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Hello! This is just a nice roleplay I had with a girl on F-List. Posting with her consent.


22:37:52) ***Satoumi a girly boy around Riko's age, dressed in a cute red and white dress with puffy skirt, with black feline ears and tail, matching his long hair color, sits by Riko's side as she starts the stream. "Hello, beautiful viewers! My name is Satoumi, and I'm a boy, if you couldn't guess. I know you're here for Riko, but it happens that she's leaving for Sweden tomorrow. So let us all get her more money to spend there! All tips are appreciated, but my input is going to be special! I'm going to quiz Riko. For each correct answer she gets one thousand euro. You heard it right! One thousand! However, for each wrong answer there's a punishment. What do you say, Riko?"
(22:47:50) ***Riko Tsukine double-blinked as she turned to face the boy. "Wait, what?! I know you said you'd give me money for correct answers, but…"; hushing her tone, though, she looked back towards the camera, putting on a smile once again as she addressed the audience in-persona. "A-ah! Oh, well, of course I'll have to take on the challenge, then!~ How could I turn down such an offer? Please, guys, don't feel the need to tip too much. I'm gonna have a great time, eheh~", nervously downplaying her own stream, embarrassed by how much money she'd be earning. Gee, he was spoiling her way too hard…
(22:51:35) ***Satoumi smiles. "That's the spirit! We'll start from easy question. You gain nothing for correct answer, beautiful viewers, so please no answer posting! And the first question is: what is the origin land of the movie "The Ring"?"
(22:52:24) ***Riko Tsukine stared for a few moments, a finger to her chin, pretending to think for a few moments. "Ah, that's a fairly easy one! The Ring is actually a Japanese story, so it's gotta be that, right?", smiling as she spoke.
(22:54:57) ***Satoumi claps his hands excitedly. "That's absolutely right!" He reaches into his purse and fishes out two fresh 500 euro notes, showing them to camera first, then reaching them to Riko. "I'm sure you'll be rich for your trip in no time!"
(22:57:51) Riko Tsukine: /me's eyes went wide as the money was revealed. "Oh, gosh, in cash too?! G-gee, thanks~! Eheh…!"; donations starting to creep in too, subscriber count rising, a cherry on top of her reward. "Ah, thank you so much for the donation! Well, to my fans and.. to you, too, I suppose, Satoumi! E-eheh…"
(22:59:05) ***Satoumi looks at his phone and makes a swiping gesture. "Aaaand our next question! What condition makes it much less likely for you to be killed in a slasher movie?"
(23:00:06) ***Riko Tsukine legitimately pondered this one. "Huh… Well, we know that some kinds of people die first. But the ones who survive… They're usually the main character, right? So it must be that!"
(23:03:22) ***Satoumi turns just his eyes to the camera with a mischievous grin and makes a long pause. "Wrong! While there's a debatable logic to your answer, anyone versed in slashers would tell you that protecting condition is being a virgin. My my, here comes the first punishment. You are to get naked and remain so for the rest of the stream!"
(23:08:28) ***Riko Tsukine looked off-put at first as the boy started to explain. Ah, damn, being a virgin… she hadn't even thought along those lines. Oh, well, at least it wouldn't be– "…Wait… w-wh… are you serious about that?! Isn't that against the rules?!", the girl shouted angrily, staring him down as he revealed her fate.
(23:12:40) ***Satoumi blinks couple of times at her outlash, looking at her innocently. "The rules are simple. You answer correctly - you get money. Incorrectly - you get punishment. You don't even lose the money you've already earned, like in those stupid TV shows. But I'd have to demand it back if you back off on punishment." The amount of tips increases, and there's a whole lot of cheering for Riko. Both lewd excitement, demands of her to follow the rules and actual cheering.
(23:16:00) ***Riko Tsukine whispered. "I-I meant the rules of the site we're streaming on..!", her quiet panic quickly refuted with a simple shake of the head. Staring back at the camera and looking upset, the girl gulped. "W-well.. since everyone actually wants me to, I guess I'll have to play the game." Stepping off-camera for a few moments, the girl started to remove her clothes, piece by piece, until her whole outfit was in a neat pile at her feet. "G..ghh…", she could be heard whining. Stepping back on-camera, she sit down quickly in her chair. "Alright, there you go, perverts…"
(23:19:26) ***Satoumi the cheering intensifies, comments turning into "Way to go, Riko!" "You are the best!" and "haha what a sult". Tips spike for a while, then stop. Satoumi swipes his phone again. "And the next question is! Who is the villain of the movie "Friday The 13th"?"
