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This is a story based of off a roleplay I had with someone a while ago.


Abby and her friend Rachel sat in the corner of the room as the party went on. It was Abby's younger sister's Birthday, the sister that Abby despised more than anything in the world.

"Look at the stupid bitch! She thinks she's everything doesn't she?" Abby said turning to Rachel.

Rachel scowled and nodded as she sipped from her cup and stared in the direction of Veronica. "She's so fucking ugly, I don't understand how all these boys could be here."

The two of them continued to simmer in the corner for a while as Veronica walked around the house talking to friends and laughing and just overall enjoying her thirteenth Birthday. Abby and Rachel were two grades above the young girl, being in their Sophomore year of High School. Each of them had grown in the past year or so, developing large breasts for their age as well as slimmer features with large hips and shapely asses. They both enjoyed spending time together in the gym on weekends, taking breaks between machines to drink, catch their breath, and talk about their mutual hate for Veronica.

Eventually, Abby couldn't take it anymore. "I just want her gone for good damnit!"

Rachel looked at her best friend sympathetically and patted her arm. "I wish I could help you."

Abby snorted then her eyes widened and she turned to Rachel.

"You can."


"My parents are going to be gone for the weekend. That's how we were able to have the house party today…"

There was a silence in which Rachel looked confused and Abby rolled her eyes.

"We have a basement… My Dad has home defense weapons… tools in the shed and knives in the kitchen."

Rachel nodded understanding and Abby started to grow giddy. "We can make her go away and suffer."

Rachel smiled and stood. "Then let's get ready! You can grab all the stuff we'll need and bring it down to the basement, and i'll go grab Veronica…" She said Veronica's name as if it made her sick.

Abby giggled and stood. Running off to go grab their tools for later that night.

. . .

Late that night when the party had died down and the girls had gone to bed, Abby sat up and woke up Rachel. Rachel had called her parents and explained that she wanted to spend the weekend with Abby and Veronica to be a good friend. They had eaten it up and agreed almost instantly. Together the two girls crept out and walked into Veronica's room, Abby patted her sister's arm and put on a happy face.

"Wha-?" Veronica said as she turned to her sister standing over her.

"Veronica! I wanted to give you a birthday gift that you'd love…" Abby said with mock happiness. Rachel stood in the back looking just as innocently happy.

Veronica sat up. She was wearing a bra covering her small chest and a pair of matching black panties. She rubbed her eyes and yawned. "Right now? I'm tired…"

Abby just smiled and nudged her sister, "Oh come on! You'll love it!" With that she turned and exited the room, Veronica having no choice but to buy into her own curiosity and follow after her sister. Rachel brought up the rear.

Together the trio entered into their basement. The room was dark but large, in the corner in a big black duffel bag were their "toys" for the night. Veronica got to the bottom of the steps and looked around confused.

"So what's the present?"

"This." Abby turned around with her Dad's taser in her hands and shot straight into Veronica's stomach.

Veronica screamed and fell to the floor shuddering and flailing. The electric current pulsed through her body and she convulsed. Wretching, she gagged and puked, creating a large pool next to her head.

Finally, Abby released and the shocks stopped as Veronica rolled on the floor sobbing.

Rachel laughed and walked over to the duffel bag, rifling through it's contents to see what she could find.

Satisfied that her sister was somewhat incapacitated at the moment, Abby walked over to the far wall and grabbed a simple folding chair and carried it over next to her sister's crying form. She snarled and slammed it down onto Veronica which made her yelp.

"Shut up you stupid bitch! There is gonna be so much more for you!" She set up the chair as Rachel came over with rope and duct tape in her hands.

Together the two of them pulled Veronica into the chair and managed to tie her down. Rachel tore a strip of tape and moved to cover Veronica's mouth but Abby stopped her.

"No. I want to hear her scream and beg." Abby's eyes were cold.

Veronica stared up at her older sister in horror. "B-But Abby-"

A punch echoed through the air and Veronica's chair toppled over making her head slam against the concrete. Veronica screamed in pain as Rachel winced not expecting her punch to cause her so much pain as well as her knuckles throbbed. Abby laughed and patted Rachel on the shoulder.

"That… That was awesome! Do it again!" Abby said as she looked at the massive bruise just under Veronica's left eye.

