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CBT Shorts 5

Three short stories, Door to Door, Penis Worm, and Walk-Ins, all with the general theme of casual male genital abuse, destruction, and often consumption.

Ff/m, CBT, Castration, Penectomy, Cannibalism, Casual, Partial Vore, Q-Knife/soft amputation

1 - Door to Door

"So, just insert the subject's manhood like so.." the salesgirl said, as she placed Elina's husband's penis and testicles into the device. "..making sure to get everything tucked in nice and snug, all the way down to the base. Then, snap the top into place."

"Will this hurt him at all?" Elina asked curiously, as she watched the her husband fidget and squirm as his pride and joy was encased in the odd little plastic and steel contraption.

"Nope!" the salesgirl answered, her tone cheerful and perky. "It's based on Q-knife tech, so he won't be damaged in the slightest by the processor."

Her husband didn't look like he quite believed the girl's words, if the worried glances he was shooting her way was any indication, but he kept silent.

"We're all ready." the girl stated. "Would you like to do the honors?"

"Sure, why not?" Elina answered, before reaching over and pressing the activation button on the side of the device.

The thing holding her husband's penis and testicles whirred to life, vibrating in place as it made a series of soft humming and gentle grinding sounds.

Her husband yelped in response, jumping and bucking his hips a little as his eyes went wide.

"I thought that it wasn't supposed to hurt?" Elina asked, with an arched eyebrow at the salesgirl.

"Well.. it might pinch a little.." the girl admitted, with a sheepish shrug and grin. "But, like I said, he won't suffer any actual damage."

"Waa.. Ahh!" her husband interjected, as the whirring reached a high note, before subsiding completely.

"There we go.." the salesgirl said, as the machine finished up its task. "It will release him any moment now."

Indeed, only a second later the device, which the salesgirl still held in her hands, came easily away from her husband's groin.

His now much, much reduced groin. Where his manhood had been only moments before was now just a smooth plane of undamaged flesh and skin.

"Neat, huh?" the salesgirl commented, as she handed Elina the device. "No fuss, no mess."

"Incredible.." Elina commented, as she hefted the machine curiously. "And his penis is still inside it?"

"What's left of it, yes." the salesgirl confirmed, before picking up a small glass bowl. "Now, just position the dispenser end over this bowl, then press the second button, please."

Elina complied. She felt the device hum and come to life again briefly, as the end opened up and a thick, flesh colored paste was extruded out into the bowl.

"Wow, so that's..?" Elina said, as she peered curiously down into the bowl.

"Yep, penis pâté!" the salesgirl stated proudly, as she set the bowl down on the coffee table and opened a small package of entertainment crackers. "The perfect appetizer for any parties or get-togethers you might have!"

"Hmm.." Elina mused, as she accepted a cracker and dipped it into the pureed paste that was all that was left of her husband's manhood.

"It looks good." she stated, as she held up the pâté covered cracker and inspected it closely. "But, how does it taste..?"

With that, and a brief glance up at her husband, who gulped in apprehension as he looked on, she popped the cracker into her mouth.

"Not bad.." Elina commented, as she slowly chewed. "A little bland, but not bad at all."

"Yes, unflavored pâté is merely adaquate." the salesgirl said with a nod, even as she dipped a cracker of her own in the bowl. "If you really want it to stand out to your guests, however, then you'll want to try some of our flavor packs! A couple come with the processor, and more can be ordered from our brochure."

"How do they work?" Elina asked, as she swallowed and then reached for another cracker.

"See that little hatch near the tip of the device?" the salesgirl asked, with a little gesture of her own half eaten cracker. "Just pour the flavoring powder right in there before you activate the processor, and the machine will take care of the rest!"

Her husband was squirming around again, and making odd little squeaking noises, as Elina and the salesgirl continued consuming the crackers and pâté.

"Can he feel it when we eat the pâté?" Elina asked curiously, motioning towards her wiggling husband.

"Oh, yes." the salesgirl said, after swallowing down her latest mouthful. "Like I said, the processor incorporates Q-knife edges in its cutting components. Your husband is still quite connected to every tiny little piece of his pureed penis, and he can feel everything that happens to them."

"Oh, fascinating." Elina said, her eyes on her husband as she reached for another cracker. "How long does that last, I wonder?"

"Indefinitely." the salesgirl answered, with an absent shrug. "Or, at least until we finish digesting him, anyway."

Her husband "meeped" at that and gulped, looking suddenly rather paler than before.

"So, have I convinced you to purchase one of our amazing penis processors?" the salesgirl asked brightly, an expectant grin on her face.

"Well, I had my doubts at first, but I have to say that it is a pretty neat little device." Elina admitted, as she took the last cracker and used it to scrape the last of the pâté out of the bowl. "But I'm just not sure that I'll get very much use out of it. I mean, you used my husband for the demonstration.. which means I'm pretty much out of penises to turn into more pâté, now."

Her husband looked a little sick at Elina's words, but she just rolled her eyes and ignored him.

"Oh, that's not as much of a problem as you might think." the salesgirl stated confidently, waving Elina's concerns aside with an easy smile. "You can do what I do: host Bring Your Own Penis parties! Just have your girlfriends bring their men along when they come to visit. You'll have plenty of ingredients for your processor, then, I'm sure! And everyone will get to enjoy the delicious results!"

"Hmm.. that does sound like fun." Elina mused, tapping a finger against her chin thoughtfully.

"And, in case you decide you want to stock up before a bigger to-do, we're also able to provide our customers with high quality manhoods at a premium discount!" the salesgirl said, with a nod. "Any size, shape, and color you need! It's all in our brochure!"

"Okay, you've convinced me." Elina said, grinning.

"Wonderful!" the salesgirl exclaimed. "You won't regret this, I promise you."

"Penis pâté is the best way to cater any party you have. Your guests will always walk away wowed, I guarantee it!"

