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This is my first attempt at story writing, I have a lot of ideas but being italian i’m not so sure that everything will be grammatically correct, sorry for that. As you can see I have a strong belly button fetish and I like to give as much details as possible about the victim belly anatomy and navel shape and how that changes the approach to each victim. So here it is the first part of a story I’m writing with a member of another board. I would really appreciate any suggestion for future development, like characteristics of the next victims or killing methods. Thanks in advance.
Here we go
It was half past midnight when a received the call I was waiting for the past week. “Sir, your payment has been accepted, a black van will come to pick you up to take you to our club, everything has been prepared as per your indications.
It took me sometime to gather all the money to pay for this exclusive “Death Club” but finally I can let all my darkest fantasies come true.. not just one, but five young ladies where waiting for me and their bellies ready to transform from attractive to gory messy.
Finally the van stopped to its destination and I was escorted inside the club and to the private room I was designed to. Everything was perfectly organized, a big stone table resembling an altar is placed at the exact center of the room, on one corner there where all kind of tools attached to the wall. I took my time to examine the shiny knives of different dimensions, a power drill, scissors of all kind, scalpels… everything needed was there. On the opposite wall I could see a window to another room. Standing a the center of the other room are five of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. “please sir which one you would like to start with?”
The choice was simple, my eyes were captured by a tall blonde girl, her skin pale white, her belly was long with a very small belly button at its center. Her navel was rendered almost invisible by the shiny belly ring she was wearing. She was escorted to my room, she entered wearing nothing but a bright red bikini. She looked scary and tears runned down her face as she was lied on the stone table, wrist and ankles secured to avoid excessive movements. “What’s your name honey?” “Margherita sir… please don’t hurt me too much” she says sobbing and crying
“My dear, we are going to have a lot of fun with this long belly of yours”, She looked down to see my finger pointing at her upper stomach and going down ‘till I found her small navel. I moved the belly ring aside and poked my finger deep in the recess of her navel. “Let’s see if we can make your belly hole a little deeper”
She quivered in fear at my touch deep in her petite navel, terrified at what i had in store for her, i started to caress her soft tummy, envisioning tearing her beautiful stomach to shreds, " what are you gonna do to me" she asked, " i'm going to torture your abdomen for awhile, then split you right up the middle, from belly button to breasts, and reach inside you to feel your lovely gushy goodies", she screamed and began to cry, i simply walked over to the wall and grabbed a pair of scissors, then i returned to her and said "are you ready"?, she looked at me and shuttered in fear, “first I will take a little souvenir” as i grabbed a hold of her sexy belly ring and slowly pulled it, she looked in fear as the upper rim of her navel tried to resist my pull. “Please not my navel ring… please aahhhhhh”
With a little more effort the ring was out of her flesh and blood started to seep out of her torn rim. Then with quick precision, i snipped into her belly button with the scissors, she unleashed a blood curdling scream, I then proceeded to slowly remove the scissors “see? now your belly button is deeper than before”
Once the scissors were out of her belly I stopped to admire my work as the blood started to fill the small hole of her navel and started to descend her lower belly and wetting her pussy.
The scissors were so sharp that her petite navel was bisected almost perfectly to the middle and she looks in terror at the now bloody hole at the center of her creamy belly.
“Now that your navel is deeper honey, why don’t we make it a little larger?” I proceed to insert my index finger into the bloody hole,”please no no noooo” she screamed for the unbearable pain, I want to enjoy this moment and I start to finger fuck her navel with my finger, up and down up and down, drawing more blood with each movement. Then I start to pull at the side of the wound enlarging it and letting her scream even more. I remove my finger and I lick the blood… so tasty. Now at the center of her long belly, there’s a round bloody hole… no signs of her small belly button anymore.
