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I'm back from the dead with another self satisfactory story of major cunt slaying. No scat, no loli, just snuff of legal aged women. I suggest browsing affenknecht to understand the german lyrics at the end, because I used two Rammstein songs (Zerstoren and Puppe) to set the tone for the last chapter.
This is my magnum opus so far.

(shooting, flesh eating parasites, head bashing, death by corrosive cum, hard vore)


Blue… So bright and blue. A spotless summer sky. A sky is so barren that I wonder if this is just a dream. Maybe if I co-

“The room is ready, sir.” the lovely girl at the front desk interrupts.

I shift my gaze from the wall-sized windows and onto her petite frame, hidden behind a polka-dot shirt. “Yes, thank you darlin’.” I tell her in a calm and composed way, hiding my excitement.

“Thanks to our try-before-you-buy policy, you have five bunnies to test any toy in our shop. They’re carefully selected to offer best customer experience and will obey any – “

“I know, I know, I’ve seen the adds…” I interrupt… Giulia… or at least that’s what’s written on her nametag.

“Oh, sorry for my rambling on then, sir. Your room is 105B. Enjoy.” She says, twirling her hair.

I step right next to the desk and swipe my finger on the touchpad to confirm the room booking for the next two hours.

“Giulia, I’ll see you soon.” I say as I set her glasses straight.

She smiles and bites her lower lip, clearly enticed by the offer.

I leave Giulia to her business and head along the corridor to her right, following a crimson red carpet down a long hallway with rooms on both sides. The smooth metallic doors have each a number on them and a biometric scanner. I hear a long and highly pitched scream as I pass room 103B, though the rooms are sound insulated. The lack of windows and low-quality neon light gives me an anxiety I shouldn’t have, because, after all, I’m not the one in danger. 105B is to my left. I take a deep breath then place my hand on the door’s scanner. I wonder what bunnies I’ll have to play with. I wonder what toys they’ll have on offer. The door slides to the left – time to find out.

I’m immediately struck by the sight of five gorgeous snuff bunnies holding each other close together by the waist. I soak in the view from the doorstep. They each have a choker with their name on it, but I’m too far to read them. The one in the middle is a fiery hot Latina that’s only wearing some thigh-high socks, her nubile body on full display. To her left, a chestnut-haired girl with a body just as voluptuous, but covered with shorts and a shirt that barely contains her breasts. To her right, there’s a petite bleached blonde with an infectious smile, wearing just some pink bra, her cunt exposed. Immediately after the little blondie, there’s another adorable morsel, wearing a black see-through cloth leotard. Her tits aren’t big, but they’re very perky and immediately arouse me. I can’t properly tell if she’s of Asian or Caucasian descent, but she’s top notch. At the other extremity, there’s a busty… and somewhat decent looking ebony snuff bunny. Her huge tits are on full display, because the black-violet lingerie she’s wearing only covers her legs and stomach, supporting her humongous tits with a half-bra like structure.

“Come in sir! Come in and claim us!” they shout, prodding me to step inside and seal their fate.

The room is of a very simple, cubic design – with the door on the middle of my wall. From outside I can only see the hot bunnies and the glassy walls that are lit from behind with swirling pink and red patterns, meant of course, to arouse. I can’t tell if the floor is glass or some very polished alloy. I step inside, the door closing behind me. An irrational feeling of being trapped fleets across me, but I soon turn my head back to the door and see that I can open it just the same as I did before. The wall on the door’s side is of clear, well-lit aluminum and it’s straddled with a myriad of different toys.

“Any of those… and any of us, is at your disposal. We’re here for you to enjoy yourself.” One of the girls tells me, with a thick Spanish accent – probably the one in the middle.

I’m still in awe at the situation and my mind is intoxicated with dopamine. I notice there’s four columns on the wall: firearms, melee, gadgets and biological.

“Don’t be shy, let your imagination fly! We’re yours now.” Says another, with a slight Russian accent.

I turn back towards the wall of living human flesh and get closer. They’re all looking at me, smiling as if I’m here to fuck them to high heaven. Got to give it to them, they’re thoroughly programmed. I hope they’ll remain this co-operative.

“Well, before I mow you down with some high caliber explosive shells – you might as well introduce yourselves.” I tell them, even though I can read their choker nametags and that makes this introduction superfluous.