END Door to Door

2 - The Penis Worm

"What.. What is that?!" Tiffany asked of her friend Wendy, when she saw something odd poking up out of the girl's hair.

"Hmm?" the other girl replied, before realizing just what it was that her friend was referring to. "Oh, that's my new pet!"

"P.. pet?" Tiffany asked, incredulously. "It looks like some sort of.. of wormy thing.. And, why is it in your hair!?"

"Oh, they like warm, safe places. She likes to ride around in my hair, usually near my hair band."

"Doesn't that feel.. weird?" Tiffany asked, her expression skeptical.

"It tickles a little, sometimes.." Wendy admitted. "But, other than that, it feels fine. She doesn't move around a whole lot, though sometimes she'll poke her head up and sniff around some."

"Do you want to see her?" Wendy asked, her eyes bright.

"I.. I guess.." Tiffany said, somewhat reluctantly. "Why on earth do you have a wormy thing like that anyway?"

"My mom got her for me on a trip overseas last month." Wendy replied, as she coaxed the creature coiled in her hair out from the tangle of her fine, silky curls. "She thought I might like her for a pet."

"What.. what is it?" Tiffany asked, as she regarded the strange little creature, which looked like some sort of cross between a worm and snake, which coiled around her friend's fingers tightly.

"SHE.." Wendy said, emphasizing the feminine pronoun. " a penis worm."

Tiffany just looked at her friend for a moment, her expression unsure.

"A.. penis worm?" she finally asked. "That's.. that's silly! You're playing a joke on me!"

"No way!" Wendy said, smiling. "That's really what she is."

Both girls looked down at the odd creature for a moment, studying it closely.

"..Really?" Tiffany asked, skeptically.

"Yes." Wendy replied, with a firm nod.

"Why is it.. sorry, why is she called a penis worm, then?"

"It might be easier if I just show you, actually." Wendy answered, looking thoughtful.

"How can you do that?" Tiffany asked.

"You brought your cousin with you, didn't you?" Wendy stated. "Let's go find him, and you'll see."

"Teddy, come here!" Tiffany called, as the two girls walked over to where the boy was playing.

"What?" the boy called back, as he looked up from the ant mound he'd been studying.

"Wendy got a new pet."

"Really?" the boy asked, his interest perking up. "What kind?"

"A penis worm, apparently." Tiffany stated, with a little roll of her eyes, as the boy jogged up to them.

"A.. what?" Teddy asked, blinking.

"A penis worm, silly." Wendy repeated, as she held up her hand, to show the worm curled around her fingers.

"Woah.." Teddy breathed, as he peered down curiously at the little creature. "Why's it called a p.. penis worm?"

"I can show you, if you like." Wendy replied, with a little smile at how easily the boy's interest was caught.

"Okay!" Teddy said, nodding enthusiastically.

"Take your pants off, then." Wendy instructed.

"Er.. what?" Teddy asked, as he froze in place, a slight blush creeping up his features.

"Well, she's a penis worm." Wendy explained patiently. "And you're the only one here with a penis, silly, so you need to take off your pants if you want to see why she's called that."

"I.. uh.." Teddy stammered, looking flustered. "Oh, I don't know.."

"Just do it, Teddy." Tiffany instructed, rolling her eyes again.

"J-jeez.. okay." Teddy acquiesced, gulping nervously.

The boy unbuttoned his pants, then pulled them down around his knees.

"Your underwear too, dummy." Wendy said, with a shake of her head.

"Jeez.." Teddy muttered, blushing furiously, as he complied.

His flaccid penis was already beginning to swell as it was revealed to the two girls.

"Hmm.." both girls hummed, as they leaned in for a closer look.

"D-don't stare!" Teddy stammered, squirming uncomfortably in place even as his growing penis seemed to revel in the unexpected attention it was getting.

"It's bigger than I expected.." Tiffany commented, to which Wendy nodded in agreement, as the boy's manhood finally reached full bloom.

"..Thanks?" Teddy replied, a little uncertainly. "What now?"

"Now you hold still, and let my pet do the rest." Wendy said, as she brought the hand holding the little worm towards the boy's crotch.

The creature, once it neared Teddy's tumescent todger, perked its eyeless head up curiously.

"She's scented you.." Wendy explained, as both Tiffany and Teddy looked on. "Penis worms have a very good sense of smell.. so they can search out penises in the wild."

"Why.. eep!" Teddy began, before his reaction to the light, feather touch of the worm against his cock head interrupted him. "..Ahahhh! W-why do they search o-out penises? Jeez, that tickles!"

The boy squirmed in place as the worm used its head to gently explore his erection, before it focused its attentions on his very tip. Seeming to like what it found, it poked its head slightly into the opening of his urethra.

"They like to crawl down inside of penises." Wendy stated, even as her worm proceeded to do just that.

"Eeee.. aah!" Teddy exclaimed, as the worm began to wriggle its way inside of him, causing him to squirm even more. "It.. It'll come back out, right? Right?"

"Yes, yes.." Wendy replied, with a little smirk. "She'll come back out.. eventually. Don't worry."

"Gosh, that looks so weird.." Tiffany commented, as she watched, utterly fascinated.

"How do you think it feels?!" Teddy squeaked in reply, his eyes wide.

Bit by bit, the little worm disappeared down his urethra, until only a pulsing, wiggling inch or so was dangling out.

"Almost there.." Wendy said, with a nod. "She'll start soon."

"Start what?" both Tiffany and Teddy asked, curiously.

"Does it feel like she's getting sort of slippery inside of your penis, Teddy?" Wendy countered, with a question of her own.

"Uh.. yeah.." the boy confirmed, his expression an amusing mix of intrigued and apprehensive. "What's she doing?"

"Beginning to excrete her digestive fluids, I'd imagine."

"..What?" came the simultaneous response from both cousins, though Teddy's was quite a bit more alarmed than Tiffany's.

"Well, that's why they're called penis worms.." Wendy explained, her tone eminently reasonable. "..because they eat penises, of course."

