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I want to eat at Megan's Restaurant. I'm ordering the special, Spaghetti & Meatballs with special red sauce. I ordered it days ago so you can get it prepped. I drive up and come in, fancy place, go to the back, special chambers. i sit at the table and lay out the napkin. The empty plate is set before me. A bevy of three babes comes walking up. The first is tall with raven hair and a generous ass. She shows me her delicious meat, and with a dance and help from another girl climbs up on the table, squatting down, waving her ass all in my face, her asshole close enough to lick. She spreads her cheeks open and I see a string of spaghetti, creamy white against her olive skin. She squats over the plate and I heart a frraaap before spaghetti pours out of her. The girls giggle as the beige spaghetti gets muddied by brown streaks amid wet farts, splashing onto the plate and tablecloth. The plate is heaped with extremely pungent spaghetti. bits of corn and spinach within the strands. She laughs and is helped off the table, and another takes her place. She waves her fine white ass, long legs waving as the ass almost touches my glasses. I squint as she pushes it towards my mouth, bouncing it off my lips. I grasp her thighs and pull her anus into my mouth, licking and french kissing, pushing my hard tongue into the opening, feeling the folds envelop my taste buds. I swirl my tongue around and suck on that ass mouth like a wet pussy, imagining how it would cum into my mouth. Suddenly I taste a warm flood of meaty juices and a clump pops halfway out, stretching her anal ring… a delicious meatball! Oh such heavenly herbs!! I suck it out and begin chewing as she pulls away, squatting over the place and shitting out meatball after meatball with wet explosive sharts. To be continued…



I wana be ass raped by 10 giant BBCs while your asshole is getting fucked. I want the cock to pop out and all your shit explodes all over my face. PLEASE cut my cock off and shit down my throat.Hammer my balls to a pulp while I suffocate and die under your asshole. I want your asshole to kill me. Please kill me with your shithole. I'm ready. My mouth is open tongue out, I will exhale and inhale your shit. I want you to feel my death under your ass.

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