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Quiet Confidence
=written by PogueMahone & JestInPieces=

As she types away at another email and tries not to die inside, Stephanie feels her phone vibrate. This sets off a little shudder of her own, because there’s a good chance that she knows what that message is. Or rather, who it’s from. The blonde girl quietly extracts her phone from her pocket and looks at the screen. She smiles when her suspicions are confirmed. Ah, to think some people had laughed when she had joined up with that new online dating site. Well look who’s laughing now – she’d only gone and hooked up with the tall and quiet type from her dreams!

Literally, in fact. She only called herself “Quiet”, and never actually spoke. But she was affectionate, and cute, and hot, and sexy, and she wore next to no clothes at any time, and… okay, so it wasn’t a relationship of deep conversation and romantic poetry and all that stuff. Point is, Stephanie had hooked up with a total bombshell, and she’d even come to visit her today! Stephanie quietly excuses herself to her frankly comatose coworker and heads for the door. Quiet is waiting on the floor above. Apparently she’d come in through a window.

There was that too. Apparently Quiet was some spec-ops soldier? She didn’t like to talk about it much. It certainly explained how she had been able to absolutely thrash Stephanie at table tennis. And pool. And darts…

Stephanie opens the door and smiles when she sees the busty woman in her signature black underwear and ripped pantyhose. She isn’t wearing her green storage harness this time, which makes her look like like some kind of hooker – more so than usual, anyway. Stephanie isn’t complaining in the slightest.

“Hiya,” she says as she throws her arms around the other woman and kisses her. “No top-secret mission today?”

Quiet nods, scoffs while rolling her eyes, indicating that the mission was a piece of cake.

“Really? Who’d you have to kill this time? A president of some foreign country?”

The assassin shakes her head.

“A diplomat?”

Quiet smiles and nods.

“Well, clearly your day has been a lot more interesting than mine. If I have to spend another second in Outlook I might just ask you to kill me as well. How’d you do it, by the way? Bullet between the eyes?”

The other woman reaches behind her back and produces two daggers, which she twirls around theatrically. Stephanie frowns in confusion. Where the hell did her girlfriend get those from? She leans forward and examines Quiet’s back. As expected, there’s not a pocket in sight. It was almost as if Quiet had pulled them out of her a–

The assassin grabs her shoulders, interrupting her train of thought and gives her a cocky grin, as if to say “I’m just that good.”

Stephanie grins.

“You know, some day I’d like to see you actually use those; just to see if you’re actually as good as you seem to think you are.”

Quiet arches an eyebrow. She points at herself with a dagger, then holds up her index finger.

“Oh, you’re number one, huh? Think you’re hot shit?”

The assassin nods enthusiastically.

“Fine. Show me.”

The other woman shakes her head.

“I knew it. You’re just full of it, aren’t you? All bark and no–”

There’s a sudden blur. Faster than Stephanie’s eyes can follow, Quiet stabs one of the daggers into the girl’s forehead, using her years of training to guide the blade precisely in between the two hemispheres of Stephanie’s brain, thus avoiding doing any real damage. She wishes her girlfriend had the necessary experience to realize the amount of skill involved.

The girl looks at the dagger, going cross-eyed.

“You do realize I have plenty of holes for you to fuck without creating any new ones, right?”

Quiet smiles enigmatically before moving behind Stephanie, who stands there not wanting to move around much. Then she repeats the trick, but from behind. She speeds up now, and starts stabbing the dagger into the girl’s head repeatedly, moving the dagger about an inch each time as she creates a perfectly straight line between the first two stab wounds. Eventually there’s a muted tink as the blades meet, and the one at the front jolts out of place and into Stephanie’s hands. She examines the blade – there’s no bits of brain at all. She sniffs it curiously though, and even gives it a little lick.

“Uhm, I hate to break it to you, Miss badass assassin woman, but I think you missed. I’m still alive.”

Predictably, Quiet doesn’t answer. Instead, she places her thumbs on the girl’s temples, digging the nails of her other fingers into the groove. The girl can see the muscles in Quiet’s arms flex as she applies pressure. There’s a cracking sound, and suddenly Stephanie’s head splits apart. Two flaps of skin fall over her ears, and Quiet stands there holding the two halves of the top of her skull.

