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The chubby Xebtron Rex stood in line, fidgeting non-stop– twiddling his thumbs, twisting the Death Venman action figure in his pocket, stroking his hands through his greasy black hair. His body quakes with nerves. The Lily Scott. He was going to meet The Lily Scott.
The twisting turning line that spread cross the convention floor inched obnoxiously closer. He was so close he could almost smell her. Not that he knew what she smelled like, but he sure had his suspicions (vanilla and cardamom, probably).
He anxiously swung the thin cloth sack which brandished the con’s icon onto the cold cement ground and rifled through its contents. His inhaler, his worryingly thin Transformer-themed wallet, his boy-scout pocket knife, and– yes, there it was. His gift to Lily, which he simply knew she loved. Maybe so much she’d ask for his number– or something.
Xebtron took a deep breath and steadied himself, tying up his bag and standing to move with the crowd.
Everyone he ever knew mocked him for what he loved. Said 46 was too old to still be into that stuff. But he always knew they were wrong, and that he should follow his passion no matter what. And when he dates the cutest girl in all of Hollywood they’d all know just how wrong they were.
He stood at the black curtain, two con volunteers standing at either side. His hands were shaking profusely, and in a last ditch effort to prove just how much he was willing to sacrifice for Lily, he wiped the sweat off his brow and sneakily rolled on some deodorant. A couple of whiffs to make sure any hint of body odor was gently snuffed, and he was absolutely ready.
The curtains pushed open, and a small, chubby boy pushed through, face buried in his hands and read with tears.
Oh my god… Xebtron thought to himself, She’s really that beautiful?
“Next in line, please.”
He had to stop himself from pissing his pants. His hands shaking, legs quivering, he made his way forward through the part in the black curtains.
And there she is. Lily Scott. The perfect brown hair, the pale soft skin, the big green eyes– she’s truly more beautiful in person. A smile made its way to the edges of his mouth as she stared him down intensely.
“Well?” She said. Her tone was more snappy than he expected, but that was okay. It wouldn’t take long for him to make his impression on–
“Fucking hurry it up, asshole. There are other people behind you.”
Xebtron stopped dead in his tracks. Did she call him an asshole? Flustered, he shuffled through his bag. His throat grew dry, his palms clammy and sweaty. Lily breathed out, frustrated. She smelt like lavender.
He pulled it out. A handmade exact screen-to-life replica of Rayva's hunter outfit from Space Tales Episode LXIX: Rayva's Journey. The product of months worth of work– blood, toil, and sweat to make sure it was exactly as seen in the film. His most prized piece of cosplay art yet.
He handed it to her with shaky outstretched arms. Lily looks at it as if someone farted, snatches it from his hands, and examines it. She seemed… unimpressed.
“The hell am I supposed to do with this, faggot?”
Xebtron looked at her with wide eyes. She was so cruel, unforgiving. And for seemingly no reason. He felt his heart begin to shatter. His jaw quivered.
“W-wear it?” He nervously stammered. Lily laughed.
“Jesus, fuck. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? You pervert nerds get off to anything. I bet you’d like me to change into it right here, wouldn’t you?”
He stared wide-eyed, no single word coming to mind. He felt his innards revolting, the very fibre of his being being crushed before his very eyes.
“Alright, fuck off, asshole. And take your filthy fucking rags, or whatever.” Lily chucked the costume back into Xebtron's arms. He stood perfectly still– shaken and afraid. What just happened? Was this hell?
“I said get, fuck-face!”
Her tits jiggled a little when she yelled.
She stood, the chair squeaking against the floor.
A single tear dribbled down Xebtron's cheek, and he stumbled back, accepting that his idol and celebrity crush was– to put it frankly– a fucking cunt.

Xebtron sat in the family bathroom, sobbing to his heart’s content. Why did she do it? He worked so hard on that gift for her and she turned it down? Why?
And what was it she called him? “Asshole?” “Faggot?” “Fuck-face?” “Pervert nerd?” Oh, yes– she called him all of those.
He held his plastic Death Venman toy out, and spoke to it in a hushed tone.
“Oh, Death Venman,” he said quietly, voice shaky with tears, “You’d never betray me. You’d never let me down.”
“Kill that cunt!”
Xebtron stared at his toy.
What the fuck just happened? Did it just speak? Was he hearing things.
“Little Xebtron, it’s me! Death Venman!”
“Death Venman? What the hell? How are you talking to me?”
“Through the force, Xebtron. Now listen to me, you must do exactly as I say, understand?”
