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Random short stories involving the deaths of children; all of them featuring looks, but a few might have a shots or two thrown in.

Others are free and encouraged to write stories of their own.

Slutty Daughter

Mg(11), necrophilia, shooting, piss.

John groaned as he sprayed cum into the eager mouth of his eleven-year-old daughter. Samantha gagged, but sucked down every bit she could, with only a few trickles spilling down her chin. She gripped his shaft once more while nibbling the tip, licking excess cum off like ice cream. He was sure he’d cum again, when…

“What the hell is this? You fucking pervert!!” His wife, Martha, stood in the doorway, glaring at them as they turned their dumbstruck faces in her direction.

“This isn’t what it seems…”

“She seduced me,” he interrupted, pointing at Samantha as she licked cum off her lips.

Martha sighed. “I suppose I can’t blame you, Johnathan. You’re horny and I know you can’t help it when someone offers.”

She glared at Samantha. “As for you, my nasty little slut.” Martha reached into her purse and pulled out a .44 Magnum. Samantha’s eyes grew as her mother forced her head back and placed the nuzzle against the bottom of her chin.

“Please mom, I won’t… ACK!”

The bullet tore through her chin and mouth, and exited through the top of her head, leaving a gaping hole as blood and brain splattered all over the room. John watched, his mouth agape, as her lifeless body collapsed onto the bed beside him. The crotch of her shorts turned dark, the contents of her bladder gushing out for a final time.

“I’m going to get a drink. I’ll be back in ten, this better be cleaned up when I get back.”

She walked out, slamming the door behind her.

A sigh escaped John’s lips as he looked down at Samantha’s corpse. “Well, suppose I shouldn’t waste this.”

He removed her shorts, no panties underneath, as usual, revealing a pristine cunt moist with her last piss. It was smooth and, owing to John’s fear of getting her pregnant, untouched. Looking into her vacant brown eyes, he inserted his dick into her tight hole for the first time, after so many months of her begging for it, and tore her hymen. As virginal blood soaked his shaft, he fucked his dead little girl harder than he would have dared if she were alive. It didn’t take long; after only a few minutes he came, spraying his hot and sticky seed into her underdeveloped womb. He pulled out and shot the remaining squirts into her asshole.

“I wish I could do this a little longer, sweetie,” he said, kissing her forehead. He got dressed and went to work disposing her body, albeit after taking a few good snapshots with his phone, and scoured the room of any evidence that a gruesome murder took place.


Only thing that would have been better might have been the mom shooting her daughter in the pussy first


Family Purged

It was time for me to carry out another government authorized purge. Just another policy to curb population growth, but one I enjoyed assisting; I could legally kill people, I was immune to the purge myself, and it was quite profitable.

I rang the doorbell and waited. Minutes the door opened and a women in her mid-30’s, short black hair, grey shirt and baggy sweatpants, answered the door.

“May I help… you?” She stepped back when she noticed me pointing an AK-47 at her.

“Are you Dana Jackson?” I knew the answer, but I always double-checked.

She looked at my gun for a few more seconds before she answered. “Yes. Who is asking?”

“You and your family has been selected to be purged.”

I let it sink in before I opened fire. She staggered backwards as thirty rounds tore through her breasts, coming out of her back with sprays of blood and the remains of her heart and lungs. Her body twitched on the floor for a few seconds and stopped. The crotch of her pants darken, and Dana Jackson was no more.

I entered the house and shut the door behind me. After stepping over her corpse I went into the living room, where my next two victims waited.

A young boy sat in a rocking chair, sporting a stripped polo and blue jeans. His twin sister, long dark braided pigtails in a pink strapless dress, sat in his lap. They were both seven. They were both staring at the screen of a tablet, held by the little girl, with wireless headphones in their ears; oblivious to their mother being murdered, and the armed man standing in their house.

I didn’t give them a chance to notice my presence. I aimed and fired. The tablet, now full of holes, fell to floor, as the twins danced and spasmed to the bullets ripping through their torsos. They slumped back into the chair, eyes staring vacantly at the ceiling. They pissed themselves, soiling the soaking the chair even more.

I checked the list on my phone. Dana, Ashley, and Kevin were deceased. Katie and Kathleen were still alive: two to go.

That number changed very quickly. Kathleen, a quirky fourteen year-old with short black hair and glasses emerged from the hallway, wearing a pink sports bra and matching workout shorts, emerged from the hallway and stopped in her tracks when she saw me.

I aimed the gun at her. She screamed and started running down the hall, but I pulled the trigger; she went sprawling to the floor with six bullets in her ass. She turned over, screeching with tears streaming down her face, as I approached. She looked up, her beautiful contorted face begging for mercy.

“Please don’t kill me. I don’t wanna die, please! I’m young, and untouched. I can’t die before knowing what it’s like to make love! Oh God! Get help, this hurts! Make the pain stop!”

I smiled and pointed the gun at her chest. Her pleas became incoherent blubbering which, was silenced as a rain of bullets reduced the teen buds poking through her bra into blood-gushing holes. A weak, garbled, gasp escaped her lips, followed by trickles of blood down the sides of her cheeks. Her bladder relaxed, soiling another crotch with urine.

Just for good measure, I emptied the remaining bullets into the teen’s soft exposed belly and reloaded. Then I set to searching the bedrooms for the last target.

Katie was in the last room down the hall. An eleven year-old with long black hair, splayed out beneath her, in a light-green dress lifted to expose her smooth pussy, laid on her bed. Her right hand, to my delight, was rubbing her labia while her middle finger probing her wet cunt. Like her little brother and sister, she was holding up a tablet and wearing wireless headphones, too absorbed into whatever she was doing to notice that I entered her room.

I chuckled to myself and took aim on her exposed cunt. The gun fired, and pulverized her hand and cunt with half of the clip, before creating a line of holes up her torse, one in her chin, and the last few into her forehead.

“That’s all of ’em.”

I went around the house with my phone and took photos of each victim and uploaded them to the government-operated purge site, confirming their deaths. Minutes later, I got a reply stating the money in their bank accounts have been transferred to my account, and told me that all of the belongings in their house were mine. Anything left behind when they arrived a week later to cleanup would be trashed.


Amazing! Please write more and include families and incestuos situation! There is more purging to be done! ;) Great work!


At least one more family shoud be purged and caught in the middle of something….


Post more like this! Thnks!


Gr8 stuff m8! More pls!


Finally someone included the mandatory death-piss in stories! I'm looking forward to the next one!




More please. Mom shooting daughters pussy


Why not a killer wasting an entire family? With more bullets in pussy and ass ofc! ;)




Spamming the thread won't make OP write stories any faster, jackass.


This is like KC the lit version!


Shota snuff?



All stories written by me will have loli victims, but some shota victims may appear alongside the loli victims.

As mentioned in the OP, others are free to write their own stories and can just kill shotas.




I love it when you did the bro and sis, perhaps a shota with his mom in the future?
KC- the famous (KC)Killing Children, these stories give a similar feel!


I just wish there was more necrosex in those… Murder is hot but in the 2nd story there was nothing and in 1st it was basically 2 sentences… :/


Where can I find these stories? I'm intrigued


I like them just the way you wrote them, after all purging means a busy schedule, not enough time to play with all those dirty pussies! Surprising them during sex or lewd moments it's another business! ;)


The most awesome thread in the galaxy!


Loved them, more pls!


Liked the first one ,but the second was ablsolutely amazing! They idea of a family snuffed and with a hint and a tease of incest is just perfect! Hoping to see more like this in the future!

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