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A First time for Everything.

Ava was excited, she'd always been one of natures tomboys, even for an eleven year old the flat chested girl had barely registered that boys were looking at her differently now and she did her best to hide it in baggy clothing or a bit of rough and tumble play. It had been a few weeks since they'd nicked some adult magazines from the neighbor's trash. Rather graphic old spank rags with crisp pictures of much older girls in compromising positions with one or even two other men. The local gang of boys had accepted the girl as part of their group and the little filth rags were stashed in an old rickety shed deep in the woods behind the houses. It wasn't much but to the gang it was home, their own little club house filed with the detritus of youthful rebellion and the hub of their games. Ava had been talked into meeting one of the older boys out at the clubhouse alone they always teased about acting out what they saw in the magazines, and a little goading and accusations of being a chicken was all it took to get her alone to experiment.

Wilson always stared at Ava just a little too long. Although she was 'one of the boys' she was also very much not a boy. Wilson had been one of the ones that had stolen the old porn magazines and had brought them to the clubhouse for all of 'The Losers' (that's what they called themselves) to enjoy. The boys' dicks got long and hard and they didn't know why, but after seeing the porn magazines one of them figured it was to put in one of the dark, mysterious holes they had seen in the gashes between the older girls legs. Wilson had always had a thing for being curious about things. When he was younger, he wanted to know what it would be like to kill something, so he found some kittens and killed them, one by one in different ways, hanging them, drowning, cutting them open. He had done it in the woods and no one had known. He found a stray dog a year later and hung it. He then found another one and had cut its throat and it was thrilling. He had gotten hard over it and now with Ava there, he was wondering what it would be like to do a person.

The rest of the boys were on various summer vacations this week, so it was just Wilson and Ava around and they both ended up at the clubhouse. He found Ava, leaned over the table, staring at the photos, touching herself through her crotch when he walked up. He didn't say anything at first, just watching her touch herself and what she was doing.

The preteen tried very hard not to make too much noise as she rubbed her tiny little bean while flipping through the pages then back again. She especially liked the ones where the man were holding the girl by the throat and was curious about the ones where it looked like the guy had his cock all the way up some teenager's ass. Her pants were unbuttoned and tugged down just far enough to make it easier to masturbate without too much struggle. having tugged her panties aside and pumped her tiny eleven year old fingers in and out of her ripe little peach. Once in a while when she was particularly wet she'd teasingly poke at her little ass but recoiled when it stretched a bit too much or whenever the twinge of pain from stretching her hymen made the girl's legs quiver. She was utterly oblivious to Wilson spying on her at the moment as she read the accompanying perverted stories.

Wilson just stood there, his dick getting harder. He touched the knife he had in his pocket and it occurred to him that this was the time and the moment. The other boys were gone. They were all by themselves in this forest and rotting shack and no one would hear. He quietly took a few steps back and then made a coughing noise as if he was just walking up. He wanted to see what Ava would do, her fingers buried in her own wet twat. "Oh, uhh, hi Ava," he said, trying to act innocent but he could already feel a wave of lust and power coursing through him, as if driven by something basic. There's a scent in the air that if he were older he would have identified with girl lube.

The little pony-tailed brunette stood up quickly trying to close the magazine and haphazardly tugged her panties back in place, well almost.. one of those drenched little cunt lips was caught outside the fabric and the blue cotton began do darken from her wetness. Still that wouldn't have been as bad as what happened next. the combination of gravity and an upright posture made her loose fitting jeans sag and pool around her knees right after the sharp high pitched "Hi, Um.." she looked down and scrambled to pull them back up again. "Like you guys don't do it I've seen Chris and the other boys wanking their, things in here too." the girl said as she struggled to fix her panties and button the loose pants.

Wilson walked up and in, not saying anything, just looking at Ava with an intense, but faraway, almost glassy look. He takes the knife out of his pocket, still sheathed in its leather carrying case. It looks large because it is. His dad gave him a military knife for Christmas the year before and he knew it was sharp – he had tested it on a deer he had shot illegally, cutting open its throat and watching as it gasped and died. He had nearly cum then, feeling godlike, powerful, but he didn't. He was only a year older than Ava. Sure he had jerked off, cum. But this was different. He stopped and grabbed her hands, gently, stopping her from buttoning her pants. He gave her an intense look and instead made her hands, still holding her pants to push them down off her body. He pressed her hands so it caught one edge of her panties. He was breathing fast and it was clear from Ava's view that he was erect, a giant tentpole in his pants. He turned her around and they both stared at a man and woman having sex. "Don't…don't you want to ….want to know what it feels like?"he breathes into her ear, heavy.

