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Random short stories involving the deaths of children; all of them featuring looks, but a few might have a shots or two thrown in.

Others are free and encouraged to write stories of their own.

Slutty Daughter

Mg(11), necrophilia, shooting, piss.

John groaned as he sprayed cum into the eager mouth of his eleven-year-old daughter. Samantha gagged, but sucked down every bit she could, with only a few trickles spilling down her chin. She gripped his shaft once more while nibbling the tip, licking excess cum off like ice cream. He was sure he’d cum again, when…

“What the hell is this? You fucking pervert!!” His wife, Martha, stood in the doorway, glaring at them as they turned their dumbstruck faces in her direction.

“This isn’t what it seems…”

“She seduced me,” he interrupted, pointing at Samantha as she licked cum off her lips.

Martha sighed. “I suppose I can’t blame you, Johnathan. You’re horny and I know you can’t help it when someone offers.”

She glared at Samantha. “As for you, my nasty little slut.” Martha reached into her purse and pulled out a .44 Magnum. Samantha’s eyes grew as her mother forced her head back and placed the nuzzle against the bottom of her chin.

“Please mom, I won’t… ACK!”

The bullet tore through her chin and mouth, and exited through the top of her head, leaving a gaping hole as blood and brain splattered all over the room. John watched, his mouth agape, as her lifeless body collapsed onto the bed beside him. The crotch of her shorts turned dark, the contents of her bladder gushing out for a final time.

“I’m going to get a drink. I’ll be back in ten, this better be cleaned up when I get back.”

She walked out, slamming the door behind her.

A sigh escaped John’s lips as he looked down at Samantha’s corpse. “Well, suppose I shouldn’t waste this.”

He removed her shorts, no panties underneath, as usual, revealing a pristine cunt moist with her last piss. It was smooth and, owing to John’s fear of getting her pregnant, untouched. Looking into her vacant brown eyes, he inserted his dick into her tight hole for the first time, after so many months of her begging for it, and tore her hymen. As virginal blood soaked his shaft, he fucked his dead little girl harder than he would have dared if she were alive. It didn’t take long; after only a few minutes he came, spraying his hot and sticky seed into her underdeveloped womb. He pulled out and shot the remaining squirts into her asshole.

“I wish I could do this a little longer, sweetie,” he said, kissing her forehead. He got dressed and went to work disposing her body, albeit after taking a few good snapshots with his phone, and scoured the room of any evidence that a gruesome murder took place.


Only thing that would have been better might have been the mom shooting her daughter in the pussy first


Family Purged

It was time for me to carry out another government authorized purge. Just another policy to curb population growth, but one I enjoyed assisting; I could legally kill people, I was immune to the purge myself, and it was quite profitable.

I rang the doorbell and waited. Minutes the door opened and a women in her mid-30’s, short black hair, grey shirt and baggy sweatpants, answered the door.

“May I help… you?” She stepped back when she noticed me pointing an AK-47 at her.

“Are you Dana Jackson?” I knew the answer, but I always double-checked.

She looked at my gun for a few more seconds before she answered. “Yes. Who is asking?”

“You and your family has been selected to be purged.”

I let it sink in before I opened fire. She staggered backwards as thirty rounds tore through her breasts, coming out of her back with sprays of blood and the remains of her heart and lungs. Her body twitched on the floor for a few seconds and stopped. The crotch of her pants darken, and Dana Jackson was no more.

I entered the house and shut the door behind me. After stepping over her corpse I went into the living room, where my next two victims waited.

A young boy sat in a rocking chair, sporting a stripped polo and blue jeans. His twin sister, long dark braided pigtails in a pink strapless dress, sat in his lap. They were both seven. They were both staring at the screen of a tablet, held by the little girl, with wireless headphones in their ears; oblivious to their mother being murdered, and the armed man standing in their house.

I didn’t give them a chance to notice my presence. I aimed and fired. The tablet, now full of holes, fell to floor, as the twins danced and spasmed to the bullets ripping through their torsos. They slumped back into the chair, eyes staring vacantly at the ceiling. They pissed themselves, soiling the soaking the chair even more.

I checked the list on my phone. Dana, Ashley, and Kevin were deceased. Katie and Kathleen were still alive: two to go.

That number changed very quickly. Kathleen, a quirky fourteen year-old with short black hair and glasses emerged from the hallway, wearing a pink sports bra and matching workout shorts, emerged from the hallway and stopped in her tracks when she saw me.

