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It was the second hour the of the schools first ever school shooter drill and the 19 year old substitute teacher was begining to grow concerned about her class of 23 2nd graders. She had only been a teacher's assistant up until this point, but today she was asked to sub for an elderly teacher who was apparently having hip surgery

She now doubted that was the case as the drill entered its third hour. The point of the drill was to test new protocols and systems to protect students in case of a school shooter. The primary protocol was a complete lockdown of classrooms. The teacher had first thought this was a great idea! It would potentially save the lives of students and allow the authorities to deal with the danger without putting children in danger

However an hour later and she realized the drill was a little too intense…and someone in charge didn't account for the near constant need of 7 year olds to use the bathroom!

The first request had came an hour and half in from darling little girl in little red shorts and a white shirt with a big sunflower on it, she didn't realize then, but the moment the girl asked a wave of squirming overtook the class and every few minutes a student would come to her asking to use the bathroom. Unfortunately the the doors were locked and she had no idea when the drill was do to end…she had little choice but to tell the kids to just 'hold it' a little longer.

Nearing the third hour and some of the children were quivering, apparently in dire need of relief and the teacher began to worry about the fallout that would follow when the kids began to piss themselves one by one. The crying and screaming, laughter and teasing.

She would utterly lose control of the class! Let alone when the next kid did it, or the next or…god for bid when any of them shit their pants! Christ! The teacher began to look around desperately hoping to find some sort of solutions to the kids ever worsening problem. There was little in the small classroom that could help and before she settled on a solution that was better than just picking a corner she felt a tug on her sleeve from a different little girl clad in denim overalls, a look of distress on her face as she squirmed. Her legs clamped tightly together.

"I can't hold it anymore…I gotta go bad! Miss…please" the little girl pleaded

'Oh god' the teacher thought looking around the room. She considered everything, the floor, the desks, the teachers desk, chairs, drawer's in the teachers desk, a waste bin…

A WASTE BIN! It all clicked together, she grabbed the girls hand and tugged her across the room, woth her other hand she grabbed the waste bin, a small little paper bin no larger than a bucket, and dumped its contents on the floor. Some crumpled paper, a pencil, gum, an a few broken crayons scatter on the floor.

The teacher pulled the little girl behind the teachers desk. Hiding her from the view of the rest of the class. She set the plastic blue wast bin on the floor and stepped back. It was perfect, just big enough for the kids to sit down on, and made of plastic so it wouldn't leak.

"There you go hun, go on and do your buisiness" She told the little girl, only to turn and find her bowed over quivering, her hands buried in her crotch.

"I… can't" The girl whined, her little body twitching as she reached her limit, her face red. The teacher's eyes widened. She knew right away, the kid was absolutely about to pee herself.

She took a deep breath and knelt down and began to unbuckle the straps of her overalls pulling them down untill they snagged on the little girls hands.

"Move your hands honey, I'm going to help you" she said softly in her best friendly-teacher voice.

"I… can't…I'll pee!" The little girl whined back. Causing the teacher to sigh, the child no realizing that standing there holding like this wasn't going to stop her from peeing on herself.

Taking charge the teacher grabbed the girls hands and pulled them away from her crotch, the girl yelped and sure enough, almost immediately began to pee, a surge of urine splattering her little pink panties and spraying the denim with urine.

The teacher remained calm and moved swiftly yanking the girl's overalls to her ankles as urine ran down her thighs, moving as fast as she could she tugged the little girls pink panties down too before practically shoving her down into the waste bin. The sound of urine gushing against fabric quickly shifted to the much louder sound of piss blasting against the thin plastic wall of the round waste bin.

The little girl sighed and continued to pee a look of blissful relief overtaking her young face. The teacher felt an odd sense of pride as she looked down at the little girl pissing wildly into the waste bin, her panties and overalls mostly spared from the slight accident, the dark denim of her overalls would hardly show any dampness. She had done it, she didn't break protocol and she had solve the kids issue, they could all just use the waste bin. Her ego swelled as she stood up to look over at the class, most of whom were curiosly looking over at the commotion.

The teacher smiled, the few who weren't looking were clearly more focused on not wetting their pants. The teacher smirked, they would soon get their turn to use her genius solutions.

