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This is actually one of my favorite Fetishes. This is also the first time I had ever wrote a story like this, so please don't be upset with how it's written!

Callie Trishtan walked into the office of one Miss Victoria Bradshaw. Callie was a lovely woman, dark, mocha skin, with long black hair, though it was up in a bun at this time. She had a lovely, curvy body, though it was hidden under a grey suit, and wore black heels. She looked around the tastefully done decor with her greyish blue eyes, and waited for Victoria to speak.

Victoria had lovely, milky white skin, and long, chocolate brown hair that went right past her hips, and looked like a waterfall that flowed around her. She looked at her with her deep green eyes, and smiled with her ruby lips. She wore a pink blouse, with a black skirt that went just a bit above her knees, but she wore red sneakers. Along with a white coat most people would wear at farms and factories like this.

“So, would you like a bit of water?” Victoria asked her.

Callie wanted to refuse, but it did feel rather hot in that room. “Yes, I would love some.”

Victoria got her secretary to get her one glass. “So, you want a tour of my farm?”

Callie nodded, setting her suitcase on her lap. “Yes, your Happy Cow Farm is leading the market for woman meat, and my boss wants to make sure that it’s on the up and up before thinking of investing.”

“Of course, Of course.” Victoria said, as her secretary came in with the water. She waited for Callie to take a few sips of the cold water before continuing. “I can give you a tour right now, if you wish.”

“Yes, that would be prudent.” Callie said, rather cooly, standing up.

Victoria rose with her, and lead her out of the office, and down the hallway, leading to a door that leading out to a large, beautiful green field, lined with trees.

“Now, here at happy cows, we raise our own meat.” Victoria went. “We breed them, we raise them, we take good care of our cows, until it is time to process them.”

“I had heard-” Callie went, looking around. “That you use genetic engineering for your meat?”

“That is correct.” Victoria went. “We made our pretty cows ourselves.”

Just then, a few naked children were running past, trying to catch a ball someone threw. They all had cow ears, and a tail flying around them. Yet, there were maybe 2 boys she sees, and the girls looked like they were developing breasts already.

“They age rather quickly.” Victoria told her, watching Callie’s reaction. “Those children are only a month old.”

Callie whirled on her. “A MONTH?”

Victoria beamed. “That’s right! They start to grow rather quickly, and after another month, they will appear to be full grown adults. The females will be then taken to the barn to begin milking, and eventually, breeding.”

“And the boys?” Callie asked.

“They will be mostly used for Breeding. They impregnate the ones that are able to give birth, but they only have a small window available for them for breeding. After that, they are useless, and then become meat.”


Callie looked and saw one of the males, looking like a young teen, had tackled a female, and was thrusting into her.

“Whoops. Just a moment.” Victoria got a radio out. “Hey, Bill? Number 22 is starting to breed. You need to get him to the Breeding room, now.”

“On it!” A deep voice came from the radio.

Victoria looked at the vistorer. Callie was just staring intently at the male, as he thrusts into the female. The female did look like she was struggling a bit, but soon, she was trying to move against him.

Her lower stomach felt a little funny, suddenly.

Just then, a man came out of a nearby building, and went right for the male. He was 6’5, a mix of muscle and fat, and had a rough looking face. He was wearing only overalls, his arms and chest bear, and a cap over his dark hair. Callie watched as he picked the male up, and then down on the grown. The Male tried to fight him, but he was effectively pinned down. Bill locked him into a cock cage, and then bound his arms with rope.

“Now, what he is doing.” Victoria said next to the guest, making her jump a bit. “Is he is going to bring him to the room where we breed our cows.”

Callie watched as he shoved something up the male’s ass.

“Although he is getting ready to breed, he’s not quite there yet. So, he is kept in a constant state of arousal, and will watch other males mate until we deem him ready to breed.”

“That-” Callie’s voice cracked a bit, and she cleared it. “That seems rather cruel.”

Victoria nodded. “Well, yes, but it ensures that he doesn’t spend himself too soon. And he’ll be more willing to mate with females for hours a day.”


Victoria gave her a sensual smile. “Lets go to where the females go when we are ready to milk them.”

Callie nodded, and followed her into the other building. It was shaped like a barn, and the sounds of mooing, and machines, were loud.

Inside, they found stalls, with grown cow women inside. They were laying on their stomachs, on what looked like padded stools. Their arms and legs were cuffed, stretching out the limb, and keeping them in place. A fucking machine was working both of their asses and pussies, and a tube in their pee hole kept them from making a mess. Large suction cups were placed over each large breast, sucking out the delicious looking milk into huge containers next to them. An open mouth gag was secured around their heads, with a tube pushed into their open mouths.

