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Viande de Femme
Tags: Miraculous Lady Bug, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Cannibalism, Snuff, Reluctant Consent, Butchering, Decapitation.
All characters in this story are 18 years or older.

"'Viande de Femme' saw your lady blog and want to hire you?" Marinette asked curiously.

Alya nodded. "It's a very respected magazine, and it pays really well too! But, they want to make sure I can cover the subject matter well first," Alya explained. "Which is why I came to you for help."

Marinette lost herself in thought for a second as the dots started to connection her head. "But Alya, isn't the subject matter of Viande girlmeat? My mom bought an issue once. They're a cooking magazine, they interview a girl and then do photo-shoots both before and after she's cooked! How do you want me to help with that?"

Alya squirmed nervously in her seat. "Well, I talked to my mom, and as a chef? She's willing to cook a girl for me to help me get the job, but she has her heart set on one girl in particular; and… Well…" Alya trailed off.

"It's me isn't it?" Marinette asked, realizing just what Alya was asking of her. "Your mom wants to cook me, doesn't she?"

Alya nodded, grateful that she didn't have to spell it out directly. "Will you help?"

"I…" Marinette knew she should refuse out of hand. If she helped Alya, she'd die. She'd seen the spreads in Viande de Femme! There was no way she'd survive it!

And yet… Alya was her best friend, and she'd been given the chance of a lifetime! She was asking Marinette for help, what kind of friend would she be if she dismissed her out of hand?

"What…" Marinette paused, swallowing heavily as he built up the courage to aske her next question. "Alya? What does your mom have planned for me?"

Alya's eyes lit up. "Girl! You won't believe how much my mom's been looking forward to cooking you!" Alya gushed. "She told me she's been thinking about it for years! Ever since Chloé asked her how much it would take to get your parents to sell you so that she could have girlmeat for a party."

Marinette's eyes went wide with shock. "Chloé tried to eat me!?" she asked with a startled cry.

"Yeah, but don't worry. Apparently your dad wasn't willing to sell you to her." Alya assured her.

"If I agree to do this, you're not going to serve me to Chloé are you?" Marinette asked, suddenly suspicious.

"No way!" Alya protested. "You know I'd never do that to you, girl! If you're okay with it, my mom wants to use you for a dinner party for her friends. She said I could invite a few friends from our class, but… If you're not okay with that I'll try and get her to just throw you out once the photoshoots are finished," Alya reassured her.

Marinette couldn't help but shiver a bit in fear as she heard her options. She couldn't believe she was humoring Alya about this! But… she didn't want to let her friend down either…

"I… don't think I'm comfortable making that decision?" Marinette replied; and Alya nodded, only slightly disappointed.

"Right. That's fine then. My mom will be over the moon when she hears that, bt dubs," Alya replied.

The sinking feeling was back in the pit of Marinette's stomach once more. "Your mom, right. You… said she had plans?" Marinette asked, hoping to get Alya to distract her.

"So, mom's been planning this for years, like I said. I didn't wanna tell you cause I know it would weird you out, but you've kinda been her obsession? I've seen weddings that were planned out less thoroughly than the recipes and themes by mom's come up with for cooking you. She did some sketches and had some digital renderings done and… I have to admit? If you come out looking even half as good as my mom's imagined? There's no way I'm not getting that job," Alya confided.

"I don't think it's final? but… she gave me some of the concept art she had made in case it would help convince you," Alya admitted, digging into her book bag to retrieve them.

Marinette's jaw dropped as she caught her first glimpse of the printouts that Alya was passing her. There was no mistaking the girl starring on the page. There she was, in vivid and glossy color; naked, roasted.

Her body was an eye-catching golden-brown, but only the top half was intact. She'd been cut in half, with everything from just below her rib cage upwards resting comfortably on a short silver stand propped above a platter by a single argent pole. Her well-roasted arms had been pinned to her sides with silver studs, elbows bent with her hands resting on their respective shoulders. Her modest breasts were bared, her nipples perky and true to life save that they had been quite thoroughly cooked, and her face had been artfully locked in an expression that Marinette could only describe as 'orgasmic.'

Of her body below the waist, its fate was perfectly clear as well. A multitude of glistening juicy cuts of meat rested on the platter surrounding the central pole, each one perfectly matching the color and shade of the rest of her body above it to the point that anyone could tell from look alone that they stemmed from the same source. Of course, the nature of the cuts made their origin just as perfectly clear. Round slices of leg, the two curves of her rump, and in the center of it all, a photo-accurate rendition of Marinette's glistening sex all sat beneath her perfectly cooked torso.

