of the wound I found my mind drifting back to the day in the cafe. I had been admiring them in the mirror that morning, how could I have ever imagined that just a few hours later I would be flat-chested, my pert breasts ending up as meat on a kitchen chopping board, about to become a midnight snack for me and another girl? It felt so surreal. 

Bianca finished sealing my wounds and cleaning the blood off my stomach and legs. I gingerly touched my chest, wincing as my fingers made contact with the exposed muscle. It wasn't wet - the sealant stopped blood flow on the surface, but it was still very painful to touch. Bianca started busying herself about the kitchen, setting up the cooking utensils and the grill, so I returned my attention to the twin pale mounds sitting on the chopping board. I wasn't sure how I felt, seeing my alabaster breasts lying there in a small puddle of blood. It was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen, and it felt so good despite the pain, but part of me knew that when this was over, I was going to have to face the reality that I had removed my own vulva and clitoris, allowed myself to be sexually mutilated, that I had cut off my own breasts - well, one of them - and judging from how things were progressing, probably also that I had cooked and eaten them before the end of the night. I wasn't sure how I would come to terms with being a girl without a girl's defining features. "Well, on the bright side I guess I don't have to worry about getting breast cancer anymore." 

Bianca laughed over by the stove. "It's like they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!" 

I reached out and caressed my former organs again, enjoying the softness as it molded to fit my hand. Picking one of them up, I brought the nipple to my mouth and gave it a small lick, then another. I opened my lips and tasted my own nipple for the first time, its rubbery texture pressed against my tongue, and slightly wished I had been less prudish as I had been growing up. I could have tried to do this when they were still attached to me. Looking up at Bianca past the ragged edge of the breast, I noticed she had finished preparing and was enjoying the sight of me playing with it. "You ready to get cooking?" she asked. 

I put my breast back down and picked my pussy lips up out of the bowl that held them. Bianca had already heated up a pan while I had been playing with my boobs, and standing in front of it, I added a bit of oil and spread it around while she placed my tits on the grill next to the stove. I dropped the labia into the pan as though they were a couple of strips of bacon. They started sizzling as they hit the metal, and I coated them in oil as I moved the meaty lips around slightly so they wouldn't burn. It was a strange feeling, looking past the circular wounds on my chest where I once had breasts, down at my own frying pussy lips. The anticipation of consuming my own sexual parts was almost overwhelming. I really was a depraved pervert. I added my clitoris to the pan and continued to cook. After a while, my meat started to brown and crispen slightly, so I took the frying pan off the heat for a minute, before dishing the food out onto a plate. 

Bianca stepped up to look at the results. "They look delicious! I don't suppose you'd let me have one…?" 

She had a pouty look on her face that made me want to kiss her right there, but instead I picked up one of my steaming labia and held it up. "Say 'ahhhh.'" 

She smiled and tilted her head back, opening her mouth. I lowered the pussy lip into her mouth, and enjoyed the sight of her biting into my meat as I did so, chewing on it with impassioned moans as though it was delicious. It probably was, and I wanted to find out. I picked up the remaining labia and unceremoniously popped it into my mouth. As soon as I bit down, the taste of my own pussy me hit me. It was fantastic! It tasted like meat, but at the same time, it had a hint of sex, sort of like how it tasted when I went down on Bianca earlier, or how my fingers tasted when I sucked them after playing with myself. The taste turned me on, and I wished I could squeeze my breasts or pinch my clit to bring myself pleasure, but of course that was impossible now with those parts gone. 

My thoughts reminded me of my clitoris still on the plate. I picked it up, then looked over at Cristiana, who had her eyes closed and looked like she was trying to pretend she was back in Venice. The large red crater between her legs was very conspicuous, standing out against her pale smooth skin. "I don't want her to feel left out." I walked over and as she opened her eyes and looked at me I pulled the duct tape off her arm when it had been left. She opened her mouth in surprise and I popped my fried clit in before she could react, pressing the tape over her lips so she couldn't spit it out. 

She let out an angry growl from behind the tape. "Just try to enjoy it Cristi, it tastes good. You can chew it up and swallow it or just suck on it for the rest of the night, I don't care." Cristi seemed to ask me a muffled question. "Oh, right." I realised she hadn't been paying attention to us. "It's my clitoris." She let out a scream and gagged, but I ignored her, returning to the kitchen. Bianca grinned and put her arms around my bare shoulders in an embrace. Our lips met and we kissed, her tongue moving around mine. I moaned with pleasure as we held each other, her breasts pressing against where mine used to be. I detected the slight hint of my pussy lips still lingering on our tongues and I savoured the eroticism of the moment, an aftertaste of sex all that remained of my vagina. 

Bianca broke the kiss and gave me a small peck on the lips, bringing me out of my reverie. "Don't let your tits burn." I broke our embrace, turning back to my roasting breasts. Eating my pussy meat had whetted my appetite, and I found my mouth watering as I watched the darkening globes. I watched excitedly as Bianca collected some burger buns and salad from the fridge. "I thought some gourmet breast burgers would hit the spot." She flashed a smile at me as she showed me how to prepare my tits, the trick to making them as flavourful as possible and how to prevent them from burning on one side. I watched, enraptured, as the once soft pale skin of my former breasts became tanned and crispy as the flames of the grill licked at them. Finally, Bianca stated they were done as I cut a little slice in the side of one and saw steam waft out. I took them off the grill and crafted the titty burgers with a lettuce, tomato and a number of other sandwich ingredients, then served one each onto a plate. 

Bianca pulled up some stools and as we sat down at the kitchen bench, I just watched Bianca at first as she started to devour the burger containing one of my roasted breasts. I wasn't sure if it was my left or my right one. Unable to wait any longer I picked up my own burger and opened my mouth wide, biting into it with a grunt. I got a large mouthful of bread and breastmeat, and I moaned in gastronomic delight as it hit my palate. My breasts were delicious! We sat there together, enjoying the meal that I had supplied the meat for until I found myself licking the sauces off the plate, a feeling of contented fullness in my stomach. 

My incredible meal finished, I slid off the stool, pushing it backwards as I stood. Returning to Cristiana I pulled the tape off her mouth. "Nothing in there? I guess you must have eaten my clitoris then. How was it?" 

She made a disgusted look, staring at the two red holes on my chest in horror. "What the fuck have you done, Nicola? Oh my god, I can't believe you cut off your own breasts and ATE them!" 

"Yeah, it's odd. It makes no sense, but it made me feel so good." I thought for a second and turned to Bianca. "Does this mean I'm a cannibal, or does it have to be another person's meat for it to count?" Bianca just shrugged. 

I dismissed the question and turned back to my friend. "Nicola, please…" 

I reached for the red ball gag and stuffed it back in despite Cristi's protests. I preferred the look of it to that of the tape. "I'm sorry Cristi. I hate hearing you beg. I don't think you'll appreciate being debreasted as much as I did, but that's where this is going, I realise that now. Just relax, and let it happen." I pointed to one of the cupboards. "Bianca, there's some nylon rope in there. Grab it for me would you?" Bianca seemed surprised, but she didn't argue. As she headed over to where I pointed, I wondered how I knew it was there. I shook my head, clearing the confusing thought and instead focused on the task at hand. 