“I’m Sasha.” The cute one with puffy nipples on the right exclaims, lingering on the last sounds and twirls around, showing me her sizeable ass with her nimble hands. Her brown eyes are rather distant, but beautiful nonetheless and complementing her brown shoulder-length hair.

“I’d like to go violently… and fast.” She says, emphasizing violently and briefly lowering her leotard to expose her chest. I’ll keep her request in mind.
Seeing me look at her, the blondie right next to Sasha covers her pussy with her hands playfully and giggles.

“Elsa. I’m here for you… and only you.” She says and winks, fidgeting with her hands about her body.
She has a rose tattoo on her right hip. Her head is at my shoulder height and her small frame make her feel like a living toy – a cute toy with curly blond hair and a succulent pussy that’s waiting to be plucked.

“Megan. Pleased to be here for you! Can’t wait to get all of this destroyed!” she says, fondling her tits with one hand and rubbing her twat with the other.
This Latina sure is fiery and her enthusiasm will come in handy.

The next one in line, doesn’t say a word, instead she just strips of her shorts as she looks at me, revealing her shirt to be a leotard. Her green eye and well-proportioned body are ridiculously hot. Her nipples seem to be like volcano cones, though much flatter. It’ll be hard to decide how to properly end this gorgeous snuff bunny.

“You may call me Britney.” Says the last one to the left – joyfully jolting her massive milk jugs to the left and right.
Those tits are her only arousing body part, considering that her cunt looks like overdone jerky. I’ll have to update my client preferences after I’m done with her.


“Alright girls. I’ll go get some toys and we’ll see who goes first.” I say in a hurry to get things started and rush to the firearms section.

There’ almost every imaginable type of weapon, magnetically affixed to the wall: pistols, shotguns, automatic rifles, high caliber snipers, some laser weapons and even a fire thrower. I don’t particularly like the smell of charred flesh inside closed rooms though and laser weapons lack any kick and sound – they don’t feel right. Britney will have to be dealt with in a more classical manner. I reach towards a 20-gauge Remington, synthetic skin. As I grab it, a small holographic video appears just in front of my eyes with someone showcasing the weapon with different types of ammo. The bunny in the video looks almost like Britney, but her face is more cute and her tits are smaller. She gets her left arm completely blown off with an explosive round, then her whole body is peppered with shrapnel as she’s shot dead center with pellets. The man in the video then puts two slugs right through her cunt, before loading flechettes to blast her tits away. She’s finished with an explosive round right into her mouth. The man then explains that the explosive rounds are safe to use because they are timed to explode after penetrating at least a few centimeters into flesh and the charge is only powerful enough to hurt soft tissue. That’s an obvious lie, considering you can blow arms off with those, but I’m sure Britney won’t object to that. I take a few of each round from a case that opened where the shotgun was and head over to the girls.

“Oh, oh. Girls - looks like we’re gonna have a blast!” exclaimed Megan as I neared the gaggle of girls.
I decide to tease Megan a little by rubbing the barrel between the creases of her cunt. She responds by biting her lips and giving a slight moan.

“Mhmm, yes. Yes, rub it in then fire your load. I know you’d like to.” She says, welcoming the cold steel into her sex.

“Sorry Megan, but this is reserved for another one of you…” I yank the deadly shotgun back and push Megan away.
They all gaze at me as if begging to be shot, to die fast and be done with it.

“Come on Britney… let’s get that weight off your chest.” I say, chambering a 4 rounds clip of flechettes and taking the brown skinned bimbo in my sights.
She freezes for a second, knowing that her time is nigh.

“Come on, up against the wall and start dancing.” I say, slapping her ass with the barrel so she gets unstuck.

“Of course, sir.” She says and pits her body against the glass wall at the back of the room, then begins to do her routine – squatting, jiggling her tits and massaging her voluptuous body. A vulgar, yet arousing dance.

“Alright girls – stay back so you don’t get hurt… heh. “ I say to the others.

“But isn’t that why we’re here?” Elsa asks mischievously.

“You’ll get your turn soon enough. Now let’s watch Britney’s tits pop.” I say, putting the iron sights on the brown brunette’s milk jugs as they jolt up and down.
She’s waiting to be surprised as she’s looking straight ahead, while I’m aiming from her side. Her tits are big enough to be hit from several meters away, but the motion makes it difficult to get a properly centered shot. I follow up and down with the barrel, adapting to her rhythm.


