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Cleaning my old Portable HD and I came across this I wrote years ago. Its a bit shaky in parts and I kind of just jumped in without even describing the characters lol. But I feel like some of you guys might like it.

Im considering re working it/finishing it and adding some actual detail with the characters with an actual conclusion too if people are interested. I did also write this when I was younger so if stuff doesn't make much sense then sorry lol. I think I was just in a hurry to write a guro story based on my kinks.


Rumer turned around in a panic and was met with the piercing eyes of her opponent. Within that instant she was met with the cold steel of a dagger inside her stomach. She gasped and jolted at the impact, the both of them taking a second to let the moment sink in until Farren quickly drew another and drove it brutally into Rumers right collarbone, scraping it as it sunk deep into her flesh. quickly screaming in pain, her body jumped into action, raising her right leg and kicking Farren in the stomach to push her away, only to stumble back slightly herself as her body familiarized itself with the fresh wounds and the feeling of the cold blades ripping out of her flesh. “Shit…she fucking stabbed me.” Rumer thought in a panic, knowing this would get very messy for her soon if she did not end this quick…But there was no time to think.
Farren swiftly was up and on the offence before Rumer could even gather her thought, swing with her left knife towards Rumer’s neck, with Rumer barely managing to block it with her arm at the elbow

But pain shot through her once again. Her body jerked in agony feeling Farren’s second knife plunge into the side of her left butt cheek with a quick spurt of fresh blood, a misdirection for her to focus on the first knife aiming for her neck, while Farren used the other to sneakily land a hit.
Farren’s blades were sharp, specifically made for cutting through flesh and muscle. With even average force, her 6-inch blades easily sank into an opponent’s flesh, making them even more dangerous with Farren’s training and technique.
Farren continued, dancing around Rumer as she tried to avoid her blades, but more and more Farren tore into her body.

“Dammit fuck!’ Rumer cursed to herself with each slice she took. Her white tank top now torn to shreds and stained with her blood. Her perky tits dangled and jiggled with her body shuddering with each strike, blood trailing over her nipples.
She had to do something quickly. Screaming with a quick grunt once again as her blocked another kill strike aimed for her neck. The knife drove straight through her forearm, the tip of the blade just scraping the center of her neck.

Farren pushed down with her might, overpowering Rumer and pushing the blade further into her arm and closer to her neck. Panic began to set into Rumers mind. She could feel herself getting weaker with these flesh wounds, and as much as she pushed her arm against Farren, it was no use.
With frustration, Farren brutally drove her free blade into Rumers stomach, and in a frenzy repeatedly stabbed her over and over. Rumer shrieked, but grit her teeth though it, knowing she would be dead if she focused on the second knife, now stuck deep in her gut with a sickening twist and jerk from Farren.

The blade painfully slipped into her arm further and closer to her neck with another push From Farren. The tip piercing the skin of her neck and making a tiny hole.
Rumer took a sharp breath and had no choice but to sacrifice her arm or die. With a sudden twist, she jerked her arm, slicing the blade through her arm further along into the muscle and flesh, but locking and catching the blade in-between her radius and ulnar, managing to leverage it away from her neck and giving her a chance to counter attack.

She began to push back. Raising onto her feet once again as she began to overpower Farren. Rumer was stronger than her nimbler opponent. This fight would have been over before it even began if it was a straight hand to hand fight…but those knives tipped the scaled immensely in Farren’s favor.

Farren refused to let this happen violently tearing her blade from Rumors gut with a torrent of blood. Rumer felt her body violently jerk as she opened her mouth with a silent scream. Her eyes widened as something felt wrong, her mind couldn’t process this weird feeling of pain…but she could feel her stomach bulge and shift around.

She glanced down at her belly, and time seemed to freeze with what she saw.

“No…no no no that’s my guts. Shit no no no they aren’t meant to be there!” She thought to herself.

Seeing her intestines spill from her belly in tight jiggly coils.
The wound was deep but somewhat small, making a tight opening from her guts to squeeze through, as if her belly was a tube of fresh toothpaste being squeezed for its contents.

She continued to struggle with Farren. Each breath she took and each movement she made squeezing her guts out more and more, as coil after coil seemed to pop from the wound and then gently spill, dangling against her belly and thigh.

Farren swiftly placed her free blade behind Rumers knee, and with one quick slice ripped into her joint. Her knee buckling with the torn muscle and ligament supporting it, and ending her potential comeback.
Her lower body failed her, Rumer watched helplessly as Farren Reclaimed her two knives ad swiftly carved her up even further. As if in slow-motion, Farren slid her left hand downwards against Rumer’s right arm, dragging the blade with her and slicing cleanly into Rumors forearm with a long-jagged gash.
She followed with a well-placed, near perfect twist of the knife into a backhanded grip once she was under Rumer’s Arm pit, and then sliced across her chest and breasts horizontally as if she was swinging a brutal left hook. The blade ripped across her areola’s and barely missed her actual nipple. Rumer’s tits sliced open with flash of blood and fat. She had hardly any time to assess the damage, looking for just a split second deep into the wounds of her breasts, accurately recognizing her glands that made her perky tits.

But just as the blade ripped across her breasts, the second one returned, slicing the opposite way and ripping from the outer side of her left breast into the top towards her sternum…almost as if Farren wanted to slice it off. The attack happened so fast that Rumer took a few seconds to process what just happened. Kneeling there wide eyed for a second, her face contorted into a scrunched mess of agony and shock, glancing quickly at the mess of her chest. Her body acted on pure instinct, swinging her wounded right arm with force towards the back of Farren’s knees and making her fall.

Taking the chance, Rumer pounced on her opponent as she took her by surprise, and with a combination of desperation, rage, and anger, she slammed her fists down onto Farrens face, making use of her strength
Having trained in various forms of hand to hand combat and strength training, she could easily break bones with enough force…but could she use this moment to end this in her state?

“CRUNCH” went Farren’s Jaw, as Rumer shattered it and dislocated it with her fists. A fresh spurt of blood erupted from Farren’s mouth and nose as bone shattered. But she couldn't keep it for long. Her left arm burned with every punch and her wounds stated to affect her power…but a flash of Farren’s blade caught her eye slashing a deep cut across her thigh and forcing Rumer to retreat. Quickly gaining some space between the two of them, Rumer took a few seconds to compose herself. She was losing blood, and her wounds were beginning to take effect. “I need to end this now” She thought clutching her stomach. The attack opened her stomach up a little more, allowing more of her insides to empty with the hole. She shuddered at the feeling of her guts, sticky and warm.
A sense of dread overcame her. She was best in close quarters combat and could have easily taken Farren out as her strength far surpasses her opponent…but getting in close means getting close to those blades…which Farren specializes in. “If I get close, I can make something work.” She thought…but looking down at the body, she hesitated.
Time was up. Rumer had to react fast as Farren charged directly at her.
She swiped her knife upwards at Rumer with blinding speed, but Rumer successfully anticipated this and jumped back, narrowly missing another deep cut.
She stumbled slightly in her torn leg, but now was her chance to counter attack! With a strong step forward, Rumer clenched her just and swung a dirty uppercut at her opponent, followed by swiftly getting into a grapple with the intention of disabling Farren access to her blades.


This is awesome. I would love to see this as a finished product. Who is Rumer? What does she look like? Why is she in this fight? How does it end for her?


Love the stab-by-stab detail, and the dawning horror of Rumer. And I second Bloodlust, would love to see this finished and see how it turns out!


Thank you guys. I really wasn't sure how it would have been received but im glad that it's something that has some interest.

I guess ill use this as an excuse to get back into writing some guro fiction. Expect an update and new part soon!


I really want to see more of this. I love combat based guro. Love the way you emphasise Rumers reactions and struggles to getting messed up.

Really hoping I get to see her suffer more before making a comeback


Here is the remake. I expanded alot further on characters and descriptions, with a little bit of back story too.
Plus I added more content generally to the fight, with the intention of concluding it in the next part or two.

I might have gone abit over the top so if it seems a bit silly then apologies, but this is my fetish and its pretty much how I would have wrote it back then if it was completed, just with more care taken to actually have some development. Plus im pretty sue there might be the odd error here or there that I may have missed.