Some weird, grey, oatmeal looking substance was flowing into their mouth. All of their eyes looked like they were in a sexual haze, and not aware of anything around them.

“This is the milking room.” Victoria told her. “For 16 hours a day, they are fed a special substance that keeps them fed and watered, and keeps them in a constant state of arousal.”

Callie’s legs felt a little weak, and she felt a strange heat forming in her. “So…they are orgasming constantly?”

“Oh, no, that would cause more harm than good.” victoria told her, waving a hand. “They are on the edge of an orgasm, only allowed to cum once every four hours. This way, we get more milk out of them, and we don’t have to worry about them cumming to death.”

Callie looked at one cow, and had to wonder what that felt like? As they walked along the rows, she was surprised to find one cow that was blindfolded, and looked like she had headphones on her head.

“What’s with this?” She asked looking at Victoria.

“Oh, that’s a volunteer.”


“Yes, sometimes, we have normal women volunteering to be cows.”

That heat was pooling in Callie’s nether regions. Her throat felt dry again.

“They…they volunteer?” she asked, sounding surprised, and a little aroused.

Victoria gave her a half smile, and put a hand on her shoulder. “That’s right. These women gave up their humanity to become cows. Once they sign up, we immediately bring them here. We strap them down, and give them our special mix to eat, and start up the dildos. Once they sign up, they are no longer human.”

Callie’s legs shook, something that Victoria pretended to miss.

“Oh…but why do you have blindfolds and headphones on them?”

Victoria sighed and waved her hand. “Sometimes, they regret giving up their humanity, so we blindfold them, so they can only focus on their arousal, the fucking, and the milking. The headphones pretty much tell them how their lives as human’s are over, and how they are now Happy Cows.”

She walked over to the cow, and took the wireless headset off. She went over to Callie and put them over her ears.

“-Happy cows. You are not human, you are a milk giving Happy Cow. You won’t be fucked like a human, you will be fucked like a Happy Cow. You won’t have to work in an office, you give milk like a Happy Cow. You won’t give birth to human children, you will give birth to Happy Cows.”

An overwhelming heat rushed through Callie as she listened to the message. Her face became flushed, and sweat ran down her face. Her legs started to give out as she felt an explosion between her legs. She was unable to hide the lustful moan as she felt her body assaulted by the intense pleasure. She felt Victoria catch her as her legs gave out from under her.

“Hoo, boy.” Victoria went. “Um…Come on, honey. Let's get you up.”

She pulled the headset off of her guest’s head, and put them on the stall door. Callie was in a bit of a haze as she was lead to a restroom, and to a stall. It was when Victoria sat her down on a toilet, that she started coming out of it.

“Ok, Um, I’m going to step outside for a moment.” Victoria stated. “And you can come out when you’re ready.”

Callie sat there for a few minutes, just waiting for the pleasure to let go of her head. As she came out of it, she realized, to her horror, that she just had an orgasm right in front of the Owner of Happy Cows.


“Oh my GOD!” She gasped, and covered her hot face. “I can’t believe-why did I-?”

She pulled off her pants and underwear, and found herself wet down there. Thankfully, she’s not a squirter, so she only had to deal with the juices that got stuck to her panties, not her pants. She trembled as she ran the toilet paper over her still twitching pussy.

‘Ok, Ok, what happened?’ Callie thought, slightly panicking. ‘I guess I…I orgasmed. I suppose watching that male fuck that female started it…then seeing them milked…then the headset…’

“Urg.” she went loudly. “I can’t believe I did all of that.”

She tried to clean herself up the best she could. She stepped out of the stall, and washed her hands, splashing water onto her face to cool her burning cheeks. She tried to be professional again.

Yet, her pussy still tingled a bit.

‘I am going to wear out the batteries to my vibrator tonight.’ She thought as she tried to make herself look professional. She stood up straight, and walked out of the bathroom.

She saw Victoria talking to Bill.

“OK, so you can set it up?” Victoria was asking Bill as Callie walked up.

“Yes, Stall 12 should be ready soon.” Bill told her.

“Excellent!” Victoria said happily. “Now we just have to wait for the volunteer-oh! Callie! Feeling better?”

Callie felt her cheeks warming up again, but she tried to stay calm. “y-Yes, Yes I am.”

“Well, I better get started.” Bill said. “Have fun, miss!”

Callie turned to Victoria as Bill walked away. “What were you talking about?”

Victoria smiled. “Oh, we have a volunteer on the way in, and we are getting a stall ready for her.”

Callie squashed the feeling of envy that threatened to fill her. “Well, I do apologize for…well…”

The Boss lady touched her cheek and gave her a kind, understanding smile.

“It is perfectly fine, my dear. You’re not the first person who had reacted like that while we gave a tour.”

‘Oh her hand is so soft.’ Callie thought, fighting the urge to rub up against it.

