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Recently, someone emailed this story to me. I can't see it posted anywhere on the interwebs, but I really enjoyed it, so thought I'd repost it here.

If anyone knows who the author is, or if it goes by a different title, then do say so.

Just to be absolutely clear – I didn't write this.


“The place: Shoda, a remote island in the south Pacific, well into international waters. The time: Right now. The game: Babehunt VIII!

“Welcome, viewers! I’m Max Huntley, and I have the distinct honour of being announcer for Babehunt, the long-running annual televised event held by the Wendigo Corporation. Every year, twenty young, attractive, and incredibly desperate women, our Babes, are brought to this island, willing to risk their very lives in hopes of winning two million dollars. Over the course of twenty-four hours, those women will be hunted down and killed for your enjoyment, while struggling to find the keys to their freedom. Remember – all Babes are at least eighteen years of age, in order to comply with certain “U.N. mandates” and “threats of invasion” after Babequest V. Furthermore, all contestants have signed waivers showing their willingness to be in the game – in fact, we get many more applicants than we need. Only the brightest and most beautiful are chosen.

“For those who missed previous years of Babequest, I’ll be giving you a quick rundown of the rules. Shoda is a sub-tropical island roughly six miles across. It is divided into four equal-sized areas, each with its own unique style and traps. Each area also contains a golden pillar. The women will be dropped to twenty points across the island, spread out evenly, wearing nothing but their choice of a bikini or shift (in any color they choose) and our special tracking collar (this year, in a lovely shade of bronze). Any Babe who can reach all four golden pillars is given the right to attempt to access the Safety Tower at the exact center of the island. Successfully reaching the tower earns a single lucky contestant their life, as well as the grand prize. Furthermore, even contestants who die will win some money to pass to their next of kin – ten thousand dollars for reaching a single pillar, twenty thousand for reaching two, fifty thousand for reaching three, and a hundred thousand for reaching all four. The women will be wearing tracking collars that allow us to follow them, and there are thousands of cameras hidden across the island to ensure that every gory, beautiful moment is recorded. Attempting to remove or manhandle the collars is a penalty, and will result in immediate death as the collar explodes, tearing apart the unfortunate cheater’s throat. Collars also constrict at the end of twenty-four hours.

“Of course, if that were all there were to it, you wouldn’t be here! So let’s cut to the tricky parts. First, there’s the traps. Every part of the island is scattered with traps designed to hurt, slow down, or trap the girls we’ve dropped in. There’s also the fact that only a certain number of women can win each pillar. As soon as sixteen contestants have touched any pillars, the remainder will be Redacted. Their collars will gradually constrict, choking them to death over the course of five minutes. The same will hold true if twelve contestants reach two pillars, eight contestants reach three pillars, four contestants reach all pillars, or any contestant wins the grand prize.

“Now, that’s not usually an issue, because the girls aren’t alone on the island. Already present and waiting are our four Elite Hunters. The Hunters have each been assigned one section of the island, which they can’t leave ( rule instituted after an unfortunate friendly-fire incident in Babehunt III). Within those areas, they will be trying to hunt down, capture, torture, rape, and kill the girls, in whatever order they prefer. Hunters will be awarded up to fifty thousand dollars per girl killed – twenty thousand for the actual kill, and another thirty based on how well the judges rule that they perform in the three categories of Cruelty, Artistry, and Sexuality. The more inhumane, entertaining, and downright sexy the girls’ deaths are, the more the Hunters make. Plus, the Hunters get two extra prizes. If no girl survives to the end of the competitions, each Hunter receives a bonus of one hundred thousand dollars. Regardless of whether any Babe survives, the Hunter who wins the coveted Audience Choice award wins an additional two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Not bad for a day’s work, huh? Of course, if the girls get lucky, the Hunters might find themselves being hunter. Four hunters have died in the last eight Babehunts, and nine more have been badly injured. These girls aren’t always helpless.

“Before we get started, let’s meet our hunters. First in the lineup, we have Charlton Cole. Charlton is our veteran Hunter, having joined up in Babequest II and served in every year since – except for last year, when he was forced to take time off after injuries sustained during Babequest VI. He’s back now, though, and ready to pick up where he left off. Charlton is a consummate professional, who takes pride in his ability to deliver intensely sexual kills without actually engaging in intercourse. Let’s look at some footage from his Audience Choice winner in Babequest V.”

The camera shifts to a pine forest at night. A young girl is trying to creep through the underbrush. She is no more than nineteen years old, a Chinese girl with long black hair wearing a white silk shift that stretches only slightly below her hips. She is sobbing quietly, trying to hold her fear in, as she searches the treeline.

There is a sound behind her. She shrinks back against a tree, hands pressed tight to its bark, as a flashlight splits the gloom. After a few moments, it turns aside and winks out, and she breathes a silent sigh of relief. But her hope is short-lived. In the instant that she begins to calm down, two metal spikes shoot through the bark, punching easily through the meat of her lower arms, then arc around her to latch into the side of the tree. As the girl begins to scream in pain and confusion, she is pressed against the tree by the thick cables attached to the spike, tied by the holes in her arms as surely as by the cable itself.

A tall man melts out of the underbrush, cigarette in hand. He is nearing forty years old, his black hair starting to turn to grey, and sports a goatee that is at odds with his camouflage gear. “Nice night for a walk.” He comments, flicking out a lighter and lighting his cigarette. He offers it to the girl, who shrinks back in terror, and then smiles. “Fair enough.” He says. Before she can speak, begging for her life or just pleading for a quick death, he kneels down in front of her, and pulls out a fold of her skirt. She tries to kick him, so he grabs her leg, forces it back around the tree. He draws a knife from his boot and stabs it through her foot, pinning her leg to one side, and as she screams and thrashes, he does the same to the other one. Now she’s pinned like a butterfly, unable to struggle. He holds his lighter to the dress. Her screams take on a new tone as her clothes burn away, reddening her flesh as the sheer gown collapses around her, not holding together long enough for more than minor damage. He takes a step back, watches her moan, afraid to try and pull on the spikes holding her fast but in too much pain to keep still, and he draws on his cigarette. Then he pulls another spike from his pack and embeds it in the ground under her. As she stares down in horrified understand, the spike begins telescoping, pushing up towards her. She tries to pull away, but he steps forwards, angling it into her cunt, and soon her screams are redoubled. As the spike punches into her womb, spilling blood across the forest floor, he grabs her by the hair, and holds the cigarette to her mouth. “One for the road.” He says.

“Whew! That was not bad, and as usual Charlton’s going to be in the Forest quarter, lurking in the trees. Watch out, girls! But Charlton has some serious competition this year, starting with his old competitor Janet Weiss. Janet’s been with the group since Babequest V, making this her fourth year with the organization. Now, we’re fortunate enough to have Janet’s audition tape on file, and this year she’s agreed to let us show it.”

The camera is shaky for a moment, zooming in to an old warehouse. Sitting in the front of the screen is a young woman, not more than twenty-five or twenty-six years old. Her hair is dyed blood-red, and cut in a punk hairdo that stays short and just out of her eyes. Her skin is pale, and she wears a black leather corset (loose enough to allow her to breathe, but tight enough to keep her breasts in) and pants. She’s sitting on a chair turned backwards, and smiles at the camera. “Hey, Babequest! Name’s Janet Weiss, and I’m making this video to show you a little something different. Lots of hunters trying for that empty spot, but I bet most of ‘em can’t give you a demonstration.” She reaches forwards, tilting the camera to an area just behind her. A metal bedframe is standing on its side, bolted to the floor and immobile. There is a white woman chained to the bed, with small breasts and a toned physique. Her head is completely covered by a black hood without eye, mouth, or earholes, with only a small pair of nostrils breathing out. Her arms and legs are bound with chains, pulling her spread-eagled across the frame, and more chains loop around her waist. Painful clamps have been attached to her nipples and cunt, and she is shaking as though sobbing. “This behind me is a bad, bad girl.” Janet says with a smile, skipping over to her prey. “Copkiller, among other things. Bounty on her says to bring back her head, skip the body. So I got to thinking, hey, Janet, why not have some fun first. Say hello, bad girl.” Janet raises one hand, and flicks a switch in the remote she had hidden behind her. There is the sound of electricity, and the woman tied to the post suddenly lets out a scream audible through her gag and hood, writhing as best she can to try to escape the current pouring into her from every angle. Janet turns off the current, steps forwards to gently caress the woman’s pained nipples. She gives one a little tug, just for fun. “I’m very inventive, and I always get my girl.” She purrs, pulling off the clamp roughly and leaning down. She takes the girl’s breast in her mouth, licking and rubbing it with her tongue, and the woman starts to respond despite herself, moaning faintly. As quick as though, Janet’s teeth snap shut, and the woman screams again. Straightening, Janet spits the nipple to the floor and pulls out a knife. “I figure I’ll just see how many bits I can remove, in how many ways, to prove my point. To start.” She smiles, pulling out the woman’s finger, and begins to saw the pinkie off.

“What a girl, huh? Sadly, we don’t have time for the full tape, but you can see it on our website for only a nominal fee. Janet will be occupying our Ruined City arena this year, where I’m sure she’s turned that inventiveness to go use. We’ve got to move on to our third hunter, however. Now in his second year with us, we have Shen Lee. Shen’s an interesting sort. Prefers the anticipation, winnowing away at his victims before finally closing in. Beautiful artistry, always a pleasure to watch. We have some footage of him from last year, taking down one of the Babes who made the mistake of entering his caves.”

The caves are dark, but the camera adapts well enough to show a twenty-eight year old black woman running through the darkness, glancing over her shoulder, her view obscured by the masses of curls that cover her head. As she runs, a knife flickers through the air from behind her, leaving a shallow cut as it slashes across her blue bikini top. The top flutters to the floor as she rounds a corner. A moment later, a hand is grabbing her hair, and slamming her face-first into a stone wall. She collapses to the ground, stumbling backwards… but she’s alone again. As she tries to get to her feet, another knife slashes out, and her panties fall around her ankles. She screams and tries to retreat, and another quick slash draws a line of blood along her left hip.

The Babe is running blindly now, stumbling left and right through curved caverns. For a moment, the camera shows a natural walkway above her, much straighter. A dark figure drops from the walkway into her path, easily catching her as she runs and throwing her to the ground, then triggering the line he holds and pulling himself back up before she can rise to see where the blow came from. As she backs towards a wall, whimpering with terror, he dashes past above her and into the next room over. She presses herself against the wall, feeling for an exit… and his knife flashes out and cuts the muscles in her right arm, leaving it limp. Screaming, bleeding, she tries to run again, but this time he’s giving pursuit. He grabs her shoulders, forces her to the floor. Two quick cuts to her Achilles tendons leave her trying to squirm across the floor. A blow from his fist shatters her jaw, and then his cock is shoving itself into her mouth, loving her screams, forcing itself down her throat. She can’t breathe, she tries to move but her limbs are in agony, the world is in agony. He comes in time with her last shuddering spasms as consciousness flees and her eyes go dark. He stands, takes her shredded panties to wipe his cock and his knife, pulls up his pants without fanfare, and vanishes back into the tunnels like a ghost.

“Whew. Takes your breath away, doesn’t it? And hers, of course… heh. This year, Lee’s going to be haunting the Tidal Pool arena, so we should see how his tricks do with cliffs and water at his disposal. Finally, we have our newest Hunter, Saul DeLasse, from France. Saul narrowly escaped a long stay in prison after a gangland killing last year – never proven, due to lack of witnesses, and he won’t confirm he did it, but… well. We don’t have any footage of him in action, yet, but we have a photo, and a recording of what happenened to the wife of a guy he had a grudge on. Let’s take a look.”

First, a picture of Saul appears, from his arrest. Six and a half feet tall, with the light chocolate skin of a half-black, half-white man, Saul is glaring at the camera as if warning the picture-taker not to fuck with him. His teeth are pearly white, and he is bald, with black eyebrows and a long scar running from his left ear to his shoulder. Then the scene shifts. The camera is grainier again, as someone walks into a well-appointed bedroom. Just off-camera, someone says, “Oh, Jesus. First Morty, now this.”

Morty’s wife has been tied to the four-poster bed, arms behind her back, her legs spread to the corners and a pillow forced under her back to keep her large, pert breasts up. A fire poker sits on the floor beside the bed, the oak beneath it scorched black from the heat. Her eyes have been put out, burned away, and her breasts are covered in dozens of cigarette burns. Blood is seeping from her cunt and ass, into which the splintered halves of a baseball bat have been shoved, and she’s been tied with her own entrails, carefully pulled from her chest and wrapped around her throat before they were pulled up to the headboards. More blood seeps out of her ears, and her hands have been shoved into her mouth and tied there with her hair, which has been shaved from her head roughly enough to have most of her scalp still attached. As the cameraman watches in shocked fascination, she whimpers very faintly, and someone says, “Oh, god, she’s still alive.”

“Now, he’s not saying he did it and he’s not saying he didn’t. The poor bitch didn’t last too much longer, and she didn’t have a tongue left to tell anyone who did it, even if she’d had the eyes or ears to know they were asking. But let’s just say that the only guy willing to testify against Saul went… missing. Case closed, and we’re glad to have him here. Saul’s going to be taking over our new Carnival arena, which should be a barrel of laughs.

“Five Babes are going to be dropped into each arena, so we’ll start by looking at them one arena at a time, as they try to avoid these deadly hunters and win this Babehunt! More, after these messages.”


Part 2: First Blood
* * *
As the sun rises over the island of Shoda, the still morning air is split by the sound of four low-flying airplanes, each one moving at high speed towards a corner of the island. Below, the four arenas are clear to sight, with sharp lines dividing the end of a city street from the rocks of the tidal pools, or the sprawling, ruined amusement park from the forest that sits on its border. The four planes bank around the six-story tower that acts as communications hub and final goal, before moving towards their points.

“And welcome back! Regular viewers know that this is the point when we typically introduce our Babes. After all, with over a thousand applications, we always manage to find some exciting stories to keep the games interesting. However, market research has shown that no one really likes to sit through twenty introductions before getting to the good stuff, so we’re switching things up. Today’s episode will be following the five contestants of Airplane Alpha, which will be dropping low over the Forest arena and dropping off its cargo. We’ll introduce these five girls, and follow them for a few hours. On our next episodes, we’ll show you what’s been going on in the other areas at the same time.

“So, let’s get a view in to our airplane camera, Joe.” The camera cuts to the shaking inside of a cargo plane, where five women are sitting, their expressions ranging from apprehensive to outright terrified – except for one, who is sitting back with her eyes closed, a slight smile on her face. It zooms in on the first girl, a rail-thin black woman, roughly 5’6”, who looks to be roughly twenty years old, with long, flat hair pulled back into a bun and deep, suspicious eyes. She is wearing a deep green bikini, which manages to cover her B-cup breasts with only slight difficulty, and the same sandals as the other girls. “This is Marie. She’s a whore from Los Angeles who’s been having some hard times lately. One of her friends just died, and she’s realized she doesn’t have many years left before she gets washed up and wasted, or just dies. She’s decided that she would rather have a slim shot at riches than a guaranteed slow, miserable death, so let’s give her a hand and hope for the best. If she does die, she’s leaving her profits to her dear mother.”

The camera tilts to just past Marie. The woman sitting next to her couldn’t be more different – a slightly plump, short, extremely buxom young white woman, getting close to thirty years old, with golden curls that cascade tight around her shoulders and bangs, and soft grey eyes. She is wearing a pale blue dress, and keeps starting to try a conversation with Marie. Marie ignores every awkward overture, and the woman eventually lapses into silence. “Poor Cynthia is joining us from the city of London, where her husband persuaded her that their family really needs the money to grow. You ask me, he’s hoping the family will grow with one less mother, if you catch my drift. Cythina’s leaving her cash to her not-so-devoted hubby, but she seems to think she has a shot. Personally, I hear she’s an odds-on favorite to be out in the first round.”

From here, the viewpoint cuts to the opposite side of the plane, as it banks around the tower. “Now, there’s a saying here at Babehunt that we get babes across the three Ds – Desperate, Delusional, and the ones with a Death Wish. Sonja from Sarajevo here fills the third category. A low-level office clerk, Sonja feels as though her entire life was a waste. She’s at the point where only a very serious chance of death can galvanize her. I’m pretty sure she’ll be plenty galvanized by this time tomorrow, if she makes it that long.” Sonja is a 5’8” Slavic white woman, maybe twenty-five years old, with short black hair cut into bangs, a trim and athletic figure, and gorgeously perfect C-cup breasts – squeezes into a slightly-too-small rock-grey bikini. She is sitting resolutely, looking out the window at the approaching forest.

As the copilot comes back to ensure that the girls are ready to jump, the camera pans to the fourth woman, who is smirking at the others. She is twenty-seven years old, almost six feet tall, with a very trim, wiry build, wearing a brown-and-green striped bikini over small B-cup breasts. Her black hair is cut into a military-style crew cut, and she glances up at the camera with a smile before returning her attention to the rope the plane is lowering for girls to slide down as it slows to its minimum speed over the first clearing. “Here we have Rachel. Rachel is with the IDF – the Israel army, for those not in the know – and wrote us a rather scathing little piece about how we’ve tilted the field by putting loser girls against poorly-trained hunters. She promised to wipe the floor with the competition if we dared to let her compete. Guess she’ll get to find out what’s what, eh?”

Finally, as Sonja jumps, the camera pans to a Japanese girl in the back, twenty-one years old, with her hair done in a traditional ponytail but her nose pierced. She is fighting back tears already, her red dress dotted with marks of moisture and her D-cup breasts jiggling under the sheer fabric as she tries not to show her fear. She hangs back as the other girls start to jump, looking as though she can find an escape, then takes a deep breath and starts forwards. “Finally, we have lovely, foolish Miko. Miko bet fifty thousand dollars that she didn’t own on a Yazuka-owned game, and lost. The Yakuza honorably gave her a choice between paying in the Babehunt, or paying with her life, with the promise of death if we didn’t accept her. A reluctant, terrified, beautiful girl with her life on the line? How could we resist?”

Now, the girls are dropping into the treeline, and the camera cuts, showing each Babe landing with varying degrees of smoothness – Rachel lets go of the rope and rolls easily, while Cynthia almost misses the clearing entirely, crashing to the ground and rolling into a tree, her dress tearing in several places as it catches on a thorny bush. “Ooh. Not a great start for Cynthia. Looks like a lot of small scratches and bruises. Bad way to start.”

The girls are spread out, but are already on the move. Most of them were watching the treeline as they came in, and a few have a rough idea of where to search for the first pylon. They aren’t all ready for the part of the challenge that has nothing to do with hunters, though. Within ten minutes, Cynthia and Miko are struggling, having missed easy paths and stumbled through briars. The sounds of them tearing their way free are audible throughout the arena. The camera cuts to Charlton Cole, wearing camo gear and holding his signature bolo-launcher. “Babehunt rules stipulate that ranged weapons must have a distance of no more than twenty feet, and require manual reloading after each shot.” The announcer whispers, as Charlton slips through the trees. “Charlton is a professional, and will bide his time. Most of his traps are set up near the pylons, which should work out well for him.”

