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Anakin used his Force Choke ability to squeeze Padme’s clitoris. It popped like a stubborn zit. She howled and thrashed uncontrollably. Not even Obi Wan could save her now. Padme’s most sensitive organ beyond repair, Anakin then turned to his former Master. Kenobi was always proud of his large penis. Even though Jedi were supposed to be celibate, he did get aroused by the staring. The Twi’lek club girls were especially intrigued. Kenobi would spend hours meditating in the Temple, all the while thinking about his exceptional member, looking for every excuse to touch it. Knowing this, Anakin knew what to do. As Kenobi sprinted down the exit ramp, his foot-long flaccid penis swaying conspicuously inside his loose robe, Akanin concentrated. He started at the dense meaty head, taking a brief bashful moment to admire it one last time. Then his concentration meandered down the stellar shaft to the base of Kenobi’s famous member. He peered into his Master’s mind, sensing if he could be persuaded one last time. But alas, his mind was set. And as the Chosen One clenched his hand, his old Master collapsed to his knees. The galaxy as never known a more grisly scream. Kenobi reached down for his beloved penis, but he felt only sanguine dampness, and the sack carrying his enormous, virgin testicles. He fell down to his side, and slowly faded away while meeting Padme’s petrified expression. What a waste. “Save this recording for later. It could prove useful,” Anakin ordered his devoted droid. He knew the Emperor would be pleased.


Hello, this is my first submission. I hope this is the right board. Enjoy.

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