Let me know what you think. I love writing guro fiction again, and I am always open to hear what you guys have to say, good or bad.


The metal doors creaked shut

Rumer stepped foot inside the final room of the abandoned warehouse darting her eyes around the environment and keeping alert

“This is it. They have to be here somewhere” she thought to herself, and holding her finger to her head. “John. Update me. What’s happening” she asked in her internal ear communicator, Linking directly back to her base of operations and secret intelligence group known as the K.E.Y.S.

“It seems like the target is located within 30 meters of your location” John replied

His British accent rang through Rumer’s ear. He watching on his large screen with several area cameras and radars. Information on the target and Rumer displayed on other screens around him, the most important being Rumer’s vitals and physical condition

“Be careful Rumer. We know first-hand what the target is capable of. The last thing I want is that stuff to happen to you”

Rumer winced. Recalling the gruesome and disturbing images and videos that were sent to the team at KEYS. Picked off one by one by the Assassin known as “Farren”.
As the leader, she felt compelled to put an end to this and track Farren down once and for all.

The lights flickered overhead, seemingly in time with each step Rumer took. Her thick hair tied back, with a single strand of dark curls swaying over her face, slightly to the side of her eyes which were focused in searching for her opponent.

Her skin seemed to glow with a slight tan. Probably from a previous mission she took in Africa, locating and protecting the only heir to a king, who had made a lot of enemies.
Or possibly due to her Italian roots, her adopted parents only being aware of her heritage coming from that part of the world

Her complexion contrasted with her red lips, which were a trademark of hers…especially with her male targets. Leaving a kiss on the scene of their dead body, seemingly insulting them for getting distracted by her attractiveness.

Her body was incredible. Having trained from a young age to Join KEYS, eventually rising the ranks and becoming the leading figure. She was well toned and fit, with hips that clung to her tight wet look leggings, and her perky ass stood out as it clung to her cheeks. It exaggerated her naturally long legs that she prided herself in with deadly kicks and her specialty in CQC.

But her best asset was her breasts. Just as perky as her ass, they seemed to pop with her short white tank top, which exposed her stomach and sowed off her abs. The strap went over one shoulder, leaving the other bare but wrapping around her neck as a sort of attached collar. Over that was a short black jacket that was open, the sleeves slightly rolled back to the middle of her forearms, exposing her wrists.

It was almost as if she used her beauty purposely to be a distraction, knowing fully well what men were like. Unable to think straight with something or someone stroking that thing in between their legs. She hated that she used her looks to end fights and situations quickly, she hated even more that sometimes she had to take things further…more physical…but if it meant a successful and quick mission, then she would do it over and over again. This time would be no different

Her hand rested on the holster for her gun, ready to draw it when needed. As soon as she saw any sign of life, she would shoot. A quick end to a battle that had no chance to even begin.
The gun rocked with the sounds of her footsteps that echoed thanks to her semi heavy combat boots.

and then… the lights went out…

“Shit!” Rumer cursed to herself. Drawing her gun and taking a shooting stance with this sudden change

“RUMER. THE TARGET!” John choked in a panic, seeing the radar pulse suddenly get within 5 feet from Rumer. “ITS 5 FT AWAY. YOU NEEED TO ACT NOW!”.

Rumer turned around in a panic and swiftly caught a slight glimpse of a moving figure. She pointed her gun and took a shot, seeing a flash of silver but feeling a pain shoot across the back of her hand
The gun feel to the ground and was kicked away swiftly as a splash of blood bust from her skin, causing her to flinch.

“What the fuc-GAHGK!”

Rumer choked in pain as she was met with the cold steel of a dagger inside her stomach, gasping and jolting at the impact.
The lights flickered back on, and she found herself face to face with Farren.

Rumer’s eyes widened as she was staring back at another female. Farren was a woman. The first she had actually seriously met in combat…and she just stabbed her

She had fiery red hair and a pale complexion that seemed to glow against the tight black body suit she wore. Her face was sharp, with Cheekbones that were defined and narrow blue eyes that seemed to be in a constant frown or scowl.
She grit her teeth in frustration, with her black lips parting slightly and her small button nose scrunching up, pushing the slash looking scar across her cheek up towards the base of her left eye.

Rumer was shocked. Despite her intimidating look, she had the same vibe of a tall and slim catwalk model…It was odd to come across another female for the first time after almost a decade doing this.

Time seemed to freeze for hours, both of them taking a second to let the moment sink in…until Farren quickly drew another of her blades from behind her and drove it brutally into Rumer’s right collarbone, scraping it as it sunk deep into her flesh.
Again Rumer grunted deeply in pain and finally her body jumped into action, John yelling at her in her ear to act.

She raised her right leg and kicked Farren in the stomach to push her away with her strong legs, only to stumble back slightly herself. Her body familiarized itself with the wounds and the fresh feeling of the cold blades ripping out of her flesh with a splash of blood.
“…she fucking stabbed me.” Rumer thought in a panic, placing a hand on one of her wounds. She knew this would get very messy for her soon if she did not end this quick…But there was no time to think.

Farren was unwavering. Swiftly up and on the offence before Rumer could even gather her thoughts. She swung with her left knife towards Rumer’s neck, with Rumer barely managing to block it with her right arm at the elbow. The blade slicing deep into her flesh again with a painful yell

Her body jerked involuntary, trying to warn Rumer of the danger as Farren’s second knife plunged into the side of her left butt cheek with a quick spurt of fresh blood. An obvious misdirection for her to focus on the first knife, while Farren used the other to sneakily land a hit.
Rumer letting out a sharp yet silent yelp as she stumbled away to try to gain some momentum. Making sure to swiftly face Farren at all times.

Farren’s blades were sharp. Specifically made for cutting through flesh and muscle, and with enough force metal and bone. With even average force, her 7-inch blades easily sank into an opponent’s flesh, making them even more dangerous with Farren’s training and technique as a seemingly crazed assassin gone rogue.

She continued, dancing around Rumer who tried her hardest to avoid her blades, but more and more Farren tore into her body.
One slash struck her left shoulder. Another her inner thigh. Her hip took a gash and with a backhanded slash to her cheek, her body spun. With her back turned, she took several stabs to the back after being grabbed behind by the neck and hair.

“Fuck FUCK FUCK ARCHHK!’ Rumer cursed to herself, with each thrust and twist of the knife that sunk into her arched back. Her eyes bulged wider and wider with each attack, drenching her bare back in blood.

With a kick, Farren pushed Rumer away as if she was trash, watching her stumble and struggle to keep her balance as she poured blood from her multiple torn and haggard flesh wounds. Her hair now released from its ponytail and free flowing in black curls that reached her chest. The tips and sections of them sticky and stained dark red with blood

Farren paced briskly. Just watching Rumer, as if she was prey that was bleeding and dying out…expecting her to collapse and fade any moment now…but Rumer stood up. Defiant to keep fighting.

“You. You’re…the one responsible.” She said, between heavy breaths. She turned to look at Farren, who’s expression has been stoic since the first strike. “Im going…to kill you” She threatened, pushing through the pain and demanding to keep her promise.

She grabbed her blood soaked, torn jacket and ripped it from her body, throwing it to the side as she took a fighting stance through a pained expression. Just moving caused her body to burn more and more.
Her white tank top was slashed and stained with her blood. Ripped material causing it to loosen, and her perky tits and stiff nipples dangled. They jiggled with her body shuddering with each attack and slash, as Farren went on the offensive again.

“Rumer your vitals are showing significant signs of damage and distress. You can’t face her right now. Her knifes are far to deadly for you to face in close combat. You NEED to retreat!” John informed, standing at his desk in panic. He was basically helpless as he watched her get ripped to pieces.

She could not even reply. Focused entirely on evading these deadly weapons and somehow trying to find a way to counter attack.
They both traded blows in CQC. Rumer managing to block and parry as much as she could and getting the odd punch and kick in. But it was a constant danger. She couldn’t dodge everything, and found herself getting cut, slashed and gashed over and over again.

She had to do something quickly, screaming with a quick grunt once again as she sacrificed flesh to block another kill strike aimed for her neck. The knife drove straight through her right forearm with blood dripping and lubricating the metal. The tip of the blade just scraping the center of her throat.