"WHAT!?" Teddy exclaimed again, his expression growing horrified.

"Ohh, how interesting.." Tiffany commented, nodding thoughtfully.

"Interesting!?" Teddy cried, his voice panicked, as he desperately began to try to tug the worm out of his urethra, without much luck. "That's.. that's horrible! Get this thing out of me!"

"She won't come out until she's done, Teddy." Wendy said, her expression faintly amused at the boy's frantic antics. "And her body's covered in tiny, backwards facing spines, so she can't be pulled out by force."

"No.. No way.." Teddy gasped, as the little bit of worm still outside his urethra began to slip through his grip. "No, no, no!"

"Whoops, there she goes.." Tiffany observed, as the last of the worm finally disappeared down her cousin's penis. "Guess there's nothing to do about it now, Teddy. How will she digest his penis then, Wendy?"

"Ahh!" Teddy cried out, as he grasped his hair in his hands, looking down at his erect, worm-filled manhood, his expression frantic.

"She'll excrete digestive fluids for the next several hours. Various acids and enzymes. They're quite potent, actually, and Teddy's penis will start breaking down almost at once." Wendy explained. "She'll absorb nutrients from the dissolving flesh directly through her skin, since penis worms don't actually have any mouths."

"Oh, how neat." Tiffany said, nodding again. "How long until Teddy's penis is dissolved completely."


"Two or three hours, at most." Wendy replied, over the sound of the boy's continuing wails of denial. "We'd best leave the two of them to it, since there won't be much to see from the outside."

With only a pair of curious, backwards glances, the girls turned and left the boy, who was now tugging futilely at his manhood, alone with the worm that was already beginning to digest his penis.

"How do you think Teddy and your pet are getting along, Wendy" Tiffany asked, several hours later over the rim of her imaginary tea cup.

"Hmm..?" Wendy hummed, mid pour of imaginary tea. "Oh, I suppose that it has been a few hours, hasn't it?"

She carefully set the imaginary teapot down on their imaginary table, then carefully added an imaginary spoonful of milk and an imaginary sugar cube to her own imaginary tea cup and stirred.

"Yes, and I'm quite eager to see the results you promised." Tiffany replied, before sipping again at her imaginary tea, pinky pointed primly out.

"Well, I suppose that we'd better go and find them both then, so you can see." Wendy said, nodding. "They're probably right where we left them, I'd imagine."

They both sat for another minute, finishing their imaginary tea, then each stood and went in search of their cousin and pet, respectively.

Teddy wasn't quite where they'd left him, but he was close by. He'd ended up with his back to a tree, his legs splayed out before him. He was staring down at his still bare crotch forlornly, eyes red and watery, with tear tracks streaking down his cheeks.

"Teddy!" Tiffany called out, as they approached the boy. "Teddy, how are you and your penis getting along?"

The boy just looked up at them, his forlorn expression unchanging, before he snuffled and wiped his nose with his sleeve.

"Ugh.. Teddy.." Tiffany commented, disgusted at his boorish behavior.

"I can't.." he stuttered, chest hitching with emotion. "I can't feel it no more.."

"Really?" Wendy asked, sounding positively fascinated as she and Tiffany bent down to look for themselves. "She must be nearly done, then!"

The boy's poor penis, what was left of it anyway, was very, very red. The deflated, nearly empty tube of skin, which was all that seemed to remain of it was in sharp contrast to how they'd last seen the thick, erect little todger look.

"Wow, you weren't exaggerating at all.." Tiffany sighed out, amazed at the sight of her cousin's mostly digested penis. "It turned his plump little penis into an.. an empty sausage casing in only a few hours."

"Yes.. Honestly, I hadn't expected it to be this dramatic.." Wendy agreed, nodding her head. "I've never actually seen her eat a penis before. Usually I just feed her sausages with a hole poked down the middle."

"What's that liquid oozing out of the end of it?" Tiffany asked, curiosity mixed liberally with disgust in her tone.

Indeed, the boy's penis was weeping a continuous little trickle of clear-ish fluid from what had been the opening of his urethra.

"Oh, that'll be a mix of digestive enzymes, acid, and dissolved flesh from Teddy's penis." Wendy said. "Penis worms are messy eaters. When they dissolve a penis, most of it leaks out. The worm probably only absorbs one part in ten, and the rest just gets wasted."

Teddy huffed out a little sob at this, though the effort seemed to exhaust him, as if he'd already cried himself out about his penis' predicament.

"Soo.. what happens now?" Tiffany asked, as she peered closer down at the flaccid remains of her cousin's penis.

"Well, once she's finished eating, my little worm will lay her eggs and then turn around and crawl back out." Wendy supplied.

"Lay her eggs?" Tiffany asked, her eyebrows raising up high. "Really? Where?"

"In his testicles, of course." Wendy answered.

"Hauhh!?" Teddy whined, his face losing some of its shocked look and becoming animated with desperation once more. "Not.. not my balls, too!?"

"I'm afraid so.." Wendy responded, trying her best to sound conciliatory and sympathetic rather than eager at the thought, and mostly failing. "..but that isn't so much of a loss, is it? Now that you don't have a penis?"

"Ahh!" was Teddy's only response, as he grasped his hair in his hands once again.

"How long will that take?" Tiffany asked, curious.

"Oh, it shouldn't be long now.." Wendy answered, waving a hand dismissively. "There isn't much left of Teddy's penis, as you can see."

"Oh.. Oh, no.." Teddy cried, his breath huffing in and out in panicky little gasps. "I.. I can feel it moving around again.. It's going deeper!"

"She." Wendy corrected the boy, a bit sternly.

Teddy didn't appear to have noticed her comment, though. He was far too busy trying to keep her pet out of testicles (though how he hoped to do this precisely was unknown) to bother to listen to either girl.

"So, she'll just crawl all the way down into his testicles, then?" Tiffany asked, as they both watched on as Teddy squirmed frantically around on the ground before them.