I aimed the gun at her. She screamed and started running down the hall, but I pulled the trigger; she went sprawling to the floor with six bullets in her ass. She turned over, screeching with tears streaming down her face, as I approached. She looked up, her beautiful contorted face begging for mercy.

“Please don’t kill me. I don’t wanna die, please! I’m young, and untouched. I can’t die before knowing what it’s like to make love! Oh God! Get help, this hurts! Make the pain stop!”

I smiled and pointed the gun at her chest. Her pleas became incoherent blubbering which, was silenced as a rain of bullets reduced the teen buds poking through her bra into blood-gushing holes. A weak, garbled, gasp escaped her lips, followed by trickles of blood down the sides of her cheeks. Her bladder relaxed, soiling another crotch with urine.

Just for good measure, I emptied the remaining bullets into the teen’s soft exposed belly and reloaded. Then I set to searching the bedrooms for the last target.

Katie was in the last room down the hall. An eleven year-old with long black hair, splayed out beneath her, in a light-green dress lifted to expose her smooth pussy, laid on her bed. Her right hand, to my delight, was rubbing her labia while her middle finger probing her wet cunt. Like her little brother and sister, she was holding up a tablet and wearing wireless headphones, too absorbed into whatever she was doing to notice that I entered her room.

I chuckled to myself and took aim on her exposed cunt. The gun fired, and pulverized her hand and cunt with half of the clip, before creating a line of holes up her torse, one in her chin, and the last few into her forehead.

“That’s all of ’em.”

I went around the house with my phone and took photos of each victim and uploaded them to the government-operated purge site, confirming their deaths. Minutes later, I got a reply stating the money in their bank accounts have been transferred to my account, and told me that all of the belongings in their house were mine. Anything left behind when they arrived a week later to cleanup would be trashed.


Amazing! Please write more and include families and incestuos situation! There is more purging to be done! ;) Great work!


At least one more family shoud be purged and caught in the middle of something….


Post more like this! Thnks!


Gr8 stuff m8! More pls!


Finally someone included the mandatory death-piss in stories! I'm looking forward to the next one!




More please. Mom shooting daughters pussy


Why not a killer wasting an entire family? With more bullets in pussy and ass ofc! ;)




Spamming the thread won't make OP write stories any faster, jackass.


This is like KC the lit version!


Shota snuff?



All stories written by me will have loli victims, but some shota victims may appear alongside the loli victims.

As mentioned in the OP, others are free to write their own stories and can just kill shotas.




I love it when you did the bro and sis, perhaps a shota with his mom in the future?
KC- the famous (KC)Killing Children, these stories give a similar feel!


I just wish there was more necrosex in those… Murder is hot but in the 2nd story there was nothing and in 1st it was basically 2 sentences… :/


Where can I find these stories? I'm intrigued


I like them just the way you wrote them, after all purging means a busy schedule, not enough time to play with all those dirty pussies! Surprising them during sex or lewd moments it's another business! ;)


The most awesome thread in the galaxy!


Loved them, more pls!


Liked the first one ,but the second was ablsolutely amazing! They idea of a family snuffed and with a hint and a tease of incest is just perfect! Hoping to see more like this in the future!


No more stories?



I will post a new one tomorrow.


waiting patiently for more, this is much better than Young ladies and death thread, i love your style Andrew Dax Fields, i think your stories are superior!


Losing My Virginity

Mgg(12), necrophilia, shooting, piss.

The evening I lost my virginity was hardly what I imagined. It was in a random alleyway like the one I cut through on my way home from school all those years ago. It wasn’t with my high school crush, Linda Marshall—now Linda Vincent, even though I spent the years after we graduated stalking her on Facebook and even moving to the same city. I lost interest in her, after three kids and poor dieting caused her to lose the athletic physique and turn into a grotesque whale. I was also much older than I would have liked: thirty-five.

The loud and squeaky giggles of schoolgirls reverberated down the alley, as I sat beneath the stairs of a vacant pizza joint. She was on her way; the new girl of my dreams, who replaced Linda a year ago. It was her twelve-year-old daughter, Christina. She was almost a spitting image of her mother before she gained; fiery hair flowing to her lower back, peachy complexion, and narrow waist and hips. She lacked the large and firm tits of her mom, but the lemon-sized buds poking through her pink tank top promised a much fuller bra in a year or so.

Christina spoke; “Did your parents say if I could spend the weekend at your house?”

