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Space Bimbos


They Came From Outer Space! (For Our Balls!)

Some alien girls run out of fuel and crash land on earth. How will they manage to find some more fuel for their ship and get home?

Ff/mm, Space!, Green (and Blue) Skinned Space Babes, Oral, Castration, Objectification, Silly

Annie looked up from her weeding curiously, as an odd whining sound began making itself known. The sound was high pitched, strangely metallic, and relatively distant. At first, anyway.

The odd noise began growing rapidly deeper, louder, and much, much closer, filling the air around her. Annie slapped her hands over her ears as the strange thrumming suddenly seemed to be right on top of her, the sound so loud that it felt like it was pressing in on her skull, then she jumped in surprise when something large and silvery flashed over her, barely higher than the tree tops.

If the girl was surprised by the strange flying (or falling) object, and the noise that accompanied it, it was nothing to her shock at the horrendously loud sound of the thing crashing into the open field just past the small orchard, which was in turn just beyond her little garden. So great was the noise the thing made as it struck the earth that she fell over backward onto the ground, squashing a tomato plant beneath her as she did so.

"What.. what in the world?!" she sputtered, as she got up and absently dusted dirt and vegetable debris from her bottom.

Annie stared at the dust cloud billowing up from the apparent crash site of the.. whatever it was.. with her mouth hanging open in disbelief.

"Pa?" Annie called, without looking back over her shoulder to the house. "Pa? Did you hear that? Somethin' crashed into the field!"

"Pa?!" Annie repeated, louder still, when no answer came, finally tearing her eyes away from the rising dust and looking back at the house. "Hey, pa?!"

"Shoot.." the girl cursed quietly to herself. "Bet he's still sleeping off last night's drunk.."

"I just hope it din't hit nobody, whatever it was.." she mused, as she turned back in the direction of the crash and began slowly walking toward it. "I don't think no-one else was outside the house yet today. Johnny and Billy will be sleeping it off, just like Pa.."

"And Georgie.." Annie said, before going pale and breaking out into a run. "Shoot! Georgie went off in that direction to play this morning!"

The girl, who was apparently in pretty good condition, dashed to the end of her garden, hopped the four foot tall rusty and rather rickety fence with little trouble, and sprinted through the low, tangled branches and dead, fallen limbs of the unkempt orchard.

"Georgie?" Annie called out, as she broke through to the far side of the orchard. "Georgie?!"

The sight that greeted her stopped the girl in her tracks. The thing that had crashed was now clearly visible, at the far end of a long skid mark and shallow crater.

It was a flying saucer, which gleamed silver in the early afternoon sunlight.

"What the..?" she asked, wide eyed, her brother momentarily forgotten.

After staring at the thing for a few seconds, Annie gulped, then began slowly making her way forward again.

"G-georgie..?" she called out, her voice low and cautious. "Georgie, you around?"

She saw no sign of her little brother as she approached the crashed saucer. The thing was tilted at an angle, one rounded edge crumpled and buried into the dirt of the field. She half expected the surface of the saucer to be warm, maybe even glowing hot. She had a vague idea that falling through the atmosphere heated things, like meteors and space shuttles and such, up an awful lot. To her suprise, however, the silver metal, which felt oddly slippery, was quite cool when she reached a hesitant hand out and touched it.

"I can't hardly believe this.." Annie muttered, as she shook her head. "Oh, Georgie.. I hope you ain't squashed underneath of this thing.."

As the girl, whose attention never fully left the strange, silver saucer, walked around it, she discovered that her brother had not, in fact, been crushed beneath the craft when it had crashed. He was standing, facing away from her, looking down at something on the ground in front of him.

"Georgie!" Annie gasped in relief, once she finally saw him, and rushed over to the boy. "Are you alright? You din't get hurt none, did you?"

Georgie didn't answer her. In fact, he didn't seem to notice her at all, even as Annie laid her hands on his shoulders from behind.

"Georgie? You hurt?" Annie asked again, as she came around to his side and looked down at him.

The boy, who was oddly flushed, with his mouth hanging open a little, still didn't respond to his sister, even when she shook him slightly. Annie looked at him in confusion for a moment, then followed the direction of his gaze, curious as to just what could hold his attention so.

What held her brother so enthralled was a plump, bare blue pussy, hairless and smooth.

Said pussy was peeking out from between two shapely blue legs, just visible below the hem of a very, very short mini skirt, which was the same silvery color as the saucer. The legs and skirt belonged to what seemed to be a girl, who was entirely blue, who was laying before them on the ground, on her knees but with her face pressed into the grass, with her rump sticking up in the air.

"Huh?" Annie commented, intelligently, as she took in the sight of the apparently unconscious girl, the unconscious ALIEN girl, before them.

Then she colored, blushing, as she realized just what she AND her little brother were staring at. With a decisive motion of her arms, she moved her hands up to her bother's temples and wrapped her fingers across his eyes, blocking his view of the girl's bare blue crotch. This, finally, seemed to catch his attention.

"Ann.. Annie?" he asked, turning his head, even as his sister kept his eyes covered, trying to look up at her. "What.. what's going on?"

"I.. have no idea." Annie admitted, her tone hopelessly lost. "Did you see the.. the saucer crash?"

"No." her brother said, trying to shake his head despite his sister's hold on it. "I was playing down by the creek, so I only heard it when it hit.. It sure was loud, wasn't it? When I came up here to see what had happened, I saw the saucer first. Then, I saw the g-girl.."

"She is a girl, isn't she..?" Georgie asked, a bit hesitantly. "She sure looks like one.. I mean, I even saw her.. her.."

Annie felt the boy's cheeks heat up beneath her hands as he trailed off.

"Uh, I don't know for sure.." Annie hazarded. "But, I guess so.. Maybe?"