Farren pushed down with her might, overpowering Rumer and pushing the blade further and further into her arm, aiming to pierce her neck. Panic began to set into Rumer’s mind, feeling herself getting weaker with each passing moment. As much as she pushed against Farren, it was no use.

Eventually she would find the blade ripping into her throat and cause her to slowly bleed out.

But she couldn’t let this happen. The thought again of seeing her comrades slaughtered by this terrorist…this monster, realizing the fear they just have felt in their dying moments…she could never let this happen…she had to avenge then.
Farren would pay for her crimes and stand trial, even if it cost her life.

With adrenaline rushing through her, Rumer found the energy to push back. Using her other arm as leverage and her pierced arm to push, she slowly began to overpower Farren, coming closer and closer to meeting her in the middle of this brutal struggle.

But it was short lived. In a fit of frustration, Farren brutally drove her free blade into Rumer’s stomach.
A popping sound echoed through the warehouse, as the blade pierced into Rumer’s exposed gut, ripping through her flesh and the cold steel siding in-between her guts.
It was a frenzy. Farren repeatedly stabbed her over and over and over. Rumer’s skin slicing and tearing at the attack on her belly as she howled with gritted teeth and bulging eyes…but she had no choice but to take it. She knew she would be dead if she focused on this second knife…now stuck deep in her gut with a sickening twist, a sudden jerk and finally a sadistic slice from Farren.

The first blade slid into her arm further and closer to her neck with another push. The tip piercing the skin of her neck and making a tiny hole, making the situation critical.

Rumer took a sharp breath, ignoring the pain as best as she could from both blades and had no choice but to sacrifice her arm or die. With a sudden twist, she jerked her arm, slicing the blade through it further along into the muscle and flesh, but locking and catching the blade in-between her radius and ulnar.
Finally, she managed to leverage it away from her neck and giving her a chance to properly begin her counter attack.

Rumer pushed back once more, raising properly onto her feet once again as she began to overpower Farren.
She was stronger than her nimbler opponent. This fight would have been over before it even began if it was a straight hand to hand fight, no question asked…but those knives tipped the scaled immensely in Farren’s favor. Rumer could not compete with flesh tearing weapons with her bare hands.

Farren felt the pressure, noticing her opponents sudden shift in attention yet again…and violently tore blade from Rumer’s gut with a torrent of blood, ending her momentum. Chunks of her flesh, muscle and guts stuck to the slight jagged points of the blade, as it brutally hacked away from Rumer’s stomach, blood and bodily fluids spraying across the imminent area.

“GUAHK FUCCKKAGAHHHH" Rumer screamed with her head to the skies.

Her body violently jerked with an open mouth and her scream falling silent. Her face suck with her mouth agape and her eyes widened as something felt wrong…her mind couldn’t process this weird feeling of pain…but she could feel her stomach bulge and shift around Inside her, beginning to twitch and convulse.

She glanced down at her belly and gasped with what she saw.

“No…no no no that’s my guts. Shit no no no I shouldn’t be seeing them!” She thought to herself in a panic, seeing small loops of her slithering guts protrude from her.

“RUMER YOUR VITALS, WHAT HAPPENED? RESPOND PLEASE!!!” John screamed. Seeing her body reach a critical point.
KEYS had access to the highest medical services and equipment, but he could clearly see Rumer was inching closer and closer to irreversible damage.

She couldn’t even register John’s screams. Her mind just entirely on the horrific sight of seeing her own steaming intestines spill from her hard belly in tight jiggly coils.
The wound was deep but somewhat small, along the left side of her abs. It made a tight opening for her guts to suddenly squeeze and burst through with pressure, as if her belly was a tube of fresh toothpaste being squeezed for its gory contents.

She felt the blade slice inside her once more, driving at an angle between her ribcage, her chest burning and her body jolting with the impact. The blade grazed her lung and ever so slowly started filling up with blood.
Each breath Rumer took and each movement she made squeezed her entrails out more and more, as coil after coil seemed to pop one after another from the bulging wound with a sudden force… and then gently spill, dangling against her belly. The longest coil jiggling around with her body’s erratic movements and scraping the ground.

She tried to stand with a desperate burst of energy once more, but Farren swiftly jerked her blade from Rumer's arm. Tearing it free and bringing with it chunks of skin. Her free blade swiftly held behind Rumer's knee, and With one quick slice ripped into her joint, her knee buckling with the torn muscle and ligament supporting it. Ending her potential comeback once more.

Her lower body failed her, Rumer watched helplessly as Farren reclaimed her two knives and swiftly carved her up even further. Time moved in slow-motion for Rumer, as Farren stabbed once again through Rumer’s right forearm, dragging the blade with her across it and slicing the muscles in two with a long-jagged gash. More and more of her blood spilled across the two of them, and the inner workings of her forearm exposed the world.

Rumer felt her arm flop and lose control. It burned immensely as she lost the ability to use her right hand and fingers.

A flash of the blade struck her once again across her thigh, with following with a well-placed, near perfect twist of the knife into a backhanded grip once she was under Rumer’s Arm pit.
She sliced across her upper breasts horizontally as if she was swinging a brutal hook. The blade ripped across her Rumer’s areola’s and barely missed her actual nipple, with her tits smoothly and cleanly sliced open with little resistance. A flash of blood and fat erupted from them, and the remainder of her top fell to the ground, leaving her completely topless and exposed. She had hardly any time to assess the damage, looking for just a split second deep into the wounds of her breasts, accurately recognizing her glands that made her perky tits.

“N…no no no not my breasts” she thought. Watching them tear and open up slightly more with gravity.
Something she was so proud of, now barely hanging on by flaps of skin. .

The second blade returned almost instantly, slicing the opposite way and ripping from the outer side of her left breast into the top towards her sternum…almost as if Farren actually wanted to slice it off.
The attack happened so fast that Rumer took a few seconds to process what just happened. Stumbling back, wide eyed, her face contorted into a scrunched mess of agony and shock, glancing quickly at the mess of her chest as her left breast hung and just dangled by a few scraps of fat. It jiggled with her twitches and shudders.

Something snapped. Her body acted on pure instinct, swinging her wounded right arm with force towards the back of Farren’s knees and collapsing one of her legs.

Taking the chance, Rumer pounced on her opponent, and with a combination of desperation, rage, and anger, she slammed her fists down onto Farren’s face, making use of her strength
Having trained in various forms of hand to hand combat and strength training, she could easily break bones with enough force…but could she use this moment to end this in her state?

“CRUNCH” went Farren’s Jaw

Rumer shattered it and dislocated it with her fists. A fresh spurt of blood erupted from Farren’s mouth and nose as bone shattered. But she couldn't keep it for long. Her arm burned with every punch and her wounds stated to affect her power…but Farren’s struck back, once more slashing a deep cut across her thigh and then again across her chest.
The knife cut across her dangling left breast again, forcing Rumer to retreat and jump back with a stumble, quickly gaining some space between the two of them.

Rumer took a few seconds to compose herself…and…


A juicy sound rang in her ear, feeling something fall to the ground next to her feet.
She looked down and saw her left breast. Her slashed nipple gashed open and staring back at her, slightly jiggling still with the impact. The recent slash cutting through the last of the connecting tissue that held it to her chest, which now was just a flat surface of bloody and fatty raw meat that sat on top of her slashed and exposed pectoral muscle.

Her green eyes filled with despair. Blood shot with the stress and agony. She slowly looked up to Farren as she began to approach, still with a creepy non-expressive look on her face despite the damage to it.

“I need to end this now” Rumer thought.
Clutching her stomach and wincing at the uncomfortable feeling of her exposed guts.

The attack opened her belly up a little more, allowing more of her insides to empty with the hole and drag against the ground over time. She shuddered at the feeling of them, sticky and warm and the freshest coils pulsating slightly.
A sense of dread overcame her, realizing how fucked she was. She was best in close quarters combat and could have easily taken Farren out as her strength far surpasses her opponent…but getting in close means getting close to those blades…which Farren specializes in. She is going to get cut and stabbed again and again despite what plan she might come up with…it was inevitable.

“If I get close, I can make something work.” She thought. Breathing heavily as her body swayed and struggled to stay upright.