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHH” a most melodious scream echoes in the room after the blast.

The girls, looking at her from the front – gasp half horrified, half aroused. Britney’s left tit had exploded in a shower of blood and fatty chunks, sliced by the miniscule knives inside the round – each carving it’s way through her tit like a hot knife through butter. It looks as if a big wild beast has torn a chunk right off her voluptuous soft udder. Her other tit has a similar, but smaller chunk missing from the front. No one could tell where her nipples went, but they most certainly aren’t in one piece anymore. Britney, still screaming from the shock, clutches her flayed chest and tries to find her tits, but only finds bloody exposed tissue there. Fortunately, this wound isn’t even close to mortal.

“A powerful weapon. Very good.” I remark satisfied.

I decide that her chest isn’t yet done, so I take aim at her petite arms that are clutching at the gore atop her ribs.

Britney probably doesn’t have her lungs full this time – because her scream is much delayed. The deadly metal passes through the delicate tendons of her arms unabated, ripping what was left of her right breast right off and tearing her arms apart. She holds them in front of her face, unimaginable pain flooding her nervous system as some of her fingers are missing and her left hand is barely holding on to the arm. At this realization, Britney breaks any conditioning she had left and starts running like a headless chicken, towards the other members of her flock, trying perhaps to hide behind them.



“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHH” she screams, as she tumbles forwards, her ankle blown away.

“Bad girl Britney. I didn’t say you could run…” I tell her as I approach, a shot still left in the chamber.

“No, no, no, no, no, I don’t want to die… please, come on…. Please… don’t…. Sir?!” she pleads.

“Oh… you won’t. Not yet.” I tell her and lower the barrel towards her cunt.

She starts crying and holds her stubbed left hand in front of her pussy.

“It won’t make a difference.” I say as I take a shot straight into her cunt from a 45 degrees angle.

The flechettes tear through her womb mercilessly – after all, they’re pieces of metal, and metal doesn’t feel what Britney feels. I wouldn’t have fucked her before, but now as she is laying on her back with her bleeding cunt torn open – not even horny dogs would fuck her. Somewhat reveling in her screams, I kick her mangled cunt with my mighty foot, prodding another wave of screams from her. I examine the damage the bullets have done while she simmers down her screams. It looks like she is going to beg again, so I load one more flechette round.

As soon as she opens her mouth, I cut her short with another bullet – this time to her throat. She tries to say something, to scream maybe, but she’s only making some gurgling noises and spitting some blood. She’ll be dead within a few seconds. Not waiting for that to happen, I grab her mutilated foot and begin dragging her towards the northern left corner where a disposal trap door lies.

The door automatically opens and swallows Britney whole. She falls down like a bag of groceries, unceremoniously dying on her way down to some meat grinder.

As I turn to the others, I can see their enthusiasm has faltered somewhat and Elsa even gulps.

“Aw, don’t worry. I won’t kill you all so heartlessly as I did with Britney." I say as I deposit the gun back on the wall. "I just didn’t like her.”

“Don’t worry about hurting us, like… really, really bad. It’s what we’re here for.” Little blondie Elsa assures me. Her squeaky voice and cute face are very enticing.

“Yeah, it’s totally cool if you shred our cunts, mangle our breasts or blow our heads off… heck, even chop us up with a machete.” Megan joins her.

“You could even skin us and take our pelts home to use as rugs…” adds Natasha.

“Oh no, you’re starting to have fantasies already! I’ll see what is in store at the gadgets and biological sections.”

Sure, I could beat their soft bodies to a pulp, I could slice and dice them like veggies for a salad, but I wouldn’t need any fancy toys for such methods. I wouldn’t need a visit to a fancy shop to do that. I’m here to buy some actual toys, so it’s time to browse some warez.

There sure are a lot of interesting toys in here: cunt shredding dildos, automated skinning knives, vulva extractors, head openers, shaped explosives, plenty of acid and melting related toys and even old school stuff like pears of anguish and breast rippers, the modern version of the pear is also present in the form of a Dolcett™
Cunt Grinder Power Drill.

