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The herbalist, Tamira, had much going for her. Huge rack? Check. Extensive supply of potions and tonics? Check. A quest for an adventurer in need of some quick silver? Check.

"Twenty feral neko tails," she said, ferrying a dozen different concoctions back and forth across her hut. "That's how much I need."

Soren watched her as she worked. Though he stared intently at her jiggling breasts, he heard her request loud and clear. "Twenty feral neko tails. Got it. The notice said ten silver for each tail. That still good?"

Tamira hummed an affirmative, transferring a vial of liquid into an empty vessel. "Try to keep them intact. It won't work if they're excessively damaged."

He was glad for simple work. After a string of failed dungeon dives, he needed an easy quest to get him back on his feet.

"Don't worry. I'll get it done. Be back in a couple of hours."

* * *

Soren yawned and stretched the soreness from his limbs.

The depth of the forest yawned back at him, like the gaping maw of some antediluvian beast, taunting him with the promise of completion. He had spent the better part of the day scouring each copse, clearing and thicket in search of the feral cats that roamed the woods. Dusk approached and he had long since lost the path.

"One more tail," he mumbled, wiping sweat from his brow. "One more fucking tail."

He touched the bundle at his waist, all nineteen, tied together with a length of rope. The fuzzy texture tickled his fingertips with the caress. Some of the blood had crusted on the older tails; the newer ones were still slick with cat gore. Twenty tails was his quest, to help brew healing potions for the village of Landon entire. He'd assumed it wouldn't take him longer than a handful of hours to complete.

He'd assumed wrong.

The sky's blue faded into bruised orange. Soren sought a tree trunk to rest against when he heard a rustle in the bushes off to his right.

"…berries, berries! Need some berries!"

He followed the hissing lilt to its source, a feral neko shuffling around on hands and knees on the other side of a cluster of thickets. His heart leapt at the sight.

"Berries, berries…red ones, blue ones…come to mama…must eat!"

He observed his prey over the top of the thicket. She was tanned, with thick thighs, lean arms and a bushy tail striped through with white. Her ears were tall, the fur at the ends rough and jagged. She was older, tougher and meaner than the rest. His cock twitched to attention as her ass jiggled with each inch she crawled.

Soren slipped his sword out of its scabbard. The bushes parted at his approach. He crept with a hunter's grace toward her, fingers tight against the grip. She turned her head just as he raised his steel and narrowly avoided the downward arc of the blade.

"Outsider!" she hissed. "I smell the blood of my sisters on you! As Akara is my name, I shall avenge them!"

The neko bared her claws and fangs. Soren watched her tail stand up, her back arch and her heels dig into the grass, the telltale signs of a cat about to pounce. He leapt back as she leapt forward, narrowly avoided his face being clawed in half. She was fast. Too fast.

"Die!" growled the cat.

Soren shifted his grip, clasping his longsword's pommel for an upward slash. He waited, watched for his prey's next move.

She didn't disappoint. Darting sideways, the neko leapt at his side. He pivoted on his heel, turned his hip into the swing and sent his steel sailing through the air in a soaring arc that split her from pelvis to sternum.

The cat cried out as his blade hewed through her flesh. She fell to the grass with a thud, blood dripping from the bright red gash that lanced across her chest. She tried to rise, screamed from the pain and collapsed against the ground, shivering, spent. Soren let his smile stretch from ear to ear. Triumph, at long last."

"Nice moves, kitty. Too bad it didn't save you."

She snapped her fangs at him as he approached, a cute but powerless gesture. "Fuck…you…"

"Gladly." He laid a hand on her toned belly, felt the heat thrumming underneath. "After."

The neko shuddered as his fingers traced light trails against her flesh. Her skin, kissed by the sun, glistened wet with a slick sheen of sweat. "Not enough…to kill me…? You must…shame me…as well?"

"Don't think yourself so special, meat." He pressed his thumb on a small tattoo etched into her hip. "I just want your tail."

Her eyes darted to the collection of feline appendages hanging from his belt. Her nostrils flared. Fresh horror blanched her face. "No…my daughters…you…you…"

"Killed them? Yea." Soren rolled his thumb over her nipple. The brown nub hardened from his touch. "I figured you for a mother, body like this. Ready to join them?"

She maintained her facade of defiance, even as tears gathered under her eyes. "Hells take you, shitstain…"

Soren rolled his eyes. "Spare me. Nothing awaits you but the void." He drew his hunting knife. "Any last words?"

The sight of his steel bared over her heart broke the neko. She sobbed out a pathetic plea, grabbing him weakly by the wrist. "No…please…n-not yet…"

Soren plunged the knife down. She let out a long, strangled scream until the blood bubbled up into her throat and turned her cries into gurgles. He took her face in his hand, thumb against her cheek, gaze locked with her own.

