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This is my first story, so feedback is appreciated.

Obviously I don't advocate this stuff in real life, all a fantasy, etc. etc.

The Lesson

By Cuntbasher

It was a hot afternoon and the school gym had been filled with chairs for a whole school assembly. The few boys stood out, with their harems of favourites competing for seats next to them, but after a few minutes the students quietened down, and the principal began to speak.

“I have decided that it is time that some of you learned a harsh lesson about the world you live in” declared Mr Arnell. He glanced at his notes, held up by a kneeling 14 year old girl, and continued.

“Some of you girls are under the impression that just because you are pretty, you do not need to apply yourselves to your studies. You think that your bodies will ensure that you sell for a high price to a good bidder, and you will live long and happy lives, maybe even becoming someone’s wife. I am here to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong.”

He made eye contact with several girls whom he felt could benefit from this message before continuing. “For every man in our society there are hundreds of women, and I promise girls that none of you is as sexy as you think you are. Without applying yourselves to being the best fucktoys you can be, you will be lucky to be sold as anything other than mince. Even roasters need to be able to entertain their butcherers while they wait for a spit or an oven; the truly inept are just shaved and thrown in the mincer”.

With this last comment two students who were hidden off to the side set to work opening the curtain that had been hung behind him, revealing a naked redheaded girl suspended from the ceiling by her hair and with a strip of duct tape over her mouth.

“Many of you will recognise Eleonora; she is without a doubt the single most exquisite beauty to come through these halls, and unfortunately for her she knew it. She would blow off assignments, and relied on her looks to get boys to fuck her, never bothering to learn or improve her abilities to please them.”

Eleonora was not a happy girl. She was, as Mr Arnell described, truly beautiful. Her long red hair reached her butt when she wore it down, and at the moment reached all the way to the top of the frame of the large removable walls which revealed the stage that assemblies took place in. Her green eyes were red rimmed, and snot blew in and out of her nose as she hyperventilated. She had a slender figure but truly magnificent tits, and long legs that kicked out vainly looking for the ground. Until that morning she had been unshaven between her thighs, but since no one likes hair in their meat one of the cafeteria workers had roughly shaved her clean.

In truth, she may have been right about her beauty being able to carry her through life, but the staff had to make an example of her to inspire the rest of the girls to work harder, and Mr Arnell had managed to convince her parents that she was indeed barely worth more than meat on the hoof.

She hung suspended above an ominous looking meat grinder, a specialty kind designed specifically for schools and other establishments that traditionally both minced their meat live, and had other uses for the heads. There was a wickedly sharp aperture in the ring directly above the grinder, which would snap shut at the press of a button.

“Her parents know the way the world works, and as she showed no sign of shaping up they willingly sold her for just $200, barely a third again as much as they could have gotten handing her over to a butcher, and they did this because they knew that come graduation at the end of the year, that’s all they would have been able to sell her for.”

Her rapid breathing increased in speed, and her heaving breasts hypnotised most of the boys in the audience. Mr Arnell didn’t care, he was here to scare the girls straight, not the boys.

“Now you will all see the fate that awaits lazy students”, and with this Mr Arnell gave a gesture to the two girls holding the rope that was suspending the terrified Eleonora, and they began to lower her down.

As soon as she felt herself begin to descend, and heard the grinder begin to whirr to life, Eleonora began to scream so loudly even with the duct tape on the entirety of the hushed crowd could hear it. The girls were so terrified they could barely breathe, whilst the boys were all captivated by her heaving breasts and kicking legs, and they reached out to their favoured fuck toys and dragged them by their hair down to begin sucking them off.

As first one leg, then the other was caught in the whirring machinery, Eleonora’s eyes crossed in pain and she let out a single protracted scream. Her hands reached up and tried to climb to safety by grabbing fistfuls of her own hair, but by now the machine had too good a grip on her.

One of the boys looked at the cocksucker in his lap and sniggered as he said “she gave better head than you are now Becky, maybe I should put up your name for the lunch lotto next week?”. The blonde nerd with thick plastic glasses and vivid blue eyes gave a squeak and redoubled her efforts, and he laughed and shoved her all the way down, smacking her on the back of the head for good measure.