In the forest, Sonja feels a thrill of excitement with every snapped twig and strange sound. Here, so different from her life before, she finally feels a hint of something real. She looks behind her, thinking that she heard something, and presses herself against the ground as the sound is repeated. A moment later, there is a flash of blue, as Cynthia stumbles past. The housewife is clearly unsuited for this event. Her dress – poorly chosen for her starting arena – has been torn badly, hanging in shreds around her frame, and she is sobbing softly as she tries to find her way back towards a path. For a moment, Sonja feels that she should help her. After all, they are enemies, but it’s not as though Cynthia seems like a real threat. She starts to raise herself from the forest floor, opening her mouth to speak.

In that moment, Cynthia steps down heavily on a patch of dry leaves, and screams in sudden pain. Sharp metal spikes have been placed in the floor, with curved hooks that snap out as Cynthia’s weight shifts them. She collapses to one knee, staring in pain-filled incomprehension at her left foot, through which one of the hooks has punched out. Its top has split down like a harpoon, and as she tries to pull her feet up in panic, she only succeeds in momentarily digging those two hooks into the top of her foot. She whimpers again, tears staining the mascara on her face, as she tries to find a way to relieve the terrible pain in her foot without tearing it further apart.

Hidden in the bushes, Sonja is staring in horror. Not at the hook. She’s already passed two of those traps, obvious to anyone who is walking carefully and studying the ground. No, what forces her back to the ground is the figure flitting through the trees towards Cynthia, who is now trying to push the jutting spikes back into the point of the harpoon, scratching her fingers as she scrabbles with the slick blood now coating the trap. She hasn’t seen his approach – not yet. For a moment, he stops behind her, crouching. He smiles, waits a few more seconds as Cynthia tries and fails to pull herself free. As she begins to rock back on her one free knee, Charlton steps forwards, grabbing both of her shoulders and shoving her forwards.

Cynthia screams, her hands spasming out to break her fall. This, of course, is what Charlton was hoping for. Spikes pass through her palms as they slam down, pinning her hands to the ground. Cynthia is left with her face only inches away from another spike. More press their sharp tips gently against her breasts, shaken loose in the fall, now hanging full and loose.

“Mm, tasty.” Charlton laughs, slapping Cynthia’s rump, pulling her dress up so that the camera has a full view of her exposed cunt and ass. He leans over her, fondling her breasts and nudging them in tight circles around the spikes, and she screams again as tiny droplets of blood form in a ring around her nipples.

“Please, no!” She begs, tears streaming down her face to mix with her blood on the soil. “I’m a married woman.”

“I read your file, girly, just like you read mine. Your husband doesn’t care.” Charlton answers. Reaching down, he lightly fingers Cynthia’s cunt, and she cries out again. He takes a step back, and she tries to pull herself up. Her left hand tears free of its spike, and she screams again, unable to force the same to her right. Her hand is now a mess of flesh, and Charlton steps forwards, placing one foot squarely on her neck. “Now, that ain’t right.” He mutters, reaching into his pocket for a cigarette, and lights it. “You’re a devoted wife, aren’t you? You should be seen and not heard.”

Slowly, inexorably, Charlton forces Cynthia’s head down, angling it towards the last of the spikes until it is lined up with her mouth. She fights him with every breath, her mangled hand flailing uselessly, pleading and screaming as the spike slowly draws closer. As it passes into her mouth, Charlton pauses, keeps his foot in place. “Anything else to say?” He asks genially. Cynthia has fallen silent, blood dripping from tiny cuts where the spike has bitten into her lips. She is crying, eyes wide and disbelieving. “Thought not.” Charlton says brightly. With a sudden shove, he pushes her head down, and the spike punches through her back, missing her spinal column by a half-inch as hooks curve down and bite into her head from behind. Cynthia loses her balance then, collapsing forwards, and a dozen spikes punch through her breasts, chest, and legs, leaving a dozen hooks on her back, spread like a pincushion.

Charlton steps back, satisfied, and tosses the now-burnt out cigarette onto Cynthia’s corpse. He moves into the woods for his next target.

In the bushes, Sonja is perfectly still. She stays that way for over five minutes after Charlton leaves, every moment an agony of fear that he has seen her, that he is only looping around to finish her off. Her blood feels as though it has stopped running. She starts to move again, more hesitant.

After seeing not just the fact, but the manner of Cynthia’s death, she is fairly sure that she made a mistake. But it’s too late to back out now.


Part Three

“While Cynthia’s been learning what the real point of Babehunt is – pun intended – let’s go and take a look at our next area, where it’s been a fairly uneventful early stretch. The plane’s dropped off our second set of five babes in the Carnival arena, where they’ll have to search the ruined attractions for a golden pylon while avoiding the attentions of Saul DeLasse. How’re they doing, I wonder?”

The first woman zoomed in on is about thirty years old, slim and attractive but without much muscle, a red-haired white woman with freckles across her face and dotting down her neck, wearing a simple yellow dress that her D-cup breasts fill out completely, which she keeps trying to pull down over her ample hips. “This is Amy, hailing from old Dublin town. Amy’s a mother of two, her husband was a dock worker who died last year, and she can’t make ends meet. Her family’s ten thousand dollars in debt, and this was the only way to keep her kids out of the workhouses Ireland just set up to deal with this sort of thing.”

As Amy creeps through the amusement park, avoiding the large immobile Ferris wheel that towers above her, the camera pans past it to another woman slipping past the midway. She is Chinese, not more than twenty years old, wearing a red bikini over pert, round breasts, with her black hair cut extremely short and old bruises on her arms and legs. “Ling is joining us courtesy of the People’s Republic, who caught her trying to protest against a government official and gave her a choice between this and a messy execution. If she can survive, she’ll keep half the money and merely be exiled. If she dies, the money is divided between the government and her family.” Ling, not watching the cameras, slips into the funhouse and vanishes from the cameras, which cross the arena to where another, shorter woman is inspecting the underside of the roller coaster.

“Sierra joins us from Guatemala, having survived most of her life under the new regime. With refugee claims way down, this game was her only hope to get enough money to pay her way into the United States. She’s got no one to send the money to, since her family was killed a few months ago, so if she dies it’ll go to another refugee she met briefly.” Sierra is twenty-three, with olive skin, black hair done in two long pigtails that fall across her shoulders, and haunted eyes. She has small B-cup breasts, which are easily held by her green bikini, and is glancing around her with long practice as she darts from shadow to shadow.

“Next up, let’s take a look at Vera, who comes to the island all the way from Moscow.” The camera cuts across to the other end of the midway, where a tall, fit, athletic Russian woman with dark hair is walking cautiously down the way, holding a piece of broken metal in one hand. Her breasts are small but muscular, and her body gleams with sweat around her black bikini. “Vera’s boyfriend played in our Manhunt VI last year, and did not do very well. The girl is broken-hearted, and has joined the game so that she can either die with him in spirit or finally let him go.”

“Finally, there is Jasmine, joining us from Florida.” Jasmine is a short, thin white woman, with extremely short brown hair – almost fuzz around her scalp – and average-sized breasts, wearing a short blue dress. “Jasmine learned last year that she has cancer. This year, she learned that it was terminal, and she expects to be dead within three months. Rather than a three-month, slow death that’ll devastate her family, she’s decided to try and get back some of the money they spent trying to save her. Isn’t that noble? Let’s hope she manages.” Jasmine crosses to the Freak tents, creeping over to look inside. She recoils almost immediately, then grits her teeth and passes inside. The camera cuts, showing that the tent is filled with dead women or parts of women, hanging from the ceiling or floating in jars of formaldehyde. Jasmine crosses past a woman who was hung by her ankles and skinned, as she tries to reach the far door.

A painful scream freezes her in her tracks. Crossing to the door, she peers out into a mostly-sealed courtyard, and the camera shifts to show what she’s noticed. The courtyard is blocked off except for four entrances from tents and buildings, and it holds what Jasmine was hoping for – a golden pylon, six feet tall, glittering in the sunlight. However, it also holds something much more dangerous. Ten feet from the pylon, on the opposite side of the courtyard, Amy has been thrown to the ground, her dress lying in shreds around her feet, revealing that her freckles dot her body all the way down to her firm ass. It’s hard to tell, however, because that ass is currently being pounded by Saul DeLasse, his pants down just enough to keep his dick free, holding Amy’s hair in one hand as he forces her face into the dirt, fucking her with wild abandon. Amy is screaming and bucking, totally pinned under the hunter’s weight. As Jasmine watches in terror, Amy screams again, as Saul grunts explosively, cumming inside her and pulling out. He smirks, turning her onto her belly, and reaches for a knife.

“Please,” Amy whimpers from a bleeding mouth. “Just let me touch the pylon first. I’ll do anything you want to before you kill me, just let me save my children.”

Saul considers, and nods once. “Hold you to that.” He grunts, taking a step backwards. Amy shudders, manages to stand after two tries, and begins to totter towards the pylon, gaining strength with each step as she focuses on her goal. As she reaches out her hand to touch it, Saul’s arm shoots out abruptly, grabbing her hair and yanking her backwards to crash to the dirt. “Nope.” He grunts. “Try again.” Amy, tears streaking her face, stumbles back to her feet, and Saul immediately gives her hair another grab, sending her crashing to the ground. “Again.” He says with a bark of laughter.

Amy rises, starts to dash forwards as best she can. Saul reaches out… and a length of metal slams into the back of his head. Absorbed with his victim, he’s missed Jasmine sneaking up behind him. He stumbles, recovers, turns with a roar of rage in time to block the second blow on his forearm. “Help me!” Jasmine cries to Amy. “We can take him!”

Amy takes one look at Jasmine and Saul, taps the pylon with her free hand, and takes off like a rabbit, leaving her dress and sandals behind as she dashes naked into the freak tent. She collides with the skinned woman, crashing to the floor, and screams as she springs to her feet again and continues to run. Back in the courtyard, Jasmine tries to swing at Saul again, but she’s lost the element of surprise. He ducks under her blow, one hand darting to his waist and coming free with a stun gun, and jabs it into Jasmine’s stomach, causing her to collapse with a scream. Effortlessly, he lifts the woman over his shoulder. “Shouldn’t mess with a man’s kill. Gonna do you good for that.” He whispers to her, jabbing her with the stun gun again and holding it there until she passes out.

“Oouch. Looks like Jasmine’s about to learn an important lesson – we’re not all friends here at Babehunt. Should have gone for the pylon while he was distracted, Jasmine.”

The camera cuts to the midway, where Saul has finished his preparations. Jasmine, now awake again, is tied to the weight-hammer game, with ropes holding her neck and chest against the splintered wood, her hands pinned behind the post and nailed firmly in place. Her dress has been torn apart and strips have been used to gag her, rendering her cries into meaningless gibberish. The bar has been pulled free, and now leads from the ground to the inside of her vagina, which is stretched painfully around the empty tube. Jasmine’s legs have been left free, and they kick helplessly as she struggles. Saul walks up to her, reaching up to pat her on the ass, and smiles evilly. “We’re going to play a game, girlie.” He says maliciously. “Call it – “Is anyone as shit-fucking dumb as you are.” With another smile, he pulls a pulley system over, scavenged from a ride. The hammer from the game is attached to it. “When I turn this on, the hammer’ll pound down every fifteen seconds. Every time it does, it’ll shoot that little metal ball up your cunt so hard you’ll want to die. I’m gonna go get a good vantage point to watch you die slow, and see if anyone comes to put you out of your misery before the blood loss does it for them. I’m guessing not.” He pinches her ass, then presses the button to start the machine. The gears turn, the hammer falls, and the ball shoots up and rams into Jasmine’s cunt. She shrieks loudly enough to carry across the arena, thrashing impotently, and as the ball falls back down, it does it stained red.

The other girls hear Jasmine’s screams. Amy doesn’t even look back – she just keeps running, heading towards the tidal pools. Sierra has lived a long time by not listening to other people suffer, and she just keeps looking.

Vera, however, isn’t quite so smart. She comes close enough to see what happened to Jasmine, then gets afraid as she sees the ground she would have to cover. Crouching on the top of a midway game, Saul watches her slip away, and slips after her, his footsteps covered by Jasmine’s gut-wrenching cries as, with every blow, her insides are increasingly torn apart.

Finally, it happens. The ball punches so far into Jasmine’s body that it doesn’t come down. Whimpering, mad with pain, Jasmine can barely tell… and it turns out that even this isn’t stopping her suffering. Now, when the hammer slams down, it is air pressure that pushes into her, tearing at her wounds, causing blood to run down the tube and pool at the bottom. Her own blood is thrown back into her wounds, circling in some horrible parody of circulation. The camera time-elapses over the next two hours, as blood slowly clogs the tube, Jasmine’s cries slowly turn to moans, and then to whimpers, until she loses consciousness and drifts into death.


Part Four:
* * *

“While Jasmine tests her endurance, let’s backtrack a bit and see what’s been going on next door. The planes have dropped five more contestants off in the city arena, where they’re going up against our favorite homicidal lesbian, Janet Weiss. If you check out the top of that building over there, we can see our first contestant…”

The building in question is two stories tall, and a short, slender Indian woman, roughly twenty-three years old, has climbed to the roof, peeking out past a collapsed buttress to try and study the arena as best she can. She is big-breasted, wearing a red bikini that offsets her skin, and her hair is tied back in a long braid that falls down her back. She looks nervously around the city. “Rajani would do anything to escape the marriage her father arranged for her – even come here. If she wins, she’s rich and can do what she wants. If not… well, marriage will not be an issue, I think we can agree.”

Rajani notices movement, and crouches lower to study it. The camera follows her gaze, panning down, then cuts to the site she saw, where another girl, looking to be about 20, is picking her way through the ruins. She is black, with short, fuzzy hair and small, round breasts under her deep blue bikini, and she has been crying. “Clara’s boyfriend broke up with her. Told her she was a useless nothing who couldn’t do anything right. Clara’s decided she would rather die than lose him, and has sworn to win Babequest and show him how good she really is.” There is a short pause. “Good luck, Clara. That’s just crazy enough to earn you a million dollars and a restraining order.”

“And hey, speaking of crazy plans…” The camera cuts to an even younger woman. Eighteen years old, blonde, her hair cut carefully short and her eyes hard. Her breasts are slightly larger than Clara’s, but her body is much more muscular, and she moves like a hunter through the ruins, already holding a broken fencepost as a weapon. “Say hello to Teresa. You remember that video Janet sent in? That was Teresa’s mom, and Mommy’s Little Girl has spent the last four years, I kid you not, training endlessly for revenge. We get a lot of revenge-seekers here at Babequest, of course, but not many lookers, so we figured – why not? Janet knows she’s coming, of course, but it should be fun.”

There is a snicker as the camera cuts to a fourth contestant. This one looks to be about twenty-eight, white, with brown hair that hangs around her shoulders, decently-large C-cup breasts in a sky-blue bikini, and an increasingly worried look on her face. She is sitting on a park bench in a dirt-filled park, dotted with brown, dead trees, watching the sky intently. “But then, Janet seems to have lucked out with a bumper crop of nuts this time around. Adrienne is a member of the Women’s Safety movement, a borderline terrorist organization with a long history of opposing Babequest. She thinks that she’s infiltrated our little party, with a tracker implanted in her to let her friends find her. She also thinks they’ll be airdropping weapons and a way to shut her collar off to her, after which she plans to kill the Hunters, free as many Babes as she can, and escape, ruining Babequest VIII.” Adrienne shivers as she watches the sky, apparently unaware of the cameras. “Sadly, Adrienne’s friends have been arrested and no help is coming. Oh, and the Hunters have her real file, not the fake one. Looking forwards to where that goes.”

“Finally, we have darling Sam, hailing from the cold reaches of Canada.” Sam is a twenty-one year old girl, pale, with long brown hair hanging loose down her back and deep blue eyes that match her long dress. Her D-cup breasts fill the dress fully, and it keeps riding up her hips as she slips into a semi-lit building searching for her goal. “Sam is very poor, but very smart. She’s won a scholarship to a very prestigious university – it covers half of the $25,000 a year tuition. If Sam can survive this, she’ll have a bright future ahead of her. If not… better dead than knowing you blew a chance like that, I guess. And speaking of blowing your chances…”

The camera cuts away from Sam and back to Rajani who, having memorized the layout of the streets and where the barricades and collapsed buildings are, has lowered herself down the fire escape towards the ground. Finding that the bottom of the ladder has broken off, she hesitates, looking down at the alleyway below. It is covered with bits of rubble and discarded trash bags, which seem to coat it in a thin layer of refuse. As Rajani hesitates, there is a chuckle from above her. Looking up, she sees a familiar shock of dyed-red hair as Janet Weiss pokes her head cautiously over the rooftop. “Should be more careful, honey.” The hunter calls down. “You stayed up here for fifteen minutes, easy. I was bound to see you eventually. Now, why don’t you come up and play, and we can make this fun instead of really nasty.”

Rajani whimpers, backing towards the ladder. She looks down at the alley, and then up at Janet, and screws up her courage. Grabbing the broken ladder, she swings down, letting go and falling into the alley below.

And promptly falls further than she thought. As she hits the garbage, it collapses with a ‘whuff’ing sound, sending grey droplets cascading into the air. Rajani finds herself diving into a grey, viscous liquid, surfacing as she sputters and tries to wipe it from her eyes. As she flails for something to grab onto, she finds more of it underneath the garbage bags on either side of her.

“Quick-drying cement.” Janet is lowering herself down the ladder. “Not a good choice, honey. I don’t like giving chase.”

There is a flicker of movement in a window across the street. Janet isn’t paying attention. As Rajani desperately tries to ford her way through the goop, tangling herself on garbage bags and kicking to keep from sinking, she is showing the pain of forcing her way through the heavy cement. Her limbs, already coated, are growing tired, and when her body dips into the cement her breath catches in her chest, her breasts heaving. Janet sits patiently, watching the spectacle. It takes Rajani over five minutes to reach the end of the alley, and by the time she does, she is more flopping than pulling herself out of the half-dried cement. Tears streaking her cement-covered cheeks, she manages to pull out of her dress, tossing it to one side as her breasts flop free, with small amounts of cement along their tops forcing them to stay in the tight position they held inside the dress. Janet whistles appreciatively, reaching into one of the leather pouches that lines her belt and pulling out a taser. “Very nice, hon. Also – fifteen feet.” She points the taser at Rajani, who stifles a shriek as it fires, sticking into the ground. Ignoring the rest of the cement on her, she turns and starts to stagger away, as Janet glances down at her watch. Less than a minute later, she drops down into the now-dried alleyway and gives a thumbs-up towards the camera.

“A good trick by Janet. The cement stays wet until air touches it, and the churning by the victim speeds its drying. Janet is, of course, using our sponsor’s Quick-Flex Cement, which dries in under eight minutes. Quick-Flex – when you need something solid as a rock, quick as a lick.”

Janet strolls out of the alley in pursuit of Rajani. The Indian woman hasn’t made it very far. The cement coating most of her body, and she has collapsed to the ground, one leg raised as if to take another step, the other straight. Her arms are trapped pointing outwards, as if to catch her fall, and more cement covers her hair and forces her head down at an uncomfortable angle, and is spread across her face, leaving her mouth trapped open a sliver. A faint whine of terror escapes her as she watches Janet approach with wide eyes. Behind her, the shadow in the window moves again, further away.

“Good job losing the dress.” Janet taps it with one foot, dropping down to rock on her heels as she looks over the defenseless woman. She reaches out with her taser, tapping it lightly against Rajani’s breast, and the Babe whines again, trying to plead for a quick death. Janet seems less than interested. “Wouldn’t have wanted you to choke to death in it.” She laughs, triggering the taser. Rajani’s scream is high-pitched and wavering, and she nearly blacks out. Janet laughs, and pokes her prey’s breasts. “Must hurt like a bitch, too.” She says. “All those caustic burns from where your skin’s molded to the cement. I bet if I started pulling it off, your skin would come with it.”