“I… I mean, yeah– what?”
“Xebtron! Don’t get distracted! Listen to grand-papa.”
“Um… yeah. Okay, yeah, sure.”
“Kill her.”
“Fucking kill her.”
“Cut off her head or something. That bitch deserves it.”
“I don’t know, Death. I’m not sure–”
“Have I ever steered you wrong, Xebtron?”
“You’ve never steered me anywhere.”
“Trust me on this! Trust the force!”
“Yeah… yeah, you’re right. I’ll trust the force–”
Just then the door swung open. Had he forgotten to lock it? Xebtron stood to attention, immediately embarrassed. The door slammed shut behind the figure, who with a dramatic spun to face Xebtron.
It was Lily herself.
As if the force had willed it.
Only she immediately looked past Xebtron and pushed past him toward the sink.
“Finally, some fucking time away from those loser nerds.”
“Lily Scott?”
She ignored him entirely, splashing water in her face and scratching her crotch.
“Hey– hey, um…” his voice faltered, but just as quickly as he lost it he forced himself to gain confidence.
“Hey bitch!”
Lily turned immediately, her soft brown hair flicking with her and her sultry green eyes staring Xebtron dead in the soul.
“What the fuck do you want, piss-wipe?”
“You can’t be in here.
He shuffled awkwardly, pushing himself against the door.
“Fuck off. Get out.”
“No! I was here first, you– you cunt!”
Lily's face contorted in sudden extreme anger.
“Excuse me? What the fuck did you say to me, you worthless piece of garbage? You speak to me like that one more time I’ll have your brains splattered across the convention floor, you hear me, you pig? Is that making it through you thick fucking skull?”
Xebtron quivered a bit, then forced stoicism.
“Get. Out.”
Lily looked at him, assessing the threat he pose: not much. She chuckled to herself, then inched forward.
“The fuck are you gonna do about it, nerd?”
In a fluid motion, she snatched the satchel from his hands.
“Let’s see what’s in this, piggy, shall we?”
She tore the bag open and began rummaging inside, yanking out the costume and tossing it haphazardly into the toilet next to her.
“No!” cried Xebtron, who was helpless in watching her rampage.
Lily proceeded to toss away his inhaler (after calling it a waste of perfectly good air), then his deodorant, then his wallet. At last Lily grabbed and held up his pocket knife. It looked so big in her dainty, evil hand.
“What’s this, shit head?” She flicked it open and examined the blade. “What were you gonna use this for?”
Xebtron quivered in his black boots, eyes glued on the knife.
“Tell you what,” she inched closer, “how ‘bout I cut your dick off? If I can find it, that is. Sound good–?”
Before Lily could even finish her threat, Xebtron grabbed her wrist and squeezed with all his might. Her hand wretched open and the knife went flying, directly into Xebtron's open palm. He closed his fist around the handle and slashed at her wrist. Immediately her flesh opened, and an onslaught of blood exploded from her arm.
“Oh– jesus, fuck!” Lily's eyes glued to the constant explosion of blood, her other hand pressed against it as if to stop it. It only made her hand bloodier.
In the midst of the chaos as Lily attempted to attain control of her unruly bloody wound, Xebtron locked the bathroom door.
Pissed and in wild amounts of pain, Lily looked at him with a crippled fire in her eyes.
“You son of a–”
Then he tackled her to the ground. She yelped and struggled, but his intense weight kept her properly pinned. One arm bent behind her back, pressed against the filthy bathroom floor (which was no doubt soaked in the piss of a thousand nerds), Xebtron grabbed her bleeding hand and pushed it to the ground beside her head.
“You fucking fucker! You’re going to fucking die for this, you son of a bitch! You hear? You’re going to fucking die!” Lily complained and screamed, but she was cut short as Xebtron dug the blade into her wrist one more time.
Her head shot back as an agonal scream exploded from her wretched open lips. Her body pushed and struggled against his as the knife began to saw.
“OH FUCK! YOU SHIT-HEAD– GOD, FUCK!” Lily screamed profanity after profanity as Xebtron violently sawed her hand off her wrist. Blood splattered everywhere: on the floor, the wall, the mirrors, Lily's face. The bathroom was quickly painted red– and all from the blood that spurted from her now-becoming stump wrist.
Xebtron found the easiest cuts were the fleshier areas, but the tougher area– which required the most dedication– was, quite obviously, the bone. He also found that Lily seemed to feel the most pain in that area. As a result, Xebtron spent a majority of the time hacking away at the two bones within her arm.
