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Hello hello gurochan! New author with some short stories to share, most of which were inspired by the legendary Poguemahone and JestInPieces. I'll just be collecting whatever I put together in here, which will loosely follow the various gorey adventures of a young trans woman named Pris. Things to expect from me include: cons, non-fatal, regeneration, vivisection, blood, wild animals, cannibalism, and the majestic wild girlpeen.

This first story was thanks to a request from Poguemahone to start posting my things more widely, so you may thank him for this :D

Spin the Bottle
=Consensual, Non-Fatal, Skinning, F/F=

The glass Coke bottle spun around on the floor, mouth spinning between each of the girls sitting around it in a circle before finally coming to a stop pointing at Pris. A chorus of cheers and jeers went up as her face flushed a sudden deep, burning red. Across from her, the girl who had spun the bottle got to her feet and crossed the circle, grinning.

"C'mon Pris!" she said, gripping the smaller girl by the shoulders and bringing her to her feet. "We're all girls here, nothing to be ashamed of."

The brown-haired girl returned her crush's smile nervously, her face still flushed. "I… as long as it's you…" She gripped the hem of her nightgown and started to tug it over her head, revealing a lacy black negligee covering a small set of breasts, and a matching pair of obviously bulging black panties. Sandrine wolf whistled, squeezing her between the legs and earning a yelp from Pris.

"Someone was hoping to get lucky tonight~" she said.

"Well… I did, didn't I?" Pris shot back, rallying to her defense as she tugged the panties down around her ankles and the lingerie over her head. Her cock, furiously hard, stood upright at attention despite her efforts to cover it with her hands.

"I'd say," Sandrine said, looking down at her length and licking her lips. "We both did." She picked up the box cutter that Emily had borrowed from her mother's office, and extended with a quiet ‘’shik!’’ "Let's have a look, sweetheart."

Pris swallowed hard. ‘’S-sweetheart?’’

Without waiting for an answer, the blade dug into Pris's stomach, and swept upwards through her belly until it stopped, scraping against her sternum. Her slender hands were bathed in a rush of blood, staining her fingernails and soaking into the end of her sleeves. Sandrine pulled it free of her body, licked the dripping clear threads of peritoneal lining and thick crimson blood off the blade before setting it to the side. Pris wormed her fingers into the edges of her split skin and began rolling it backwards away from the cut in her belly, one hand holding the flap and the other sweeping just under the lifted layer, separating it from fat and muscle.

Sandrine joined her, working on undressing her on the opposite side and then, when they had gone as far as they could without widening the cut, both of them switched to her legs. Using the box cutter and a bit of careful maneuvering, they traveled the length of Pris's thighs and calves together, separating the tighter cartilage connections to her skin. She twitched at sensation of her crush's slender fingertips touching the inside of her thigh, causing the thick muscles to spasm and jerk under her hands.

"Oh, you little freak~" Sandrine said, smirking. "You're enjoying this, aren't you? Letting all of us watch you undress~"

"I-I-I'd be hard pressed to find a girl who didn't enjoy your head resting in her crotch."

"Well, you certainly are ‘’hard.’’"

Pris blew her a raspberry, then began to step out of the skin of her legs, rolling them down her body like a pair of long socks or tights. She wriggled to try to get her hips and thighs out of the split in her stomach, but was unsuccessful until Sandrine reached into her skin, gripped the base of her penis, and stripped the skin free of her rock hard cock like taking off a sock. Pris moaned.

"Focus, sweetheart," she said, holding the inverted penis skin and waggling it at Pris's face like a crop.

"S-sorry. I can never anticipate when you'll just grab hold of me…"

"What can I say? I take what I like."

With Pris's legs and hips free of her skin, slithering out like a flexing, powerful crimson snake shot through with strips of white tendon and yellow fat, the rest came quickly. Sandrine slid one hand under the skin of her back and gripped her shoulder, forming a knuckley bulge under the skin before pulling downwards, sweeping her other hand along the length of her arm from within. In a fluid motion, her arm pulled free, and her skin bunched and gathered at her shoulder all the way until her fingers pulled free, and it flopped down at her side limply.

Sandrine then pulled the skin free and held it to the side. Thick strings of mucous and internal lining stretched from her fresh, steaming muscle and the pristine skin peeling free from her torso. Her breasts hung as small, flattened masses of yellow fat, with a slight browning at the center end where her areola had been peeled off. Two red arms gripped the edges and helped Sandrine pull it higher off her body until her shoulders came free too, leaving only her head.

"I want to see all of you, sweetheart~" she cooed, and then in a single, powerful motion, tore her face off.

The skin of her head twisted inside-out, leaving a red, gaping negative of her features dangling from the end of the intact pelt. Through the holes of her former eyes and mouth, some of her long brown hair dangled through. Sandrine grinned then tossed the skin to the side where it slumped to the floor in a crimson heap.

"That's much better now, isn't it?" Pris covered her chest and cock self-consciously, but realized quickly that in her advanced state of nakedness resisting was largely futile. Through the cut in her abdominal muscles, the rapid pounding of her aroused heart was clearly visible.

"S… sure. I'm always nervous when I'm naked though…" she murmured, returning to her seat in the circle while her friends cheered. A couple gave her hugs and clapped her back, earning themselves deep, bloody stains in their nightgowns as well.

‘’Clink! Clink-clink-cli…clclink.’’

Everyone watched Pris's skinless skull, her bulging eyes, exposed teeth and flared, empty nose. Everyone watched the skin, bloody muscle suddenly drain of color, turning ashen and tan against her bleached white skull.

The mouth of the bottle once again pointed at her.


One day I will figure out how to format things on this site, but that day isn't today.


I'd just like to confirm that all of this had the official Poguemahone seal of approval, skinning stuff in this style is always so rare. Super looking forward to more!


Don't know if I qualify as legendary, but I'm flattered somebody derived some inspiration from my stories. I agree with Poguemahone that you should post more of your stuff, because we can always use more stories in this weird little sub-genre of ours, especially if they're well-written like this one.

The skinning was nicely described (and always appreciated), the personalities are established about as much as a story of this length will allow, and I didn't notice any spelling or grammar mistakes. Keep up the good work!

Looking forward to the rest of your stories, and possibly even a direct sequel to this one? I wonder what they'll make her take off next…


Those four tags I really love: cons, non-fatal, regen, vivisection. Will there be more? This is great, looking forward for more!

Gosh, I really need to finish what I wrote. I just keep staring new stories and finish none of them!



Interring scene, not much of the plot.

Maybe they can swaps their skins or internal if it involves regeneration ;)


Are you the same Pris who did a penectomy RP with someone else on skype awhile back?



I'm glad you enjoyed it qwq! Your stories have been an inspiration for years, so I'm glad to finally be able to give back a little. <3 More will typically be in the format of one off stories but I'm not adverse to the idea of sequels if you have suggestions :3

I'm so glad!! Please do, we can always use more content :D I was planning on doing these like a bunch of flash fiction scenes involving Pris in various scenes but… I may do a follow up of this since you asked so nicely!


Amazing start. Was a little short for my taste but what is there is amazing. I agree with JIP that a sequel would be great. The only advice I can give to you on that front is to take things slowly and gradually; don't go all in and ruin any chances at a continuation because you exhausted all your ideas on one chapter. JIP and Poguemahone do this really well by slowly building up to the extremes instead of just starting out there.

Definitely hoping to see more from you.

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