They were interrupted from their speculation by the sound of a low feminine groan. Both Annie and Georgie turned to look (futilely in Georgie's case) at the source of the noise, which was the almost prone girl laying on the ground before them.

The blue girl shifted slightly, which only managed to expose her bare pussy even futher, as she seemed to regain at least some measure of her consciousness, and brought one of her hands up to her head.

"Ughh.." she moaned again, as she rubbed at her face, before turning onto her side and slowly sitting up. "Ohh, fuuu.. That hurts.."

The alien girl, whom Annie could get a much better look at, now that she wasn't laying face down in the dirt, looked more or less human. Mostly, at least. She was dark blue, all over, though the exact tone of her skin varied slightly, depending on its location on her body. It also gleamed (or perhaps glistened) slightly in the light, as if it was slightly translucent and had little reflective bits just beneath the surface. Her scalp was as bare as her sex had been, and her small ears were slightly pointed. A pair of little blue antenna stuck out from just above her forehead, at what would have been her hairline, had she been human. Her antenna were about the size of one of Annie's little fingers, and shaped more or less the same. They were a little thicker and plumper at the end than they were at the root, though, and they bobbed bonelessly in time with the girl's woozy movements.

"Ohh.. I knew letting Gili navigate was a bad idea.." the girl muttered, as she patted herself down, apparently checking for injuries.

She hadn't bothered to look up, yet, and so had not noticed her audience of Annie and (a still finger blinded) Georgie.

"Who.. Who are you?" the girl asked, surprised, when she eventually glanced up to take stock of her surroundings.

Annie and Georgie, who had finally reached up and pried his sister's hands away, just stared open mouthed at the alien girl.

"Uh.. I.." Annie started, before swallowing nervously. "I'm Annie.. and this is my little brother, Georgie."

"You crashed in our field.." she finished, somewhat lamely, as she continued to stare down at the girl. "You.. You speak English..?"

"English? What's that?" the girl asked, bemused, as she returned the stares she was receiving with interest. "I'm speaking Standard."

"But.. we can only speak English, and we can understand you.." Annie said, slowly. "S-shouldn't we be speaking different languages, or somethin'?"

"Uh, no?" the girl said, rolling her eyes. "That's why it's called Standard. Everyone speaks it, everywhere. Duh."

"Oh.. But, not everyone on our planet speaks English.. er, Standard." Annie said, frowning thoughtfully. "Only some do. Everyone else speaks French, or Chinese, or Spanish, or.. or whatever."

"You guys have multiple languages, here?" the blue girl asked, taken a bit aback.

"Huh. Weird." she replied, when Annie just nodded. "Well, whatever. I suppose this planet is pretty back woods. That probably explains it, I guess. Give me a hand up?"

Annie just stared down at the blue girl, who had casually held up her hand, before slowly reaching out her own. The fingers and palm she grasped as she pulled the girl off the ground felt surprisingly normal, despite their odd coloring.

"Oof.. Thanks!" the girl said, as she levered herself off the ground with Annie's help. "I'm Boli, by the way."

"Uh.. Nice to meet you?" Annie replied.

The girl, now that she was standing upright, proved to be a little bit shorter than Annie herself. Her only other clothing (aside from the ridiculously short miniskirt) was a similarly brief tube top, which was also silver, and a pair of small, low heeled silvery boots. The top, due to its size and tightness, only barely managed to keep the girl's considerable assets in check, especially as she stood up and stretched lazily, rolling her shoulders and twisting her upper body back and forth.

Annie noticed her brother staring as the girl nearly popped out of her top, and, with a sigh, covered his eyes once again.

"How.. how come you crashed?" Annie ventured, when the girl finally stopped stretching (and bouncing). "You almost hit our house!"

"Er.. yeah, sorry about that." Boli said, with a little wince. "We ran out of fuel.. We had just enough emergency power to make it to your planet, but only barely.."

"Plus, Kaly's still on her learner's permit." she said, shaking her head, before leaning in close and lowering her voice to nearly a whisper. "She's not very good yet.. Only, don't tell her I said that, okay?"

"This isn't the first time she's crashed, unfortunately.." Boli finished, as she leaned back with a sigh.

"Oh." Annie replied. "Um, do you think your ship is alright? I mean, you guys hit the ground pretty hard.."

"It's probably fine.." Boli said, as she looked past Annie and Georgie toward the ship behind them.

"It looks kinda.. crumpled." Annie observed, as she turned around to look at the ship too.

"Ah, it'll be alright. That's just the bumper. They're supposed to do that, crumple up, so the rest of the ship doesn't get damaged." Boli said. "Like I said, this isn't the first time.."

"Oh. I see." Annie said, somewhat doubtfully.

"By the way, did you see either of my friends around here, anywhere?" Boli asked, as she looked around the otherwise empty field curiously.

"Um, we've only found you, so far.." Annie said.

"Well, I suppose we'd better look for them."

"Do.. do they look like you do, or like.. um.. like something else?" Annie asked, tentatively.

"Like me." Boli said, rolling her eyes a little at the question. "What'd you expect, bug-eyed monsters or something?"

"Sorry.." Annie said, quickly. "I.. We've just never met a space.. person.. before."

"Dang, you guys ARE backwoods." Boli said, sighing. "Well, Kaly and Gili look basically like I do, only they're a bit taller than me.. and Gili's green, instead of blue. They might still be in the ship, but let's look and see if they got thrown clear, like I did, first."

"Oh, okay."

They searched for several moments before they came across another of the alien girls. Georgie was, once again, the first to stumble over her, almost literally. The girl, whose skin was a pale green similar in hue to fresh grass shoots, was behind a large, overgrown tuft of weeds. Her skin blended in well with the plant growth around her, which was why Georgie had nearly stepped on her before he spotted the girl.