Lily screamed relentlessly for help, but none would come, and eventually Xebtron made it through the arm entirely. With some additional flesh tearing and tendon snapping, he pulled her hand away from her wrist and held it high.
“She that, you fucking bitch? That’s why you don’t fucking mess with me.”
It felt good to be in command. He wanted more.
He wanted Lily.
Xebtron stood, releasing her from his pin. She hopped to her feet immediately, slipping only for a second in the puddle of her own blood. Tears streaming down her face, she cradled her stump-arm in unforgiving pain, her other hand getting recklessly soaked with blood.
“You fuck! You sick fucking fuck!” She hobbled away from him, reaching for the door-knob. In a swift movement, before she could even reach the door, he grabbed her by the hair and bashed her head against the cement wall.
Lily dropped to her knees, the blood beneath her splashing in every direction. Her eyes drooped immediately, her tongue practically dangling from her mouth. Her arms fell to her side, stump-hand dripping excess amounts of dark blood from the ragged flesh and serrated bone. She blinked once, and moaned loudly as her full lips twitched in brutal agony. A chunk of her thick, soft hair still bundled in his fist, he reeled back and slammed her head again.
This time Lily fell flat. Not quite dead but not happy to be alive. A splatter of her blood dripped down the white wall, and just before passing out, her tired fingers traced the lining of a dent in her skull.

When Lily came to, something was off. What it was, she couldn’t quite tell. She was dazed and dizzy, her vision blurry and fuzzy. Her head was pounding, but the rest of her body was numb. She blinked hard, to push away the grogginess, and finally realized the weight of her situation.
She was bent over the bathroom sink with a cock ramming into her open asshole repeatedly. Lily looked in the mirror ahead of her. The greasy nerd was naked behind her, dripping sweat onto her clothes.
But hold on a second– these weren’t the clothes she was wearing before.
While she was out, unbeknownst to her, sweaty Xebtron Rex had stripped her naked and dressed her in his pervy little Rayva costume, now sopping wet with toilet water and a stranger’s piss. And it smelt it.
“N-no… what are you–?”
Xebtron pressed his hand over her mouth. She groaned, but she was entirely too tired to physically revolt at this point.
“You will soon– realize– the power– of the force!” He grunted heavily in her ear, between deep huffs and puffs.
“Stop now… you… piece of sh–” Lily was still tired and dazed, and she’d be lying if she said the world wasn’t entirely fuzzy at that point. But she knew this reality was true– she felt his cock fill her tight anus (he would have gone for the pussy but it was too tight– clenched in refusal– and he simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to slam his dick over and over and over again into a throbbing, gaping asshole. God knows he’d never have the chance again.)
There was something about her pained and fearful screams that were so cute to him, too. Maybe it was something to do with the accent, he just knew that making her yell and grunt brought him immense satisfaction.
“People– will– AHH FUCK!– know about this!”
“How? You dumb fucking…”
He pulled her struggling body in close to his. He sniffed deep, smelling her soft, sweaty brown hair. She fought, pulling away, kicking and screaming, but he continued to rape her.
Finally, as his cock swelled with anticipation, he removed his sopping, dripping dick from her gaping anus, which opened and closed slowly and repeatedly, recovering from the size of his penis. Lily had given up on fighting, and now resorted simply to sobbing. Her face was stained with tears and glowed red. Xebtron was just about ready to paint it white.
With little to no resistance, he pushed Lily to the ground and spun her so she faced him. Her big, brown eyes, tinted red with pained tears, stared right down the barrel of his cock, watching him stroke it back and forth, hand sweaty with her ass’s natural lube.
He grabbed a handful of Lily's hair and pulled her close to him, pressing his throbbing dick against her closed lips.
But Lily wasn’t about ready to take his dick in her mouth, and she kept it wretched closed, no matter the amount of pushing and slapping her captor fell unto her.
“You dumb-fuck!!” He screamed, face turning red with brutal anger. “I’m so fucking close to cumming– you’re not gonna deny me this!”
He began fondling his balls, stroking them and pressing them against Lily's sweat-soaked drool-painted face, who responded with groans and anguished bemoaning.
“Fucking suck my dick! Or my salty balls will be all over your fucking face, you bitch! You fucking bitch!”
Lily's face now contorted and twisted as she valiantly attempted to keep back tears while keeping her mouth closed shut. She sobbed quietly, her body heaving. There was no way for her to escape this.