Her voice, a soft noise which floated on the breeze, sent a wave of euphoria crashing over me. I briefly daydreamed that voice saying “I love you” to me, as Christina laid her head on my chest after making love underneath these steps. Then my face contorted, as I returned to the reality that it would never be like that. It was her fault; if she hadn’t caused her mom to get fat, I would’ve had a relationship like that years ago. It didn’t matter; I would give to her daughter what I never could give to her. Then both of the little bitches would be punished harshly for the misery I felt.

“They said you would need to ask,” the girl walking with her replied.

Christina’s friend—a plucky Indian girl with short black hair and glasses, and messy bangs—was by her side, as she had been for the prior 287 evenings I watched them cut through the alley on the way home from school. Christina referred to her as Ambi or, on occasion, Ambika. Unlike Christina, she was a little pudgy, but not outright fat, and a pair of orange-sized lumps curved firmly beneath her blouse. She was the reason I didn’t rape Christina yet. Although the girl was cute, she wasn’t the one I wanted to be my first, and I felt I couldn’t keep her from running to the police as I raped her friend. That wasn’t going to be an issue this time, I thought to myself as I stroked the 9mm in my lap.

I didn’t want to kill Ambika, and there was a tightening sensation in my stomach when I heard her voice. She didn’t have anything to do with this. ‘‘Why couldn’t you get the flu or something?’’ I sighed and shook my head.

They continued getting closer, chatting about their plans if they could spend the weekend together. I froze in place as their feet fell in front of my hiding spot. I wasn’t going to do it, after all. I would be back here Monday, waiting for them again, because I couldn’t find the balls. Killing a person wasn’t easy. Or was it? Without thinking, as they continued down the alley, I sprang out and raised the gun. Christina looked over her shoulder as I moved, and Ambika started to turn her head to see what her friend was looking at, but it was too late. I pulled the trigger, a hole appeared in the side of Ambika’s head, gushing with blood, as she crumpled to the ground. A damp spot formed in the crotch of her gym shorts as her bladder relaxed itself, and a puddle quickly formed around her pelvis. Christina jumped back and opened her mouth to scream. I rushed her, and grabbed her, one hand pressed tightly over her mouth as she bellowed a muffled scream into my palm, and the other holding the gun against her head.

“Shut up!” I jerked her head up and gazed into her green eyes. Her pupils grew larger and tears welled up as she stared back into my cold blue eyes. “When I take my hand from your mouth you better not scream or yell out. And don’t try to run away, either. You do and I’ll fill that pretty little head of yours with lead. Do you understand?” Christina nodded and the squealing stopped. I let go of her, she stumbled forward and turned to look at me as I trained the gun on on her face.

Her body trembled and she stood in silence, save for the sobbing. I waited to see if she would try running, my finger tight on the trigger, but she simply stood there watching me.

“Good,” I said after a few minutes, “now I want you to remove your panties and lean forward against the wall with your ass sticking out.”

Christina sniffled. “You-you want me to do what?”

“Remove your panties and face that wall,” I repeated.

“Wuh-why? You wan-want to do nasty things to me, don’t you? Please! I don’t wanna be raped!”

“I will make love to you here and now.” I pressed the gun against her forehead. “Even if I have to do it after you die.”

“Don’t kill me! Please! I’ll do whatever you say, just don’t shoot me!”

“Then remove your panties!”

Christina lifted her skirt and stopped for a second, then shook her head. “Please don’t! I’ll let you take a picture of my breasts, if you don’t rape me. Please! My first time is supposed to be in the loving arms of Kevin Whiteside.”

“I’m going to rape you, and your virginity is going to be taken by my dick whether you want to or not.”

She lifted her skirt for a second and grabbed her panties. She started pushing them down, then swung her arm against mine, and nearly caused me to drop the gun, and sprinted towards the end of the alley. I grabbed my weapon before it hit the ground and aimed in her direction. Eight shots rang out, and Christina went down before she could reach the end. I shoved the gun into my pocket and approached her flailing body.

My accuracy left much to be desired, but three of my bullets hit the target; all of them into her upper back. She was coughing up blood making high-pitched and raspy gurgling sounds from her mouth, in an agonized attempt to breath or scream. I turned her over on her back and looked into her contorted face as she glared back at me. The front wasn’t pretty either, with three holes in her chest, showing that the bullets ripped cleanly through.

“Didn’t I tell you I’d shoot you if you ran? I did, didn’t I? You made me ruin that sexy little body of yours, you stupid fucking whore!” She gurgled incoherently, and more blood trickled from her mouth. “Don’t worry your not-so-pretty-anymore head, I’ll still take your virginity before you die. I told you I would be your first, and I don’t think your precious Kevin Whiteside will find you all that attractive the next time he sees you.”