She reaches down, toying with the cement across the top of Rajani’s breasts, and the girl makes frantic pleading noises from her trapped-open lips. Janet fingers the taser lightly. Then, quick as thought, she reaches down with both hands, grabbing the concrete and pulling out. Rajani’s screams redouble with the sound of tearing skin, and she pulls the offending piece away. Rajani’s breasts flop free, blood pouring over them as small bits of flesh come away with the concrete. “You look good in red.” Janet laughs, leaning in to lick at the blood appreciatively. She leans in closer, whispering into Rajani’s good ear. “There’s a girl back there watching us. Wanna give her a show?” Rajani’s screams have died off to whimpers, and she simply stares at Janet in terror. Janet reaches down, then winces in sympathy. “Ooh, right. Concrete in your cunt. That’s got to hurt.” She pulls lightly on the hardened concrete that has coated the surface of Rajani’s pussy, and the Indian girl’s frantic screams redouble in pitch and volume as she anticipates what’s about to happen. As Janet tears the concrete free, she leans in, licking in a terrible parody of a blow job as she pokes her tongue through the damage caused by the burns and the brutal removal. Rajani shudders and goes still, unconscious from pain. Janet, straightening, frowns and tries applying the taser to the remains of her prey’s cunt. Rajani wakes with another terrible scream, and Janet runs a hand across her cement-covered cheek.

“Don’t worry, hun, I think the show’s almost over. You can’t take much more, and I want to see those eyes of yours bug out one more time.” As Rajani whimpers softly, too broken to scream, Janet shoves the taser’s prongs as far up her cunt as it will go, pulls her hand out, and triggers her gun at maximum power. She leaves it there as Rajani screams and tries to buck, her concrete limbs and hair keeping her in place, until her eyes glaze over as the constant shocks combine with blood loss to cause her heart to give out.

Janet straightens from the corpse, idly kicking Rajani in the face as she does so. “Sweet dreams, bitch.” She laughs, licking blood off of her fingers. She then starts off in another direction, spending only a fraction of a second to glance behind her as she does. “Now, where did that protester wind up…”

A moment later, as Janet vanishes around a corner, Teresa slips out of the building. She spares a sympathetic look for the dead woman on the ground, but all the other girls will have to die for her to win, anyway. If she’s going to avenge her mother, she needs to wait until she can sneak up on Janet. For now, she follows the Hunter, moving from shadow to shadow with expert training.

“Well, Janet knows she’s being followed, but does she know by whom? Guess we’ll find out. In the mean time, we have one more arena to check in on… and stay tuned for our very special surprise Babequest Babe! You will not want to miss this one, fans!”


* * *

“While the other arenas are exploding into violence, let’s take a look over at the tidal pools, where our last five girls have begun their explorations. Unlike previous arenas, it’s natural hazards that are likely to be more trouble than manufactured ones here. The slick rock of the arena doesn’t make for great traps, but it’s wonderful for slipping and getting hurt – and, of course, the tides come in and roll out pretty quickly. Let’s see how the girls are doing.”

An aerial camera zooms down, picking out a flash of red against the dark grey rocks. It catches a middle eastern woman in her late twenties, fairly tall and of average weight, with her hair tied back into a very short ponytail that covered only her neck, and with her C-cup breasts covered by her red bikini. “Zahida hails from Afghanistan, where she’s built a home and lived there since her husband’s death in the last war. Money’s running out, though, and the local government is planning to seize her assets for non-payment of taxes – and bribes. With a choice between the street and probable death, Zahida’s taking the brave choice. If she does die, she’s leaving her cash to her mother.” Zahida has climbed up for a moment, and is now descending from the exposed upper cliffs to the winding pathways at the base. She starts across the bottom quickly, looking up every few seconds in case Shen Lee has spotted her.

Instead, turning a corner, she comes face to face with another contestant, a waifish African girl not more than twenty-two, with large surprised eyes and long, braided hair, wearing a pale yellow dress. “Wait!” She says quickly, seeing the instant distrust in Zahida’s eyes. She looks back and forth, and then smiles. “I’m Naledi. I met you on the plane.”

Zahida watches Naledi suspiciously. “Yes.” She agrees, keeping close to the cliff wall. “And?”

“And I think we should work together, just for a little while.” Naledi holds up her hands quickly. “None of the other girls will be!” She says quickly. “We can work together to the last pylon, avoid traps and help each other out. Either way, our others will get a payoff, and if a hunter gets close, we can split and he’ll only get one of us.”

Zahida doesn’t look convinced, but she slowly nods. She and Naledi start off to the west. “That’ll be a mistake, sports fans. Zahida’s right to be suspicious – Naledi, who incidentally hails from South Africa, is a bit of an odd duck. See, she’s fallen head over heels with Saul DeLasse, over in the carnival area, and wants to be a part of his exquisitely painful art. She’s hoping to act as a traitor for him, leading other girls to his clutches. Of course… she’s in the wrong arena, so let’s see if she can survive the tidal pools, before we see if Saul’s interested in her unorthodox offer.”

Meanwhile, a Korean woman, twenty-five years old, with hair tending towards lanky, stick-thin and slightly malnourished but with perfectly round tiny breasts, is sticking to high ground, trying to cross a rocky bridge between two cliffs. Her white dress, already starting to look dirty, is riding up over her thin hips as she inches her way forwards on her hands and knees, whimpering as she tries not to look down. “Mi-Young is looking a little out of her depth, isn’t she? This little vixen hails from Seoul, South Korea, where she was living the exciting life of a homeless beggar, making ends meet as best she could. I get the feeling that the recruiter who suggested Babehunt to her played up the money and played down, well… this.”

Far below Mi-Young, another woman looks up, then shivers and keeps walking, quickly taking a side turn to avoid being within eyeshot of whomever is up above. She is a curvaceous Arabic woman, in her mid-twenties, with her jet-black hair tied into a braid that coils down her back. Her breasts and hips are large, and her muscles are noticeable even under the pale grey dress that she wears, but she seems extremely worried and jumpy, flinching at the slightest movement and sound. “Inaya hails from Egypt, where she lives with her brother and is currently looking for a husband. Sadly, her dear brother has need of a new liver, and the family can’t afford it. Isn’t it nice to see a girl willing to die for her brother? I’m just tearing up. I hope she gets somewhere.”

“And now, ladies and gentlemen, our Babequest Special Babe of the Year! You’re just going to jump out of your seats with shock, I promise you.” The camera cuts to a young woman with dyed-blonde hair, dark makeup, and a nice tan, wearing a black bikini that seems to sparkle in the sun. She is entirely focused on her goals, carefully crossing a tidal cliff and paying very little attention to her surroundings. “Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are lucky enough to have with us Haley Pike, the noted pop signer and actress. Well… formerly noted, anyway. Miss Pike’s latest single, ‘Inside Your Dreams’, debuted at #98 on the charts last month, and her personal fortunes are plummeting. Well, a wise man once said that once you’ve been famous, you can never go back, and we all know what the best way to revive music sales are – the death of the artist. And if she does win, well… that’s the sort of death-defying attitude that the kids of today just love.”

“But the question is… where is our hunter? Shen’s been off-camera for the last little while, so he’s got to be following someone… I wonder who.”

The camera pans across to a lowered pool, at the bottom of which a golden pylon glitters. “Hope he finds them soon. Mi-Young, Zahida, and Naledi are all closing in on the pylon, only an hour into the match. Is Shen losing his touch?”

Mi-Young, having slipped close to the pylon by virtue of keeping herself pressed against her pillar, sees her objective, and looks around for a crossing point. Just ahead of her, she spots a likely climb down to the pylon’s location, and starts to once again inch slowly across the pylon. As she does, the camera pans down… to a figure pressed upside-down against the stone bridge, directly opposite where the girl is climbing. As she inches forwards, he silently reaches to the rock, detaching a metal manacle that has been pressed up out of sight, and revealing that it is connected to a chain looped around the rock. The chain begins to fall down. “Now that is cunning. Unable to set many traps, Lee has instead taken the time to drill some restraints across the pools, letting him move subtly when he needs to.” Lee reaches up, just as silently, and as Mi-Young’s thin ankle starts to rise, the manacle snaps shut on it. The girl reacts with a shriek, starting to shuffle forwards as she flails back at the sudden pressure on her leg. As she does, Lee swings around with impressive acrobatics, landing on the ledge straddling the girl with an extra pair of manacles in hand. Mi-Young squirms under his grip as he grabs her wrists, pulling her and arching her back as he expertly locks the manacle to one wrist, then loops it around the chain on her leg before locking it to the other. In moments, three of Mi-Young’s four limbs are hog-tied together, leaving her helpless on the narrow stone bridge with a killer sitting on her. “No…” She gasps out, tears in her eyes. Shen ignores her, standing up and looking down at his prize, and then reaches under the bridge again, pulling out a twenty-pound weight on a short chain, attached to another manacle. Mi-Young’s eyes go wide.

“No, please!” She begs, realizing what is about to happen. “I’ll…” Whatever she was about to offer is lost. Shen attaches the final manacle, and easily pushes the weight off the bridge. Mi-Young, off-balance and frail, follows a moment later. Shen keeps hold of the dress, which tears away and leaves the girl to her fate. Unfortunately for her, Shen has judged his distance, and set his chains, well. Mi-Young falls only eight feet before the chains catch her, and screams as both of her legs are instantly dislocated. The weight on the chain then starts to pull it loose, and the girl falls with a series of agonizing, shuddering jerks, until the chain finally reaches its end. The girl is now suspended, with the weight on her one foot just on the surface of the now two-inch deep water of the tidal pool, and her other leg forced into a vertical split pointing straight up. Her body is twisted into a painful contortion by her arms, forced behind her back and up her rising leg and looking to be on the verge of dislocation themselves, and her head is almost upside-down at a painful angle. She whimpers, vision swimming, and struggles vainly to move her arms down or pull her body up.

“Much better.” The two words are whispered from behind her, and she tries to twist to see who spoke – unsurprisingly, it is Shen, who took a slightly more leisurely route down, arriving while she was struggling not to pass out. His pants are open, revealing his nine-inch cock, and he steps up to Mi-Young’s painfully stretched pussy with a very slight smile. She screams again as he rams into her, the agony spiking through her legs and causing her to pass out again. Shen continues to fuck her, clearly enjoying her agonized whimpers even while unconscious.

It is the splash of water that wakes her, as a sudden wave touches her forehead. Mi-Young’s eyes blink open, to find that the tide is coming in, and has risen up to her knee – and her hair. Shen is still standing there, and as she becomes aware of what’s happening, he begins to leisurely fuck her asshole. He takes his time, as the water rises. Upside down, she tries to curl her body, but her arms are too strained. The water splashes across her eyes as Shen’s cock forces its way inside her. She begins to cough as waves send salt water spraying up her nose, and her struggles redouble, but the pain causes her to black out again, just for a moment. She is breathing through her mouth, trying to force out words between her screams, and takes a mouthful of water for her troubles. As she tries to spit it out, she gets another, and soon her head is underwater, leaving Shen waist-deep in the ocean and her mostly below the waterline. He continues, cumming inside her as her muscles clench and spasm and her thrashing finally goes still. Then, stepping back, he leaves his trophy to hang and moves on for the next.


* * *

“Things are getting nice and frisky in the tidal pools, but let’s take a look over at the Carnival for a while, and see how our contestants are doing down there. As usual, our girls are moving slowly – normally, they could probably find a pylon in half an hour of searching, but they all keep spending time huddled under broken rides or crouching behind tent flaps trying to spot Saul coming after them.” The camera pans over a flash of flesh, as a naked Amy continues her flight. “Amy’s well in the lead, now. Her debt’s been covered by that first pylon, and if she can reach a second before she dies, things might turn out okay for her family. But will Saul find her…” The camera takes a long, slow pan away from Amy, revealing that no one is nearby. “Hm. Guess not. Wonder if anyone else is near the pylon…”

The courtyard at the pylon is empty, although there is a hint of blood from where Saul and Jasmine fought. After a moment, Sierra creeps out from one of the tents, quiet as a mouse. The young refugee is clearly suspicious of her good fortune, but risks crossing the sandy ground anyway. A moment later, she freezes, spotting the thin tripwire Saul has laid across the ground, almost invisible in the noonday sun. Carefully stepping over it, she approaches the pylon and lays her hand on it, then retreats as silently as she came. “Whew, there is one scared girl. I’d like to give her a reason to scream, gotta say. But she’s avoided Saul so far. I bet Vera’s going to wish she could say the same.”

The babe in question is nowhere near the pylon, creeping around the base of the old roller coaster. She sees something glitter up on the tracks, and frowns thoughtfully. Placing down her makeshift club, the athletic Russian begins to climb the scaffolding, pausing only long enough to scan the area behind her. After several minutes, she is near the top of the coaster, and reaches up to climb onto the tracks and study the golden object.

This proves to be a mistake. As Vera’s hands reach onto the tracks, a beefy black hand grabs her left arm and pulls roughly upwards. Vera’s cry of shock is accompanied by fast reactions, as she tries to slam her free hand into Saul’s chest. She manages to shove him off-balance for a moment, but he quickly recovers and pulls out his taser, jabbing it into her until she goes limp. “Oooh. Looks like Vera’s learning that all that glitters is not gold. On the bright side, Saul’s got to wait for her to wake up in order to get full dollars for killing her, so it looks like our dear Chinese traitor Ling has a good shot at finding the pylon. Where is she, anyway?”

The camera cuts to a darkened hall of mirrors. Ling’s reflection is in every mirror, as she stumbles through the shadows. Tears have streaked her cheeks, and thin new cuts have been added to her old bruises. Her bikini is attached, but thin lines of flesh can be seen through it. As Ling attempts to turn a corner, extremely slowly, she gives out a whimper as a thin red line appears across her shoulder, freezing in place as a single line of blood appears on her skin, coating a previously invisible wire. The camera flickers, showing that the hall of mirrors is filled with tiny, razor-sharp wires, scattered unpredictably through the area. Even as slowly as she is going, Ling is coming into contact with some of them, and she clearly has no idea how to escape. She backs carefully away from the wire, and changes direction again.

“Um. Never mind, she might be a while.”

Back at the roller coaster, Vera gradually wakes. She tries to rub at her aching head, but finds herself unable to move. Reality snaps back in as she tries to cranes her head. She has been tied with her wrists tight to her waist and her ankles together, and is lying naked on the tracks face-down, at the entrance to the ride. Two bars are tied across her neck and knees, and she can just see that they are hooked into wheels attached to the tracks. An uncomfortable pressure is in her pussy and she doesn’t have a clear view of her surroundings.

Saul steps up to her and kneels in front of her, grabbing a handful of her hair and forcing her to tilt her head back as best she could against the bar. He looks at her sweaty body with some admiration. “Ready for a little game, girl? If you can make it three laps, I let you go.” Vera spits angrily, catching him full in the face. Instead of getting angry, he just chuckles, standing and taking a step back. Walking over to the ride controls, he presses a button, and the electricity turns on.

Vera gasps and tries to squirm as it does, craning her neck to try and see what is happening. There is a wire running from the roller coaster’s cars along the track, clipped to the dildo that Saul has taped into Vera’s cunt, and it is not humming and buzzing. Vera feels her nipples go hard, and tries to focus. A moment later, however, she feels something else, as Saul presses another button. The cars start to move, slowing rolling forwards. And, her ankles attached to a short length of chain that ends at the back of the car, Vera begins to move as well. She bumps across the tracks, wincing as tiny splinters embed themselves in her breasts and face, and her jaw sets. She won’t give him the pleasure of a scream. Her legs go up behind her as the coaster starts to rise, and she shuts her eyes tightly. A moment later, the coaster stops, and she hears Saul’s cheerful cry of “Geronimo!”

And then the roller coaster is moving much, much faster, and Vera is bouncing hard against the wooden rails, her legs in agony as her body is whipped along behind the cars, the dildo in her pussy vibrating with painful speed and power. By the time she hits the bottom, the first scream is wrenched out of her. By the end of the first lap, she is a mass of bruises, as the cars slow to a halt, her face a mess of blood and her body covered in splinters and cuts. The cars slow, and begin to rise slowly once again, and Vera’s breath catches as she imagines a repeat of what was just done to her. She won’t scream. She won’t. She… the coaster rockets into motion for a second time, and Vera’s resolve shatters. She screams as she bounces down behind the car, screams as she flies along the tracks, the wheels forcing her to stay steady, preventing her from hitting an obstruction and ending her pain. Blood is trailing along behind her as her breasts begin to shred under the jagged wood pulled up on the previous journey, and her world collapses to a tunnel of pain. When it finally slows to a stop, she is weeping. When it begins again, she screams long before the cars reach their peak, begging at the top of her lungs for him to stop it, to let her die. Halfway through the final track, she passes out for a moment, coming to as she feels her body coming around the final bend. It’ll be over soon. Soon.

Saul presses another button, and the emergency brakes snap up, long poles designed to catch the underside of the roller coaster and bring it to a quicker halt. A pole comes between Vera’s knees, catches her in her pussy, and tears its way across her belly. She screams again as her organs spill out, torn to shreds on the track. The roller coaster rumbles to a halt, as the pipe shoves its way through her chest and shudders to a halt just below her neck.

Saul steps up to the girl, looking the six feet to the end of the ride. From above, she’s almost normal – the damage is only faintly visible. “Very close.” He says reassuringly. Then, with a laugh, he leaves to find his next prey.


Part 7!

* * *

“Well, folks, it seems that Vera’s been taken for a ride. At least she’ll be with her departed beau in heaven – and our archives. Meanwhile, it looks like things are about to get exciting over in the forest, where several of our Babes are closing in on the pylons even as we speak.”

The camera shows a deep forest, where Marie is stuck in a thorny bush, trying to pull herself free. There is a line of blood running down the young whore’s side, and her bikini is stained and in tatters. “Marie is not doing so well. I guess the concrete jungle of LA just isn’t the same as the real thing.” A scream echoes across the valley, and Maria starts and redoubles her efforts. “That was Vera, of course, but Marie doesn’t know it. She looks pretty scared, huh? Hope Charlton comes to put her out of her misery soon.”

The camera cuts to a forest clearing. A long golden pylon is lying there, tilted against a fallen tree as though it has just fallen over itself. Slipping silently out of the underbrush, Rachel smirks as she wipes her sandals against a tree. “Our little IDF soldier is doing well. She’s bypassed spike traps, avoided bramble bushes, and managed to dodge the several tiny pits scattered across the area to catch the ankles of would-be runners.” Rachel glances around the clearing, crosses it in three quick strides, and taps the golden pylon. It flashes once, and she’s off across the clearing again. “Charlton won’t be thrilled about that, I gotta say. Or… wait.”

There is a flash of motion, and a bolo slams through the underbrush. Rachel’s smirk falls away as she leaps for cover, the bolo wrapping around a tree just behind her. In that pause, Charlton is crossing ground towards her, sidestepping his own traps with practiced ease, and he flashes out a knife as he closes in. Rachel rolls to her feet and starts to run, as the knife flashes out. A moment later, a green-and-black bikini top falls to the ground, letting the girl’s breasts spill out. Fortunately for her, they’re small enough that they don’t bounce around much, and Rachel begins to put on speed again. “That girl is fast on a straightaway, and she has an edge – it’s only a few minutes to the border of the carnival zone, where Charlton can’t follow. But Charlton’s right behind her, and he knows the ground – can she really get away?”