(23:20:32) ***Riko Tsukine breathed slowly, re-gathering her composure. "Oh, I know this one! It's Jason Voorhees. But, umh, I'm seeing a theme here. Horror movies? I should've revised those, eheh…", she idly commented, lightening the mood.
(23:25:20) ***Satoumi laughs out loud, clapping his hand on his knee. Comments turn to "Oh no…" and "You idiot! That's classic!". He exhales and gets a grip of himself. "Whew! Sorry. Did you know that this very question was asked in the movie "Scream", and a girl was killed for giving the very same wrong answer. Jason Voorheez hasn't become active antagonist until the sequels. The villain of the original movie is his mother." He makes a comically stern face. "The punishment is getting ass-fucked on the camera."
(23:26:57) ***Riko Tsukine looked distraught as Satoumi revealed the truth. "E-eh?! Wait, but, umh, I thought… oh, crap…" as it all dawned upon her. "W-wait, you said I can just give you the money back as forfeit, right? You can have it, I don't want to do something like that! N-not on stream..!!"
(23:30:35) ***Satoumi smiles and opens his purse, tracing his finger across the edges of tens of notes. "Are you sure? There's so much to win. Also…" He points at the screen where disappointed comments flood the chat. Among them few viewers offer tips if she keeps playing, even if she answers wrong.
(23:31:44) ***Riko Tsukine blinked twice. "W-wait. You mean, the game would be over? Okay, nevermind, I'm.. gwahh, I'm gonna have to keep playing, then…"
(23:38:20) ***Satoumi "Of course it would be. Backing off on punishment means you don't want to follow the rules. That's pretty much an end to any game. And don't make such a tragedy of this. It's just sex. Sex is fun! Here." He tosses her a flask of lube. "Prepare as good as you need. And since it's a part of punishment - you do it on cam. Might as well give our viewers some service." He starts undressing too, showing no shame, pulling off his dress while swaying his hips in a slow dance. Underneath it there are only snug red panties. He turns his back to the camera, bends over, rises his tail and shakes his hips again, slowly taking the panties off, revealing a butt plug with a sapphire under his tail. As he's done undressing, he turns to camera again and flops on the sofa, flaunting his erect cock, watching Riko.
(23:40:29) ***Riko Tsukine simply glared back at him for a few moments, before returning her gaze to the camera with a bit of disgust. Her reluctance only seemed to rile up her chat even more; so, saving herself the humiliating of looking at their mean words, the girl turned her back to the lens… and bent over, taking a lubricated finger and pushing it against her ass, doing what she could to make the upcoming punishment more comfortable for herself. "…A-alright, I'm ready. Make this quick though, okay? I've, umh, got things to do.. gyeh."
(23:44:04) ***Satoumi giggles at her comment, takes the lube from her and spreads some over his cock. "Quick, you say? Well, how can I deny my cute friend?" He pushes her to kneel on the sofa, her side to the camera, gets behind her, pushes the tip of his cock against her ass hole and shoves it in in one hard thrust.
(23:46:07) ***Riko Tsukine let out a little yelp- "hyah!"- as she was pushed into place. Feeling that cock lined up against her ass, slightly cold to the touch from the lubricant, her rear tightened as she quickly learned to be careful what she wishes for. Thump, splat; the sound of sticky wetness clapping against her ass could be heard as her head was thrown back, letting out a sharp scream as she realised what he'd done. "Gyaaah!! H-hey, that's not what.. hyaah..!!"
(23:51:26) ***Satoumi grips her hips and starts humping hard, fucking her ass doggy-style, ignoring her screams and moaning lightly at her tightening around his cock. "You're right… huff… about making it quick… Got a game to play… Don't worry… I'm pent up… So it won't be long…" There are all kinds of comments, from cheering for Riko to calling her slut to even saying that Satoumi is way sexier than her. The tips start flowing again. He turns head to camera and smiles while panting. "Oh, thank you… huff… That's nice of you to say…"
(23:53:24) ***Riko Tsukine turned her head sharply, seeing the comments upon hearing Satoumi feeling complimented. Gritting her teeth as she took the anal pounding on all fours, the girl looked pissed off. "G-ghh..!!! H-hey, you there! I don't know who said he's sexier, but umh, you're wrong!!". How did the girl's ego manage to give her the confidence to say that, even as she was being railed from behind for all to see? Only the gods knew.
