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Kate was a beautiful 20 year old girl with dark hair, blue eyes and pale unblemished skin. She was short and thick standing around 5’3” with wide hips and a long torso. Her belly button was low on her body and her torso made a beautiful arc from her hairless vagina up to her large almost D cup breasts.

She had grown up strict and was out on her own now. She lived in a small single wide trailer and quickly put her newfound privacy to work. She had been focused sexually on her own body for years. As a little girl she loved playing doctor and pretending to be wounded. She loved the idea of squirming in pain. As her teenage years came and went she realized she was asexual. She never cared for boys and she certainly wasn’t attracted to women. She had developed quite an addiction to masturbating throughout high school.

As she gained her independence she realized she could use her body and her addiction to make money. She was raking in money as a cam girl with her striking features. Over time she started doing more and more fetish videos. She would pour hot wax into her deep belly button or push scissors into herself enough to draw blood. Eventually she found Fetnoir and fantasy snuff producers. She did a few videos for some American producers as a model and loved the role of being shot or stabbed.

One day she awoke to a message in her inbox from a new film producer. She hadn’t heard of them before but they money they offered was very good. Better still, the location was in her state. She had never heard of someone offering this kind of money for custom work, but it did say it was going to be “involving.” Never one to turn down a challenging role, she agreed to meet them that weekend at their studio.

She pulled up to the address that they gave her. It was an old warehouse in a shady part of town between two sets of rail road tracks. She walked down the narrow alley way to the entrance. She tried the door but it was locked so the girl knocked on the door. After the second knock the door buzzed and lurched open. She looked up at a CCTV camera above the door and gave a shy smile and wave.

A man in a suit greeted her and led her to a small office area. It was lavish compared to the way the building looked from the road. A thick mahogany desk sat in the center of the room, and behind it an older woman in her early 60s in a business suit. Her blonde hair was in an up Do from 30 years prior. She clicked her fingernails on her desk

“Come, sit. I need to ask you some things. You’re very pretty. We might be able to make a good amount of money together.”

As Kate sat down, her white sun dress exposed her luscious milky white thighs.

“Some girls do this for money, or drugs. Others do it as a step towards becoming an actress. Some do it because they like it. Which one is it for you?”

“Uhm, what do I call you miss?” Kate asked sheepishly.

“I don’t give out my name to just anyone. You can call me miss, or master if you prefer.”

Kate scoffed a little at the ladies arrogance. “Okay miss. I like to think I started because of the money, but it’s me really. I dream of being stabbed or stabbing a partner in the belly. I dream about the blood and pain. That’s why people pay for my videos. I’m not selling a lie. I haven’t admitted that to many people.”

“Good. That will make this easier on you. The second you stepped in that door you were as good as dead. You do have a choice in the matter though. We can make you rich beyond your dreams. We can give you what you want, we can give you a release like no other. That is, if you play along. If you fight back you will be rewarded with eternal torture and an ending not becoming of your fantasy.”

Kate was confused and trying to figure out what was happening “What do you mean if I play along?”

“We’re funded by the richest people, some of them are in the government. Some of them come here themselves to experience the fun, others just like to watch. You said you had dreams of stabbing other people, specifically bellies. A customer has paid well for a few disembowelments. This particular video would have you do that to an unwilling girl, a willing girl, and then yourself.”

“But you said I could get rich, how will I enjoy anything if I’m dead?” Kate asked aggressively.

“My love, you will gain the world knowing you beloved parents aren’t deposited across the county in different dumpsters. You will know your sister is safe in her dorm. As a matter of fact, here’s a key card to her building. Would you like me to snap a selfie with her liver? We could remove it and show it to her if you’d like……. Or, you can follow that same curiosity that lead you to this literal dead end. Find out what it feels like once and for all.”

Kate was filled with anger and fear for her family. She had tried so hard to escape them but she still cared. She thought about her life. She couldn’t do this her whole life. She wouldn’t be beautiful forever. Kate wanted to die beautiful and bloody. She swallowed back her tears and defeatedly said

“Okay. I’ll do it. When do we start?”

“I thought you’d come around. Every room is filmed from multiple angles. Also there are vibrators under your cot. We encourage sexual release of tensions. You’ll be bedding with your willing scene partner tonight. Maybe you’ll get to know each other. We will start tomorrow at noon. Oh and one more thing, I prefer master.”

Two men in suits and balaclavas entered the room. “This way. Easy or hard.”

Kate stood up and walked over to them. “I’m not an easy kind of girl, but it doesn’t look I have much choice here.”