Annie sighed when she caught sight of the new alien girl. She, like Boli, was sprawled unconscious on the ground. She was laying on her back, instead of on her front, but that fact didn't stop her from presenting just as lewd a view to the boy who had found her. Her long, pale green legs were spread haphazardly akimbo, presenting her sex, which was just as bare and uncovered beneath her short silver miniskirt as Boli's had been, for any to see.

"Gili, I guess?" Annie asked, as she covered her brother's eyes again.

"Yes." Boli confirmed, noting Georgie's blushing stare being cut off with a little amused snort.

"Do.. do you think she's okay?" Annie asked, peering down at the unconscious alien girl with concern.

"Oh, she fine." Boli said, as she leaned down low over her friend, which pulled up the hem of her own mini skirt, allowing Annie (and Georgie too, if his eyes hadn't been covered up) yet another glimpse of her blue cleft. "Er, probably, anyway."

"Hey, Gili.. wake up!" Boli ordered, as she patted the green skinned girl gently on one knee. "Wakey wakey."

"Oh, come on, Gili.." she complained, when no response seemed to be forthcoming. "I said get up!"

With that, Boli slapped her friend hard on the inner thigh, just below her exposed pussy.

"Oww.." moaned the green girl, as she jerked awake at last. "Ahh.. Boli, you suck.."

"Yep!" Boli agreed, cheerfully. "Are you in one piece?"

"Ugh.. I think so.." Gili said, after she wiggled her body in place for a few moments, testing out her limbs. "Nothing hurts too much, except for where someone slapped my thigh!"

"Whiner." Boli commented, as she reached down and grabbed her friend's hand. "Here, let's get you up."

"Urg.." Gili grunted, as she swayed upright with Boli's help. "Oh, this had better be the last time we crash.. I don't think I can do this again."

"Well, it's half your fault." Boli replied, shaking her head as she looked up at her friend, who was several inches (at the very least) taller than her. "We only ran out of fuel because you were the one navigating!"

"So I mixed up Alistair and Andromeda.." Gili commented, as she looked around. "Anyone could do that. And who's this, now?"

"M-mixed them up?" Boli asked, sounding flabbergasted. "One's a star, and the other is an entire galaxy! How do you mix up a star and a galaxy?!"

"Oh, and this is Annie and.. uh.. Greggy..? No, Georgie.." Boli said, waving a hand absently at Annie and her brother. "Annie and Georgie. It's their field we crashed in. Because of you."

"Oh." Gili said, nodding, apparently deciding to ignore the last part of her friend's statement.

"I see. Sorry about your.. uh.. grass, or whatever.." she said, somewhat lamely, with a gesture toward the crashed saucer, and then a small kick at the tuft of weeds that she'd landed in.

"Ah, that's alright." Annie replied, shrugging. "I'm mostly just concerned about you and your ship, I suppose. We've never had anythin' quite like this happen before."

"We're the first "Space People" they've met." Boli said, making air quotes with her fingers and rolling her eyes.

"Jeez, really?" Gili asked, her eyes widening. "Dang, we ARE way out in the sticks, aren't we.."

"Yep." Boli replied, nodding agreeably. "And, it's all YOUR fault, too, miss "How hard can it be?" navigator."

Gili's only response, as she dusted herself off and adjusted her tight, skimpy clothing, was to roll her own eyes and blow a green tongued raspberry in her friend's direction.

"Say, what do you call this planet, anyway?" Gili asked, as she continued to look around curiously. "It wasn't on the map, that's for sure. This was marked as an empty, unnamed system. Er, if I was reading the map right, anyway."

"Oh.. We call it Earth." Annie responded, as she released her brother's head.

Both of the alien girls looked at Annie for a moment, apparently nonplussed, then they both started giggling.

"What's so funny..?" Annie asked, confused at the sudden levity.

"You guys named your planet Earth..?" Boli managed, between giggles. "As in dirt? Planet Dirt?!"

"Planet Dirt!" Gili repeated, before collapsing against her friend, overcome.

"Oh, ha ha." Annie said, rolling her eyes and smiling a little, despite herself.

"Hey, where's Kaly at, anyway?" Gili asked, a moment later, after her giggles had subsided somewhat.

"I dunno, we haven't found her yet." Boli said, shrugging. "I think she may still be in the ship."

"Oh, well, we'd better check."

The two alien girls, with Annie and Georgie following along behind, then made their way over to the crashed silver saucer.

"Kaly?" Gili called out, as they neared it. "Kaly, are you in there..?"

"Kaly?" Boli yelled too, when no immediate response came.

"Ugh.. I'm here.. I'm here.." a voice suddenly groaned out of one of the darkly tinted windows, an open one, that circled the top of the craft. "Jeez.. please don't shout.. I've got a killer head ache.."

A pale blue head, bald and smooth, but with little antenna, just like both of the other alien girls had, poked out of the open window. The girl, Kaly apparently, looked a little groggy, and peered blearily at the four people standing around in front of the crater the saucer had made when it crashed.

"Are you alright?" Boli asked, her voice a little concerned.

"Yeah.. I think so." Kaly answered, nodding and then grimacing and rubbing at her forehead. "I just bumped my head on the steering wheel a bit. Nothing a fixall can't cure."

"Oh, good." Boli said.

"Is there any juice left in the tank at all?" Gili asked.

"Hold on, lemme check." Kaly replied, before she ducked back into the saucer.

"Do you really think anything's left?" Boli asked, skeptically. "The fuel buzzer was screaming at us the whole way down."

"Eh, there might be something.." Gili replied, shrugging.

"Hey.." Kaly called out, her head reappearing at the window.

"We've got about 0.00000000015% of a unit left." the light blue girl said, before she swallowed down a pill of some sort with a quick gulp of liquid from a clear bottle. "So, basically nothing. We couldn't even make it a hundred yards up into the air."

"Is it enough to pull the ship out of the dirt, maybe?" Gili asked. "It'd be nice to have the thing level, at least."

"Maybe, lemme give it a try."