(23:58:52) ***Satoumi gradually starts moving faster and harder, disregarding Riko's comfort completely. He turns to camera once again and smiles, letting out a bit higher pitched "Here I come…" True to his word, after few thrusts he reaches his orgasm, gripping her hips tight, moaning out and arching his back. He masters enough consciousness to pull his cock halfway out of her ass as he shoots his sperm inside. When his orgasm subsides, he pulls out with an audible pop and pulls Riko down with her ass to the camera, spreading her buns, showing her hole gape and leak sperm. "Whew! And here's the proof that Riko has valiantly taken her punishment. What a nice girl!"
(00:01:28) Riko Tsukine: /me's body was shifting back and forth to the all-too-fast rhythm of the senseless thrusts, the girl starting to feel somewhat exhausted and sweating slightly as he announced what he was going to do. Phew, she thought to herself; at least that didn't take long… although he seemed to give her an extra dose of humiliation by deliberately pulling back, the girl seeing it coming when she felt her ass's entrance start to be splattered with the boy's cum. Her top half collapsing down as her face lay on the sofa, the girl simply whined- "Gyaah…." as he showed off her leaking ass to the crowd. H-how'd things devolve so damn quickly into.. this…?!
(00:04:19) ***Satoumi giggles and pets her ass affectionately. "Hey, don't sulk. It could have been fun for you too if you didn't want it that quick." He sits on the sofa, not minding being naked before the camera in the least, and takes his phone again. "And the next question is! What is the name of the villain who killed his victims in their dreams, making them die in real world?"
(00:14:32) ***Riko Tsukine took a little while to steady herself, sitting upright after a moment and contemplating whether or not to find something to wipe away the cum that was leaking out of her. Since the boy seemed to want to get back straight to it, though, she simply went along for now. "…O-okay, I definitely know that one… that's Freddy Krueger."
(00:18:43) ***Satoumi claps his hands again and fishes two more notes from his purse. "See, it's not that bad! You're winning more!" The tips spike has stopped by now, but there are significantly more viewers, likes and subscribes. There are also comments like "She's got ass-fucked for money? PROS-TIT-UTE!"
(00:22:40) ***Riko Tsukine was briefly sobbing. "I-I'm not a prostitute, damn it..!! Wahh! A-and anyway, I had to do it for NO money! I didn't get anything, so there!!", as if she'd somehow won that argument after placing the cash besides herself.
(00:25:43) ***Satoumi looks at her with concern and pats her head. "Hey there, there will always be jerks on the Internet. Don't mind them." There are few comments echoing his words and reassuring her and few like "yeah mind the jizz you fart on your sofa lol". He swipes the phone. "Here's a tricky one. Where was the name of the demon in the box written in the movie "The Possession"?"
(00:26:38) ***Riko Tsukine shook her head quickly. "U-umh!! Can I… have a re-roll or something? I didn't see that movie!"
(00:32:13) ***Satoumi puts a finger to his chin, thinking dramatically, then smiles. "Well, would be unfair to ask you something that you have no way to know. So I'll let the viewers give you answers to use. Go on, our beautiful viewers!" The comments start filling with all kinds of different suggestions. "On the box", "In the Tora", "on the possessed victim's ass", "Behind the mirror", "On the blackboard", "On the gravestone".
(00:34:19) ***Riko Tsukine looked closely at the chat, trying to discern which answers seemed fake and which seemed real. But they all seemed about equally-spoken! Was this a conspiracy?! "Gyaah! Alright, I'll go with the weirdest one. Is it in the Tora…??"
(00:37:01) ***Satoumi laughs lightly at her answer. "You don't consider the victim's ass the weirdest? Well, I have no idea if it was ever written in Tora or not, but it definitely was written behind the mirror inside the box. And your punishment is…" He makes a dramatic pause. "Get an eye bruise."
