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=Chloé's Graduation Party=
Tags: Miraculous Lady Bug, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Cannibalism, Snuff, Non-Consensual, Humiliation, Slavery, Bondage, Complete
All characters in this story are 18 years or older.

“Alright Marlena, we have a deal. Let me just get Marinette for you and- Oh! Marinette you have excellent timing! Come here for a second will you? Marlena and I have something to tell you.”

Marinette blinked. Her dad was smiling, though he still looked looked fairly serious, and Alya's mom looked almost ecstatic. She wondered what was happening, but given their expressions, it couldn't be bad news.

“Sure! What's going on, dad?” Marinette asked cheerfully.

“Well, honey? Marlena here just offered your mom and I enough money that we can move into a bigger house and expand the shop!” Tom Dupain announced cheerfully.

Marinette's eyes opened wide in shock, her jaw dropping at the news. “That's great dad!” she announced before she really thought over what her dad had declared. “Wait,” Marinette's brow furrowed thoughtfully, “Alya and her family aren't any better off than we are? How'd Alya's mom get the money and why is she giving it to us?”

“Well,” Marinette's dad started slowly, “Marlena's not giving it to us, she's using it to buy something from us. And it's not her money, it's the money her boss gave her to buy what she needed.”

“Her boss?” Alya's mom worked as a chef for Le Grand Paris hotel, the hotel owned and run by the mayor of Paris; André Bourgeois, the father of Chloé Bourgeois. “What did Chloé's dad want from you and mom that was worth enough to buy a bigger house and shop?”

Marlena was clearly letting Marinette's dad take the lead in explaining things, and having met the incredibly outgoing older woman many times while visiting Alya's house? That fact was causing a seed of unease to sprout in Marinette's stomach.

“Well, as you know, Marlena's a chef, and her boss gave her some money to buy an ingredient from us.” Tom replied.

An ingredient? Marinette's family sold bread. The ingredients for bread were all fairly cheap. Even the ingredients for pastries weren't all that more expensive? Nothing they had on hand that Marinette knew about was expensive enough to buy a new house if they sold it…

The uneasy feeling in Marinette's stomach grew stronger.

“Dad, what did you sell Alya's mom? She can buy flour anywhere, and it isn't anywhere near enough to justify paying enough for us to move?” Marinette asked, nervously.

“Well, the mayor's daughter; your classmate, Chloé? She's going to be throwing a big graduation party for your whole class tonight since you've all finished school, and she's very particular about what she wants to serve. Normally I wouldn't even consider selling it, but since Marlena and her daughter have been such good friends of ours and since Marlena's offered more than a fair price, I decided to agree to the deal,” Tom explained, and Marinette's stomach dropped.

With Chloé involved it wasn't a good sign that Alya's mom had come here to Marinette's house wanting to buy her ingredient. Especially if she was willing to pay a premium for it. Chloé practically ran on ego-centrism and spite, and if there was one person she disliked the most out their class it was Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Marinette's mind raced as she tried to figure out what Chloé's play was. She usually only stepped in to Ruin Marinette's own plans, or to overtly snub her. But Marinette hadn't promised to bake anything for the class as a graduation gift, so taking the shop's ingredients made no sense! If Chloé had overheard Marinette promising to give a gift to Adrien it might have made sense for her to buy it out from under her; but Marinette wasn't planning anything like that and Marinette didn't have anything edible of value for Chloé to be coveting…

Marinette's breath hitched as she thought back over the past few days for any clue as to Chloé's plans and remembered a clue. Chloé and Sabrina had been as thick as thieves recently, which was nothing unusual; but they'd been huddling secretively around a magazine and that had made Marinette curious enough to check in on it.

Viande de Femme. That was the name of the magazine.

Marinette had dismissed it at the time as Chloé and Sabrina ogling the pretty girls inside the girlmeat magazine, but… what if they weren't? What if…

“Dad… did you… The ingredient that Alya's mom wanted, it wasn't… me was it?” Marinette asked, feeling more nervous than she'd ever felt before in her entire life.

Alya's mom laughed, a wide smile on her face. “Oh Marinette, you have no idea how glad I am that you figured it out on your own. Your father wanted to tell you himself, but I was worried that if he took any longer to say it, that we'd still be standing here tomorrow having missed the party entirely!”

“I just wanted to break it to her softly,” Marinette's father muttered in protest, but even he looked a little more relieved now that the cat was out of the bag.

“You sold me?” Marinette gasped, not quite understanding what was happening. “You… you really sold me?”

“Well, between the money we'll save on your college and the price that Marlena offered for you, it's more than enough for your mom and I to get a better house and expand the business. And besides, Alya and her mom have been such good friends for so long… not to mention that it is for your school graduation party. Chloé invited your entire class! So it's not as if you're going to be cooked for strangers,” Marinette's dad explained.

“She didn't invite me,” Marinette muttered mutinously.

“Well of course not sweetie,” Alya's mom smiled. “You don't invite the meat to a party! You just have to buy it.”

“Me,” Marinette clarified. “You had to buy me. Why me?”

Alya's mom nodded. “I did. Chloé was very insistent on what she wanted me to serve at tonight's party. You'll have to ask her why though.” Marlena paused. “I will say that Chloé definitely made a good choice when she picked you to cook though! I've been thinking about asking your dad to let me cook you for months now. I even have a few plans sketched out for you! So don't worry, you're going to taste wonderful tonight!”

“Now, Marinette,” Tom cut in before his daughter could reply. “I want you to cooperate for Marlena and Chloé, okay? They paid more than a fair price for you, so I don't want to hear about you giving them any trouble or running away. Your mom and I are in full agreement on this, and if you try to escape and come back home, we're just going to call Marlena up to come retrieve you, okay?”

Marinette's heart sunk at her father's declaration. This was real. He'd actually sold her! And now? Now she was going to end up as the main course at Chloé's graduation party with all her friends from school invited!

“Oh Marinette! You have no idea how happy I am that your dad decided to sell you to me,” Alya's mom practically bubbled with excitement. “My car is right outside. Come on, there's no need to pack. We need to hurry, Chloé wanted to talk to you before I start cooking, and there's more than enough meat on you that I'll need all the time I can get to have you ready for the party!”