I got down and crawled onto her. She tried to push me away, but I pinned her arms to the ground until she gave up. Then, with a few tugs, I ripped her shirt down the middle, and revealed to myself her flat belly and budding nipples; well, nipple, as the left one was gone, replaced with a blood-dripping hole. ‘‘Damn! My accuracy is a little better than I expected.’’ I moved back, and ran my finger gently down her soft belly until I reached her skirt.

“Now, to get what you didn’t want to give me.”

I lifted her skirt over her stomach, then ripped her panties to shreds; her prepubescent pussy, pink, smooth, and untouched, was exposed to my ravenous eyes. I licked my lips and began to unbuckle my belt. Moments later, after fumbling with my pants, my erect cock sprang out. I leaned over Christina, one hand pinning her shoulder to the ground, and the other guided my cock to her pussy. My penis squeezed into her tight hole; the girl grunted and coughed up another clout of blood as I broke through her hymen.

Christina lifted her arms several times, with increasingly feeble attempts to push me off, as I pushed my hard dick deeper and deeper into her young hole. She screamed weak, gurgling, wails, getting quieter every second. Her body grew weaker, until her only movements were either involuntary twitches or from me pounding her cunt. Her pussy tightened, and a warm liquid poured from her dying cunt, soaking my cock and filling the air with the distinct ammonia smell of piss. Her dying on my cock sent me over the edge, and I let out a long grunt as I sprayed warm cum into her now-cooling vagina. I pulled out, and left a white river dripping from her hole. I opened my eyes and stared into her eyes, now an endless abyss.

I scooped limp body into my arms and carried her back to where her friend laid. I looked down at the dead Indian girl, sprawled out on the ground, her legs open with the piss-soaked crotch looking straight at me. Her eyes, as vacant as Christina’s, looked into the sky, and her mouth hung open permanently. Her death was unfortunate, a punishment for hanging around the wrong person at the wrong time.

“Well,” I muttered, “I suppose it would be even more unfortunate to let such a lovely thing go to waste.”

I placed Christina’s body on the ground. I kicked off my boots and then removed my pants and underwear, tossing them aside. I kneeled down next to Ambika and started ripping her clothes off. I laid her naked body back down, and marveled at the firm round tits and brown, puffy, nipples, and then salivated at the sight of her plump and smooth cunt, glistening in the evening sun.

“So perfect,” I whispered and pulled her face towards mine.

My lips locked were her lips, and I kissed; sucked the remaining breath from her mouth and explored it with my tongue. Then, kissing her dark skin every inch of the way, I moved down her chin and neck, and then puckered my lips around her right nipple. My tongue danced around the tip while I suckled, and then repeated the process with her other breast.

I moved down to her pussy, kissing her belly along the way, until my lips touched her labia. My tongue slipped out and brushed her slit, taking in her bitter sweet flavors. I parted her pussy lips and took a big whiff, then dove in. I licked her hole, sucked and nibbled her clit and labia, until she was completely drenched and I was out of breath. My fingers stretched her hole as much as possible while I licked deeper. When I pulled back, strings of saliva and cunt juice dripped from my mouth.

Satisfied with my first taste of pussy, I mounted her corpse and penetrated her dead virgin pussy. Blood trickled down my shaft as I broke her hymen, but I didn’t care. That amazing sensation built up in my groin, faster than ever—faster than even my time with Christina—and soon I climaxed again; cum filled Ambika’s pussy, as I howled into the sky. When I was finished, I sat back and watched my seed spill from her brown hole. I was satisfied, but not finished.

I removed Christina’s skirt, and placed Ambika’s glasses back on her face, then laid both girls next to each other. I was somewhat immature, so naturally I arranged it so Christina’s index finger was on Ambika’s crotch, and Ambika’s hand was on Christina’s. Then I pulled out my phone and took several photos, from every angle. With that done, I dragged both girls under the stairs.

Hours later, I found their phones amongst their belongings. I transferred the images to their phones and accessed their social media accounts. I uploaded the images, and tagged as many people on their friends list as possible. Police eventually found me around dawn; I was sleeping, using Christina’s body as a pillow, while my dick rested inside of Ambika’s mouth.


At least he was happy! This reminded me of one of my fav serial killers Tsutomu Miyazaki.I think the police would have had hard time finding him if he just mailed the photos to her family or whatever.Anyways great story, looking forward to read more!