She was riding high for a moment, feeling indomitable until something pulled her attention away. A loud wet fart and a disgusting sounding splatter. She turned around in horror as she spotted the little girl grunting and red faced, the splattering sounds continuing as a foul stench hit the air.

Immediately the majority of the kids began to giggle and chatter amungst themselves, but a good number of them remained silent…perhaps the ones that themselves needed the waste bin for more than just a tinkle.

The teacher gulped, she had briefly forgotten that these kids would at some point need to do more than just pee, and she neglected to tell the girl not to dump in the waste bin.

The little girl didn't seem to care about the chuckling, she was very much consumed by the relief she was feeling from emptying her bladder and her bowels. With one final grunt and a plop she was done.

She looked up and smiled at her teacher. Thankful for the help, but her eyes showed that she was expecting something. It took a moment for the teacher to realize.

"Oh!" She said before quickly grabbing a box of tissue paper from off the desk and handing it to the girl. It took a few minutes of wiping but soon the girl stood, pulled up her wet panties and overalls and skipped back to her class as if nothing happened. She was met with giggles and teases and for a moment the teacher feared she might cry…but she met her classmates with giggles of her own and made a bunch of mock fart noises with her mouth before she herself began to laugh loudly.

The teacher sighed, that could have gone much worse. She looked back, daring to peer into the foul stinking waste bin. Contained within was a thick slop of messy light brown filth with one small darker brown turd laid above it, sitting in a sullied pool of urine. It was foul…but it was a good solution to her students problem.

"Okay" she said. Turning back around to face the class. "Who else needs use the potty?"

(That's it for now folks! More to come soonish, this little story is far from done, the teacher as at least 14 other students who need to use the bathroom and 23 kids in total. I hope you like the set up so far!)


You write quite a nice stories ;)

But I wonder what it is going to become if you make 14 students do it and it you will not run put of ideas to keep it interesting


YES. I was worried you never found the new gurochan! Love your old stories. Cant wait to see more farts and shit written by you :3


Only reason we know this is a troll is because Pottyboi would never write guro. Fuck off.


well, lest treat that as alternate ending and wait for what the real author will bring us.


I wonder why someone felt the need to troll my thread. Is he going around doing that to everyone?

Ugh, now I don't really have a means of proving whether or not I am myself or not. Hmn.


Reading the trolls post again, it almost reads like a bad book report. It leaves me with a lot of questions.


yeah, there's just some troll spamming /lit/ hope mods can deal with him

either way glad to see your return. great story in first post.


So how much stories has Pottyboi done? I think I've only read three



Love this!!!!! looking forward to part 2.


The teacher was suddenly filled with a sense of dread as over a dozen little hands shot up all at once. She glanced back at the small garbage pail and back at the students, unsure if it would be enough for the students. Without any other option she just gulped and resolved to the idea that it would be.

"Okay then everyone form a nice neat line" She said to the class, the dozen or so students quickly scrambled to get ahead of one another, some moving more urgently than others. She looked over the students, finding one or two who seemed to struggle to get a place in line as it formed, gripping their groins, or pausing to cross their legs tightly. She realized she was risking an accident or two by not getting involved

"Alright now…who needs to go…really badly?" She asked feeling a bit awkward asking her students who needed the toilet the most urgently. A few hands slowly raised, then a few more six in total and oddly only one of the two that seemed to really be struggling.

The young teacher found that curious but she felt it best to concentrate on her other students who made their more urgent needs known to her, she stepped out from behind the desk and rearranged the line so the kids who expressed more urgent needs were in the front.

"Hey! Thats not fair! I was first!" A young boy called as the 6 students were moved in front of him. He pouted and crossed his arms. "I have to use the bathroom too!"

The teacher sighed before kneeling to speak with the boy. She didn't quite have time for this, and the last thing she needed was for one of her students to soil themselves and risk all the annoyance that would come with that.

"Listen, not everyone can hold it as well as you. So you need to let your friends who are struggling go first, okay?" She said, trying to frame the boys less dire need as some sort of strength. He simply continued to pout and she was left with no choice but to stand up and walk away, taking the hand of the first student in line and walking him to the small waste pail.