It was clearly labeled as "Marinette Roast - Concept #32" but it looked real enough that for a moment even Marinette herself wondered if the image depicted in the photo had actually happened.

It was like looking into a twisted mirror and seeing her fate.

"Alya, how?" Marinette asked, stunned, the photo slipping from her hands to fall upon her bed. And it was a photo, it was her inside the shot. edited, certainly, but recognizably her in all the pertinent features; including her sex.

"I told you, Mom's been planning on snuffing you for ages. Remember last summer when we all went down to Cap d’Agde?"

Marinette's jaw dropped. Of course she remembered that! Cap d’Agde was her first nude beach. There hadn't been anything sexual about it; it was just a way to add some freedom and liberation to their lives! They'd all gone; mom and dad, Alya, Alya's sisters, her father, and… her mother. Alya's mom had brought a camera, hadn't she? It had seemed like such a normal thing to take on vacation that Marinette hadn't even registered it at the time! But she recognized that picture now, or rather, pictures. They were taken at different times for the different body parts, and some parts like everything below her waist had been heavily edited, but there was a reason that even Marinette's glistening cooked sex looked ripped straight from a photograph; it was.

A sinking feeling lodged itself in Marinette's gut as she looked over picture after picture, seeing herself perfectly, professionally prepared in each, in mouth-watering detail.

"Alya? What made you apply to Viande de Femme in the first place?" Marinette asked, dreading the answer.

"I guess it was kind of a blend of stuff?" Alya admitted sheepishly. "Mom's had a subscription to Viande de Femme for as long as I can remember, and the girls in it are always so sexy and beautiful. But… none of them can hold a candle to how pretty you are? And… You'll be even more beautiful after my mom cooks you. I want the world to see the Marinette I know you can be. I want them to see my best friend and be unable to stop themselves from drooling over just how perfect you look;" Alya paused, "both before and after."

"You want to cook me too," Marinette realized.

"I mean, not me personally?" Alya clarified. "I could never do you justice. But… I definitely want to see what my mom does with you, and taste the final product," the dark-skinned redhead admitted.

Marinette's heart was thumping like a drum in her chest. How long had this been going on? Months? Years? How long had Alya been fantasizing about having her sex on a plate?

Marinette's heart stopped as she remembered what Alya had said earlier, about inviting a few friends for their class to enjoy her. It had seemed… well, not innocent at the time? But almost innocuous among all the other revelation Alya had thrown at her. But now? The pieces were starting to pull together certain compliments she'd gotten this year; "that's a tasty outfit!", "you look good enough to eat!". The appraising searching looks she'd been getting; the way certain conversations stopped abruptly when she walked by; it was all making sense now.

"Alya? You said your mom promised to let you invite some of our friends from class? Who else in class… knows bout her plans for me?" Marinette asked nervously.

"Everyone?" Alya winced. "But, it's not my fault!" Alya protested. "At least, not totally?" she backtracked.

"Okay. So, I told Nino, cause we're dating and well, we were talking about kinks and turn-ons, and you came up because I told him I was bi, and he asked to see what kind of girls I liked and I have some of my mom's concept art scattered throughout my private folder on my phone that I didn't even think about and I couldn't just not explain that once he saw it, right!?" Alya explained hurriedly.

"And Nino may have told a few people about it cause he was asking if it was weird? and he had a picture cause I gave him one so that he could see if her liked it too?"

Marinette wanted to sink into a puddle until the ground cracked open and swallowed her whole! Nino knew!? Who had he told? Not Adrien, hopefully?

"But that was just a few people! Like Ivan and Mylené!" Alya explained, and Marinette's heart dropped at the confirmation of at least two names she'd caught whispering and glancing at her.

"Chloé told everyone else," Alya explained

"Chloé!?" Marinette chocked out in shock.

"She and mom talk about you all the time," Alya confessed. "Mostly about how close they are to getting you on a menu?" Alya confided. "But… Chloé will also bring her new pics that she had Sabrina take of you at school, and Mom gives her copies of her concept art in return. Chloé's not shy about sharing them. Everyone in our class has seen them."

"Everyone!?" Marinette wailed. "Even Adrien!?"