She was a mess. With her tank top now removed, it was really apparent just how fucked Rumer was.
The job came with significant danger. That was obvious. She knew there would be times where she would be hurt and wounded…but this was borderline torture.
Her once beautiful golden skin…now ripped and torn. Jagged and sliced to pieces. It was as if she had jumped in a pit to fight with several enraged lions wanting to feast on the lean meat of her body, and gorge themselves with the delicacy of her guts.
Blood poured from her arm as it flopped lifelessly to her side, while her small intestines continually jabbed itself through the wound coil after coil.

Taking a deep breath and looking through the strands of her bloody hair that covered and stuck to her face, she quickly used the scraps of her top to tie around her stomach tightly. Fighting while being semi disemboweled was risky, but as long as she could contain them and not puncture them as she moved, it shouldn’t cause too much discomfort…and hopefully with some effort she should be able to have them placed back where they belong.

The scrap of material bulged. Her intestines and guts no longer dangling but instead being cradled like a baby after being scooped up and gathered. It jiggled and bounced with her body flinching and shuddering in pain. It was ironic. Instead of the bandage containing her guts, it seemed as if her guts were the ones affecting the bandage.

Time was up. Rumer had to react fast as Farren charged directly at her.
She swiped her knife upwards at Rumer with blinding speed, but Rumer successfully anticipated this and jumped back, narrowly missing another deep cut aimed for her sternum. She tripped slightly on her torn leg, but now was her chance to counter attack!
With a strong step forward, Rumer clenched her fist and swung a dirty uppercut which rocked Farren’s head back with force, followed by swiftly getting into a grapple with the intention of disabling Farren’s access to her blades.

They rolled and tossed around as they stood their ground, shifting positions and swiftly trading blows and attacks one after another. Rumer slamming her elbows and fists, driving her knees and head butting Farren with satisfying sounds of impact. Teeth and blood sprayed with another strike to the face, ribs cracked with her knees impacts, and Farren’s nose crunched under blows.
Rumer painfully raised her gashed leg and slammed her foot down against Farren’s right knee, jerking it to the side and popping it out of its joint with a sick sound. Farren grunted in pain as her body gave way slightly, shifting her weight on her left leg

But Farren’s attacks were far more brutal. Stabbing and puncturing Rumer’s upper body and torso after taking blows from Rumer’s fists.
With each clean and successful attack, she managed to slam the blade deep, twist and then drag along Rumers raw flesh and body, leaving some of the deepest gashes yet and ripping serious chunks from her body.

First along her shoulder…
Then across her ribs…
Another across her hip and scraping the top of her pelvis and opening up her belly again on the opposite side. With seemingly her pink fleshy colon peeping against the open gash, too big to squeeze through this wound

Finally after taking a joint popping strike to her knee, Farren aimed for Rumer’s remaining right breast.
She stabbed it. Plunging the blade under Rumer’s collarbone again, and then with a quick twist ferociously dragged downwards.

Her remaining breast sliced open again, now in a jagged plus shape. It seemed to open up in sections like a blooming flower of flesh blood and fat. Her nipple now hung off center to the bottom right as it separated and dangled. Freely jiggling in its own sectioned quarter.

“DAAAAAAARGGHHHH" she screamed, choking part way through and taking a raw deep breath of shock. It was agony. Something so full of sensual nerves exploded in pain as she was helpless to watch Farren ruin her once perfect breast.

The blade ripped from her body once again with another burst of blood, now aiming for center of her chest…but as if by instinct, Rumer managed to catch the blade with her bare right hand.
Pain short through her palm as she barely managed to make a fist around the blade. Her forearm was practically torn to shreds from earlier, yet she still pushed on, knowing she had to block this attack aimed for her heart.

Farren pushed suddenly. And again…and again Slicing Rumer’s hand open deeper and at the webbing of her thumb. Aiming to puncture her heart and watch the life slowly fade from her eyes.
Applying more pressure, Farren began to lean into the struggle, with Rumer having no choice but to give in and lean backwards with her body. Her legs providing as much support as they could right now .

Rumer gritted her teeth and her eyes bulged in this struggle as tears of frustration and anger and pain began to form. Her hair still stuck in clumps to her face with her own blood beginning to dry.

The incredible tension of her body fighting back continually squeezed out more and more of her insides regularly, specifically with her core and abs keeping her steady.
It caued her makeshift bandage to bulge further, soaked in a combination of her blood and body fluids.
Her stomach and guts shifted around with this new free space, and fresh loops of her emptying guts began to slip through the bottom of the material as it reached its tensional limit, exposing themselves to the air once more and catching the attention of Farren.

She adjusted her grip on her free knife as Rumer’s eyes darted to it with a look of panic and fear, knowing another attack was imminent. She watched amid their struggle as Farren rolled her wrist along Rumers tricep. She sliced into it while carrying momentum downwards across the flesh on her ribcage, and finally ending with a flick across the tense bulging scraps wrapped around Rumers body…the only thing keeping her guts in check.

The both of them looked on. Farren in content as she eagerly waited to see the inevitable, while Rumer in horror as the bandage gently fell…and suddenly…


“No…no no no no nooooo” Rumer thought. Her mouth agape and her eyes wide at the sight.

An absolute mess of Rumer’s guts fell to the ground with a sickening squelching sound, tumbling down her thigh and across her bent knee, unraveling in a torrent on the cold warehouse floor.
The coils were still tightly compacted, and the ones that did not reach the ground seemed to bounce like an elastic band.
The sudden shift in gravity pulled out a few more. It seemed as though her intestines trailed on forever.

Farren took the moment to let this sink in. Reveling in the sight, staying silent, but watching Rumer as she fully grasped the horror she found herself in. There was nothing better to farren than looking into the eyes of her opponent and seeing absolute despair and agony.

Farren wanted to do more. The excitement of utterly dominating and torturing a target before letting them slowly die made her heart pump and mind race with excitement. Mentally breaking them and destroying their physical body and spirit was true power.

She licked her lips and took a chance to step on Rumer's exposed guts that jiggled next to her foot with a juicy sound and a gag from Rumer, thinking in that moment of thousands of horrific things she could do to her next.


Wow so the site just wants to randomly remove full stops at the end of most of my paragraphs then? Lol ok.


Hell yeah. Thanks for this. Looking forward to part 2.

Also, if this is your thing, you might like to read Julie Plays Ball on this page:

It’s pretty similar in a lot of ways.


Please tell me you didn’t give up on this?



No not at all. Currently working on part 2 as a matter of fact, but life is always getting in the way ahaha.

Also, your Julie stores are amazing and pretty much hits everything I like in guro.

Julie Plays Ball is literally one of my favorite guro stories of all time and I have it saved.I love how you describe her being gutted alive like that.


This is so ridiculously over the top I love it.

How much more punishment can Rumer take before it's over? I'm hoping she actually manages to somehow win however. It would be interesting to see how she has to deal with getting fucked up so badly for the test of her life.


Any hope for a conclusion, been checking here every few days. Great story.


I decided to do a name so its easier to keep track of my stuff if you are interested or down. Anonymous wasn't really cutting it much anymore.

But here is part 2. Almost at the end and part 3 would be the ending which I've pretty much got a basic plan for.


“Rumer! RUMER! RESPOND NOW. WHAT IS YOUR STATUS!” John panicked. Watching the worrying information and data roll through on his screen.

“Im activating the iris camera. I need to know what’s going on.” He continued.

“N…nno…no John don’t” She thought. Knowing her view will be mirrored on his screen and exposing him to the awful sight and mess that was her body.
She had been in messy situation before, and had support from the team back at the base in real time…but this was different. She did not want anyone to see this disturbing sight in anyway.

The camera activated. And a real time view of the battle flashed on screen.

“….My…God” John muttered. Eyes wide and mouth open in shock. He took a step back with fear and intimidation.

The scene was harrowing. The Point Of View camera was instantly met with the stoic yet crazed look of a bruised and battered Farren, looking directly into Rumer’s eyes…and by default, the screen. She was covered in blood, mostly belonging to Rumer after slicing and tearing into her flesh over and over again.