"We should back up." Boli said, as they all watched Kaly's head disappear into the saucer again.

"Why?" Gili asked, raising what would have been an eyebrow, had she (or either of the other alien girls) not been completely hairless. "The drive's reactionless. There's no exhaust or anything to worry about."

"Because Kaly's still on her learner's permit." Boli said, as she began edging her way slowly backward, keeping her eyes on the saucer.

"Good point." Gili said, blinking in sudden realization. "Yes, we had better move farther back. Much, much farther back."

Thankfully, the saucer didn't start moving until they'd backed half a field's length away from the crashed ship. With a sudden low woo-woo-woo-woo noise, that sounded like it came right out of an old science fiction movie, the saucer abruptly seemed to lose all gravitational attraction to the planet below it. It floated there for a moment, with one edge still stuck in the dirt, until, with a grinding, metallic scraping sound, it moved a little backward and pulled itself free.

"Ughn.." Bali said, shuddering in reaction to the high pitched squeal of metal scraping across rock and dirt.

"Well, at least it's free, now.." Gili commented, as all four of them watched the saucer right itself, then slowly float toward a patch of level, clear ground, even as a set of landing legs began unfolding from the bottom side.

Abruptly, the woo-woo sound of whatever engine held the saucer alot quit with a pathetic little "Phut!", and the space craft fell back to the earth. Fortunately, it wasn't very high up, and the landing legs had finished deploying, so it landed upright and more or less level, with a loud crunch and clang.

"Ouch." Boli said, as both alien girls winced. "I hope that didn't break anything.. Er, anything more, anyway."

A little door in the bottom of the saucer receded to one side, and a ramp slowly descended from the inside of the now grounded, but level, craft.

After it had fully extended, the pale blue, and obviously irritated, form of Kaly walked down it. She, like Boli and Gili, was wearing only a short silver skirt and tight, brief silver top, which showcased quite a lot of her oddly colored, but quite pretty skin. Skin which, also like her two friends, seemed to be smooth and almost glossy, semitransparent and filled with small, glittering motes of something that reflected sunlight with every movement and breath.

As Kaly moved to greet her two friends, Annie was able to notice the differences between the alien girls. Boli, who was a deep, dark blue, like the color of cold ocean water, was the shortest, and also the most well padded. She wasn't fat, exactly, but she was certainly voluptuous, in every sense of the word. Gili was a pleasing pale green color, like new spring leaves, and was the tallest, and also the slimmest, of the girls. She still somehow managed a fairly generous bust, despite her slender build, and also had the longest antenna, for whatever that was worth. And then there was the girl who was apparently called Kaly, whose skin was the pale blue color of clear summer skies, and whose body was, in both height and breadth, almost perfectly balanced between those of her friends.

"Well, that's that, then." Kaly stated, grumpily. "Completely out of fuel, now. This sucks."

"Oh, don't worry about it." Bali said, her tone light and unconcerned. "I'm sure we'll be able to find something here to get us home, or at least somewhere with communicator reception. Then we can call for a tow."

"It looks like you found some natives, already." Kaly observed, with a glance over at Annie and Georgie. "Have you asked them, yet?"

"Not yet. We only just met, and we did crash in their field, after all.."

"Hmph." Kaly humphed, dismissively, before she marched over to where Annie and Georgie were standing, watching the alien girls curiously. "Greetings, native peoples. I am called Kaly. If you'd be so kind, please direct me and my friends to your nearest starport."

Annie and Georgie looked at one another, blinking a little at the sudden request.

"Umm.." Annie said, after a moment. "We don't have any of those."

Kaly, whose expression had been one of expectant confidence, fell into confusion.


"We don't have any starports." Annie repeated, shrugging apologetically.

"But.. but then.. how do you get into space?!" Kaly asked, bewildered.

"Well, usually we don't." Annie answered.

"But.. but.." Kaly sputtered. "How do you go anywhere, then?"

"Uh.. We don't."

"You said "usually".." Gili said, her tone thoughtful. "That sounds like you have gone into space before, right?"

"Er, yeah. I suppose." Annie replied, waving her hand back and forth in a so-so gesture. "I mean, we went to the Moon a couple of times. About fifty years ago."

"Your moon." Gili repeated, shaking her head. "You went to your barren, useless moon.. Why?"

"Fifty years ago?!" Kaly said, disbelievingly.

"You call your moon, "The Moon"?" Boli stated, amused. "What do you call your sun, then? "The Sun"?"

"Just to see if we could, and, yeah, pretty much." Annie said, answering all three questions with a sheepish shrug, much to the consternation of the three alien girls.

"I swear, this freaking planet.." the Boli said, as she closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her small nose.

"How are we going to get off this backwater dirt ball, then?" Kaly asked, looking frantic at the thought of being stranded.

"Well, we know the ship works.." Gili said, her tone reasonable, in stark contrast to Kaly's near panic. "We'll just have to find some fuel for it."

"We don't even know if these.. primitives have fuel!" Kaly exclaimed.

"Don't mind her.." Gili said placatingly, noticing the darkening expressions of both Annie and Georgie. "She's just grumpy that she's crashed her ship. Again. For the fourth time."

"Third time!" Kaly interjected, angrily.

"Fourth time." Boli said, rolling her eyes. "Remember Rigel III? In the parking lot of Kish's Omnimart?

"Oh, yeah.. I'd forgotten about that.." Kaly muttered, frowning. "Well, that one wasn't my fault. That was a dumb place to put a tree, anyway."

"In any case, putting your spotless and pristine flying record aside, practically EVERY planet has fuel." Boli said, nodding sagely.

"Practically every planet isn't the same as EVERY every planet." Kaly, who seemed to be determined to remain pessimistic and grumpy, retorted. "Practically every planet has a spaceport, too!"

"Oh, come on, Kaly.." Gili said, shaking her head. "We already know this place has fuel. The evidence is right in front of you."