Especially when he whipped out his little knife and pressed it against her throat.
“You want me to kill you– you piece of shit? Do you??”
Lily didn’t respond, simply tried to keep from sobbing. He stroked his cock in her face.
“DO YOU??”
He stared down at her with fiery eyes. He was ready to burst, but he wasn’t going to waste his opportunity to be blown by the Lily Scott. He pressed the knife further into her flesh. Any more pressure would cut skin.
Reluctantly, with a downpour of tears, she opened her mouth.
Without any hesitation, Xebtron grabbed the back of her head and threw it forward, his entire dick entering her mouth and sliding into her throat. Lily's eyes bulged, her lips stretched wide open as her body tried finding every way possible to eject this cock from her throat.
Nothing worked.
No gagging, no choking, no sputtering or retching could yank the dick from her mouth. Her face grew red, veins popping in her forehead as the possibility of getting any air was thrown out the window. Slobber dribbled down her chin and decorated the shaft of his penis.
He’s not even fucking me… Lily thought to herself as she struggled violently for air, He’s just… sitting there.
Yet he seemed to enjoy it. His face was twisted with joy, head thrown back as he pushed her face closer into his body.
Then, after what felt like an eternity to Lily, he pulled her head away, so that just the head of his penis penetrated her throat. Then he pushed her head back into him. Then away. Then in. Then away. Then in.
In no time he was fully raping her throat, forcing the slobbering, drooling, sputtering, coughing celebrity to gag repeatedly on his massive cock. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and as airflow left her brain, her body slumped, reduced to simply taking it.
“Swallow… my fucking… cock… bitch!” He slammed her head into his body over and over and over again, dick engulfed in her throat fully every pump.
Then finally–

Complete euphoria.

Xebtron screamed at the top of his lungs as semen exploded from the tip of his cock into the back of Lily's throat– the stream so powerful, a bubbly, snotty glob of jizz burst from either one of her nostrils upon completion.
He slid his cock from her throat, still shooting heavy loads of cum. His cock pumped the white goop into her mouth (where it pooled on her tongue and brought Lily near to vomiting), over the bridge of her nose, into her open eye, and over her sweat-matted hair.
Lily's tear-stricken face was plastered with his jizz, her eyes closed shut in an effort to keep the dripping goo from entering there more than it already had. It tasted salty, awful, and the moment he finished creaming on her pale, scared face, she spat it out. The foaming, spit-mixed cum dribbled off her chin and onto the still wet Rayva costume, which had been pulled aside to reveal Lily's small, supple breasts.
She was messy– a sight Xebtron thoroughly enjoyed, as he continued to stroke his cock even after raping her and covering her with his cum. In complete and total despair, Lily collapsed onto her side, cradling herself and entirely exhausted from her brutal raping.
It wasn’t much to her surprise that even as she rocked back and forth, sobbing heavily, asshole gaping wide open and thick loads of cum dripping off her red face she began to feel droplets from above. Xebtron was still cranking his cock, pushing out dollops of jizz, which would land on her side and trickle down her stomach.
“You’re a… piece of… shit….” Lily barely had the strength to speak.
Suddenly, with a ferocious speed, Xebtron grabbed a handful of her brown hair and yanked her up again. She yelped in pain but abided, stumbling upwards and following the will of his meaty fist, which lead her (still tender from almost being caved in) head to a violent smash against the mirror over the sink.
Lily was bent over again, her asshole a throbbing hole that dripped pre-cum and lubrication. She closed her eyes, ready for another brutal round.
But that would never come. Instead, Xebtron yanked her head back again, using his still hard and cum-dripping cock to press her against the dingy sink. Her long, tender throat was now stretched towards the mirror, her head pulled back and open eyes darting around worriedly. He stroked her neck with his finger, admiring the length and the tenderness. So soft and so warm.
He adjusted her head once more so her chin pointed up but her eyes could look into the mirror. Lily made eye-contact with herself, then quickly became shocked and depressed at the sight of countless strands of cum dripping down her face.
She was pretty at some point, wasn’t she?
“What’re you– what are you doing you fat–” The exhaustion slowly made way to fear. He wasn’t raping her or attacking her, but he had her poised for something. Something bad was going to happen.
And then she saw it, the glimmer of a blade in his free fist, which he moved up to her neck. He pressed his knife into her neck, watching her skin indent under the pressure.
Now Lily was full blown anxiety-mode. She struggled slightly, her eyes wide open.