“It's time to end it my dear” I take a long scalpel from the wall, I first cut her bikini top revealing her big tits. Her nipples are rock hard.. I assume her body is not able to distinguish pain from pleasure anymore. Her screams are becoming weaker with each breath, I take my time to lick her nipples, they taste so good. Finally I place the scalpel at the center of her upper stomach just below her breasts. The scalpel is so sharp I don’t even have to apply too much pressure. I start to cut down her long belly, blood starts to flow everywhere, the cut now joins with the wound that once was her navel and I continue down her lower belly finally stopping at her bikini line. I insert both my hand at the center of her belly and I fell her intestines inside as I start to pull it out. I was so concentrated on my work that I haven’t noticed that she’s already dead.
I admire my work, her belly open from breasts to pussy, all her intestines out in the air. Her nipples are still hard, how is that even possible? I know I’ve already have her belly ring as a souvenir but it won’t hurt to have another one. With the scalpel I proceed to cut one of her nipples free from her body.
Before I could choose my second victim two masked guys entered the room, took care of the body and also cleaned the table from the blood and guts.
I cannot wait to have some more fun… poor Margherita was just the first one.
Now my second choice is a tall dark haired one. Tan skin, her belly flat but not as much as the previous girl. Her belly button is a big oval inne, so deep I can’t even see the bottom of it, quite the opposite of the fist girl isn’t she?
She have a scorpion tattoo on the right side of her belly, it’s like if the scorpion is ready to stab her deep navel anytime with its tail. Perhaps she have some kind of belly button fetish? If that’s the case I’m going to enjoy destroying her belly even more.
She enters the room and lies on the table like the first girl. She is dressed with low cut shorts and a sleeveless crop top long enough to just cover her small breasts. She looks at me, no tears, no fear in her eyes. I will turn that proud pretty face into a screaming one shortly.
“you look very brave my dear… what’s your name?” “Michela, I’m not proud I’m just accepting my destiny, I saw what you’ve done to Margherita and that’s fine with me, my only request is to have my belly button teased as much as possible before you destroy it. It’s my secret sweet spot and I want a man to enjoy it before my final demise”
I can’t believe my ears… I was right about the tattoo and I’ve never met a girl with a belly button fetish like mine.
“Today is your lucky day Michela, your belly button will get the treatment it deserves”
I slowly start to caress her belly, stomach, sides, lower belly… with each stroke coming closer and closer to her secret sweet spot.
“Please touch it, touch my navel now!” she says, moaning and licking her lips.
I start drawing circles around her belly button with my finger and without hesitation I poke my index finger deep inside. It is a completely different feeling compared to when I poked Margherita’s navel, hers was so small and tiny that my finger couldn’t feel much aside from the hard knot…. But Michela’s belly button is so deep and large enough to accept my finger completely. My index disappear up to the first joint and I can feel all the bumps and folds inside her navel.
Michela stats to moan a lot and seeing that I apply more pressure to my poke, “yes please continue ahh yes again”
Without warning I remove my finger from her now wet belly hole, “why are you stopping now ?” it’s like she forgot why she is lying belly bared on a stone table.
“Sorry you had enough pleasure Michela, now it’s time to have mine!”
I look as fear starts to cover her face and tears starts to fill her green eyes “not so brave anymore now uh ?”
This time my instrument of choice is a long power drill, “this will be a perfect fit for Michela’s navel” I see the fear building up in her as I come closer to her belly with the drill in my hands. I stop once again to admire her belly hole, looking closer I can see all the complex folds deep inside that you cannot see from the distance. For a moment I am hesitant… maybe it’s better to keep this amazing navel intact… maybe keep it as a trophy… No.. my urge to destroy it superior, I can’t wait to turn this belly button to shreds.
“Are you ready ?” I say as I place the tip of the drill at the exact center of Michela’s deep navel. “Please no, just poke and lick my navel but don’t kill me” she says with tears in her eyes… I smile, her attitude is completely different from when we started.
“Sorry honey, there is no coming back now” I say as I press the start button of the drill. As the tip starts to spin I can see her belly button twitching, twisting as it tries to resist. As I apply some pressure the little scar gave away and turned to shredded meat as scream comes out of Michela’s throat.