Causing Cristiana to wince, I started to extract the skewers from her boobs one by one. Each skewer left a tiny puncture wound behind which leaked a small amount of blood, but they were otherwise undamaged. Bianca returned and handed me the thin rope, and I started to wrap it around the hysterical Cristiana's breasts, eliciting a few squeals as I tied it off. The twin orbs bulged with the strain, turning a slightly reddish colour. I made a knot between her tits and pulling up one of the stools, I climbed onto it and looped the other end of the rope over the pulley that I had hung from earlier this evening. I fastened it to the mechanism and stepping down, I went to the switch Bianca had used and pressed it. 

Cristiana yelped as her tits were pulled forward. "Bianca, just let her out of the chair, would you? But hold her arms." Bianca did as I asked and I kept holding the switch. Cristiana stumbled out of the chair as the rope pulled her forward, until she was standing right underneath the pulley. I grabbed some leather cuffs and approached the two girls. Taking one of Cristi's wrists from Bianca I forced it into the cuff, strapping it tight, then did the same with her other wrist, restraining both of her arms tightly behind her back. Cristiana was helpless, gagged and standing nearly on tiptoes to relieve the pressure on her bound tits. 

I returned to the switch and prepared to press it, raising my friend into the air, if I could still call her that. I stopped, my finger a hair's width from the trigger, and my eyes were drawn back to the katana sitting on the wall. I had an idea, and a spark of excitement rushed through me. I left Cristiana where she stood and went over to the sword behind her, lifting it off the rack and admiring the ornate patterns along the scabbard. Placing my hand on the hilt I unsheathed it with a loud metallic ring, giving it an experimental swipe. I could see that it was sharp as the light glinted off the edge. I glanced at Bianca, an expression of uncertainty on her face, and tossed her the scabbard. She caught it and watched me intently to see what I was going to do. 

Standing behind Cristiana, I made her yelp as I gave her cute ass a pinch, then took a step back and lifted the sword. Cristiana tensed, knowing that something was about to happen, and I didn't keep her waiting in fear any longer. I swung the naked blade in an arc in front of me. The curved steel slid through the air flawlessly, Cristi's thighs putting up no resistance as the blade sliced through them at an angle, like they weren't even there. Her perfect legs no longer supporting her, she dropped sharply until she reached the end of the rope, her tits wobbling as they suddenly stopped her descent, and her severed appendages fell to the ground with a pair of thumps. She screamed like a banshee, kicking the bloody stumps of her legs aimlessly as she hung there by her darkening breasts. Bloodlust overwhelmed me and I looked down at her ecstatically, the thrill of her torture giving me shivers. 

I waited… Eventually Cristiana stopping flailing. Standing to the side of her, I watched her eyes dart around in confusion and then fear as she saw me raise the katana above my head. I swung the blade again, and in a heartbeat, the Japanese steel passed through her breasts like a hot knife through butter, severing the pale orbs where they were held by the rope. She fell to the floor knocking the air from her lungs, and a second later one of her tits, the one adorned with the beautiful butterfly tattoo, landed right in front of her with a splat. She had stopped screaming, exhausted from the amputation of her legs, and all she could do now was stare in disbelief at her own severed breast lying on the floor in front of her. The other tit was still entangled in the rope, so I reached out and took hold of the meaty organ, squeezing it as I pulled it from its restraints. I was almost in disbelief myself as I held one of Cristi's lovely breasts in my hands. 

Bianca grabbed the medical spray and moved to use it on the bleeding girl, but I stopped her. "Here, take these." I handed her the katana and the tit I held and bent down by Cristiana. Picking up the other breast I tossed it to Bianca, who managed to catch it in her arm without dropping the first one. Sliding one hand under Cristi's back and the other under her butt, I picked her up off the ground. Her head hung back limply as she stared at her own breasts in Bianca's hands, and I carried her over to the kitchen bench. 

I laid her down at the end of the table with her head hanging off the end and gestured for Bianca to deposit the breasts on the chopping board. Cristiana looked up at me as I reached around behind her and unstrapped the ball gag, taking it from her weak mouth and chucking it onto the bed. "Nicci, it hurts…" She was starting to look pale. 

I shushed her and stroked her hair affectionately. "I know, love. It's nearly over." 

She looked up at me with gratitude in her eyes. "Thank you." She didn't resist as I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. 

Bianca was beside me and I stepped aside, letting her take my place. She held Cristiana's head up as I took back the sword from her and lifted it above my friend's neck. I raised my arms to swing. Cristi closed her eyes calmly, a tear rolling down her cheek as she waited for her pain to end. I ended it for her. 

The sword sliced through her neck cleanly and her eyes shot open in shock, her mouth an 'O' of surprise. A gush of blood sprayed from her neck and her body gave a few twitches before laying still. Cristiana's decapitated head blinked a few times as I took it from Bianca, her long blonde hair hanging down below her severed neck, turning red as drops of blood spilled down the golden tresses. I kissed her one last time, licking the tip of her tongue with mine, and she responded for a sweet moment before she stopped moving altogether. I looked at her as I held her beautiful head, her eyes closed and a look of peace on her face, and felt a pang of sadness in my heart as I silently said goodbye to my best friend. 

Putting Cristi's head down between the stumps of her legs, I let out the breath I had been holding and wiped my eyes. Bianca put her hand on my shoulder with concern in her eyes. "Are you okay?" 

I nodded as I wiped the blood off the katana with a cloth and sheathed it in the scabbard, placing it down beside Cristiana's body. "Yeah, thanks. We should get started on me." Bianca gave me a questioning look. "It was naive to think we'd live through this. There's no going back to my old life. Not in the condition I'm in, and certainly not now." I went and lay down on the bed. "What are you going to do to me next?" 

She appraised me thoughtfully. "Well, you've got no breasts to torture and your pussy is in shreds. I really enjoyed watching you cut off Cristiana's legs. Maybe I'll do that." 

I looked down at them, wiggling my toes. "There's a modified circular saw in the cupboard where you got the rope." I stretched my arms above my head as Bianca retrieved the tool. It had been a long day. My chest still felt quite sore, my breasts a distant memory, but the pain was fading into the background with all the rest. Bianca came back with the power saw in hand. It was cordless and had the safety removed, a half-disc of jagged teeth. "Do you want me to restrain you?" I nodded and she snapped my arms and legs back into the manacles that had first held me when I arrived here. It felt like I'd come full circle. Bianca placed the saw against my shoulder and looked me in the eyes as she thumbed the button of the device that would destroy another part of my body. "I want to do your arms first. You ready?" 

I nodded and Bianca started up the saw with a loud shrill whine. I screamed, clenching my fist, and blood spattered the bed and headboard as the silver blade began to cut into my flesh, but I grit my teeth and fought the pain as I watched Bianca push it through my arm. I gasped, out of breath as Bianca completed the cut, my left arm coming away from my body. I looked at my hand curiously as the fist unclenched, the fingers twitching and becoming limp. There was no stump left, it had been detached right where it joined my torso, between the bones. She grabbed the sealant and fixed up the wound, then moved around to my other side and started cutting again. Another of my limbs became meat for the oven. I was breathing heavily. This felt so weird. I tried to move my arms and could have sworn they were still there, but as I reached out in front of me towards the ceiling my lack of appendages was apparent. I felt helpless all of a sudden, unable to reach out and do, well… anything. Bianca picked up one of my arms and used my own lifeless hand to stroke my cheek. She grinned at my bewildered expression. "I'm going to fist myself with this later." She grabbed both of my arms and laid them on the kitchen bench. 

