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A steel caged door clanged a subtle echo within Fuhay's castle dungeon. The form of a small female figure was pulled to her feet and out into the light. Her name was Ameeha, the wife of the king Fuhay, and she was among the last survivors of his family.

Ameeha's daughters had already been executed, Sari and Runa were both mangled to death in the Demon Loya's personal arena. While Loya was now gone, the kingdom was left in turmoil without its former king and it demanded blood.

Ameeha had been found hiding within secret passageways spread throughout the city. She had escaped the siege of the castle by Loya but not the anger of the citizens who were suffering from her husband's disappearance. Now she was to be publically executed for her husband's abandonment of her people.

Ameeha was lead out into the light of a torch, her hands tied together and her body covered only by rags that barely hid her private areas. An old woman stepped forward to examine her unnaturally white hair and looked deep into her blue eyes.

"The people demand justice, Ameeha" the old woman croaked. "Seems like your luck and cleverness have run out. Are you ready for the upcoming display?"

Ameeha stifled and grunted, then looked away with a glare. The old woman simply scoffed. "If you aren't willing to keep your life, so be it. Entertain the people and they'll be happy and content despite a lack of leadership." The old woman beckoned to the civilian guards and they dragged Ameeha by her hands up the steps out of the dungeon.

The guards dragged Ameeha out into the light of early morning in the courtyard of the castle. Ameeha desperately wrestled against the guards but they refused to let her go. Her feet tore against the sandy hard ground to try and pull away and she screamed at the two guards. They gave no response but cold stares.

Ameeha was dragged up to the front gates leading outside into the city. The guards cut the roped binding her hands together and places a wooden beam onto her shoulders instead. The weight of it caused her to waver back and forth as the guards tied her arms to the ends of the beam. They hung a sign around her neck, saying "Blood sacrifice to appease the people".

The gates to the city opened and Ameeha stared out into the endless streets of the city. People had just began starting their daily routines and leaving their houses. She was pushed through the gates with the beam on her shoulders and stumbled onto the streets, into the building crowds of people walking about.

A bark from the guards was issued behind her and a hand on her back began forcing her to walk forward. She walked, wavering from side to side as she tries to balance the heavy beam on her shoulders. The people around her began to stare and their gazes were anything but sympathetic.

A wad of spit hit her in the cheek and she noticed some of the people were glaring at her. Somehow they felt she deserved this treatment. Ameeha continued stumbling through the streets but then felt a stabbing pain in here ribs. A rock fell onto the ground from the spot she felt the pain and she quickly grew terrified of the people who were now beginning to throw rocks at her.

From the side she felt a smack on the cheek and a red tomato slid off her face. Another one hit her in the thigh and unbalanced her, the beam weighing her down so much that she fell to the side of the road, the end of the beam stopping her from completely landing on her face.

The guards hauled her back up and pushed her forward to keep walking. A rain of small sharp pebbled came from the onlookers and pelted her bare feet that it was painful to walk without flinching.

Suddenly Ameeha felt a thud in her head and the next thing she saw was the ground infront of her face. She landed hard into the dirty ground and the beam weighed down only more on her, causing her to wail in pain. Another tomato lay next to her where she got hit, its juices spilled onto her neck. Despite the constant pelting, all people remained silent at Ameeha's march of shame.

Once more the guards only lifted her back up and she had resumed walking, her nose now bleeding heavily down her mouth from falling face first into the ground. Ameeha kept as silent as she could despite her humiliation.

Finally, wooden gallows appeared in view. Ameeha was at her place of execution. The guards led her up the steps and into the middle of the gallows in clear view of the surrounding people. Chanting began as they demanded her bloody death.

Ameeha grimaced as her death sentence was read and the guards proceeded to rip off the rags still protecting her dignity. Her soft pale body stood naked and visible to everyone. Her cupped breasts and their soft pink nipples shined in the morning sunlight, bathed in sweat from her toil in getting to the place of her death.

The guards pushed her down onto her knees and placed a carved edge wooden board on her thighs. Then they push her down onto the board, exposing all of her back. One of the guards reared back with a whip in his hand and struck Ameeha, causing her to jump up a bit and shriek. The guard did not stop and followed with a second lash, then a third, and kept going. The board underneath Ameeha increased her pain even more as she could not rise up enough to avoid its edges while the lashes scored down on her back.

Ameeha shrieked continuously in pain as the whip dug into her skin and left bloody gashes. She was about to accept the call towards unconsciousness when the pain of the whip was lifted from her. She began raising her head and saw the guard putting away the whip.

She was about to take a few breaths of relief when another guard grabbed her beam from behind, raised her up and then threw her on the ground on her back. The wooden beam knocked the breath out of her as she hit the ground and she spent the few minutes gasping for air.

She wasn't given a chance to regain her breath when she felt the cold end of a nail pressing against her left wrist. A second later she felt a searing pain from crushing bone and tearing blood vessels and she shrieked at the top of her lungs. A nail had been driven through her and onto the beam.

The guard that had nailed her left arm moved to her right side and pressed another nail against Ameeha's right wrist. She was still shrieking from the pain of the first nail when the second one was struck and driven through her flesh and onto the wooden board.

The guard stood up and proceeded to help the other guards raise a large vertical beam with a slot at the top, upright. Ameeha was still screaming and shrieking and her back was arching from the pain. The tug of the nails at her wrists made her shriek more as she was lifted up by the horizontal beam and slotted into the vertical one. The two beams now formed a T shaped cross.

The guards took Ameeha's feet and paired them together, closing beer thighs together from where she hung. They put nails up to each foot and nailed them individually next to each other.

With the new found grasp on some weight underneath her legs, Ameeha reared up on her cross in pain and cried out. She was now crucified in public view for all to see.

For a while she hung there, whimpering as blood and sweat trickled down her body. Then she felt a stabbing pain in her thigh. She looked up and saw a crowd gathering, people picking up stones in their hands and preparing to throw them.

Among crowd, a boy picked up a sharp pebble and looked at Ameeha. He held the pebble in his hand, then threw it at her. The pebble hit Ameeha in the thigh, leaving behind a bleeding bruise. She gasped from the pain but fear filled her eyes as all the others began preparing to throw.

Pebbles and stones pummeled Ameeha, bruising and tearing at her body. She gasped for breath repeatedly as she felt her bones break where heavier rocks struck. She couldn't get any room to breath to even scream from the pain. The stones battered her body endlessly and Ameeha did not know how long she could last. Then a sharp pain hit her in the ahead everything began going dark. She could still feel stones thunking into her body but she could no longer see them. The pain almost went away and her eyes closed, embracing the warm darkness.

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