The tip of the drill disappeared in her belly as Michela starts to cough blood. I admire all the little movements of her belly as the drill is still spinning inside her. I remove the drill from her belly and blood fills her navel quickly and descends down her lower belly.
Michela’s once attractive belly button is is now a gory mess… I can still see the navel depression but the inside, all those nice bumps and folds, are completely destroyed by the drill. I’ve probably cutted something important in her belly ‘cause after her last scream, Michela’s throat filled with blood and she died quickly.
Too bad, I wanted to ask her if she enjoyed this poke also.
I need to take a souvenir from this girl also… I take the sharp scalpel and very carefully remove a piece of skin from her tan belly, the one with the scorpion tattoo on it and I place it next to Margherita’s nipple and belly ring.
After Michela’s corpse has been taken away I’m now ready for my next enjoyment.


Here we go with the second part of the story. Thanks for the appreciations.
I’ve already slaughtered two beautiful girls. I can still feel my finger in their navels, the hard scar tissue, the folds..… the thought that those attractive belly holes are now just a bloody mess sends a chill down my spine. I’m ready for more.
My next choice is a good looking brunette, average tall, no makeup and messy hair.. she is a natural beauty. I’m fascinated by her clothing: she is wearing a pair of low waist tight jeans and a white t-shirt long enough to cover most of her belly leaving two inches of skin bare, not enough to see her button.
When she is laid down on the the table the t-shirt rise up a little bit and I can peek at the bottom rim of her navel. It’s like her outfit was made especially to tease me.
“what’s your name honey?” I ask as I look at the wall to choose my next tool. “Cl..Cl… Claudia” she answer as tears runs down her cheeks.. she looks very scared. “Please I’m just a college student… I don’t want to die… please.. I’ve never hurted anyone”
“ahh a college student… this gives me a good idea” I think as I come closer to her. “I’m really sorry for you Claudia but you will die today” I start caressing her trembling lower belly, her skin is so creamy and smooth. “Please don’t hurt me.. please” her belly is trembling even more. Very carefully and very slowly I start to lift her t-shirt and to uncover her beautiful round innie navel.
I’m so lucky today… three girls with three very distinctive navel structures. Claudia’s belly button is a perfectly round inne, it’s a deep one but you can clearly see the bottom. Differently from Michela’s navel, this one is almost flat on the bottom with no visible bumps or folds. It’s perfect for what I have in mind.
“You have a very attractive belly button and I can’t wait to see it leaking blood” I say with an evil smile.
As fear kicks in her even more she tries to free herself but all her efforts are pointless. With a precise movement I dig my index finger in her round navel holding it still. She is thrashing wildly and it almost looks like she is impaling herself on my finger… her navel really is a perfect fit !
I remove my finger and inject her with a tranquilizer. Her body now still but she is still fully conscious, her eyes filled with tears and fear. Now I take a very sharp pencil from the wall and I change the tip with a sharp metal one “a pencil for a college student is just perfect… this one will cut through her belly button like butter! “
I carefully roll her t-shirt up to the underside of her petite breasts, now her belly is fully exposed, her creamy trembling belly… I can’t resist the scent of her naked skin and I start kissing her stomach, her sides, her lower belly and finally tasting the bottom of her navel with my tongue. She looks at me with her eyes begging not to be killed.
One final gaze at her perfect, unmarked belly, and I’m now ready to ruin it. I carefully place the tip of the pencil at the exact center of her navel making sure not to draw any blood. She tries to move her belly away but this makes the sharp tip scratch the base of her button. She screams wildly.
Pressing my other hand flat on her stomach I trust the pencil deep in her guts. Her eyes are now open wide and she is screaming with all her possible energy. Holding her belly down with my hand I notice that no blood is coming out of the wound, the pencil is so a perfect fit that the “walls” of her navel are like holding on the sides of it. The pencil is acting as a plug . “I have to remedy that”
Holding the end of the pencil with two fingers I start to slowly twisting it clockwise. Her navel is like holding the pencil and twisting with it, distorting it’s perfect round shape. It’s the most arousing sight of my life.
