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DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction, to be read only by individuals aged 18 or above. This is only meant to be a dark erotic FANTASY and in no way, form or fashion suggest that I myself want to do, or participate in anything like the content of this story. This story involves rape, non-consensual sex, sexual assault, dominance, abject submissiveness, sex with a minor, misogyny, torture, violence, and murder. I DO NOT condone of any of it in reality. Nor do I encourage or intend to enable any act of violence, misogyny, sex with anyone underaged or sexual assault. This is merely a FANTASY meant to engross a reader for entertainment and pleasure. I WILL report any hint of actual violence, sexual assault, or sex with an underaged person in the comment sections or forums on this site and in any re-posting or distribution of my work that is recognizable, to the authorities. The characters, places, and events of the story depicted here within are FANTASY and do not reflect real world events, places, people, or persons in any way. The content is also totally original I am not referring to any other work of fiction or fan fiction.

If you are in anyway remotely offended by the content mentioned herein DON’T READ MY WORK.

I do retain the rights to this story as author under the name < CunningTANUKI > in all posted forms through re-posting and re-distribution that is un-authorized as well as the authorized forms


Bathroom Closed For Cleaning

All it took was one glance into her eyes and she was following me around the store. I let go of my shopping cart and she left her mother’s side. At an instance I grabbed her hand and started leading her to the bathroom. There was a homely looking barista at the coffee shop who I looked directly at making eye contact. She had scathing thoughts about a middle aged white man dragging a teenage black girl along. So I began to erase myself from her mind.

When we got to the bathroom there was a young college aged guy. He looked at us and I went into his mind. He was going in about to take a shit. If there’s anything I despise more than the normal human mind, it is the normal human mind that thinks it’s okay to casually take a dump in a public bathroom. I dove further through his mind and could see that he lived minutes away from the grocery store. I started commanding his mind and then he stood frozen facing the mirror, staring perplexed.

I brought the girl to the stall near the back and then started kissing her, pushing her against the wall after I closed the stall door. I could see in her mind and feel how aroused she was. Sparks and fireworks seemed to be shooting off in between her thighs. I pulled back and looked deeply into her brown eyes again and turned up her little teenage sexual aggression. There was a melting heat around her crotch as my hand mad its way down under her skirt and over her panties. I could feel her tremble and she began to moan and cry out as I touched her little wet cunty through the cotton fabric.

I pulled her shirt over her head and then undid her little bra. Dark brown little perky tits popped out and had two little puffy mounds around the dark nipples. I kissed and licked her teenage breast and then began to suck on them hard until she cried out. Her voice echo through the bathroom and I remember the college boy I left out in front of the mirror. He marched off to a janitors closet that was just down the way and brought out a ‘Bathroom Closed For Cleaning’ sign and hung it on the door.

My hands were fully down the girls blue panties and I was prodding my middle finger into her little slit. I then told her mind to take it all off and she did so, pulling her skirt and panties off in one go. Then she unzipped my pants and pulled the belt loose. It was her first time seeing a man’s dick up close. I told her what to do without speaking and she fell to her knees. Her little hand grabbed the head of my cock and pushed it up. The young black lass started licking me, my undercarriage and balls. Then she took my dickhead in her mouth and pushed her face down as if she was a pro. Her head was bobbing up and down and I started getting hard watch her choke my shaft down her throat. Her eye makeup started to run as her eyes teared up.

I flashed in her mind telling her to stand up, turn around, and bend over arching her back. She was up on her feet then turned around hands on the wall. She came up on her tiptoes presenting her little pert ass to me. I stroked my cock a few times spreading her saliva. Then I pushed my dick to the entrance of her little teenage cunt hole. Her hot wet pussy lips parted around the head of my cock and then I pushed forward breaking right in through her maidenhead. She closed her eyes and cried out, howling in pain as her whole body seemed to retch slightly. A trail of virgin blood ran visible over my white dick as I started plunging deep inside her girl pussy. She was pressing one side of her black face against the bathroom wall with her eyes closed tightly. I could feel some of the pain in her mind, but then I began to replace it with pleasure.

I fucked her hard, faster and faster until I was full on bouncing her against my hips. She was still cueing and screaming out, more in ecstasy now than pain as her cute butt bounced. The sound of her ass clapping against my body started to ring out, but it was so early only the barista at the coffee shop heard it. The black girls pussy started making sloshing noises every few seconds from where her pussy juice flowed freely. Her body started spasming around my cock and I could feel her muscles start to squeeze. I only wanted it to be tighter.

I sent the college boy off to create a distraction. Then, I grabbed her head and chin and twisted both in a clockwise direction, snapping tendons and bone. I pulling her face around until I could see both eyes over her shoulder. She yelped and then lurched and bucked around for a few small seconds before the lights in her mind went out. My cock stayed seated inside her pussy as her body tensed and then squeezed harder around my girth. Still pushing my cock into the deepest region of her dying vagina as it constricted. I kept twisting her head until I could fully see her dazed eyes. She was blinking and her lips seemed to be murmur something. My dick went ridged and I came deep inside her little dead teen snatch.

After a few seconds of absolute heaven I let go and she dropped to the floor. She fell chest flat as if she was still trying to hold her bare ass up for me. My warm load began to run out of her blood hole and down her slit . She fell over on to her side and a stream of little girl pee began to trickle down her thigh pooling on the floor. I opened the stall door, pulled my pants back up and redid them. Then began to back out of the stall. I took one glance back at her little face, her head was still wrenched to her shoulder, lying on the bathroom floor. Her eyes were half open now and blood began to spill out of her mouth.

I walked out casually past the chubby barista at the coffee stand and looked at her. I delve in and erased myself from her mind again only leaving the college boy and the black girl in the spaces between her cleaning coffee machines. The college boy walked past the registers as I started my way to the door. I saw a manager stepping away from a phone look around and he looked at me. I showed him how he needed to go to the security office and erase the video tapes from the cameras. The college boy was on his way out the door, one of the store clerks from the meat section yelled at him and he started running. He made his way out the door and into the parking lot drive where he got hit by an SUV and immediately fell back on the pavement unconscious. He shit his pants and packages of ground beef fell out of his shirt.

The perfect time for me to find my parked car and get away. No groceries. Just another Saturday morning.

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