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Hey guys, I'm assuming at least one of you has noticed Waifu Wars absence. Well yeah, it's dead. I got bored with it and had too much else to write. But I guess I wanna give it another chance and this is it! Ryona Rumble, basically a renamed Waifu Wars, but still. I have ten fights planned (two from season one of Waifu Wars) and will only work on them on weekends, and we'll see how it goes. Anywho. First fight is Chun-Li Vs Kitana voting ends June first


Vote for Chun to die.


Alice-Holy shit is that…light!

Lauren-Oh my God we didn't get rebooted!

Alice-We're back baby!

Lauren-Quick, we gotta Analyze the next fighter before the writer changes their mind

Alice-Uhhh. Kicking things is cool, you know who's really good at kicking things? Chun-Li!

Lauren-She's good at more than just kicking. She's an expert at both Tai Chi, and Kenpo, but yes kicking is her specialty

Alice-She's so good at kicking shit, she was able to join Interpol. All so she could kick the shit out of the man who kicked the shit out of her father to death

Lauren-Age unknown, height 5'6, weight unknown, bust 34

Alice-I suppose that not everything can be as big as those juicy legs

Lauren-In combat Chun-Li prefers swift strikes over powerful ones, but just because she's not hitting as hard as her fellow Street Fighters, don't let that full you. Li is strong enough to kick someone through a wall. And she uses this strength and speed in all her techniques

Alice-Attacks like her Lightning Legs, or Axe Kick

Lauren-Don't forget about her signature move, where she spins her legs fast enough to lift her off the ground like a helicopter

Alice-I may not be an expert on science and stuff, but that really doesn't sound to possible

Lauren-(adjusts glasses spirituality) It's most likely that she's using her chi to perform such maneuvers. She has already proven she can weaponize this force with her Senretsukyaku.

Alice-Says here that she's also a damn good shot with a gun. Shit

Lauren-Though Li is not perfect. She's a tad naive, and she can be overpowered by stronger opponents.

Alice-Still, to be that, and look that good at the same time is pretty impressive. But how will gaming's first female fighter stand against one of Mortal Kombat's most beautiful Kombatants? Find out in the full fight!


Lauren-, a human-like species from an alternative reality with godly ancestors

Alice-That whole God daddy thing explains why they have a beautiful, and deadly Princess like Kitana.

Lauren-Age 10,000, height 5′ 9″, weight 128 lbs, Cup size, estimated C

Alice-She's that fucking old? Holy shit!

Lauren-Indeed, a long lifespan is one of the many traits of Edenians. In-fact Kitana is considered rather young by her people

Alice-Well damn

Lauren-Life was good for the princess. Well until the tyrannical ruler from Outworld Shao Kahn took over her realm and claimed her as his daughter

Alice-Kitana served her step-dad loyal for a while, but eventually betrayed him and sought his death

Lauren-But you don't need as many PHDs as I have to tell that you'll need some serious power to stand up to such a powerful warrior. Luckily for Kitana, she was no damsel in distress

Alice-Her main weapons are her razor-sharp fans. They make perfect weapons for both melee strikes and ranged projectiles

Lauren-And Kitana is no stranger to hand to hand combat. With her Square Wave Punch, she leaps in the air and delivers a flying punch to her foe, and her Pretty Kick she performs a flurry of mid-air kicks

Alice-And, of course, being a descendant of the gods has to grant you some powers, and in Kitana's, she can manipulate the winds. With Fan Lift, she levitates her opponent of the ground with a gust of wind leaving them helpless, Air Float allows her to lift herself up and can use a tornado send projectiles back at her foes with Bounce Back

Lauren-Kitana is also capable of teleporting and uses this power in moves like Princess Parry

Alice-And, when basic attacks aren't enough she, can pull out one of her brutal X-Ray moves like Fan-Tastic, or her Fatal Blow, a personal favorite technique Deadly Game

Lauren-And to finish of her foes she can perform one of her many fatalities such as Kiss of Death, Fan Opener, Dark Fan-Tasy, and Decapitation

Alice-Is that all

Lauren-She can also turn into a deadly rabbit

Alice-Oh fuck

Lauren-But with her skills she's managed to achieve her goal, and help kill her stepfather

Alice-Plus when she died, she just ruled hell with her Bruce-Lee rip of hubby

Lauren-But which fighting Asian clad in blue will take the win, and which will fall, victim, to Mortal Kombat? Find out in the full fight

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