Now blood is starting to seep out from around the pencil and down both sides of her belly. Another twist to the other side and more blood comes out. I quickly pull the pencil out, her belly arched and blood erupted like a fountain.
I notice that her belly button, or better what was left of it, is now more of an outie due to the pull of the pencil to its sides. It looks like a small vulcano. With the tip of my finger i proceed to turn it back to an innie as blood continues to seep out of the wound. My index disappear in her belly and I can feel her guts with it.
Poor Claudia is still breathing, crying and coughing up blood. I take a kitchen knife from the wall. I want to completely ruin her creamy belly. I stab her lower belly under her leaking navel, her smooth skin is no match for my sharp knife. Three more stabs to either side of her abdomen and to her upper belly. Blood everywhere, the creamy texture of her belly skin in not even visible anymore. I slowly insert the knife in what’s was left of her navel and leave it there. One more cough and Claudia's gone.
I keep the pencil as souvenir, a little of Claudia’s navel flesh is still attached to it.
Three gone, two to go

It’s time to choose my next victim, as I look at the other room I notice that there is only one girl remaining, “this is strange, I’ve paid for 5 girls”.
Suddenly a voice comes from a speaker “don’t worry sir, because of your contribution to our club we have prepared a surprise for you but we will leave it for last. I’m sure you will like it”
Wow this sure is unexpected, better go and kill the next girl fast, I can’t wait to know about my surprise.
While I’m lost in thinking what this surprise could be, the door opens and a short, blond haired girl enters the room, she is wearing a sport bra and shorts, her belly bared. “these guys really knows how to please me”. The girl’s name is Giorgia, she is short and her belly is rather muscular but not as much as to make it unattractive. Her navel is a shallow inne with a prominent upper rim. As I look closer I notice that she is also wearing a very small piercing. Differently from the previous girls, Giorgia’s body is covered in freckles and tiny little moles, two of which are positioned right above her belly button. I’m finding this peculiarity very attractive.
Now that she is laid on the table, the upper rim of her navel is no more covering it and I can admire all the intricates folds inside, helped by the fact that it’s not a deep belly button at all.
I know that I said that I wanted to end her fast, but know I really want to enjoy torturing her as much as I can. She is crying but not desperately, maybe she thinks she have some kind of chance at surviving. Let’s see if I can take advantage of this.
“Now my dear, compared to the other girls you may be very lucky” I say as I take a long ice pick from the wall. She looks puzzled. “I will use this very thin ice pick to stab you, I will do it only once and you will be the one to choose the spot on your body” She starts to tremble but she knows that if she choose the right spot she might be able to surve.
“So you can choose between these spots”, I say as I come closer to her, “Your neck…” the ice pick pressing firmly on her throat, “your chest” the sharp blade pressed between her tits, “maybe your stomach” the ice pick slowly descending on her trembling body, “or… your belly button” now the point is exactly where I want it, in the center of her naked navel. Of course my game is to let her choose her navel deliberately but little she knows that her belly hole will be perforated anyway.
She looks terrified as she starts wondering which choice will allow her to survive this day. She starts to imagine how her body would react to each possible stab, she pictures herself choking in her own blood as her throat is perforated… or dying on the spot as her heart is punctured. She considered being stabbed in the stomach for a while but she starts to imagine the consequences of the acids being released in her abdomen. “Stab me in my belly button, this is my choice… please make it quick”
“As you wish” with a satisfied smile on my face I place the tip of the ice pick at the exact centre of her navel not even minding to remove the shining belly ring. As I apply pressure her belly becomes concave at first, the hard knot of tissue trying to resist but with a little more pressure her navel gives way and the blade pierces her belly. Giorgia’s screams fills the room as she arches her back offering her navel to me even more.
I don't want to inflict too much damage so I remove the pick before it’s halfway in. I admire my work as blood starts to fill the swallow depression of her navel and descends down her lower belly in a thin stream.