My heart was thudding in my chest as she moved to the bottom of the bed and stroked my leg, moving her hand lightly up and down near my ruined pussy. I felt goosebumps spread across my skin as I moaned happily. She put the saw between my legs, to the side of my ruined mound, and I felt the same inexplicable spark of pleasure in my loins that had been mystifying me all night. I simply embraced the pleasure, grateful that I could still feel it. The saw buzzed to life again as it cut into my leg, and I let out a stifled groan as the blade worked its way up through my hip. The sheets were being stained red. I chuckled to myself. As if they mattered. It wasn't something I would have to worry about. All my concerns were going to simply disappear tonight. 

My consciousness was wavering, and before I knew it my second leg was gone as well. Bianca finished spraying the wound and picked up my lower limbs. I looked over at her as she carried them over to the kitchen in her arms and then retrieved Cristi's lovely legs to add them to the pile of severed limbs. I tried to imagine what they would look like, cooked to golden brown and dripping with sauces, and my mouth watered at the thought despite my full stomach. I tried to move down the bed to get a better view of them and found it difficult. All I seemed to be able to do was roll. Using my head and my ass I managed to inch to the side slightly, but I didn't make much progress and gave up, waiting for Bianca to return. 

She sat down beside me on the bed when she did, grinning. "Trying to go somewhere?" 

"Ha ha! You're hilarious, kitten." I made a face at her. "What's next? Are you going to decapitate me?" 

She produced a set of small firecrackers from behind her, biting her lip with a grin. "These were in the cupboard with the saw. Want me to light them inside you?" I felt a thrill at her suggestion and nodded. Bianca positioned them between my legs and I grunted as she pushed the small explosives into the ruined hole at the bottom of my limbless torso. 

"Can you help me up? I want to get a good view." Bianca nodded and slid me up the bed so that my shoulder blades rested on the headboard. I stared down the the wick coming out of my pussy as Bianca produced a silver lighter, flicking the lid up and igniting it with a spark. She touched the flame to the fuse and stepped back. I watched it eagerly as it burned its way towards my vagina, and then it was gone from view. All I could hear was my heart beating in my chest as I waited. 

I barely heard the series of tiny explosions, muffled by my vagina, but I felt like I had been repeatedly punched in the abdomen, the wind knocked out of me. A spray of blood burst out of my pussy splattering the sheets and a burning smell filled my nostrils, followed by a red stream that continued to flow fast and Bianca quickly leaned down with the medical spray to seal it. She pushed the nozzle. A sputtering burst of sealant came out… and then stopped. The can was empty. "Shit." Bianca grabbed the rag I had used to clean the katana, but it was no use. 

My head swam as my blood poured out of me. This was it. Bianca looked upset, and I wanted to tell her it was okay, that this fate no longer bothered me, but the words wouldn't come. I felt cold as my vision began to turn grey at the edges, and then my eyes were closing. I heard her speaking but couldn't make out the words, and then I drifted away. 


I grabbed the headset off my head and tossed it on my pillow as I rolled off the bed, a sticky wet patch remaining where I had orgasmed repeatedly. I dashed down to the basement, bursting in to see Bianca leaning over Nicola's unconscious form, an expression of worry on her face. "She's bleeding out." 

"I know, kitten." I made a beeline to the fridge, punching a code into the pinpad on the second door. Opening it, I reached in and grabbed the spare can of medical spray I kept there and tossed it to Bianca. "Seal her up, quickly." I turned back to the shelves. Blood packs were stacked there, appropriated from the labs. I had gleaned Nicola's blood type from her memories, and I took a pack of it and grabbed some tubing before hurrying over to the bed. 

Bianca had stopped the bleeding. She looked at the blood bag in my hands. "You're going to save her?" 

I thought about my reasons while I set up the transfusion, pushing a peripheral IV line into her stomach. Normally I would have used an arm, but that obviously wasn't possible in this case. "I guess you could say I feel a connection to her." Setting up a stand I hooked up the blood bag and watched the precious red liquid flow into her. "I know her intimately, and I don't think I want her to disappear from this world just yet." 

Bianca looked at me as I pulled up a chair and sat down, exhaling. "What are we going to do with her?" 

I looked at her. "She was right about never being able to go back to her old life. Without arms or legs, she's going to need someone to take care of her. That means feeding her, cleaning up after her… Think you're up to it?" 

Bianca nodded. "I'm okay with that." She looked down at the limbless body sleeping on the bed. "What kind of life can she lead though? She's going to get pretty bored lying in bed all day." 

I looked down and Nicola. Just a head and torso. No arms, legs, breasts or vagina. "You can teach her to be a fantastic pussy licker." Bianca unsuccessfully tried to stifle a laugh. "She's stabilised for now. I'm going to have to do a bit of work on her though, repair some of the damage. For now, I'm starving. Nicola might have eaten in the last few hours, but I haven't and my stomach is about to mutiny." 

Bianca went into the kitchen. "Want me to cook you up one of Cristiana's breasts?" I nodded and while she cooked I went about deconstructing Cristi's body for storage with a small electric saw. Once it was all packed away in the freezer along with Nicola's former appendages, I pulled up the stool and sat in the same place I had earlier when I had been piggybacking in the other girl's mind. Bianca was grilling up one of the breasts along with Cristi's vagina. She must have had a bit of appetite left. It was going to be her first taste of pussy meat and I was looking forward to seeing her eat it. 

Before long she joined me at the table, placing the plates down and sliding one over to me with a golden brown tit on it. I looked down at the sexy curve and saw Cristi's blue butterfly tattoo near the edge. There was no mistaking that it was her breast, cooked to perfection and ready to eat. I waited though, instead watching Bianca as she picked up the steaming pussy whole, licking her lips. She opened her mouth and bit down into the lower end of it, tearing off a mouthful of pussy lips and chewing them blissfully. She moaned in pleasure as she swallowed the female meat. "Oh my god, this is divine!" 

I smirked at her. "It's addictive, isn't it?" 

Bianca took another bite, more of Cristi's slit disappearing into her mouth. "Mmmmm. One just isn't enough!" 

"It never is!" I said with a laugh. I started digging into my own meal. "There's… something I've been meaning to ask you for a while. I need you to do something for me." 

She looked at me with adoring eyes. "Anything." 

"I want you to take over as head of programming on the nanite project." 

She swallowed her mouthful of vagina and looked at me in surprise. "I wasn't expecting that. Why? I didn't even finish college." 

I speared a piece of tit on my fork, consuming it before continuing. "I had to torpedo the project because of the repercussions if this got out. Mind control, telepathy, this can't become public knowledge. These things are in my head now. Forget the chaos that would ensue to the power balance of the world, what if someone were to sneak into my mind using my own tech? They could find out everything I've done. That'd be it for me. For both of us." I reached out and took her hand. "Education is no problem. I can hire the best tutors in the world to teach you to be an expert. What I need is someone loyal. Someone who knows my darkest secrets and protects them. You're the only one, Bianca. I'm asking you to guard the gates to my entire consciousness." 

She thought for a second. "My debreasting?" 

I frowned. "Debreasting takes a long time to heal, and time is something I don't have, Bianca. I know I promised to cut you up, but I need this. I need you." I looked at her with the most endearing look I could muster. "Please." 

She had come to the top of the pussy while I spoke. Taking a deep breath, she beamed at me. "When you put it like that, how can I refuse?" I brightened at her response as she bit into the top end of Cristi's cunt filet, happily devouring the clitoris and the hood that had once protected it. 

I lifted her hand to my mouth and kissed it tenderly as she chewed on the roast pussy. "Thank you." I continued to outline my plans to her as we ate our delicious meal. After eating my fill I dropped the knife and fork to the plate, satiated. 

Bianca picked up the plates and took them to the kitchen to wash. "How soon do you want me to start?" 