Victoria smiled sweetly at her. “That’s why I usually give people a bathroom break at this time. In case they needed a little time to themselves.”

Callie nearly choked and stepped back. “w-Well, I am ready to continue the tour.”

“Good! Cause the next room is the breeding room!”

‘Oh Lord.’

It was in the next building that they saw what breeding was. Again, there were stalls, but the set up was different. The females were being milked as usual, and being fed the same way, but breeding put them up in a different pose.

They were suspended, arms and head in some kind of metal stock, while their legs, on chains, pulled them up and spread apart. In one stall, they saw a male breeding with a female, his legs cuffed to the floor, and a strap around the female’s waist, where his arms were bound to. He was fucking the female hard, both of them mooing in lustful tones, and orgasming over and over again.

The smell of sex in the air was almost enough to send Callie over the edge again, and she had to fight not to orgasm at the sight.

“Now, just because they are being bred, doesn’t mean that they are off duty with milking.” Victoria told her. “They are still milked, and they will still be milked until a week before the baby is due.”

“Why are the males cuffed like that?” Callie had to ask.

“Oh, sometimes, the pregnancy doesn't take right away.” victoria told her. “For human females, it takes about a week for the sperm to reach her eggs. For cows, it could just take hours, if we’re lucky. The sperm is sped up in the male, but the sperm dies more quickly once released. So, they have to constantly breed with a female, and it could take a day or two before she’s properly pregnated.”

Again, Callie saw a cow with headphones and a blindfold. But this one was struggling a bit as the male thrusted into her.

“Oh, usually we break in the volunteers before we breed them.” Victoria told Callie. “But we found out that she is very fertile, and we wanted to take advantage of that. Granted, she didn’t want to be a breeder-”

The cow gave a muffled scream as the male came deep inside of her.

“-but, she lost her rights as a human when she wanted to be a cow.”

Callie watched as the female struggled in her bindings. The male kept thrusting into her, kept trying to make her pregnant, and she was unable to stop it in any way. Then, the female gasped loudly, as an unwelcome orgasm washed over her.

Callie nearly came with her.

“Let’s move on quickly.” Victoria told her. She lead her to another room quickly.

In this room, the females were strapped on a bed, arms bound above their heads, and their legs strapped to stirrups. Other workers, male and females, were crouched between their legs. They were all mooing in discomfort. They all had very, very large bellies.

“This is where they give birth.” Victoria stated. “Once they do, the mothers are milked until they are dry, and the milk is given to their babies. Most of the time, we only get one cow from them. Other Times, we might get 2 or even three. There is no time for mother and child to bond, the child is taken to the barn where the calves are sleeping. The mother is given a few days rest, and then either sent back to be bred, or back to their milking stalls.”

Callie watched as a cow mooed and was trying to push. “How long do the pregnancies last?”

“Three months, at most.” Victoria told her. “They are not milked, nor fucked, during this time. So they are in quite the hurry to give birth, so they can go and get milked and fucked again. Even if they are in pain, they are ready to be filled.”

Callie heard crying, and saw that the cow had given birth. A pump was now milking them, as the baby was taken to be cleaned. The cow tried to get a look at the baby, but was not allowed to see.

“Now, of course, we can’t keep the cows forever.” Victoria told her. “They only live for up for 2 years.” She put an arm around Callie, and lead her to another building. “So, we put them down, and process them over here.”

Callie was brought into a…rather clean room. It took a moment for her to realize that this is where they clean the cows. Right now, there was one being hosed down, and washed with soap.

“This is where we clean them.” Victoria told her. “We give them enemas, and use a special soap to remove any and all hair and fuzz.”

Callie watched as the cow’s hair was washed away, and the cow came out nice and smooth. She was patted tried, and brought to another room.

Here, there was a belt, with cuffs hanging down. Callie watched as the cows arms were bound behind her back, and she was lifted up, and her legs cuffed. The Cow was hung upside down, and looked like she was struggling a bit.

“Sometimes, they can sense what is about to happen.” Victoria told Callie, as the cow was moved down. “And they do fight to live.”

The cow was mooing so loudly now, but she was moved over to a sink area, with plastic around it.

“This is where you kill them.” Callie said softly, the heat becoming more intense.


It was hard to see what was going on, the plastic wasn’t transparent enough for her to see. But something metal was put around the cows neck.


And then, a swish sound, and Callie watched as the head came down, and rolled away from the plastic.

Callie came again, her legs giving out, and victoria had to catch her again. This time, the orgasm touched every part of her body, even her nails, and every strand of hair on her head. Her nerves were on fire, her mind became muddled. She was pretty sure she was babbling, but was unable to get herself to focus. The orgasm blurred her vision a bit, and she blacked out.