A story with a strong plot, I loved it, don't stop you are making something very good here for the guro community!


Pls write more stories with families wasted!


Yes, that's what we need! More family fun!


Is this1 dead? I think the stories were awesome!


The Daughter Executions Tween

Note: This story is based on the Daughter Executions video by PKF Studios. However, unlike those videos, the victims in this story are much younger.

In July of 2019, eight children, all girls, went missing from an elementary school in a wealthy district near Seattle, Washington. In September, their bodies were found in an abandoned apartment, along those of three teens slightly older than them, a boy and two girls, as well as the body of a woman in her mid-30’s. Days prior to the discovery of their bodies, flash drives containing video recordings and images of each girl’s murder, were sent, via mail, to the parents and guardians of the missing children.

A large master bedroom came into view, empty, save for a single queen-size mattress situated in the middle of the room. Standing against the wall on the right end of the room, next to a wooden door, was a boy, later identified as fifteen-year-old Richard Norris. He was skinny, short black hair, wearing a camo muscle shirt and grey baggy pants. He clutched a 9mm pistol in his right hand.

“We’re ready,” a deep male voice shouted from behind the camera.

Seconds later, the door opened. A girl, with curly bright-red hair to her waist, a white t-shirt, khakis, and flip-flops, walked, arms gripped by two older girls, through the doorway. She was identified as Amber Finnegan, age eleven. The girls who forced her through, were twin sisters of fourteen years; Ellie and Jade Norris. They both had jet-black hair, although, Jade’s fell to her hips, while Ellie’s stopped just below her shoulders. They sported cropped tank tops, black for Ellie, white for Paige, and matching purple miniskirts, with knee-high socks and black shoes. Behind them, was a woman, clutching another camera; their mother. Renee Norris was thirty-four, black hair tied in a bun, wearing a low-cut white blouse, and pink cargo shorts.

The twins escorted Amber to the bed.

“Get on your knees,” Ellie said, as she and her sister forced her down.

“What’s going on?” Amber asked, looking around the room with a dazed expression.

“Just shut up, and don’t ask questions.” Renee demanded. She looked towards the camera. “Make the call.”

The sound of a phone dialing emanated from behind the camera, then the man spoke again

“Hello, Misses Finnegan… You’d be interested to know that I have your daughter with me… Yes. We have your Amber… We’ll give her back, we just need a million dollars… You don’t have that kind of money… I thought you was rich? Ah, so you’re well off, but not that well off… Then I guess you’ll be glad to have one less mouth to feed… No, fifty grand will not be enough… You might be able to buy your daughter’s pussy…”

He ended the call.

“Do it,” he said.

Renee nodded and pointed at Richard. Richard walked over to the bed and pointed the gun at Amber.

Amber screamed “Wait, Richard! What are you doing? Rich-”

A shot rang out. Blood sprayed from a newly-formed hole in Amber’s forehead, as she collapsed back on the bed. A damp spot formed in the crotch of her khakis, and piss spilled out over the mattress.

“Strip her! Girls, go bring in the next one.”

Ellie and Jade ran out of the room, closing the door behind them, while Richard started removing Amber’s clothes. He first removed her shirt, revealing her flat chest, and tiny, mosquito bite nipples. Her khakis followed, then he ripped the piss-soaked panties, and sniffed the slit of her prepubescent pussy as he exposed it to everyone in the room.

Renee shook her head. “Sex addiction runs in the family.” She brushed him aside and started taking photos of the child’s nude corpse. She and Richard lifted the body and laid her body along the wall.

“Alright, next!” Renee shouted.

Minutes later, the twins returned escorting another girl into the room. She was Miranda Vincent, just turned twelve. She had chestnut-brown hair, with streaks of green, worn in pigtails which fell to her shoulders. Her outfit was a white button-up shirt and checkered skirt, with white ankle socks and black dress shoes.

“Amber!” Miranda screamed. She attempted to pull away, but the twins gripped her tightly and pulled her to the mattress. They forced her to her knees, facing the camera, and held her tightly as she continued to struggle.

“Settle down,” Jade ordered.

“But, Amber is bleeding. There’s blood coming out of her head! We need to help-”

Renee slapped her across the face. “Just shut up and calm down. It’s too late to help Amber, anyways. She’s dead.”

“No answer,” the man spoke up.

“Looks like you are, too,” she said as Richard raised the gun.

“What? No! Please!”