"I have to make some preparations, shift some things around at the lab." I said. "In a few weeks I'll introduce you to the teams. Hirimoto will be in charge of the physical design of the nanites, you'll be spearheading the software. I'm going to tell him I'm having you program the mind reading capability out of the machines. And you will. I want two versions of software. One for the public, and one for me." 

I reached down into my bag and pulled out an object, placing it on the bench. "Bianca…" I purred to her softly, "Losing your breasts would take too long to recover from, but there are other body parts which can be patched up enough in a fortnight to venture into public." 

She turned around and looked down at the shears I had placed there. They were the pair I had threatened her labia with back in Italy when I had kidnapped her. Bianca's expression turned into one of faint hope. A wicked smile crept across my face. "Feel like losing a couple of pieces of meat?" 

Bianca sat between my legs, the two of us facing the camera. Bianca spread her legs wide and I reached around, caressing her soaking vagina. I started to play with it, but she stopped me. "Please, I can't wait any longer. Don't bother trying to get me off, just take them from me already." I complied, reaching down between her legs with the shears, stroking them up and down her lips. 

To my surprise Bianca reached around behind her and started to play with my pussy. I let her pull my clit and insert a couple of fingers into me, causing me to moan as she pinched and tugged blindly, her eyes fixated on the blades which I was positioning around her delicate sex. I pulled on her pussy lips with one hand and squeezed the shears gently with the other, the blades pinching them ever so slightly, just as they had when the two of us first met. I hesitated, teasing her. 

"Please," she whimpered, "cut them off." 

I kissed her softly on the neck and squeezed. She let out a shriek as the steel bit into her flesh but tried to keep her pelvis from shaking with pain. 

"Ohgodohgodohgod, holy SHIIIEEEAAAAARRGH!" Bianca began to scream in earnest as I cut into her labia, and she pinched my clit hard in shock. I didn't let it stop me though, enjoying the pain in my own pussy as I continued to close the shears around her soft lips. The blades came together with an audible snip, blood streaming from her vagina and running down my hands. 

I opened the shears again and moved them up her slit for another cut, nestling another inch of her sex between the steel. The two of us didn't taking our eyes off her labia as I slowly squeezed the shears closed a second time, and Bianca's screams renewed as the blades continued to slice through the sexy tissue with a second snip. I moved the shears up her pelvis some more, trimming away the loose flesh that framed her pussy, and finally it came away in my hand as I reached the top of her opening. I held up the bloody meat in front of us, Bianca's screams dying away with a gurgle as she looked at her own amputated cunt lips dangling between my fingers.

I held them up to her mouth, and she obediently opened it, allowing me to stuff them inside. Her questing fingers increased in intensity as she ate her own genitalia, and as I thrust my pelvis against her hand, rubbing my breasts against her back and moaning in pleasure both from her ministrations and from watching her consume her raw pussy meat. I saw her swallow, and then I went cross-eyed as my climax hit, dropping the shears I had still been holding and wrapping my arms around Bianca, holding her tightly. We fell back on the bed, panting. I don't know how long we simply lay there, but eventually I tried to extricate myself out from under her. "I need to treat your pussy. You're bleeding quite a bit." 

Bianca still looked as though she was far away, her eyes unfocused. "That was amazing." she whispered with a content smile on her face. I cleaned up her wounds, coating them in sealant as I worked. I looked up at the dreamy eyed girl who I had just decunted, and my heart leapt as I imagined the fun we could have together. I had found something I had never expected to find - someone to share myself with, completely, all my secret perversions laid bare. 

I pulled up outside the entrance to the sprawling lab complex in San Francisco. It had been nearly five months since Love Technologies had taken it over. A few doses of nanites to expose all the dirty little secrets their CEO had been hiding, leaked to the right people, had enabled me to buy the necessary shares at a ridiculously low price. 

Bianca had stayed behind in Japan. She had a lot of work to do on the nanite software, and with the help of a few competitor's companies that had also been acquired for a song with a bit of inside information, we had been making excellent progress on the physical components. Bianca's vagina had healed up wonderfully once I had done a bit of work on it, you could barely see the scars where she used to have labia. It was now just a smooth featureless hole between her legs, but I still enjoyed playing with it. It was quite a bit more difficult to bring her to orgasm of course, but I had managed a few times since that night, with a lot of internal stimulation and breast play. 

Nicola was also healing well. The firecracker had liquefied what remained of her reproductive system, and I had had to give her a complete hysterectomy. Her urethra had been destroyed as well, so she needed a catheter to pee, but luckily her rectum had only been slightly damaged and I had managed to save it. She couldn't leave her bed, but we gave her a tv to watch and a course of antidepressants and her mental health was surprisingly positive. Bianca was taking excellent care of her, taking my suggestion seriously and training her to be a master at cunnilingus. We fed her some of her own arms and legs, and then started with the rest of Cristiana's body. She still didn't seem too guilt-ridden, even though she thought she willingly partook in her friend's snuffing. She had changed, more submissive now. Perhaps giving her will over to us was how she subconsciously absolved herself of her responsibility, or perhaps it was just her acceptance of how completely helpless she is without us. 

I turned off the engine and got out, leaving it outside the front doors in my own private spot, and made my way to the one of the genetics labs I had appropriated for my own 'off the books' agenda. I was greeted by a small blonde man with glasses, who was easily excitable when talking about his own work, as most scientists I knew were. A man with excellent knowledge of human DNA and most importantly, not above a well placed bribe or two. 

"Miss Love, so glad to see you again." He bustled me along in front of him. "She's finished, as I told you over the phone, and some of my best work if I may say so." 

"Glad to hear it. It certainly cost me a substantial sum." 

"Money well spent!" He exclaimed as we came to a set of clear tanks filled with liquid. A stationary figure floated in the centre one. He stretched out his arms in a grandiose flourish and bowed like a performer. 

"She's everything you said she would be?" 

"That's right. There's no higher brain function. There's enough activity to keep the subject breathing and her heart beating, but she has no consciousness. Something about the growth speed just doesn't allow it to develop properly. Now that the process has been nailed down I should be able to grow some more within three months." He looked at the floating body. "What exactly are they for?" 

I shrugged. "Just some medical experiments. Using sentient people would be unethical, don't you think?" 

He grunted noncommittally. "If this gets out people aren't going to be seeing shades of grey when it comes to ethics. They'll crucify us." 

"Then it had best never get out. You'll be well compensated for your discretion." 

He visibly brightened up at hearing my reassurances. "Of course, I assure you I've taken great pains to make sure everything here is off the records." 

I looked back at the tank. "You really have outdone yourself, Doctor." I reached out and touched the glass, the dark-haired figure on the other side floating silently, her eyes closed as though she was sleeping. I smiled wickedly. "It's like looking into a mirror." 


Barbecue Sister 1

Elizabeth, a beautiful little 18 year old girl and her wicked step-brother
Tommy and his evil friend Gary, both 20, were all driving up to their remote
family summer cabin deep in the woods. After a long journey, Elizabeth says
"Where is Mom and Dad?" "They won't be arriving - we will be here all alone
and Gary and I are going to teach you a lesson for being so mean to me all
these years" "Yeah, asshole step-brother, so what are you going to do to me?"
"We are going to skin you, cook you and eat you alive!" "Right, asshole,
where's Mom and Dad?" The two boys then grabbed Elizabeth and ripped off all
her clothes. The startled 18-year-old stood naked in the middle of the cabin
living room floor. She was a beautiful 18-year-old girl. She had firm
grapefruit-sized breasts, large for a girl her age. Her body was perfect,
long blood hair, a flat little tummy, long shapely legs, peach fuzz where her
pussy hair should be and a tiny cute bubble butt. "Boy are we hungry, you’ll
make a nice full-course dinner for us". "Come on, you are kidding, right" "No
my dear step-sister, we are going to skin you, roast you and eat you alive -
you will be totally conscious throughout the entire thing. I'm going to
finally pay you back for all the years you treated me like dirt" Elizabeth
started to scream. Somehow she knew they were dead serious. She froze in shear
panic. She knew she was in serious serious trouble!