Mr Arnell had instructed the girls lowering Eleonora to go slowly, so that they were always fighting the grinder and the poor screaming girl was constantly being stretched by it. As her hips began to be consumed she started losing strength, and as her screams began to subside her arms dropped just low enough to get caught up and ripped off, and suddenly all that was left was a terrified head and a torso with a pair of tits being shaken to ridiculous extremes by the grinder.

As her neck reached the aperture mark, Mr Arnell pressed the button decapitating her, and as her head was released from her body the two girls fell backwards causing her head to fly up into the air before descending again with a series of bounces.

The two girls who had operated the curtain were now beginning to push the newly filled barrel of mincemeat off stage, while the rope girls tied off the rope and went to help them.

“As always the heads of girls executed on school grounds are sewn into volleyballs for our team to play with, to supplement those of the cheerleaders of teams we defeat. All students are invited to dine on Eleonora burgers which will be served on the oval in an hour’s time, and those that do will be able to watch her head being used to stuff a ball. Other than that, I hope the girls have learned something valuable today, and enjoy your holidays. Dismissed”.


That was an excellent first story. I'll never get bored of girls in meat grinders, sadly there don't seem to be many stories featuring this. I'll watch out for your future posts with interest.


My only small criticism, is that I wouldn't mind a bit more gory detail of the grinding. But maybe that's just me :)


Yeah I would have liked to put in some more detail but I was running short on time and wanted to wrap it up in a single sitting


Wow! Very nice for a first effort.
I agree that a bit more detail when the poor dear got ground up would be nice. I love the idea of her head as a football! Perhaps a good kick and the eyes pop out?


Definitely "did it" for me - rather loved the idea of the hottest girl (who is also full of herself) being humiliatingly ground up to show that nobody gets special treatment! Can't wait to read more from you :D



Most of the boys had stuck around to get a bite of Eleonora’s meat, and had spent the last hour or so dragging any girls that took their fancy off into the bushes or into a bathroom to work up an appetite.

Becky, who was the current favourite of a boy named George, was pretty sure he had been joking earlier when he threatened to try and get her slaughtered for school lunches, but still felt the need to try and convince him that she was too skilled to waste on a meal. She spent half an hour fucking his brains out, and then, adjusting her dark plaid skirt, she went to get at the front of the line so that George wouldn’t need to wait to eat.

Unluckily for Becky, George was ready for round two, and when he couldn’t find her, he yanked a passing brunette girl of about 15 off her feet by the ponytail and made up his mind that although Becky was hot, if something didn’t change soon she wasn’t worth wasting any more time with.

As he walked to the oval with his new conquest trailing after him, George caught sight of Becky waving him over from the front of the queue. As soon as Becky saw the brunette – a younger girl she’d seen around before, she thought her name was Sally? – her spirits dropped. George was kind for the most part, but if he hadn’t been able to find her when he was horny he was liable to get nasty later. She nearly burst into tears thinking not only about the particularly rough fucking that was almost certainly in her future, but also that she had let him down. Pushing these thoughts down though she smiled and handed him a girl burger with the lot, just the way she knew he liked them, and then nearly cried again when he took the burger she had grabbed for herself and handed it to Sally.

“Come on”, said George roughly, “I always like seeing balls being made, and I want to talk to Mr Baker about the lunch lotto”. As he said this he eyed Becky nastily, and she gulped, beginning to suspect that she had accidentally annoyed him more than she had feared.

They made their way over to the table where one of the teachers was beginning to construct a ball from Eleonora’s beautiful head. Several other teachers were looking on with mild interest, although they had all seen this many times before they were enjoying their burgers and had nothing better to occupy their time for the moment.

As they joined the onlookers George spotted Mr Baker on the far side of the group, and he pulled the increasingly scared Becky by her hand as he led her over to talk to him.