"Yes." Wendy said, nodding. "She'll crawl down one of the tubes that connects Teddy's testicles to his body, plant an egg, crawl back out and then into the other testicle and plant the second egg. It really is quite a marvelous adaptation, when you think about it."

"Indeed. Nature, red in tooth and testicle, ha!" Tiffany responded, with a little giggle.

"Ohh.. Oh, no..!" Teddy moaned. "I.. I felt it. I felt it! It left something behind in me!"

"How long does it take the eggs to gestate?" Tiffany asked.

"They'll hatch in about six or seven days." Wendy answered. "Then they'll spend the next few weeks slowly dissolving and absorbing Teddy's testicles. They start out quite small at first, but they grow rather quickly."

"Neat." Tiffany commented.

"Yes!" Wendy agreed, clearly excited by the subject of her new pet. "Isn't it? Then, when they're done eating and growing as much as they can, they'll crawl out and look for another set of penis and testicles to start the cycle all over again!"

"Ahh..!" Teddy exclaimed again. "That.. that was the second one.. It's done both, it's done both!"

"Oh, it looks like she's finished her work." Tiffany said, pointing out the squirming form of Wendy's pet as it wiggled its way out of the sad remains of Teddy's genitals.

"Come here, darling.." Wendy cooed, as she bent over and picked up the slick, ooze covered form of her little pet as it emerged. "You did well, didn't you? Ate up that silly boy's whole penis, and put your eggs in him too!"

"Is it okay to touch the fluid?" Tiffany asked, as both girls peered down at the slimy worm curling itself around Wendy's fingers once again. "Won't it burn you?"

"Not if I go wash my hands." Wendy reassured her friend. "The insides of a penis are a lot more delicate than skin, after all. Much easier to dissolve and digest."

"So, what happens to the left overs?" Tiffany asked, as both girls turned away from the sobbing boy at their feet and began to make their way back toward the house. "The empty bits of skin that the penis worm didn't digest?"

"Oh, they'll dry up and fall off in a week or so.." Wendy said, casually. "First the skin of his penis, then his scrotum too, once his testicles are gone."

"Eww.." Tiffany commented, the image of dried up penis skin forming in her imagination, looking for all the world like very unappetizing beef jerky.

"I'm glad that you're both staying for awhile." Wendy said, as Teddy's crying faded into the background. "I can't wait to watch the hatching!"

"I, as well." Tiffany agreed, nodding. "Do you think I could have one of new hatchlings? I'd kind of like to have a penis worm of my own, now."

"I don't see why not." Wendy replied, nodding. "I mean, Teddy's your cousin, after all. It only seems fair."

Both girls and pet entered the house, happily imagining and anticipating the eventual complete destruction of poor Teddy's testicles, as he gave unwilling birth to two brand new penis worms.

END Penis Worm


3 - Walk-Ins

"Hey, look at that." my girlfriend said, pointing.

We were strolling casually through the mall on a lazy Sunday, just browsing and enjoying ourselves, passing by a small storefront that had been vacant the last time we'd been through. It was occupied now though, as my girlfriend was pointing out, and the new tenant didn't seem to be the usual mall offering. In fact, it almost looked like some sort of dentist or doctor's office, and it was just called..

.."The Clinic".

My breath caught in my throat as I read the name of the new place.. because I recognized it. Hell, almost any guy would, I think. The nationwide advertising campaign the rapidly growing franchise was plastering on every television channel and in every magazine and online ad was hard to miss.. Which wasn't even addressing the controversial nature (at least to most men) of the product they offered.

"Ooh! I'd heard that they were considering opening one here, but I didn't think it'd be so soon!" my girlfriend exclaimed, clapping her hands in delight. "Let's go in and see!"

"Uhhm.." I hummed, rather hesitant about stepping foot into the place. "..are you sure that's a good idea? I'm not really, um.. comfortable with this.. uh.. this whole.."

"Oh, jeez!" my girlfriend responded, rolling her eyes. "You're so predictable. We're just going to be looking, that's all."

"..Just looking?" I asked, my mouth dry. "Promise?"

"Promise!" she answered, snuggling up to me and grinning. "I just want to see what they have to offer! Come on, it'll be fun!"

It was hard to resist her when she got like this..

"I.. I suppose.." I reluctantly agreed, allowing my eager girlfriend to drag me toward the entrance to the little clinic. " long as we're just looking."

"Of course!" my girlfriend agreed. "We can decide when.. I mean, IF we want to actually get anything done later, ha ha!"

I gulped at my girlfriend's little slip, though I couldn't claim to be surprised, really. The way she talked about this topic almost every night, during our intimate time, had quickly made me realize just how big a fantasy and turn on it was for her. At the time it seemed mostly harmless, and an easy was to get her really, really worked up, but now..

Now, as my girlfriend was pulling me through the door of "The Clinic", I wasn't so sure..

The little waiting room that greeted us could have come out of any doctor's office in the world. Boring colors, even lighting, mildly uncomfortable chairs, and out of date sports and hunting magazines, all set before a little receptionist's office that would have made the entire scenario feel very familiar, if I hadn't suspected just exactly what it was all a front for.

"Good afternoon!" the receptionist (a rather slim, pale, pretty, and bespectacled brunette girl in stylish business clothes) chirped cheerfully at us. "Are you here for an appointment?"

"Uh, no." my girlfriend answered. "We just saw your sign, and wanted to come in and see what you had to offer."

"That's perfectly fine." the receptionist replied, with a winning smile. "Walk-ins are welcome! We have several brochures that you can look at, or if you'd like, I can schedule you for a quick consultation."

The receptionist eyed me speculatively at this last, which made me shiver a little.

"Hmm.." my girlfriend mused, with a sideways glance of her own at me. "I'd love to get an expert's opinion on him.. er, on the matter, but how much would it cost..?"

