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Couldn't sleep because this setting kept running in my head, feel free to add to it or correct anything that seems off.

Just as raven finished drying off after her bath she's assaulted by Terra. Who quickly slides 2 fingers in her.

She quickly shoves her off and asks "what is it?"

Terra answers "I just wanted a little taste of you." then sucks her fingers clean of Raven's juices. "MMM you sure you don't want to donate to the cook out? speaking of how do we look on meat for it?"

"I'm certain I don't want to donate my clit and tits or my whole, we have plenty meat as it is, 15 criminals this month we busted for crimes enough to harvest, 12 cocks for the grill, 1 whole male, and 2 sets of clits and tits, I'm keeping the clits to myself this time."

Terra responds "just cocks this time or cocks and balls? What can I do to get one of the clits? come on i'll do almost anything."

"Just cocks I prefer to leave the balls, horny with no release is a more fitting punishment to me. as for the clit you'd like i'll trade you one for yours or maybe you can convince your BF Beast Boy to fuck me. I'm sure his shape shifting let's him find the perfect cock when he fucks. Then we can harvest his cock and let him regrow it. He can right?"

"No, same as you not going to give up my clit either. and Yeah he can regrow lost parts, just takes time. I think he's regrown since the last time I harvested his cock so I'll try to talk him into it . . . I really want a clit to eat they come up so rarely."

"you go do that, I'm going to go get started with cutting off the cocks, clits, tits and the one spit roast. I love the new laws 1 major crime you lose your cock and/or balls or if you're a woman you lose your inner lips, clit, and tits. Second crime you're a whole hog to be butchered or spit roasted. Great way to deter crime and put meat on the table."

"Yeah I love it too. Too bad though if you're caught at any time fully naked in public you're instantly meat. Least bare breasts are legal, but in our work we come way too close to being stripped far too often."

"Yeah I know, but in a way there are perks. Starfire sure tasted great didn't she? Kinda wish we ate her clit instead of having it preserved and put up like art though."

"I know she had this sort of sweet/spicy taste to her. I bet her clit would have been amazing!"

"OK enough of this go convince Beast Boy. I'm going to go get started now."


a lot of world building here. haven't seen a clit focused story before. Given the title I was gopping to see raven or terra cooked.

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