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Amy The Pussy Killer: Origin

It all started when we took our vacation the celebrate Amy's graduation from university. She was an engineering student, smart, slender and very athletic, with perfect breasts and flawless skin.

We swam naked in a lake in the countryside. The sky was deep blue with fluffy white clouds and the sun shimmered off her wet skin. Her dark brown hair was clinging to her shoulders. As I watched her walk naked along the beach, my penis couldn't help but swell, slowly twitching upward.

She covered her mouth and laughed. "Wow. That's really something you've got there!"

"Don't laugh at a man's penis," I said with a smirk, "You'll give me a complex."

"Oh, I didn't mean there was anything funny about it. It just took me by surprise. We've been dating for three months and I'm only now finding out that you've got a huge dick."

I rolled my eyes. "You've seen my dick before."

"Yeah, and I thought it was pretty big before, but I never saw it hard."

"This isn't hard!"

"Yeah, right. Are you trying to tell me it gets even bigger than that?"

"I guess so, but it's really not that big. I'm actually pretty average."

She laughed again. "If you say so. I guess since I'm still a virgin I'm not in a position to comment about male anatomy."

Amy slipped her flowing white dress directly over her wet skin, leaving her panties and shoes in the pile with my clothes. I wrapped a towel around my waist.

"Come on. Let's go for a walk," she said as she wandered barefoot into the rolling field.

I followed along, admiring how her every step had the grace of a dancer. She giggled as she flowed with the gentle wind and then bounced along like a gymnast, her unsupported breasts bouncing with her beneath the thin white fabric of her dress.

"We should probably get dressed," I said, fidgeting with my towel, "Someone might come along."

"Coward!" she said with a laugh as she stepped up onto an old wooden fence, walking along and holding out her arms for balance. "Live a little!"

She moved along the fence with effortless grace that would make any tight-rope walker jealous. It was as if she were weightless, taking long smooth strides.

"Hey!" I laughed. "Be careful up there!"

"What are you talking about? This isn't high! I used to walk the high steel with my father back when… Whoa!"

She wobbled and one foot slipped off the fence. Her arms flailed around wildly to catch her balance, then she came crashing down. She landed with one leg on either side of the fence and a jagged fence post was jammed deep between her thighs.

"Holy shit! Are you alright?" I ran up to put my hands on her shoulders.

Amy stared at me with huge green eyes, her mouth hanging open. She made tiny incomprehensible sounds and twitched hard in my hands. I looked down to see blood dribbling onto the ground between her feet.

"We've got to get you off there!" I leaned into her and hugged her tightly. I put a hand on her firm butt and a foot on the fence, trying to gently lift her.

"Ah! Stop! Stop!" she howled, "It hurts! Fuck! Fuck!"

She panted desperately for breath and tears flooded from her eyes as she clutched at my bare back.

"I can't breathe! My pussy, it hurts so much! Help me! Please, help me!"

"Hold on. Just hold on! Let me get a look."

I bent down and lifted up the front of her dress. There were jagged shards of wood embedded deep into her pussy, but there was no way to tell how deep. Small streams of blood were running down the post.

"We've got to get you to a hospital. This is serious. I know it's going to hurt, but we've got to lift you off and get to the car."

"No! No, damn it! Stop! Please, this can't be happening!" She shrieked as I wrapped my arms around her again.

She wailed in agony and went as stiff as a board when I slowly lifted her.

She clutched her pussy as I helped her lift her leg over to my side of the fence. Her face was as white as her dress and blood ran between her fingers.

"Oh no! Oh no. I… I can't feel my pussy. It's… It's all gone!"

I turned her away from the fence so she didn't see the bloody chunks of skin and flesh that were still stuck to the wood.

"Here. Use this to put pressure on it." I yanked off my towel and gave it to her.

She wedged the towel between her legs and then leaned against my side as I helped her limp hurriedly toward the car. We didn't have time to get my clothes, so I drove naked while she kept her dress pushed up around her waist and held the towel in place. By the time we got into town, the towel was soaked red and she was sobbing in agony.