When she came too, she was laying on the couch, in Victoria’s office. She saw the boss lady looking at her with concern, but she couldn’t feel embarrassed. Instead, she still felt rather aroused, and the heat was forming in her pussy again.

“Are you alright?” Victoria asked, concerned.

Callie tried to speak, but her mouth could only make an O shape.

“Well, I knew people would get off seeing what you saw.” Victoria went. “But not so strongly. You were babbling about wanting to be milked like a cow. And fucked like a cow, and bred like a cow. And then killed like a cow. You were rubbing yourself, and wanted to be strapped in and fucked and milked.”

Callie moaned at the thought of it, her mind swimming with images. She found her hands rubbing her breasts.

Victoria stared at her. “…So…Um…I shouldn’t be asking this while you’re like this, but we DO have an open stall…”

Callie sat right up. “I want to be a cow!”

Victoria bit her lower lip. “Think about what you’re saying! If you sign a contract right now, you are no longer human! You’ll be treated like an animal!”

Callie moaned, her mind fighting this sexual urge, but she couldn’t stop herself. Her hand went under her shirt, while the other went for her pussy.

“Oh, i want to be a cow!’ She moaned as she pawed herself. “I want to be Milked like a Happy Cow, I want to be fucked like a Happy Cow, I want to breed like a Happy cow, and I want to be killed like a Happy Cow! Please? Please please please!”

Victoria looked at her in surprise, and sighed. “I have a contract ready for your signature.”

Callie,without moving her hands, went to Victoria’s desk. There it was, the papers that will take away her rights as a human. She removed the hand under her shirt, and still rubbed her clit as she picked up a pen. As she neared the peak, she signed her name on the bottom line.

Victoria looked at it, and sighed. “Alright, you are now a Happy Cow.”

Callie gasped in joy, and came hard against her fingers. She gave a long, loud, sexual moan, as Victoria called some help. Callie was dimly aware as Bill came in, and with Victoria’s Help, they stripped her down, and half carried her to Stall 12.

She put up no fight, as she was placed onto her stomach, and cuffed in place. She opened her mouth wide, as the gag was pushed into her mouth, and a tube shoved in. Victoria fingered her pussy a bit, making Callie moan in lust, and she tried to move her hips to get Victoria to go deeper.

“I suppose it’s a good time to tell you.” Victoria said, as she dug her fingers in deeper. “Your boss called me before you came here, and offered quite a large investment.”

Callie was, at first, glad to hear that her final job was good. Until the words sank in.

“Mmff? She went, looking over her shoulder at Victoria.

“Oh yes.” Victoria said to her. “He made an investment, and wanted me to do something for him as well. He wanted some Happy Cow meat, but made from a woman that he knew.”

Callie realized that the stall had several cameras surrounding her.

“He wants a live stream of this woman becoming a Happy Cow.” Victoria said, rubbing that sweet spot inside of Callie. She grinned as she felt the cow clench. “From being milked, to being bred, and then being processed. Granted, it’ll be a good long while before you are processed, but I am sure he is going to enjoy watching you.”

Callie moaned, and the grey substance came pouring down the tube, and she was forced to swallow it. The heat was building up inside of her again.

“So, yes, your boss set you up.” Victoria giggled, as she brought Callie close to the edge. “Remember that water you drank before the tour? It had a special drug in it, similar to what we give to our Happy Cows to make them aroused.”

She removed her hand as Callie realized the gravity of her words. Furious, the woman struggled hard, now realizing she had been tricked!

“Oh, don’t worry.” Victoria said to her, as Bill brought over the fucking machine. “Hate this now, but soon, you’re going to love being a Happy Cow.”

Callie screamed in rage, but gasped as the fucking machine forced the dildos into her ass and pussy. She gasped as a tube was shoved into her pee hole, and Victoria came around.

“So, my little Happy Cow.” She cooed at Callie. “I hope you enjoy your time here. Like you have a choice.”

Callie’s world was plunged into darkness before she could protest. She thrashed about in her bindings, trying to ignore how she was brought to the edge of an orgasm. She felt pumps on her breast, but they wouldn’t suck out any milk yet.

She struggled, trying to get freed, trying to cum, but unable to do either. She felt something being secured to her head, and a kiss to the forehead.

As she was being forced to hang on the edge of an orgasm, the headset started to play.

“You are not human, you are a milk giving Happy Cow. You won’t be fucked like a human, you will be fucked like a Happy Cow. You won’t have to work in an office, you give milk like a Happy Cow. You won’t give birth to human children, you will give birth to Happy Cows.”

Over and Over again, until she became one of them.


Nice! This is a good story.

If you'd like a great series that hits on a lot of this stuff, check out Ambassadors of the Flesh by KavenBach (on Eka's Portal).

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