As Rumer felt the blade she held rip further into her skin, her eyes darted to it. The camera focusing now on her shaking hand holding Farren’s deadly knife by the sharp edge of the blade.
He watched Rumer attempt to pull the blade away from her chest as a splash of blood sprayed her eyes, and by default the screen…and nothing…just black.

John held his breath. Saying nothing and just in shock at the image he saw…hoping and wishing she would get out of this situation alive…however in her state, maybe a quick death would be for the better.
With the little he saw, there was absolutely no way that Rumer would recover well from a state like this if she survived. Months or years of physio, and even that wouldn’t guarantee she would be able to recover fully. But the mental and phycological damage of this would last a life time…

The camera flickered back on with Rumer managing to finally open her eyes. She stumbled backwards as she wiped away the blood that splashed on her face, only to notice her thumb…freely dangling by a scrap of skin, torn from her hand as she attempted to move the blade away.

She froze. Staring at the flopping part of her hand and her heart racing at the further dismemberment of her body. She heard John gasp in her ear, knowing he saw this too and was exposed to what she planned next.
The thumb was of no use. Grabbing it with her left, she tore it from her right hand, which was pretty much useless now with her right arm being torn to scraps.
Throwing it on the ground, she grunted with her eyes slightly closed and took a ragged deep breath…somehow trying to compose herself as much as she could.

Rumer looked down at her body and held her stomach. Her guts dangling and trailing along the ground shortly in front of her as she took a quick second to gather them, noticing the state of her proud tits debreasted and slashed open like a melon.
She pressed her guts against the wound, maybe hoping she could stuff a few of them back inside her, but they just slid and shuffled amongst each other as if her wound was a one way entry. They were easy to come out…but hard to get back in…then again, he realised there should never be a situation where your insides are outside after all.

The slash on the other side of her body began to protrude outwards. The pink of her colon pressing against it more. It slowly rotated, and a few slippery and jiggly coils slipped through the gap that was now made in quick succession. 1…2…3….4…5… of them shooting out 2 at a time with each breath she took, forcing the remainder of her guts to escape a little bit more each time.

The image of her being gashed open on either side, with her entrails spilling from both sides of her body was sickening. Her hips covered and seemingly protected by them like a belt of entrails…or Love handles of gore.

Looking at her fresh guts escaping the other side of her body at a slow frequent rate, Rumer knew she was running out of time. Even if she managed to kill Farren, it was just a matter of time before her own body would unintentionally, slowly eviscerate itself with each breath or stressful movement.

John was horrified. Rumer was dying in front of him and all he could do was watch, frozen and paralyzed.

“Rumer…I need to get you backup. You are going to die.” He spoke into his mic. Hesitation and a quiver in his voice.

“NO” She yelled. Short of breath. “If you send anyone, they will die! UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL YOU DO THIS…I refuse to have anymore deaths on my hands. I have to be the one be to end this. That’s is an order”.

“…understood” John replied with difficulty. Clenching his fist and gritting his teeth, he slammed them on the table as he began to shake in fear for his friends life.

He knew Rumer was one of the most selfless persons he had ever met. She would do anything to protect those she cared about and those that she oversaw and managed…but this was insanity.
Many times she had put her life on the line to save and protect, but nothing like this. She was willingly destroying herself for her job, knowing that Farren is way too much of a danger to be kept alive.
Rumer would fight to her very last breath no matter what.

Farren held her leg and stomped on the ground. A POP echoed, with her forcefully putting her knee back into place with a bellowing grunt…and slowly approached Rumer once again, this time with a slight limp. Holding her knifes out in a tight grip with the intent of slowly breaking Rumer further.

Rumer took the chance to gamble. If this fight went on longer she was dead anyway.
With her right arm dangling to her side, she charged at Farren and prepared a strong spinning kick with her heel.
The blow connected with the brutal SNAP, and rocked Farren’s head to the side , knocking her off balance and making her stumble a few steps.

“this is it!” Rumer thought. Continuing the assault and feeling the tide turn finally in her favor.

A few feet of her guts still swinging with the momentum of her attack. She dashed forward and dived her knee upwards with a sickening crunch that connected with Farren’s head and knocked her off balance once more. The two hit combo sending Farren into a daze somewhat as her eyes rolled side to side and blood trailed from her mouth and nose.
Her body hit one of the metal columns against her back and she stood there, coughing blood and grunting at the pain of Rumer's deadly physical blows.

Despite everything, Rumer still was able to deal some ridiculous damage. Adrenaline rushing through her, causing her to ignore the agony she felt burning across her entire body.

“I can end this with one more!” Rumer thought. Aiming her clinched left fist at Farren’s neck. She put everything into this…hoping to crush or collapse her throat, and put her opponent out entirely.

But it was all for nothing. Farren as if by instinct, avoided the attack. Instead placing her face in the way and letting it take the full force fo the attack.
Her face smashed and contorted with the pressure if Rumer's fist slamming against it. Blood spurted from her mouth and nose and her left eyeball bulged out of its socket, almost popping out with the pressure.

The blow was brutal, and Farren’s face was almost completely smashed…but she was still in the fight, sacrificing her face for what would have been a fight ending blow to the neck… and now right Rumer was right where she wanted her.

With no hesitation, Farren slammed her knifes into Rumer’s outstretched left arm. Skewering them and using the handles as a leverage to control Rumer’s body. She dipped down and spun Rumer around in a viscous dance that left her now slammed against the metal column, now having switched places.

Rumer screamed in pain. Her remaining arm stabbed, and yanked in one direction with her body following and slamming into the column along her back. She choked in shock and twitched as a sudden slip of her guts shot out of her body once again on both sides with her muscles tensing.

Farren effortlessly pulled her knifes out of Rumer's arm, and with a flash she sliced several times across Rumer’s arms. Her pinky and ring finger flew in two different directions, and the flesh across her forearms and bicep sliced open like she was a piece of meat in a butchers.

Rumer didn’t even have the time to process this as the Farren ended with a targeted and very deep stab and slash across Rumer's stomach once more. Both blades driving into the center of her gut up to the handle, and slicing both left and right, making the two deep gashes on each side now one.

Everything went silent. Farren held her pose with her arms outstretched from the blow, as she looked at Rumer's body and smiled.
Rumer twitched once…twice and violently a third time as her eyes bulged open. Blood shot and poured once again from her stomach as she slowly slid down the metal column in a slumped seating position.

It was over. The attack finally ripped Rumer's body open from left to right…both of her gut wounds now one. Big enough for the entirety of what was left inside her to freely spill from her gut, held now only by a damaged omentum that was rupturing with the pressure of her organs pushing against it.

Rumer looked at her belly and her mouth opened. She held her stomach with her dismembered left hand in an attempt to stop what was about happen… but it was no use.
She tried to avoid breathing but her body failed her. Taking a deep breath after trying so hard not to , she watched helplessly with absolute shock and horror, and as her entire belly began to distend and shuffle until…


Her stomach popped out violently with a jiggle, and then following that, pink fresh loops of her intestines relieved themselves from her belly. The guts inside her focused mainly in the center, now free to make their inevitable escape. It was a torrent of slithering entrails that poured and poured endlessly.

They overlapped each other in tight coils, poking out of the wide-open gash and slipping past her exposed stomach.
They flowed and flowed, seemingly lasting for hours. Wave after wave poured from her gutted belly in a constant rhythm based on her haggard breathing, only to slow down as the last of them escaped and fully emptied from her gut…slapping with a wet sound on the ground on her left and right side, covering her groin as if she wore a gory skirt made from her own guts.

“F…fff…fuck” Rumer choked as her body twitched and convulsed.

She could hardly speak. Her mind was broken and focused entirely on the horrific sight of her being completely disemboweled. Violently shaking and jerking and suddenly with a gag, feeling the remainder of what little was left inside her shuffle around.
The sudden movement shoved her stomach out even further, which allowed part of her large intestine to now slowly squeeze itself out into the world, curling over itself in a spiral shape and flopping to the left side of her belly.