The clearing is silent for several moments as the sound of crashing bushes subsides. Then, Sonja stumbles out of the underbrush. The young clerk is covered in tiny scratches, and her bikini is more mud-brown than rock-grey now, but the shades help her blend into the scenery, and she seems to have added some mud to her face and skin for extra camoflage. She is limping slightly but noticeably, favoring her left foot, as she enters the clearing.

Almost simultaneously, Miko appears from the opposite direction. She doesn’t look to be in as good shape as Sonja. The Japanese gambler’s dress is in shreds, and her left breast is almost hanging free. “Miko got caught in a tangler bush, looks like. That can’t have been pleasant, but she’s still trying.” Miko and Sonja watch each other suspiciously. Then, carefully, Miko says, “You touch that end. I touch this one. We go away that way and this way.”

Sonja considers, looking over her opponent, and then nods once. The two babes approach the pylon, tap it at the same moment, and turn. As they do, Miko explodes into flight, clearly expecting Sonja to try something the instant that her back is turned. Sonja, for her part, is backing away cautiously, and very nearly puts her foot in another small pit snare as she does so. She freezes, and very carefully slips out of the clearing.

Meanwhile, Charlton is still giving pursuit, staying almost exactly ten feet behind Rachel as she tries to run. Rachel changes her path several times, sliding through the very edge of thickets or pausing long enough to throw rocks behind her at her pursuer, to no avail. She’s beginning to breathe heavily, but is used to pushing through the exertion. Charlton looks barely winded, and very amused.

“Naughty Charlton’s going for the ‘faint hope’ approach. Rachel still thinks that she has a chance, but he’s holding back – and the bolo launcher is ready to fire. I don’t think she’s going to last much longer…”

Seeing a gap in the treeline ahead, Charlton decides to stop playing around. He picks up speed, gaining rapidly as he prepares to fire. As the launcher rises, however, there is a sudden sound of crashing from the bushes. Marie stumbles out of the bushes, looking over her shoulder at an imaginary pursuer, and doesn’t see the almost-hidden hunter until she’s right on top of him. The launcher fires into her at almost point-blank range, wrapping around her left arm with the sound of cracking bones, and she screams as she spills into Charlton. The hunter trips over her, rolls to his feet, and starts to run again. He breaks the treeline and fires his taser directly at Rachel. She screams, desperately flinging herself forwards as the electricity surges through her body, and collapses sprawled face-first on the dirt.

Charlton watches the Babe for a moment with a slim frown. He looks at the perfect line in front of him where the forest meadow meets the dirt of the Carnival, and his jaw clences as he sees that Rachel is now across it. Turning, he storms back into the forest.

“Ooh. Tough luck, Charlton – and tougher luck to Marie, I guess.”

“You bitch!” Charlton roars. Marie is in the process of trying to stagger to her feet, sobbing weakly. Charlton’s boot catches her in the ribs, sending her flipping over to crash down on the forest floor. He grabs her bun of hair, pulling it loose as he drags her to her feet with it. She starts to raise her good arm, and he grabs it with his free hand and pulls. She screams in agony as her arm is dislocated, and he responds by slamming his fist into her stomach, then dropping her to land face-first on the grass as she vomits up her last meal. As she tries to roll onto her side, he rolls her back, forcing her head into the vomit, and growls at her. “You cost me a hunt!” He lets go of her head, delivering another punishing kick that breaks ribs, and then grabs her arms with his, pulling her to her feet as she lets out another piercing scream and tearing her bikini from her chest. He roughly shoves her against a tree, and ruthlessly pummels her, raining blows onto her breasts as she screams and tries vainly to push him aside, her arms hanging uselessly at her side. Another blow slams her to the ground, where another kick flattens her nose against her face and yet another shatters her teeth. Urine stains the ground around her as her bladder releases, but Charlton doesn’t even notice.

“Run.” He hisses. Marie’s face is stained with tears, and she tries to push herself to her feet. Charlton doesn’t pause. As she reaches her knees, he kicks down again, snapping her leg and causing her to drop to the ground with another scream. He reaches to each side of her other leg, and pushes with sharp force, shattering her kneecap, at which point he sees her pass out.

Dragging her up, Charlton leans Marie against a tree, looking the young whore over. Her skin ranges from brown to purple, as burst blood vessels begin to bleed inside her, and her breath is rattling as she whimpers in unconsciousness. He slaps her swollen, broken face until she blinks one eye vaguely open, and leans in to look at her. She whimpers, tries to scream but can’t. Charlton grabs a rope from his pack, loops it over the tree, and ties one end tightly to Marie’s hair. Pulling on it, he drags the girl up against, as she lets out a fresh round of soft moans. Once she’s been forced into the air, her limbs hanging uselessly, he cracks his knuckles and smiles darkly. “Good night, girl.”

With that, he slams another fist into her chest. As Marie tries to double over and vomit again, he hits her over and over, until his own knuckles are scraped almost raw and her ribs have collapsed inwards, puncturing her lungs. He keeps beating her until over a minute after she fails to respond, then leaves the corpse hanging by its hair as he stalks away.


* * *

"I'm just going to note down 'Don't mess with Charlton' on my notepad, here. And underline it. Twice. While I'm doing that, let's check in on the city arena, and see whether Janet's spotted Teresa."

The camera cuts to the interior of a darkened building. Picking her way through the rubble, Sam carefully maneuvers around a fallen support pillar and smiles as she spots the golden pylon glittering in the faint rays of light. "Sam correctly guessed that the pylon was inside. Guess that's why she's a scholarship girl. She's also avoided all of the traps set so far with ease." Sam crosses the room, taps the pylon, and then doubles back the way she came, sidestepping a tripwire as she does so.

Several blocks away, Janet is slipping through the streets, following a set of footprints in the dust. Each print is several feet away from the next, but she doesn't seem to have trouble as she lopes along. The camera pans ahead, showing Adrienne walking down the street nervously. "Our favorite protester has given up on waiting, and gone out looking. I wonder what her plan is?" Adrienne sees motion ahead of her and ducks around a corner, peeking out to see Sam leave a ruined building and cross the street, heading towards the forest at top speed. She looks from Sam to the building, shivers, and starts towards it, entering the doorway carefully. A minute later, Janet passes down the street, looks over at the door, and frowns grimly at it. Unholstering her taser, she starts in after Adrienne.

A minute after that, Teresa arrives, just as quietly. Glancing around to make sure that she hasn't been seen, she shifts her grip on the sharp, rusty piece of metal that she's swapped out for the fencepost, with some cord wrapped around one end to serve as a hilt. She follows Janet after a moment's hesitation.

"Well, this is a surprise. Three girls in one building. Which reminds me… does anyone know where Clara went?"

The camera cuts quickly to the inside of an air vent. An angled shot shows that it is directly above the room with the golden pylon. Clara is in the vent, squeezed tightly into the narrow space, vainly trying to force off the cover under her so that she can get out - with no purchase or room to move her arms, she can't get the force she needs. Behind her, there are crossed bars, where a grate has fallen down as she crawled forwards. There are tears in her eyes, as she tries not to cry. "Oooh. Clara seems to have tried to be smart, and is now stuck. I guess that's the sort of thinking that leads you to go on Babehunt to show your ex that you're better than him."

There is movement below, and Clara freezes as Adrienne walks into the room, sees the pylon, and crosses to it. She quickly taps it, and turns to go… only to find Janet standing in the doorway. "Hello, honey." Janet says with a smile. "I think you were planning to kill me?"

"This would be a good time for Teresa to attack - two against one is… ohh, Teresa." The camera cuts to further back in the building. Not wanting to be noticed, Teresa paused for a moment too long, and took a wrong doorway, catching a sandal in a spring-loaded board. She is now cursing silently to herself as she tries to orient herself and figure out which way Janet went.

Back in the pylon room, Adrienne turns to run for the far door. As she does, Janet grabs what looks like a uselessly dangling rope and gives it a quick tug. The air vents above collapse downwards, catching Adrienne as she runs and pinning her under sections of vent. Janet laughs and struts over, leaning down and jamming the taser into Adrienne as she tries to push a section off of her. “Night night, dear.”

She straightens with a smile, and then stops and blinks as she sees another arm sticking out of a vent section. “Oh, my. I must have been a very good girl…”

The camera fades out, and fades in to Adrienne’s face. Janet’s voice is in the background. “Wakey wakey, girls.” Adrienne’s eyes snap open at the smell of gasoline, and she tries to struggle to her feet, only to let out a cry of pain as she moves too quickly. The Greek beauty is naked, with her hands cuffed behind her back. She is standing, as near as she can see, ankle-deep in gasoline. Her breasts are aching, and she looks down to see that there are clamps on each of her nipples, digging painfully sharply into her breasts and hooked so that they won’t be able to be pulled off. The clamps are attached to a narrow chain, which runs across the room. Across from her, Clara looks like a slighter mirror – her much smaller breasts sticking out as the chain pulls on them, she looks around the room in terror.

Janet is standing off to one side, with her arms crossed. “This was going to be a one-person trap, gotta admit, but I’ve made some changes.” The camera pans up to show that the two girls are standing in the outer ring of what looks like a bullseye, with four rings dug just over ankle-deep into the floor. Each ring is equally deep, and equally filled with gas. The chain loops through a small stake set in the middle, ensuring that for one girl to back up, the other would have to move forwards. “See, I’m about to light the middle ring.” Janet says cheerfully, as Adrienne and Clara stare at her in shock. “As the flame burns, it’ll send up sparks. Eventually, one will ignite the next ring out – probably take less than a minute per ring. I hope you can see where this is going.”

“You monster.” Adrienne hisses at her. “How can you…?”

“Want to see how far you’ll go to live, hon.” Janet blows Adrienne a kiss. “Here’s the deal. You’ve got to get out of those rings to live. If one of you survives, you get the clamps and the cuffs off, and a minute’s head start. Hunter’s promise, and I don’t break those. Bad publicity. If you both die, well… I don’t mind that.” She pulls out a lighter, flicks it open, and lights it, locking it to stay on. “And… go.” With an overhand toss, she lets the lighter fly through the air. It bounces off the small stake, and the center of the bullseye erupts into flame.

Clara and Adrienne stare at each other across the flames, and then down at the ground. Then, the two start to pull back. Almost instantly, the chain snaps taut, and Adrienne and Clara’s breasts start to stretch. Clara cries out in pain, and Adrienne bites back a curse of her own. As the second ring is engulfed in flame, she looks over to where Janet is watching, leaningly smugly against the wall. She looks back to where Clara is watching the flames, tears running down her cheek as she tries to make herself back away despite the agony in her chest.

Adrienne suddenly realizes that she’s more afraid of the flames than of Clara’s haunting look. She grits her teeth and pulls, the cruel clamps drawing beads of blood as she attempts to pull Clara forwards without her arms. Clara, with a scream of terror, is pulled towards the flame, staggering forwards. She hits the first barrier, and trips forwards. The sudden pull forces Adrienne two steps forwards, but she recovers and continues to retreat, dragging her opponent through the gasoline sputtering and screaming. As Clara’s head crosses the next barrier, it erupts, and Clara follows a fraction of a second later. The fire ignites her pretty hair, curls blackening and withering as she screams and thrashes in the small lake of flame. Adrienne continues to pull, as the fire spreads across Clara and into the final ring, racing towards her. She gasps in terror as she pulls… and Clara’s flame-charred breasts tear and give way, the clamps skittering through the flame as Adrienne leaps to safety with a small shriek of her own.

Clara is not dead yet. She tries to rise, but the pain is too much – having been pulled through the gasoline, her entire body is now on fire, cooking her as she screams in agony. Janet leans forwards avidly. “Good job, hon.” She says to Adrienne, her eyes not leaving Clara’s rapidly burning skin. “Didn’t think you had it in - shit!”

The last is yelled as Janet abruptly leaps forwards, very nearly taking her into the outer edge of the flames herself. In the same moment, two small prongs hit the wall where she was standing and ignite with electricity. Janet follows the lines to where Teresa is crouched in the doorway, holding the taser Janet set down while she was working on her two captives. “Close, kid, but no cigar.” She admonishes, looking Teresa over.

Teresa glares at Janet. “You butchered my mother.” She snarls.

“Then I’ll just have to go two-for-two.” Janet answers with a laugh.

Unnoticed by either woman, the heat and flame finally combines to cook Clara’s brain, and the girl shudders and dies, her screams dying with her. Across the way, Adrienne stares at Clara’s corpse in horror, then scrambles to her feet and retreats, desperately trying not to vomit. In her current condition, she’s no good helping Teresa fight, and she doesn’t trust Janet’s promise any more than she trusts the game. Instead, she races for safety, promising herself that she’ll come back and avenge Clara’s death.


* * *

“Back in the tidal pools, Shen’s moving on in search of his next target. We have a bad habit of losing track of him, so let’s just follow the girls and see who he grabs. Miss Haley Pike seems to be lost.” The camera zooms in on the pop singer, who is starting to look just a little bit worried as she wades between two narrow cliffs. “With the tide in, most of the lower area of the pools are tricky to navigate, but Haley’s only a few dozen feet from the pylon. Sadly…” The camera zooms out, showing the pylon one canyon over – as Haley walks resolutely away from it. “… she doesn’t know that.”

“But wait! Someone else does!” Near the pylon, two figures are climbing down the cliff wall. In the lead, Zahida reaches the bottom and holds out a hand to help Naledi down, then takes a quick half-step away from her as the other girl steps into the water. “Looks like the partnership is holding, but our Afghani babe doesn’t seem to trust our African princess. Follow your instincts, Zahida.”

Zahida and Naledi wade through the water to the pylon, watching in opposite directions as they do. They reach out together, tapping it quickly, and start back to the cliff. As they do, Naledi gulps and taps Zahida on the shoulder. Zahida turns, following Naledi’s glance, just in time to see a flash of black as someone on top of the cliff drops out of sight. The two girls look at each other for a half second, and start wading at their best speed in the opposite direction. As they reach a higher rock platform, Zahida hefts Naledi out of the water, and Naledi turns and lifts her partner in response. As the two break into a jog, vanishing into the slick and narrow canyon ahead, Shen Lee appears out of a side passage about forty feet behind them. He frowns, looking at the various passages, and stops to listen. A moment later, he starts off down the same canyon the two girls took. “Nice work, girls. If they’d had to climb those slick rock walls alone, Lee would have gutted them like fish. And speaking of fish…”

There is a ripple in the water, and Inaya swims into view, keeping almost her entire body submerged as she watches the passage that Lee vanished down in case he returns. Then, with grace and speed, she cuts through the water to the pylon. “Inaya’s curves seem to be keeping her pretty quick in the water. I don’t think anyone expected one of the babes to try that trick, but it seems to be working well for her…” As the announcer speaks, Inaya is swimming around a bend and suddenly lets out a sharp shriek of pain. She flails for the wall, clutching at one leg. “Oops. Spoke too soon. It looks like the Egyptian sweetheart has met the local jellyfish. Lucky for her this is an open channel – one sting won’t kill her, but it’s going to slow her down.” Inaya, breathing quickly, starts swimming as quickly as she can, fighting back tears of pain. “And of course, she’d better hope Shen didn’t hear that…”

Meanwhile, Naledi is leading the way as she and Zahida race towards the Carnival area, doing their best not to slip. Zahida keeps looking over her shoulder, breasts heaving as she runs and her ponytail slapping against her shoulders. Ahead of them, the canyons open up and a line of bare dirt can be seen. The two start to smile.

A moment later, Shen springs out of a side passage, his knife flashing out and catching Zahida across one arm. She shrieks in pain, and he slams the hilt of the knife into her forehead, his free hand reaching for his taser to immobilize her.

Naledi hesitates on the very edge of the packed dirt, and smoothly shifts direction. As Shen notices the flash of movement in the corner of his eye, and starts to turn, Naledi grabs a loose rock from the wall and heaves it with all of her strength. It catches Shen on the temple, and he staggers back with a silent snarl of rage. As he does, he slips on the slick rock and staggers as he catches his balance, dropping his taser.

In the second and a half that this buys, Naledi reaches Zahida and grabs her by her free arm, pulling her into motion. She shoves the girl ahead of her as Shen breaks into a spring behind them, raising his knife to throw. Naledi throws herself forwards, and Zahida – already off-balance and slightly stunned from her brief battle – easily falls with her. The knife flashes an inch over their heads as the two girls collapse, rolling across the last few inches of ground separating the two arenas. Shen isn’t done, though. He throws himself forwards as well, grabbing Naledi’s ankle an instant before it crosses the line, and begins to drag her backwards. The small black girl is no match for Shen’s strength, and she screams and scrabbles at the dirt as he tugs.

Zahida is recovering, though, and pulls in return. Shen is pulled forwards, and releases Naledi’s ankle before he can be tugged into the Carnival arena. He steps back, and frowns at the two. Then he sighs, and ruefully smiles. With a respectful salute, he vanishes back into the rocks.

Naledia takes a deep breath. “I thought he had me.” She muttered, shivering.

“So did I.” Zahida answers. The two girls look at each other, and laugh softly. Then they stand, helping each other up. Nahedi offers a strip from the bottom of her dress to tie over Zahida’s wounded arm, and the two start into the Carnival.

Back in the pools, Shen is stalking quickly and quietly. He’s aware that he’s lost a lot of time chasing those two, and that there aren’t as many targets left. Fortunately, he soon finds a target.

Haley Pike has climbed out of the water, crossing around several deep, narrow tidal pools as she continues to look for her target. She doesn’t see Shen Lee until he’s on top of her. He doesn’t toy with her – he simply grabs her, slamming her head sideways into a pillar of rock. As she sags, momentarily stunned, he pulls off her bikini top and forces her hands behind her back, locking them there with a pair of handcuffs.

“Wait, please!” Haley’s resolve has shattered, and as she regains her senses, she tries to plead. Shen answers with another slam against the rock, as he pulls out his second (and last) knife and cuts off her bikini bottom. Shoving her against a rough rock outcropping, he aims as he pushes, and the girl falls forwards, her midriff catching the rim of the outcropping as her breasts fall into the tidal pool that it encircles. Haley’s head almost goes in as well, but she recovers in time to start begging again.

“Oh, Haley. Shen doesn’t like his girls willing.” Shen pulls down his pants as Haley begs for mercy, and gives her a sharp cut across her ample bottom. Haley screams and tries to pull away, her breasts swishing through the water as she tries to twist free of her captor. A moment later, she screams again, much more loudly.

“What… oh, of course.” The camera cuts to underwater, as Haley’s beautiful, perfect breasts swish back and forth. Now, however, there is something else clinging to them. “Haley has disturbed a contained pool of box jellyfish, which are now attaching thousands of tiny barbs into her breasts and pumping poison into her system.”

Haley is beyond speech, her screams echoing through the canyons as she desperately tries to thrash away from the jellyfish. As she does, Shen stands over her, holding her in place as he fucks her. As she writhes underneath him, barely aware of his presence, he forces her body to shudder forwards and back, agitating the jellyfish and leading to even more stings as the panicking creatures defend their territory. The singer’s world has narrowed to nothing but the terrible burning pain spreading through her body, her vision blurring as she passes in and out of consciousness every few seconds.