Hmm, the Pain-Pleasure Converter implant – wonder how that works… The demo video shows a man slapping this to a tiny Asian’s neck, as she’s strapped to a punching bag. He of course proceeds to punch the living hell out of that tiny naked cunt, but she seems to enjoy it, moaning with pleasure instead of screaming. Her body gets pummeled more and more and she’s quivering from the pleasure. The video goes on for a few more minutes, but it’s clear what this device does. I skip to the end just to see how the tiny Asian gets her head bashed in with a bat. Neat. I’ll take it.

To my left I notice a weird can with a danger sign on it. ‘F.E.H. – Flesh Eating Horrors’. There isn’t any video on it, but I suppose it’s self-explanatory. The instructions say I should first spray myself with the included repellant, otherwise I would be fair game too. ‘Laboratory designed creatures are extremely vicious - it’s recommended the body of the target be destroyed along with the parasites, as to avoid contamination of nearby area.’ is also written on the box. I think I know who I’ll use this on.

The Werewolf Package. Now what the fuck is this? The description reads: ‘Ever wondered how it feels to rip and tear your target, to bite their flesh and bash their skulls with bestial vigor? This package contains all that you’ll need for that: a digestive enzyme enhancer for human flesh, a strength and aggression enhancer and a set of attachable claws and teeth made of bio-material.’ The demo video is a rather corny POV of some dude stalking a well-endowed babe walking through some woods. The description also states that the drugs induce a bloodthirst that’s almost uncontrollable. Might use this at the end.


I could browse all day, but I shouldn’t keep the girls waiting. I grab a knife and the FEH jar and head over to the gaggle of girls.

“What’s in the box?” asks Sasha, head tucked in and looking at me with a devious stare.
The girls are gathered around me. They’re a very hot ensemble. I could have a nice little orgy with all of them, but that’s not their purpose as snuff bunnies.

“Something nasty. I bet they’ll like you, though, so no worries.” I say, opening the first lid.
There’s the repellant spray. I take it and douse myself from head to toe. It’s odorless, but I bet the creatures won’t like it. They’re also supposed to be activated by the smell of blood, so the knife should come in handy. I look around to choose my target. Elsa is too tiny and hasn’t any tits, so the creatures would make quick work of her. Sasha seems a good choice, but I think I’ll save her for some other toy. Now… Leah and Megan, those are some tasty treats. They both have ample breasts and plump asses.

“Megan, you’re up.” I zero in on the Latina.

“Up for what?” she giggles innocently.
I pocket the jar and step up to her.

“You have amazing tits - you know that?” I tell her as I softly squeeze her breasts with both hands. She giggles and smiles as she plays with her hair with one hand and rubs her twat with the other.

My left hand coils around her neck while my other hand slides down to her navel piercing. The other girls might see what’s coming, but Megan is staring at me doe eyed and oblivious.

“AARGH” she quickly screams as I yank the piercing out of her navel, along with a small chunk of her belly.

“Sorry, but we’ll have to make some… new holes. They’ll love it this way.” I tell Megan and she resumes composure.

“Of course. But what’s wrong with my pussy, though? Won’t they like that too?”

“Nothing wrong with it. We’ll just have to season it a bit.” I say, pulling out a 10cm hunting knife, sharp on one side and serrated on the other.

“Oh… I see.” She stops masturbating, clearing the area for me to go in, while she backs up to pleasuring her tits.

I kneel to take a better look at her gorgeous pinkish brown vulva. I dig in a few fingers and rub her clit for a few seconds, giving her some last moments of pleasure. Her moans of satisfaction are short lived, however, as I retract my fingers and push the knife inside her vagina, serrated edge up. Megan’s scream is blood curdling as her labia and clit are sliced through. The quick thrust has the desired effect of getting some blood flow, but it’s not satisfactory. Pulling back the knife, I grab her whole protruding vulva and pull towards me. Before Megan can recover from her initial shock, I quickly cut off her entire pussy entrance and yank it out, leaving a bloody gushing wound. It doesn’t look fuckable anymore, but the FEH will enjoy it, I’m sure. I throw her skinned pussy towards the disposal chute.

“Now that’s some good blood flow! Good girl Megan! Time for your meat balloons!” I say as I drag the knife up from below, along her body – cutting a skin- deep trail.

“I-I-It hurtsssss. It hurts v-v-very bad. Please… “. She pleads.