"What?" Kaly asked, blinking in surprise. "Where?"

"Uh, duh." Boli said, while rolling her eyes and pointing one dark blue finger right at..


"Oh. Ohh." Kaly said, with dawning comprehension. "Hmm.. He's a bit young, though.. We wouldn't get very far with just him, I don't think."

"Yeah, not with him alone.." Gili agreed, nodding. "But I'm sure there are more around, somewhere. We just have to find them."

"What are you.." Annie began, frowning at the speculative, calculating looks all three alien girls had suddenly begun shooting at her brother, before she put an arm around his shoulders and pulled him close. "What are you all talking about? What kind of fuel do you need?"

"Annie." Boli stated, her tone that of one trying very hard to sound both reasonable and persuasive. "You said that.. er.. Giggie? ..Goggy..? No, Georgie! .. Georgie is your younger brother."

"Doo.. you happen to have any older brothers, too?" she asked, her tone both tentative and hopeful.

"Yeah.. Two of them." Annie answered, suspiciously. "Johnny and Billy. Why?"

The girls all looked at each other, then broke out in relieved smiles.

"Would you mind taking us to them?" Boli asked. "They can give us the fuel we need to get home."

"How on earth would they be able to do that?" Annie asked, her eyes narrowed, as she regarded the alien girl. "And why would they, even if they could?"

"Oh, I think I'll be able to convince them.." Boli said, smiling confidently and licking her lips.

"Men.. and boys, too.." she said, shooting Georgie another glance. "..are just chock full of energy. If you could introduce us to them, I'm sure they'll be able to help us get home."

"Okay, but I still don't understand HOW." Annie said.

"I'll explain it on the way." Gili said, grinning.

"I still can't believe this." Annie said, shaking her head in disbelief, as she, Georgie(with his eyes covered), Kaly, and Gili all watched Boli enthusiastically sucking off her Pa and two older brothers.

"Seriously, Earth girl. They're the best power source in the galaxy." Gili said, nodding sagely. "Clean and completely renewable."

"Balls." Annie stated, flatly, unworried about being overheard by her thoroughly distracted older male family members. "You use balls as fuel in your flying saucer. That doesn't make a lick of sense."

"We sure do!" Kaly confirmed happily. The grumpy girl's mood had taken a definite turn for the better, now that it seemed that there was a good chance she would be able to leave soon.

"Haven't you ever heard?" Gili said, chuckling slightly, as she watched the oldest male, who apparently went by "Pa", finally shoot off into her friend's eager mouth. "You can go anywhere and accomplish anything, so long as you've got the balls for it."

"Hey, Boli?" Kaly called out, as she saw the dark blue girl suck out every drop of seed from the man standing before her. "What's his cocktane rating like? I don't need an exact number.. Just give me a decent estimate, huh?"

"Ohh.. oh ho hoo!" Boli moaned, as she licked her lips clean, gazing up appreciatively at the man who had just ejaculated into her mouth. "High!"

"How high?"

"Really, REALLY high!" Boli said, her voice filled with relish as she cupped Annie's Pa's balls possessively. "These guys are premium quality!"

"Damn straight, girly!" said one of the younger men, who was pumping his cock and waiting impatiently for his turn in the kneeling blue alien girl's mouth. "Me next!"

"Unh uh." contradicted the other young man. "I'm next."

"Nah, I called it. Wait yer damn turn, Johnny!"

"Pa." the other man said simply, appealing to his elder.

"Oldest to youngest." the older man mumbled absently, as he let his head loll back and a pleased, goofy grin plaster itself across his face. "Jus' like always."

"Damn!" the first young man said, frowning and fuming, as his older brother took his father's place before the eager blue girl. "Don't take yer sweet time then, Johnny. I'm liable to pop afore my turn, ifn you do!"

"Well, now.. We can't have that." Kaly said, her grin widening as she stalked forward. "I'm a bit curious just how high you guys' cocktane really might be."

"I don't suppose you'll let me find out, will you, big guy?" Kaly asked, with a pretty little pout, as she knelt down before the younger brother and looked up at him hopefully.

"Damn, girl, why not?" Billy said, gazing down at her lustfully. "I was hoping for your little friend with the big titties, but you're pretty damn fine too, ain't ya?"

Kaly just licked her lips and gazed up at him.

"Whoooee!" Billy exclaimed enthusiastically, as Kaly sucked him down her throat with absolutely no hesitation, all the way to the hilt. "I think I been waitin' my entire life for a girl like you. Damn, but I wish aliens landed every day!"

Annie just watched, open mouthed, at the display before her. She was no stranger to the sight of either her older brothers' nor her Pa's manhoods, nor was she unaccustomed to idea of them emptying themselves down a girl's throat. Often enough, it was HER throat that drank down their seed, not that she particularly enjoyed it. It was just the easiest way to keep her Pa or her older brothers out of her pants, as they weren't particularly particular when they were in their cups. A handy or blow job was much easier to clean up from, and much less likely to cause complications than the regular sex they'd otherwise demand of her.

It was more the absolute eagerness of the alien girls that surprised her. Boli and Kaly, and even Gili, who hadn't partaken just yet, but seemed like she might at any time if the way she kept licking her lips was any indication, seemed genuinely eager for whatever her Pa and bothers could provide.

Of course, the reaction of her Pa and older brothers surprised her less. All three of them seemed to have only four modes: drunk, randy, drunk AND randy, or just asleep. The first three were a constant source of trouble for Annie, and the last was her favorite, for what were probably obvious reasons. They had reacted to being woken up out of their drunken stupor by Annie with groggy irritation that bordered on homicidal rage, at least until they'd realized that there was sex on offer. That this sex was with strangely colored alien girls seemed to matter very little to them, and, after taking a few fortifying gulps of whatever leftover swill they'd been able to beg, borrow, or steal the night before, they'd been up and raring to have a go.