Her head slung low, Marinette followed her soon-to-be-chef. After all, She'd bought her, and it wasn't like Marinette would be able to hide from Alya's mom at her best friend's house… After all, it was Marlena's house too! And… with everyone else invited to the graduation party by Chloé; Marinette had the incredible sinking feeling that the rest of the class would be too busy, or… god forbid, maybe even exited, to let her hide out with them.


“Alright! Here we are! With more than enough time for you and your friend Chloé to have your talk before it's time to cook you. Just remind her to bring you down to the kitchen once she's done with you, okay?” Marlena chirped enthusiastically as she opened the door to Chloé's room and gently placed her hand on the small of Marinette's back and pushed her inside.

The door locked behind her with an ominous click.

“Dupain-Cheng!” Marinette could hear the smug joy in Chloé's voice as she walked into the room. “Marlena actually managed to do it,” the blonde brat marveled. “You know, my father would never sell me as an ingredient. Especially not for the pocket change I ended up giving Marlena to spend on you. I guess your dad just realized that you're more useful as the main course for my party than you could ever be alive!” Chloé finished with a smirk.

“Why are you doing this Chloé?” Marinette asked, desperate for some reason, something that would make sense of her situation.

“Isn't it obvious?” Chloé asked with what seemed like genuine confusion. “I wanted the whole class to be able to celebrate our graduation with something really special. There were other options of course, lamb, beef, duck, all kinds of other meats, but I think you'll agree that none of those are anywhere near as special as the opportunity to enjoy girlmeat,” Chloé stated. “Especially when it's a girl that they know,” Chloé finished with a smile.

“But why me?” Marinette asked, desperate to make sense of what was happening to her.

“It had to be you,” Chloé stated with confidence. “I may not like everyone else in the class, but they all deserved to graduate. They put the effort in. They came to school, and did the work. You're just an air-headed girl with dreams above your station who would have never done anything of worth with your life if not for me giving you this opportunity.”

Chloé paused, her smile growing malicious. “You really should be thanking me, Dupain-Cheng. I'm giving you an opportunity to actually make people happy instead of wasting your life with your stupid fantasies about fashion and Adrien. The entire class is looking forward to eating you, you know. I told them you volunteered, which, you practically did! Skipping class! Forgetting your homework! Being so incredibly self-righteous and obnoxious as you went around trying to steal my Adrien? You were practically begging for this Dupain-Cheng. Even your father realized it! After all, he did end up selling you, didn't he?”

Chloé's verbal assault left Marinette reeling. That was why Chloé had bought her? That was why she was going to have Marinette's best friend's mom snuff and cook her!? Because she missed a few classes and assignments and had a crush on Adrien!?

“You can't do this,” Marinette protested feebly.

“Can't I?” Chloé asked amused. “I bought you fair and square, Dupain-Cheng. And Sabrina's father is well aware of that fact. There's no use fighting it. You won't be getting out of this alive, so why don't you just relax and enjoy yourself?” Chloé suggested playfully. “I know I'm looking forward to tonight, there's no reason you can't be too.”

Marinette was in shock. Her entire world was falling down around her, her mind was racing! And trapped in this room with Chloé Bourgeois? Marinette felt like nothing so much as a mouse standing paralyzed in place in front of a playful kitten.

Chloé had managed to walk up to her while they were talking and Marinette hadn't even noticed. She barely resisted as Chloé removed her gray jacket and started on her shirt.

“Be still, Dupain-Cheng,” Chloé ordered as Marinette squirmed. “I want to see what I paid for. You're mine now, you can at least follow orders. It'll make this much more enjoyable for both of us, I promise,” Chloé finished almost soothingly.

Marinette stopped squirming. She didn't know why, she couldn't justify it to herself, but she stopped anyway, stopped resisting entirely as Chloé Bourgeois lifted Marinette's peony-patterned shirt over her head revealing the simple white bra that the blue-haired girl used to support her modest breasts.

“You certainly don't have much to offer in the chest department, do you Dupain-Cheng?” Chloe asked as she removed Marinette's bra, setting her small breasts free. Marinette's breasts were small but perky; her nipples were pert and cute. Chloé saw none of that, or… perhaps she ignored it. “God, even Sabrina has a better rack than you do! You're lucky our class is small, Dupain-Cheng. You wouldn't be enough to feed the whole class if there were any more of us, not with that tiny chest of yours.”

Marinette felt hurt by Chloé's words, and she couldn't even figure out why! She'd always been satisfied with her bust. It fit her petite frame. She didn't want a chest big enough to feed the whole class! But… somehow, despite all that? Chloé's insults hurt. She wanted to prove her wrong; which was ridiculous! Marinette didn't want to be meat, and now she was upset that Chloé Bourgeois, the girl who had spent enough money for her parents to afford a new house just so that she could cook her, was insulting the quality of her meat!? It was ridiculous! It made no sense!

But Marinette couldn't stop feeling it despite that.

Chloé had dropped Marinette's simple white bra on the floor while the blue-haired girl was lost in thought and was now unbuttoning the front button of her pink jeans and lowering the zipper to reveal her favorite pair of panties.

“Pink and blue polka-dots?” Chloé asked with disdain. “Really, Dupain-Cheng? And you think you have enough of a fashion sense to be a designer? They don't even match your bra!” Chloé snorted in derision. “Not that it'll matter after tonight, but you really should dress yourself better. No one is impressed by those. And to think, I thought you might actually be a threat to my relationship with Adrien!” Chloé finished with a restrained laugh.

“They're comfortable!” Marinette shot back. “And it's not like I was planning on anyone seeing them!”

Chloé rolled her eyes. “Comfortable? What are you, a child?” Chloé asked as she removed Marinette's shoes and socks, followed closely there after by her tight-fitting jeans. “Really, I should burn these for your own good. No boy will ever pay attention to you if they caught you wearing those.”

Chloé paused. “Or maybe I should show them to Adrien as a joke? He'd certainly get a laugh out of them!”

“No!” Marinette protested, grabbing for Chloé's fingers as they began to remove her panties.

“Oh, don't worry!” Chloé smiled. “You're going to be served au naturel tonight. I'd never dream of leaving clothing on the main course!”

Marinette didn't even know how to respond to that argument. She was left gaping for words like a fish out of water.