Horny, Immature and frustrated at having to stop before "It" happened Young Ava Gray glanced at the magazine again then to Wilson's growing erection. She didn't much "like" the boy in that way, well he was a bit odd but not unattractive. Her young mind was weighing the pros and cons of it all while her legs had other plans and shifted from side to side to work her pants and those little blue panties, ripe with the scent of her preteen cunt down her legs and stepped out of them taking her shoe with it. The freckles from her face extended over the rest of the girl's petite body too. The Losers had their own connect the dots jokes about Ava from the time they got tossed out of the community pool for rough housing. Hormones finally made the decision for her as She stood naked from the waist down. "Just.. no kissing, Not like we're boyfriend and girlfriend you know?"

"No kissing," he promised. His heart was racing. He was going to do two things today that he had never done before. He quickly took off his shirt and tossed it aside. He was twelve, flat chested, smooth. He then undid his pants quickly, pushing down his white underwear, letting his pink erect cock pop out of his pants. Already it was twitching and there was a little shiny droplet of precum on him. He had a few pubes there, just growing around the base of his cock, and he began to breathe fast. He touched her bottom and his cock twitched and he gave a moan, almost releasing right there. He didn't know what to do at all, so he looked at the pictures on the table. "She's bent over the table," he says. "And she has her butt up," he adds.

Ava pulled her t shirt over her head so it showed off the tiny little mosquito bite tits she was growing and got down on all fours. Head down on the stack of stolen palates and mattress arrangement of the couch the kids had built. She thrust her bare ass into the air and did her best to imitate the lewd pose she'd just been rubbing her little glistening gash to. "Do it like this Okay, and …" Ava reached between her legs touching and spreading her pussy. "This one don't get any stupid ideas about sticking it in my butt."

"Ugh, no," he said. He thought the idea of fucking her in her poop-hole was disgusting. Instead he got behind her on the mattress. They had managed to get a mirror in there, where they could both see each other. It was broken and was difficult to carry in without cutting themselves, but they managed to do it. Wilson was panting loudly now, his cock now searching for the opening. He thrust forward, blindly in eagerness and he almost did put it in her butt hole twice. Then to his surprise, she grabbed his hard cock and stroked it, then guided it toward her hole. She pushed there and he felt the warmth, the wetness and he gulped. His knife was still nearby, just within arms reach of the table and he panted, trying to steel himself to do it. "Do… do you think it'll hurt?" he asks her, panting. She can see his flush face, sweating, how weird he looks, how not normal but then she looks back like a cat in heat.

Ava didn't care how much it was going to hurt, that was what was endearing about the little tomboy, always doing first and thinking later. She could feel the uncut tip of Wilson's young pick being pealed back by her tight folds, straining against the thin membrane of her maidenhead as she encouraged the older boy to push harder by kneading his balls. The eleven year had in fact only a few little darker hairs on that peach fuzz covered slit, you could count them on one hand but none of that mattered right now not when she was trying to lose her virginity so easily. "Push harder like taking off a plaster okay?" The clench of her youthful muscles must have felt glorious as the wall finally tore and Wilson plunged deep into the tomboy all at once causing her to squeeze the kid's balls rather uncomfortably.

"AHHhhhgawddd…." gasps Wilson loudly. In the mirror, Ava can see his face go blank, his mouth hanging open, lost in what he's feeling. He takes his cock out, tentatively and then pushes in again and he nearly explodes inside of her again. He's lost control now and he feels like he's not going to last long at all. His right hand fumbles along the table, trying to find the knife, his fingers clumsy because of the pleasure radiating from his groin. He manages to get the clasp open and he can feel the cooler, rubber handle and he pulls the knife out, setting it on the table. He begins to rock in her, slowly at first. A line of drool comes out of his mouth and lands on her little ass. He can smell her cunt now and he starts to thrust in her, rabbiting, not wanting to lose this feeling, driven by something. He just KNOWS that this is what he's supposed to do. It feels right and natural, something that he's supposed to do. The song of life sings in his body and he begins to push her down, hard, fucking her with abandon, each thrust bringing his twelve year old, swinging balls in contact with the warmth of her slit, burying himself. "Ahh AHH AHH AHH AHHHHHH!" he cries out as he thrusts.

With her hands clutching at an old filthy cushion Ava was moaning as well the initial shock of her hymen being torn was replaced by the sudden surge of pleasure when Wilson's cock twitched and slammed inside the preteen like a jack hammer. his young smooth sack slapping against the kid's clit while he pumped his hips desperately against her upturned young cunt letting him drive deep inside. It wasn't like she imagined from reading the old magazines, and probably felt even better if you really liked the guy but the relentless pounding had it's own kind of charm and Ava was loving every lewd second of it, she didn't even notice the little red streaks of blood on her inner thighs or more importantly whatever the older boy was messing with on the table beside them.