Johnny and Billy shot their loads off at nearly the same time, despite the fact that the oldest brother'd had a head start. Both wore identical grins as they felt themselves be sucked empty by the cute, eager alien girls before them.

"Oh, you weren't exaggerating at all.." Kaly stated, throatily, after she swallowed down the last few drops of Billy's seed. "I don't think I've EVER tasted anything half so potent before. We'll be able to get all the way home, no problem!"

"Aww.. Yer leavin'?" Billy complained, once he'd had a few moments to recover. "I thought that maybe we's jus' gettin' started?"

"Yes, I'm afraid that we do have to go soon.." Boli said, from her place kneeling before Johnny. "But that doesn't mean we have to stop, now does it? You boys are welcome to come along, if you'd like."

"We can?" Billy said, sounding a bit perplexed. "I dunno.. I never been to space, afore.."

"Mmm.. You'll love it.." Kaly murmured, as she kissed and licked hungrily at the head of the man's softening cock. "It's pretty empty and boring up there, so there's not much to do.. The trip might take days, even weeks, and the only way we'd have to distract each other is with our bodies."

"Damn.." Billy said, his eyes glazing over as his cock began erecting once again. "That does sound pretty fine."

"So, what do you boys say?" Gili asked, as she walked forward and laid a hand on Annie's Pa's penis, which was also raising itself back up, readying for a second go. "Three of us, three of you.. I think it'll be perfect!"

"And, of course, once we get home.." Boli said, after she drew her mouth from around Johnny's balls with a wet slurp. "..we can introduce you boys to our sisters."

"Our younger sisters.." Kaly continued, grinning lasciviously. "The poor girls have never known real men like you, before. I don't suppose you'd been willing to show them the ropes, would you?"

"They wanna be tied up?" Johnny asked, sounding confused, even as he thrust his hips out, trying to prompt Boli to continue working at his cock.

"Sure, that too." Kaly said, her mouth twitching as if she were trying to stifle laughter.

"Well, boys.." Annie's Pa said, after a moment's reflection (mostly on what Gili's hand was doing to his cock). "I think this might well be an offer we can't afford to pass up. Let's go!"

"Do.. do we need to pack anythin'?" Billy asked with a groan, as Kaly released his now hard dick from her mouth and stood up.

"You boys are already packing everything we want right here." Kaly said, as she gave Billy's member a little squeeze, then began leading him away by it.

The alien girls, each leading one of the men by their proud and erect cocks, walked confidently back toward their flying saucer. Annie and Georgie followed, though a bit more slowly, on account of Annie still keeping her little brother's eyes covered.

The girl and her little brother arrived at the edge of the field just in time to see their father and older brothers be lead up the ramp and into the depths of the silver saucer.

"Wait here, won't you Georgie?" Annie said, as she hurried forward.

She wanted to see just what, exactly, the alien girls were going to do with her older male family members. They had said that they needed their balls to fuel their space craft, but what did that really mean? She had to find out.

"You.. you're not gonna leave me alone, are ya, Annie?" the boy called out, sounding worried. "You're not gonna go with them, too, are ya?"

"No, I'm not going to leave you behind, Georgie." Annie said, over her shoulder. "I promise I'll be back out before they take off."

"Oh.. okay.." he replied, his tone unsure.

Annie jogged over to the saucer, one side of which was still crumpled and damaged looking. She hesitated at the bottom of the ramp for a moment, then went up it.

Into the interior of the saucer, which thankfully wasn't nearly as silver and reflective as the outside was. It actually looked kind of drab and ordinary, with matte greyish metal walls, rivets, and tubes and conduits running every which way inside the storage room/emergency exit (which she knew by the clear English/Standard labels above the doorway) that she and the rest had apparently entered by.

She was alone in the curved, cluttered room, but heard her Pa and brothers, along with the alien girls leading them on, just up ahead. She followed the noise they were making (which was mostly coming from her older family members) into the next room.

Which, she thought, had to be the fuel storage room, judging by the way all three girls were stripping off the clothes of her eager Pa and brothers. The aliens were directing the now nude men towards a set of four upright cylinders protruding from the center of the floor.

"Okay, boys.." Gili said, leading the way with her Pa. "If you could just put your wonderfully potent testicles into these little receptacles here.."

"Wassa resep.. reseep.." Johnny began to ask, stumbling over just the first two parts of the four syllable word. "receipt-apple.. That thing you just said?"

Gili rolled her eyes, then reworded her request more simply, in the obvious hopes that even Annie's dunder-headed oldest brother might be able to understand her.

"Balls in holes!" she ordered, pointing with one slim green finger into the little receptacles in the top center of each foot wide, cylindrical upright.

"Oh.." Johnny said, finally nodding his head in understanding. "..why?"

Gili just groaned in response, then pulled at her antenna in frustration. "Just do it, please!?"

"..Why?" Annie's brother asked again stubbornly, a perplexed expression on his face, as if faced with an insurmountable riddle.

"Because I'll suck your big fat cock some more if you do." Kaly explained with a lascivious grin, as she urged her simple charge forward toward the cylinder. "Won't that be nice?"

"Oh.. okay." Johnny agreed, the goofy, eager grin returning to his face once more. "Why dint ya jus' say so in the first place?"

Billy followed his older brother's lead, and they both stepped in front of a cylinder and gently settled their dangling ball sacks into the indicated holes. Annie's Pa was a little more slow to comply, even with the encouragement and enticement the girls offered, seeming to harbor an inkling of suspicion, but eventually acquiesced when all three girls used their mouths and worked their persuasive, sexy space magic on him at the same time.

Finally, all three men's gonads were in the required locations, resting in the little indents at the top of the cylinders.

"About damn time.." Kaly muttered, after popping Johnny's cock out of her mouth for a final time.