"Stand in the middle of the doorway so we can tenderize your meat" The little
18 year old said "No, please No", They forced her over to the open doorway and
they tied her arms and legs to the four corners of the door. "We have to
tenderize your meat first before we roast you slowly over that big bque grill
over there. We will wrap a big wet towel around your face and head so you can
breath and your face, hair and eyes will be left uncooked so you can watch us.
We want to keep you alive so you can enjoy and share in eating your wonderful
succulent body". She was tied spread eagle to the doorway. Her beautiful firm
breasts stood proudly out. One of the boys grabbed her right breast and
squeezed it roughly. "These will be fun to tenderize, cook and eat".

Then Elizabeth's stepbrother took a sharpened ice pick. "Let's see how brave
you are". He placed the sharp point of the ice pick at the side of one of her
beautiful full firm breasts. "Ready"? "Oh God, No". Her stepbrother slowly
pushes the ice pick through her entire breast. She could feel it travel
through her skin, her breast meat, then push out the skin on the other side
until the point pushed all the way through her breast. What a weird feeling,
she thought. He then slowly pulled the ice pick out and slowly pushed it
through her other breast until it came out the other side. God that hurt, she
thought, Elizabeth bit her lip. She did not scream out. She knew that’s what
her evil stepbrother wanted. She wasn't going to give him the pleasure of
hearing her suffer. "Think you're pretty brave, little sister, don't you?"
Then the other boy began whipping and flaying the 18-year-olds young firm
grapefruit sized tits with a rubber strap. Again and again he smashes her
pretty full breasts, harder and harder until they become red and blistered.
She grits her teeth, but just whimpered. "Lets see how you take this?" Each
boy takes turns teasing her nipples, they work them to a sensitive erection,
fondling and sucking them. Then each takes a nipple in their mouth and slowly
bites down hard, very hard almost severing the nipple from the breast. She
finally yelps in pain. "Think that hurts, my dear sister?" Her step brother
takes a big long needle and slowly shoves it all the way through her nipple,
twisting and turning it as he pushes it through, one nipple then the other.
"Oh stop, please, I'll do anything!" says Elizabeth!

Then her evil brother lifts her right breast up and away from her body, so
that the other boy could trace a line with his sharp knife drawing it around
the entire orb. He slices gently into her breast skin. Then he does the same
with her left breast. Then each of the boys retrace their cuts, deeper this
time, sticking their sharp filet knives down a 1/2 inch into her firm breast
meat. They began carefully cutting away her breast skin. They lift her skin
away from her beautiful firm breasts. Elizabeth's frightful screaming was
almost drowned out by their laughter as they continued to lick and suck her
nipples as they cut away the surrounding skin. Soon the boys had removed all
the skin on her breasts except around her nipples. They admired the neat
little sacks of skin they had removed from her breasts. The bottom flap, the
brown ring of the aureole capped by the engorged nipple remained intact at the
end of her firm round breasts which were now skinned, raw, red and bleeding.

"Let's turn her around". They turn Elizabeth around. Her cute little
bubble-butt sticks out like a little Goddess. She had a beautiful little girl
ass. Slowly both boys took turns skinning her little butt. They start
skinning her pert little ass cheeks by shoving a sharply tapered wooden dildo
into her tiny butt, thereby expanding her asshole. Her brother's friend then
cuts through the skin, which encircled the protruding dildo. Then he traced a
gash along the crease separating her bottom globes. He then digs a sharp
blade under the original wound until he had peeled the entire little ass
check, the skin separating along the lines he had cut. He let the skin hang
from the top of the flayed cheek while he worked on the other. Then he sliced
off both patches and let them drop to the floor. Her little ass was even cuter
skinned. Her bleeding red well-ribbed butt muscles glisten in the light.
Needless to say, the little 18-year-olds screams were ear shattering during
the process of skinning her breasts and her little butt.


think we should eat parts of your little pussy lips raw, like "sushi",
before the roast the rest of your body. We have to tenderize the meat. Get up
on the table. They untied her and put her partially skinned body up on the
table. Her de-skinned tits and ass hurt like hell. They laid her down on the
kitchen table and spread her long legs wide. This exposed two pairs of
delicate pussy lips protecting the little 18-year's vagina. One of the boys
found a razor in the bathroom. The frightened 18-year-old spread her legs
wide. They roughly shaved the peach fuzz off Elizabeth's tender vagina lips.
When all of her pubic hair had been removed, it left her voluptuous little
pubic mounds as clean and as smooth as polished alabaster. Then from the
delicate, outer depilated skin, he unfolded her little petals, working with
one pair of lips at a time. He peeled the pliant tissue open, folded it back.
Then her brother took long sewing needles and pinned the tender lips open to
the skin on her thigh. She screamed in agony as he pinned open her tender
parts. When he had done this to both pairs of lips, the textured, rosy inner
surfaces were revealed like the petals of a flower. The entrance to
Elizabeth's vaginal canal was presented to him totally unobstructed. He
wondered if any man had fucked his sister? Moving two fingers into the
passage, he pressed the slender tight walls open and felt the strong muscle
tighten as Elizabeth reacted to the unwelcome intrusion. While his fingers
groped indelicately, he pushed his fingers deeper and deeper into her virgin
pussy. Finally with a little blood and juices from her skinned ass he pushes
in fingers in hard. Slowly his entire fist enters her virgin cunt. He slowly
rams his fist in and out, in and out harshly as little Elizabeth yells at the
top of her little lungs. Finally her brother stops and roughly yanks out his
fist from her tight little hole.

His friend drops his gaze to the shapely, elegant little vagina lips pinned
open at the base of the teenager's wide spread legs. Her little lips were
still pinned open, allowing him the access to this sensitive area as he
needed. He pressed a fingernail against Elizabeth's clitoris and scratched
hard. The immediate, convulsive response, accompanied by a gasped shriek,
convinced him that Elizabeth's senses were fully operating. He reached down.
His right hand grasping a dentist's drill and the other hand picking up a
cloth that had been soaking in vinegar. Bracing his right arm against
Elizabeth's thigh, he started the drill. The tiny, surgically engineered bit
turned twelve thousand times every second, and carried a little brass-wire
brush in its jaw. The raw ends of the bristles kissed the inner surface of
Elizabeth's major and minor pussy lips for only an instant, but during that
small fraction of a second, they stripped a tiny piece of flesh, the diameter
of a pencil from the sensitive tissue. Her brother's friend tears tiny bits
of flesh from her tender pussy lips. He removes his drill, then quickly
pressed the saturated vinegar cloth against the flayed area. Her lungs
screamed a frenzied, frenetic shriek that assaulted his ears. He went back to
work, wire brushing her sensitive pussy lips, up and down while basting the
bruised area with stinking vinegar. Her brother kept Elizabeth screaming for
30 minutes before what he was doing to her pussy lips made her lapse into
unconsciousness. He examined the results of his efforts. In 30 minutes,
the drill had scrapped Elizabeth's pussy lip skin twenty times; both of
Elizabeth's large and little pussy lips bore dozens of deep wounds with
pinpoints of blood - but not bleeding. All brushing had drawn an animal scream
from Elizabeth. The vinegar solution has a mild anaesthetic effect and
heightens the pain. The boy brushes the vinegar up and down her lacerated
pussy lips causing agonizing pain. "Is it time to eat the raw sushi?"