Finally, the poison overwhelms Haley, and her screams build to a fever pitch as her heart almost explodes in her chest. The girl’s dying spasms pull on Shen’s cock, and he shudders rapturously as he comes inside her. Stepping free, he uses her discarded panties to wipe his cock off before rebuttoning his pants, leaving her where she is as he moves on.
“Haley’s sung her swan song and – no surprises here – her agent has already released her posthumous album, “Don’t Count Me Out”. You can pick it up on our website, only $29.99. Meanwhile, I think we had a real challenge at high noon going on down in the cityscape.”

Inside the burned-out building, Janet and Teresa are cautiously circling each other, blonde and red-headed mirrors holding their weapons. Both are tense, knowing that one shot might end this – Janet’s got a knife out, but can’t close without Teresa getting another shot with her taser. But if Teresa misses again…

“So, little girly wants to join the big leagues.” Janet taunts cheerfully, stepping over the charred skeletal remains of Clara as she circles.

“I doubt taking you down would even get me notice.” Teresa answers with a shrug. Janet smirks.

“Took you long enough. I did your mom four years ago, and this was the best plan you could come up with?” She chuckled, cracked her neck. “Should have tried something else than taking me on my turf, little girl.”

“I’m not little.” Teresa swallowed an angry retort. “I remember what you did to her. I’m going to hurt you before I let you die.”

“Yeah, well, I fucked your mom.” Janet laughed. “Then I cut her. Then I fucked her… oh, hey, remember that funny little whimper she got when I made her orgasm by cutting off her foot and…”

Teresa moves. As she’s been circling, she’s been surreptitiously taking very small angled steps forwards, bringing Janet into range of the taser. She fires it as she breaks into motion, angled for a perfect shot at her nemesis.

Janet responds by kicking out her foot, catching Clara’s mostly-burned skull and sending it spinning into the air. The taser hits the skull, discharging with a burst of electricity, and Janet springs into motion as well. Her knife snaps out as she and Teresa collide, drawing a line of blood as it snaps through the girl’s side and slices off the edge of her bikini bottom. The two collapse to the ground, Teresa screaming with rage. “I’ll cut your tits off, you bitch!” She slams Janet’s hand against the floor, trying to dislodge the knife. Janet barely pauses, bringing her knee up and ramming it into Teresa’s cunt with brutal force. Teresa shrieks, rolling away, and Janet comes after her, snapping her bikini top before discarding the knife, and pulling it off as she grabs Teresa’s short hair in one hand and slams her face-first into the concrete.

“Four years of training?!” Janet laughs, pulling a cloth out of her pocket. “Girl, I was training as a hunter when you were in diapers. You should have waited longer.” As Teresa tries to reach up, she forces the cloth down over her mouth. Teresa struggles for several moments, then goes limp as the chloroform takes effect. Janet keeps it in place for another fifteen seconds, just to be sure, then steps back. “Now…” She muses. “How am I going to do you?”

Meanwhile, outside, Adrienne has staggered to a halt, collapsing against a brick wall as she considers her situation. Naked, hands cuffed behind her back, and trailing several feet of chains from the clamps on her breasts, she doesn’t stand a chance. She looks back at her hands, tries to bring them around to her front to remove the clamps, and shakes her head helplessly. Then, tears already forming, she finds a piece of brickwork sticking out, pushes her left thumb tight against it, and then lifts a foot and lets her entire weight force her thumb back. She tries to bite back the scream, but it still echoes off the building as her thumb dislocates, pushing against her wrist. Sobbing, she forces her left hand out of the cuffs, quickly undoes the nipple clamps with her right, and then grits her teeth, softly takes her thumb with her other hand, and forces it back into its socket, letting out another bitten-off scream.

Then quickly, before Janet can track her, she starts running again.

Of course, Janet isn’t the only one listening – there are two new Babes in this arena now. Halfway across the city, the Japanese gambler Miko hears the pain-filled cry, and hesitates to consider. On the one hand, that’s probably where the hunter is. On the other hand, that’s probably where the pylon is. Keeping her eyes peeled, she presses her body low to the ground, wincing as her skin rubs against a rusty chain-link fence through the shredded remains of her red dress (still covered in bits of leaves and mud from the forest), and starts creeping cautiously in that direction, looking for a hiding place along the way. She’s ahead of the game, right now – an hour or two laying low won’t hurt.

Sierra, for her part, has the opposite plan. She has been crouching in the ruined basement of a nearby building, recovering from her fear-filled trek through the Carnival, and Adrienne’s scream is almost on top of her. Panicked, she bolts from her hiding-place, crossing the street and racing away… in the wrong direction to find the pylon.

Some time later, the camera cuts to Janet and Teresa. The young girl has been stripped and trussed up, her arms tied behind her at the elbows and her legs tied at the knees and ankles with black leather straps, and Janet is idly playing with her as she waits for her to wake up, fondling her breasts and enjoying her reactions as her body responds to the unknown situation. Teresa slowly blinks herself awake, momentarily aware only of the pleasureable sensations on her breasts. When she tries to stretch, and finds that she can’t move, she snaps awake. She tries to say something to Janet, but her bikini bottom has been stuffed into her mouth and duct tape has been placed over it, and all she can manage are incoherent noises.

“Good afternoon, honey.” Janet runs a hand slowly around Teresa’s nipple, and the girl tries not to react. “I wanted you to be well-rested before the end.” She reaches down, and smiles. “Looks like you’re ready for a little appetizer before the main event, eh?” Teresa mmphs furiously, but her cries change pitch as Janet softly brings her nails down, twitching them across Teresa’s clit gently. “I figure I might actually owe you a little bit, what with how you came right for me. Saved me a bit of time. So I’m going to mix the two into one.” Reaching into her pack, she pulls out a twelve-inch dildo and waves it in front of Teresa. “Let’s just get this in there…” She says cheerfully, as Teresa tries to squirm away. Janet holds her down, forcing the intruder into her in stages, laughing at every painful grunt as she fills the girl far past her comfort zone and then runs tape across her cunt to keep it inside. She steps back, and pulls out a small remote, tapping it on. “Bowser there’ll get more and more energetic as time goes on.” Teresa is already squirming and moaning under her tape, looking up at her captor with hatred. Janet waves. “Take a look around.”

Teresa does, and for a moment she forgets the dildo. She and Janet are sitting on the rim of a giant junkyard trash compactor, on a platform that contains a series of switches. Inside, there is nothing but a few scraps of metal. Janet taps the rim and confides, “See, it closes pretty tightly on the sides, and then the top closes down and crushes until it can’t crush any further. I tested you a bit while you were out, and I figure you’ll get a couple of orgasms in before your bones really start to snap.” She pats Teresa on the head and adds, “You’ll be the littlest Babe of them all, honey. Isn’t that precious? Now… time to go.”

Bending over, she starts to slowly roll Teresa towards the edge of the trash compactor. Teresa screams as loudly as she can through the gag, trying to kick and roll her own way back away from the edge, but she doesn’t have a chance. Her voice rises in volume, piercing through the gag as she stares at Janet, and the Hunter laughs. “Something you’d like to say, hon? Little late, I thi…”

Almost too late, she catches motion out of the corner of her eye. She twists in time to see Adrienne barreling towards her, and kicks out. The protester catches Janet’s boot in her chest, and collapses backwards. Janet shakes her head. “What is it with you girls today?” She says disbelievingly. “Wait your tuAAAA!”

Teresa has scissored her bound legs out, catching Janet and sending her tumbling backwards. Janet’s hand flashes out, reaching for purchase, but only catches Teresa by the shoulder, sending the two tumbling into the compactor. Janet lands heavily on Teresa, rolls to her feet, and looks around.

“Shit.” She says. She breaks into a run, racing for the wall, as she hears the ominous sound of the machine rumbling to life. “Shit. Shit!” As the walls begin to close, Teresa smiles. She still has time. As soon as the first walls lock, barely two feet apart, she starts climbing up them, nimbly managing the ten feet as quickly as she can. “No chance in hell!” She growls to herself, looking up.

Four feet above her, she sees Adrienne standing, like a naked Fury. Sees her lift Janet’s taser. “Shit.”

The taser fires. Janet drops. She collapses on top of Teresa again, as the second set of walls lock. Teresa has been forced to her knees, coiled around all four walls. Janet tries to get up, starts to climb. The top begins to descend, locking her tightly. Underneath her, she hears Teresa moan with the force of an orgasm, and then start to laugh under her gag.

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this.” Janet says faintly, as the ceiling reaches her. She crouches, screaming out of the metal. “You’re supposed to hate killing!” She cried desperately. “There’s another girl in here! Please!” The ceiling is pressing down on her now, forcing her and Teresa closer and closer together. Her face is pressed into Teresa’s breasts, and she feels her back straining as the metal above her continues to lower. She feels Teresa’s pain-filled, ecstacy-filled laughter under her face. Agony explodes in her as her arm is bent impossibly backwards, shatters under the strain. Language collapses into a single scream as she and Teresa become one mass of flesh, and then merely a line of compressed fluids and pulverized bones.

At the controls of the crusher, Adrienne trembles as she watches the machine do its ugly work. “One down.” She whispers brokenly.


* * *

“Well, that was… uh… huh. Well. I guess Janet got to spend some quality, uh… I’ll be honest here, folks. I did not prepare a quip for this eventuality. Why don’t we go see how Charlton’s doing for a while and let me think about this.”

Charlton, as it turns out, is not doing particularly well. Still incensed over losing his prey, he is making slightly more noise than his usual ghostly self as he moves through the woods, eyes peeled for traces of a girl. “So. Charlton’s only got two targets in his arena right now, which is going to make things tricky for him. With almost half the girls gone, this is generally about when things start to slow down for our hunters, and time begins to pass. It looks like that’s true for Charlton, at least.”

The camera cuts to a split screen. On the top, Sam is creeping up to the pylon, eyes peeled for a sign of her hunter. The girl’s blue dress is now scratched, but still intact enough to cover her very large breasts. Her hair is no longer loose, however, as she has pulled it back and tied it with a stray piece of vine. “Sam is having a painfully easy time of it compared to some of our girls, having finished the city and now tagged in the forest, only seven hours into the competition. She’s going places, folks.”

As the sun creeps across the sky, Charlton comes across Sam’s trail, follows it for several minutes, then shakes his head as he realizes she’s beelining for the tidal pools and doubles back. As he does, he pauses at a slightly larger than usual tree bole, and pauses to glance into it, before continuing on his way. Over a minute passes before Inaya, the Egyptian beauty, slips out and begins to follow him. “Ah! Our Egyptian babe has come up with a plan – follow the hunter, who will loop back to the pylon eventually. Risky, but it could work. Charlton’s not doing so well. We’ll come back and see how she’s doing later. Let’s check in on another one of our surviving hunters.”

In the carnival zone, Ling has finally found her way out of the hall of mirrors. The Chinese girl is covered in hundreds of tiny cuts that offset the old bruises. A slash along her left breast has left it hanging free of its red bikini, bobbing in time with her breaths as she reaches the pylon courtyard and scans it for signs of Saul. Seeing no one, she races at her top speed, tapping the pylon in a single motion as she dashes for the safety of the far tent. “Good work, girl. Maybe you’re a traitor to the state, but you’re a winner to me. But you’re really not Saul’s priority right now.”

Further away, Naledi and Zahida are crouching behind a ruined concession stand. Zaledi is shivering, crouching next to her much smaller ally of convenience, and holding her bandaged arm. “Any sign of him?” She whispers.

“No.” Naledi shakes her head, glancing over at Zaledi and sizing her up. The Afghani woman saved her life at the border, and seems to have relaxed around her younger companion. Her mistake – she’s taller and stronger, but Naledi’s planned for this. She just needs a way to get her down. “We should rest while we can.” She suggests. “Do you want first watch?” A risk, but one she can take here.

After a moment, Zaledi nods thoughtfully. “Alright.” She says with a smile. “Sleep well.” As Naledi curls up in the ruins, and Zaledi starts to watch, she reflects that one of the two is going to have to die in the next sixteen hours. It’s not something she wants to think about.

“Zaledi doesn’t have to worry. Saul’s found a much better target for his game, and one he’s been salivating for.” The camera cuts to the border of the forest and the Carnival, then pans across to Rachel, now awake again and looking for the second pylon. The tall, trim and muscular former IDF soldier is not looking as cocky as she was a few hours ago. Her bikini bottom is still tight, but with her top lost, her breasts are jiggling as she walks – it’s lucky for her that they are only B-cups, or she’d be in trouble if she had to run. Her military haircut is stained with sweat now dripping down her forehead, and she pauses to wipe it off as she takes another cautious look around. “Dear, sardonic Rachel seems to be a bit less sure that the hunters are useless now that she’s met Charlton. It was purest luck that saved her last time – and I think her luck is just about out, because I see Saul.”

As the announcer speaks, Saul steps out from between two tents directly ahead of Rachel, raising a small dart gun towards her. She reacts quickly, starting to catapult backwards, but Saul was just a touch luckier than Charlton, and a dart jams into her side as she starts to run. Two steps later, she sways. Two steps past that, she collapses. Saul walks over to collect his prize. “Very nice! Now, I know Saul put together specifications for a few rides in this Carnival, and he’s got some time before Rachel wakes up, so let’s see what special event he’s prepared…”

Rachel wakes instantly as the tranquilizer in the dart wears off. She blinks her deep brown eyes and snaps to attention, trying to somersault off the surface she feels under her. This proves impossible, as she has been – perhaps unsurprisingly, given that it is Saul doing the work – locked in place. Rachel is shackled to the front of a ride car, tilted slightly so that her bottom is several inches higher than her head, her legs bent around the windshield and bolted to the sides of the car to leave her cunt completely exposed to whomever happens to be riding inside. Her arms are locked down beside her, and her neck is just ahead of the car itself, leaving her head in midair ahead of the car, and she is wearing a black ball gag filled with tiny holes, enough for her to scream in anger, but not to make any recognizable words as she attempts to swear at her captor. She tries to lever herself upwards, only to find that her chest and neck are bolted to the car as well. She can at least tilt her head, enough to see Saul standing in the ride, protected by a glass dome that covers everything except her cunt, his pants down, and smiling. “Welcome to the haunted house. We’re going to be touring a very special hell for you.” He says with a smile as the ride begins to move.

As the car slowly rumbles forwards, the lights dim almost to blackness, and Rachel tries to crane her head to see what’s coming, finding it almost impossible. She tries to hold her anger, focusing on the fact that Saul is trying to kill her with a children’s ride.

As the ride picks up speed, Saul reaches over and twists Rachel’s clit with his hand, drawing a stream of attempted profanity. He laughs, and points ahead. “Watch the tour, girlie.” He suggests. Rachel hears the sound of moans and cries of lust echoing around her, and twists her head. Around her, the wind picks up, sensual buffets that send arcs across her nipples, playing over her feet, blowing into her eyes or flying across her mouth. She tries to grit her teeth, drools slightly, and snickers. The effect of the wind is annoying, and the tickling sensation it brings with it is distracting, but if that is the best that Saul can do…

Ahead, the tracks dip suddenly, and as she looks, she is plunged into icy water, her breath exploding out of her in shock. An instant later, her head passes above the water as the ride continues, leaving her sputtering but unhurt. An instant after that, the ride dips again, leaving her underwater a second time. Every time, she is underwater only for a few seconds, but these shocks repeat themselves a dozen times in quick succession, leaving her soaking and shivering on her perch.

Saul begins to tease Rachel’s cunt with his cock as the ride rises and falls, and she spits angry noises at him as they leave the dark lake behind. “Too cold for you?” He asks tauntingly, shining a light on her small B-cup breasts. They are now tensely erect, the nipples sticking up, and Rachel’s face burns with humiliated rage. “This might help a bit.”

The car passes into the pits of hell, as rubber devils cavort and fabric bats fly overhead. More importantly from Rachel’s perspective, however, is the way that that the track begins to belch gouts of steam sideways, playing over the front of the car. The first one plays lightly over one arm, and Rachel bites off a hiss of pain. The second passes through her hair, and her hiss becomes a string of curses, which dissolve into screams as more steam courses over her. Inside the cab, Saul is completely sheltered, although he does sweat slightly as he slides his cock across the surface of her labia.

As the ride continues on, Rachel is soaked through with sweat, and is covered in what looks like a faint sunburn. Saul cheerfully laughs as she whimpers and writhes, trying to keep her body from touching the hot metal surface of the car. “If you liked that,” he says, you’ll love the next layer.” He says, as he begins to rhythmically slide his penis in and out of her. Rachel shrieks, looking up to swear at him… and then catches sight of the tunnel ahead, and begins to strain at her bonds again.

The walls of the next tunnel are covered in tiny spikes. As each one hits Rachel, it bends, cutting just barely into her skin and then pulling back to ping harmlessly off of the ride itself. This time, Rachel can’t stop her screams – her already-tortured skin is raw and sensistive, and the thousands of papercuts now being inflicted on her are as agonizing as they are non-fatal. Saul is fucking her in time to her screams, laughing at her frenzied and useless attempts to escape, as the ride rounds another bend.

Rachel is panting as the spines fall away, leaving her covered in thousands of tiny, bleeding cuts, closer to a block of meat than a person. Her skin still glistens with sweat and blood, and even her eyelids, closed tightly against the pain, are now running blood into her eyes. Because of this, she doesn’t really realize that the ride is over until the car slams to a stop, and her head falls back onto a hard surface. Almost instantly, something slams down over her neck, pinning her even more tightly than before.

Inside the car, Saul looks at the guillotine that serves as the end of the ride, perfectly lined up with the front of the car. Rachel’s neck is now trapped across the guillotine’s stock. As Rachel’s eyes painfully flicker open, and she sees what’s above her, Saul comes inside her, pressing the button to trigger the guillotine at the same moment. Rachel’s body jerks one last time as the blade slams down, and her head rolls across the stone slab it was placed onto, coming to a stop staring ahead in sheer shock and pain.

Saul pulls out, and wipes himself off. “Fun ride.” He muses. “But the ending’s a bit abrupt.”


* * *

“Folks, I have to admit something – the station has an official apology to make. Rachel thought that Babequest was just a silly, immature game, and we have proven her right by brutally murdering her via a silly, children’s ride. Our apologies to her corpse. But that means we are at the halfway mark, folks! With only ten babes remaining, things are starting to get a little bit dicier. The hunters are going to have to work even harder to find targets, especially with an arena wide-open. Just a reminder, folks – at ten babes, we give an official warning, which is going over the speakers now. The hunters have also been told that Janet is dead, but the girls haven’t. Of course, we’re now ten hours into the game, meaning that the girls have only fourteen more to go.

“Okay, we can get back to the city arena now, I’ve got one. Ahem. With our dear, sweet monster Janet Weiss having gotten into a fatally close relationship with Teresa – and shame on you, Janet, you slept with her mother – the city arena’s gotten a lot quieter. Of course, the girls there don’t know that, for the most part. Only Adrienne is aware that she’s safe for the time being, and she’s taking advantage to rest and recover from her ordeal.” Still naked, Adrienne is still curled up by the wall of the crusher, rubbing her recently-discolated thumb gently as she whimpers softly to herself. Her brown hair has flopped forwards, covering her face, as she tries to hide her body from the cameras that she knows are somewhere nearby. She barely listens to the announcement, her gaze focused on the ground. “Adrienne now has Janet’s taser, too, so she might actually have a shot at this – if she can pull herself together. Could be a very violent year…”

The city’s other two girls have had their rest, and are on the move again. As the sun lowers towards the horizon, it becomes clear that Miko’s gambit has payed off. The young Japanese gambler has reached the building containing the city’s pylon, and is now crossing the ruins of the room, her eyes drawn to the collapsed wreckage of the building’s air vents in confusion. Shaking her head, she taps it quickly, then turns to leave. Her massive breasts are barely moving, as she hardly dares to breathe out of fear of discovery.