“Smooth,” Chloé smiled as she peeled off Marinette's panties to reveal her pubic mound beneath. “Excellent choice, Dupain-Cheng. No one likes hair in their food, and shaving you would have been unpleasant for both of us. Well, maybe not for me since I could get Sabrina to do it…”

“God, Dupain-Cheng! You barely have any butt at all beneath these jeans! Even I have a better behind than you do. It was almost a waste of money, buying you,” Chloé lamented as she stared at Marinette's firm and perky butt and blatantly lied about its value.

Marinette opened her mouth to respond, only to gasp in shock as she felt Chloé's fingers slip beneath her lower lips.

“What are you doing!?” Marinette yelped as Chloé slid her right index finger deeper and deeper into Marinette's sex.

“I'm testing your filet of course,” Chloé declared as if it was the most normal thing in the world. “Your other cuts are all sub-par, but your filet should be just good enough to eat. A girl's filet is her most valuable cut after all, and Marlena has promised to save yours for me.”

Marinette's eyes widened in shock and horror. It hadn't really sunk in until this moment, what Chloé had planned of her. But now? Standing here having her first, and probably last, sexual encounter (with Chloé Bourgeois, no less!) as the blonde instructed her on her plans for her with her finger eagerly probing Marinette's cunt? It hit home.

“You're really going to eat me, aren't you?” Marinette realized.

“You really are slow, aren't you Dupain-Cheng?” Chloé laughed. “No wonder you didn't finish any of your homework, you were just too stupid to understand it, weren't you?” Chloé laughed. “Of course I'm going to eat you, Dupain-Cheng, and so is everyone else in our class! I didn't spend good money on a worthless piece of meat like you just to keep you as a sex slave. Sabrina's already doing that for me and I didn't even need to buy her,” she declared, her finger curling up into a spot that Marinette had never felt anything in before!

Marinette gasped as a sudden rush of pleasure shot through her, lubricating her cunt.

“You really are enjoying this; aren't you, Dupain-Cheng?” Chloé observed. “That's why you were acting out in school, isn't it? You wanted this to happen. You wanted me to buy you,” Chloé smirked.

“You could have just told me,” Chloé announced with fake sympathy as she wormed her finger around inside her purchase. “You didn't have to try to trick me into buying a worthless meat-slut like you. I would have been happy to have Marlena snuff you for free if you'd just asked.”

Marinette's cheeks flushed with anger at Chloé's fake sympathy, but when Chloé slid another finger inside Marinette's virgin snatch, instead of an angry retort when she opened her mouth, the only thing that escaped Marinette's lips was a high-pitched moan.

“God, Dupain-Cheng!” Chloé blurted out disdainfully. “Even Sabrina's more resistant than you, and she's a literal sex-slave!” Suddenly Chloé stopped dead as her fingers hit something unexpected.

“You're still a virgin!?” Chloé scowled in shocked, disgust. “There's no way an eager slut like you gets to die a virgin!” Chloé declared with purpose.

Marinette's heart leapt in her chest, but before she could even realize what she was scared of, the spiteful blonde drove her fingers into Marinette's cunt as hard and as deep as she could manage, tearing through the half-Asian girl's fragile hymen with no consideration whatsoever for what the other girl might end up feeling.

Marinette's legs collapsed out beneath her as the pain hit a second later, Chloé's now bloody fingers slipping free of her snatch as she panted, unfulfilled on the bratty blonde's lush carpeting. Her sex ached, both in pain and for something… more. Marinette had always been a good girl. She hasn't slept around, she'd barely even ever played with herself and even then only by rubbing around the outside of her slit! What Chloé had done to her, she'd never experienced it before! And though she didn't want Chloé to do it to her, and she certainly had no interest in being snuffed; no matter what Chloé said! If this was her last couple of hours left alive? Marinette wanted one last round of pleasure to help her deal with… everything else.

“Ugh! Gross, Dupain-Cheng! Now you got my fingers all dirty!” Chloé complained. “Ugh. Now I need to wash them off. Stay here. Sabrina and I will come get you in an hour when its time for you to start cooking,” Chloé instructed before picking up Marinette's discarded panties and using them as a rag to wipe the Asian girl's virginal blood off her fingers before marching out the door and locking it shut, leaving Marinette alone in Chloé's room with nothing but the aching mixture of pain and desire in her privates for company.


"She really is just a worthless snuff-slut," The words from beyond Chloé's locked door shocked Marinette out of her self-recriminations. She was still naked. Marinette wasn't sure when Chloé had done it, but the blonde-haired brat had disappeared not just her panties, but the rest of her clothes as well.

Marinette felt degraded, violated, but… That hadn't stopped her from satisfying the urges that Chloé Bourgeois had left her with an hour ago by playing with her sex and stealing her virginity. Not long after Chloé had locked her in, Marinette had felt her fingers drifting towards her privates in an attempt to satisfy herself in a way that Chloé had not. Normally Marinette wouldn't dream of doing that sort of thing! She was a good girl, and she had a bright future ahead of her! But… the second part at least had changed, and now… there really wasn't anything to lose by indulging herself… one last time.

Of course, it hadn't really satisfied her. once the urges were gone, Marinette was left naked and alone to grapple with her impending and inescapable fate.

The door unlocked and swung open revealing Chloé Bourgeois and their fellow classmate and if Chloé was to be believed, the blonde's sex slave, Sabrina Raincomprix. A designation that Marinette was forced to admit made sense when she realized that the redhead was wearing nothing but her glasses, her shies and socks, and an orange nylon collar that matched her hair exactly. The collar even had a bright silver dog tag dangling from it that Marinette was too far away to read.

"Go ahead, you know what to do," Chloé waved the bubbly glasses-wearing redhead towards the naked Marinette.

Sabrina sprang into action, striding towards Marinette with a bubbly enthusiasm that the half-Asian girl didn't think fit the situation at all. Marinette tried to fend her off, but instead of pushing her away, the only thing that Marinette managed to do was get a handful of Sabrina's perky young tits as the redhead opened Marinette's mouth and filled it with a bright red ball gag that she secured behind her head in a single well-practiced motion.

"Chloé's really looking forward to tonight, Marinette," Sabrina confided with a smile. "You're going to be the most delicious thing that anyone in our class has ever eaten! Isn't that great!?"