“argh this is painful… my… my belly button is like on fire… please take me to the hospital now”
I smile as I slowly cut her sports bra down the middle to release her small and firm breasts “sorry Giorgia, I’m afraid I can’t do that”. She starts to trash and move trying to free herself “but you told me…”. I close her mouth with a tape not wanting to hear her complains.
I take my time to massage her breasts, bite her nipples, licking around the areola, her skin tastes really good! I notice that her navel is not bleeding anymore so I take a cloth and I start to clean her lower belly from the blood. I put the cloth around my finger and with big pleasure I start to also clean her navel, she is not liking the treatment at all because she is thrashing against the bindings even more. Giorgia’s navel, now completely cleaned from the blood looks identical to before, only with a deeper vertical gash in the middle that it’s almost splitting it in two halves.
I’ve enjoyed this girl enough. I’ve left Michela’s and Claudia’s bellies almost intact and I really want to see Giorgia’s guts coming out of her fit belly. But I want to try something different.
This time I put the scalpel to her left hip bone and with firm pressure starts to cut her belly horizontally between her navel and the top line of her shorts, all the way to the right bone. Giorgia’s screams are contained by the tape but all her muscles are in tension trying to free her body from the agony I am inflicting her. Now I can see her intestines starting to press on the cut and coming out from Giorgia’s belly very slowly. I decide to let her enjoy this experience to the fullest, releasing her from the bindings I kick her down the table and she hits the ground flat on her belly.
Putting herself up on her knees, she is desperately trying to put her intestines back in but her efforts are completely vain. There’s blood everywhere and she is losing consciousness fast. I’m enjoying watching her agony. She resisted a lot, but now she lies on her back, dead, her hands still pressed on the lower belly with guts all around it.
Now it’s time to collect another piece for my collection. I take her corpse back to the table. I carefully remove her navel piercing and rest it between her tits. Now with absolute precision I cut with the scalpel around her belly button and I remove it completely with all its attachments leaving a bloody hole at the center of her belly. This will be the most precious piece of my collection, a complete detached belly button with a knife cut at its center.
As the personnel remove Giorgia’s body from the room, I am excited for the announced surprise that is coming.

Sorry it took me so long to finish this one but I had a little lack of inspiration. I hope you will enjoy the last part, it is longer than the previous ones and I think is also the best one. Please let me know your comments as it took me a lot of time to write this one
I will also like to write the next one together with someone.
As the next and final girl is forced to enter the room by the men escorting her, I cannot believe my eyes. In front of me stands Maria, the only girl I’ve ever loved and also the only one who broke my heart several times by cheating on me repeatedly. She now stands in front of me wearing a pair of tight low waist jeans and a white tank top cropped just under her small breasts. Her belly is obviously bared, that white, creamy belly that i’ve stroked so many times, that i’ve kissed and licked for hours. Her navel staring at me, inviting me to poke it and lick it for one more time. Maria always loved to show her belly, she knows how attractive it is and she loved how mens used to stare at her whenever she wears a crop top.
She is obviously shocked as much as myself: “You… what are you doing here? What is happening? Who are these people ?” she is definitely scared as hell, I can tell by her trembling voice and by her arms wrapped around her own belly.
“Well I’m sorry we have to see each other for the last time here… because you’re my special gift” I say as I get closer to her and start to stroke her long brown hairs. “You’re here to be killed and It will be a great pleasure for me to get revenge on you after so many years”
Her eyes now staring at me in shock, she is scared and confused, she tries to say something but she’s blocked by fear.