Sierra, by contrast, has figured out that she’s in the wrong area, but is still terrified by the screams and noises that she’s been hearing. Holed up in a back alley, she shivers and starts to creep back towards where the sounds came from – she’s out of other places to look.

“Not much to look at there, I’m afraid. Most of Janet’s traps have been tripped, and without Janet around to force the issue, well… let’s see how Charlton’s doing in the forest.”

In the forest, Charlton is returning to the pylon, when he looks towards one of the island’s hidden cameras and smiles broadly and cruelly. He shifts direction subtly, strolling through a patch of brush and focusing ahead. As he passes by, the bushes rustle almost imperceptibly as Inaya appears, still following him towards his goal. Her brown-bronze skin has dried after her impromptu swim, and her grey dress – although looking slightly the worse for wear – has survived her trip through the forest. The camera lingers over the curve of her breasts and hips, and the fullness of her legs, as she creeps after Charlton through a large patch of mud.

A moment later, the Arabic babe freezes, seeing Charlton pause ahead of her. Quickly, she drops to her knees in the mud, remaining as motionless as possible as he slowly turns his head, scanning the area behind her. All of her attention is on him as he stands still, and she doesn’t even dare to breathe. Then, he chuckles, lighting a cigarette as he looks back in her direction.

“Is there a little bird back there?” Charlton says with a quiet laugh. “You should know what happens when birds try to follow cats.”

Inaya’s breath catches in her throat. She pushes off her haunches, ready to run – she still has enough distance, Charlton can’t catch her yet. But her feet won’t move. She looks down in horror, realizing that there is something under the mud, holding her ankles tight. She looks up at Charlton in horror, then down at her legs, as she struggles, and finds herself sinking.

Charlton takes another drag, strolling up to her. “The funny thing about following someone who knows the arena,” he says conversationally, “is that he also knows where the traps are, and how to waltz through them. Quicksand, for example.” He shakes his head, stopping in front of Inaya. “Stupid bitch.”

“Oh god.” Inaya whispers, staring at him. Standing on firm ground less than an inch under the mud, Charlton loops around behind her, looking her over appreciatively. “Seems a shame to let you sink.” He says. “You’re a nice rack of meat. Maybe you can die a bit less horribly.” He reaches to his belt, pulls out a coil of rope with a loop on the end, and tosses it to her. The mud is sucking at her waist, now, and she grabs it desperately. “Put your hands through the loop.” Charlton orders. Inaya does, quickly, and Charlton pulls on it, forcing her hands together. Then he tosses it over a tree and ties it off, leaving her hands over her head as she continues to sink. After a moment, she stops, her breasts just over the surface, her lower body trapped by the mud and her arms pulled taut by the rope. Charlton leans in, and forces a massive ring gag between Inaya’s lips, forcing her jaws to stretch painfully. Tears streaking her face, she doesn’t resist, whimpering softly as he reaches down to run a hand over her large breasts through the fabric of her dress. “You are a beauty.” He says softly. “I’ll make you a deal. Make me come in a minute, and I’ll kill you quickly. You can’t, I let you sink.”

Inaya nods brokenly. All that she can imagine is the quicksand sucking at her body, inching upwards again. Charlton lowers his pants, pulls out his cock, and she stares and gulps. It is over eleven inches long, and thick, and he slides it into her mouth with a smile. “Get to work.” Inaya begins to desperately massage his cock with her tongue, tears streaming down her cheeks, as he reaches down to the mudline and fondles her breasts. Every so often, as she licks and sucks and tries to wrap her lips around him, he grabs one of her nipples, and she screams. The first time that she does, his cock slips out of her mouth, and Charlton shakes his head in mock sorrow as she scrambles to get it back inside without being able to use her hands. “Forty seconds.” He says idly. “Thirty-five. Thirty.” When she’s about to get him inside her again, he shifts his position and twists both of her nipples at once, and she lets out another moaning scream. “Twenty.” His cock is hard, now, slapping against the gag, and she finally manages to pull her head back enough to slip her mouth around him. She starts again, no time to plead or hope, as Charlton makes a show of checking his watch. “Ten.” He says. “Five.” And then, “And time.”

Inaya screams around his cock, pleading for more time. She can feel it twitching in her mouth, the taste of his pre-cum on the tip of her tongue. But Charlton has reached out and cut the rope, then forced Inaya’s arms behind her head. Grabbing her hair, he ties her hands to the top of her head, still in her mouth, now forcing his cock to stay inside as she tries to pull away with a cry of pain. He grabs her head with both hands as she sinks, stepping into the edge of the mud as her breasts slowly vanish under the much. She screams as he forces himself into her mouth and down her throat, gasping for breath with each of his thrusts, the mud inching up to her neck and creeping along her exposed skin. Her eyes are wide and frantic, and he smiles, blowing a ring of smoke into her face as her chin touched the mud. “Still no…” He murmurs, pushing her head down into the mud as he thrusts. She feels the mud trying to sneak around his cock, filling her nose as she tries to scream, creeping around her eyes as it robs her of sight. She struggles as he comes explosively inside her, shooting a load of cum down her throat and filling her mouth with his taste. A moment later, his cock is gone, and the thick mud is flowing down her forcibly-open mouth. Her lungs burn, and she tries to breathe, but there is nothing but darkness pressing down on her.

Charlton watches as Inaya’s spasming fingers pass out of sight into the mud, and steps back. He tosses his cigarette into the mud after her, and turns away without a word as he re-zips his pants.


* * *

“As the sun sets, things are cooling down for the evening. Most of the girls seem to be aware that twilight is a bad time to go searching, so they’re finding a good place to grab an hour’s sleep. That’s been known to backfire on Babes in the past, but maybe tonight will be the lucky night.” In the Tidal Pools, Sonja is collapsing in a small cave high enough to avoid the tides. The water has washed off the mud that the young clerk was covered in from her time in the forest, and she almost seems peaceful as she sleeps. It’s difficult to imagine that she was so depressed when the viewers see her slight smile in her dreams. “Perhaps the adrenalin is doing wonders for her after all. I wonder if Amy’s quite so relaxed.”

Amy is not. Instead, the Irish mother is climbing across a narrow rock pillar, looking down at the golden pylon glittering underneath her. Glancing over the side and ahead at the rock face across from her, she notices a long metal cable leading down into the water. Suspiciously, she tests it, and finds it firm. A moment later, the red-haired woman is climbing nimbly down the rope, her bare ass silhouetted against the sun as she lowers herself into the water.

And gasps, almost screaming, as she reaches the bottom of the cable and finds it attached to a corpse. Amy falls into the water with a splash, meeting the staring eyes of Mi-Young. The young Korean woman’s corpse still suspended where Shen left her this morning, eyes bugged out and tongue lolling, with signs that a few brave fish have begun to nibble at her flesh. Amy shudders and crosses herself as she rises, and then reluctantly reaches out and closes Mi-Young’s eyes. “I’m sorry.” She whispers, thinking back to the woman who saved her life, who is probably another unholy display of this hellish island. Then she turns away, wading to the pylon and lightly touching it. She has a game to win.

In the carnival, Ling has tapped the pylon and is now attempting to sneak out, crossing the midway as silently as she can. As she does, the Chinese traitor sees a shadow moving across the field, and presses herself into the safety of a ruined tent. This time, she is safe. The shadow is not Saul – it’s Naledi. And she already has a victim to sacrifice to her mentor.

Seeing movement, she steps out into the open. Just for a moment. Long enough for whomever it is to see her. The movement is gone, and she sighs. And then she feels a whisper of breath behind her, and the tiny African girl looks up to see a much larger man behind her. “Saul.” She breathes.

Saul cracks his knuckles, pulling out his taser. “You gonna run?” He asks hopefully.

“Wait.” Naledi holds her hands up. “I know where another girl is.”

There is a short pause, as Saul’s brow furrows. Then he smiles. “You’re that girl.” He says. “Thought you’da been killed by Shen.”

“I’m better than that.” Naledi says, matching his smile with her own. “Let me take you to her. I want to… I want to see what you do.”

Saul chuckles ominously. “Sure, honey.” He reaches down, ruffles her hair. “Show me the way, and I’ll give you the show of your life.”

Zahida wakes slowly. Even in her groggy state, she knows that something is wrong, and she struggles faintly as she feels something heavy and wet around her neck. Her eyes are having trouble opening, and she clearly can’t quite remember what’s going on.

The camera snaps into focus as it pans out. The Afghani woman is slumped against a wall, standing on a flat wooden platform at a midway booth. There is something wet and pink looped around her throat in a noose, running up and over the central wooden pillar. Her ponytail has been pulled out of the way, so that it slaps down behind the noose, and her bikini is lying on the ground beside her. The camera pans across it to Naledi, who has passed out from agony, lying hogtied on her back on another wooden platform in a small but slowly growing pool of her own blood. Her beautiful yellow dress has been split open in the front, exposing her tiny breasts and cunt, and her belly has been very carefully split in the exact same way. Loops of intestines have been pulled gently out, and formed into the noose that covers Zahida. The much younger and smaller African girl is slowly waking, mumbling in pain through the thick cloth gag tied into her mouth.

“Wakey-wakey.” Saul is leaning against the midway booth, tossing a baseball up and down. “Welcome to the dunk tank, girls.”

Zahida’s eyes go wide. Naledi was supposed to be watching. How did she… Saul smiles. “Drugs are finally wearing off, huh? Good. We can start.” He pointed down below the twin platforms. “No water down there. You’ll just have to hang around until I can get some.” He tosses the first baseball at a small target directly between the two girls. Zahida tenses, but it flies high. “Oops.” Saul shakes his head with a wry smile. “I’ve never been very good at these.”

The second ball flies low. The third is far wide, slamming into Zahida’s face. She shrieks with pain as it snaps her head to one side, feeling blood welling in her mouth. “Clumsy me.” Saul laughs. Zahida barely reacts. She looks over to her friend, desperately hoping that the blood loss will keep her from feeling what is about to come.

On the second platform, Naledi’s eyes are hazy. Her expression seems to be fixed somewhere between pain and ecstasy. This is what she had always dreamed of – being a part of Saul’s cruel games. It hurts, though. It hurts more than she had imagined she could hurt. But it is beautiful. Tears well in her eyes, as Saul tosses the next baseball.

This one slams home. The platforms give way, and Naledi and Zahida both fall, only to jerk to a halt as they reach the limits of Naledi’s organs. Naledi’s body tears and pulls, and the pain that she feels redoubles as she lets out a scream of pain easily audible through her gags. Fighting for breath, the intestinal noose tightening around her neck, Zahida feels every one of her kicks drop her another half-inch, as she tears Naledi’s insides apart. She can’t stop, though. She needs to breathe. Needs to touch something solid.

Naledi’s eyes are wide, and she is screaming non-stop as her intestines tear from the weight being placed on them. She and Zahida both fall to the ground of the booths, and she writhes on the ground as her blood rapidly spills. Zahida gasps for air as the knotted intestines loosen without weight behind them.

A moment later, Saul is lifting her by her hair, until she is standing next to him. “Ruthless little bitch, aintcha?” He laughed. With a heave, he tosses Zahida over the small divider between the two booths, and she lands face-first on Naledi. As she does, the African girl’s lips begin to bubble with blood as she tries to breathe through the ruins of her chest. Zahida stares in horror as Naledi shudders beneath her. A moment later, she screams as a long, broken shaft of metal punches through her back, pinning her to the friend that she still doesn’t know betrayed her to this horrible death. The two girls scream as one as their breath is forced out of them, their blood mingling as they thrash and moan. Soon, blood is filling their lungs, and they shudder to a stop.

Saul smiles. “That was fun. Most girls don’t hold still to let me set them up like that.” He remarks to himself. “Have to find more crazies that like some day.”


* * *
“The clock strikes ten as the sun has finished setting. With only eight hours to go until dawn, and the end of the competition, our seven remaining girls are picking up the pace. None of them have visited three pylons yet, and several have yet to find their second. On the other hand, the abandoned city is helping girls change that in rapid succession.”

The camera cuts in rapid succession through the three girls currently working their way through the abandoned, silent city. With no sign of traps or struggles near them, all three start to feel more confidant. The Chinese traitor Ling is the fastest to move, feeling sharply the time that she lost back in the carnival, trapped in Saul’s sadistic house of mirrors. Having taken a minute to more or less repair her bikini, she is covered in healing cuts, her bikini stained but intact, and is moving through the city at a jog, checking on each building before moving to the next. She freezes in the rubble as she hears something, and watches silently as Amy walks past. The Irish mother is still naked, but has composed herself after her ordeal in the tidal pools and is moving much more quietly than she did previously. Ling watches her go, debating whether to try and thin the competition. She reaches down quietly, picking up a pipe, and watches Amy again, and then sighs silently and lets it drop to the ground. Clearly, even now she can’t quite bring herself to attack her fellow victim. Instead, she starts for another building.

Sierra, not far away, has no such compunctions, but after sizing up the gap between her and Amy, clearly decides that it’s not worth the risk. Instead, the young Guatemalan refugee stays in the shadows of the building. She found Ling several minutes earlier, and has been shadowing her to see which areas she’d already found. When Ling enters a building and comes out two minutes later with a wide smile, Sierra knows that her silence paid off. She dashes into the same building, deftly avoiding the few remaining tripwires left behind by Janet Weiss, and taps the pylon with a smile.

“With Amy still searching, Sierra is retreating towards the pools and Ling is on her way to the forest. Within the Pools themselves, Sam and Shen Lee are in the middle of a cat and mouse game that isn’t looking great for our Canadian beauty. It’s been a few hours since we’ve taken a look, so let’s get a quick reel of the highlights.”

The camera shows a shot of Sam, crouching up to her neck in water under a rocky overhang as Shen Lee stands above her, silently searching the skyline. It cuts to a quick shot of Sam crawling across a wide stone arch, as Shen stands underneath and frowns. From there, there is a shot of Sam at the pylon, pressed against it and ready to dash for safety as soon as the frozen shadow across the way moves. “They’ve just been… well, they’ve been sitting there for about an hour and a half, now, actually. Shen’s aware that if he rushes in while the tide’s high, he’ll be stuck in the water, she might be able to swim for safety, and his traps here are spent. Sam’s aware that if she chooses a direction, Shen can cut her off. Neither is completely sure that the other is there. Good times. Let’s get back to them later.”

“As for the Carnival, well… Saul’s attractions may have cost him some time, this time around. There are two girls in his zone, but both have given the booth where he’s been playing a wide berth, as they search from opposite directions. And now…”

Miko freezes as she enters another maze of tents, seeing movement ahead of her. The young gambler tenses, pressing herself against a tent as she tries to peer ahead and see what there is to find. A moment later, the fabric stretches around her, and two small white hands grab at her face, pulling her back into the tent. Miko tries to scream as the fabric wraps around her, struggling and trying to punch vaguely out.

“Quiet.” Sonja hisses in her ear. Miko feels something press against her throat, and freezes. “Or Saul will kill us both.” She pushes aside a fold of fabric, and blinks. “I know you.” She says slowly.

Miko nods very carefully, painfully aware that the older, taller, and slimmer Serbian woman has every advantage, along with a shard of sharp glass at her throat. “The forest pylon.” She whispers back. “We left.” She swallows, and then winces as the motion draws a tiny bead of blood. “Are you going to kill me?”

Sonja hesitates. That had been her plan, when she saw someone moving. Only one of them can survive this, after all. But now, with the girl under her, at her mercy… the uncertainty is clear on her face.

For a moment, the camera lingers over the two of them. Their relative states only heighten the power of Sonja’s position – four inches taller and four years older than her prisoner, her short hair dirty but straight, unlike the tangled mess that Miko’s ponytail has become. Her build is more athletic, and while Miko’s huge breasts are larger than Sonja’s relatively modest C-cups, she’s handled the past hours with far fewer scratches and scrapes. The glass she holds is just the icing on the cake.

“Let me up.” Miko begs softly, tears streaming down her face. “We can help each other. Tell each other where we’ve looked, before Saul finds us.”

“One of us is going to die.” Sonja points out.

Miko nods. “But if you kill me, we both might.” She suggests.

Sonja hesitates a moment longer, then nods. Reaching out with her free hand, she pulls the gambler to her feet, leaving her tangled in the tent flap and keeping the sharp shard of glass at her back. “Get me to the pylon, and I’ll let you go. Where have you been?” She asks slowly.

Several minutes later, Miko is leading the way towards the last area of the Carnival that the two haven’t visited, her arms still tangled in the tent. Sonja is following her, a step behind, watching for any signs that Saul is back on the hunt. The two pass through an empty tent, and find themselves at the golden pylon, still littered with the clothing that Saul’s first victims wore, and with the collapsed poles of the tent that the open space presumably once contained. Sonja smiles. “It worked.” She whispers hopefully.

“Let me go, please.” Miko whimpers. “You promised.”

Sonja turns to her. “I did.” She says slowly.

Miko sees the uncertainty returning to Sonja’s eyes, and she starts to cry again. “Please.” She says, taking a pleading step forwards.

Then, without waiting for a reply, she leaps, slamming into Sonja. The Serbian woman lets out a gasp of surprise as she stumbles backwards, the force causing her to overbalance as she windmills her arms, her makeshift weapon flying from her hand. Within a moment, Miko has disentangled herself from the tent flap, and she slams forwards again, sending Sonja careening backwards. Then she spins, and dashes for the pylon.

The sickening crunch from behind her makes her pause. Fearful, almost unwilling, she turns.

Sonja’s eyes are wide. She is overbalanced, fallen backwards into one of the rusty tent poles that still surrounds the area. A blood-soaked length of metal is jutting out of her gut, just below her left breast, and she is gasping in pain as she slowly falls back along it. “Help…” She can barely manage more than a whisper – when her lung tries to expand, it rams into the metal shaft forcing its way through her.

“Help.” Miko says disbelievingly. “You tried to kill me.” She takes two steps towards Sonja, face twisted in rage.

“No…” Sonja whimpers in agony, sliding slowly down the pole. Her arms move weakly, grasping uselessly at the pole, and she tries to tilt her head down. The camera pans down, showing that the pole has entered her body through the back, shattering her spine and nearly paralyzing her. “Kill me…” She looks to Miko, tears forming in her eyes. This is worse than anything she’d feared. The pole is sliding through her, but it’s also blocking her blood from flowing freely. She can hardly breathe, can hardly move, but it could be an hour or more before she finally dies.

Miko steps up to her. She looks across the dirty ground, and picks up the shard of glass that Sonja had held. Her other hand reaches up to touch her throat. Then, with a snarl, she spits on Sonja, saliva slapping against her eyes. “Kusatta ningan.” She spat again, turning deliberately away and tossing the glass on the ground a foot away from Sonja. As Sonja whimpers behind her, she crosses resolutely to the pylon, places her hand on it, and continues on her way.