I jab the knife inside Megan’s right tit from below, halfway. I then turn the knife inside her breast a few times and strongly squeeze her udder. Blood and screams flow out in equal amounts, staining her chest. For the other breast, I decide to peel the skin entirely. I start with a small incision at the base and work my way around Megan’s left tit with surgical precision, while she holds herself as steady as she can. I’ll probably tie her hands and feet when I’ll put in the FEH.

“Just a few more cuts and I’ll hand you over to the little creatures.” I say, and slide my hand under her left tit’s skin, feeling the soft bloody fat.

I rub my way around her nipple, separating the flesh from skin, until my hand isn’t pressed down anymore. I pull the skin right off her tit, along with the nipple – leaving just exposed bulbs of fat tightly clumped together with mammary glands. I pocket her breast skin as it would make a unique condom.

“Alright. Leah and Sasha, tie her hands behind and her feet together, while I get the Flesh Eating Horrors.”

As I say this, the girls immediately comply and Megan begins sobbing. She doesn’t resist being tied, but it’s clear she would have preferred a quicker death. Sucks to be her. The jar seems already to be vibrating with action, the monsters sensing her blood. I take the metal lid off and peek inside. They weren’t joking when they called these horrors. They look like some oversized brown scaly sperm cells, with a spiky tail and tiny feet on the main body. The mouth at the front is absolutely choke full of tiny teeth. I’m a bit skeptical about touching these with my bare hands. I could just dump the jar inside her cunt…

To my amazement, when I bring my hand over the jar, the tiny horrors stop squirming and calm down, almost to a sleep. The spray must be working. Fine… I grab one by the tail.

“Here we go Megan. Where do you want it?” I ask, giving her the courtesy of a choice.

The despair on her face is palpable as she squirms on the floor, blood flowing from all over her body. Her exposed tits flop around quite sexy and I feel like stomping them, but I restrain myself and bring the creature closer.

“Right. It’s a hard choice, so I’ll help you with that.” I say as I place the creature atop her skinned breast.

As I let it go, it immediately reanimates and begins squirming on Megan’s flesh, until it chomps into her tit and enters inside. Megan’s screams are praise-worthy – she’s really giving us a macabre operetta. I add two more FEHs on her left tit and one right on top of her other breast, on the nipple. It immediately starts to chew into it, its myriad little teeth ripping and tearing the flesh jelly. Within a matter of seconds, they’re all inside her tits, eating their way through. I wonder how they can eat so much for their body size…

There’s still plenty of little horrors in the jar, so I pick up an entire handful and place them atop Megan’s gushing cunt. They slither inside in a manner that makes even my skin crawl. I wonder how long it’ll take them to make Megan pass out. The FEHs flood her uterus, chomping at it’s walls and causing massive bleeding on their rampage. I place a few more atop her navel. Now her torso is literally an all-you-can-eat buffet for the creatures. I see them slithering under her skin, getting close to the surface, then tunneling back down. It’s a pretty horrible way to die, but it isn’t very flashy on the outside.

I decide it’s time to hasten her demise so I lean over to her wailing little head.

“Shh, it’s okay. You’ll be dead within a minute or so. It’s ok.” I comfort her and caress her head.

Without warning, I quickly stab her right eye with the knife, from the side. A quick turn and it pops right out. I put two more FEHs right into her bloody eye socket. They quickly get inside her skull and start eating at her brain. It makes for an incredible performance as she begins to spasm and thrash uncontrollably. She even manages to break her hands free from the restraints by dislocating her joints and having her hand degloved by the wires. She reaches into her socket with the bloody and bony hands, but they’re already inside – eating at her, at what gives her the experience of consciousness.

Suddenly, Megan stops squirming, her screams simmer down and she just stares blankly at the ceiling with her remaining eye. She has most definitely expired. I’ll get a jar of this stuff for when one of my servant girls fails me… repeatedly.

Depositing Megan’s body along with the remaining FEHs in the corpse-chute, I turn towards the others. Only three remain now.


“Well. Who wants to go next?” I ask as if nothing bad had happened to Megan.

Leah is silent as always, staring at me with her emerald green eyes and chiseled, smiling face, wearing her pink leotard. She’s very pretty like that. I’m even tempted to buy her out of this room. Sasha and Elsa both look uncomfortable after seeing how Megan and Britney died.