The emergency room nurses took her away for surgery and gave me a hospital gown to wear. I sat in the waiting room for over an hour, but it seemed like a year.

"Are you Amy's family?"

"I'm her boyfriend. She's away from home on vacation."

"I see. Well, she's out of danger, so there's no need to worry."

"Holy shit." I sucked in a huge breath, suddenly realizing that I'd forgotten to breathe.

"It's really too early to say, but you should be prepared for the possibility that she won't make a full recovery."

"What do you mean?"

"Please, don't stand up. It's better if we stay calm about this. She's suffered a very serious injury. We've just finished removing every splinter of wood that we could find. Once she's recovered from that, we can start to look into the options for reconstructive surgery."

"Reconstructive surgery?"

"The options are quite limited, unfortunately. She's lost large areas of very delicate tissue, including irreplaceable nerves."

"Will she be able to…" My words trailed off. My throat was dry.

"It's probably best that you don't raise your expectations too high. She'll let you know what she feels comfortable doing when she's ready."

"Can I talk to her?"

"Only for a moment. She needs rest."

The doctor lead me into Amy's room. She was lying flat on her back with her legs held up in the air and spread wide by straps so that she could hardly move. She had a thick layer of bandage wrapped around her pussy.

When she saw me, she suddenly sobbed and covered her face.

"No! No, this isn't fair!"

I took her hand gently. "It's alright. It'll be alright. We'll figure this out."

"It's not going to be alright! Don't you understand? It's ruined! They won't let me see it, but I can tell. I'm never going to be the same."

"The most important thing is that you're safe."

"We were going to have sex. It was going to be wonderful. I love you, and now we're never going to be able to do it!"

"I love you too, and I don't care if we never have sex. We'll just do whatever you're able to do. I'm sure you'll be just fine. You'll see."

"You mean it? You won't…" She blinked back her tears. "You won't leave me?"

"Of course I won't leave you. This doesn't change the fact that you're still the most beautiful girl I've ever met."

She squeezed my hand and held it against her large, warm breasts. She bit her lip and nodded. "Alright. I'll be strong for you. Even if I don't have a pussy, I can still be a good girlfriend."

"It's time to let her rest. You can come back later. We've got a sleeping pill for her."

"I love you," I stammered as I left, "Try not to worry!"

I went to the hotel to get my clothing and a few hours sleep, then hurriedly returned to the hospital to wait for her to wake up. I sat on a bench outside her room and fell asleep again.

I jerked awake to the sound of screaming, then a loud crash.

I rushed into Amy's room to see her standing in the middle of the room completely naked. Her face was bright red and twisted in fury and her bed was flipped onto its side. Her hands were clenched like claws and her teeth were bared. Her eyes darted around wildly. Her bare breasts bounced as she sucked in harsh, furious breaths.

My eyes went immediately to her pussy. Her bandages were ripped open and dangled in shreds along her legs. Her pussy was a gaping whole ringed with stitches. Her skin was red and pulled as tight as a drum. The inside of her vagina was stretched wide open and exposed. It quivered as she screamed.

"No! Don't look at me!" She twisted around and covered herself with both hands, then her legs wobbled and she crashed to her knees. "It's… It's horrible! Horrible!"

I rushed to kneel beside her as nurses scrambled into the room. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight as tears streamed down her face and she clutched her mangled pussy. A nurse gave Amy an injection and she soon fell asleep in my arms.

Even after six months and two more surgeries, things were still not back to normal. They tried to use skin grafts to give her something like a normal pussy, but the way her mind had changed was far worse. She hated the sight of my penis and became furious any time I tried to bring up the topic of sex. Her urges had become strange and violent.

She bought a run-down house in an abandoned neighborhood. She told everyone else that it was a house flipping project, but she had me help her build a strange room of her own design. It had shackles, a one-way mirror, a tiled floor, and drains for blood. I tried to be supportive because I knew she was struggling with a terrible injury, but it was often difficult.