Ironically despite the mess and violence…it was quite artistic in a way. Rumer, sitting there with her legs spread and most of her insides quite neatly displayed in a presentable manner. Her blood highlighting it all under the flickering lights and her seated position against the column allowing loops of her guts to shoot out of her with a sudden violent velocity…and then gently glide across the previous ones that spilled before.
Her arms dangled against her sides, ruined and useless, but almost mirrored to the position of her legs.
Finally, her torso and head violently twitched every few seconds…and then slowly relaxed, only to twitch again…and relax. A dazed look across her face as it calmed down, and a sudden quick but obvious expression of agony and disbelief with every jerk.

Rumer was in disbelief. There was no coming back from this at all. She would die here if she didn’t do something, and Farren would be left free to potentially kill the rest of her group.
Her mind raced over and over, trying to think of what she could do, but all that she could focus on was the sight of her insides spilled across and covering her lower half.

Farren took a step forward and bent down. Somewhat straddling Rumer, as her boots stepped and squished the guts that spilled from Rumer's belly on either side of her hips, making Rumer's eyes widen with uncomfort. The coils expanded with the pressure of her foot, almost busting like a balloon.
Their faces came into close proximity once more as Farren raised Rumer's head with the tip of her knife against the center of her jaw. It punctured it slightly as blood trickled once more down the blade and handle, but just enough for Farren to control Rumer's head like a puppet.
She could see in Rumer's eyes that there was still some burning passion left inside her to succeed, and Farren actually admired that…but she had no idea what Rumer could even do at this point in her state.

However, she was adamant to destroy any sort of hope her opponent has.

She wanted to Break Rumer completely before killing her.

Rumer could do nothing but be patient. Try to hang on and take whatever Farren was about to do to her, while waiting for the opportunity to arrive to make her strike when Farren least expects it.

Raising her opponents’ arms by the wrists, Farren stabbed her knife into the palms of both Rumer’s hands against the pillar above her, ignoring the wails of pain that Rumer yelled.
With a few thrusts, the blade cleanly went through the flesh and pinned itself partly into the rusting pillar.
Rumer’s arms hanged freely. Her hands crossed over one another and impaled. With her arms above her, she was helpless to do anything to stop what was about to happen.

Farren took a moment to admire her work. Gripping her second knife in her left hand and taking a few steps back and forth to plan her next move. She was silent. Saying nothing… but her eyes piercing into Rumer's with a look of spite and disgust.

She stopped. Standing to Rumer’s right-hand side and spitting another bloodied tooth out as she spring into action.
Rumer gave a helpless yelp as Farren tipped her over on her left side with her foot. Her arms twisted uncomfortably as she was turned, her hands tightly pinned to the pillar still and her head now rested on its side.
She choked and gagged slightly, rolling onto her spilled intestines and feeling the entrails that rested on her right splat onto the bloodied ground towards her left.

Seeing her guts spilled like this, now in one steaming wet pile made things so clear. They were not getting back inside her. Her own body was fighting against her in this position as more and more of her entrails slowly poured from her body, squeezing themselves past her exposed stomach.
Rumer's eyes began to roll towards the back of her head, and her mouth was wide open making wrenching sounds between gags and her body jerking.

“This…this is bad. This is…bad. That’s so…much of m…my gu…guts…fuck fuck…fu..fuck.” She managed to think.

She heard John freaking out in her ear…but that was no concern of her right now. She had to hold on and keep conscious if her plan was going to work.

But she was fading. And fading quickly…

Farren raised her foot and placed it gently onto Rumer’s right side. She pressed down slightly, and smiled at the sight. Just the slightest of pressures violently popped out more of Rumer’s stomach, large intestine and what seemed like the corners of one of her kidneys, which seemed to have shuffled around along with the now free space in her body.
Rumer's back arched as she pressed down, and her eyes widened even further along with an agonising grunt.

A laugh crawled out of Farren’s mouth, as she relived the pressure of her foot. Now resting back on the ground….and for the first time, she clearly spoke. A menacing and cold short sentence leaving her mouth…

“Im going to enjoy this” She said.

Rumer's eyes widened in fear. She saw in the corner of her eye with her head slightly turned back, Farren raise her foot as high as she could.

“NO NOOOOOO!” Rumer screamed.

And suddenly…


Farren slammed her foot with incredible force onto Rumer’s side. Her gut crumbled and warped, squished and bent. Farren’s foot was stopped only by Rumer's back muscles and spine…But It was not enough.

The impact caused a violent and bloody explosion from Rumer's open belly. The last of her small intestines and the majority of her large intestines shooting out with force like a party popper.
Her stomach popped out completely and bounced just in front of her, attached still to the tube that connected to her esophagus.
Her right kidney did the same. Dangling with its connected tube but forcefully exposed to the cold air of the warehouse as it expelled from her body with a forceful pop.

“GAGHHHHHHHGGGHGHHHHHH!” Rumer screamed in agony as her body thrashed around violently with the sudden explosion of pain.
She felt the entire of her gut collapse, and streams of her insides and guts exit her body at once. It was as if a bomb went off inside her belly.
She could do nothing but watch. Time seemed to stand still as her the last of her intestines flew several feet away from her and landing with a spurt of blood in a splash, followed by an massive eruption of her large intestine.

Her teeth grit with agony while she saw her stomach plop to the ground with the pressure, and bringing with it one of her kidneys.
Seemingly with no control over herself, her body arched and writhed in unbearable pain, while Farren pressed down further and shifted her foot side to side against Rumer's belly. With each twist, another loop of her guts seemed to pop its self out of her body, again and again.
With a demonic laugh, Farren removed her foot and spat in the middle of Rumer’s right cheek, swiftly turning her on to her back once again and crouching…coming face to face with her once more.

Ironically the both of them shared the same thought for a split second. Both of them wondering how much more was left inside to come out. Only difference being that once wanted to find out, while the other rather would not.

Taking the moment to just enjoy the look of despair on Rumer's face, Farren paused briefly…and then savagely plunged her knife into Rumer's chest.
With her breast being torn from her body, the blade slipped straight through her rib cage and into her left lung, this time fully puncturing it without her perfect tits providing a protective barrier of fat.

Rumer could not even scream. All that left her wide-open mouth was a semi silent gasp. Her chest jerked upwards with the attack, held that pose, and instantly dropped back to the ground in a slump.
The blade forcefully tore from her chest with a spurt of blood that splashed the both of them…and then plunged in again once more.

“OOOOGGGHHHHHHHHNN” Rumer bellowed. This time letting out a deep grunt and her eyes Squinting. Her face contorted into a scrunched-up ball as she yet again jerked upwards towards Farren.

Then the blade sunk into her chest again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Each stab pouring and spurting more blood than the last.
Rumer's entire body jolted more and more after each one, and her face became more and more unrecognizable.

“J….just…a…little more” Rumer thought to herself. Hoping her somewhat hasty plan works out sooner rather than later.


I'm loving how brutal this is. She should have been dead ages ago but the more torture the better I say


I’m loving this so much, but I have to wonder what Rumer’s hasty plan is - drown her opponent with her blood? Her arms are ruined and pinned and she’s completely disemboweled.

I also feel obliged to say that unlike the anon poster in reply 17531, I will be terribly disappointed if Rumer survives.



Yeah, Its part of my personal fetish that the victim takes stupid amounts of punishment and suffering before perishing.

To me its more about the physical pain and mental pain, which kind of…stops once she dies. The recent stories I wrote tend to have some excuse of my women having some special ability to take alot of damage and still keep standing, but due to writing this years ago I didn't really include it in this.
Instead its just Rumer's raw determination and will keeping her going.

Its ridiculous and silly…but its such a disappointment to me in various forms of fiction or entertainment when a woman finds herself in a dangerous situation…only to die within seconds. I get no emotion or reaction from her you know?

Thank you so much Bloodlust. Im so happy you are a fan as your stories are an inspiration.

However now you got me thinking about the ending ahaha. I have changed it 100000 times.
But I could do two endings similar to Grimm's Red Riding Hood stories?
But of course one of them would be cannon.


As someone who loves disembowlement and fight scene guro, thank you for this. I cant wait to see the ending.


I thought I posted again as a folow up but I the site did not seem to post it.

But I personally hope they both survive to fight another day. Or st least build towards a follow up story with new characters or a round 2 between these two.






Still here Grimm and everyone else. Im hoping to have this final par done by the weekend fingers crossed!