"All you're good for," he whispered. "Snuffed and forgotten."

The neko held his gaze. Her eyes were tight with pain, anger and naked fear. Moments later, they softened and those emotions bled away. Her pupils dilated then relaxed and her body sunk heavy into the grass. She drew her last breath, chest expanding then deflating as a single, ragged exhale passed from her lips. He watched the light go out in her eyes, life fading into oblivion.

His cock was rock solid.

Soren removed her only article of clothing, a loin cloth thong tied together with a vine. As he eased the scrap of garment down her legs and off her feet, he found it drenched with girlcum.

"You slut…"

He wasted no time spreading her legs and stuffing her with hard pipe. Her breasts jiggled with each thrust, her cunt clenching around his length, the last vestiges of life in a dead slab of meat. He creamed her hole, filled her womb with hot seed and stuffed all her other holes until his balls were empty and she was leaking sticky white from every orifice.

With his nut still freshly dripping from her, he rolled the corpse over and clipped its tail. That was how he left it, as food for the beasts or the worms, whichever was lucky enough to get a first bite.

* * *

When, after night had long fallen, Soren knocked on the herbalist's door, the petite woman stared at him, not a hint of recognition in her bleary eyes.

"Neko tails," he said, holding up the bundle. "Twenty, as promised."

Tamira's eyes brightened and then her face turned red. "Oh…um…" She touched her index fingers against each other. "I reread the ingredients while you were away. Turns out I really only needed one."


This is pretty god damn great


What a mistake.

He should sit down and explain, in vivid detail, what he had to do to get the other 19.

Then get a discount for his trouble and be in his way.


I was hoping for a good story but it was to short. Rape was to brief and the whole thing was a bit rushed…


I look forward to the next fetch quest maybe some lizard scaled or a minotaur horn


Nice story. Wish the post-mortem part was explained more in detail though


18h ago
Anonymous 09/01/19 (Sun) 21:40:38 No.74495
Little girl eating and living alive inside the worm stomach

On a warm beautiful day on Saturday, October 14 around 1 pm, a beautiful loli girl was played on the meadow. It was a little girl. Biological was born as a baby boy. She had a girl's body at birth. She was 7 years old, but looks and looks like 4 years old. She had a slim girl's body, a very girlish look, and a very thin girl's voice. It was 105cm high and weighed 15kg. She was dressed in pale red gym pants with two white bands on her hips and a white gym girl's shirt. She was wearing a genius of pink girl gym sneakers and pink socks.

The little girl was called Keiko, she had beautiful pink eyes and beautiful long pale red hair tied into twintails.

She played with two dolls she brought with her. Her mother knew she was going to play the meadow.

As she played, suddenly just in front of her, a 20-meter-long, 1-meter-wide and 1-meter-high white giant ring-shaped hungry worm emerged from the ground. It was a worm feeding on little girls and transdaughters (girls' boys), from the 3rd to the 14th years, and their souls. As soon as he emerged, he immediately opened a large mouth and pulled out a red slimy gripper, and began to wrap both her legs with him. When her legs were wrapped, he began to pull her to his press. The little girl was screaming and crying. When the girl's legs were his mouth, he began sucking her into his esophagus. First her small legs passed into the esophagus of the worm, then her girl's body, and finally her girl's head passed into the esophagus.
The worm devoured little Keika, dressed in gym pants and a gym girl's T-shirt, and put on gym girl's sneakers. He locked her inside. She could hear her muffled shouting and crying.

When Keiko was the narrow tube of the worm's esophagus, he lifted his body slightly and began to move it slowly or quickly down his throat so that his stomach acids would digest it quickly. As he moved it, at the end of his throat the stomach valve of the worm began to open. when the worm's stomach valve opened, her small legs first passed, then her girl's body and the stomach valve closed when her girl's head passed. In 15 seconds Keiko found herself inside a stomach sitting position on her back slightly with her shrugged legs. Although the worm closed its mouth, it was perfectly visible inside the stomach. Keiko was still crying.

As soon as she found herself in her stomach, Keiko heard herself fearfully and poked into her gym pants. Her urine was flowing, and her pale brown thin extremes filled the back of her gym pants completely to the point that some of her extremes leaked out from under her gym pants. She had completely wet punched gym pants, and the back of her gym pants was completely peeled.

As she cried, the stomach began to be filled with transparent, glowing gastric boiling worm acid. In 15 seconds, Keiko was immersed in the stomach acid of a giant worm.
When she found herself with the gastric acid of the worm, she began to scream and cry even more. It has already begun the rapid, painful digestion of the spiked and reproofed little Keiki, dressed in spiked and reproofed gym pants and a gym girl's T-shirt and put on girls' gym sneakers and socks.