He shuffled on his feet, fumbling with his pants before yanking them down to his ankles along with his underwear. Exposing his bottom as well as his little pecker. Almost the instant his pants were down a hot stream of piss fired from his uncircumcised tip, missing the pail and blasting the side of it. Urine thumped the side of the pail and spilled down on to the floor as the young boy made no attempt to correct his aim, or move in any away. He just stood there pissing freely.

The teacher gasped and quickly tried to move the boy forward so his stream would actually make it into the pail. The boy didn't seem to care much as he sighed and emptied his bladder, a small puddle forming underneath the bucket. With a small push she managed to get his stream on course for the mouth of the bucket, urine spattering loudly against the inside of the bucket. His little stream quickly weakened to a trickle and he pulled up his pants and walked to the rest of the class that wasn't on the line.

The teacher looked down at the bucket, the big sloppy stool from the first girl was now sitting under an inch of urine. She knelt over and moved the bucket, trying to cover the small puddle so it would at least go unnoticed by the next students. She made a mental note to watch the boys more closely when they came to use the bucket, lest they end up pissing all over the floor.

She grabbed the hand of the next student, another boy and brought him to the pail, he appeared to be in distress, gripping his stomach and squirming as he stood there. He tried undo his pants but appeared to be having trouble.

"I'm not gonna make it!" He whined as he suddenly stopped trying to undo his pants to grip his aching stomach. The teacher responded quickly kneeling down and popping the button on his pants before tanking them down, whipping around and forcing his bottom into the mouth of the bucket. A loud explosive fart ripped out of his little ass, but it soon devolved to a his as his pucker was blocked by a thick turd. He grunted and groaned as it crawled out of his rear end slowly, finishing with a splat as it fell into the waiting mess bellow. The teacher handed him the napkins though she was soon greeted by another loud hiss as he fired a jet stream of piss right into the bucket. It pounded the inside of the pail loudly for a moment before stopping. The boy wiped, stood up and was on his way.

Next up was a girl, who wasted no time dropping lifting her skirt and yanking her panties down before dropping her bottom on the little potty bucket. A few small trickles of urine squirted out of her followed by a crackling fart. -bloop- -bloop- -bloop- small knobby turds fell into the waiting cesspool of urine and filth each announced with a small fart which stuttered as the turd fell out of her. She gave a grunt, her face getting red as a more complete turd began to spread her little hole, thick lumpy and somewhat painful, it crawled out of the little girl slowly before it fell into the rest of the filth with a loud splat. The teacher cringed at the noise, as well as the ever worsening stench. The girl wiped only twice and was on her way.

The teacher couldn't help but peer into the bucket, a morbid curiosity overcoming her. There laid three separate layers of filth sitting in a pool of soiled urine, soft light brown brown poop at the bottom with a long darker turd laid atop it. Little floating knobs of much darker poop as well as rather thick dark turd dead center of the rest of the filth. Almost like an island of shit had be struck by a hefty massive shit meteorite. The bucket was now a fifth full, and the stench was growing wretched. The teacher pulled herself away from it and moved to get the next student, purposefully avoiding any mental math about how long before the bucket would be full. She just hoped there would be enough room…

(That's it for now, sorry if this is a bit weak, its very late at the moment and I just wrote what came to mind. This isn't quite over yet, but I can't imagine I'll do more than another two parts)


Great stories! You should like try to write something set in (or before) the 18th century where people still used outhouses and chamber pots




love all the farting/shtting stinky loli parts ^^

btw hve you ever though of making stories around fictional lolis? Like hat kid from a hat in time


I quite like the Victorian idea, though I'm not one for doing fan fiction.



Fiction based on real historical periods is ok.


looking forward 2 the next paRT


Hmm, I wonder how much shit and pee are those lolis producing so that 4 kids managed to fill entire bucket. :)

But now you really exhausted yourself and unless it will turn into some shit and pee orgy you cannot continue that story LOL


The bucket is far from full, and I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. So many different types of poo to explore, textures, colors, sizes and shapes!


I hope you will not limit it to different poo shapes and colors, but also come up with some interesting action ;)

But talking about that, I wonder what do you think about a bit more mischievous girls/boys who may pee or poop deliberately as some act of revenge or other reason ? something as that pumpkin story.


Cant wait for the next part!


i love loli farts :3

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