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Object class: Safe

Containment procedures:

SCP-NC-1 is currently located in Site 776, which is posing as an assisted suicide facility. Anyone admitted to the "facility" are considered D class, and may be used to test SCP-NC-1 at the leisure of the site director. Foundation staff may also be admitted, either by choice or as punishment. No special containment procedures are required.


SCP-NC-1 consists of four parts: An entrance/waiting room (SCP-NC-1-A), a non descript anomalous humanoid attendant (SCP-NC-1-B), a "kill room" (SCP-NC-1-C), and a disposal pit in the center of SCP-NC-1-C (SCP-NC-1-D).

A subject that enters SCP-NC-1 will be offered a beverage. If consumed, the subject will become perfectly docile and obedient, and lose all inhibitions, allowing event NC-1-א(Aleph) to occur.



SCP-NC-1-A is a 6x6 meter room consistent with waiting areas in modern medical facilites.
It has two opposing doors (one leading to SCP-NC-1-C on the eastern wall, and one leading outside to Site 776 proper on the western wall.) There is an array of seats around a table with magazines in the south west corner, a watercooler in the north west corner, a reception desk with a seat for SCP-NC-1-B in the north east corner, and a TV showing ##### in the south east corner.


SCP-NC-1-B is an anomalous humanoid that always matches the exact sexual preferences of the next victim. It will emerge as soon as event NC-1-א is complete, sometimes months in advance of the selection of the next subject, already matching their sexual preferences.


SCP-NC-1-C is an 8x8m room of varying appearances that contain whatever is needed to conform to its victims wishes. At its center lies SCP-NC-1-D.


SCP-NC-1-D is a presumed infinite shaft with a depth currently *measured* to be at least 1701 times the diamater of earth. It is perfecly cylindrical, and covered in an unknown black material.

Event NC-1-א:

Event NC-1-א is the main anomalous effect of SCP-NC-1. It is the entire process a subject undergoes after consuming the beverage offered by SCP-NC-1-B. It invariably ends witn the termination of the subject and their disposal by means of SCP-NC-1-D, though the actual process (including its length) are always different, and seemingly tailored to the subject. See test logs for examples

Test log foreword: Due to the nature of the "resets", cameras and sensors within SCP-NC-1-C are always removed between occurances of even NC-1-א. Subjects are therefore always issued various remote recording devices they are instructed to set up in the four corners of SCP-NC-1-C.

For the sake of brevity, within test logs, the Subject, SCP-NC-1-A, SCP-NC-1-B, SCP-NC-1-C, and SCP-NC-1-D will be reffered to as S, A, B, C, and D respectively.


Test log SCP-NC-1-1:

Subject: D-12 (Caucasian female, age 19, entered the facility seeking euthanasia on account of ALS.)

Appearance of SCP-NC-1-B: Latina female, 20s.

S is escorted into SCP-NC-1-A by Dr. #### and two security officers.

The foundation staff leave after S takes a seat.

Four minutes after they left, B approaches S from behind the desk, and gives her a plastic cup containing what appeared to be cola.

B:"Please drink that. I'll be right back after I make some preparations, okay?"

S drank the beverage, and waited two minutes before B returned from behind the reception desk.

B:"Okay. Now that you've got that in you, how would you like to die, today? Literally *everything* you can think of is possible.


B:"Everything. It can be as quick or as slow, as painful or as pleasurable as you want. The only condition is that you absolutely have to die."

S:"Well, I'm sick. I just want to not be, anymore. I don't care about the rest."

B:"Okay! I'll take care of you. Just follow me inside."

The pair moved into C, and there was a two minite gap before S set up the sensors.

Interior views show C to have taken the appearance of an empty residential living room. The floor was covered in immaculate carpet, and the walls and ceiling were painted wood. D was the only notable thing in the room.

B:"Take off your clothes and just throw them in, honey."

S removed her D-class jumpsuit as instructed, and remained standing close to D. Her mild shaking implied the room to be slightly below comfortable temperature.

B:"Would you like to be pleasured, or do you just want to die?"

S:"Yes, please."

B approached S from behind, and reached around S with her left hand, Touching S's vagina. Cameras could see B holding a pistol behind her back.

S moaned for several minutes, her breathing becoming more and more erratic.

S:"Please kill me when I cum!"

Another minute passes, and S can be seen and heard bursting into orgasm. At that exact moment, B pressed the pistol into S's lower back and fired five shots, creating a roughly ten centimeter exit wound on her belly, which was leaking viscera and blood onto the immaculate carpet. S fell onto her knees, now only centimeters away from D.

S:"P-lease. F-finish me."

B:"Of course."

B then raised the pistol, and shot S in the back of the head two times execution style; She then allowed S to fall into D naturally, and immediately moved to remove the cameras. The cameras lost their feed after falling for 20 seconds.

Total time: 11 minutes, 17 seconds.


I quite enjoyed that!


Can anyone post a scenario here?



Site staff are encouraged to perform their own experiments on SCP-NC-1. No authorization is required, because the foundation sends us plenty of D-Class scheduled for execution by SCP-NC-1, anyways. Please conform to foundation standards in terms of layout, and insure there are no duplicate log numbers, as that really messes with the system.

-Site director [REDACTED]

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