"Yep, it's time to eat our raw sushi! The little girls legs were spread open
wide. Both men rinsed the vinegar off her bleeding pussy lips. She yelled in
pain. But she could no longer scream when her brother went about slowly
skinning the skin around her pussy lips. She could only make strange mewing
sounds as they slowly carved the skin around her sexual opening. Carefully
they left her pussy lips and her throbbing clit intact to cook and eat later.
"Lets get her skinned the rest of the way and get her cooking! I'm hungry"
They tied Elizabeth down. Slowly they push their knifes up through the
remaining skin on her chest, her arms and legs, her back. It took a long time.
They were careful to cut long deep slices and slowly peal back the skin.
Carefully cut and pull the remaining skin her body as Elizabeth weeps and
moans horribly. The force her to drink stimulates to keep her body from going
into shock. Elizabeth's gaze moved slowly from one boy to the other as cut
and pulls off the skin from the rest of her body. She looks down at her
ruined body and weeps uncontrollably. "You… your skinning me. Oh God, you're
skinning me alive! Oh, Please kills me. Please, I beg of you, do it now. Kill
me, The pain, oh the pain…"

The boys looked at what remained of the 18-year-old teenager. They look at the
raw, oozing flesh, scabbing over in some places, dripping blood in others. A
peculiar yellow fluid had begun seeping out of her skinned body. It seemed to
come from the exposed muscles, which still jerked uncontrollably, reacting to
the slightest touch. In her weak voice, which was almost a whisper, she
continued to chant "Kill me now…Kill me now…Kill me". "Not yet, sis. You
still have to be spitted and roasted, then you can watch us eat you. We have
the rest of the day"; Her evil stepbrother slapped her hard across her
skinless little fanny, drops of blood splattering in all directions. Suddenly
she began screaming again and he fetched another knife. It took another three
hours to finish her skinning as they continued to force her to drink stimulant
enhanced water periodically to keep her awake through the skinning process.

. She had continually moaned, babbled and occasionally screamed again for
another hour while her brother and his friend had finished skinning her back
and arms, then she grew quiet while her chest, belly, palms and finally the
soles of her feet were skinned. When the job was complete, the only skin
Elizabeth had left was on her neck, her face, her fingers and toes, the tops
of her hands and feet, and around her joints such as the backs of her knees,
elbows, armpits, etc. All the rest of the skin had been stripped clean. The
stimulants helped her to remain alive and conscious throughout the entire
skinning process. The two boys fetched a bucket of cold water and a large
mirror. They sat Elizabeth up, spashed some water in her face to awaken her
and then showed her proudly exactly what they had done to her. She looked at
her reflection seeing only a reddish brown mess; hardly comprehending it was
her body. They again doused her with cold water, this time to clean her up.
She was still very conscious. Her eyes were open wide, wondering what was
going to happen to her next? Testing her, her brother squeezes a skinned
breast - hard, until the blood flows and he watches her wince "She is still
feeling pain! Her stamina is remarkable." Time to cook the meat!

The little 18-year-old's mind races forward. She could see herself getting
readied for the barbecue grill, tied and seasoned like a plump roaster/ She
would soon be roasting over hot coals. Her analytical mind conjured up the
cooking process. First her skin would glow and turn pink. The outer layer of
fat would slowly begin to melt. It would ooze out of her skinless body and
drip into her roasting pan, sizzling and hissing as it contacted the hot
metal. She would cook just like any other meat. Her blood vessels would
collapse the muscles and connective tissues would slowly soften and change
color, becoming more and more tender. Her flesh was well marbled like good
beef. She was firm and healthy; there was a lot of tight muscle on this young
hard-body. After several hours rotating over the hot coals, her skinned body
and her muscles would turn slightly crispy and a rich golden brown color. She
wondered if they would base her with butter or better yet, barbecues sauce.
That at least would be soothing and cooling. She figured her meat would take
about an hour to cook, then it would be soft. They would have to lift her
very gently onto the serving platter to keep from ripping and tearing the
meat, which should be dripping and be easy to separate from her bones. She
wondered if she would still be alive? What was next?


"Before we cook you my sister, we have to push this roasting pole through you
so you can rotate over the coals". Elizabeth's cute little teenage body went
stiff. Lying on her back She sobbed uncontrollably. What were they going to do
to her now? They turned her long legged body over with her cute little skinned
bubble butt in the air. They grabbed the sharp pointed stainless steel pike,
the tip of the impaling pike was then moved upward to poke deeply into the
little girl's cunt. It felt like a huge dildo! Elizabeth's muted scream was
agonizing as she felt the thick skewer pass deep into her tight but recently
fist fucked vagina. Then she felt it a snap as it breaks through her cervix.
The boys carefully moving the impaling spike back and forth to miss her vital
organs. She could feel it pass into and through her intestines. Her screams
were quickly cut short as the pike cut into the pathway from her lungs to her
throat. Her air was cutoff by the pike as it came out her mouth. Her brother
quickly cut a large hole through her throat so she could breath. The impaling
was perfect. The teenager was neatly skewered with the pike entering at her
vagina and exiting through her mouth. Elizabeth's eyes bulged wide wishing
she hadn't been such a shit-ass bitch to her stepbrother in the past.
The little 18-year-old girl was very much alive. Staring straight ahead,
she wondering what was going to happen next. Her brother and his friend
grabbed the long pole at both ends and carried the teenager over to the
already hot coals in the large barbecue pit. It was all set up. The two boys
placed the skewered little girl long skewer into the two-end mechanism of the
rotisserie. Instantly feeling the heat of the hot coals hitting her skinned
body, the 18-year-old squirms wildly about the pike, her eyes staring straight
ahead with total disbelief oh what was happening to her. As the 18 year old
begins to rotate above the hot coals, she feels the soothing brushes of a cool
liquid "Yes barbecue sauce. It felt good against her burning skin. Her
stepbrother and his friend brush Sister Elizabeth with butter and cool
barbecue sauce. "This will make her last longer and make her more delicious
for us to eat". Soon the entire skinned form of the skewered girls glistening
torso was soaked with butter and sauce. Elizabeth's skinned muscles slowly
begin to cook. The stimulates keep her very much alive, but she is now
delirious, she was being turned on the spit. A large cool wet towel loosely
wrapped around her and protects her head, eyes and face, as her skinned body
is now turning a nice tan and being well roasted. Her light teenage white
skin was now nicely browning, and the aromas of the mesquite coals and the
well-applied barbecue sauce was smoking tenderly from her cooking body. Her
eyes were still open each time her brother unwraps and replaces a fresh wet
towel over her head so she can breath and to protect her face and eyes. She
watches for a few brief seconds how much darker her firm muscles each time the
towel is replaced. The smell of her cooked flesh permeates the cabin.
Elizabeth so appreciates the soothing application of barbecue sauce to her
luscious skinned form. For a moment Elizabeth forgot where she was. Another
cold towel is wrapped around her head giving her the cool energy and the
ability to breathe through the smoke. Her nipples are hardening and her
vagina, despite its extensive alien fisting use, starts to moisten. The
soothing effect of the cool barbecue sauce alternating with the heat from the
fire below somehow feels extremely erotic. Her brother and his wicked friend
brush on lots and lots of barbecue sauce all over the 18 year olds roasting
body. Soon it was smoking and covered with the thick sauce.

