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Any higher power that would grant any better life to my enemies is not one I willingly and wittingly serve.
If any god or comparable spirit or any entity at all uses me to further its own gains and also assists these cancers, who deserve only eternal torment and should have nothing more than to have never existed, then such which has used me has betrayed me and is evil for it
If there is any God worth praying to, it will enable me to undo every awful thing that ever happened and erase any enjoyable moment for those who wronged me.


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I've seen a lot of edge on this imageboard, lad, but you take the cake.


No you haven't.
Unless you were around for some sick shit I didn't see when the ancient mods were taken out and shit against the site rules was wantonly posted, but if I best that. Well I'm not just an edge lord. I'm the Edge Emperor.


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If this makes you cringe, you're weak.


Sure is summer in here.


up yours


Cringe, yikes, have sex, etc.


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