Another shot rang out, and Miranda tumbled back, blood gushing from a hole in the center of her forehead, and rolled onto the floor. A yellow puddle pooled around her pelvis and thighs, into the fabric of her clothes, and into the carpet.

Ellie and Jade exited the room again. Richard opened her top, exposing a small yet budding pair of breasts, and removed her skirt. He tore off another piss-soaked panties, and repeated the process of sniffing her dead pussy before being shoved off by his mother.

The twins emerged again, hauling another victim. This one, a ten-year-old girl of East Asian descent. Her name was later determined to be Melissa Nguyen. Jet black hair, braided into a ponytail that fell to her buttocks, wearing a blue sweatshirt and matching sweatpants, and dark-blue tennis shoes. Her eyes immediately widened at the sight of the two dead girls stacked against the wall as she entered.

“You struggle, and you will end up like them,” Renee said darkly.

“Please don’t kill me. I’ll do whatever you like.”

“Then get on your knees and wait,” Ellie said as she and her sister forced the tween onto the mattress. The Asian grimaced, clearly unnerved by the sloshing sounds as she kneeled down.

A few moments later, the man spoke. “Her grandmother didn’t pick up.”

“My nanny can’t hear very well. If you leave a message, my older sister can call you back.”

“Sorry, but I don’t have time to wait. Richard.”

Richard nodded and raised the gun.

“No! Please don’t kill me! Just wait for my sister! Please—” damp spot appeared in the crotch of her pants, and quickly cascaded down her legs in branching rivers, and pooled into a yellow puddle around her knees. Melissa opened her mouth again, just as Richard pulled the trigger. Whatever her next words were going to be were lost as a mist of blood, bone fragments, and brain tissue, erupted from the center of her forehead. She tumbled backwards, her brown eyes now vacant as they gazed at the ceiling.

“Strip her,” Renee ordered.

Richard did as he was told, and began to pull off her shirt as his sisters left to retrieve the next unfortunate soul. He laid her back, flat brown nipples pointing straight up, as he removed her pants.

“Nice,” he said, proudly, as he noticed there were not panties beneath her sweatpants. He sniffed another dead cunt, and moved aside while his mother took pictures.

The twins returned, holding another Asian girl. She was Jane Nguyen; the twelve-year-old sister of Melissa Nguyen. Her angelic face was nestled in a jet-black wave of hair that cascaded to her mid-waist. Her outfit was a purple dress which fell to her thighs, wireframe glasses, and dress shoes.

Upon entering, she screamed, and tried to run over to her sister. “You killed her! Melissa!”

“Settle down!” Ellie roared as she pulled Jane back, and dragged her to the mattress. “On your knees.”

“So, she’s her sister?” The man asked.

“Yeah,” Jade replied, as she tried to hold the sobbing tween in place.

“Should we even try calling her grandmother again? I’m more inclined to just have Richard kill this one and move on to the next one.”

“You can’t kill me! I can’t die yet!” Jane cried out.

The man laughed. “Why’s that?”

“I’m just a kid. I-I’m still a virgin, for crying out loud. I refuse to die without knowing what it’s like to make out with someone. I just can’t die before that”

The man laughed hard at her reply. “Of all the last words I have heard, this one will forever be one of my favorites. Richard, let’s see if she can’t die just because she’s a virgin.”

“On it,” he replied and raised the gun. She tried to say something, but he shoved the barrel into her mouth as it opened. He pulled the trigger; a spray of blood erupted from the back of her head, and her mouth filled with crimson. She fell back, her legs spread to display her white panties; which were quickly turning yellow as her bladder emptied itself.

“If there’s anymore that are sisters, bring them both in together.”

Richard quickly removed her clothes. This time, he wasn’t content with just sniffing her pussy, but stuck his tongue between her slit and licked her before her mother pushed him aside.

“Hey, all of this pussy is getting to me. I’m going to need some release before this is over.”

Renee sighed. “You can get your release once we’re done here. Business before pleasure.” She photographed the corpse and laid her next to Melissa. When Renee looked away, Richard moved Jane’s hand so that it cupped Melissa’s pussy.

An older girl, thirteen, with short bright-pink hair, was dragged in next. Kaylee Clark. She was more developed than the others, with her round orange-sized breasts poking through her flimsy blue summer dress; still no bra, indicated by her large nipples poking through. Richard’s eyes lit up. She looked around at the corpses of her classmates, but didn’t say anything as the twins forced her to the mattress.