They led her through a series of prison style doors and down a hallway that lead to what looked like holding cells. “Here it is, #17. You’re cute as hell. I’m looking forward to see what they make you do.”

“Thanks, I guess” Kate mumbled.

As they shoved her into the cell she was greeted by a nude girl drawing on a scratch pad.

“Hi, I’m Rowan.”

Kate extended her hand “I’m Kate. Nice to meet you, maybe it would be better under different circumstances.”

She looked over her cell mate. She was about 5’5’ and had D sized breasts and a bit of a gut at 150 pounds or so. She had a beautiful face though that reminded one of a blue eyed Audrey Hepburn and a stark white complexion.

“I don’t mind. I’m here to die after all. My dad is a senator and I caught him watching these videos when I was 14. I’m 20 now and all I could think about when I saw that video is how much I wish I was the one being stabbed. I’ve been here for two weeks since he set up my “abduction.” This is my birthday present.”

“Wow. I wish I was as certain as you. You, uhh, you want it in your belly too?” Kate asked surprised that other girls were this into her fetish.

“Yeah. I got caught pushing a metal skewer into my belly a few years ago. My parents are very smart and they realized the only way to avoid political sabotage was to let me finish myself off, in a private kind of way. They’re kind of generous in a way. Most parents would be upset that their girl wants to die for an orgasm. Mine just want me gone. I really want it in my belly button the most.”

“Wow, the leading class is so fucked up here. I’m being blackmailed to do this, not that I don’t want to experience this, but I thought I’d do it as an old lady. Not 20. Then again it’s for the best. We will get to live out a dream without burden. I have no choice technically, plus they said that one of you would be willing and one of you wouldn’t be. I’m supposed to be the one who stabs you, then I guess I do myself or they do something.”

“Wow they only told me that I would get to choose how, not much more. So you’re going to be my killer. I’m grateful. I hope you make it hurt. I want to suffer. I feel like I’ve lived too well. I need to make things right with the world. I live with a lot of guilt. I know what my dad has done to get his money and I’ve lived on it for years.”

The two pale brunettes embraced and slept together that night. They held each other tight knowing they would both be dead this time tomorrow. Their dinner was a protein shake. They had to keep their bowels clean for the video. They talked about their deaths and had sex several times. It was hard to sleep on the last night of their lives. Finally it came.

They awoke to two more glasses of protein laden water being shoved through the glass.

“An hour to showtime girls.”

They drank and mulled about nervously before the guards came to fetch them. They were lead down through an air lock and to a shower room. There they were forced to shower clean and then go on to a makeup room. They powdered their faces and did their hair and lead them out naked into the next room.

Kate stepped into the filming studio and froze at the sight in front of her. A girl was chained to a large X frame with bright lights illuminating her face and torso. They had some sort of fucking machine aimed at her vagina that had a large dildo on its end. Kate recognized the girl from the news. Montana Shilling was all over it for the last month. The 18 year old ginger girl had been abducted after a concert and the case had gone cold. The girl was about 5’4” with small A cup breasts and a bit of a belly that was mostly baby fat still. Her freckled pale belly reflected the bright lights. Her wrists and ankles were bruised from weeks of captivity.

“Hello again girls.” Said the Master from behind them. “I see you recognize our third player, I hope you are able to do your job Kate. They want you to give her just one. A jab to the belly just below her navel and right in the center. If they can get her to cum after the stab their going to mail her a clip to show them how kind I am. Her father should have paid me what he owes. I hope you can give them a show. Pay attention to the TelePrompter. You can take some liberties but do as you’re told. Lives depend on it. Break a leg.”

Rowan and Kate walked over to the center of the room in front of the teenager. There were two large double sided knives on a tray in the center. There was plastic stretched nearly and professionally across the floor. She looked back at the prompts, one for Rowan one for her. Rowan’s said “kneel on the Red X” she took her place. Cameras were all around, even one on a drone.

Kate’s prompt said “Place the tip of the machine into the girl. Stab her. Pull the blade out. Look into the camera with excitement.”

Kate was hesitant to stab this young girl. “She hasn’t even grew her breasts in all the way” she thought to herself.

Kate walked over towards her and the fucking machine whirred into life. She guided the dildo to the young girls vagina. It was much larger than her virgin vagina. She pushed the tip in and the machine locked in place and slowly started moving in and out. The girl was whimpering and trying to scream around her small ball gag. The torque of the machine was nothing for the small girl and soon her Hyman was ruptured and a small amount of blood showed on the dildo. Kate waited a second and rubbed the girls clit.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to be a murderer, but I’m going to die right after you are. Please take some solace in that. Try to let it feel good.” The girl on the X blinked at her with a confused look. Tears filled Hazel eyes.