“I will enjoy our last night a lot” I say as my finger points at her belly and circles her belly button “I will enjoy tasting your navel for one last time…. it used to be your best weapon to hypnotize me…” For me Maria’s navel has always been the sexiest part of her body, an oval innie, deep enough to see a lot of intricate folds inside it “ but after tonight it will only be a bloody leaking hole in your belly”
I twist my index hard in her navel but this just gives her a different idea “listen… why don’t you just fuck me like you used to do? we can spend this night together and many others after this” she is now circling her belly button and I’m like hypnotized by it once again “come on I know you love my belly button… you remember how you used to tease me by poking it, and how this used to draw me wild?…you can have me whenever you want… there is no need to kill me”
I could not resist her anymore… I take her by force and remove her clothes as fast as I can… and before I realize it we are having the best sex of my life… against the walls, on the floor…. I squeeze her tits, bite her nipples, rub her clit, my thumb firmly pressed in the identration of her navel …. She’s now sure that as soon as she will have the chance… she will be able to grab one of the weapons here and she will make her escape.
The lust also catches up to her and she is not able to concentrate on a way to escape as the orgasm approaches. She also did not realize that I’ve laid her on the table as I push my hard cock inside her again and again. Finally she explodes in a wild orgasm and i take my chance to secure her to the table before she can react.
“I know you cannot be trusted Maria, I’m sure you were looking for the opportunity to escape” “No I swear I just want to have sex with you, I want to be with you, just fuck me again please!” her face is changing from confident to scared while she tries to free herself from the bonding, her naked body moving and trashing invitingly, her pussy still wet and dripping sex fluids.
“Today I had my fair share of fun with many different girls” I move to admire all the souvenirs I’ve collected “but with you I have all the intentions to go wild… I just want to make sure you don’t try to hypnotize me again” I take some black tape and place it over her mouth, she tries to say something that I don’t understand, it doesn’t matter anymore.
Tears starts to fill her green eyes as she realize that she is doomed, she will not feel my hands on her body anymore, nor the gentle touch of my fingers on her belly or my hard cock inside her… all that she will feel is pain.
I approach her holding a sharp scalpel, I position the flat side on her stomach, the steel is cold and she’s quivering, breathing heavily, her eyes locked on the scalpel moving on her belly, approaching her navel inch by inch.
“You always knew how attracted I was to your little belly dimple..” I’m circling her innie with my index finger “You always knew that as long as you showed me your belly in one of your many crop tops you could enslave me with your many lies…” I push my index hard inside her navel almost pushing it back to her spine, her eyes staring at me in terror “And you know that here” I twist my finger “is where the pain will start”
Maria remembers well the many times she felt my fingers circling her button, the feeling of my tongue wetting the recess of her sexy innie and how this used to draw her wild with lust, but now she knows that what she will shortly feel in her navel will be totally different.
I give one last twist with my finger, take my time to smell her trembling belly, licking her navel, admiring all the bumps and folds inside, enjoying the taste of her skin for one last time.
The time has finally come, “you’re not going to like this poke my love” I carefully and very slowly position the tip of the scalpel exactly at the center of Maria’s belly button, her eyes staring at me and even with the tape on her mouth I know exactly what she’s thinking “please not my sweet little navel”
As I slowly, very slowly apply pressure, her navel base pushes back, her belly becomes concave trying to resist but soon enough the hard knot gave way and the scalpel invades her belly through her most precious and sensitive spot.
Maria could clearly feel her belly button splitting in two, parting to accept the blade, the sweet feeling of my loving tongue replaced by the sharpest pain she ever felt. She can't believe it, I’ve really stabbed her in the navel !
The scalpel is slowing making its way through Maria’s guts and I’m enjoying this moment to the fullest. For a second I could see Maria’s navel bisected to the base before blood starts to flow from the wound, an image I will remember forever.
Now the scalpel is fully buried in her belly, the blood have filled her navel depression and now overflows down her lower belly like a small river. Maria’s screams are covered by the tape but I can tell by looking in her eyes that she is not able to bear the pain. Her wonderful body is trashing wild, her belly moving side to side, her small breast bouncing with every movement. She used to hypnotize me using her belly button, now I’ve used her sexy inne to inflict her the punishment she deserved.
I leave the scalpel buried in her naked belly, wanting to give a little attention to her breasts that are still bouncing and covered with sweat.