“Hey Mr Baker, I was just wondering how the lunch lotto worked during school holidays” asked George, as Mr MacPherson began wrapping Eleonora’s head in its own hair to provide more padding.

“Well George, as you know many of the girls go home for the holidays, but usually most of the male students remain at the boarding school, so while we won’t run through as many girls in the next few weeks we’ll still need some volunteers.” While Mr Baker was saying this, Mr Macpherson was lowering the head, which now resembled nothing more than a large ball of red hair, into a hemisphere of worn girl leather, taken from a long forgotten student as punishment for a long forgotten infraction.

Becky looked on with horror as she heard George and Mr Baker talking, and imagined her own head in that place. Her stomach growled, and she was increasingly aware both of the delicious smell coming from what was left of her formerly stunning classmate, and of the very real possibility that she would be in the same position very soon.

Becky knew that she was pretty, but she also knew that the was nothing compared to Eleonora, and with the words of Mr Arnell echoing in her mind she was becoming more and more terrified that she would not see her next semester.

As the second half of the ball was placed over the decapitated head of the once beautiful girl, and Mr MacPherson began stitching it up with a heavy cord made from tightly woven girl leather, Becky drew her attention back to the conversation at hand.

“Yes I think she would make an excellent roast, and she’s a bit on the smaller side so we could just stick her in the oven for the midsummer feast next weekend. Take her over to the volunteer sheet on the wall over there, and have her put her name down for the lotto”

Sally, for her part, was in a daze following her recent elevation. She had never been fucked by a boy before; her tits had only just started to come in, and although some girls are hot during their gangly younger teenager years she was not one of the lucky ones. She honestly hadn’t heard a word anyone had said since George grabbed her hair, and she stared happily into the distance while munching on her burger. She would have to remember to thank Becky for grabbing one for her, Becky was so nice.
George thanked Mr Baker and grabbed both Becky and Sally by the hand, leading them over to the volunteer sheet. Having noticed that Becky was too busy staring at Eleonora’s head to listen to the conversation he leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“What do you think Becky? Would you make a good ball?”

He then turned to Sally and asked her if she thought Becky would taste as good as Eleonora had. Sally, who was still in her own little world, just smiled at him and nodded, figuring that this was probably the answer he wanted, though she hadn’t heard the question.

At this the tears that Becky had been trying so hard to keep down finally broke through. She couldn’t decide what was worse, that she had disappointed George so much he was willing to get rid of her permanently, or that she was probably going to die, to have her flesh eaten and her head kicked around until it fell apart.

As George led them to the sheet, Sally dotingly at him and Becky snivelling quietly, tears streaming down her face and her glasses beginning to fog up, he was sure that he had made the right choice. Clearly the bitch wasn’t long-term girlfriend material, and the lesson she was to be turned into would take a long time to fade in the memory of his fucktoy.

George reached out and grabbed the pen, before handing it to Sally, who was still so self absorbed that she didn’t even realise what she was signing. Becky stared in confusion, before George pushed her up against the wall by her neck and whispered in her ear.

“If you ever leave me without a warm hole while I’m horny again, I promise that you will have the same fate as that brainless piece of meat”, and with this he gestured with his head towards Sally before continuing. “Now, what do you say now that I’ve been kind enough to give you a second chance?”

Becky could barely breathe, her feet were kicking ineffectually against the wall as she was choked, but she just managed to squeeze out “Thank… you… master…”.

George smiled and let her fall to her knees. Becky saw the erection in his pants, and took him into her mouth while he stared at Sally, imagining her headless body roasting in the oven in little more than a week. The best part was, she didn’t seem to have noticed. This was going to be fun.


George is a jerk but Becky sounds cute - I'm sure she's going to be tasty ;)


Sally, I mean!


Next Week
(Inspiration for Sally’s outfit:

Sally skipped out of her parent’s house as she left for her date with George, heading to the boys dormitories at the school where he was staying over the holidays.