Kate took the blade and positioned it below the girls small innie navel which was around chin level with Kate. Montana was peering down over her underdeveloped chest with wide eyes. Kate pushed slowly. She had always dreamed of someone slowly punching a blade through her guts while being penetrated. She would give this girl the death she wanted for herself. The young gingers belly dipped around the blade point. The pressure continued and the girl tried to suck her belly in away from the blade. Kate was pushing further still until she felt the blade reach a new resistance. The girl had no more room to suck in. She shoved a little more and reached up and punched the girl in the upper belly. She couldn’t suck in with the wind knocked out of her and just as she lost control of her muscles Kate shoved the knife in with all her might.

The blade popped and ripped through the young girls lower abdominal muscles and though to her guts and onward puncturing her vaginal cavity. The fucking machines dildo hit against the blade inside the girl. Kate left it there. She figured the girl would be in ecstasy. She knew that she would love to feel a knife deep in her own pussy. She looked up at the girl who was in anything but ecstasy. She was firmly biting down on the ball gag and making a snarling noise around it. Every time the dildo hit the blade buried in her guts she would let out a whimpering “unf.” Kate sawed downward as she withdrew the blade. Blood pumped out of the newly made hole in her belly and covered her crotch, running down onto the dildo that was unrelentingly pounding the small girl. Kate stood back taking in what she just did to this innocent girl. The wide blade left a huge gash in the girls belly. She was fighting against her bindings

Kate found herself extremely aroused at the sight of the bloody girl. So much so she put the tip of the blade to her own belly and started masturbating while looking down at the bloody knife. She realized what she was doing and collected herself. A little of the ginger girls blood was smeared around her wide belly button. She glanced at the prompter “go to Rowan. Do as you wish with her”

Rowan was masturbating hard at the sight of the ginger girl suffering on the cross. One low belly stab while stretched out on the cross seemed amazing to the girl with a death wish. As Kate approached Rowan stood up. “I’ve always thought my belly was gross and pudgy. I want you to bury that blade in it and punish it. Please kill me badly.” Kate walked around behind the slightly chubby girl and placed the blade into her deep belly button. She felt the girls large breasts with her left hand. Rowan put her hands up above her head “now please” she whispered to Kate.

Kate rammed the blade into Rowan’s soft midriff. Her blue eyes shot open and her mouth made a great big “O.” Rowan’s arms slammed down over Kate’s and onto the blade handle.
Kate squirmed free and stood to the side as the larger Rowan struggled to stay standing with the large blade firmly in her belly.

“Hunnnh hhhaaahhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!” The girl couldn’t find her words.

The immense pain and pressure of the knife in her belly was too much for her to comprehend. Her eyes were big and she looked toward Kate. They had agreed for Kate to stab her four times. Once in the belly button, twice below the belly button and to either side, and a final blow to her upper stomach. Kate was holding Rowan up under her right shoulder keeping a clear view of her punctured belly for the cameras, ready to grab the blade and shove it back in to fulfill this girls fantasy.

Kate glanced at the TelePrompter and it read “blue X face forward, NOW.”

“I think I have to let you go, I’m sorry I’m going to put you up on your knees. I’ll help you finish this like we talked about. I promise.”

Kate let the girl down to her knees. Rowan was holding the blade with both hands and making little whimpering cries with every breath. A small stream of blood started dripping down from around the blade.

Montana was squirming in her binds against the unstoppable fucking machine. Her blood had soaked the dildo and she was pumping blood with every thrust. Her guts had started poking through the 3-4 inch vertical gash in her lower belly. Her hips swayed forward and back with the waves of pain and encroaching pleasure. Her mind was reeling from the pain. She retreated into the only thing she had, the sex. Her young body had never even felt a man, but now she knew in her heart she would die. This would be as close as she would get. She focused all she could on her pussy and the friction. Every time it bottomed out against the wound in her vaginal cavity she shuddered with pain and pleasure.

Kate took three steps to the right and stood on the blue X. She couldn’t see anything beyond the lights of the stage. A small cracking sound is all she heard. She looked down to see 4 inches of a 10 inch crossbow bolt sticking straight ahead out of her snow white bellybutton. The pain followed quickly. It felt like the weight of the world was pressing down on her belly button.

“Hmmmph. Hah! Oh god! Oh god, yesssss unnmhhhhh”

Kate took two steps back toward Rowan and fell to her knees. Rowan was still holding the blade still in her belly and was now sobbing and crying.