(00:38:02) ***Riko Tsukine let out a sigh of frustration. "Behind the mirror?! Aagh, that sounded like an old horror movie trope, or something! Anyway, uhh… w-wait a minute. What do you mean, an eye bruise..?", cocking her head slightly as she faced him.
(00:39:28) ***Satoumi draws a circle over his eye socket with his finger. "You know, like when you get your eye hit with some thing wide enough - you get a black bruise over all your eye socket."
(00:40:41) ***Riko Tsukine hesitated. And hesitated more. "…Are you serious about that? I'm not gonna punch myself or whatever…"
(00:41:10) ***Satoumi smiles warmly. "Need a helping hand?"
(00:41:41) ***Riko Tsukine GLARED. "…I'll ask again. Is this serious…?!"
(00:43:02) ***Satoumi shrugs. "Well, of course it is. You win large sums for every right answer. It only makes sense that punishments are significant. Is a bruise really worse than quick anal sex?"
(00:53:22) Riko Tsukine: was just making noodles! c:
(00:53:52) ***Riko Tsukine breathed deeply a few times. "Haah… haah… u-umh, alright, I… I guess that's fair. It can't be as bad. Alright, do your thing, damn it.."; she'd hate this one in the morning, wouldn't she…
(00:57:33) ***Satoumi smiles warmly again and throws a hard punch into Riko's eye, slamming her head into the back of the sofa. He sits back and pats her head. "There, there. At least it was quick, right?" The comments are like "WHOA! After the anal I thought it wouldn't get any more insteresting!", "ahaha stupid whore", "Really looking for it to bloom!"
(00:57:51) Satoumi: *looking forward to seeing it bloom
(00:59:57) ***Riko Tsukine was caught off-guard by the smile; she relaxed for just a brief moment, and then it hit her. THWAP. "A-aghh…!! God, that really did hurt, damn it! D-don't just pat me like that!", she complained, pushing him away. How dare he act so friendly after she'd just been made to bruise like that, damn it..?! "A…anyway..!! Next question, ugh!"
(01:05:11) ***Satoumi withdraws his hand and shrugs. "Always thought being nice is better than… not. Anyway, next question is! Which murder scene was repeated between two films in the "Nightmare on The Elm Street" series?"
(01:08:41) ***Riko Tsukine thought intently once again. "D…Damn it!! I've only seen the first and the third, and I can't quite remember if… hmm…"; thinking back, though, there was one iconic scene she wouldn't be surprised if it had been repeated. "I-is it.. when the person gets killed as they float above their bed? Like in the first one..?"
(01:11:51) ***Satoumi blinks with surprise. "Whoah! You made a wild guess and actually got it right. Stabbed through their guts and dragged over the ceiling. The scene was repeated in the movie "New Nightmare"" He reaches into purse and gives her two more notes. More cheering comments flood the chat with occasional sprinkling of "Hey, Riko! You're a real EYE CANDY!"
(01:14:07) ***Riko Tsukine felt a rush of gratitude as she took the notes from the boy's hand once more, placing them beside her in a now-impressive pile. Hey, maybe this wouldn't be so bad..? That feeling of optimism sank when she saw the commenters, though. "H-HEY!! Damn it, how dare you guys make fun of me like this?! Are you even regular viewers?? I thought my fans were better than this, gweh!", whining even as donations started to come in as a little extra reward.
(01:17:21) ***Satoumi smiles and swipes the phone again. "Here's a tricky one. The movie "Scream" parodies the slasher genre as a whole, but has a parody of its own. Name it."
(01:20:20) ***Riko Tsukine definitely knew this one! "I remember…! I saw Scary Movie a few times, it's that!"
(01:21:57) ***Satoumi gives Riko a thumb up and two more notes. "Hey, you're doing great! How's that now? No more regrets?"
(01:22:29) ***Riko Tsukine was getting her confidence back dangerously fast. "H-hah! Yeah, this was worth it, actually!~". She just had to ignore the chat, giving it a side-eyed glare, before returning her gaze to the boy.
(01:25:38) Satoumi: ((I'm having a bit of hard time making questions now =) ))
(01:25:57) Riko Tsukine: (Why were they all horror trivia anyway?!)
(01:26:34) Satoumi: ((Thought of Scream and went with it))
(01:27:52) Riko Tsukine: (Bless, hahah. Any other questions works though c: )
(01:28:09) Riko Tsukine: (Or you could end things soon, if you're evil. hah.)