It wasn't but with the ball gag in the way there was no way that Marinette could tell Sabrina that.

"What do you think of this one?" Chloé asked, and Marinette realized that while Sabrina was gagging her, Chloé Bourgeois had taken a leisurely stroll over to her bed and changed into an absolutely stunning yellow and black backless evening gown that hugged her every curve. Even Marinette had to admit she looked stunning.

"Perfect!" Sabrina chimed with a happy smile. "There's no way that Adrien will be able to resist you after seeing that!"

Chloé smiled back, clearly grateful for the compliment in a way that Marinette had never actually been privy to before. "Well, let's hope it works. After all, the dress isn't my only secret weapon. I did go through a lot of trouble to get some girlmeat to help set the mood," Chloé replied casually.

Marinette flushed with righteous indignation as she realized that this entire scheme of Chloé's was all in service of seducing her crush! But the ball gag in Marinette's mouth didn't just strain her jaw, it also reduced her furious protests to incomprehensible muffled hooting.

"Oh don't worry Dupain-Cheng," Chloé reassured her, "I didn't buy you just to help me seduce Adrien! I could easily hook his interest on my own, after all. Your help with Adrien is just a bonus. I've been looking forward to eating your filet for a while now, and even you have to admit that you're the perfect addition to the menu for our class' graduation party!"

Marinette had to admit no such thing, but before she could protest, she felt Sabrina gently pull her arms behind her back and slip them into some kind of leather binder, locking them into place in a way that forced Marinette's modest bust out in front of her.

Chloé slipped off her dress, revealing her slender and perky body beneath before folding the dress and carefully placing it atop her bed so as not to wrinkle it. Marinette watched as Chloé slipped into a ser of casual clothes; tight jeans, a backless white halter top, a soft yellow and black sweater that was light enough to wear in the slightly chilly air-conditioned spaces of the hotel.

Marinette could feel Sabrina's warm hands touching her; her fingers trailing across Marinette's shoulders, running over her breasts, squeezing her butt and caressing the swell of the half-Asian girl's pussy. Marinette wanted to draw back, but with her arms trapped behind her Marinette was perilously off-balance and defenseless against the redhead's advances.

"Playing with your food?" Chloé asked the redhead with a smile.

"Just a little," Sabrina replied, her blush clear in her voice despite standing out of Marinette's view. "I've kind of been fantasizing about this ever since you told me your plans for her last month," Sabrina admitted bashfully. "You know, just imagining what she'd look and taste like and…"

"What it would be like to be in her place?" Chloé asked with knowing amusement.

"A little?" Sabrina agreed hesitantly. "I kind of thought you might have been planning to trade me in for her and…"

"It turned you on," Chloé finished understandingly.

Marinette didn't know how to take this new information. Chloé being nice!? Sabrina wanted to be cooked!? What sort of bizarre world had she fallen into?

"Well, that's not the plan tonight," Chloé assured the submissive redhead currently fondling Marinette. "But if you really want to end up in Dupain-Cheng's place? I haven't picked out a main course for my wedding with Adrien yet. If you manage to get me a replacement sex slave I'd be happy to have Marlena prepare you for that," Chloé declared.

Marinette turned her head to see Sabrina's reaction to Chloé's fatal declaration. The redhead was smiling! Her eyes were twinkling with joy at the prospect of being subjected to the same fate that Marinette was being forced into!

"Thank you so much Chloé!" Sabrina bubbled. "I promise I'll be the tastiest girlmeat you've ever eaten!"

"I'm looking forward to it," Chloé smiled happily. "Be sure to have plenty of Dupain-Cheng so you know what you have to surpass, okay?"

"I will!" Sabrina nodded rapidly.

“In fact, since you're not getting a taste of Marinette's filet after she's cooked, why don't you have a lick before we go?”

Sabrina's eyes widened in surprise, “Really?”

Chloé nodded, “Just this once,” she agreed.

Marinette's eyes were wide as Sabrina bent down in a flash and pushed open the blue-haired girl's bare legs revealing the treasure between them. Sabrina wasted no time at all partaking in the reward that her mistress had granted her, leaning in and licking Marinette's outer lips free of sweat and her own dried arousal until they were slick and shiny. Marinette shivered, as the unfamiliar sensation of another girl's tongue graced her lower lips; she wasn't used to this, she wasn't ready for it! And… the way that Chloé was looking at her? Marinette knew that this was meant more as a reward for her favorite pet and for Chloé's entertainment than out of any concern for Marinette's pleasure.

Sabrina's lips pressed against Marinette's clit, squeezing it between them and pulling it gently in a way that Marinette couldn't manage to resist. The redhead's eager tongue probed deeper and deeper into Marinette's slit, licking every nook and cranny of her sex in an effort to engrave the taste of Marinette's uncooked cunt on her mind. Sabrina wasn't quiet about how much she was finding in her explorations. She hummed, oohed and aahed, and eagerly attacked her treat with energetic fervor in her attempts to sample every last taste of Marinette Dupain-Cheng's essence.

Marinette couldn't hold back in the face of Sabrina's eager onslaught. She couldn't protest through the gag; with her arms bound behind her she couldn't force the girl away; and with her balance so precarious she couldn't escape. Sabrina's tongue probed every millimeter of her folds and Marinette's body couldn't resist the pleasure that the redhead was bringing her. Her cheeks flushed, her breathing, obstructed though it was by the gag filling her mouth, quickened, arousal began to flow between her legs to cover Sabrina's talented tongue, and a hearty moan escaped her lips.

Sabrina didn't stop; eagerly lapping at Marinette's sex, enjoying every last drop of her juices she could lick from them, and driving Marinette further and further into the breathless throes of arousal until-

“That's enough,” Chloé decided, and Sabrina immediately stopped, withdrawing to look back at her blonde brat of an owner. “You've had your taste, Sabrina. And we don't want her legs giving out on the walk to the kitchen,” Chloé explained.

Marinette wanted to strangle the blonde! Chloé Was already having her snuffed against her will! The least she could do was let her sexpet give her one last orgasm for the road!

Chloé was clearly invulnerable to Marinette's death glare, since she blithely walked over to her bed and spoke over her shoulder, not even paying attention to the half-Asian girl she'd had bound and gagged behind her.