Her girlfriend tries to brush the flaps off her ears, but then realizes that her brain is fully exposed. Not only that, but the gap between her hemispheres has been made more pronounced by Quiet’s actions. She slides a finger upwards, and accidentally enters the gap between her frontal lobes.

“Bwerck!” she says, shuddering involuntarily.

Seeing Stephanie struggle with the two flaps, Quiet helpfully lends a hand… or rather, a dagger. The two pieces of skin splat down onto the floor.

“Hey, I’m… I’m bald now!” she says.

That seems her biggest worry for some reason, rather than the two skull parts lying on the ground atop her bisected scalp. She scowls.

“Is this for me folding my leg up and shoving it down your throat that one time?” she asks. Her hands, almost unconsciously, play at pulling her two brain halves apart ever so slightly. Quiet nods, sporting an impish smile.

“Ah, fair enough, I suppose. But let’s take this someplace a little more private, huh?”

She grabs Quiet’s bra right between her boobs and drags her along with her. The sniper, unaccustomed to somebody having the nerve to try something like that with her, follows along. They somehow reach the bathroom door without Quiet’s tits spilling out of her straining top, and Stephanie hurries them inside before rushing over to a mirror to admire her new ‘haircut’.

She’s not stupid; she knows how dangerous this is. She’s no superhuman soldier. But god, the thrill and the sheer taboo wonder puts a sparkle in her eye. When Quiet’s done discreetly breaking the lock so no one can interrupt, the younger girl hands Quiet the dagger she had caught falling out of her now missing skull.

“Do more. Then fuck me. Or, like, the other way around, I don’t care.”

Quiet twirls the dagger and places the point between Stephanie’s collar bones. She looks the girl deep in the eyes, clearly giving her a chance to back out.

“Do it.”

Quiet shrugs, then slices down in one smooth motion, cutting through the front of her girlfriend’s tank top as well as her skin. Before Stephanie has time to react, the dagger starts to blur into a frenzy of knifeplay. There are sounds of metal slicing through fabric, and there’s a repeated feeling of metal through skin. Her tank top flutters to the ground, as do the various parts that her pants and underwear now consist of. Quiet gently eases her down to the ground. Stephanie is vaguely aware of a sort of stick figure having been drawn on her body in red ink. Wait, that’s not ink…

Once she’s lying down, Quiet digs her fingers into the cut running all the way down the girl’s left leg and pulls the gash apart, revealing white bone. She repeats the procedure on all the other cuts, until the younger girl is a pile of organs and a skeleton lying on a human-shaped blanket of skin. Her entrails immediately slip out and, lost in her erotic trance of destruction, she laces her bony fingers through them and pulls them further, squirming on her own hide.

“Fuck… wow…” she says, before tugging so much that a few other organs fall out into a literal pile. She tugs them out entirely so that they’re detached, then looks at the assassin.

“How about we leave the next person to come in here a surprise? One messed up pile of me…”

One hand digs into her exposed pelvis, finding her womb. She curls one finger of her other hand at Quiet, either a beckoning to come and lay with her now, or an invitation to continue.

Quiet was always told to put business before pleasure, so she gets to work. She wraps her fingers around one of Stephanie’s femurs and, with a schlorp, pulls it from its fleshy confines. She tosses it aside and grabs another bone, which she extracts and puts next to the other one. One by one, she disassembles her girlfriend’s skeleton, until she has completely deboned her limbs. Picking up her knife again, she starts slicing away the meat, putting all of the strips in a separate pile, until only the outer layers of skin remain.

Moving on the head, she draws a line starting where Stephanie’s forehead used to be, cutting through the nose and lips, along her neck down to the collarbones. With a little additional knifework, she frees the skin from the skull and unfolds the two flaps onto the ground beside her head. Twisting the dagger around, she gives one firm whack right between the girl’s eyes with the hilt. The bone splinters into multiple fragments, which she carefully picks up before pulling apart the two halves of the remainder of the skull. She slices off the tongue, and the flesh around the major arteries in the neck, before shifting her attention downwards.