She sat on her knees, and waited. Someone at her place picked up.

“Finally! Hello… I have your daughter, Kaylee… Yes, she’s with me… If you want her back, I need a million dollars by tonight… Well, if you don’t have the money, you don’t get your girl… Then no girl… Have a happy, child-free life.”

Richard looked at him and nodded.

“Wait! What are you going to–” Kaylee’s words were silenced, as Richard placed a round between her bright green eyes. She fell, pissing herself like the other girls who came in.

Richard ripped apart her dress, and stopped to grab her breasts. He squeezed them, and leaned forward to suck on her left nipples. Renee tapped her foot for a few minutes, then gently nudged her son in the ribs. “We gotta hurry.”

The man chuckled. “Just a few more girls left. If any survive, I’ll let you rape them before I bring her back.”

Richard grumbled, “if any survive,” and proceeded to rip her panties off. He stuck his nose to her plump labia and sniffed, before letting his mom in to take pictures.

The next girl to come in was an athletic black girl. Jenny Reeds was eleven, with short black hair tied into twin buns. She was in a blue one-piece swimsuit, with a diamond-shaped hole cut out over her stomach. As soon as she noticed the other dead girls, she started bawling.

“Oh please, don’t let me die. Lord, I wanna live.”

“Tell him to tell your parents to answer the phone and not be cheapskates.”

“Kneel on the bed, and you might just leave here alive,” Ellie said, trying to sound reassuring.

“My parents aren’t cheap. They have plenty of money. They’ll give you anything for me, they love me.”

“Let’s hope so,” the man replied.

Jenny kneeled, forced by the Norris twins, and sobbed as she waited.

The phone rang, and someone answered. “Is this the father of Jenny Reeds? Yes, I know her whereabouts… She’s right here with me, surrounded by the corpses of her classmates. If you give me a million dollars, you can have her back… If you don’t have the money, she’ll be another corpse spilling blood and piss into this carpet I’m standing on… That’s unfortunate, she’s such a lovely lady. What a waste!” He hung up. "Well, seems her parents don’t love her enough.

“No, please!” Jenny bawled. Her face contorted, and eyes clenched shut, as Richard moved the barrel closer to her forehead. He pulled the trigger, ending her cries as a bullet flew into her brain. She slumped back, and soaked her crotch and thighs with pissed as her bladder gave out.

Once again, Richard removed the clothes of a dead child. He carefully pulled her limbs from the swimsuit, then laid her naked body on the floor. After he got a whiff of another dead pussy, he let his mom in for the photoshoot.

Ellie and Jade emerged moments later, this time escorting two girls.

“You said if there were anymore sisters, we should bring them both in.”

They both kneeled next to each other on the mattress. The two were Samantha Barton, twelve, and Vanessa Barton, ten. Samantha had wavy, golden-blonde, hair, falling to her shoulders. Her outfit was a burgundy turtleneck and checkered skirt. Vanessa had short hair, dyed multiple colors, and wore a bright-red t-shirt, with a maroon vest, and dark-red shorts. Both of the girls sobbed as they entered, with Samantha’s hand wrapped tightly around Vanessa’s.

“Well, this is it. Last shot.”

“Hey! I’m the man who has your little girls… Yes, Samantha and Vanessa are right here… Their safe return depends entirely on your generous spirit… For the price of one million, you can have them back, alive and well… Seriously? I’m giving you two girls for the price of one… Well, it seems you don’t have children, either.”

Richard nodded, and aimed; first at Samantha. A shot rang out, followed moments later by another. Samantha and her sister laid on their backs, blood oozing from the newly-formed hole in their foreheads.

“Strip ’em. I’ll be waiting in the other room while you guys wrap up.”

The camera faded out, as if edited. When the scene returned, Samantha was nude, her buds pointing to the ceiling, while Richard removed her sister’s shirt. She was nude moments later, with Richard sniffing a dead cunt for the last time.

“I’ll be back. You three wait here, keep an eye on things,” Renee said as she left the room.

“Pfft! Not like they’re going to get up and walk out,” Ellie replied and sat down on the floor.

“Well, I can’t wait any longer,” Richard said and walked over to the body of Jane Nguyen. He hoisted her body, limbs and head flopping in his arms, and sat her down in the middle of the room.

“What are you doing?” Jade asked, looking at her brother with confusion.

“I’m horny. Look away if you’re uncomfortable.” Richard unzipped his pants, and pulled out his erect penis.

“Eww! She’s twelve… and, like, dead. Kinda gross.” Jade gagged.