As the fire grew hotter and hotter, the 18-year-olds mind drifted in and
out of consciousness. She had never felt such pain. But soon, something
strange happened. She knew it was searing hot, yet she felling less and less
pains then almost nothing. Her exposed nerves and pain cells had slowly burned
away. Only her meat and muscles were cooking. She was almost feeling excited
that this was happening to her. They pain was going away. Could they keep her
alive? That was the question. The boys were surprised how pink she was
already. Her body was shiny with the oily basting and the barbecue sauce. The
long rod stuck through her buttocks and out her mouth fascinated Elizabeth.
She could feel the skin around her anus and mouth burning faster from the hot
metal pole. As the girl began to baste her for the tenth time, she somehow
caught the turned-on glint in her brother's eyes as he let the brush linger
between the roasting legs. He made sure she still had her clit. It appeared
that not all of Elizabeth was totally dulled, and as her brother continued to
brush Elizabeth's genital area, Elizabeth was getting excited as he brushed
her skinned clit. Her labored breath became more frequent. Finally she let
loose and shuddered with a wild orgasm, maybe her final orgasm.
After almost an hour she knew she was getting done. Even with the stimulates
she didn't know how much long she would last. She knew she was close. Every
time her brother changed the wet towel, she could see that her body was
starting to take on a golden dark hue. She vaguely felt that the boys were
sticking various parts of her body with a sharp fork and knives to liberate
her melting fat, which was now being used to baste her. As she rotated over
the fire, Elizabeth's skin stiffened. Her butt, her breasts were constantly
being jabbed with sharp forks and filet knives. Soon she could not move a
muscle. Her nipples, previously enlarged from her sexual arousal, became
permanently extended and stiff. Her little vagina, gapping open from its
extended fist fucking, began to enlarge further as the surrounding muscles
began to cook. The new wet towel around her head helped her breath again and
it kept her eyes from burning. Elizabeth's mental faculties stayed with
her. A sense of peace and fulfillment began settling upon Elizabeth. She had
been cooking over the hot coals for about an hour. Her muscle was finally
getting cooked through and through and she knew she was ready to be served.
The boys knew it was time too. Elizabeth knew what was coming next. It was
frightening but in a strange way was intensely exciting. She was passing from
that delirium state between ecstasy and death. She knew she was getting well
cooked but she was feeling little pain. She knew that next she would be
carved alive. They had kept her alive for this purpose. To share her flesh
with these people and perhaps share and eat parts of herself in a strange
strange ritual. She knew her mind would be the last part of her to go. She
wondered what would be her final thoughts as they ate the last part of her. So
many things raced through her mind. They must have put some acid in that last
drink of stimulates in water. She was in no pain now. Just a state of awe.
Then one of boys yelled "dinner's ready"!

The boys put on the cooking mitts and grabbed the two ends of the long pole
holding Elizabeth over the hot coals. They placed her on the kitchen table and
slowly pull the pole out from her body. They unwrapped the last wet beach
towel off her face and head and splashed cold water on her. Her face and hair
were untouched from the heat. Her cute little teenage face was still beautiful
and she blinked her eyes. She was very much alive, but she made an imposing
sight. Her large breasts smoked and juices dripped from her open cunt. Her
firm teenage breasts hung down, pushed out over the serving tray. Her
beautiful grapefruit sized breasts and big nipples were steaming hot. They
were dark golden brown, like dark meat on a turkey. Elizabeth had beautifully
meaty breasts, set off with giant, dark areolas and pronounced nipples that
protruded almost a full inch. Her dark breasts were smoking and steaming,
slightly wet and moist with the barbecue sauce. She smelled delicious. The
boys went to her tits first. Ok if we do these first?" "Why not?" She
couldn't believe they were letting her be part of the barbecue. They each
speared a tit with their sharp knife, turning them from side to side, top to
bottom, to make sure that the insides were cooked. She screamed in terror as
their sharp cooking forks in one hand and carving knives in the other
repeatedly pierced into her cooked body. The pain returned! The cooking
process didn't deaden all her nerves. She certainly felt the knives entering
her cooked breasts. Maybe she made a mistake. She was drifting in and out of
dreamland. The drugs were great.


Her brother looked his sister directly into her face. Her eyes were closed and
blood dripped down the corners of her mouth where she had bitten through her
lips. He grasped her hair, pulled her head back and shouted into her ear. "Can
you hear me, Sis? Her eyes fluttered open as he splashed more cold water on
her face. She starred into her brother's face. With great difficulty she
managed to speak, They gave her water, but they had to hover close to hear to
hear her shaky voice. "You don't have to kill me anymore. I want to see how
fair I can go with this. Most of the pain is gone now except when you slice
through my muscles. I was going to beg you - Oh God, please, p-l-e-a-s-e, to
let me die. To Kill me, please to kill me" But now I'm awake. She speaks
slowly and softly "It too late to back out now. You gave me some great
stimulants, some acid, great painkillers - I'm floating. Let's get on with
this barbecue, I'm hungry too". The boys fell back in shock! Was she really
willing to participate? This was their dream come true"