“W-w-wwwow, y-y-you look great w-w-ahhh, with aaahhhhh-That arrow.” Rowan barely managed to get the words out as she nodded towards Kate’s shaft.

Kate was starting to feel sick with the shafts every jostle. She fell back on her hands with her belly jutting out forward. The shaft wiggled in her guts.

“Pull it hnnnngggg, together.” Rowan said to Kate as she took hold of the shaft with her right hand and tugged it out of the other girl.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhh! Oh god oh god!” Kate said as blood came rushing out of her bellybutton.

“Get this out of me! Now!” Rowan spat out while gripping Kate’s left arm hard.

Kate came to her senses a bit and shimmied over in front of Rowan while holding her bellybutton with her left hand. Blood was dripping through her fingers as her hand slipped back and forth over the wound. She gripped the large blade in Rowan’s belly and pulled back with all her might. Rowan puked clear water all over the floor to her left as the blade lurched free. A torrent of blood shot out of the girls split navel and onto Kate’s leg. They were face to face with their knees at each other’s vaginas. They started stimulating each other with their knees. Rowan leaned her head forward against Kates shoulder. Camera drones hovered all around to provide clear views of the girls.

Montana was cumming hard on the fucking machine. As her moans got louder through the machine pounded further and further inside her. It eventually ripped through the poor girls womb and into her guts which further pushed out of the huge gash in her lower belly. Her hips relaxed as she started going into shock. The machine kept going further and further up into the girl until the pressure against her stomach cavity caused the red haired girl to puke against the ball gag. With nowhere for the bile to go she began to aspirate. The girls body shook violently against her chains for several seconds. All that remained was a slight sway from the machine which was still going.

“Get it in low please” Rowan whispered to Kate. Kate took the large blade and held it horizontally and rammed it into the chubby lower belly of the blue eyed girl. She buried the blade up to the hilt. Rowan sucked in a huge gasp of air and fell over to her side away from Kate with her hands on the blade. She was tugging at it and unable to get a grip as the wooden handle was soaked with her life juices. She started rolling on her back and picking her ass up off the ground.

Kate crawled forward on her hands and knees to try to retrieve the blade from Rowan’s body. As her ass was exposed she heard footsteps from behind and heard another *clack* of the cross bow. A man in all black with a balaclava had walked onto the stage within 3 feet of her and fired the bolt directly into the girls asshole and down towards the ground. The bolt went through the girl and wound up sticking about 5 inches out of her Lower belly just above her pubic hairline.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She let out as she collapsed down onto her elbows with her ass poking up into the air.

Blood hemorrhaged out between her spread ass and down the shaft of the bolt. She flipped over onto her back and tugged at the bolt. The bolt was right through her G-Spot and every tug sent quivers of pain and pleasure up her spine. She looked down at the bolt gyrating around in the air sticking up proudly out of her belly. She kicked her feet and slid up next to Rowan.

The girls started making out and grasped each other’s protruding instruments of death. Rowan slipped her fingers into Kate’s blood soaked pussy and started stimulating her. Kate’s hands were wrapped around the crossbow bolt that stuck a few inches out of her belly. She was tugging it with the rhythm of Rowan’s fingers. Every movement brought her closer to orgasm.

“Ngggghhhh, guh, g-gut me please!” Rowan spit out between waves of pain.

Kate grasped the big knife handle that jutted out from the chubby girls lower belly. She weakly sawed back and forth up the girls belly to connect her two wounds and withdrew the knife with a slurp. Rowan gripped down on Kate’s pussy with her left hand and ripped the bolt from Kate’s midriff as her own guts started slipping out of the gape in her lower belly.

Rowan tossed the bolt and rolled over onto her back while trying to hold her guts inside of the gash that ran from her pubic bone to her belllybutton. She couldn’t stop dry heaving and with each contraction of her torn abdominal muscles, more of her intestines squeezed through the gaping wound. Blood poured out from between the coils of intestine. She peered down over her chest at the damage she had sustained. She knew she was past the point of no return. She slid her left hand down to her clit and started pleasuring herself. Her right hand grabbed a few coils of intestine. As she pulled she heaved and a large section of guts flopped out over her right leg. Some draped over her right flank and some slid between her legs. The masturbation increased and she began to climax under the pile of fatty tissue and intestine that now covered her hand.

Kate was on her back staring up at the stage lights and bleeding from multiple holes in her torso. She glanced toward Rowan who was trying to cum one last time before she bled out. The chubby girl reached her climax as her heart started to enter arrhythmia from the loss of blood pressure. She started seizing and shaking while taking short rapid deaths. Kate hoped the girl’s death satisfied her dark desires.