“Hey, you was twelve when you dated Tony. He was seventeen.”

“They’re still dead,” Jade replied, shaking her head.

“Yeah, but I haven’t had any in awhile.” He thrust his penis into the Asian’s dead pussy. Blood trickled out as he broke through her hymen. “Besides, the bodies are still fresh.”

“Well, I’m not watching.” Jade turned and looked at the wall. “Ay, sis?”

Ellie just sat, still watching quietly as her brother plowed Jane’s corpse with primal pleasure.

“Ellie? You know you don’t have to watch?”

“Yeah, but I is kinda fascinating. Besides, I swing both ways, you know that. Can’t say I’m not a little aroused.”

Jade shook her head. “You’re both weirdos.”

Ellie then spread her legs, began rubbing her pussy. “Hey, Richard.”

“Yeah,” he grunted.

“I bet I can cum before you!”

“Well, I do have a headstart, but you can certainly try. If you lose, you have to lick one of the dead girls right in the pussy.”

“Alright…, But, if you lose, you have to pull your dick out in class Monday.”


Ellie plunged her fingers into her cunt, while Richard humped his dead Asian with increased ferociousness. Jade shook her head, while they grunts and moans filled the room. Richard gave out a final, howling grunt, and sprayed his seed into Jane’s corpse.

“Guess you’re not a virgin, anymore. Satisfied?” He grunted, and collapsed on top of her as he raced to catch his breath.

Ellie came minutes later, and lurched forward, her hands grabbing fingering her pussy as she milked her orgasm for all it was worth.

“I came first! That means you have to lick some dead pussy.”

Ellie groaned.

“You can lick Jane’s. I got it nice and moist for you.” He stood up, and stepped aside.

“Eww, but that has your cum in it.”

Richard made chicken noises, but Ellie walked over to Jane’s body anyways, and kneeled down, placing her lips to her pussy. She licked, slowly at first, but then began lapping it up. Richard smiled as Ellie’s tongue emerged with a glob of his cum, then grinned as she greedily slurped it down.

Richard approached Kaylee’s body, and immediately inserted his dick into her mouth. Ellie rolled her eyes, before slurping on Jane’s pussy some more.

Just as Richard began to hump Kaylee’s face, the door swung open. Renee entered the room, and stopped when she saw two of her children fucking the corpses.

“Are you two really so desperate? You’re leaving your DNA on the bodies?” She picked up Richard’s gun. She aimed it at his head, then fired. He collapsed onto Kaylee’s body, emptying his bladder into her throat.

Ellie had just a few seconds to register what was happening, before her mother put two rounds into her head. She collapsed into Jane’s pussy, spilling her bladder between her legs.

Jade stood up, shaking as she watched her sister’s lifeless body collapse. “Mom! Richard told her to do it.”

“Nobody likes a tattle-tell, sweetie.”

Jade’s eyes widened, then piss trickled down her legs as she stood, dumfounded, with her mother aiming the gun at her. Three shots rang out; two holes appeared in her left breast, and one in her right. She collapsed, while Renee slowly approached. Jade looked up, blood pooling around her, as her mom simply pointed the gun at her forehead, and fired.

“Well, now how are we going to lure children away from their school? Your kids were a key part of the fucking operation, you dumb bitch,” the man said from the hallway. Six gun shots rang out; five punched holes in her breasts, and the last entered her brain above her left eye. She collapsed, and spilled another bladder release into the carpet.

The man behind the voice was never identified.


> all of them featuring looks, but a few might have a shots or two thrown in

What does this mean?



Looks was supposed to be "lolis" and shots was "shotas", but autocorrect changed them. I didn't notice until after I posted.


Down for a request?



Sure. Though, due to recent events, it might take a few months to get to it.


Sorry I poofed for so long. Basically my requests were

A. A mob hit on a small family. Based on an RP I'd made. I'd show you the starter and you could go from there. It involves a seven year old daughter, a twelve year old son, a fifteen year old daughter, a sixteen year old daughter, and the twenty nine year old mother. With everyone getting their genitals destroyed or removed before death


B. A ground of young, African American girls get stripped and executed via pussy shots by the police. Bonus points if one is a boy and gets his dick chopped.


B is ok, but A sounds like a dream, add some mother and son incest in it too plz!




Is this ever getting done?



Going through some issues in real life, so it'll be awhile before I get to this.



I'll do option A. Not sure when I'll be done or even start, but I'll post it at some point.

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