Rachel, wanting to please her friend, moved around and kicked Veronica in the ribs. After a few harsh kicks, there was a crunch and Veronica sobbed and wheezed.

Abby sat her chair up and looked at her sisters already beaten form. For a second she looked almost hungry then she bit her lip and stepped back and walked to the corner of the room. Rachel followed after her.

"What's wrong?" Rachel asked.

"Nothing… I just…"

Rachel's eyes widened and she shook her head. "Oh no, we can't get cold feet now."

"What? No. It's not that." Abby looked over Rachel's shoulder and her bruised and crying sister then she pulled Rachel in so she could whisper in her ear. "Something about what's happening to her is turning me on…"

Rachel looked shocked for a moment then sighed. "Me too… guess im glad i'm not the only one."

The two of them both glanced over at Veronica. They were both incredibly aroused but for two completely different reasons.

Rachel shrugged. "Well if we're both turned on by it. Then why don't we continue?"

Abby smiled and nodded. She dipped down and rummaged through the duffel bag and came up with a baseball bat. Another one soon followed and she handed that one to Rachel. "Why do you have two baseball bats?" Rachel asked.

"My Dad's a little league coach for some stupid park team." Abby replied.

They approached Veronica. Her head rose and she whined.

"Please Abby do-"

The bat slammed against Veronica's knee causing it to pop out of place and for her to scream. Rachel quickly followed suit on the other knee. Abby bit her lip and Rachel noticed. She'd do anything for her best friend, she seriously loved her.

Veronica screamed once more as Rachel's bat connected into her unprotected stomach. Her soft skin darkened and bruised as Veronica gagged again. Abby smirked as her hand drifted between her own legs, rubbing against the fabric of her pajamas.

Rachel thought back to just a few minutes ago and abandoned the bat. It clattered to the floor and rolled away as she sat down on Veronica's legs. An ear piercing scream echoed throughout the house as her shattered knees crunched from the weight. Her left hand wrapped around Veronica's soft throat holding tightly as her other arm drew back and smashed right into Veronica's face. Abby's eyes widened as she watched Rachel punch her sister over and over again until blood coated her fist and Veronica's chin. Finally, she stood up and Veronica's head hung as her now broken nose dripped blood onto her thighs.

Rachel licked blood off of her knuckles and she stepped back next to Abby who had her hand unapologetically buried down her pants and rubbing herself. Together the two of them looked at Veronica, a black haired girl, whose once pale skin was now decorated with large bruises and speckled with blood. Her soft but slender stomach quivered as she silently cried. Rachel glanced at Abby. Her friend was nearly the spitting image of her younger sister. The only differences really were Abby's piercing blue eyes against Veronica's green, and Abby's much larger bust which caught Rachel's eyes for a moment.

Abby gave her friend a glance as well. Rachel was a little shorter than her, but what she lacked in height she made up for in strength. Rachel was a volleyball player, her legs were toned and her wide hips fell into a slim waist with a large bubble butt. Her slim body had perfect curves to match as she had a large bust as well, though slightly smaller than Abby's. Her dark brown hair curled over her shoulders and her hazel eyes were warm and welcoming. Abby and Rachel caught themselves staring at each other soon enough and looked away blushing.

"Think she's had enough for one day?" Abby said.

Rachel nodded and the two of them left her, crying and bleeding, in the basement for the night.

As soon as they were upstairs they burst out in laughter and slide into their beds.

"Did you see her bruises and blood? Oh my God that was so hot…" Abby said as she stared up at the ceiling and rubbed herself. Rachel nodded and watched her friend.

After a moment Rachel slid into Abby's bed and pushed her hand down between her friends legs. Abby gasped and bit her lip. Rachel kissed Abby's neck as she rubbed against Abby's sensitive clit.

"You're so pent up…" Rachel said as she felt the wetness and warmth against her palm.

Abby nodded and bit her lip harder, nearly whimpering.

Rachel suddenly withdrew her hand and rolled over blushing. Abby, while disappointed, felt the same awkwardness, or so she thought. Rachel was ashamed of what she had seen, in fact she was terrified of what she had envisioned happening in the next few moments.

Abby rubbed herself quietly and soon came. "We'll continue tomorrow…"

"Goodnight Abby."

"Goodnight Rachel."

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