The receptionist simply pointed to a little sign sitting at the edge of her desk which we'd overlooked. It read "Free Consultations!", of course. At the mention of brochures, I'd been hoping to get out of the place with just a few of those in hand to satisfy my girlfriend's curiosity. Now, though, it seemed unlikely that my escape would be so easy or quick.

"Ooh, neat!" my girlfriend exclaimed. "Yes, sign us up for a consultation, please."

"Very well. If you could fill these out, then return them to me.." the receptionist said, as she handed over a pen and some paperwork on a clipboard. "..I'll be able get you sorted out."

"There's another patient in with the doctor at the moment, but they should be almost done by now.." she added, as an afterthought. " you shouldn't have to wait very long."

"Thanks!" my girlfriend replied, as she led me over to a pair of chairs.

The paperwork was asking for pretty much the standard things you'd see in any sort of doctor's office: name, social security number, prior health history, allergies, insurance.. nothing unusual. Mostly. The part that made me raise an eyebrow was where it began asking about sexual history, and how often the patient (me) had intercourse, and how often the patient (me, again) orgasmed and ejaculated, and for the approximate size of the patient's (my) genitalia, and other things of a similar and intimately personal nature.

My girlfriend filled them all in without hesitation, not even blinking at the strangely invasive nature of the questions.

The receptionist took the finished paperwork from my girlfriend with a cheerful "Thank you!", and began entering it into her computer, typing away furiously. Halfway though, she paused in her work and made a little exclamation of surprise, then glanced over toward us (and at me in particular) with a look of shock and not a small amount of disbelief. Then she shook her head as if to clear it, and went back to her typing.

"Betcha I know what she read that caused that little reaction!" my girlfriend whispered, nudging me with her elbow and giggling.

I only rolled my eyes at her (though not without a brief blush of pride creeping over my face, I'll admit).

The receptionist had barely finished her task when the door beside her office opened up and a pair of people, a man and woman, walked out.

Well, the woman walked, anyway. The man, who looked like he was fighting the instinct to hunch over and cradle himself, merely shuffled along slowly. His expression was.. well, a bit shell-shocked, really.. as if he couldn't quite believe where he was..

..Or what had just happened to him.

"Oh, don't worry about payment.." the receptionist was saying to the woman, while the man tottered along behind her. "His insurance should pay for it entirely. We worked hard to make sure that our procedures were covered by all the major insurance companies."

"Oh, that's great." the woman replied. "Thank you so very much. This was everything I'd hoped for, and more!"

"Come along, dear.." she chided, as she lead her (former?) man along, before ushering him out the door. "Let's get you home, so you can rest.."

He caught my eye just as he was leaving. The look in his eyes chilled me, making me shiver and gulp.

Then, it was our turn.

An adorably cute little redhead had followed the pair into the room. She stood waiting, looking expectantly at us, a small smile playing around her lips as she regarded us (and especially me).

"The doctor will see you now." the receptionist said, nodding us toward the redhead. "Tabby will take you back."

Wordlessly, Tabby (Nurse Handler, according to her name tag) led us down a short hallway to door number two, where the doctor was already waiting. I (along with my girlfriend, to my amusement) eyed the nurse's backside (which was deliciously pert) as we walked. Her bottom was shown off to great effect within a nurse's outfit so form fitting and short that it was practically a miniskirt.

"Your next appointment, doctor.." Nurse Handler said, as she opened the door to the room and led us inside.

"Ah.. Welcome, both of you.." the doctor (a tall woman with midnight dark skin, and the most gloriously feminine curves, all packed into very flattering business casual) said, before introducing herself. "I'm Doctor Cutter.. (she paused here at the disbelieving giggle that escaped from my girlfriend) ..Doctor Samantha Cutter."

"Yes, I know my name is little ironic and amusing, considering my profession.." the doctor allowed, with a small, tired smile (as if she'd already heard every possible joke about her name). "..but it really is just a coincidence of happenstance, I assure you."

"Now, then.." Doctor Cutter said, as she motioned us into chairs across from her own stool, and while the redhead made herself scarce in a corner. "..what did you come to us looking for today?"

"Well.." my girlfriend began, biting her lip nervously (and excitedly). "..we saw your place while walking through the mall, and we know a little about the kinds of services you provide from your advertisements, but we don't have any details on just exactly what it is that you can do for us.."

"Ah, a full consultation, then." the doctor said, smiling easily. "I take it you skipped the brochures? No matter. I think it's actually better to go through our various procedures and options when we can see the subject in question up close and in person.. so as to better get an idea about what you might like for him."

"So, if you would, sir..?" Doctor cutter finished, as all three women in the room turned to look at me.

"Uh.." I mumbled, blushing and ducking my head a bit.

"Go on.." my girlfriend prompted, nudging me with her elbow again.

"Okay, then.." I said, before standing up and undoing my pants.

"Oh.. Oh, my.." the doctor said, blinking in surprise as I lowered my trousers and boxers to reveal my half engorged manhood. "I can see why you sought out our services.. Goodness, but that does give us a lot to work with, doesn't it?"

The little redhead's reaction was a less restrained (and less professional, if the slightly annoyed look the doctor shot her way was any indication) "Holy crap!" at the sight of my admittedly large set of cock and balls.

"May I..?" Doctor Cutter asked with an arched eyebrow, as she reached out a hand toward my groin.

She wasn't looking at me when she asked this, but toward my girlfriend, who simply nodded her permission.

The doctor's ungloved hands were soft and warm, her wonderfully dark skin contrasting vividly with my own relatively paler flesh, and she handled me gently. She took her time with her examination, turning my slowly growing cock this way and that, hefting my pendulous testicles and rolling them in her fingers, all the while making inquisitive humming sounds and thoughtful murmurs to herself.

"Well, this is quite the specimen you've got here.." the doctor finally reported, with an approving look at my girlfriend. "He's well formed, healthy.. and suitable for any of our procedures, should you wish."

"What procedures do you offer, exactly?" my girlfriend prompted, as she leaned in eagerly.