"Now, since I don't want anyone saying that I'm not generous, Sabrina picked something out for you on our little shopping trip, Dupain-Cheng," Chloé announced reaching into one of her shopping bags.

Marinette only saw a flash of pink before Chloé approached her and fastened something around her neck in a single well-practiced movement.

"There! Perfect!" Chloé proclaimed, reaching down to grab what Marinette now realized was a pink nylon leash; the same material that Marinette could feel clasped around her neck. A collar. Chloé had fastened a nylon collar around her neck, just like she'd done to Sabrina.

Chloé tugged on the leash sending the unbalanced Marinette tumbling towards her before she somehow managed to catch herself without the aid of her hands.

"Okay Sabrina, go get dressed. No bra or panties, obviously! And we'll bring this little meatslut down to the kitchen and review the tapes to see what she did in my room while we were away. Maybe she decided to play with herself?" Chloé asked somewhat hopefully, though it was clear she didn't think it likely. "That would be the perfect thing to share with Adrien to get him in the mood," Chloé explained.

Marinette's stomach dropped out. She felt like the floor had fallen out beneath her. Chloé had cameras installed in her room!? In her moment of weakness she'd given Chloé exactly what she wanted!

"Probably not, but we might have gotten lucky?" Sabrina replied as she pulled on a pair of thigh high black stockings with green diamonds that she knew Chloé liked and shimmied into a vibrant almost neon blue mini skirt that barely covered the tops of them. "Maybe she really is as big of a slut as you were teasing her about being?" the redhead ended in a consoling tone as she pulled on a long-sleeved off-white button down shirt that was just sheer enough for Marinette to see Sabrina's unclad nipples poking through it from beneath.

"Maybe?" Chloé smiled, clearly cheered up by Sabrina's suggestion. “No sweater today,” Chloé decided as Sabrina reached for her usual sweater vest. “I want to show you off, tonight. I can't have you hiding under a sweater.”

Sabrina's eyes widened with wonder at Chloé's words as she turned swiftly to her mistress to make sure she had heard correctly.

“Maybe, if I'm feeling generous I'll loan you out to the rest of the class while I have my way with Adrien?” Chloé proposed, and Marinette could see a look of eager expectation fill up Sabrina's eyes at what Marinette thought was a mortifying threat.

Sabrina opened her mouth to respond, but Chloé stopped her. “If you're good, and if I end up with Adrien,” the blonde laid out. “Now lets get the meat downstairs, I don't want everything to be perfect for tonight, and it won't be perfect if the food is served late!” Chloé declared.

Sabrina's attention shifted to Marinette as she walked over to pick up the blue-haired girl's leash and hand it to her mistress. “You'd better taste perfect, Marinette,” Sabrina whispered with an underlying menace. “Chloé has a lot riding on you tonight!”

Marinette wanted nothing more than to taste horrible in that instant, just to get back at Chloé for what she'd done to her. But it wasn't exactly something she could control.

Chloé tugged on the leash and set Marinette to walking. The kitchens were a long way from the penthouse, and Chloé planned to make sure they had enough time to take the public route.


Marinette was mortified as Chloé led her, naked, through the halls of Le Grand Paris hotel to her extremely final destination. The halls in the upper areas weren't particularly crowded, but she'd got plenty of stares from patrons as Chloé enjoyed showing off her prize. They'd Stared and ogled, judging her and complimenting Chloé on her choice of girls, though it was clear that not everyone they met realized what the blonde had in mind for her. One of the women they'd passed by had even asked Chloé if she could have a spin with her once Chloé was done with her!

Obviously that wasn't going to happen, and the blonde had explained exactly what her plans for Marinette were in extremely explicit detail to the older brunette patron whose only response was a wicked smile and the declaration that “That's even better than what I had imagined! You really do host the best parties, dear. It's your generous heart!”

Marinette didn't agree one bit, and the older woman's parting shot of “Enjoy her filet!” had not endeared the brunette to her anymore than Chloé.

The elevator down to the lobby was thankfully empty, but the wave of noise and activity that hit Marinette as the elevator doors opened made clear that the lobby was most certainly not.

Marinette's eyes soared as wide open as they possibly could as the realization that all these people could see her! sank in. Marinette didn't feel comfortable naked. It was mortifying! But as Chloé tugged on the leash, sending the half-Asian beauty stumbling behind her.

Marinette felt like she was on display. People were staring at her like she was a strange and exotic pet, and she couldn't be more embarrassed! She could see the flashes of cameras! They were taking pictures of her!

“Oh my god! Is that Marinette!?” came a very familiar voice from the doors to hotel.

The half-Chinese girl blushed practically crimson as her eyes shot up and met those of Alya Cesairé, Marlena's daughter and her best friend from across the lobby. She was standing with Alix Kubdel and staring straight at her!

Chloé stopped smiling, and Sabrina kept Marinette from bolting with a gentle hand on her shoulder. The three girls waited as Alya approached, dragging Alix by the hand behind her.

“Holy! It really is you!” Alya marveled, looking her up and down. “I can't believe it! Chloé actually got you!? She and my mom my mom have been talking about cooking you for months, but I never thought you'd actually go for it!”

The realization that Alya knew about He mom and Chloé's plan for months and didn't tell her hurt Marinette, but that wasn't the important thing right now! Marinette tried to protest, to tell Alya that this wasn't her idea, that she was here against her will, but Alya, clever as she was caught onto the possibility before Marinette could even try to convey it.

“Wait, you aren't doing this to Marinette against her will are you, Chloé?” Alya asked suspiciously as the possibility dawned on her.

Alix on the other hand was staring at Marinette; the short girl's face only coming up to Marinette's perky tits. Alix reached out to touch them, flicking one of Marinette's nipples with her finger tip to draw forth a moan of protest from Chloé's leashed and gagged prize.

“Of course not!” Chloé replied, offended in what Marinette knew was a definite lie. “Can't you see how turned on Dupain-Cheng is by all of this? The eager little meat-slut is practically dripping on my daddy's floors in anticipation!”

“She does look super turned-on, Alya,” Alix unhelpfully pointed out, still idly flicking at Marinette's erect nipples.

Alya looked suspiciously at Chloé, clearly not quite able to let go of her suspicions. “How'd you even get her anyway?” Alya asked, clearly letting the prior matter rest for now, but not quite done with it on the whole.