(01:30:59) ***Satoumi swipes his phone. "Aaaand another. Despite having "horror" in its name, this movie only has one bloody murder and a couple of bloodless, all of them completely anti-climatic and more grotesque than scary."
(01:32:08) ***Riko Tsukine CONSIDERED INTENTLY. "…I've never seen it, but I'm gonna guess. I've heard the movie is bad, and my luck is pretty good right now, so… The Amityville Horror?", she asked, looking smug already.
(01:36:37) ***Satoumi brings his hands in a clapping position and pauses, then drops them down. "Wrong! That's "Rocky Horror Picture Show". The punishment is easy though. Get your hands tied behind your back and stand on a stool with your head in a noose before the camera." The chat explodes with comments like "Whoa! I want to see that!"
(01:39:59) ***Riko Tsukine had been totally baited. That wasn't a horror movie at all..! "G-gyaahh!! Damn it.. ugh, fine, you win. That punishment sounds… u-umh, kind of terrifying, though. You just want to take a picture of me like that, or something..?", she asked timidly, scared at the mere thought of doing that.
(01:44:23) ***Satoumi blinks a couple of times. "Didn't think of that, but I love the idea. Will make nice memories. Come here." He takes a soft but firm rope out of his shoulder bag, pulls her hands behind her back and ties them up, probably uncomfortably, but not really painfully. Then he takes another rope and starts making a noose on the ceiling behind the sofa. When it's done - he puts a stool underneath it and helps her up the stool and puts the noose over her head,tightening it up just enough for it to not slip off.
(01:46:17) ***Riko Tsukine didn't resist it; it was just a bit of.. really scary modelling, after all. But the sight of the nude girl, staring down both incredulously and fearfully, must've been a very special one for the boy to permanently capture on his phone-camera; as well as the thousands of screenshots and recorded videos of her going through the whole process. "A-alright, damn it, there's your challenge done. Now, get me out of this thing so I can sit down again…"
(01:54:11) ***Satoumi takes few photos with his phone from different angles. One of them - of her leaking ass from behind. "Now now. That would be way too easy of a punishment. You have to stay like that till the end of the game. Just think of it! You've already won four thousand euro!" He takes a look at the chat. "Not to mention the viewers love and tip you. Now here comes the next question. How was Count Dracula killed?"
(01:55:37) ***Riko Tsukine glared hard at him with disgust. "Heyyy. You didn't mention that in the punishment, damn it… ggh. At least it's an easy one… He was killed with a wooden stake through the heart. Everyone knows that one, at least." This boy really was pushing his luck, damnit.
(01:58:06) ***Satoumi smiles at her. "Sooo confident with that answer. That's what most people would answer, and it's completely wrong. Count Dracula of the Bram Stoker's book was killed with a KNIFE through his heart. Kukri, to be specific. And your punishment is…" He makes another dramatic pause. "Ten lashes to your tummy."
(01:59:31) ***Riko Tsukine groaned. "D-damn it, I should've known an easy thing was going to be a trick question..! Gyaah… oh well, that punishment doesn't sound TOO awful. Fine, fine, bring it on… I can come out of this noose thing while I do that, right?"
(02:03:18) ***Satoumi takes a whip out of his shoulder bag and whips the air with few times with loud clicks to get a grip of it. "Of course you can not. That punishment stays till the end of the game. Now brace yourself." He makes a sharp turning motion, lashing with the whip across her bare tummy. ((roll 1d20>4 to maintain balance))
(02:03:59) Riko Tsukine: (o-oh gosh ;A; scary!)
(02:04:02) Riko Tsukine: Riko Tsukine rolls 1d20: 19
(02:04:44) ***Riko Tsukine did her best to prepare herself for the whip; tensing up her stomach and planting her feet on the stool. The first hit didn't come as hard as she expected, though, thankfully; it didn't budge her one bit. "G-gh! Phew, I thought this might be rough, actually…"
(02:06:06) ***Satoumi smiles warmly at her. "See? Not that bad. You're holding great!" He whips again in the opposite direction.