Stephanie can feel her senses shutting off as Quiet disassembles her head. First her sense of touch as skin, muscle and bone are flayed bare and removed; then her hearing, and the smell of herself and her girlfriend (and the bathroom – admittedly she doesn’t miss that) and even a lingering taste of metal as her tongue is sliced off and dumped onto the rest of her. Only sight remains. Somehow? Ah, yes. Quiet must have kept her eyes attached to her brain. She wants to look down but can’t… then there’s a shift as her head – or what’s left of it; you can’t really call it a head anymore – moves so that it can see the last part. Was that accident or not? She can’t tell, but Quiet finds the time to smile at her once more before she starts to crack her pelvis off.

Quiet cleans out most of her other bones as well, such as her shoulder blades and her collar bones. At this point she takes a brief break, and mimes her to take a deep breath. Despite no longer having a mouth, Stephanie wills her muscles to suck in as much air as she can through her open windpipe. Seeing the girl’s chest rise, Quiet continues and breaks her sternum with a couple of blows with the back of her dagger, at which point she starts snipping off ribs with her bare hands, revealing the contents of Stephanie’s chest cavity. She rips out the lungs, and tears the heart and all the attached arteries loose as well. The only parts of the girl extending more than a few millimeters off the floor now are a pair of eyes, a brain, and a spine leading to her sex organs. Knowing she only has about a minute before she’ll lose consciousness, Quiet lays down her dagger, rams her fist into her girlfriend’s cunt and clamps her mouth onto the girl’s clit.

There’s nothing left but thought, sight and pleasure for Stephanie. She would scream in ectasy if she could, but all she can do is watch as her pussy and womb are fisted beyond any limits she assumed she had. Can she even cum like this? Well, she feels her cunt clamp down as much as it can around Quiet’s forearm as she literally punches against the bottom of her womb, and then feels her clit suckled and bitten and – ooh, there it is – ripped right off. There’s definitely some sort of lubricant now cascading down Quiet’s arm before she punches a hole straight through the womb, sending two ovaries flying. A last thought makes its way through her brain as her eyes start to glaze over:

“What a thrill…”

Feeling the spasming of the girl’s pussy slowly cease, Quiet cuts the destroyed sex organs off the skin before severing the connection to the spinal cord. She lifts the brain up into the air, letting the vertebrae slide off one by one like a macabre pearl necklace. She sorts everything into the appropriate piles before standing up and picking up the blanket of skin. It’s in pretty good state, and her girlfriend was quite cute. It could make a nice blanket, or a rug for her apartment. She rolls Stephanie up into a cylinder, starting with the feet. Once she has reduced her to a more manageable size, she looks down in annoyance. That was the one downside of her outfit: no storage space. She tears another hole in her pantyhose near her crotch, pushes aside her panties and slides the tube into her cunt, until it’s all the way inside, at which point she redoes her underwear. She fishes a few hundred-dollar bills out of her bra and tosses them on the floor for the cleaning lady’s trouble. Not exactly her cleanest kill ever, but definitely one of the funner ones.


JiP & Mahone, writing a lethal story? What a timeline we live in!

Really loved how Quiet was so skilled she could just crack open Steph's head like that. And then she cracked open her body! She's enjoying it too. Lord, that's hawt. Too bad she died :(


next write a story about climbing a very long ladder.


Honestly, when I saw this story, didn't bother looking at the authors. It didn't say non-lethal in the title, so I [i]knew[/i] it couldn't be by either of you.

While reading, however, I couldn't help but notice a couple writing similarities, eventually convincing me to look at who wrote the story. As best, I figured it'd be by someone who was inspired by you two. Imagine my surprise when I saw it was written by my two favorite authors. Great story. It's obviously different from your usual shtick, but it's reminiscent enough to still be enjoyable.





Haha, hey, got to switch it up a bit sometimes. Glad you could both enjoy it despite the lethal nature of the story. If you want you can imagine that Steph's brain is still conscious afterwards. Although what happens to her then is up to you…


I really enjoy your casual guro stories, so thank you!

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