“I… I’ll go next.” The little blonde doll replies and steps out of the bunch.

“You’re a brave girl, Elsa. Of course, bravery should be rewarded – so you’ll go out feeling good. Here, put this at the back of your neck, on your spine. It’s a Pain-Pleasure Converter.” I say, giving her the implant.

As she puts it on. I return to the toys panel.

Something catches my eye. Some gibberish Chinese characters are inscribed on top of another mysterious orange double jar. Thankfully, the description is readable. ‘C3: Caustic Cum Cream. Apply to the snuff bunny, then cum on her or in her. Caution: do not come into contact when the two are mixed. Apply spray if you are in contact with said mixture.’ There’s no further explanation and the ingredient list is also in ching-chong. Oh well, sounds good enough.

I go over to Elsa who has installed her implant.

“I’m not sure it’s working, have I put it in correctly?” she asks me as if she were a dumb child that can’t properly pull on some clothes.

“Only one way to find out.” I say and plant a kick right into her snatch.
I would have expected the blow to cripple her with pain, considering she was lifted in the air for a bit with the kick, but…

“Oh yeah… That’s… Ahh, yeah. That felt sooo good! Hit me again, sir, please!” she responded, visibly pleased by her pussy getting squashed.
Deciding to indulge her, I rip off her bra and slap her tits as hard as I can – making the little fatty mounds tremble. She moans again, so I decide to stop and get on with rubbing that C3 on her.

“Oh, please. Don’t stop there! Hit those puppies some more! Tear them apart!” she barks like a bitch in heat.

At this point, physical punishment for her obnoxiousness seem like a bad idea. I open the C3 jar, get some of that weird chemical stuff on and begin rubbing it all over little Elsa. The box also has some neutralizing spray, in case I get it on myself. I’ll hold that nearby.

“That feels good too – but not as good as getting a kick in my pussy.”

“You’ll get something in your pussy in a second, just have some patience, you dirty little cock-sleeve.” I say, rubbing some C3 inside her and then thoroughly massaging her tiny nubile frame. I finish applying it by rubbing some over her cute face and neck.

Time to fuck her tight little pussy and see if it kills her. I unzip my trousers and let out my massive member. I could probably break through her cervix if I slam her hard enough, but that would also hurt me. She stares at my cock, gasping.

I kick her in the chest and she falls down. Pouncing on her from above, I knead her breasts with a few solid punches, making her damn near orgasm before penetration. I grasp her tiny ass and lift it up a bit – lining up her cunt.

“Here we go.” I say as my dick spreads her labia and makes its way inside her warm pussy that’s dripping with juices.

Her tight cunt has an amazing grip as I slide back and forth, rhythmically pounding the tiny little blonde doll as she smiles and moans.

“Nice and deep, nice and deep, nice and fucking deep! Yeah! Tear my tits apart! Please hurt me! Hurt me somehow!” she begs as I intensify my onslaught.

Deciding to oblige, I take out the knife again and grab a hold of her tiny right tit. A quick stab at the base and a few forceful yanks - a big chunk of what was her breast is now just meat in my hands. This quickly made her quiver and her pussy clenched even harder on my shaft. I throw the slab of meat away and stab her right in the belly, a mere few centimeters from where her womb is. She orgasms like crazy and it feels like she’s about to rip my cock off. I cum, unloading a first jet straight into her womb. I pull out immediately and spurt all over her belly, torso. She lifts herself up on the elbows and I paint her face full with what’s left. She’s now probably dead, but she doesn’t know it yet. A beautiful blonde doll, drenched in cum.

I begin feeling my dick burning, so I quickly douse it off with the spray, which relieves the pain immediately. Elsa’s skin on the other hand begins to turn red on the cum-covered spots and around. Blood rivulets form along her skin as it seems to dissolve. She screams with pleasure as the cum catalyzes an extremely caustic reaction. Elsa quickly begins rubbing the cum all over her body, causing her skin to corrode. She looks as if she received a huge dose of radiation on the spots that the cum touched. Her face is now red and bits of skin are falling off as she rolls on the floor. It seems that even though the implant makes her feel pleasure instead of pain, her body is still in shock from the physiological devastation.

“Yes, yes, yes. This feels so good, so good. Yes, yes, yes, God yes, please, more!” she yells as she’s tumbling on the floor, painting it red wherever she goes – like a meat brush.