“You think that perforating your navel would be enough for me for a payback?” I pinch her left nipple “It’s not even close”
Maria thoughts are obfuscated by the waves of pain coming from her belly, but she knows that more of it is coming as she sees me taking a knife from the wall and approach her chest once again. Tears runs down her cheeks as she realize that she will be dead soon enough.
I squeeze her left breast as hard as I can and after releasing it I place the tip of the knife on her nipple. As I push down the knife pierces the nipple through its center and disappear in her flesh.
Maria feels the knife invading her body once again as she tries to scream with all the strength she have left. She feels her nipple giving way and the blade invading the flesh of her breast
I know that soon she will not be able to feel pain anymore due to shock and blood loss so I have to be quick. I take the knife out of her left breast, pinch her right nipple with my fingers, pulling it a bit and with a swift movement I cut it free from her body. Blood erupted from the wound where seconds ago was her sensitive nipple and splashed on her chest. Maria’s body, covered with sweat and blood is now only able to spasm and tremble.
“See? All these years using your body to take advantage of me, and now you don’t have your precious belly button anymore and no nipples either” I throw her detached piece of meat to the ground “Now there are only two things left to do”
Maria is very weak but this will not help her to feel some more pain. And this one will be a very special kind of pain.
Moving to her waist line I slowly start to massage her clit with two fingers, lubricated with blood coming from her ruined navel. She moans clearly due to the pain but I prefer to imagine that she moans for my touch. After a couple of minutes of this massage, I take her wet clit between my fingers and with another swift movement I cut it free with the knife.
A sharp and unbearable pain runs through Maria ruined body as she uses her last bit of strength to arch her back, the scalpel still buried in her navel shines like a conqueror flag.
“Now you really lost everything you used to use against me”
Maria eyes widened at the sight of her severed clit between my finger but all she could do is roll her eyes back. The pain from her belly, pussy and breast is mixed together in a single wave.
I release her wrist and ankles from the bindings, of course she is not able to move anymore. I also remove the tape from her mouth and blood flows from her lips. I move her body to the edge of the table to have her head dangle from the top of it.
Holding her head from behind it I kiss her with passion one last time “Time to say goodbye” Her absent eyes looking at me as I slowly cut her throat with the knife and blood flows down her neck. Maria’s body spasm, her belly trembles, the scalpel in her navel giggles, her eyes rolls back as life flows out of her. Maria is dead.
I take my time to admire my work, the body I was never able to resist now lies naked in front of me, dead. The sexy breasts I used to lick are now just two pieces of bloody meat.. Her white creamy belly, that used to tremble with every caress now lies still, also covered in blood. Least but not last, her navel, the sexiest part of Maria’s body, the precious jewel that centered her belly is now erupting blood with a blade buried at its center.
I slowly remove the scalpel from her, I lick it, tasting the blood that comes from her once precious sweet spot.
I collect all of the souvenirs taken from the other girls as I prepare to leave.
I caress Maria’s belly and kiss her stomach one last time before leaving. I’m sure the people who have organized all of this will take good care of her body. They will probably have fun with her before opening her up to remove her organs. Or they will just throw her corpse to wolves. Not of my concerne.
A week have passed since my night at the club, no need to say my best night ever. I still have clearly in mind the image of all the girls I’ve slain.
Someone knocks at my door to deliver a small package. There is a card on top of it with written: Thanks for choosing the services of our club, we will wait for your return. Here is a special gift from us to help you remember your experience.
I quickly open the package and with my great delight I see a piece of formaldehyde and inside it two tiny pieces of meat. I immediately recognise the two halves of Maria’s bisected navel, all the bumps and folds inside still visible. They’ve clearly done a good job removing it from her belly with all the attachment.
I place my new gift on the table beside my bed.. I will admire Maria’s navel every night before sleep


I really enjoyed it. The grammar wasn’t bad for a non native speaker. Check out some of my stories on here and let me know what you think.

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