This was the knowledge that she had brought us both in here to learn, after all.

"Well, the first option is perhaps the simplest.." Doctor Cutter explained, with a little squeeze of my shaft which made my heart skip. "Docking, which is where we trim some of the length off the end of the penis."

"Hmm.. that would make intercourse with him a bit more comfortable." my girlfriend allowed, nodding casually. "He is a bit long for me, after all.."

"Quite." the doctor agreed, dryly, before continuing. "Typically, we remove just the head.."

As she said this, she traced one fingertip around the flare of my cock head in demonstration, causing me to shiver and gulp in a mix of apprehension, dread, and excitement.

"..but any amount of length can be removed, and with a penis this large it might actually be advisable to trim off a bit more than normal."

She then traced several more circles around my shaft, at various lengths down its height, all the way down to nearly the base.

"Of course, that leads in to our next procedure, which is a penectomy." Doctor Cutter said, as she slipped the ring of her fingers (which didn't even come close to closing around my girth) down to the base of my cock.

"We can do a standard penectomy, which is just taking off the visible portion of his penis.." she explained, giving my base a squeeze for emphasis. "..or a full, which is the complete excision of his entire penis, all the way down to the root."

"Wow.." my girlfriend breathed, her excitement at the thought of my penis being cut off or even out completely clearly showing.

"Of course, the full version of the penectomy takes a little more time than the standard one, both for the surgery itself and for his recovery."

"What else is there?" my girlfriend asked, breathlessly, almost bouncing up and down in her seat with excitement.

"Well, putting the penis aside for the moment, there's castration.." the doctor continued, shifting her hands to cradle my testicles, squeezing each gently in turn. "Where either one, or the other, or both of his testicles are removed. Whether the scrotum is left empty or trimmed away is up to you, of course."

"Ahh.." my girlfriend exhaled, licking her lips.

"Then, if we put the previous two procedures together, there is our final procedure: nullification." Doctor Cutter stated, both her hands moving to the base of my manhood, grasping my whole package firmly and giving my engorged flesh a small shake for emphasis. "Which is the removal of his entire manhood. It comes in two flavors; standard, which is similar to the standard penectomy, in that it is the removal of all the visible portions of his genitalia.."

"And..?" my girlfriend prompted, squirming in her seat.

"..And then there's the Deluxe Nullification Package." the doctor explained, with a firm nod. "Which is the excision of every single part of his male reproductive system, both visible external organs AND hidden internal ones."

"Penis, testicles, prostate, all the connective tissues and tubes and glands in between.. Everything gone." Doctor Cutter finished, smiling proudly.

"Woww.." my girlfriend repeated, closing her eyes and shivering in place. "Everything gone..? That sounds amazing!"

"Yes, it's quite the thing to see." the doctor agreed. "Assuming he took well to the anti-scarring regimen, there would be pretty much nothing left of his sexual organs but a tiny, thin scar and smooth skin."

"Of course, the Deluxe Package is quite invasive.. It needs a lot more time in surgery to accomplish, not to mention quite a bit of recovery and rehabilitation time for him afterward, than any of our other procedures." the doctor cautioned. "Plus, the psychological ramifications can be quite severe, depending on the man in question."

"Psychological ramifications?" my girlfriend asked, blinking in surprise.

"Oh, yes." the doctor explained. "All of our procedures are likely to have at least some ramifications on the behavior and mood of the patient. The inevitable side effects of a man losing some or all of his sexuality. Many of our customers actually come to us seeking out these side effects specifically."

"Wow, really?" my girlfriend asked. "What are the side effects of each procedure, and why would they be sought after, exactly?"

It was clear from her surprised demeanor that she had never thought through her fantasies to this extent. She just thought the idea of me losing my big dick was hot.

"Well, docking is the least likely to have much in the way of side effects. The man can usually continue on relatively normally, sexually speaking." Doctor Cutter stated. "Many women desire their men to be docked in an attempt to decrease their partner's sensitivity, and therefor increase their stamina during intercourse."

"Of course, some women, like yourself, have it done because the penises of their boyfriends or husbands are simply too large for them." the doctor said, with a little nod to my girlfriend before moving on.

"Penectomy is often sought after because it removes the man's ability to orgasm, while retaining his sexual drive. This lack of outlet for erotic tension results in a more energetic partner, both in and out of the bedroom, which many women find desirable. If handled correctly, a penis-less man can be far more productive and industrious, domestically and professionally, than an intact man is ever likely to be."

"Ooh.." my girlfriend said, eyes alight as she glanced up at me. "That sounds nice.. really nice, actually."

I shuddered in place at the idea. Being a slave of my own pent-up sexuality to my girlfriend, working for her (sexually or otherwise) with no prospect of release sounded absolutely horrible.. although my cock, which was as hard as it had ever been, apparently found the idea just horribly arousing. The big traitor.

"Castration, of course, often has the opposite effect. Women with a man they find too boisterous and rambunctious often turn to it in hopes of calming their partner down some, all without entirely losing the option to indulge sexually with him, if they so wish." the doctor explained.

"Hmm.. I don't think I need that.." my girlfriend commented, with a little shake of her head. "He's pretty calm and well behaved already.. most of the time, anyway."

"Nullification, of course, is viewed by many as just a more extreme version of castration. It is typically for women who are completely done with their partners, sexually speaking, and who simply want someone to spend their time with platonically." Doctor Cutter finished. "The effects nullification can have on making a man more tame and docile, both in public and in private, cannot be understated."

My girlfriend looked dazed at all of this information, flushed with excitement, mind's eye obviously fixed on repeated images of me losing various portions of my male anatomy, then following her around and obeying her every whim like a docile little puppy afterward, even as her real eyes remained fixed on my hard, throbbing cock still held in Doctor Cutter's sure hands.