Alya nodded. "She shares every new piece she gets with him. He's…" Alya paused nervously, not wanting to say what came next but knowing she had to. "He's really looking forward to tasting you," the red-head confessed. "He reminded me to invite him if it ever happened just last week."

"Everyone in class knows!?" Marinette wailed in terminal mortification.

"Not just in class," Alya replied. "Remember how you gave Chloé the card with all the class photos on it? She switched yours with one of mom's pieces. So all the teachers know too. That's why they've been a lot easier on you lately. She convinced them that you'd be cooked before the year was out and so they haven't cared that much about your missing homework or when you're late," Alya's explanation, only served to embarrass her friend even further. Marinette looked up at her with horrified eyes as Alya explained so many things that hadn't quote made sense but hadn't bothered her enough to look into.

'They think your mom's going to cook me!?" Marinette squeaked.

Alya nodded. "The concept art of you that Chloé snuck in is your official yearbook picture, since Chloé deleted the other one. So, as soon as the yearbook comes out, everyone will see it.

"Why didn't you try and replace it!?" Marinette asked, plaintively.

"I did!" Alya replied. "The week after class photos I tried to get you to meet me and take a new one, but you flaked out on me."

Marinette winced. She didn't remember that happening, but she'd flaked out on Alya enough times that Alya's story wasn't at all surprising.

"How many people were you planning on inviting?" Marinette asked, desperate to change the subject.

"Everyone in the class," Alya confessed.

"Even Adrien!?" Marinette wailed.

"The boy is super into eating you," Alya reminded. "You want me to snub him?"

"No…" Marinette trailed off, the admission clearly almost physically paining her. "You're not inviting Chloé though, right?"

Alya nodded. "I'm definitely not doing that," she hesitated.

Marinette caught it. "What's going on Alya? You're hiding something."

"Well, i'm not going to invite Chloé, but my mom works at Le Grand Paris, and… she and Chloé are as thick as thieves on the subject of cooking you…" Alya admitted.

Marinette grimaced. Even if Alya's mom were not such good friends with Chloé, working at her dad's Hotel and denying Chloé a place at the table when she was serving the one meal that the blonde brat had been lusting over for what was apparently years? Losing her job would be the least of Alya's mom's worries! If she did this, there was no way she'd be able to cut Chloé out of the festivities.

'If she did this,' Marinette was already thinking about it, she realized. She didn't want to do it, didn't turn her on at all like it did her best friend, but… With the entire class looking forward to eating her? And Adrien at the front of the pack? How could she not? Alya was counting on her. She needed Marinette's help to get that job. And, knowing that her best friend wanted to eat her? That the entire class as well as the teachers were okay with it? It made Marinette think that she was the one in the wrong; that trying to keep on living and denying all her friends her meat was selfish!

"So?" Alya asked, even more nervously than when she'd broached the subject before. "Will you do it?"

Marinette wanted to scream! She want to shout about how sick this was! She wanted to tell Alya to go away and never mention this again. But it wasn't just Alya counting on her, was it? The entire class was looking forward to this! Her mother had been planning this for ages! And looking at the concept art Alya's mother had drafted? Marinette didn't have a hard time seeing why… the images were so sexy! They were racy in a way that Marinette had never imagined applying to herself! She could see why Alya had picked her… and while she didn't want to do it, it was clear that there really was only one choice…

"Of course I'll help…" Marinette agreed, and as Alya smiled, Marinette knew she'd sealed her fate.


"Alya! I still can't thank you enough for getting Marinette to let me cook her! You have no idea how happy I am!" Marlena Césaire gushed as she wheeled out the covered cart containing the dish that she had made from Alya's best friend.

“I think I can guess,” Alya grinned back with a smile on her face. She'd been there with Marinette every step of the way; from the initial conversation convincing her, to interviewing her, to their pre-cooking photo-shoot, to photographing her mom as she actually went to work butcher and coking her best friend all the way until just a few seconds ago when she finished taking the last few pictures of the beautifully prepared Marinette's final transformation into meat, and the absolute tamest way that Alya's mom could be described throughout this process, from the second Alya had told her that Marinette had agreed until now? Was absolutely ecstatic.