She had seen George most days the last week, and was still in a daze that he had chosen to fuck her; with four older sisters who had all hit puberty running she had always felt like the ugly duckling, and since even her father spent too much time on her sisters to so much as finger her she had begun to fear that she would be sold for dogfood while still a virgin. Now though, George was filling her up several times a day and Becky was always there to suck his loads out of her cunt and asshole, which never failed to make Sally cum again.

George had been hinting that tonight would be special, and so she had spent the last few hours picking out a cute outfit, with a spare in case he ripped off her clothes again – that had been a long and humiliating bus ride home the first time it happened. She was dressed in a frilly white off-shoulder shirt and a cute black leather skirt her father had made for her as a gift when he snuffed her mother, along with heels high enough that her cunt and ass were at the right height for George to just bend her over and slide in comfortably, without having to bend his knees too much. For makeup she was wearing sparkly lip gloss and rainbow eyeshadow, with a ponytail coming out the top of her head because she knew George liked it when she had a handle.

She smiled as she texted George telling him she was on her way, along with a nude she had taken before getting ready for him to warm up with, and then hurried up the road to the bus stop.

George grinned when he saw Sally’s message and shoved Becky’s head down further onto his cock while he oogled the image. He imagined her spluttering throat was the moist cunt of the girl he would soon be devouring, and each cough felt like a cunt spasming in orgasm. After a few moments he came down Becky’s throat, before shoving her nearly unconscious form off of him. There wasn’t enough room between the side of the bed and the wall, so her head impacted with a thud and was forced down to stare at her heaving breasts as she struggled to regain the energy to move.

The night was young and Becky was still clothed; she was wearing the same outfit she had done on the last day of school, as she knew it was George’s favourite. A tight dark blue plaid skirt held up by a leather belt that showed off her shapely ass, black stockings leading down to buckled black leather school shoes on her feet (A gift from her mother, along with the belt. Apparently they had been made out of her grandmother when she turned forty and her grandfather replaced her, but Becky had only been five so she didn’t remember), and an armless turtleneck that was the same colour as her skirt, and showed the outline of her tits nicely. She had the same thick rimmed black plastic glasses, and her long blonde hair was in two tight Dutch braids, reaching down to just below her shoulders.

At the moment her blue eyes were slightly unfocused, and she weakly tried to lift her arm, but only managed a brief wiggle. George laughed when he noticed this and lifted her up by the hair, prompting a muffled squeak from the mildly concussed girl, before dumping her face down on the bed to recover. With a smack on her ass he went into the en-suite to freshen up; he was going to make a game of trying to keep Sally from knowing her fate as long as possible.

Although it was called a lotto, over the holidays most girls went home to their families, and those that didn’t were usually staying because they were the current favourite of one of the couple dozen male students, and as such were unlikely to be entered into the selection. As a result any girl who was tricked or coerced into volunteering for the lotto was almost certain to be selected, and this year they hadn’t even bothered having a drawing. The teachers who remained on site merely selected which girl would suite which meal the best, and then assigned them accordingly. Sally, with her small frame and thin limbs, would be more or less the perfect size to feed everyone who was currently living on the school grounds for a single meal, and so had been selected to be decapitated and roasted like a turkey for the night’s summer solstice feast.

Sally threw her arms around George as he opened the door, and he took the opportunity to fondle her ass as she did so, trying to decide which part of her would be the tastiest. Then, grabbing her by the handle and pulling her towards his rooms he said “I hope you’re excited Sally, I have a surprise for you”.

Sally, uncomfortably half bent over but obviously looking forward to whatever it was nodded vigorously, too busy trying not to fall over in her heels as she was pulled ahead. As George reached a staircase that she had thought was still a few metres away she stumbled and fell, leaving him to drag her the rest of the way by her hair.

Once he got her into his room he raised her off the ground, still only holding her by the hair, and placed her on her feet. Sally smiled at Becky but for some reason Becky refused to meet her gaze. Sally frowned and hoped she hadn’t offended her somehow; she liked Becky and the idea that Becky didn’t like her was not a happy one. Sally resolved to buy her a gift the next time she saw her with the scant money she had been able to save up working at the Butcher. She hated working there, and ever since she started she had been woken up every night by nightmares about being decapitated like the crying meatgirls she sold. The butcher would hang the heads by the hair in the shop window to advertise how fresh the meat was, and she always thought they looked like their last moments had been full of fear and pain.