Her mouth and nose cartilage are now almost fully molten, and I’m unable to tell whether she’s screaming from pleasure or actual pain. She starts crawling towards me on all four of her damaged limbs. As she does, her bowels fall out onto the floor, along with what was left inside her womb. Her screams are now distorted as the C3 solution got to her vocal cords. It’s only safe to say that she wants more pain… or maybe just the quiet solace of death. I pet her pleading head as she’s standing at my feet for a while. Then I stomp on it with my hard shoe – bashing her head on the cold metal floor. Her skull cracks at this first bash, but she’s still alive, so I raise my foot again.

“Goodbye Elsa.” I say as I stomp through her petite head.

Bits of her brain and skull now smear my shoe – guess I’ll have to get a new pair. It’ll probably be more expensive than Elsa’s life. I make sure she’s dead with another stomp that further shards her skull and displaces whatever matter is left inside her head. I leave her body to dissolve on the floor.

Sasha and Leah

My two favorites are left now. Time for some carnage.

“Alright darlings, you can lose those leotards, you won’t need them.” I tell them as I head over to get the Werewolf Package.

I summon the room’s control panel and make sure it was and is recording, then lose my clothes. Looking behind me, I see Sasha waiting for me, see-through leotard still on, while Leah’s longing gaze almost mesmerizes me. I take the digestive enzyme, physical enhancer and aggression pills. I equip the claws and teeth prosthesis – they’re made with a special epoxy so that they mold right onto my natural teeth and nails.

I feel ferocious, deadly… my already athletic body turned into a proper killing machine. The effects of the drugs are starting to take effect and I feel my senses sharpening. I hear Sasha’s and Leah’s hearts pumping – harder and harder. I can also smell Elsa’s melting carcass – not very pleasant. While I’m still not overcome by the bloodlust, I go to the console and put on Rammstein Zerstören and Puppe.

As I turn towards the two, Sasha starts stripping, moving perfectly to the song intro. She twirls left and right, hands smoothly emphasizing the curves of her delicious body. Soon she takes down the top half of her leotard, fully displaying her enormous puffy nipples that sit atop her nubile breasts. I feel the bloodthirst rising, I feel the urge to overpower her and feast on her chest, but it’s not boiling point yet. She continues to sway her hips left and right, putting on a show and getting me even more intoxicated. Now she has shed her leotard. Her pussy and big ass beckon to me. I let her do one more pirouette, then follow the lyrics.

Meine Sachen will ich pflegen - I hungrily pounce on her and pin her down
Den Rest in Schutt und Asche legen - I growl at her as I pin her down
Zerreißen zerschmeißen – I sink my teeth into her juicy tits and rip them open; she screams along with the moans in the song
Zerdrücken zerpflücken – I rip open her belly and continue to tear away at her entrails
Ich geh am Gartenzaun entlang – I chew her chest as I watch into her pleading eyes
Wieder spür ich diesen Drang – She cries, furthering my bloodthirst
Ich muss zerstören – I begin penetrating her cunt with my stiff member

I continue pounding my prey while she struggles and cries, her beautiful face contorted with abject horror.

''Ich nehme eure Siebensachen – I rip her right arm away, continuing to pound her
''Werde sie zunichte machen – I begin chomping on it, swallowing big chunks and shredding bone
Zersägen zerlegen – My claws shred the flesh of her buttocks as I close to orgasm
Nicht fragen zerschlagen - I cum inside Sasha - my claws ripping away big chunks of her round firm ass
Und jetzt die Königsdisziplin – I now fix my eyes on her neck
Ein Köpfchen von der Puppe ziehen – I bite down as hard as I can
Verletzen zerfetzen zersetzen – I tear away at her neck
Zerstören – Another bite, chomping through her arteries
Doch es darf nicht mir gehören – The third bite forces its way through her neck
Ich muss zerstören – I rip tiny little Sasha’s head off and begin eating it

I growl like a wild beast as I crack open her skull with my bare hands and start eating Sasha’s brain. She tastes very good. I throw away the top piece of her skull along with her hair and continue to feast on her body. The cunt is still very much intact – can’t let such a delicacy go to waste. I take her whole vulva in one bite. It feels like rare beef, but tastes even better.