Behind her, Sonja tries to raise her voice, to call back her killer or even call Saul DeLasse. Anything would be better than this terrible, slow death. But she can’t gather the breath. She shudders, twitching as she tries to reach for the glass, letting out a slow, gasping breath as her movement pulls on the pole and tears her flesh. Her fingers scrabble in the dust. But the glass is too far away. She is left to feel herself bleeding out, still reaching for the death that refuses to come.

Meanwhile, in the forest, Charlton is stalking new prey. He watches with a dark smile as Adrienne creeps through the underbrush, naked and in obvious pain, her left arm clutched tightly against her side and her hair hanging loose around her face. She looks like a naked madwoman, covered in blood and ashes. Soundlessly, he raises his bolo launcher, sliding around the forest floor. “Charlton’s found our little rebel, and is moving in. He knows that she killed Janet, and that’s going to make him hungry for blood. But does he know…”

The announcer cuts off abruptly as Charlton steps out of the woods a mere ten feet from Adrienne, bola launcher in one hand and a skinning knife in his other. He smiles harshly, raises the launcher with deliberate slowness. “End of the line, honey.” He says with a smile.

Adrienne snaps her ‘injured’ hand up, and her eyes fill with fire. Charlton sees the taser she holds as she fires, and his finger closes over the trigger. Both shots slam home. The taser catches Charlton in the chest, sending him collapsing backwards with a cry of pain through clenched teeth, . The bola launcher catches Adrienne across the legs, and she screams in response as she collapses backwards. “What a moment!” The announcer cries, as Adrienne starts to crawl towards the knife. “Can she reach it before Charlton recovers? We’ll find out… after this commercial break!”


* * *

“Feeling down? Wish that there was someone in this crazy old world that would listen to your problems, help lend you a hand, and generally make your life a little easier? Well, wish no more! Introducing ExoCorp’s new line of genetic simulants, the Version 3! These personally-programmable simu-babes can be customized to your exact preferences, with every personality quirk, fetish, or physical trait that you can imagine! Starting at the low price of fifty thousand dollars, they’re what every happy citizen wants – and best of all, simulants are not considered people in 182 countries, so you can do whatever you want to them.

“Our simulants are incapable of considering violence or escape, can live on a much more efficient diet than normal humans, and can effectively imitate the full range of human emotions (minus any that you don’t want them to have, of course). Why not come on down to your local ExoCorp office.

“ExoCorp – we make what you need.”

The camera fades in to the clearing. Charlton is still twitching as he forces himself to his knees. His usually-perfect hair is mussed, dirt in the grey streaks turning them almost brown, and his mouth is set in a scowl, goatee giving him a demonic air as he glares across at his enemy. For her part, Adrienne is not looking any better. The former protester is still dragging herself across the ground, her own blood dripping down her legs from the tight wire of the bolas that hold her ankles painfully together. Her breasts are dragging along the ground as she crawls, leaving two small furrows in the dirt, and her eyes are fixated on the knife lying in front of her. “And… we’re back! Adrienne and Charlton are picking up speed. Only one of them is walking away from this – they’ve got murder on the mind. Who will it be?”

Charlton rises to his feet unsteadly, and leaps across the path at Adrienne as her fingers grasp out at the knife. She twists, snapping her legs up and across as he tries to close his hang around her own. Her legs knock him off balance, and he sprawls across Adrienne as she clenches the knife’s handle, pinning her down. Her arm slashes out wildly, and Charlton lets out a roar of pain as the knife slashes through his jacket and into his side. His fist snaps out, catching Adrienne in the mouth, and she falls back, losing her grip on the knife. A moment later, she slams her knee into Charlton’s crotch, with little effect. “Whew! Looks like Charlton’s wearing protection, and damned good idea. That would have taken him out of the fight.” Even through the hard cup, Charlton clearly felt the blow – he winces, twisting, as Adrienne struggles to pull the knife out of him. Another slam knocks one of her teeth loose, and her hand flops down. Charlton hits her once more for good measure, then takes a step off her, trying not to wince in pain. There is blood flowing down his side, and he collapses against a tree as he reaches for his pack. “Ooh, bad luck for Adrienne – and for Charlton, but he came out ahead. While he decides how to punish the little beauty for trying to take apart our game, let’s see how the other five girls are doing.”

The camera zooms in on Ling. The Chinese girl is now leaving the city arena, crossing into the Tidal Pool cautiously. A minute later, Sierra ghosts out of the rubble and follows her. “Huh. This is an interesting decision by our little Hispanic refugee. She’s clearly hoping that, if Shen does find the two, Ling will prove to be a successful distraction. Might even work – as long as Shen doesn’t spot Sierra first, of course. That would end badly for her.”

Meanwhile, also in the tidal pools, Sam has come to a decision. The young Canadian girl has been sizing up a small cave entrance near the tides, and as the water rises momentarily, she leaves her perch and dives towards it. Seeing the flicker of movement, Shen Lee leaps from his outcropping, landing in the water with barely a ripple and scissoring towards her. “Interesting decision! Until recently, that cave was completely submerged, and Sam doesn’t know for certain where it goes. But I suppose that’s better than getting caught for sure!” Sam swims into the hole, with Shen in hot pursuit. “Those two are good swimmers. This should be a fun chase…”

“Back in the city, Amy is having better luck – she’s finally found what she was looking for.” Amy has skirted the edge of the blood-stained trash compactor, not daring to look inside after seeing the long red streaks along its top, and entered the building next door. Now, she is standing at the pylon, looking around nervously. “Not much chance of anything happening to her right now, though. On the other hand… she now only needs to survive the Forest in order to have all four pylons. The end is approaching…”

“And speaking of approaching endings, Miko’s also got three pylons, as she tries to escape from the Carnival without attracting the attention of Saul DeLasse. Luckily for her, he’s on his rounds.” Saul has reached the pylon area, and is staring in confusion at the corpse of Sonja. He opens his mouth, looks around, and then shuts it with a frown. He pokes Sonja in the breast, seeming to almost expect her to react. Then, with a shake of his head, he continues walking.

“Fucking maniacs this year.” He mutters under his breath.

Back in the forest, Charlton kneels next to Adrienne and injects her with adrenaline, smiling nastily as she wakes with a soft cry. The woman has been tied to the ground, spread-eagle, to four metal stakes that have been driven deep into the earth. Another pair of stakes hold a rope tight against her belly, forcing her breathing to be shallow as she tries to look up at him – a leather strap under her jaw and another over her forehead keep her head completely still, staring upwards. A metal gag is in her mouth, pulling back her lips and forcing her jaws wide open, and she lets out a cry of anger as she looks up into Charlton’s eyes.

The hunter’s side is bandaged, with blood spots already showing through the padding and gauze, and he grits his teeth as he looks down at her, taking a long draw on his cigarette before dropping it into her open mouth. Adrienne screams with pain, managing after a second to force the cigarette out with her tongue, but that only succeeds in leaving it lying against her cheek, burning her as she tries uselessly to pull away. “Thought you were tough, huh?” Charlton says harshly. “Did for Janet. Not bad. Not good enough.”

He dribbles something sweet into her mouth, and she blinks in surprise at the taste of honey. The trail travels down her neck towards her breasts, and she yells a mangled insult at him. In response, Charlton slams a fist into her gut, and finishes smearing her vagina, belly, and breasts while she dry heaves, head down against the dirt. “You like bugs?” He says softly, walking backwards.

Adrienne goes still. The camera pans up, showing the honey trail that Charlton is dripping as he walks towards a large anthill. As he gets close, he reaches out with a stick and stirs the edge of the hill. Ants begin to boil out of it, at first expanding randomly, and then finding the trail of honey and following it. Charlton reaches down with a gloved hand, taking one, and brings it to Adrienne’s face, holding it out. “Fire ants. Nasty little buggers. Not deadly alone, or in small groups, but they like meat.” He smiles nastily, dropping the ant on Adrienne’s face. She shrieks and tries to shake her head to dislodge the insect, which responds by biting her on the lip. Charlton steps back, lights a cigarette, and watches.

It takes five minutes for the first ants to find Adrienne. She spends the time shuddering, eyes firmly shut, trying to be resolute. When the first tiny legs begin to crawl on her, she breathes in sharply, but says nothing. When they determine that she is edible and start to sting her, however, she whimpers, twitching and trying to throw them off. This draws more attention, and more ants. Soon they are swarming over her body, biting and stinging – especially the areas that were sugared. Her breasts are two mounds of ants, and she is screaming wordlessly as she tries to shake them off. She tries to beg for mercy, but more ants are crawling up her throat and across her lips, attracted by motion, falling into her mouth and stinging wildly at her tongue. Adrienne’s screams build in pitch as more and more ants swarm her. Charlton, sitting and watching, simply smiles.

The ants continue biting and stinging, and every struggle and wrenching screams only brings more of them. Even so, the stings are painful, but not deadly. It takes over half an hour of agony before Adrienne starts to pass out in fits and sputs, recovering with another scream at fresh rounds of stings punching into her. By the time she finishes moving, more than an hour after that, she is barely recognizable – tiny bits of flesh are being carted back to the hive, and blood stains the ground under her from the sheer mass of stings that coat her. Charlton, having lost interest once Adrienne is no longer screaming, has already moved on to find his next victim.


* * *

“Goodnight, sweet Adrianna, and may flights of screaming angels moan thee to thy rest. You might not have stopped our game, but you probably cost our parent company more than a few dollars, between having to pay for Janet’s funeral and Charlton’s medical bills – not to mention the grossly increased chance that one of the girls will make it through to the end now that we’re one and a half hunters down. But in the end, it wasn’t enough. With only five contestants and six hours less, things are coming down to the wire for our girls, struggling through the night. Midnight is just about here, and the world is dark.”

The camera pans over the forest, where Charlton has stopped and is sitting against a tree, changing his bandages. He frowns at the wound, carefully spreading a disinfectant/anaesthetic mixture over it with a hiss of pain, then pulls out a needle and thread and sets to work stitching himself up, stolidly grunting now and then at a particularly painful moment. Blood drips around the thread, staining the ground under him, but the flow is slowing. “Charlton’s lucky – sort of – in that there aren’t any girls left in his area. For the time being, he can sit back and look himself over.”

“Meanwhile, at the Tidal Pools, things are definitely heating up. Our beautiful young Canadian babe Sam is still running for the border, with Shen Lee stalking her path. Well, I say running…” Sam is, in fact, squirming for freedom. Her massive breasts are much more of a liability than she had thought inside the incredibly tiny cave – the cameras display her passage in nightvision as she crawls forwards, pushing her way through the rocky passage. “Sam has gained enough height to be able to crawl instead of swimming, and a good thing, too – in another hour, this whole passage will be submerged again. But I don’t hear Lee. Where did he get to?”

The camera cuts backwards. Shen Lee has followed Sam, and is in the process of silently pulling two small rocks out from the wall. As he does, a large metal grate slides down with an ominous-sounding clang. The grate is attached to four cables that pass into long, almost invisible grooves in the wall, but otherwise seems to be standalone. Sam, hearing it echo down the passage, redoubles her efforts to advance. “That looks… that looks bad for our girl, gotta say.”

Outside the caves, someone is taking advantage of Shen’s distraction. Moving quickly but surely, Ling is crossing the Tidal Pools in record time, stopping now and then to listen for sounds of pursuit. She starts, and takes off like a rabbit. More than a bit behind her, Sierra freezes, holding steady for almost a minute before she realizes that she must be what her fellow contestant heard. Embarassed, she resumes searching on her own, well aware that she’s lost her companion.

“With three of our five Babes already in the Pools, it’s a silent night everywhere else. Our beauteous naked MILF Amy is still wandering the City, but it looks like she’s making progress.” Amy, still unaware that she is completely safe, is moving very slowly and carefully across the city, advancing towards the Forest.

And back in the Carnival, the last contestant, Miko, one hand protectively clutching a chunk of concrete, is in the middle of creeping across a ruined attraction when Saul DeLasse turns the corner. For a moment, Miko and Saul stare at each other, the former in horror and the latter with delight. Then, Miko takes off like a shot, with Saul in hot pursuit. Quick as a whip, the young gambler dives into the Funhouse. “And another close race! Not a good idea, though. Miko probably doesn’t know this, but in addition to its traps and wires, the Funhouse only has one exit.” Saul sets himself up just outside the door, cracking his knuckles, and considers the Funhouse thoughtfully. “All he has to do is wait for her to get turned around, and she’s dogmeat.”

Back in the Tidal Pools, Sam has crawled as far forwards as she can, and suddenly realizes that she is stuck – her breasts have caught in a particularly small gap, and she starts to breathe quickly as she looks ahead at the stars above and realizes that the gap just in front of and below her is much too small for her to fit. As she stares in horror, evaluating her options, there is another crunching sound behind her. She begins to rock herself, trying to back up, but she’s having trouble – the rocky passage that she is in descends almost perfectly at a downwards angle, all the way to this exit. Sam can’t quite get the leverage to free herself, and gravity is working against her.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to her, trouble is approaching. The heavy grate is shuddering, leaning down on the slope. With a soft snap, one of the tiny restraints holding it in place snaps, and it grinds down the slope a foot before shuddering to a halt at the next crosspiece. “This fiendish trap was designed by Shen and installed by our talented engineers. The grate actually weighs several hundred pounds, and it will continue to lower until it completely blocks off the far end. If you wander online, you’ll find that bets are being placed as to whether Sam is able to realize this before the grate reaches her where she is now.”

Back in the Pools, Ling’s madcap rush has carried her a fair distance, and she slows as she realizes that she is safe. She starts to creep forwards again, eyes alert. Further away, Sierra is having little more luck. She curses to herself as she tries to sweep the area without being spotted, keeping high above the waterline.

In the Carnival, Miko has found the piano wire stretched through the Hall of Mirrors, and is expertly threading her way through it. “Our little gambler seems to be making progress – but that’s all it is. If she can get through the maze, she’ll just be back where she… hang on. What…?”

Miko has removed the remains of her dress, and wrapped them around her right hand. Then, naked, she hefts her concrete and slams it into the mirror next to her as hard as she can. The glass shatters explosively, sending shards flying, and Miko flinches and covers herself as tiny fragments pepper her body. Then, wincing in pain, she steps through the hole and into a different passage, reaching back to smash through again.

Outside, Saul’s brow has furrowed at the faint sound of shattering glass. Suddenly, he bellows in rage and dashes into the tent. “Intriguing! Miko has correctly surmised that the mirrors were designed to be moved, and were merely double-layered glass with a thin sheet of metal between them. With enough force, the mirrors on both sides break, and the metal falls over. At this speed, Miko can just break through to the opposite side, and with the maze of tents that surrounds this one, Saul can’t guess which way she’ll go. He has to come after her. Smart thinking, Miko – but it could still be your last plan.” Miko is learning quickly, and stands carefully to one side as she smashes through another mirror, but she is barefoot and naked and there are tiny shards of glass glittering in her skin, quickly stained red by the tiny bubbles of blood. She pushes her way through the wall of the tent as Saul reaches the first of the ruined mirrors and moves to give chase.

This proves to be a mistake. Miko has been breaking mirrors, but not wires. Saul catches a face full of piano wire and lets out another bellow, staggering backwards. He pulls out his knife, snapping each wire with a vicious curse, as he struggles through the maze he himself created.

In the caves, Sam is still struggling when she sees motion ahead of her. She freezes, watching as a shadow passes across the entrance of the cave. Then Shen Lee leans down, and smiles up at her.

Sam shrieks in terror, realizing that the hunter is barely over a foot away from her. Behind her, there is another crunching sound, and the grate rumbles forwards. With a tremendous effort, Sam manages to get just enough leverage to push herself backwards, whimpering as her breasts are badly scratched by the slick rock surface. She scrambles back… for a few seconds. Then her feet slam into the metal grate, and she freezes in terror.

Shen Lee smiles beatifically as the grate rumbles forwards again, erasing the progress that Sam has made. Sam tries desperately to push it back, but the grate weighs almost four hundred pounds and she has no leverage. Inexorably, she slides back down the slick rock, breasts pressed tight against her, head pressing into the narrowing passage. She tries to brace herself, but has no purchase. Shen looks up at his prize, and studies her. The twenty-one year old girl is pinned tightly in the rock, feet pressed close against the metal grate, arms locked at her sides, her breasts and back alike tight against the rock. Her long brown hair, still soaked through from her swim, hangs down around her face, but can’t conceal the growing terror in her eyes. Shen looks up at her, through the foot of narrow tunnel that separates them, and starts checking his pockets.

Sam is paralysed with terror, watching Shen as he makes a show of considering his options. Then, with a shrug, he pulls out a small hourglass. He checks his watch, places the hourglass on a rock where Sam can see it, and sits down across from her.

Sam is watching the hourglass in horrified fascination. She looks at Shen, clearly trying to decide whether or not to try begging, and rightfully assumes that it won’t help. Instead, she watches the sand tick away, for almost a minute and a half.

*crunch* As the last grain of sand drips away, the grate snaps another restraint and rumbles forwards. This time, there isn’t much place for it to go, and Sam is shoved fully into the tiny passage. Her face presses tight against the rock, and she screams in pain as one of her elbows snaps as it is forced to bend in an impossible way. Her feet grind together agonizingly, and she is almost totally unable to move, the pressure on her body too much to bear. Her vision swims, and she starts to gasp for air.

Shen reaches out, and very deliberately turns over the timer.

Sam begins to shriek. Totally beyond words, she wriggles in terror, trying to do anything to avert what is about to happen. The weight pressing down on her grinds her bones together, and her desperate screams echo through the Pools as she presses forwards desperately. The effort is totally pointless. Trapped as she is, she can’t move so much as an inch, let alone enough to stop what is coming. The sand drips away, as she loses herself in blind animal panic.

*crunch* The grate slides forwards, and this time there is nowhere for Sam to go. Her screams rise to a fever pitch as the metal behind her grinds her limbs together, and her panic-striken face begins to push forwards as her skull fractures under the pressure. As she screams, her eyes bug out, and Shen watches her, still smiling. A moment later, the pressure is too much, and Sam’s head collapses like a balloon, bone and brain fragments dribbling through the hole to spatter the rock around the timer. Behind the grate, more blood and meat is squeezed through the holes between the metal, until what remains resembles a sausage more than a person.

Shen Lee stands, smiles, and moves on.


* * *
“Sam's scholarship dreams have finally been dealt a crushing blow, and we're down to our final four contestants. In the tidal pools, Ling and Sierra are searching carefully.”

Ling is now hanging silently above the golden pylon in the tidal pools. Thoughtfully, she starts to climb down the pillar, eyes fixed on her goal. Reaching the water, she lets go, landing waist-deep with a soft splash, and starts wading towards the goal. With a deep breath and a faint smile, she reaches out and taps the pylon.

Instantly, the pylon lights up like a carnival attraction. A pillar of light shoots up into the sky, and Ling staggers backwards in surprise. “Oops! It looks like the Chinese government never let our dear Ling see the tapes of previous years, or she'd have expected that! As soon as a girl touches all four pillars, the fourth lights to let everyone on the island know that the endgame is beginning. This is going to change the field pretty drastically.”

At the edge of the Forest, Amy looks up at the sky as light spears across it. With a gasp of fear, she breaks into a run, dashing into the forest. “Amy is behind the curve, and she knows it. If Ling can survive the Pools and reach the tower at the centre, all of the other girls will die. It's a race against the clock now.”