Awesome story. I'm also a big fan of these kind of demises where the lady can take ridiculous amount of damage before finally succumbing.

So much like Bloodthirst and his awesome stories of Julie. I am also quite enjoying this story. Very over-the-top indeed! I like it. Excited to read the next part! Rumer's struggles are something legendary!


Thank you Malesor. This has really pushed my writing and I really enjoyed writing this.

Im hoping to do more combat like stories like this in the future, but probably shorter and more intense.


Anyways, here is the final part and conclusion. Let me know what you think guys, im open to feedback good or bad as again im hoping to continue with suff like this.


Rumer choked on her own blood violently. Her spit turning red and dribbling from her mouth in a slight foam. A red pool formed under and around her, lubricating some of the older entrails of hers that were beginning to catch the air and become stale.

Farren raised her knife again, preparing the 14th stab. With a satisfying yell she slammed it again into Rumer’s chest once more, taking heavy deep breaths and chuckling in between.
The blade ripped into Rumer's soft flesh with a jolt of fresh pain that she experienced over and over trough gritted and stern teeth.

Farren was enjoying this… even more so that Rumer was still alive. Most of her opponents didn’t even last half as long, and here she was watching her opponent experiencing absolute hell.
To her this was pleasure…being the sole reason for life and death, and having the power and fate of someone’s life in her hands.
Being the one to control the thoughts and feelings and emotions of the last moments of someone’s life.

That power was her pleasure. And she was loving every moment of this.

She couldn’t help it. She had to touch herself, savor and make the most of this moment. She had to take this rare chance and act on it

Lowering her head across Rumer’s body, she dragged her face through her open gut and her warm and wet entrails.
A vile wet squelch softly rang through the air as she pressed and rubbed her face further into Rumer’s near empty gut. She spread her hands, leaving her second knife embedded deep into Rumer’s chest and grabbed a fist full of surrounding entrails, giving them a squeeze and scooping them together towards her face.

Rumer jerked in uncomfort. It was hard experiencing the feeling of her insides spilling from her body, but it paled in comparison to having someone of something explicitly grabbing and tugging on them. She groaned and let out a silent but painful yelp as she felt her delicate guts be tugged and pulled and squished in various directions.
Her eyes began to roll back as she struggled to keep composed with the pain.

Farren moaned with her body pulsing in pleasure as she rubbed and played with Rumer's guts, smearing the wet fleshy tubes across her face. Her senses heightened, sniffing and licking and diving herself deeper into Rumer's gut with her eyes rolling backwards too…only in pleasure, much to Rumer's unimaginable discomfort.

She raised her head back up from being embedded in Rumer's guts, bringing with it a handful of gore pressed and rubbing tightly against her mouth and chin. Farren moaned in a deep sense of satisfaction, taking a few more seconds of pleasure before dropping the slimy coils with a splat.

Her head rolled back and she stretched her neck as she looked up in pleasure to the skies, letting out a deep moan of satisfaction.


A flash of silver darted across her throat as the air around it whistled.

A slow building pain in her neck begin to rise…followed by a warm feeling ticking down her chest.
Farren choked and raised her hands to her throat as she struggled to breath. Her mind suddenly switching from pleasure and joy to pain and panic within a split second.

The pain was immense, but it was her breathing and the bleeding that took the biggest hit. With each breath she took, she swallowed and choked on her blood which began to pour at an alarming rate.
Farren’s eyes darted towards Rumer in panic…to find her holding the knife handle that rested deeply into her own neck

Rumer she was free…no longer pinned to the pillar.

With Farren’s attacks, her own painful jerks and writhes in agony, Rumer loosened the knife that pinned her hands to the column.
Farren focusing on her own pleasure gave Rumer the chance to painfully wriggle the last part free and use her own knife against her, plunging it deep into Farren’s throat and slicing perfectly through her vital carotid artery.

Without any hesitation, Rumer dragged the blade across Farren’s neck and opened it up horrifically, leaving a fist sized slash across her neck and yanking it out. A warm splash of fresh blood squirting over her face and chest, with a steady flow beginning to pour down Farren’s neck

“Fucking…. got…you….bitch.” She thought to herself, finally getting the one strike she waited for this entire battle.

Farren was to die with her here in a matter of minutes. The battle was reaching its climax.

Farren gagged and panicked. Her hands soaking with blood as she held her throat.
The strike was critical, and she approached death with each spurt of blood that rhythmically squirted from her neck with her heart beat.
Hey eyes widened and her face scrunched In anger and shock. She let out a scream…only resulting in a raspy gargle with the hole in her throat and blood spilling down it.

In a last ditch fit of rage she plunged her hands into Rumer’s gut. Her palms disappearing into the mess of entrails and rummaging around to find something…trying to grab hold of whatever she could and tear out whatever remained in her opponent.

It was a messy frenzy. Rumer wailed and choked again, felling Farren’s hands violating her and intruding her body. She felt a pressure wrap tightly around something in her gut, and with a tight squeeze, she watched helplessly as a brown slimy object slowly was pulled from her belly.
Her eyes seemed to bulge out of its socket’s horror, and with a sudden plop, her liver escaped. It seemed to resist against Farren’s grip, flopping and slipping in her hand, still connected to other areas of Rumer’s body.

“AGHHEHHHHH!” Rumer screamed with horror. Seeing another of her organs escape her body and expose themselves to the world. Blood shot from her mouth again, as Farren continued to tear her inside out. The remainder of her intestines flying in the air with each fistful Farren managed to grab and rip like an animal.

Rumer sprang into action, with a final burst of adrenalin. She pushed, and her body responded in a last-ditch attempt to protect herself. Setting aside the agony she felt for just a few moments to finish this fight.

She tore the blade from Farren’s neck, slammed it above her left breast and sliced downwards with all of her strength. Another splash of blood sprayed over her and Farren jolted with pain.

For the first time Farren began to feel control slipping from her.
Her head started to spin with and her vision became blurred from the struggle of oxygen and the loss of blood.

More adrenalin rushed through Rumer’s body and she roared with motivation, the images and thoughts of those she lost and those she swore to protect and serve racing through her mind.
Using the embedded blade locked deeply in Farren’s own flesh to pull herself up face to face with her opponent, she took a deep breath and opened her mouth.

“You are… going to …FUCKING PAY FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE” She screamed in Farren’s face.

Blood spat across Farren’s eyes blinding her temporarily, and with a final triumphant grunt, Rumer gripped the knife with her remaining fingers and dragged down one final time, slicing a ragged and messy gash from Farren’s breast and all the way down to her crotch. Slicing almost perfectly through her vagina and clean through her delicate moist lips that were burning with pleasure a few minutes ago.

Time stood still.

The both were locked in a position, waiting in anticipation for what was to happen next. Blood sprayed over them both once again for the final time, as Farren eyes widened. Her head rocked back and forth with the shock of the wound…and suddenly…


Farren’s belly opened up. Her guts slithered and squirmed out of the deep gash and entwined themselves with Rumer's. The sound was disgusting, with both of their guts slapping and sliding in and out of each other.
Rumer could feel their guts pressed against each other. The warmth that radiated from Farren’s freshly exposed intestines was somewhat comforting, as she could feel herself getting colder and colder with each second.

Farren’s body jerked and swayed as she felt the life fade from her. The world began to spin and her vision blurred. Her heart pumped furiously but it soon realized there was less and less blood with each pump, slowing down with her brain starved of precious oxygen.

She couldn’t breathe with her neck gashed open, and She slowly started to drown in the blood she could not help but swallow, watching helplessly as her insides spilled from her body with each panicked and frenzied breath she took.

It was a vicious cycle. She struggled to breathe…and with her deep breaths and panicking she involuntary squeezed out more of her insides, which made her panic more and struggle to breathe more, which pushed out even more of insides…

Hundreds of disembowelments by her hand, exciting her and filling her with pleasure…yet seeing her own filled her with horror and dread. The sight of her own entrails escaping from her body and lifelessly splatting among the ground…she was in utter disbelief.

She leaned forward slowly…and fell. She seemed to try to fight it as she could not hold herself up anymore…slowly leaning closer to Rumer as her core muscles gave way. She wheezed and struggled to breathe as her breaths got longer but less frequent and finally rested her forehead on Rumer's.