Wow! Let's eat!!!!!! Although Elizabeth's skin was blistered and smoking, she
was still very much alive and coming back into full awareness and she was
becoming her feisty, quite talkative self. The wet beach towels had preserved
her face, lips, eyes - her mind. She was a smart little girl. She was going
with the flow and enjoying her predicament. Elizabeth looked like an angel.
She still looked very lovely, still pretty, all their eyes open some brown in
their skin, but now their flesh was roasted to a deep brown, their skin
bubbled and broiled. Upon carving into the ass of the girl, a puff of steam
rose from the first cut, filling the air with the most delightful aroma. The
steam showed that the teenager had been cooked properly, and that all the
juices and flavor had been sealed in by carefully browning her skinned muscle
at the beginning of the roasting and the special sauce. Now she watched as the
boys slowly cut tiny portions from her firm breasts. It did hurt; some pain
cells remained, but sure enough, they were some parts deep into her breast
meat that were still a little rare inside. Her brother and his friend tested
other parts of her body, as the carving knife cut deep into her little rump,
her arms, legs and thighs. They boys took their long filet knives and began
slicing her muscle and removing pieces with their teeth or their sharp knives.
Occasional they would take a portion of Elizabeth's flesh, still hot, dip it
in Ranch sauce and feed it to Elizabeth. Slowly her arms and legs were reduced
to bone. Her skinned muscle was soft and succulent and neatly fell off her
bones. The little girl's eyes widened in horror and now excitement as her
brother plunged his fork deep inside her breast, He bit into her carved chest,
ripping off a large mouthful of her nipple and hot breast meat. It was fatty
but with the barbecue sauce it was delicious. They gladly shared her flesh to
Elizabeth who chewed and swallowed each piece. Her brother's friend pushes in
the fork and held it there and cleanly carved off a larger slice, delicately
placing the slice, nipple and areola up, sizzling on the grill. He continued
methodically, slicing breast meat, slice after slice, until there was nothing
left on that side of her chest. After a while Elizabeth could hardly feel
anything but the excitement of participating in the best barbecue in her life.
Flipping the young girl meat steaks, he saved the other breast for later.
The grill was covered with grilling breast meat, the fat sputtering as the
breast slices danced on the grill. Her brother then turned her over and sliced
through layers of medium rare roast off her little butt, her sides, tummy and
the rest of her arms and legs, getting to the deep red meat behind. And closer
to the bone. They were careful not to hit any vital organs. Though there was
more fat there, the girl's tiny ass was much more voluptuous, and provided
larger slices of steaks. They sliced off the top few layers of each still warm
ass checks; her little bubble butt. She could feel everything again, but her
screams and sobbing we for joy. She could stand the new pain.
The boys slowly continued to methodically slice off the fatty layers,
discarding the fattest parts and cutting the meat carefully putting them on
the grill to finish their cooking. The red meat now exposed on her left ass
cheek, her brother effortlessly sliced one inch steaks, one after the other,
until he got down to her pelvic bone. He got five steaks from her left, and
then repeated the carving, starting in on her remaining right ass cheek. This
yielded a bout a dozen round steaks, red and in interior ones still dripping
blood, each about an inch thick. Not very large, but there was much more meat
to be carved from the teenager's legs and thighs. As the steaks were slowly
carved, they were layered on a platter for immediate eating (the outer
portions) or placed back on the grill, (the deeper meat) now sizzling and
steaming as she watched her flesh being flipped and quick broiled.
Crying and trembling in both fear and joy, the teenage girl was being
butchered alive. Elizabeth opened her eyes, and made a small sound, each time
the carving knife sliced meat off her ass. She seemed to smile as the first
portion of her ass was carved. Noticeably breathing heavy and still very
alive, but thoroughly cooked Elizabeth moaned as her thighs, calves and arms
were being carved off, the most inner cuts were medium rare at most. Elizabeth
as if in a dream, could feel and see hearty portions of her steaks being cut
from her body. While still facing the butcher block, the boys cut off all the
muscle meat from the backs of the girls’ thighs and calves. Carved to the
bone there, the 18-year old's hard body was being flipped over on the block
and the meat on the front of her legs and arms were sliced off in the same
fashion. The teenage girls’ shapely legs were now just exposed bone and sinew,
with her feet still intact at the ends. That left the other breast. Her
brother bent down and put the other untouched breast into his mouth and bit
down hard. The soft nipple and breast meat was soft and delicious. It easily
came off into his mouth. "This is great!" he said, He took a mouthful of her
nipple and the end of her tit up to her waiting mouth. They chew it slowly,
sharing the tasty meat between themselves. Slicing the rest of girl’s dark,
pointed nipples and areolas off and finishing carving off her other breast,
slice by slice, she watches her brother cut off most everything until her ribs
were exposed. She was starting to get scared.
Still very alert and totally aware that she was being butchered alive, the
tortured little girl watched as her other breast was now finished off and
sliced into thin filets, placed on the grill next to the steaks from her legs
and ass. The breast meat was mostly fat, but that was an indulgence in high
cholesterol that didn’t seem to bother anyone, considering the thrill of
eating a young girl’s breast. Finally, the brother took an electric carving
knife and cut the rest of the meat from his dear stepsister's arms and legs
until only bones were left. The pain of this dismemberment was very short. At
long last, it was time to eat!
The first ceremonial bite from the platter and grill went oh course to
Elizabeth. They toasted some fine wine as the best dark piece of breast meat
when to Elizabeth. She smiled and chewed slowly. It was surprisingly juicy and
good. This didn't hurt; the meat had already been cut off. It was time to
enjoy. The meat of tender, young girl cooked so fresh while she’s still alive.
She watching you eat her was exciting for the boys. To have her participate
was heaven. They all toasted and ate more girl meat. The taste, something like
from domestic animals or wild game, it was tantalizing and intriguing. The
special sauce made it especially tasty. It was complex and exotic, definitely
the best meat anyone had ever tasted! The only downside was that it was so
good, so addicting. Would Elizabeth be enough for the boys?
Although the barbecue was fun, Elizabeth was fading fast. They took a slice of
her breast and tried to feed it to Elizabeth. She didn't open her mouth as
much. The only thing that was left was her smooth, young vagina, which was
preserved for desert. Although her smooth vagina skin was carved back to her
pelvic bone, her genitals remained - her tortured little pussy lips and her
clit. Still alive, with her eyes open, she had lost so much blood her body
being thoroughly carved, the girl’s vagina was still intact. Indeed, with her
thighs and hips completely carved to the bone, the pussy lips of her vagina
stood out even more, unscathed. "Boys - how about one last fuck - I'm horny as
hell and it looks like this might be my last chance to get fucked" "Sure
Sis!" Both boys decided to fuck the bloody torso of the young teenager and she
was awake and alert enough to get off on it! They could cut out and eat her
vagina meat afterwards with their cum still inside. On the blood splattered
cutting board, the two boys get their dicks hard and throbbing. Her brother
looks into his sister open eyes and slowly pushes his hard dick inside her
tiny cunt hole. It was warm and tight. His buddy was fucking her face as she
eagerly sucked the last dick she'll ever suck. Her brother fucked her hard,
deep - in and out until they both came - almost together. He squirted sperm
all over her cooked body. The teenage girls last really pleasurable sensation
was being fucked and sucked hard by these two boys as they poured semen into
her womb and mouth. She loved it. Until she felt the knives again. Taking
small boning knives, the men sliced up each side of the girl’s groin, and
pushing deep inside, cut the skin around her vagina off, the entire vagina off
the young girl, slowly slicing her labia lips and up into the entire tube up
to the cervix. With a carved out vagina in his hands, her brother sat down
and forgoing a knife & fork, shared and ate the semen soaked, bloody vagina
with their bare hands, raw.


Elizabeth asked for one more hit of acid and painkiller. She became very
philosophical. The three of them had many barbecue memories. Elizabeth's
beautiful firm grapefruit sized breasts, which were actually quite meaty, with
just a little bit of marbled fat. There was intense erotic pleasure from all
three of cutting and eating her breasts. By carefully carved around the perky
dark nipple and areola, and saving these precious pebbles for later in the
meal made everyone excited and that much more special. Saving her bruised
pussy lips, clit and carved out genitals, and sharing her vagina, lips, clit
was a spiritual sharing for all three. Her being able to watch her hard body
being carved into thick juicy steaks and roast cuts and roasting the inner
layers while tasting different portions of her flesh was perfect fantasy.
Elizabeth's thigh and calf meat was the leanest, but all three agreed that
liked the taste the marbled meat carved from the tight little ass. All three
agreed that her butt meat was sinfully delicious. The special sauce had seeped
in through the skin and, rather than add flavor, more enhanced the natural
taste of the young girl’s meat. Elizabeth's barbecue adventure was coming to
a happy end. As what was left of her was turned on the platter and all meat
carved from her legs, arms, chest, back, butt and around her pelvis, there
wasn't much left but her rib cage and vital organs. Rather than being stripped
down to bone, Elizabeth had another plan. She always knew her mind would be
the last to go. Why not?

"Boys, saw the top of my skull off! - pry it off carefully and expose my
brains. I want you to eat my brains! I want to share my mind with you - My
mind will be the last to go" The boys were again awe struck! What a smart
sister! Slowly the boys sawed through the top of Elizabeth's skull. Her eyes
went wild. They took off her scull cap. Her wet gray brain matter was totally
exposed. "Oh eat my mind boys, eat my mind"

Those were the last words they heard Elizabeth say. Only funny moans and wild
facial distortions came from Elizabeth's face as the boys scooped liberal
amounts of her brains into their hungry and waiting mouths. They chewed
slowly as indeed Elizabeth's mind was the last to go.

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