The little redheaded nurse, Tabby, stood against the wall in the corner. Her eyes were also locked on my manhood, and she was biting her lip and fidgeting in place, and seemed rather jealous of the good doctor's grip on my enormous cock.

"So, now that you've heard all the options available to you, have you come to a decision?" Doctor Cutter asked, prompting my girlfriend out of her reverie.

"Ah.. Well.." my girlfriend hesitated, with a little (slightly guilty) glance up at me. "I like the sound of the penectomy.. the standard one, that is.."

"I mean.. I really, REALLY like the sound of it.." she continued, after closing her eyes and trembling for a moment. "But.. but we.."

"But we just came in to look, today." she finished, though it seemed to cost her quite a bit to admit it to the two other women present.

"Ah, I see.." the doctor remarked, with a knowing look over at the nurse, who just grinned. "It is a BIG decision, after all.."

As she said this, she hefted my cock and balls visibly, practically shaking them before my conflicted and obviously aroused girlfriend.

"..and I can see why your partner here would want to just CUT and run, right now.." she continued, her emphasis of the word cut making my girlfriend shiver. "It would take quite the MAN indeed to give it ALL up for you.."

My girlfriend groaned at this, clasping her hands to her chest and looking at me pleadingly.

"Don't worry, maybe he'll let you bring him back here next week.. or next month.." Doctor Cutter stated. "..or maybe never. Oh, well.. Odds are you won't ever be able to find out what could have been.."

I knew exactly what the doctor was doing to my girlfriend, what havoc her words were wreaking upon my girlfriend's self control, but I was very nearly as spellbound as she was.. And I somehow couldn't bring myself to try to stop her.

"Please.." my girlfriend gasped, her own slender hands sliding into place around my cock to join the doctor's. "Please.."

Then she looked up at me, her eyes bright and shining with hope, arousal, lust.

"Please say you'll do it for me.." she begged me, while stroking and kneading my infernally erect penis. "Please say yes.."

"I.. I.." I stuttered, as I began shaking in place.

The redheaded nurse's hands joined my girlfriend's and the doctor's, taking their place around my cock, surrounding it in soft, feminine warmth. She grinned up at me, wickedly, and seemed delighted to have an excuse to touch my male flesh. The doctor just looked on knowingly, a small grin quirking up the corners of her mouth, as my girlfriend continued to plead with me to offer up my cock to this impromptu coven.

"Please.." my girlfriend repeated, her face earnest, her eyes glimmering with unshed tears. "I've never wanted anything so much as I've wanted this.. Please give up your cock for me!"

"I.." I couldn't make a decision, not like this.. Not with my arousal settling in like a fog over the logical parts of my mind.. Not with three gorgeously beautiful women practically on their knees before me, stroking me, begging me.. "..I.."

"Please.." my girlfriend repeated, one last time, before bending slightly and giving the tip of my cock a gentle, almost chaste kiss.

"Oh.. oh, fu.." I groaned, any resistance I had left crumbling as suddenly as a dam breaking at the feel of her lips, her breath, on my flesh. "Okay.. Okay!"

"You will..?!" my girlfriend gasped, delighted, before she then leapt to her feet and threw herself into a hug against me. "Oh, I love you so much!"

I just basked in the feel of her body, of the emotions of the moment, as she gripped me tightly and kissed me hard.

"Well, now that that's settled.." the doctor said, as she snapped on a pair of latex gloves, and snapped both myself and my girlfriend back to the present. "..we've got a surgery to prep for! Let's get a move on, chop chop!"

It took a surprisingly short amount of time for everything to get set up. Nurse Handler, who seemed highly reluctant to let go of my member, whisked a cover sheet off of a wheeled cart that had been sitting in a corner the entire time to reveal a small, but complete, surgical suite. My chair was modified, using its internal joints and electric motors, into a suitable set of restraints for me. I was, when I hesitantly took me place in its arms, bound hand and feet, elbow and knee, and even across my abdomen. It held me up in what was nearly a standing position, with my legs spread wide to allow Doctor Cutter access to the part of me that she was about to remove (at my girlfriend's fervent request).

Speaking of my girlfriend, her growing and obvious arousal led to her abandoning all pretense when the surgery started. As Doctor Samantha Cutter bent towards my still rampant erection, scalpel in hand, my girlfriend slipped one hand beneath her tight jeans and the other into her blouse, and began pleasuring herself openly.

"Sh-should we.." she gasped, as her fingers worked furiously at her own sex, and just as the sharp wedge of steel was about to touch my cock. "Should we let him come, one last time..?"

God, yes.. I thought. Please, yes. I'd never been so aroused.. Horribly conflicted, but even still, incredibly aroused.

"Why bother?" was the redheaded nurse's answer, which she gave with another wicked grin at me, her delight at the dire situation my big cock was in just as obvious as my girlfriend's.

Hell, it looked like she was close to joining my girlfriend, considering the heated looks the redhead was giving her.

"Unnecessary." was the only reply from Doctor Cutter, who appeared to be in full professional surgeon mode. "Plus, he's easier to operate on, like this.. I can be sure to get all of him this way, and ensure there's no visible stump left."

"Okay." my girlfriend agreed, biting her lip even as she watched and shuddered. "I guess he doesn't come."

And that seemed to be that. My final orgasm was denied to me, by virtue of democracy (three to one, all votes tallied), and the operation began.

The first touch of the knife was electric, and I almost came right then anyway. My girlfriend very probably orgasmed a little herself, judging by the sounds she was making, but my attention was too focused on my manhood's impending demise to check for sure.

Just like with the prep, the actual surgery took much less time than I thought it would. There was quite a bit of blood, on account of just how erect my cock was, and quite a bit of pain, too. Which wasn't surprising, seeing as no-one had bothered give me any sort of anesthetic. But, just a few quick cuts (which ironically seemed to last for an eternity as the razor edge of the scalpel passed through my flesh), a few sutures, a small catheter tube, and it was done.