Both women lay there in a somewhat embrace. Covered in their blood and guts, waiting for the life to finally leave their body. Their eyes starring point blank at one another with their faces pressed together.

Rumer's breaths remained constant. Despite the mess of her body, she kept hold of her life, looking into Farren’s eyes with her own, seeing nothing but pure hatred and rage…and then suddenly nothing.

The battle was over.

Farren was dead.

Her lifeless body slumped over as her muscles relaxed completely. Rumer twisted slightly to the side and Farren’s body slid to her right, tumbling next to her in a bloody mess of gore.

“Fuck. Fuck…Fuck” Rumer whispered under her breath with relief. She looked down at her body one last time to assess the damage….and it was all but certain she would die here too.

With her guts and insides spilled and eviscerated across the warehouse, it would take a serious medical miracle to even begin patching her up. Her entire body was practically emptied of its contents, yet despite the horrific sight, her guts managed to avoid any major damage.

Farren’s knifes tore Rumer apart. Her skin, flesh and meat taking the heavy damage, with wounds that would probably never properly heal and leave a life time of issues and complications. But her delicate organs managed to avoid the same fate.
She thought maybe this was on purpose. The way Farren seemed obsessed with wanting to gut her as much as she could.

She took a deep breath waiting patiently for her life to fade away, and save her from the agony she felt all over her body… but was just greeted with more and more of her insides expelling themselves from her delicate core.

“Fuck…How much more have I… got left?” She thought to herself. Her arms flopped to her side and her head tilted as she looked on at the grim sight.

She could only watch as what she assumed was her stomach began to protrude itself out of her belly. It rotated slightly under the surface of her large gash, to find the best angle of escape, almost as if it wanted to be freed from its “prison”, shifting around before it found the right spot.
With a gradual swelling of her belly, it popped out of her suddenly, slightly dangling to the left side of her opened gut, and her wound snapping and closing back behind the exposed stomach…a spill of blood and fluid following after as her body expelled itself.

Rumer choked as it forcefully popped itself out, pushing past the layer of her torn abs and skin. It was almost as if she was giving birth, something she actually did consider one day…soon.

Maybe if this fight ended differently she would have retired? Focusing on having settling down and finding someone to love…raising a family…putting this violent and dangerous life behind her.
Or maybe this way was for the best? No doubt she had made a large number of enemies, to the point where she would always be at risk of being targeted for the rest of her life.
No, this was for the best. The thought of putting those she would have ended up loving at risk was unfathomable.

She raised her dismembered hand right and placed it literally on her stomach, resting her fingertips delicately on the exposed organ and imagined the image of a newborn baby.
All the pain and agony she felt faded away. The footage in her mind of each slash and stab she experienced, paused.

Just for a few seconds, she felt at peace.

A pressure suddenly began to build up in what was left of her lower belly as she felt something suddenly feel completely out of place. She snapped back to reality, ad looked on once more as her belly opened up once again
A pink wet looking surface began to slide out of her from her lower crotch, rising upwards and following the same movement path as her stomach did a few seconds ago.

“How…I…Ironi…Ironic” She thought, knowing exactly what is was staring back at her.

Her uterus poked out and stopped. Securely held in place by other parts of her interior genital area and swelled up like a small balloon, slightly pushing out more of her stomach and another coil of her intestines that remained tucked below.

She looked to her right, taking a moment to watch Farren’s lifeless body slowly spill less and less of her blood. Farren’s warm and fresh intestines sliding over her own.
Farren’s eyes were wide and glazed in a stare of nothingness, yet fixed on Rumer. Her life faded away with an intense glare which stuck after death, sending a chill down Rumer's spine as she locked eyes with Farren for the final time and everything started to slowly blur.

Rumer mind raced, replaying the last brutal 15 minutes or so over and over again in her mind, between lamenting on those she sacrificed herself to protect.

Her last thoughts fragmented.

One moment, the image of her smiling comrades in admiration…
Then suddenly the horrific image of Farren slitting her belly open and gutting her for the first time…

Her parents lovingly embracing her, seeing them after a long lengthy mission and stroking her back…
To Farren slashing and stabbing her back again and again. Chunks of her flesh peeling away…

The touch of previous lovers’ lips on her perfect breasts and perky nipples…
And then the moment Farren hacked and sliced them to chunks of fatty meat….

The world darkened, and her head began to lower as she rested against the pillar.

“This…is it…I’m going.” She thought. Tears beginning to form in her eyes as her life began to fade from her.

Her body lurched one final time. She arched her back towards the sky and made a raspy noise, her mind accepting her death but her body refusing to give in…

And then nothing.

Her body crashed back down with a splat in her own blood, and the air exited her lungs, with her head flopping to the side and her upper body slowly leaned over.

Her lifeless body fell to the floor next to Farren’s, and laid there motionless.

Both of them defeated. Next to each other wide eyed, their faces close and laying on a bed of gore.


Ah crap. Slight continuity error. Apparently Rumer has two stomachs now.

This is why you should allways properly re read your previous chapters kids.



Brutal, Bloddy, Visceral. I could feel the struggle and agony that Rumer felt throughout this.

I really like how you describe the little but gory details too.

My only criticism is that I feel like Farren was a bit underdeveloped. Would have loved to have seen or heard more or her.

I hope you do more stuff in the future. Would you be open to requests?

This and Bloodlusts Julie stories are exactly what I love in Guro.


I echo the thoughts above. This was fantastic, and I certainly hope you continue to write more in this vain, and that you share it with us.

On a selfish note, I'd like to add that I prefer it when the girl's face remains mostly intact, and not pummeled to a pulp like Farren's. Farren didn't really seem like my type though, so I didn't mind much. Rumer was the girl I was interested in, and her death was fantastic.

Regarding the continuity error, what I've started doing is keeping tabs at the bottom of the story with each wound inflected on my character. For example:

1) just to the left of her navel
2) above her right breast
3) her right buttock

It helps keep me from placing bullet wounds, stab wounds, or arrows in exactly the same location, and it helps me keep track of how many total wounds have been inflicted. It also ends up turning me on as I read down the list and imagine all these injuries on a hot, dying girl's body.



Thank you so much. I always do like to have as much detail as possible without sounding like I’m dragging on about a specific point, instead of just being like…“Her guts fell out”.
There is so much more that can be done with that. The feeling of them, the sound, the thoughts of the unlucky victim as she see’s them with her own eyes.
However I really like to focus on the mental state of the character. Sure you can have her go through some awful stuff but I want to know how she is feeling and whats racing through her mind and thoughts as these horrific things happen to her.

I do understand what you mean about Farren though. Originally she was meant to be this nameless assassin with a mask that doesn’t speak at all but I decided to give her a bit of a personality, look and name instead.
I think next time in the future stories I write, I will focus on all characters a little bit more, as I admit I spent most of my time on Rumer with he being the protagonist after all.

I am open to requests actually! However It won’t be anything like Scat, Loli, or Furry. Or anything where the person getting “guro’d” is a guy. Otherwise, let me know. Feel free to drop me an email if you want to discuss stuff.


Really glad you enjoyed it Bloodlust. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

And to be honest with you, I kinda agree. I like the idea of beauty contrasted with gore and violence, hence the reason somewhat I’m into guro in the first place. I avoided messing up Rumer’s face cause I still wanted her to be beautiful even in death, however like I mentioned above…I always saw Farren as a secondary character, a sort of obstacle that Rumer had to overcome. An excuse to have Rumer go through a lot of horrific stuff to come out on top even if she dies. So messing up Farren’s looks was a bit more plot based at the time.
In the future I will likely be going to avoid the faces more, so even in a really rough situation the characters will still be all good looks wise.

And those tabs is a great idea. There are so many times where I had to scroll back up several paragraphs to remind myself of what I did to Rumer. This would save me so much time and effort ahaha. Im surprised I didn’t think of something like that sooner.

Hope to read one of your new Julie stories soon!


Woah. This was brutally good. I love this kinda super violent battle to the death stuff. I would love more.


This reminds me of a RP I did a while back based on gladiatrx arena like stuff. The battles were bloddy and ended in a very very gory manner just like this.

Your desctptiveness is really good!


Im really down for more of anything like this.

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