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There hasn't actually been a lot of scat fics involving lolis (most of the ones here are made by Pottyboi). There are a few execution ones but they're too spread out across the board. Also try to post or link stories that are about the subject.


for scat stories you might want to check, there's some amazing stuff there, even though scat loli is still something quite hard to find. Same goes for loli guro


I don't do scat, but my Fire Emblem thread over at >>11826 has a bunch of lolis getting killed ^^ Just need to search for 'loli' and you'll find some in there :)




I don't write often, I'm sorry I leave you guys in want! I spend most of my…lets call it "recreation time" roleplaying on F-list.


it's alright, still love your writing!

how does one roleplay with you on f-list? ^^;


Heh, you'd just have to bump into me when I'm online, have the right kinks and…well be at least a moderately decent rp partner.

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