“So, what’s my surprise?” she asked, turning to George, who chuckled.

“Patience, patience, we’ll get to that soon” he said, then, handing her a blindfold, “put this on, then strip for me, but leave the heels”.

As Sally began her strip tease George walked over to Becky and had her start sucking him hard again while he watched his younger fucktoy begin to shed her clothes, dropping them on the ground around her.

Given how little clothing Sally had been wearing this strip tease only lasted about fifteen seconds, but that was more than long enough for George to become fully erect again under the expert lips of Becky.

As she stepped out of her motherleather skirt, George bent her over and slammed into her dry asshole with no warning. Sally screamed as he did so, and then began whimpering when he stepped on her hair, trapping her head near her ankles. After about five minutes of rough painal, George came in her ass before pulling out and cleaning himself in Becky’s hair.

“Alright Sally”, he said, while tying her hands behind her back with twine, “let’s go get you your surprise”.

While they were leaving George scooped up Sally’s purse and tossed it to Becky to take any valuables out of it, before tossing it, Sally’s shirt, and her leather skirt into the incinerator on their way out.

Becky watch the skirt disappear forever, imagining the pain that it would have caused the girl it come from to be made, but George was already half way down the hallway and so she had to quickly jog to catch back up.

Sally was full of excited questions as she was led to the kitchens, but George kept deflecting them, saying that if he told her he’d ruin the surprise. Pushing open the double doors to the kitchen he led her to the Guillotine, laying her face down, and sliding the Lunette into place. He then had Becky grab the end of Sally’s long ponytail and hold it taught, to catch her head when it came off her body.

With mounting confusion beginning to turn into dread Sally asked where she was, and George laughed as he told her, removing her blindfold. She began to hyperventilate, and then when she saw the preheating oven ahead of her she began to scream and kick.


Suddenly everything below her neck felt like it was on fire, followed by a sharp pain in her nose and a rising sensation. Had she been calm enough to process what she was seeing she would have seen the tears running down Becky’s face, but as it was all that was going through her mind was the blind panic of her worse nightmare. Her brain was sending messages to a diaphragm that no longer existed to hyperventilate, and to a heart that was no longer attached to pump more and more blood, but neither of those messages had any effect. As she slowly blacked out, her brain still stubbornly commanding her body to save it, and becoming more and more panicked than she had ever been before in her short life, she found no peace. Her last thoughts were of pain and confusion and betrayal and fear, and then she stopped being a person and started being a thing.

Its head swung forward and smacked into Becky’s knees, its fingers spasmed, and its feet, still in their cute black heels, kicked up and hit it in the ass before falling still. Becky raised the head and looked in its eyes whirling eyes, seeing the panic and the mouth still desperately begging for its life. Tears streaked its rainbow eyeshadow, sending brightly coloured lines down its face, and the harsh kitchen light reflected off its sparkly lip gloss.

George pulled off the heels and tossed them to Becky, who nearly dropped the head while trying to catch them. Then, Becky gingerly placed the tear streaked head of what had recently been a bubbling young girl in the fridge designed for that purpose, and then she walked back to George’s room in silence, staring at the spots of blood on her shoes.

As they left the kitchen one of the cooks rammed a meathook through the corpse’s achillies’ tendons’, and lifted it up to the ceiling to be cleaned and stuffed, whistling while he worked.


George is still a jerk - I hope something bad happens to him! Personally I'd have liked Becky to talk Sally round a little, get her kinda excited about being centre-piece of a feast (better than being dog-food after all!) but I know everyone has different "tastes" ;)


My particular kink is probably about as dehumanising as you're likely to find, it is highly unlikely that you'll find much of that in stuff I've written. Basically, if the girl has fun, I don't


Fair enough - just at least let George get food poisining or something? :P

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