At first, girl's gym sneakers and socks, which she wore on her legs, dissolved. Then her stomach acid began to dissolve her toes and arms quickly, then her legs, hands, hips, then her little penis one and her waist, then her loins, the abdomen of her chest and back. Her body was dissolving at the same time, along with gym pants and a gym girl's T-shirt she wore. Her skin, flesh, muscles, and tendons were rapidly dissolving the gastric acid of the worm from her bone. Then the gastric acid of the worm began to dissolve rapidly. She felt like she was not in boiling oil, but molten hot iron. It was an unbearable sharp cruel pain as her girlish body and tiny baby bones dissolved. Keiko was screaming and crying from the unbearable sharp cruel pain as her stomach acid processed the nutrients into a giant worm. Tears ran down her face. Whaaaaat! It burns very much! Whaaaaat! It hurts so badly! I want to go out of here! I want to go to my mom! But the worm ignored her, for Keiko was nothing but a young living meal for a huge worm. Her skin dissolves to reveal the flesh, muscles and tendons of her girl's body, which immediately began to dissolve rapidly. Keiko screamed and cried as her girl's body melted. She suffered very much. Her skin, flesh, muscles, tendons and tiny baby bones are mixed and built with raw materials. Her gym pants and the girl's gym t-shirt she wore are dissolving quickly. When her gym panties and the girl's gym t-shirt had dissolved, the glowing gastric acid of the giant worm had already begun to dissolve her loins and chest areas quickly to expose her meat, ribs, viscera and other human organs. Keiko was nothing but a living piece of live meat. Its guts leak into an environment that dissolves quickly. Her streams of meat were boiling. It will be the end. It would be her cruel painful death. The unbearable pain clung to her girl's body on all sides. The giant worm's acid has a remarkable power that can dissolve its soft tissues and tiny baby bones in a matter of seconds. As the worm moved a little further, the acid snapped into her face. As the acid snorted into her face, her skin on her face partially melted, revealing flesh and bones. Please hurt! She cried. Her fingertips were confused, her muscles and nerves dissolving quickly. As the seconds passed, it deteriorated as the giant worm's stomach acid quickly dissolved her skin, flesh, muscles, tendons and tiny baby bones, from her middle body and then from her thighs. She screamed in horror. Her body quickly dissolved this trap. She could no longer suffer. It was intense against her. Her chest area tore and the gastric worm acid quickly dissolved it. As her girl's body melted, she could hear the cracking and breaking of her spine and other tiny baby bones, which were quickly dissolved by stomach acid. It was the worst pain of her very short life. Even though the seconds were fast, it was a long, painful minute for a little girl. It was something terrible. Only a week ago she celebrated her seventh birthday. It was her last birthday. Keiko did not deserve such a cruel fate. Her life is about to end. Her gym panties and a gym girl's shirt that she wore, legs, hands, skin, meat, muscles, tendons, loins, viscera, some human organs, ribs and tiny baby bones are definitely gone. All that remained were her shoulders, head, neck, hair, eyes, a pair of bone vertebrae, with a still beating heart and lungs still breathing. Though she had dissolved most of her girl's body, she still felt unbearable sharp cruel pain. Finally, the glowing stomach acid of the giant worm quickly dissolved the rest of her girl's body. Her shoulders, beautiful long pale red hair, pink eyes, head, and the whole skull. In 30 seconds, Keiko's intolerable cruel pain was completely dissolved and spent inside the stomach of the gastric acid of a giant worm. When her girl's body dissolved, Keike's soul appeared. She screamed as she left her body. Because she was feeling fuel pain. Aaaauuuu! Nieeeeee! Aaaaaaaachgrchhhh! Finally, Keik's soul was completely gone. Her soul melted into utter nothingness. She died, she's definitely dead. She ceased to exist physically and mentally. As if she had never been born. Keiko and her soul were quickly dissolved by the gastric acid of the worm. Nothing remained from the loli transgender. The gastric acid of a giant worm dissolved all of it, including tiny baby bones and clothing.
What was left of her was only her dolls, which were found after hours of looking for her. Although they could not find her body, they knew that a huge worm had swallowed it up, and in 5 years it had swallowed up to 40,000 girls from the age of 3 to 14, including 6,000 transgender girls.

So ended a very short life innocent little girl. Which was eaten and unbearable in severe pain dissolved and digested inside the stomach of the gastric acid of a giant worm.

The little girl did not deserve such a terrible painful cruel death. It was a small child who had life ahead of him and not end up inside the worm's stomach like ordinary human flesh.

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