Not that Alya was any less excited, if she was being fair. Her mom had been planning this for three years, and she'd told Alya about every plan, every new twist of a recipe she'd love to try on Marinette's perfect body, every new sketch she'd made or concept art she'd commissioned. By the time that her family and Marinette's had gone to that nude beach together? Alya was this close to jumping her friend's bones! She even had a few snapshots of her own of Marinette's naked body secreted away on her phone for rainy nights. Of course, now she had a much better quality of 'entertainment' material to enjoy. The butchering process had been a bit bloody, which was why Viande de Femme usually left it out of their key spreads, but now? Thanks to the brand new professional-grade digital camera that Alya's mom had gotten her as a thank you gift for pulling this off, the whole world would get to see just how amazingly beautiful and delicious Alya's best friend really was!

The conversation fell to a hush as Alya's classmates began to realize what was happening. They'd all been looking forward to this moment to some degree or another, from idle fantasies to Chloé's near obsession. Even Nino, who was mostly just here in support of Alya as her boyfriend was looking forward to the absolutely wild night of sex that Alya had promised him to celebrate. Thanks to Chloé they'd all been thinking about this dinner for months, fantasizing about what Marinette would look like, what she'd taste like once she was finally cooked. And for Chloé it had always been a question of when, not if. Sabrina had confided in Alya that if she didn't get Marinette to agree, Chloé was going to have her kidnapped and roasted anyway, a plan that Alya's mom had seemed entirely okay with when she'd confronted her about it. “Chloé's plans won't matter if you get Marinette to agree, now will they?” had been Marlena Césaire's response. Not that Alya wasn't 100% on-board with cooking and eating Marinette Dupain-Cheng, but the incredibly vibrant girl was her best friend, so she wanted Marinette to be on-board with the plan too, even if it had been more of a reluctant need to not disappoint her friends driving Marinette into the oven rather than any true enthusiasm. Alya certainly had enough enthusiasm for both of them.

It was lucky that Alya had managed to convince Marinette in other ways too, of course. Since she'd secured the meat for this party Chloé was throwing she'd managed to eke out some concessions, the job at Viande de Femme, a magazine owned by Chloé's mother's fashion label, was one of them; but the true prize would be coming at this very party, and Alya was definitely looking forward to it.

The distinctive ring of silver against crystal sung out over the crowd as Chloé Bourgeois stepped up onto a small platform near the front of the room, glass in one hand, knife in the other.

“Hello everyone! Welcome to my party! I hope you've all been having fun!” Chloé stated, and the resounding cheer from her classmates made a smile beam across her face.”I just wanted to apologize if I made anyone upset over the past three years. Seeing Marinette Dupain-Cheng walking around uncooked despite all the work I put into trying to get her on a plate was just soooo frustrating! I know some of you came up to me over the past couple of weeks asking to know when she'd be ending up on a plate. Imagine that, but for three years. It was unbearable! But now that she's been cooked, I feel as if a weight's been lifted, and I'm going to do my best to be nicer to each and every one of you, especially Alya, the girl who made this party possible!”

Alya smiled happily as her classmates clapped and whooped and cheered for her.

“Alya's the one who finally got Marinette to agree to cook for all of us! So be sure to thank her before you leave. She and her mom put a lot of work into Marinette's preparation and I'm happy to say that the whole story including an incredible interview with out main course just made the cover of next month's Viande De Femme!”

Alya blushed as her classmates' applause washed over her. They were just as excited as she was over her achievement! And Alya made a note to remember to thank Chloé later for the strings she pulled to get her the job.

“I'd also like to thank Alya's mom, and our chef, Marlena Césaire. This incredible woman spent almost three years and thousands of Euros of her own money trying to get Marinette for me. If it weren't for Marlena? The concept art that I know many of you have enjoyed just as much as I have wouldn't exist! Marlena even took Marinette and her family on vacation to Cap d’Agde so that she could get some references to make that concept art even more accurate! So, please, take a moment to appreciate all the work she's done to bring this night into being, even before she started cooking that tasty little morsel, Dupain-Cheng!”

The class was clapping and yelling and in all ways praising her mom in a way that Alya knew she'd never been praised before. It felt good to see her mom appreciated like this.

“Anyway, as thanks for all the work that the Césaire family put into this dinner, my daddy is renaming the hotel's restaurant Césaire's, and maybe even more important, Alya and her mother are each getting a thick, juicy portion of Marinette's filet! Marlene? Can you do the honors?”

At Chloe's signal, Alya's mom lifted the giant silver platter lid keep Marinette concealed and warm, revealing her masterpiece to the world.