Alix had moved on from Flicking Marinette's nipples to walking around the naked girl, looking her up and down as if sizing an opponent up for a race, occasionally reaching out to touch Marinette's soft, smooth skin, as if to reassure herself that this was real, it wasn't a dream. Marinette shivered beneath her touch, but with Chloé's grip remaining firm on the leash there wasn't any way she could try to withdraw without choking herself. A fact she'd discovered when trying to evade onlookers in the upper hallways of the hotel. It was pointless, and each attempt only caused Chloé to make fun of how stupid Marinette was, worse than an animal, she couldn't even learn from her mistakes. Really Chloé was doing the world a favor having her cooked…

“Well, your mom was the one that actually bought her for me,” Chloé explained. “So if Marinette were here against her will it would be your mom at fault, not me,” Chloé defended. “She just went up to her parents and offered to take her off their hands. The girl's parents were so happy at the idea that they sold her on the spot! I don't know why Dupain-Cheng went along with it, but she certainly seems to be enjoying herself,” the blonde prevaricated. “She's obviously just a natural meat-slut who knows her place,” Chloé decided. “She's been nothing but cooperative since I told her my plans for her, especially once I told her the whole class would get to enjoy her… including Adrien.”

Alya's eyes widened in understanding when Chloé spoke the last sentence, as if everything had suddenly become clear to her. “Adrien! Of course! I didn't even think of that! I always said that Marinette would do anything for her crush, but this is a lot more literal than I was thinking!”

Marinette was shocked at how easily Alya was convinced. Didn't her friend know her at all? Sure she went a little boy crazy around Adrien, but she wasn't okay with being snuffed for him!

“Now that we've got your baseless accusations out of the way,” Chloé started off sounding offended, “I know you've heard just as much of your mother's plans for Dupain-Cheng as I have. How excited are you for tonight's party?” Chloé asked with what she obviously meant to come across as idle interest, but her obvious investment in the answer ruined the facade.

“I'm sorry for accusing you, Chloé,” Alya apologized, clearly fooled by the blonde brat's lies.

Before Marinette could even start to voice her muffled anger through her gag, Alix managed to work up her courage and reach down to pinch Marinette's cute little pink clit. Causing her angry protests to shift to erotic moans as her knees almost gave out beneath her.

The pleased moans caused Alya to look her way. “It's clear she's enjoying herself, and I shouldn't have started complaining when it's obvious that nothing was actually wrong,” Alya finished.

Chloé nodded and smiled. “It's fine,” she forgave magnanimously, and Marinette was certain that the only reason she did so is because she wanted Marinette to go out knowing that her best friend was going to be eating her without realizing that Marinette had been forced into her fate.

“As for the party? God, Chloé! My mom's been planning what she was going to do to Marinette for months! She even started drawing sketches and putting them up in the kitchen to help her with her ideas! I had to take almost a dozen down when Marinette came over last week just to avoid freaking her out!”

“Maybe you should have left them up?” Sabrina softly chimed in. “Given how much Marinette is enjoying herself, I bet she would have loved to see them,” Sabrina continued with a guileless smile.

Alya laughed. “Maybe!” She paused. “God, that would be kind of hot, wouldn't it? Talking to Marinette about my mom's plans for her and watching her squirm? She's really cute when she's embarrassed!”

Marinette was in shock! What was Alya saying!? She wanted to eat her!? That-! Marinette couldn't believe it!

“So you've been thinking about her too?” Sabrina asked Alya curiously.

“A bit,” Alya admitted. “I mean, the way mom described what she wanted to do to Marinette was kind of hot? And, well… It's hard not to think about it! Seeing my best friend roasted? Actually eating her? I guess… I have been looking forward to it? Of course I'd never do it if Marinette wasn't willing, but…”

“As you can see, Dupain-Cheng is extremely willing,” Chloé declared, yanking on the leash to send Marinette stumbling over to her. She caught the half-Asian girl roughly by the shoulder and spun her around to face her darker-skinned friend. “You can check for yourself if you want?”

Alya's eyes darted to Marinette's own to make sure it was okay, and the blushing girl was too shocked by her sudden movement to shake her head or even beg her not to with her own eyes! Alya, taking Marinette's stunned blush for embarrassed permission, reached out to caress her friend's breasts. They were soft beneath her fingers. Smooth and perky with just enough firmness to entice Alya's imagination. Marinette's nipples were standing at attention, pointed forward in an implicit invitation.

Alya's attention wandered lower. Marinette's stomach was smooth, her form lithe, her hips flared just enough to compliment her physique. And below that? Marinette was shaved completely bare.

“She shaved?” Alya asked, having never actually seen how her best friend kept her muff.

“I told you she was eager,” Chloé replied. “She was bare when your mother gave her to me, I was planning to have Sabrina trim her, but I guess Marinette was so excited by the thought of being cooked that she did it herself,” the blonde posited, knowing that that was certainly not her rival's reasoning.

Marinette shivered as Alya's fingered traced over her bare pubic mound, down to her clit, idly flicking her bead. This wasn't something she'd ever imagined happening! It wasn't something that was supposed to happen!

But here it was. Alya, her best friend, wanted to eat her. That much was crystal clear just from the look Alya was giving her as she bent down until she was practically kneeling, her face lowered to the point where Marinette's damp cunt was at her eye level.

Alya reached out and ran a finger slowly between Marinette's lower lips. It came back slick.

“She really is wet,” Alya marveled, staring at Marinette's sex. “That's all from what's about to happen to her?”

“Well, she certainly hasn't been able to touch herself since Sabrina locked her arms in the binder, and I haven't been playing with my food,” Chloé declared.

“Wow,” Alya breathed. “I kind of wish I'd asked her first,” Marinette's friend admitted. “She's even more turned on by the thought of being cooked than I am about eating her!”

“Dupain-Cheng is an absolute snuff slut,” Chloé agreed. “And I'm perfectly happy letting her live out her fantasies if it means getting a perfect graduation party out of it. Well, not live exactly…” Chloé joked.

Alya laughed and Marinette's heart shattered. “I guess you need to get her to the kitchen? Alix and I were planning to have some coffee at the cafe to pass the time until the party tonight. You can join us if you want?” Alya offered.