In the carnival, Miko barely even notices, racing as she is between the tents, her breasts bouncing and heaving, a thin trail of blood dripping behind her. Saul is now leaving the mirror maze, also dripping with blood from dozens of cuts, and he lets out a terrifying roar as he begins to race after her, flashlight in one hand, pausing occasionally to make sure that he has her trail. The two dash towards the edge of the tidal pools, Miko not even daring to look behind her as the sounds of the enraged Saul gradually draw closer. “Saul's abandoned all subtlety, and good idea. If Miko escapes, he's out of victims for this year. She has a head start, but he has the longer legs. Who's going to make it?”

Finally, in the Tidal Pools, Sierra has seen the pillar of light, and freezes for a moment – then slowly smiles. Quickly and quietly, she starts towards the light. “Smart thought from our little refugee, but maybe dangerous. That pillar tells her where she needs to go – but it also tells Lee that he's running out of time. He may have waited too long with Sam. If he runs into Sierra along the way, she's not getting out of this alive. On the other hand… she's badly behind, needing two more pylons to win. Time to go for broke, I suppose.” Sierra, only a few minutes away from the light, quickly reaches it, and searches the now-darkened pool for any sign of her hunter. Reassured, she quickly crosses, taps the pylon, and begins to climb. “Sierra now only has the Forest arena left to explore. She's still behind, but not so badly.”

In the Carnival, Miko and Saul are racing towards the Tidal Pool border. Saul pulls out a knife tip-first, and snaps it as he tosses it side-handed towards his prey. Miko, hearing his intake of breath, changes direction and dodges behind a tent as the knife slams into the tent's pole. Saul takes advantage of the move to double his speed, racing around the tent corner after her.

Which is when Miko, who had skidded to a halt and spun, ducking low, closes her hand into a fist and slams it into Saul's groin.

Saul's eyes cross, and he lets out a quiet whimper as he doubles over. Quick as a flash, Miko is back up and running. “Oooh. Looks like Saul didn't think ahead quite as far as Charlton did, folks.” Slowly, Saul staggers to his feet, eyes wide with rage, and tries to stumble after Miko, before stopping with a wince. “And Miko's pulling away! She's heading straight for the Tidal Pools!”
Miko races across the Tidal Pool borders, changing direction to head towards the light she saw. From as far as she was, she can't make a precise judgement, but she has a start. She runs to the edge of a cliff, hoping to get a better overview of the area around her… just as Ling climbs up it from the other side and pauses, breasts against the rock as her hands reach for holds.

For a fraction of a second, the Chinese girl and the Japanese girl stare at each other in shock. Both are disheveled, Ling is still wearing her red bikini, wet from the water and badly-patched, while Miko is naked and covered in cuts. Ling's short hair is spiked from the water, while Miko's hair is stringy and torn, her nose piercing still in place. Ling's small breasts fill her bikini, while Miko's massive ones heave with fear. Miko looks at Ling, and takes a step back.

And then Ling lets out a shriek of agony, and slips backwards. The camera pans down, to where Shen Lee has taken a second path and reached the rock wall that Ling is clinging tenaciously, reaching silently out from a small cave set into the cliff face. In his hand, he holds a sharp, jagged fish-hook, with a half-pound weight attached to it. An identical weight has been hooked through Ling's left foot, which is now kicking wildly at the air.

Shen smiles softly, and reaches out, jamming the second weight into Ling's other foot. Ling screams in Chinese, eyes wide, and desperately starts to try to pull herself upwards. Her left foot starts to rise from its hold to another place, and Shen quickly jabs another fishhook into it. A moment later, as her right foot reaches upwards, Lee stabs a spike with an even larger weight attached through her ankle, drawing forth another scream of agony. Each time that one of her feet lifts from the ground, another hook is stabbed into it. Ling can't get a purchase, and is screaming in pain as she tries to pull herself up using only her arms. Miko, heart in her throat, watches the Chinese girl's crazed expression, and starts to silently back away. Ling screams again, managing to gain several inches as she pulls forwards. But Shen Lee isn't quite finished.

Sitting easily in his small cave, he looks over Ling's feet with some satisfaction as the girl tries to pull herself up. There are now five pounds worth of weights attached to each foot, and Ling's screams redouble as her efforts tear through the flesh of her feet, leaving blood pooling on the narrow rock that she is standing on. As she does, Shen quietly scatters dozens of sharp pins underneath her, watching as she pulls herself up, then hooks another weight into the meat of her leg.

The sudden weight pulls Ling down, and as she does, her feet land on the sharp spike. With a cry of surprise and pain, she jerks her feet away from the ledge… leaving her kicking at air, as the weights fall and start tearing again. She begins to babble in Chinese, incoherent pleas as she tries to pull herself up, trying to reach out to Miko to save her.

Here, Miko has a lucky break. Shen Lee assumes that the pleas are directed at him, and reaches for his next set of weights - two small iron balls, each weighing ten pounds, attached by short chains that he loops around Ling's ankles. As Ling screams in terror, her feet pulled inexorably downwards, Miko slips silently away.

Ling scrabbles for purchase, but she is slowly sliding backwards. There are now thirty pounds of weight tied to her legs, leaving them completely immobile, and putting agonizing strain on her muscles. Her nails snap and her fingers bleeed as she tries to dig into the stone, watching the rim of the cliff slide further away with every passing second. Finally, she manages to grip the cliff's rim, and hangs on to the cliff by her torn and bleeding fingers.

Now, Shen Lee reaches out, with a cruel smile. As he gently caresses Ling's breasts, she looks down at him in terror, whimpering softly. She doesn't beg – she doesn't see the point.

Lee smiles at the girl, knowing that her only choice is to hang on, or else fall into the rocks below. “Hang on for one minute, and I'll make it quick.” He promises with a smile. Ling nods, eyes filled with despair. Ling gently slides the bikini off, revealing her breasts, and runs his fingers over them with interest. Then, curiously, he runs his hands up her thighs. Ling moans softly as his fingers explore her, and he begins to caress her clit. She whimpers, trying to hang on, as his movements become more precise, more encouraging. Despite the pain, possibly because of the fear, she begins to shudder.

Before she can reach orgasm, however, the intimacy becomes too much for her. Ling's arms, already strained to their limit, slip. Shen pulls his hand back as, with a scream of terror, she plummets past him. Her cry is broken off a few seconds later as she slams into the sharp rocks on the edge of the sea, bones shattering under the impact. She is still breathing, blood pooling around her, as the waves pull her into the sea, water filling her lungs as the last of her blood mixes with the surf.


“The final three, ladies, gentlemen, and the bulk of our viewers. Each of them has come a very long way, so we're just going to take a quick look over while they race for the ending.

The camera pans slowly over Amy, now in the depths of the Forest arena. The Irish woman looks as lovely as ever, a beautiful freckled thirty-year-old with large breasts and child-bearing hips. Her wavy red hair hangs down around her brow as she jogs through the underbrush, eyes scanning the ground for sharp rocks or traps. “Amy took brutal advantage of our late contestant Jasmine's kindness in the Carnival, surviving a rape by Saul DeLasse, and escaped from there with seconds to spare. She was luckier in the Tidal Pools and the City, managing to avoid the attention of Shen Lee and arriving after Janet's crushing failure – pardon the pun – and is now braving Charlton's forest in search of her final pylon.”

Attention shifts a short distance, where Sierra is crossing the space from the Tidal Pools to the Forest. The young refugee's pigtails are in disarray, but the young latino lady is undaunted as she methodically crosses the Forest. Her earlier caution is still in evidence, but she's pausing less often between dashes, racing against the clock to find the Forest pylon. “And in an odd bit of symmetry, Sierra is in the Forest as well. Like Amy, she started in the carnival, avoiding early explosions of violence by being as scared as a rabbit. She made her way to the City, where she heard the death of Janet, before crossing to the Tidal Pools – meeting Amy along the way. Too bad you didn't jump her, Sierra, there'd be one fewer opponent one way or the other. She followed Ling far enough to find the Tidal Pool pylon, but avoided getting killed by Lee in the process, and now she's on her way to her last pylon.”

“Finally, there is our dear gambler Miko.” Miko is desperately running across the Tidal Pools, panting and exhausted. The Japanese gambler, another larger-breasted beauty, is naked, disheveld, her breasts heaving with the effort of another sprint right after her first. “She managed to bargain her way out of a fight with now-deceased contestant Sonja, before crossing to the City, evading its dangers, and reaching the Carnival. There, she met Sonja again, and narrowly avoided being killed at the hands of her fellow contestant. She managed to trick her way out of the Funhouse, beaned Saul in the nuts, and ran for the Tidal Pools – where she promptly almost got taken down by Shen Lee. Only dear, sweet Ling's horrible death saved her. Now she's looking for safety.”

The camera cuts rapidly between the three girls. Amy almost steps on a protruding spike, but she's learned to pay attention to the ground and manages to dance through the vicious trap and carry on her way. Sierra is racing like an olive shadow, flitting from bush to tree as she covers as much ground as possible. Miko keeps to the high rocks, scanning the water below. She nearly slips, recovering a moment before a painful fall, and keeps running. The clock ticks across to 4:00 – only two hours left until the girls run out of time.

As Sierra crosses the forest underbrush, she hears a creaking sound, and spins to see a form moving through the woods behind her. With a silent gasp of terror, she bolts from cover, racing through the trees. In doing so, she still avoids a painful, bramble-filled bush – but in dodging it, she accidentally tugs very slightly on a tripwire left on the forest floor.

Instantly, the buried net explodes upwards, its delicate balance disturbs. Sierra's scream erupts as she is engulfed, the net's top drawing tightly shut as it rises, wires pressing into her as she hangs three feet off the ground. Thin metal wires dig into Sierra's skin, her cheeks pressed against a wire, more digging painfully into her breasts. Sierra struggles and presses, fitting her hand through one hole in the wires, but only manages to set the net spinning gently, trapped in a painful hogtie instead her metal cage.

“Didn't think any of those would actually work.” Charlton laughs, stepping out of the jungle. He strolls up to Sierra, and cheerfully sets the net spinning faster. Sierra tries to watch him, but she can't move her head to follow him, and is forced to close her eyes as the world spinning around her fills her with nausea. “Wonder how long we have…” Charlton mumbles. He stops the net facing away from him, and reaches into his pack. “You made it pretty far, girl.”

“What do you want?” Sierra whispers. “I can give it to you. I am very…”

“Nah, I've had enough pussy tonight.” Charlton interrupts. “Just out for a bit of fun, now. Figure I've got an hour or so to play.” He walks in front of Sierra, pulling out a large double-headed dildo, its head studded with blunt spikes. “Why don't you just sit back, and relax. Have a last fuck.” He loops around again, and as Sierra whimpers pleas to cut her throat quickly, he pushes the dildo through the wires of the net, pushing aside the remains of her bikini to shove it deep inside her. He presses a button on it, and it shudders to life. “You'll like this monster. Let's see how many times it can make you cum.” As Sierra moans and shudders, he loops back around. As she opens her mouth to beg, he reaches up and forces a ring gag into her mouth, twisting her head painfull in the wires to clasp it shut behind her. She looks at him, whimpering, and he reaches into her mouth. “Just sit tight.” He chuckles, pinching her tongue with two fingers. Sierra screams in pain as he pulls her tongue through the wires, sliding a pair of thin sticks with screws connecting them out of his pocket with his free hand. Seeing him, Sierra screams again and tries to struggle, and Charlton tsks her. Quickly, he pushes the sticks on either side of her tongue, screwing them tightly together so that she can't pull her tongue back through the net. Sierra is still screaming, begging, and crying, but her words are meaningless grunts without lips or a tongue to shape them, and Charlton smiles. “Going to have to punish you for that.” He smiles, reaches down, and rubs sticks and dirt over her tongue. “A taste of your life.” He laughs, as the dildos painfully filling Sierra force her to orgasm. Charlton sits back and watches, as Sierra struggles, whimpers, and screams her way towards a second forced orgasm.

Meanwhile, at the Tidal Pools, Miko has found her goal. The Japanese girl climbs down, carefully studying her path before crossing to the pylon in the water. Taking a deep breath, she taps it quickly, and immediately starts climbing again as light breaks across the sky. Some distance away, Shen Lee sees the light from his position near the border, and explodes into motion.

In the Forest, two of the three survivors spot the tidal lights. Sitting on a rock as Sierra screams her way to a second orgasm and tries to beg Charlton again, the hunter shakes his head. “Lee's not on the top of his game.” He mutters. “Two girls in two hours down there. Going to be over soon.”

Not far away, Amy had been slipping through the woods, but the sound of Sierra's screams quickly convinces her to find another path. Now, seeing light fill the sky a second time, she bites her lip as she picks up speed. It's only five minutes later that she reaches the Forest clearing, and sees her last pylon. With a beaming face, she races to it, stops to take a deep breath, and taps it, instantly exploding into motion in the opposite direction.

Charlton, not far away, leaps to his feet as the pylon's light leaps into the sky. “…the hell?!” He mutters, then turns to Sierra. “Guess we have to cut this short, girl. Didn't realize anyone else was left over here.” Sierra barely hears him, suffering her way through another humiliating and agonizing orgasm. Blood drips out of her ass, creating a pattern of droplets on the ground, as Charlton crosses over to her, and she stares at him in pain and fear as he cups her chin in his hand. Charlton pulls out a strange metal rod and slides it through the wires, keeping Sierra's face from moving as she begins to scream again, watching the thin metal wedge approaching her eye. She closes her eyes as tightly as she can, and feels the rod touching her eyelids. A moment later, Charlton is sliding his fingers along the rod, and it blossoms open, two metal prods forcing her eyelids up and down, leaving her eyeball exposed as a sharp needle slowly pushes towards it. Sierra screams desperately, bucking in her net as the dildos keep forcing pleasure on her, and the needle gently presses against her eyeball. A moment later Charlton shoves the pick forwards, passing through Sierra's eye in an explosion of viscera and deep into her brain. She screams one last time, bucking in the net, as the shrap rod pushes layers of brain aside, tearing through sensitive nerves and creating blossoms of agony throughout her body. A moment later, she is dead.

“Not quick enough,” Charlton mutters, tossing his cigarette aside as he limps into the woods after Amy, “but it'll have to do.”

Now, Miko and Amy are racing for the central safe zone, with their Hunters in hot pursuit. Miko, hearing sound, dives into a crevice in the cliff face as Shen Lee appears. The hunter is moving silently, stalking across the pools. He glances into each space, and Miko forces herself further into the shadows, desperately hoping for safety. For a moment, Lee looks into her space, knife at the ready, and she freezes, not even daring to breathe. Then there is a faint sound, and Lee moves off in pursuit. Miko waits for a full minute before daring to leave.

And with good reason. Within a moment of her departure, Lee has heard the sound of her movement. Cursing under his breath, the hunter gives chase, and Miko explodes into motion, letting out a shriek as she sees her hunter pursuing.

In the Forest, Amy has thrown caution to the wind, dodging bushes and tripwires as she dashes through the woods. A moment later, the brambles snap and crack as a bolo slices through them, narrowly missing her. Amy yells in terror, not breaking stride as Charlton appears just to one side, running towards her. The hunter lets a knife fly towards Amy. It hits her in the arm as she runs, and she screams again, glancing back at him. Charlton is gaining on Amy, and he grins viciously, reaching out with one hand to pull her to the ground.

Flush with victory, however, Charlton forgets that his right side was injured in his fight with Adrienne. As he grabs Amy by the arm, she pulls with all of her might, and Charlton loses his grip under a sudden spasm of pain as his stitches tear. Amy pulls ahead as Charlton staggers, eyes wide with pain as new blood patterns appear on his clothes, and he staggers to a stop, watching his prey vanish. “Point for Adrienne. Saving girls from beyond the grave.”

Miko, meanwhile, is holding steady. Shen Lee can't quite close enough to let a knife fly. Miko hits a patch of wet stone and slips, losing a foot of distance as she regains her balance. She is crying, breasts bouncing wildly as she races for the small safe area at the centre of the island. She can hear Shen behind her, gaining ground with every step, inhumanly focused on his prey. Ahead, she sees the smooth marble surface of the large open area that represents the central tower. Miko puts everything she has into reaching that surface. The world narrows to the monster behind her, and the one ahead of her. As she races, she steps onto the edge of the ivory-colored platform, and is rewarded by Shen's curse as she passes out of his jurisdiction. Safe.

And Amy, across the way, reaches the tower's ornate door.

Miko stumbles, feeling a sudden pressure on her neck. She gasps for breath, jogging towards the beautiful white communications tower. As she turns a corner, her breath becoming increasingly shallow, she sees Amy. Her eyes widen. “No…” She whispers in Japanese.

Amy sees Miko as well. She looks at her defeated rival. “I'm sorry.” She says softly, closing the door behind her.

Miko's breath is becoming shallower, as the collar around her throat slowly tightens. She reaches the door, fumbles for the handle. It won't turn. She pounds on the gilded door. “No!” She screams. “I did it! I avoided them all! I made it here!”

She sinks against the door, fingers fumbling at the collar. Still tightening, her breath is now ragged, breasts heaving more and more as she scrambles for breath. A fingernail snaps, leaving a trail of blood along the collar as it cuts off her windpipe, digging painfully into her throat and reducing her breath to a whisper. She feels herself growing hard despite herself, the lack of blood in her brain stimulating her body. “Please…” She whispers, no longer having the breath to shout. “I was so close…”

The collar constricts further, tearing into her skin. New beads of blood form, slowing flowing over it as it cuts off the last of her air. As Miko's eyes bug out, she screams silently, writhing naked on the ground as she desperately tries to pull the collar away from her throat. Finally, she loses the battle against fate, and slumps motionless on the ground.

“And that's it, folks. Our winner this year is the lovely Amy from Dublin, who has won a million dollars to keep her family safe, and probably a lot more in endorsement deals. Amy's an amazing girl – beautiful, talented, and just ruthless enough to survive Babequest.”

“And now, for our Hunter Awards. After tallying the results, it looks like Saul DeLasse is our winner, with five kills, each of them complex, violent, and beautifully cruel. For setting up his entire arena in a series of brutal deathtraps, and then tying girls to them like a B-Movie villain, Saul DeLasse has won the Audience Choice Award and a total of $240,000. Second place goes to Charlton Cole, with five kills – plus two near misses. Charlton was a bit quick a couple of times, but had a solid mix of pain and pleasure, and earned $225,000. Third place goes to Shen Lee, who managed to slice four girls to pieces through a variety of nasty tricks, and won himself $155,000. Fourth place goes to Janet Weiss, whose unfortunate death midway through the match left her with only two victims, although both were very lovely. Her estate will be receiving $90,000. The Audience Appreciation result will be given once we've had a chance to see what you all think – look for it to be announced next week. We also had an unusual number of girls not killed by any Hunter this year – two killed by other contestants, and a third killed by strangulation in the final minutes of the contest.”

“That's all the time we have this year. Thank you all for joining us for Babequest VIII, and thanks for your kind support of ExoCorp. Keep an eye out for our other exciting gameshows. I'm Max Huntley – Goodnight.”


Sometimes, less is more. The deaths have been creative and the piece is pretty well written, but the amount of girls and deaths dilutes the erotic element.


Huh… my prediction for the winner was right. go me?

Good story, if a bit long at times. Some of the kills are a little too flippant, others a bit confusing to grasp the motion of (Ling comes to mind here). But overall, not too bad.


Yeah, I had trouble understanding some of the deaths too. Overall I thought it was a lot of fun though.



Thanks!. Though that source has the end parts missing for some reason.

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