Marinette's golden brown flesh was spread across a silver platter, her entire body on display for the voyeuristic hedonism of her classmates. Her head, the only part of her uncooked, rested on a stand, her expression molded into one of orgasmic bliss. Alya had to hand it to her mother, the way she'd timed the swing of her meat cleaver to the very instant Marinette began to cum and then cleaved through her neck in one smooth motion was incredibly impressive. Alya had got the whole thing on film, from the moment that her mom had stuffed the industrial-strength vibrator into her best friend's cunt until after the final swing where Marinette's severed head had only just begun to understand what had been done to her before she bled out completely.

Directly below the small raised platter holding Marinette's head rested the clearly-cooked form of Marinette's torso, cut open right between her modest breasts in the butchering, before being sewn back up later. Her severed waist rested against the metal of the lower platter, and her neck had just reached the level below the upper platter where her head was being kept. Around Marinette's cooked torso were single serving-sized cuts of Marinette's plentiful thigh and leg meat, with some modest swells of petite-sized rump roast scattered throughout. Enough to serve every single guy and girl at the party all by itself.

All in all the whole thing looked a lot like the first piece of concept art that Alya had handed to Marinette except for two things. The first was that Marinette's head had not been cooked; a favor to Chloé who was planning on having her best friend's head stuffed and mounted on her bedroom wall to help remind her of this party and inspire her and her lover in the future. The second, was the position of Marinette's arms. Instead of being pinned to her torso they were left to fall in front of her, her cooked palms cupped together and resting inside those cupped fingers? Marinette's own perfectly roasted cunt, her own thumbs spreading the prize out like a flower, as if presenting her most tender cut, like a gift, to the entire class.

Alya had seen the pose before of course. She'd photographed it back inside the kitchen so as to avoid any accidents or delays when Marinette was actually being served, but… Something about the combination of her friend's clearly cumming face and her offering up her own plucked cunt was getting to Alya. She took another picture, just to capture the moment; trying to get as many of her classmates as she could in the background.

“That's a wonderful idea!” Chloé marveled. “Why don't you take a picture of your mom and me next to Marinette?”

Alya nodded her agreement. She did after all want a pic of her mom with her best friend, and Chloé, as the instigator for this whole thing had as much right to be in it as anyone else did.

Click! Click! Click! Alya smiled, waving her mom and newly found patron away, only for her to feel a hand on her shoulder. “Can me and Juleka get a picture with Marinette?”

On and on the procession of Alya's classmates went, each wanting a picture with her former best friend until Alya began to worry that Marinette would go cold before she was served.

“Alright!” Chloé called out. “I know you all want a photo that you can remember how lovely Marinette looks now that she's cooked, but she'll be in next month's Viande De Femme! I'll make sure to buy enough copies so everyone in the class can have one, on me okay?” Chloé asked, managing to stop the crowd. “Of course, there is one last photo that we need! Alya, hand your mom the camera. We need to take a class photo with Marinette, the way she was meant to be seen!” Chloé finished to a cheer of agreement.

Alya did as she was bid, and in short order everyone was arranged around the platter holding Marinette's meat. Alya was next to Nino, Chloé stood next to Adrien with her hand clasped firmly on the uncomplaining boy's butt, and even Juleka and Rose were smiling and happy, grateful that the roasted girl they were about to enjoy had helped to lift Juleka's photo curse. The flash strobed and shutter snapped three times, taking three perfect photos of their class.

Marlena Césaire turned the camera around to show Chloé the pictures. Chloé beamed. “This is perfect! I'm going to try and get this photo into the yearbook so that we can all remember Marinette at her best!”

The class cheered and formed a line, Chloé motioned Alya to the front of it, standing next to her as Alya's mother prepared their order, a third of Marinette's thick and meaty sex each, with the remaining third for Alya's mom to enjoy after everyone had been served.

Alya smiled and took her potion, hurrying over to a table and picking up her utensils to slice off a piece that she could sink her teeth into. The dark-skinned redhead bit into her prize and a smile bloomed across her face. It really was all worth it to share the whole of Marinette's beauty with all her friends like this.

The End


You always wright such great stories.


always looking forward to new storys you make TVB

please keep up the fantastic sexy delcious works.


Glad you liked it. I've been checking and posting to Gurochan less often after seeing a number of stories that I've spent a long time writing slip by with no comments, so It's nice to see this story was appreciated.

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