"Wake up," said an electronically distorted voice, "Wake up, you bitch."

Michelle's head jerked up and she looked around blearily. "Huh?! What…? What's happening?"

The beautiful 20-year-old woman gasped and screamed as she looked down at herself and realized she was naked. She frantically covered her large breasts with an arm and pressed a hand to her neatly trimmed pussy.

"What is this? Who are you?!" Michelle scrambled backward, dragging a chain from one wrist as she stared at Amy with huge eyes.

From the darkened room behind the one-way mirror, I watched Amy slowly stepping closer to Michelle.

Amy's head was covered in a black mask with tinted lenses over her eyes and a voice distorter over her mouth. Otherwise she was completely naked and she carried a very sharp curved knife.

"Oh my god, what's wrong with your cunt?" Michelle abandoned covering her breasts to cover her mouth instead, her body clenching as if to hold back vomit.

Amy's pussy had greatly improved since her latest surgery, but it was still a deeply scarred patchwork of skin. It looked more like a vertical gash than a vagina, and it tended to spray in random directions when she urinated.

"I don't have a cunt. Shut the hell up. I know all about you and how you treat people. I've seen how you torment your little sister, teasing her for being shy, for having small breasts and no boyfriend."

"What are you talking about? That's… That's not serious! I…"

"I know how you treat your boyfriends. You hit them. You force them to buy you expensive gifts and you only give them sex to keep them hooked until they run out of money, then you dump them."

Michelle's face flushed and she glanced around rapidly. "That's none of your business! I love my boyfriend."

"How many boyfriends have you had this year?"

"You can't kidnap me and expect me to answer your questions! Let me go!" Michelle scowled and tugged on the chain, trying to pull her wrist free and causing her very large breasts to bounce.

"You're going to pay for the pain you've caused."

Michelle gasped and got on her knees, her hands clasped in front of her chest.

"Wait! Please, don't hurt me! I haven't done anything wrong."

"You want to live?"


Amy went to a table in the corner and picked up a second knife. She tossed it to clatter across the tile floor and stop at Michelle's knees.

"There's your chance. Kill me and you'll live. I'm not afraid to die. I wake up every day wishing I were dead. If you can't do it, I'll stick my knife in you and find someone else."

Michelle gasped and grabbed the knife with both hands. She held it up against her breasts, her hands shaking, her blue eyes enormous, her blonde hair slick with sweat, her pale skin gleaming. Her pink nipples were plump and swollen with excitement.

"You… You just made a big mistake," said Michelle as she climbed to her feet, "I take self-defense classes!"

Amy spread her arms wide at her sides and walked slowly toward Michelle. Amy gestured with her knife toward her chest and said, "Take your best shot."

Michelle screamed furiously and lunged, jabbing with her knife. Amy twisted her body at the last moment, slipping out of the path of the blade, then she slammed her foot into the back of Michelle's knee.

Michelle tumbled hard, slamming her shoulder into the tile. Amy pounced on top, pressing a knee hard into Michelle's left breast.

With a single quick stroke, Amy stabbed Michelle's pussy. Blood sprayed and Michelle howled. She squirmed and bucked, her legs kicking at the air even as Amy's knife stabbed again and again.

Michelle dropped her knife and grabbed her crotch with both hands. "No! No, what have you done to me?! Oh god, you bitch! My fucking cunt!"

Amy stepped back and tossed a towel to Michelle. "Here. Put pressure on it. If you're still alive when I get back, I'll let you go."

Amy walked away and closed the heavy metal door with a clank, cutting off the sound of Michelle's screams. I came running down the hallway.

"You're bleeding!"

Amy took off her mask and looked down at her chest to see a thin line of blood on her right breast.

"Shit! She nicked me!"

"Get some clothes on. I'll start the car. We'd better get you to the hospital. You wouldn't want a scar."

"Are you serious?"

"Of course! Your breasts are beautiful."

Amy rolled her eyes and groaned. "Fine. Let's go."


This is absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to see more of Amy's vengeance on the world.

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