The song reaches its creepy end and I am reminded that there’s another morsel left in the room. Scanning the room, I notice Leah huddling in a corner, scared. She’s naked, vulnerable and fully aware of what I could do to her. I leave Sasha’s corpse to rest as the next song begins: Puppe.

The song begins slowly so I approach in the same tone – a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“Don’t worry, Leah. I won’t hurt you now.” I say, wondering if it’s a lie or not.

“You’re too beautiful to be eaten like that, don’t worry.” I say, caressing her head and looking down into her beautiful green eyes.

“Come on, no reason to afraid.” I say, raising her up.

I kiss her and begin softly fondling her amazing tits. My right hand goes down to snatch gently rubs her clit with the back of the fingers so as to not cut her with the claws. I stop kissing. She’s more relaxed now, almost unafraid – but she knows her death is certain, her position as a snuff bunny ensures that, whether by my hand or another man’s. I look tenderly into her eyes and feel conflicted. She’s beautiful enough to be one of my house girls. But…

“Please… Just do it.” she murmurs softly, resigned.

I embrace her in my arms. The song reaches the high point.

Und dann reiß' ich der Puppe den Kopf ab
Dann reiß' ich der Puppe den Kopf ab
Ja, ich beiß' der Puppe den Hals ab
Es geht mir nicht gut

Ich reiß' der Puppe den Kopf ab
Ja, ich reiß' der Puppe den Kopf ab
Und dann beiß' ich der Puppe den Hals ab
Es geht mir nicht gut … nein


“So, how was your session?” asks Giulia in her black on white polka dot shirt.

“Fantastic. You have a very good variety of toys. I hope you’ll send me the recording of my session along with the receipt. I’m buying a dozen Pain-Pleasure Converter implants, five F.E.H jars, five C3 Jars and two Werewolf Packages. Actually, add in one Cunt Shredder Power Drill and a dozen Dolcett™ Remote Shaped Charges too.” I say, pulling out my omnitool to pay.

“That’ll be $14958, sir.”

“Ah, good. Then I’ll also buy you.” I tell Giulia decidedly.

“Oh…? Me? I’m not for sale.” She protests.

“Sure you are. Let me just make a quick call to Carl, the owner of this here fine establishment.” I say and dial in on an old friend.

I hand Carl over to Giulia.

“Yes sir. What? No! Of course! Yes. Have a good day… sir.” She hangs up.

“I trust the issue has been resolved, yes?” I ask the girl that’s now hyper-ventilating over what’s happening.

“Yes, of course. You’ll get your order along with me at a discount, for just $13999.” She says, not believing the words leaving her mouth.

“Good. Very good, my sweet Giulia. Don’t worry your pretty little head, I’m only asking for you because I like you.” I calm her a bit.

“S-so you won’t kill me like you did… like you did with the five snuff bunnies?” she asks sheepishly.

“Well, are you a snuff bunny?” I retort.

“No. I’m a model employee I’m a good citizen and hard-working girl. I… “ she rationalizes.

“Well then you’ve nothing to fear. I just want to have someone as attractive as you with me for tonight. I can’t bear being alone in my big old house. Is that okay with you?” I ask, though not really giving a fuck.

“As long as you don’t use what you’ve bought on me… s-s-sure.” She tries to reach for some mental safety by negotiating.

“Of course. Now let’s go. Garrus, my valet is waiting outside.” I say and leave the shop, smiling and with Giulia in tow.

Links for lyrics and girls
Desk Girl Giulia:


Very nice!


Thank you. Can you provide some feedback on what you liked and didn't like?



Sure. Well first of all I'm slightly envious of your skillful descriptions. It's good prose in my opinion (I should probably take notes lol.)

And I like the gratuitous splatter, and the way the snuff bunnies change their tune from willing to reluctant adds a nice piquancy too.

I enjoyed Britney's demise most, because I have a preference for more real and less fantastical stuff, but of course that's just me. The whole story kept my attention though, short and sweet as it was. I reckon there was just enough story to carry the sexy gore.

I can't find anything to criticize tbh, I guess you spent some time polishing it and ironing out the bugs.

I didn't bother looking into the Rammstein lyrics tbh, though I expect they are the cherry on the cake for those who want it.

Anyway, I must remember to check out some of your other writings, I know I've read some already, although I don't remember which off the top of my head.

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