(02:06:41) Riko Tsukine: Riko Tsukine rolls 1d20: 4
(02:06:51) Riko Tsukine: (w-what does that one mean? ;A; )
(02:07:13) Satoumi: ((You do trip the stool ^_^))
(02:07:25) Riko Tsukine: (C-can she just wobble or something?? ;; )
(02:07:45) Riko Tsukine: (Or is this.. really bad..?!)
(02:09:10) Satoumi: ((Borderline. She tries really hard to maintain balance, but in the end the stool tilts and slooowly slips from under her feet and tumbles down.))
(02:09:25) Riko Tsukine: (oh, god.. okay >_< )
(02:14:38) ***Riko Tsukine must've had a sensitive point on the other side of her body, or something- because this next whip connected hard and painfully. She really, really didn't expect it… "H-hyah!?!", the girl stumbling sideways, one foot falling off the stool- her balance ruined, she quickly felt the entire platform tilting away from her, falling immediately as she dropped down. "G…ghhkkk!?!", she grunted out, wide-eyed and terrified, restrained arms at her back twitching and pushing against the ropes uselessly as her legs flailed around, swinging from side to side as she wriggled and struggled. She couldn't even speak, the noose pulled so taut around her throat as it cut off her oxygen, her face growing redder already. "Ghk… ghk!!"
(02:17:58) ***Satoumi watches in surprise her tripping so soon. He gasps as the noose cuts into her neck and watches her with a clear excitement in his eyes. "Well now, looks like we need to be quick with this punishment. You've still got eight lashes left." He whips hard over her tummy, striking diagonally.
(02:19:25) Riko Tsukine: /me's sharp-piercing glare didn't leave her eyes, even in this moment of sheer panic. He.. he wasn't stopping, even now?! She didn't mean to fall off the stool, she couldn't breathe, and he treated that like it meant nothing?! "G-gHHHK!!", she grunted out in frustration and agony as he whipped her once again without hesitation; squirming more, wasting her breath just to vent her frustrations at the boy.
(02:23:00) ***Satoumi purrs at the sight, standing naked in front of the camera and by her side. "That's a good dance. You're giving our beautiful viewers quite a service." He lashes again, hitting that sensitive spot that got her to trip.
(02:26:08) ***Riko Tsukine couldn't believe the boy. It wasn't a dance, this was real!!! "GHNNHHHGGHH!!!", she screamed out once more through clenched teeth as the whip-end hit her in the worst place possible. She felt her vision flash, the corners starting to fade, as she squirmed even more. She couldn't see her face right now, but it was much redder… turning purple in places, even. She was really, really close to passing out…
(02:29:42) ***Satoumi says with concern in his voice. "Hey, Riko, don't die on us. You got to endure this punishment. You got to go to Sweden with load of money. There are viewers rooting for you. Here, hope this helps to keep you awake." He lashes randomly again.
(02:30:55) Riko Tsukine: /me's vision was well and truly going, now… she barely even felt the lash as it connected with her body, the boy's words an unintelligible muffle as she breathed out slowly, no air able to get in… and then, suddenly, she fell limp, her eyes starting to glaze over.
(02:36:21) ***Satoumi looks at Riko's limp body sadly and drops his whip. He comes close to her and puts his ear against her breast, listening for signs of life. After a few seconds he sighs heavily and returns to the camera. "I'm sorry, beautiful viewers. Riko is dead. She couldn't endure the punishment or even collect her winnings. Guess that's the last time you've seen her. If…" He hesitates. "If you want me to take responsibility for that - you can vote on how I should go."
(02:37:10) Riko Tsukine: Riko Tsukine rolls 1d20-5: 1 - 5 = -4
(02:38:36) Riko Tsukine: The chat set up a vengeful vote, to kill the prettyboy as revenge for taking their favourite streamer, their idol's life from them. …The newer viewers in the chat far outweighed the original ones, though, and they wanted to see more of his shows in the future. So, in the end, they voted for it to all be Riko's responsibility that things ended up that way- not Satoumi's.
(02:40:59) ***Satoumi smiles warmly at the camera. "Thank you all. That's heartwarming. Make sure to look out for my own stream soon. Goodbye, everyone." He turns around and bends over, flashing the butt plug under his tail again, then turns back and blows a kiss before cutting the stream.


I'm not even going to try reading that wall. Break it up into paragraphs and repost it, maybe you'll have something.


Actually though, this is literally just copy and pasted. At least take the 2 minutes out to format it a little

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