Marinette felt betrayed on every level. How could Alya not realize what Chloé was doing!? How could she be okay with this!? How could she want to eat her!? Marinette wanted to cry, but before her eyes could do more than start to water up, Chloé had pushed her towards the kitchens with only a polite, “I'll think about it!” tossed over her shoulder towards Alya as a platitude towards politeness.

“You hear that Dupain-Cheng?” Chloé asked once they were far enough away that Alya and Alix couldn't overhear. “Even your best friend prefers you cooked! I told you I'm doing you a favor, but you didn't believe me,” Chloé asserted. “Now you can't possibly deny it! Everyone'll be happier once you're snuffed; even Alya!”

Marinette wanted to protest, but she couldn't. This time It wasn't the ball gag stopping her, it was her heart. Chloé was right. Alix hadn't said a word to try and save her, and even Alya was looking forward to eating her! Tears streamed down Marinette's face as her captor led her through the swinging double doors into the kitchen to her final fate. Alya's mother was there, and a wide smile spread across her face the moment she looked up from her preparations and saw them.

“Here you go, Marlena. One obedient meat-slut, returned in the same condition you left her in,” Chloé declared.

“Wonderful, Chloé! You're such a sweet girl! Now run along and have fun with your friends. I need to get to work. Dinner won't cook itself! At least, not all the way! Though… I might get Marinette's help prepping a few of the ingredients!” Marlena joked with a grin.

“We're looking forward to it!” Chloé said happily with a wave before turning to head out.

Sabrina nodded as well. “Thank you very much for doing this Ms. Césaire! Chloé says if everything goes according to plan, you might get to cook me for Chloé's wedding!”

“I'm looking forward to it,” Marlena smiled. “But move along. I can't have any distractions in the kitchen while I'm cooking Marinette. I need to make sure everything's perfect for tonight!” Marlena finished jovially.

“Of course!” and with that, Sabrina scampered off to follow her mistress, leaving Marinette to her unearned fate.


“Are you enjoying the party?” Chloé asked her soon-to-be boyfriend as she sidled up next to him. It was a big success so far. Everyone from the class had come, with one notable and planned-for exception. People were dancing and enjoying themselves. Everything was perfect with no Marinette Dupain-Cheng to mess things up for her! In fact, Dupain-Cheng was going to be the crowning touch that would make this a party that no one in the class would ever forget!

“I am,” Adrien agreed. “But I haven't seen Marinette anywhere. You did invite her, didn't you?” the blond boy asked.

“Don't worry!” Chloé soothed. “Dupain-Cheng is here. The party wouldn't work at all if not for her!”

“But I haven't seen her all night?” Adrien asked, confused. “She usually comes up to say hello at least.”

“Well, of course you've seen her,” Chloé replied. “You just didn't realize it! She's right over there, on the buffet table!” Chloé explained, waving her hand in the table's direction.

The buffet table was covered in small silver platters, not a single one of them big enough to hide an entire girl, and most of them heated from below. It took Adrien several seconds to realize what this meant, but when he did, he turned to Chloé, his expression a mixture of disappointment and outrage.

“Chloé! Tell me you didn't have her cooked!?” Adrien begged. “I know you two didn't get on, but how could you do that to one of our classmates!?”

“Oh, don't worry Adrien! It was all Dupain-Cheng's idea,” Chloé lied effortlessly. “After I gave her her invitation, Marinette came to me asking if she could help me out with the party. She was practically begging. She said she needed the money to help save her parents shop. There was something I needed, but I didn't want to tell her…” Chloé trailed off.

Adrien nodded, telling his fellow blonde to continue without saying a single word.

“Well, Marinette wouldn't take no for an answer. She told me that she would do anything. She said it just like that too, anything to get the money. She promised me that she'd do anything I wanted in return. I wanted to scare her way, so I told her that the only thing I actually needed was the meat for the party since the food I'd had ordered got misdelivered and there wasn't any way to fix it in time for the party,” Chloé explained.

“That's what happened?” Adrien asked, disappointed. “Marinette came to you for help, I'm disappointed that you didn't just give her the money, Chloé. It's not as if you don't have enough to spare. You shouldn't coerce classmates into cooking for you just because they can't afford not to,” Adrien finished, his scolding tone thick with disappointment.

“That's not what happened at all, Adrien!” Chloé protested. “I told you, this was all Dupain-Cheng's idea,” Chloé maintained.

“I told her that, 'unless you want to be meat for the party' there was nothing I could do to help,” Chloé continued. “I meant it as a joke, but… Marinette jumped at the chance to be cooked! She told me she'd been thinking about it for years! She just hadn't found the right occasion for it. She wanted to be cooked, and as long as I paid her parents enough to help them out? She'd love to be used as the main course at my graduation party, especially since that meant that all her friends from class would get to enjoy her! The money… I think it was just a pretext,” Chloé finished.

“Dupain-Cheng knew about the party, and… well, her best friend's mom is the head chef here, so she could have known about the meat shortage! I think Marinette wanted to be cooked but was too embarrassed or afraid to ask outright,” Chloé paused. “After all, you're not wrong about us not really being friends,” Chloé conceded.

“And you're sure this is what she wanted?” Adrien asked, wanting to believe his friend, but not quite able to wrap his head around it.

“I'm positive,” Chloé stated with absolute confidence, unshakable in her lie. “After I told her okay, I left her in my room for safekeeping while Sabrina and I went dress shopping. It took her less than five minutes to start playing with herself! I have it all on video from the surveillance cameras in my room. We can watch it after the party if you want to?”

Adrien blushed, but he didn't say no to Chloé's offer. “I'm sorry for doubting you Chloé, but sometimes you can be a little mean, and Marinette doesn't exactly bring out the best in you.”

Chloé smiled. “It's fine,” she demurred.

“No, it really isn't. I rushed to conclusions and accused you of something terrible; and in fact you were helping Marinette make her dream come true! That was really sweet of you,” Adrien praised her with an admiring blush across his cheeks.

“Well, I know a few things that you could do that would help make it up to me,” Chloé decided. “But those can wait until after the party.”

Chloé took Adrien by the hand and led him over to the buffet where Alya's mother Marlena was keeping watch.

“Chloé! And your friend Adrien too! Come for the first taste of little Marinette?” Marlena asked. “The piece you reserved should have just finished cooking a few seconds ago.”