Two men dressed all in black with balaclavas switched off the fucking machine still inside the dead girl on the cross. One man carried the dead girl over his shoulder while the other swept her wet guts away with a push broom. Kate was clutching her wounds attempting to slow her bleeding and occasionally rubbing some blood down onto her clit. The two men returned and lifted her up onto the X shaped cross and buckled her hands and feet in. The pale blue eyed girls head was swaying back and forth. She was trying hard to not go into shock. She wanted to feel everything.

One man inserted the fucking machine into the young woman’s blood weeping vagina while the other lowered a chain on an industrial winch. At the end of the chain was a large gut hook. One of the men in black left the stage while the remaining one started up the fucking machine. Kate moaned in pleasure and pain. She was really having her fantasy fulfilled. She couldn’t believe how much pleasure she was getting from the pain of the puncture wounds. Every time the dildo hit the puncture in her womb her whole body shuddered. The man noticed how much she was enjoying it and made a hand gesture. The drone cameras came in close and focused on her face and her belly. They allowed the girl to build up multiple orgasms over the next few minutes. Kate was drooling and cumming hard as her lower belly leaked her life blood.

The man in black then took the large gut hook and flipped it around so the rope eye faced down and the large hook also pointed downwards. He looked up at the bloody masochistic girl. He was struck by her beauty as most men were.

“If you pooch your tummy out this will be easier for us both” he whispered up at her.

The blue eye girl managed a nod and a wink. She took a deep breath and tried to make her belly big and round. The man shoved the gut hook down through the hole in her belly button and wiggled it around trying to align the tip with the hole just above her pubic mound. She tried as hard as she could to keep her stomach distended but the foreign object seared pain into her flesh. Finally the man found the hole and twisted the hook through. The giant belly piercing was in her bellybutton with the eyehole for the chain near her sternum and the lower end of the hook poking out forward and away from her. The man hit a button on the industrial winch and it moved on a track away from Kate. The winch was now about 6 feet in front of the girl with the chain making a 45 degree to the ceiling.

Kate’s belly was heaving with the pain of being impaled by the hook. She was still enveloped in pleasure but the pain was so intense it was hard to concentrate on the dildo anymore. The man buckled her into three more straps. One just below her breasts and two more around her upper thighs. His hands slipped with blood as he clasped the belts near her crotch.

“This is the end here. You’re adorable. Our customers will be very pleased. Here’s so you don’t break your teeth from the pain” he whispered as he placed a cloth wrapped popsicle stick in her bite.

She knew what was coming. She saw the winch. She wanted to scream but she knew it wouldn’t help. The man hit the button on the slow industrial winch and walked off. Her first 10 seconds were spent waiting for the winch to loose slack. She tried to focus on the machine still fucking her blood-lubricated vagina instead of the winch which was about to literally tear her belly open. The winch suddenly lost slack and she felt the tension building. As it pulled forward blood squirted out of her penetrated anus and vagina. She glanced down to see her belly distended about 4 inches and slowly stretching more. She bit down hard on the stick. The 20 ton winch was slow and relentless.

Her first scream surprised even her. Her belly was stretched more than 6 inches when the rim of her belly button began to tear. Her muscles and skin were holding back the best they could but the winch continued. Her second scream was uncontrollable as the hook started tearing her belly skin from the bottom. The winch continued on. She twitched and fought against the bindings as the winch slowly ripped up through her belly. She started grunting and crying. Her big beautiful blue eyes shot open. The winch made its final tear and the gut hook swung forward with a large chunk of Kate’s intestines looped over it. Her whole body, finally relieved of the forward tension, smacked back against the x-frame. Her small intestine made a trail from the huge rip in her stomach to the swinging hook and back.

Kate couldn’t handle the pain. She never thought she would still have consciousness through it all. Her heart fluttered as blood poured out of her abdomen. She looked up at her guts hanging in front of her. She rested her chin on her chest and stared down at her ruined torso and waited. She couldn’t even feel the dildo anymore. More guts slid free from her fatty deep tissue. She heaved and her heart failed her, fluttering pointlessly. She shook hard for 10-20 seconds with her large baby blues wide open for the last time. She expired with one final breath.

The headmistress yelled “Cut” as she prepared herself for a long night in the editing room.



Very good story as always, I’m a huge fan of your work, I’ve written a couple of similar stories myself just with a little more focus on the belly button


I always love new content. You should post some of them.

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