My girlfriend came for sure, noisily enough that even I, in my distracted state of mind, had no doubt about it, as my cock was finally severed completely and lifted away by Nurse Handler. The little redhead's gaze lingered on my detached and now dying penis possessively, laying there as it was in a cold, steel surgical pan, even as my girlfriend came so hard that she fell out of her chair.

"There we go.." Doctor Cutter murmured approvingly, as she finished up and patted my dangling testicles (the only part of my male anatomy left now) affectionately.

The jostling caused me to hiss in a not insignificant amount of pain, which everyone besides me seemed rather dismissive of.

"Well, all finished up!" she declared, as she stripped off her bloody gloves and tossed them aside. "A clean, perfect outcome. He'll need to take it easy for a few weeks, no fast movements, squatting, or lifting, but aside from that, he's ready to walk out the door!"

My girlfriend, who was still half dazed by the power of her orgasms, clambered to her feet, then simply stared at my now cock-less groin. She shivered again, with another orgasmic aftershock, then bit her lip and looked away.

"He can walk out? Right after his surgery?" she asked of the doctor, surprised.

"Oh, yes." Doctor Cutter assured her. "A penectomy is a simple outpatient procedure. It's just a little bit of extraneous exterior flesh being cut away, after all. Nothing serious."

"Well, it's usually just a little bit.." she amended, as Nurse Handler carefully took up the pan containing my cock and left the room with it. "I'll admit that this particular penis was quite a bit more than a "little bit", ha! Biggest one I've taken so far, for sure!"

"What will happen to it now..?" my girlfriend asked, her eyes on the retreating (pert!) backside of the redheaded nurse.

"Oh, it'll go into the medical biowaste bin, with all the rest of the detritus of the surgery." Doctor cutter said, as she washed her hands in the sink. "Which then gets collected by a company that deals with pretty much all of the city's medical waste. It and all the rest of the trash will be incinerated by the end of the week."

"Assuming that Tabby doesn't steal it away, anyway. She seemed rather taken with it, ha ha!" the doctor finished, before the nurse in question returned to usher us back out into the waiting room. "Call us if there are any complications. Or if decide that you want the rest of him trimmed off!"

Nurse Handler, in her cute little outfit, bid us farewell with a wink and a devious little smile. I shuffled along after my girlfriend, every step a little agony and reminder of what I had just lost, just given up.

My girlfriend spoke briefly to the receptionist. The pretty, slim brunette regarded me quite indifferently as she watched my slow progress out of "The Clinic", and I absently wondered how many men she had seen come and go just today. And also how much of her daily salary would come out of the proceeds from my particular penectomy surgery. Just how much had my big cock been worth to her, to the redheaded nurse, to the doctor I'd allowed to take it from me?

I suspected that the answer was "not much".

A woman and man were waiting patiently in the room as we passed through it, though I was so distracted that I only noticed them at the last moment. The man, who looked rather nervous and unsure, paled when he caught my eye. I can only imagine what I looked like to him, as I followed my girlfriend out the door, now much less of a man as I left than I had been when I'd entered.

"Well, that was fun." my girlfriend commented, as she pushed back her hair and blew out a pensive breath. "Too bad we can't do it again, though.."

She sounded a bit wistful. I only hoped that she wouldn't come to regret asking me to give up my cock. I had done it, endured the surgery and pain and loss, all just for her. It would be a bitter pill to swallow indeed if she herself decided that it had all been a mistake.. If I had lost my cock, along with my ability to orgasm ever again, on just a whim of fancy of hers that she later regretted and wished she could take back.

But surely not, right?

END Walk-In (Proceed directly to Regret[CBT Shorts #4], do not pass GO, do not collect any orgasms.)

Author's Note:

I wrote up and finished the first one of these stories, Door to Door, before I saw and read the recent story "Cock Pate" by JustSinfullyPeachy/LucifersChef. Grinding a penis up into edible paste is a fun idea, and perverted minds think alike, I guess. I'm not surprised that I'm not the first to have thought of it.

The Penis Worm is something that has been on the back burner of my mind for awhile, and I'm glad to have finally gotten it written out. I've had several people ask me for more animal/penis vore in the past, and I hope this might go some ways toward satisfying them.

Walk-Ins, however, was a more recent fantasy, one which grabbed me hard and demanded that I write it out almost immediately. I love the clinical setting, and how the protagonist is talked about in the third person right to his face, as if he were just a pet or something, while his girlfriend seems to call all the shots. That fact that it is a prequel for Regret, another story I'm quite fond of, is even better.



I have written a story called Pink Lemons inspired by this story. You can find it here:


The Penis Worm story is amazing. The concept is brilliant and hilarious. It's probably my favorite of the CBT shorts and I'm trying hard to think of how to write a version of my own.

The story would be even better if it had more verisimilitude. Certain aspects of the story are oddly unrealistic, like a person keeping a pet worm in her hair. A pet worm is strange enough, but if someone had one, it would be kept in a glass case, much like one would keep ants.

One of the best bits is how Teddy shows his penis to the two girls and lets their worm play with it. That feels very believable, so long as he doesn't suspect what the worm might do. Especially if the girls are pretty, that seems like exactly the sort of thing many guys would do with just a little encouragement.

One bit that seems unrealistic is how the girls seem to give no thought to the consequences of their actions. I have yet to think of a way to really improve that, except perhaps that Wendy shouldn't personify the worm so much. She makes a big point of calling the worm 'she' as if Wendy has affection for the worm and thinks of it like a person, but that doesn't fit with how she's putting the worm's life in danger. Realistically Teddy would have done more to try to save himself and that would mean trying to kill the worm. Wendy couldn't possibly be so short-sighted as to not realize that. Of course all that's beside the issue of them getting in trouble afterward.

Maybe the story could be set in a post-apocalyptic future where penis worms have emerged as one of the new species appearing to fill the gaps left by the extinction of most of the life on Earth. That way there would be no hospitals or doctors for Teddy to seek help from, and no police to punish the girls.

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