“You wouldn’t… you wouldn’t dare–”
He leaned in close to Lily's ear, his heavy breath panting warmly on her cheek. He licked her earlobe, then sensually whispered:
“Try me.”
Lily's eyes darted to the mirror, and the last thing she saw were her own huge brown eyes, filled to the brim with terror.
Well, that’s not entirely true.
The last thing she saw was the explosion of her own blood plastered on the mirror before her as Xebtron yanked the blade across her neck.
Immediately, almost scared, Xebtron jumped back, bloodied knife still in hand. Lily crumpled to the ground, face wide in excruciating pain and hands crossed over her neck, trying to push the blood down. The spray of crimson liquid was continuous and brutal, splashing on Lily's face and drenching the room in red. Her whole body writhed in agony, twisting and turning and kicking and fighting. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t see. She was choking, gagging, sputtering, shouting, spitting, bleeding. All she felt was agonizing pain.
Xebtron swept back into the action, getting on top of the struggling celebrity and pinning her down. He immediately was soaked in blood, but he failed to let that stop him.
He was convinced Lily hadn’t been looking anywhere the whole time she bled to death on the public bathroom floor. Until, that is, Xebtron leaned in in front of her, at which point he could’ve sworn she looked her murderer dead in the eyes.
The fear was palpable.
He smiled at her pain, then dug the knife deeper, severing nerves and cleaving meat. Lily's chest rose, a useless protest to the unimaginable pain that ravished her poor, tiny body. Her brown hair, splayed out on the filthy tiles, became soaked in the pool of her shimmering blood that formed around her and matted together. Her face was still covered in cum. Pubes littered her sweaty, drooly face. Blood seeped out of her widening and tightening nostrils and her large mouth. She sputtered violently, choking on her own blood.
Strangely enough, she remained alive for the entirety of her beheading.
Xebtron hacked through eventually the spine, and with a flick of the wrist fully severed Lily Scott's head from Lily Scott's body, which still exploded excess amounts of warm blood from the jagged messy neck stump between her bare shoulders.
Lily knew she was dying– subconsciously that is. Her last moments of life were too filled with blinding pain that she was unable to form any sort of coherent thought pointed to any particular topic. She just felt a searing pain in the neck and– well– nothing below it.
Her final ture vision was looking into Xebtron's eyes as he held her bleeding head aloft, staring deep into her, waiting for her to die. Waiting for the twitching in her perfectly trimmed eyebrows and the corners of her thin pink lips to stop.
Then everything grew fuzzy. Then black. Then nothing.
And like that, the chubby Xebtron Rex had slaughtered Lily Scott. Her head dangling in his hand and her spasming body squirting blood out onto his shoes.

He stood that way for some time. Examining her dead cum-covered face. Even dead she was sexy. He sat down on the floor next to her body in the pool of blood, which still dribbled out of her neck.
The throat-hole opened and closed repeatedly, dripping saliva posthumously.
Xebtron held Lily Scott's decapitated head in both his hands, cradling the back of her skull and feeling the blood trickle down his hands. The throat stump was messy, and still dripped cum. He observed her twinkling brown eyes, which had rolled way back when life finally left her. He played with her thin, soft hair, which was sticky and sopping with her blood.
Then he got to work on it. Sitting in the silence, next to the still-bleeding headless corpse of his celebrity crush, tying her hair into the iconic multi-bun hairstyle from Episode LXIX.
Sorry, Space Tales fans, no Rayva spin-off.

It took some time and research, but after long Xebtron held– as he told himself– the head of Rayva, antagonist to the righteous New Evil. The buns were perfect– the right amount of give with the perfect steadiness. The blood was tough to work around, but he found his way.
He stood and raised Rayva's lifeless head up to the sky with an extended arm, her face facing his.
“I have defeated you, Rayva! At long last!” He declared proudly to himself. “The New Evil will applaud me for my heroism and spectacular form in our duel (of which is the one where I beheaded you!) If all goes according to plan, perhaps Mega Lord Snalk– back from the dead– will allow me to keep you as a trophy.”
He jumped up and down, giddy and enthused, then brought Lily's decapitated head down, pressing his face against hers. His mouth tangled with hers, his tongue prodding the cold, pillowy, unresponsive lips. He pulled away, her face the same as it had been before. Xebtron let out a sigh of joy.
Then, all at once, it sunk in.
Oh, shit. He thought to himself, Oh shit oh shit oh shit. I just killed the star of fucking Space Tales. What the fuck did I just do? Why did I do that? I just raped and killed Lily Scott! Oh, fuck– I can’t go to jail! How do I–
Then a knock on the bathroom door.
