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The orc camp was alive with activity with human, elf and naga (snake women) dances danced around a blazing fire. Each one showing off their bodies to their captors. The orcs were a proud race, they loved the finer things in life even if did disgust others. Normally, the orcs would be in their tents to have their way with the slaves but today was different, today was a celebration of victory over another clan. This tribe of orcs were futanari orcs. Female orcs who have both male and female genitalia and loved women to fuck and eat.

The music began to slow and the dancers stopped before finding a partner in the crowd as a tall orcess walked up. This was Yakik the leader of the clan.

“Today is a good day!” she declared. “We have beaten the Black tooth and absorbed them into ours,” that made the crowd cheer as a naked orcess was dragged by two more orcess. “And as tradition demands,” she said as she looked to the orcess who was forced to her knees. “The leader of the clan who has been defeated must offer their life,”

The orcess looked up with rage in her eyes. “You know nothing of our ways filth!” she spat.
“Well too bad Yukak,” Yakik said as a wooden block with a curve on the top was brought out. “Because your weak line is about to end,” as the orcess said that three young female orcs walked out of a tent and passed the crowd.

Each one of them was naked save only for cuffs around their wrists. As they walked they tried not to look at anyone in shame. Yukak watched in horror as the three lined up behind the block.
“No please,” she begged. “Not them! Amputate them, turn them into slaves, anything but please don’t kill them, please spare my daughters!” tears began to roll down her eyes as she said this but her pleas fell on deaf ears as a topless orcess walked up with an axe in hand.

The first of the three looked up at the executioner with tears in her eyes. To calm her the executioner stroked her face before leaning in and kissing her making the crowd whistle. Breaking the kiss, the young orc gulped and knelt down looking at the bloody block.
“Ple…please enjoy my meat,” she said before she leaned forward and resting her neck on the block.
There she waited for the axe to fall but something unexpected happened. A hand found its way around her cock and a mouth pressed itself against her pussy. She gasped with pleasure as her cock hardened and her pussy wettened. She knew what was going on, before a beheading a slave would arouse the body to make it more tender. Make the meat tastier. She should have realised this earlier but decided to enjoy herself as the slave ate her out with ease.

She then felt her hair being moved from around her neck. The feeling of the blade followed before a moment of calm making her close her eyes before all felling in her body was cut. Her eyes opened and she watched as she was lifted to see her lifeless body slump off the block with the rest of the crowd cheered. She watched as her body was taken to a nearby table and cut up into pieces. But soon the darkness took her and all she could think about was people enjoying her meat.

The second daughter, however, had no such reservation of having her head cut off. She turned around and knelt down before bending her back resting her neck on the block looking up at the executioner. Her cock was already hard and pussy wet as she took shallow breaths.

“Do it,” she said,” Do it now,”

The executioner needed no more persuasion and brought down the axe on the daughter’s neck. Her head fell down as her body spasmed and came coating her body with cum. The head was placed on a spike with her older sister while her body was taken to be butchered. The final daughter just watched in erotic arousal as her two sisters were beheaded.

Her turn was next. The executioner walked her up to the block and made her kneel but didn’t lower her head onto the block. Instead of her she was uncuffed and handed a blade while a bucket was placed in front of her. She got the meaning and took a deep breath and licked the blade before positioning it in front of her belly button.

“I give myself to Morc to keep my lines honour,” she said before sliding the blade into her gut.

She winced in pain as her mother screamed in horror. But the youngest daughter didn’t care she pulled the blade up still she reached her ribcage. Her hand then slid into the wound and began to pull out her guts and place it into the bucket leaving only her heart and lungs. Orcs had high tolerances for pain, and the youngest didn’t cry or scream only wince and tear up through it all. Once her gut was emptied she leaned forward and rested her head on the block. Her head was then removed from her body and placed in a spike with her sisters while her body was taken to be butchered.

Yukak was in tears as she was forced to watch her daughters executed and butchered in front of her. What was next was cleat, tradition demanded that the former chieftainess be cooked and eaten by the clan who won. A table was brought up and she was brought to it. She was then forced onto the table with four orcess holding her limbs. Yakik then walked up with a long metal pole in hand. She was about to be spat and roasted alive.

For a long time Yukak had been going against tradition. Normally orcs are very cannibalistic. They eat both others and their own kind and she wanted to stop this. But doing this made her clan weak and a target for others. The strong eat the weak, she now knew the meaning of the saying now. She was weak and deserved to be eaten like a pig. The spit was positioned at the entrance to her pussy with the sharpened tip moving up and down her lips. This made her wet allowing the spit to enter her making her gasp with pleasure and her cock to harden.

The former orc chieftainess moaned out with pleasure as she was being fucked by the spit. The metal rod entered her slowly and soon pressed against the roof of her room. The executioner walked up with a knife in hand, but Yukak shook her head.

“No, roast me alive. Punish me for breaking tradition,” she said.

The executioner nodded and backed up as the spit pierced her womb sliding up her now but she still moaned in pleasure. The spitting of an orcess, human or elf was tricky at best. It took years to train someone in the technique of spitting. Thankfully Yakik had had that training and had spat many people before. The orcess in front of her was enjoying her final moments as the spit continued its journey through her body.

Yukak soon felt the spit enter her throat. Tipping her head back she opened her mouth wide and watched in amazement as the spit exited her mouth. It had bits of blood and gore on it but was clean for the most part. It soon stopped in front of her and her hands were taken and placed on the spit. Both her ankles and wrists were then tied to the spit. But this was not the end.

Yakik then picked up a knife and slid open Yukak’s belly. That made the meat moan and wince in pain as she began to open up the belly and take out the guts leaving only her heart and lungs. Once emptied she then began to fill the belly with stuffing made from Yukak’s daughters. After being filled her belly was then closed as Yakik moved to Yukak’s ear.

“Your daughters made the great stuffing,” she said while patting the swollen belly.

Yukak moaned with pleasure with the knowledge that her daughters would be joining her. But then she made a gagged cry as her cock and balls were cut off. Some metal was then placed on the wound cauterizing it making cry even more. Once it was done Yukak’s hair was then removed. With then done she watched as two orcess picked up the spit and placed her over a roaring fire. Sweat fell from her and onto the fire as she began to turn.

Hours later Yukak’s body was on display as people began to feast on her and her daughters. The defeated clan was now part of theirs.

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