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A short report on one of the recent immigration raids, with some slight modifications to current judicial processes. I would like to read reports from other officers as well, so please submit your own.

Documentation of encounter

The target, a male age 28-32, was apprehended at his home in [REDACTED]. His non-US citizenship was confirmed, and he was advised that he would be repatriated immediately. He stated that his wife and their four daughters were US citizens. This information was confirmed. He further stated that his repatriation would result in the family having no income, as his wife was pregnant with their fifth child. He was advised that he would be handed over to his consulate per treaty, and that his family would be subject to US law regarding indigency. This information was poorly received.


The indigent citizens were encouraged to remove their clothing for resale. They refused and were stripped unwillingly. As required by treaty, the detainee was asked whether he preferred to witness the indigency penalty, or impose it himself. He was not cooperative. Penalty was imposed by agents on scene.

3yo female: Single gunshot to back of head, resulting in death.

8yo female: Subject rushed to aid of 3yo and was restrained. Suffocation by boot on throat.

5yo female: Subject protested loudly. Initial nightstick blow to face for quiet, continued blows to head resulting in death.

12yo female: Subject obtained a knife from kitchen. Disarmed. Death from multiple stab wounds to chest, torso, and genitals.

Adult female: Subject restrained by light chokehold throughout. Chokehold increased to full strength after death of 12yo female.

Unborn female approx 7mo: Abdomen of adult female opened from sternum to pelvis using knife previously wielded by 12yo female. Uterus opened, baby removed. Throat opened for exsanguination.

Detainee: Injuries sustained while failing to cooperate with officials were not life-threatening. Delivered to [REDACTED] consulate with a copy of Form 1069-EZ (reimbursement for value of property seized), and video of the judicial proceedings.


Oh my, perhaps you can do more?


Thank you for the encouragement. This isn't my usual style, except for the pregnant "offender". But I'm glad you enjoyed it.


I honestly loved it, was just hoping you could do more with genital destruction lol. Especially with a pregnan victim…



Good story, cynical and impersonal. Victims a little too young for me but the each his own.


After Action Report

Date: 12/08/25
Location: Houston, TX
Responding Officer: SRT Agent Team Lead D. Saurez, SRT Agent T. Mellow, SRT Agent R. Haley, SRT Agent V. Spinelli


Initial deportation order served by ICE Agent S. Rawlins to family of illegal immigrants residing in 445 Avenue K, Magnolia Park. Upon recieving deportation papers, a Hispanic male became agitated and pulled a handgun, fatally wounding Agent Rawlins and injuring her partner, Agent D. Mendoza. Agent Mendoza pulled Agent Rawlins behind the cover of their vehicle and called for backup.

SRT arrived via helicopter within 5 minutes, fast roping down and surrounding residence. Verbal orders were given to surrender any weapons inside the house and peacefully exit the house. Helicopter received rifle fire, and SRT Agent R. Haley manned the M134 from the door and opened fire on the residence for a duration of 4 seconds.

SRT Agents Saurez, Mellow, and Spinelli entered the residence. Upon entrance, they confirmed the deaths of a 45 year old Hispanic male, the patriarch of the household, a 34 year old Hispanic female, the mother. Both were killed by multiple 7.62x51mm GSWs to the upper torso and head. After clearing the ground floor, they descended into the basement, where they found two 13 year old Hispanic females. After a physical altercation, both females were stripped of clothing and thoroughly searched and inspected for hidden weapons. None were found, but Agent Mellow neutralized both females with a single 9x19mm round to the back of the head after one bit his arm, drawing blood.

SRT Team Lead D. Saurez requested that more training budget be allocated to helicopter gunner range time.

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