Then she hit a switch and, with a sudden "FLOOMP!" sound, all three sets of balls were sucked down into the cylinders, much to the surprise and consternation of their owners.

"Hey, what gives?" Annie's Pa asked, as he struggled to free his testicles from where they were apparently trapped.

"Alright.." Kaly said, wiping her forehead with the back of one hand. "Finally fueled up! Awesome!"

"Let's get the heck off this rock." Gili agreed, as both girls ignored the protests of the men entirely, abandoning them in place and moving to clamber up a set of steep steps, up into what was apparently the cockpit.

"Come on, girl.. Annie." said Boli (who had noticed Annie lurking in the doorway watching the proceedings), with a nod of her head. "..may as well come up and see what you're missing before we leave, huh?"

Wordlessly, Annie followed the other girl, giving her trapped and flustered older relatives a wide berth as she did so. She too ignored the loud protests and curses of her trapped relatives.

The cockpit was much nicer than either the fuel room or the storage bay/emergency exit had been. It had large, wide windows running all around sides and top of the interior, which gave its occupants a clear, nearly complete hemispherical view outside. It also had nice upholstery (leather, or something very much like it) on the seats, smooth finished surfaces, and a rather simpler control panel than she had been imagining.

She'd expected to see something akin to the pictures she'd seen in school of the inside of the space shuttle, buttons and dials and levers covering every available surface. Instead, there was a simple dashboard that wouldn't have looked very out of place in a modern car. Indeed, the most complicated and be-buttoned part of the whole thing appeared to the sound system, if she was reading the labeling correctly.

Heck, there was even what looked suspiciously like a steering wheel.

"Hey, Earth girl.." Kaly greeted her, quite casually, as Annie and Boli climbed up into the cockpit. "..I really can't thank you enough for the fuel. I can't imagine being stuck on this planet for more than a few hours without going crazy.."

The light blue alien was looking down at something on the control panel. Presumably the fuel gauge.

" offense." she added as an afterthought, with a slightly guilty look back over her shoulder.

"It's jus' home." Annie replied, with a shrug.

"This thing'll really run just offa my Pa and brothers' balls?" she asked, skeptically, as she continued to look around the comfortable interior of the spacecraft.

"Well, let's find out, shall we?" Kaly said, with a fiercely hopeful expression, as she hovered her fingers over an ordinary looking set of keys dangling from the ignition switch.

She turned the switch, causing the very familiar rrr-rr-rrr sound of a starting engine to emanate up from somewhere below them. The sound continued for several seconds that stretched on into the better part of a minute, until finally, with a hitching cough, the engine caught and the rr-rrr-rr sound of the starter changed into the woo-woo-woo Annie'd heard earlier. All the control panels lit up as this happened, the craft coming to life as its engine began to hum contentedly with the influx of fresh fuel.

"Yee-ouch!" came a startled cry, from down below in the fuel room.

"It's pulling from the number one tank.." Kaly reported, delighted. "Your "Pa", I think you called him? The percentages.. wow, the percentages look GREAT! He's gonna get us most of the way home, just by himself."

"The engine's really burnin' his balls, like gasoline?" Annie asked, her eyes wide.

"More or less, just a tiny little bit at a time." Gili nodded, as she got out several haphazardly folded maps and began to pour over them. "Once tank number one runs dry, the ship'll automatically switch over to the next and start pulling from one of your brothers."

"What.. what happens to Pa's balls when he.. ah.. runs dry?" Annie asked, not so much worried as curious.

"Empty fuel tank means empty ball sack." Kaly explained succinctly, as she ran her hands across the controls, checking gauges and indicators.

"Oh.." Annie responded, nodding in understanding. "What do you do with them, then?"

"You're supposed to return empties to the nearest fuel station, so they can be recycled.." Boli explained, as she plopped her well padded frame down into one of the rear seats, sitting back and relaxing. "But it isn't always worth the trouble, honestly, even with the little deposit they make you put down on them.. A lot of times we just kick 'em out the airlock once they run dry. Saves a little on weight."

"That's littering, though." Kaly said, sounding disapproving. "If the space cops catch you, you'll get a big fine!"

"Don't mind her.." Boli whispered, rolling her eyes. "Her Mom's a space lawyer, and a real square. That's why she only lets Kaly use this lame-o minivan ship, rather than her awesome, expensive sports ship."

"She said she'd get me that cute little convertible I asked her about next year.." Kaly, who had clearly overheard, responded. "..if I don't get in any more accidents, that is.. So let's not mention our little backwater adventure to planet Dirt to her, alright?"

"Our lips are sealed.." Gili murmured, from where she was desperately trying to find their location on the maps.

"Recycled?" Annie prompted, choosing to ignore the comment about the airlock.

"Oh, yeah. Turned into work boys or protein cakes or mulch or whatever the fuel station you drop them off at usually does with them. It depends a lot on the station's franchise contracts and what brand of boy's balls you bought and burned." Boli explained, waving her hand in the air casually. "Some species of boy are better for certain kinds of recycling than others.."

"Is that.. Is that what you'll do with.. with Pa and my brothers?" Annie asked, frowning thoughtfully at the idea of her drunken wastrel older male family members being turned into protein cakes, whatever those were, or into mulch.

She wasn't exactly heartbroken about the idea, to be perfectly honest. It'd be nice to have them out of her hair permanently. They'd caused her no end of trouble.

"Actually.." Gili responded, her lips breaking out into a little smile as she looked up from her maps. "I know an older lady who has a.. predilection, shall we say.. for primitive boys, whether they've still got any balls left or not. The wilder and more feral the better, and they don't come much more feral than those three. I bet she'd pay us a couple of hundred space bucks each for them."

"Really? Awesome!" Boli responded, excited. "We could go shopping!"

"Or, we could use it to pay for the detail work to hide the evidence of my latest.. er, accident." Kaly growled out, with a roll of her eyes. "What's that old woman want with a bunch of primitives anyway, Gili?"