She tried to recall some of the dirty banter she'd been reading but between the moans and wet slapping of two young horny preteens all she could manage to say was , "Fuck! Deeper.. Please." It must have sounded stupid and cliche Ava was blushing in embarrassment as their frantic fucking made the little shack creak. The worst of it was behind her, each successive pump made the dull ache of her virgin twat lessen and the twisted burning pleasure inside the little tween grew more and more as if increase of apatite grew by what it fed on.

Wilson couldn't last long. There was no way a virgin twelve year old was going to last long pounding in a eleven year old cunt. His hand gripped the knife and yet he was too distracted, to needy to stop. HIs desire to fuck and cum overrode his decision to kill, and he exploded in her with a force and a fury. 'NHHHHHHAaa….NGHHHHhHHHhAAA….UNGHHHHhhHHAAaaa!' he screamed, thrusting and holding in her. His vision exploded in white stars and there as nothing else, save for the pulsing of his cock and the emptying of his young sperm deep into her hole. He lunged forward, as deep as he could, instinctually getting as close to her womb as he could get. Ava slid forward a few inches and the boy's face was screwed up in agony and release, his mouth open, his eyes closed as wave after wave of pleasure came over him.

The sensation of Wilson's release is what finally triggered the preteen tomboy, the way he drove himself against her pert upturned ass as rivulets of warm spunk poured into her virgin quim. Ava felt herself bucking in return as "It" came over her the tingling sensation running up her spine and directly into the overstimulated girl's brain feeling her first real climax wash over the lewd young girl as Wilson's balls contracted against her sopping wet slit as the two lewd little brats ground their intimate organs against one another. "Yes Yes It's Coming IEEEE!!" she squealed loud enough to startle the birds outside before the trashing humping motions of instinct overtook her young body. Deep in her mind Ava was rethinking being "one of the guys" as she had already begun to imagine the other members of their gang in similar circumstances. After all it didn't mean anything if they didn't kiss right?

Wilson's hand was on the knife and as he rode the orgasms down, her felt the hardness of the knife handle in his hand. He was still rock hard in her, spewing in her. There wasn't time, and it wasn't quite like he imagined. He had to do it, now while there was still time. HIs hand reached into her hair, pulling her head back in the throes of orgasm, and then he took the knife to her neck and began to saw, deeply, going back and forth, opening up her neck like she was the deer and he held in her. He was still panting, cumming, but his mouth was open, his eyes were wide and he said, "FUCKING YES DIE YOU FUCKING CUNT!". He didn't know where the words came from, or the anger, it was like was channeling another instinct as he continued to spurt smaller into her, but still spurting.

The smallest of shrieks was cut short as Wilson yanked back Ava's hair and dragged the blade across her throat severing her vocal cords and arteries as the now thrashing little tween was practically dancing on the young psychopath's cock. Blood erupted from the ragged gouge across her throat and splattered across old mirror on the wall before pumping out and coating her smooth flat chest. Her hips now moved with more force than before and skinny pale arms momentarily reached out into the air as her eyes rolled back in the eleven year old's head. Her lungs heaved making her small chest rise and fall as muscles fired off and spammed giving her young murderer quite a lewd show.

It took nearly a minuet of the most exquisite death throw cunt spasms one could hope for before Ava's body exsanguinated there on the makeshift couch. Her tight virgin cunt finally seizing up one last time as her heartbeat stopped and lungs hiccuped their last gargling breath before falling slack and face planting back onto the blood soaked mattress. Wilson could see his victim lewdly still posed with her head cocked to the side, eyes wide and starring off into nothingness while her tongue hung from her lips lifeless. A warm sensation against The boy's balls and a new acrid scent cued him into the fact that Ava's bladder had relaxed enough to make her expired body piss herself with his dry-heaving cock still inside.

Wilson cried out in shock, still hilted in her. He felt her head get heavy and dropped the knife. He was almost finished, but her cunt clenched around his cock like a socket, not willing to let go. It was the best thing he had ever done, and he vowed that he would do it again. He watched her drool, watched her die. "Fuck Ava, die die die for me, die on my FUCKING COCK LIKE A FUCKING WHORE" the words spilling out of him, wondering where they came from. He felt her heave and gasp, trying to get air into her body now that her blood was spilled everywhere. He pushed in her harder, making sure he was in her and he could feel every last spasm. Finally she splashed his balls and died.

Wilson pulled out of her with a slurp, his cum leaking out of her still warm body. He laid next to her on the mattress, watching her still spasm in death throes, petting her hair and whispering to her. "I love you Ava," he said, watching her eyes go glassy, watching her eyes dilate and brushing her hair away from her freckled face. He hugged her in a horrible afterglow until he was sure she was dead and even then, he didn't move for a long time until she was only lukewarm to the touch. The mattress he would burn, the body he would hide in a cave. And there, in that little hutch, a serial killer was born. He wouldn't ever stop, never caught until he died, the word 'Ava' scratched on a dirty piece of parchment seventy years later.

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