“Thanks Marlena!” Chloé beamed. “Could you cut it in half? I'd like to share it with Adrien…” the blonde blushed.

“Of course dear, whatever you want!” Marlena agreed, pulling the cover off of one silver platter in particular.

Adrien's eyes grew as wide as saucers as he realized what he was seeing.

There, in a bed of thick slices of leg meat floating in a delectable smelling gravy was a cut that could only be one thing; Marinette Dupain-Cheng's cunt.

It was perfectly cooked, a shiny gravy-soaked brown that smelled absolutely amazing! And it was clearly aroused! The way her lips parted, the flush and fullness of the cut… it was-! Incredibly sexy…

Marlena lifted the cut onto a plate that was barely big enough for it with a metal spatula and picked up a knife and sliced it right down the middle at the top and bottom, separating the two flushed lips into two entirely separate cuts of meat. A few more cuts and Marinette Dupain-cheng's cunt was almost unrecognizable as it was rendered into bite-sized chunks.

“There you go, and a fork to eat it with. Enjoy!” Marlena beamed as she handed over the plate and the single solitary fork.

Chloé took the plate carefully, not wanting to spill a single morsel of the irreplaceable treat. With a free hand, she grabbed onto Adrien's. “Come on, I know the perfect place where we can share this together,” she urged, leading him towards the balcony.

The sun was beginning to set behind the Eiffel Tower. It cast the sky into a beautiful array of pink and orange hues that couldn't help but be romantic. Chloé speared a piece of Marinette's filet and brought it to Adrien's lips. He opened wide, biting down on the perfect treat that Chloé had given him. His eyes lit up in wonder and Chloé smiled. It had been a rough couple of years dealing with Marinette in high school, but for this perfect moment?

It had all been worth it.

The End


Pretentious dialog but no action. Nothing that motivates me. No rape. No torture. No execution. No prep. No godamned nothing.

Also I seem to be required to recognize the names in the story. I don't.

Sorry for the negative feedback … but this sucks. You obviously can write - but for this forum this was a waste of talent.


I disagree, great story with alot of effort and the twist at the end behind Chole's plans was supurb, great work!


It sucked for several reasons. Though VisitorBlack is a talented writer, this one was pure shit. Storywise, not grammarly. (pun)

1-I don't give two shits about who these names are. Nor do I care. Describe them ffs. Simply putting names and assuming everyone is familiar with an obscure anime is fatal mistake.

2-No guro. Just the characters' ideas and discussions about why this long-named girl would be sold and made livestock, and…bam, she is served.


Story having no actual cooking in any shape of form is not my cup of tea, too, but otherwise your critique, if one can even call this critique, does not hold.

The story is a fan fiction. One does not write fan fiction with explanation of who, what and why. Reader either knows the original piece, or if he's interested, he going into wikis or else and becomes familiar enough with characters and setting. Countless fan fiction stories follow this rule, and this won't change just for you.

And while this type of story is not necessarily to my liking, hating just because it does not cater to you is immature. There are plenty of people who get off on exactly psychological aspects of stuff leading to actual guro and/or aftermath and don't care about the act itself. Who are you to decide if their fetishes are worth less than yours? There are plenty of stories on this and other sites that are way outside of my strike zone, like scat or gay, but you don't see me going around announcing they suck and that authors have to cater to my fetishes only. So do grow up and consider that world is not centered around you, please.

Great job as always, Visitor. Silent lurker here, but couldn't stay quiet with the anon here. Plenty of people appreciate your work, even if we don't always react to it.


I haven't been posting much here because it's really annoying to write for hours working on something and then get no responses at all. Gurochan doesn't even give me a counter to see how many times the thread has been read so it kind of feels like shouting into the void. It's not a fun feeling.

Sorry this wasn't your cup of tea. If you want stories with more meat to them I've been posting them on Hentai-Foundry and other sites where I avctually get feedback. hxxp:// That one includes tentacle rape with boiling water tentacles. There's some others up there too that might be more your scene as well.

There's plenty of description. I mention Marinette's blue hair, her petite frame, her small breasts, her clothes, her personality, her race, how her skin is smooth and soft. You don't need a mechanical descripts that she's 5 foot 4 or what have you. This is meant to be a short story focusing on physchological and not physical aspects of the fetish. Cutting down on purple prose is in aid of that. The fact that you didn't recognize the names isn't because the show is obscure (it's actually pretty popular and airs on major networks in the US and multiple streaming services) it's because you personally don't watch it. I tagged the show in the title for a reason. This was a story about characters from that show. If you chose not to look them up that's on you, not on me.

Now certainly there was no prep or actual snuff shown on screen. There was torture, but it was psychological and clearly that doesn't count for you. But I didn't say that there would be any torture. I tagged noncon, not torture. So that's not my fault either.

The fact that the most "action" in the story is a sex scene and then a scene of the aftermath is in fact on me. It's intentional. This story (and the other stories of the series that I haven't been posting to gurochan because I'm pretty sure no one's reading any of my work since they're definitely not commenting) are exercises in seeing how little I can write of that sort of thing and still have it recognizably work as a guro story. Clearly it didn't work for you, but again, that's your preferences, not because the story itself is bad. And I'm not obligated to write to cater to your fetishes. I'm not obligated to post here at all. I do so because I believe that there are people who enjoy reading my work (despite rarely ever commenting nowadays).

If you want extensive amounts of pain from the girl being cooked there are stories I wrote and posted here and elsewhere that you could of commented on. Hotaru's Greatest Gift, Miranda and Jack's Catfight, Ranma's Punishment, Amy Pond: Snuff-O-Gram. As far as I'm aware you didn't comment on any of them when I posted them. Why should I listen to you when you tell me that you didn't like this story when you don't tell me anything when you do like a story? Your opinion is expressed in a pretty rude and shitty manner, and the way you delivered it certainly doesn't make me want to alter my writing to do more stories you'd enjoy.



Who says you'll alter the way you write? The fact that you wasted writing this and reading my comment made me happy.

Nobody cares about your writing anyway lol


Hey buddy? Wanna stop being an asshole?


Always a fan of your work, man.


VisitorBlack is in my top list among thousands of authors!



Poor widdle piggie started thesockpuppets! Bwahahahaahahah

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