"Apparently she likes her meat gamey." Gili responded, with a little sniff.

"Huh.." Boli mused, with a thoughtful look. "Speaking of which, I'm feeling a bit peckish myself.. I'm going to go grab a snack off of the number one tank before we leave, alright?"

"Snack?" Annie asked.

"Balls aren't the only useful things boys have.." Boli said, flashing a wide smile, which just happened to reveal the sharp little points of her pristine, white teeth. "Those cocks your brothers and Pa were sporting were pretty tasty, in and of themselves."

"In fact, I might just have all three.." Boli stated, as she stood and made her bouncy way back down toward the fuel room. "If the rest of you girls don't mind passing up your chance at trying out Earth cuisine, that is..?"

Gili just waved her hand absently, not looking up from her maps.

Kali, on the other hand, snorted and muttered "Pig!", under her breath.

"Gotta keep my figure somehow." Boli replied, with a wink and pat of her generous chest.

"Don't dawdle!" Kaly called after Boli had disappeared back down the stairway. "We're going to leave in just a minute! You need to be buckled in, not feasting in the fuel room!"

There came another "Yeee-ow-ow-ouch!" from down below, much louder this time, before Boli called back a few moments later.

"Okay! Hey, I think Gili's old lady has a point, these guys taste good! Maybe we should keep one for ourselves and have a bar-be-que!"

Kaly just rolled her eyes, then turned to Annie.

"Like I said, we're about to leave, so unless you wanna come with, I guess this is goodbye."

Annie shook her head.

"Fair enough.." Kaly responded. "Lemme get the door for you, so you don't have to crawl back down the emergency exit like a savage."

She pressed a button on the console, and a section of window and wall melted away like water, to reveal a curved, shimmering ramp descending down to the ground.

"Wow, thanks." Annie said, impressed by the force-field-watsit ramp, as she made her way toward the exit.

"Hey!" Kaly called, before Annie'd gotten more than a few steps down. "Can I convince you to part with your younger brother, too? I'd love to have all four tanks full.."

Annie looked down toward her little brother (the only brother she actually liked), who was watching her as she stood on the shimmering ramp, waiting for her to return with worry in his eyes.

"No, sorry." she responded, shaking her head.

"Well, worth a try." Kaly said, with a shrug and a rueful smile. "Thanks anyway!"

She'd gotten all the way to the ground, and watched the shimmering ramp fade away, when Boli stuck her head out of one of the windows and waved. She was chewing hard on something, her cheeks bulging, but she managed to swallow down whatever it was after a moment.

"Here, Earth girl!" she called (after licking her lips clean) as she tossed a handful of shining metal somethings out toward Annie. "For the fuel! It's just some loose change, but it's at least something! See you around!"

With that, she disappeared back into the silver craft.

Annie, remembering Boli's warning about Kaly's level of driving skill, backed up all the way to her brother, who was at the edge of the field.

"You came back!" Georgie exclaimed, grabbing on and hugging her fiercely as she reached him.

"Of course.. I said I would, didn't I?" Annie reassured the boy, rubbing his hair affectionately.

"Are Pa and Johnny and Billy comin', too?" Georgie asked, his eyes full of wonder as the woo-woo-woo sound the ship was making began to rev higher.

The crumpled up silvery metal edge of the ship began straightening out, almost as if it were a balloon that was inflating, as the pitch of the ship's engines climbed higher and higher, all visible evidence of the crash into the dirt of the field vanishing.

"No, they're goin' with the space girls in their ship." Annie answered.

"Oh.." Georgie said. "Are the girls gonna bring 'em back, someday?"

Annie, whose thoughts turned to fuel tanks and empty ball sacks and discarded or recycled boys and old alien women who like gamey meat, considered his question for a moment, then answered.

"Probably not."


"Does that bother you, Georgie?" Annie asked, looking at her little brother curiously.

"No, I don't suppose not." the boy answered, with a shrug.

"Me either." Annie stated, as they both watched the ship begin to rise into the air vertically.

The emergency ramp and landing struts folded themselves away as the ship hung there in the air, unsupported except by the engine running on the power of her Pa's balls.

"Neat.." her brother breathed, a scarce moment before the ship shot straight up, almost faster than the eye could follow, disappearing into the sky in only a tiny fraction of a second.

The two stood looking up into the blue of the now empty sky for a moment, then they glanced back to each other.

"What'd the pretty blue girl toss at you before they all left?" Georgie asked, as if to try to fill the sudden silence.

"You know, I'm not sure.." Annie replied, shrugging. "I think it may have been some sort of money. Let's go see."

Indeed, scattered across the ground below where the ship had been was a dozen or so enormous metal discs, which could only be the "loose change" that Boli had mentioned. Idly, Annie picked one up.

"Is.. Is that gold?" Georgie asked, a little breathlessly, staring at the heavy, heavy metal coin resting in Annie's hand, which nearly covered her entire palm.

"Huh.." Annie said, before she began giggling. "I think it is, Georgie. I really do, ha! Loose change, ha hah!"

A dozen or so giant discs of precious metal in exchange for her worthless drunkard older brothers and father? Annie thought, almost hysterically.

What a deal. She hoped the alien girls returned someday.

END Space Bimbos (1?)

Author's Note:

I can't tell you how much I love this silly little story idea. Balls = spaceship fuel, wonderful! I adore science fiction, oddly colored girls, objectification, and casual castration, so this is pretty much the ultimate combo for me. It sat on my hard drive mostly finished for well over a year before I managed to get the ending together, though (damn you, fickle writing whimsy!). I hope you enjoy it.

I've got a sequel in mind (Annie goes space clubbing with her new alien girlfriends, hot disposable space boys ensue), but we'll see if I ever actually find the time to write it up, ha ha.


I love silly castration stories. I liked it.


I like the story. Next time let's find a mom who donated her son's balls

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