“Just a minute!” He shouted. He needed a game-plan. How could he get out of here without looking like he just raped and decapitated seductress-model-celebrity-and-star-of-the-greatest-franchise-on-earth-Lily-Scott? He had to think quick– and then he got it.
He was in a Comic-Con. Plain sight was his closest ally.
Quickly he got to using his small knife to saw away at her shoulder. He sliced open the flesh of her arm (which, surprise, lead to somehow more blood exploding out) and cleaved deeper and deeper, until her arm was separated from her body. He folded it at the joint and crammed it into his relatively empty bag.
Then her other arm, which came off her body relatively easily. That went into the bag, too. Hand-up.
Then he got to sawing off her legs at the thighs, which, because of her sexy girth provided a slight bit more work. But despite occasionally getting caught on bone, Xebtron managed to slice off both of her legs.
Now came the interesting part, which he figured would tie the whole thing together. Xebtron straddled her body once again (though the circumstances before left Lily with all her limbs and a head) and brought the knife down into her doughy stomach.
Xebtron sawed and sliced with all his might as quickly as possible, splitting her torso in two and pulling out and tossing her organs as fit to keep them intact. When the deed was done he stood sweating, looking at the Lily Scott's halved torso– missing arms, legs, and a head and entrails strewn about the room.
Then he got right back to work.
He crammed the bottom half of her hollowed-out body into the bottom of his sack, then placed both meaty thighs into the body-bowl. At an angle, the legs stuck out either way, dangling and flopping however possible.
Next, he stuffed the top half of her torso in, her stump neck at the top peeking out between the splayed out arms and legs. Surrounding that, and as a final touch, he slid her organs and entrails into the bag. Her small intestine draped outside the bag, and various smaller innards poked out. The bag was bloody, and with all his might he tried to close it.
It was perfect. His years of cosplay had finally paid off.
He slung the bag containing Lily's corpse over his shoulder and grabbed her head by one of the buns. It was a gruesome display– this he know.
He steadied himself, then pushed the door open into the massive crowd.

Whoever had knocked left some time ago, clearly. Now Xebtron just had to push through the horde of excited nerds, covered in blood and carrying a real decapitated head with a bag full of real Lily Scott parts without being seen–
“Holy SHIT!” A voiced shrieked from behind him.
Xebtron froze in his tracks, wide-eyed, then slowly turned.
Some incredibly young girl dressed as Alliki from Clan of Mythology stood staring at Xebtron with an astonished look.
“It’s not what it–” Xebtron started.
“That costume is amazing!”
Xebtron took a beat and recognized his flawed plan had managed to work. The young girl pranced up to him, her skimpy outfit bouncing– as well as some other parts.
“I take it this is your prediction for X?”
“Y– yes..”
“It’s so gruesome– it’s amazing! I love the added touch of her entrails in your backpack.”
“T-Thanks. Thanks a lot.”
“And that prop-head– I mean… It looks just like Lily Scott! How’d you do that?”
“Um– practice? I’ve been sculpting for–”
“What’s that white stuff on her face?”
Xebtron's face grew red.
“I, uh– I got some milk at concessions– and I– I uh… spilled some? Milk– um– doesn’t come out of the mold very easily.”
She laughed a small giggle.
“You’ve got some funny looking milk! Can I try?”
Xebtron tried to interject, but before he could do so, the young girl swiped a finger across Lily's dead face and grabbed a full strand of semen. She sucked it clean off her finger. Xebtron stared in shock.
“Mmmm! Tastes good! What kind of milk is this?”
“Australian. Comes from… down under. Sorry– could I–?” He motioned to leave.
“Sure thing, sir! Just wanted to admire your costume. You did a great job with it!”
“Thanks–” Xebtron turned and began to walk away.
“Oh– um, mister?”
He turned to face her again.
“Just– um– one note. A plasma-blade would actually cauterize the wound, so while the goriness of it is fun (I like how gritty it all is) it doesn’t really make sense.”
Xebtron stared at her.
“I’ll take note of it.”
The girl giggled. “Have a good day, mister! And if we meet up again, you’ll have to give me some of your Australian Milk!”
Xebtron had already turned and was speed-walking away.
The girl giggled to herself, watching the blood-trail behind the nice man and his cool costume as he walked away towards the exit. She turned and headed back, wondering if her dad would know where to get some Australian Milk.

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