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I’m going to start an archive of all my stories. I have several and I will try to keep this updated.

Kate and her sister Carmen were both in their early twenties. They were on a mission trip to Guatemala with their local church. Both were very religious and virgins. Kate was 24 and of obvious Irish descent. She was 5’4 with wide hips and a small curve to her belly. She had pale white skin and huge bright blue eyes. Her natural hair color was a light brown but died her stomach length hair a dark black. She had nice bangs that came across her forehead like a curtain. Carmen was 22 and of sportier build. She was 5’6 with narrow hips and dirty blonde hair. She shared the blue eyes. Her breasts were large D’s and had caused her back problems even at her young age. Both of the belly buttons were low on their bellies.

They were riding in a ratty old Toyota pickup from the church area to a small village nearby to deliver food. They were with two Guatemalan guides and a youth pastor. The rest of the group was already at the village. They were straggling behind.

The truck slowed as a cow blocked the narrow jungle road. Suddenly there was a commotion and several armed cartel members swarmed the truck. Only one of them spoke English.

“Get your hands up and look down!” He yelled at the girls.

The men snatched the youth pastor and drivers. They told the drivers to leave. They quickly scampered into the woods. The English speaking one went up to the youth pastor with a 1911 in his hand and asked him if he had any money or if he could get a ransom for the girls.

“I’m just a pastor, I have nothing I swear, these girls are just congregation, they aren’t rich, please spare us!”

“So you have nothing to offer for us? There will be no reward for these pretty white girls?” He frowned.

He took two steps toward the pastor and shot him point blank in the forehead. The girls screamed.

“Bind them and take them!” He commanded to his men. “Take then to my tent.”

Black cloths went over their heads. Their hands were tied behind their backs with zip ties and their feet were zip tied as well. Kate fought hard and it earned her a hog tie from the cartel men. Her slightly pudgy love handles were showing between her tight pants and her ruined white shirt. Carmen laid beside her and cried.

The car ride was long and bumpy. The jungle rain was dripping through the cloth roof of the truck bed they were riding in. The truck came to a stop and they were manhandled into the leaders tent. When they pulled their masks off the leader was standing over them with a knife in his hand.

He made his way to Carmen and cut off her shirt. Her white bra barely held her d cup breasts.

“Well it looks like you two aren’t worth anything at all, but to me and my men you’re a find worth a thousand kilos. I particularly love you whites who think you can come to our country and fix it while you vacation in the name of god. You are a joke. Today we will teach you the real world.” He took out his penis and hit Carmen in the head with it.

“Fuck you you fucking pig!” The feisty Kate said from her hog tie.

“Oh you want to save your sister? You seem brave. Do you want to prove just how brave you are?” He cut the hog tie and sat her on her knees, still bound at the hands and ankles.

He cocked a gun and put it to Carmen’s head. “Her life is in your hands Senorita. Will you be a martyr for your sister?”

“Yes. Kill me and save her please. You can do whatever you like to me please, just not Carmen.”

“Well little Mother Teresa I’m going to make it interesting for you.” He quipped as he threw a K-Bar knife at Kate’s knees. It stuck up in the soft soil.

“Suicide is a sin, no? But is killing yourself for your sister a sin? What will your god think?” He said this as he walked behind Kate and cut her hands free.

Kate immediately went for the knife but he stepped on her hand and pointed his gun back at Carmen.

“Well, that was enthusiastic but for all the wrong reasons. We, well let me restate, ‘I’ really like a good belly stabbing. It gives the person a good long time to contemplate how they got there.”

He picked up the knife and handed it to his #2 man. The man held the knife to Carmen’s throat. He recuffed Kate’s hands in front of her. He swapped the gun for the knife with his beta. He handed the knife to Kate.

“Now I think you understand we’re serious here. When we turn the camera on I want you to tell the camera that you’re a fraud and that you’re only here for vacation and that this is the kind of real life experience you came here for. I then want you to take that knife and bury it in your cute chunky bellybutton that you’re so eager to show off.”

Kate looked down at the knife in her hands. It was about 6 inches from the hilt to the tip. She looked at her sister with tears in her eyes and a gun to her head. She looked back down at her bellybutton which was exposed by her white button down shirt which had been ripped open. She held the tip up to her belly button. She held the knife horizontal to her gut with both of her bound hands.

The leader flipped on the recorder. “So tell us why you’re here.” He said

Kate was still in shock. It was all happening so fast. The guard nudged the gun barrel into Carmen’s temple. Katie swallowed hard

“I come from the west where we think third world countries are a religious vacation. I’m sorry I came here. They’re going to kill my sister if I don’t do this. I’m so sorry to my family and to god.

The leader said “well fast or slow you gotta start sometime!”

Kate took the knife and pressed it toward her bellybutton easily. It stung a bit. The force needed to push the large blade into her body was much more than she was expecting. She applied more pressure and her belly sunk in around the blade. She was starting to sweat a little. It was very hard to overcome preservation instincts. She knew she had to do something though. They were going to rape Carmen if she didn’t. She pressed hard but still the blade didn’t poke through.

“Jesus Christ. You girls can’t even stab yourself. Pick the blade up and thrust it in or your sister gets to taste ever man’s balls in the camp!”

Kate looked up with tears in her eyes. When she withdrew the blade she hadn’t even penetrated. She shakily took the blade up even with her breasts and with a big deep breath she rammed the blade at herself with all her might. A wet snapping sound of her flesh parting came next. She had missed her bellybutton by about three inches. She had stabbed herself directly above her pants in her little pudge deeply to the hilt. She looked up wide eyed at the leader while doubled over forward on her knees. Both of her hands were still on the blade.

The leader clapped his hands “Wow! I didn’t think you had it in you.”

He walked over and touched her face, then he shoved her back over her own tied ankles. Her ass was now on her heels and the blade stuck straight up into the air. She breathed heavy with her hands up above he head. She peaked down at her belly over her bra. The knife handle quivered and shook with her jiggly lower belly. The leader came over and shook his head

“I said the bellybutton. You missed.”

He stepped on her hands that were above her body and unbuttoned her pants. She squirmed. He unzipped them and pulled them down around her folded knees. He grabbed the blade handle and Kate winced. He began pulling it out ever so slowly. It resisted at first but let out a loud slurping sound and slid free as she thrust her ass up in the air trying to keep the blade put. Thin liquid blood welled up and was replaced by darker deeper blood. It quickly soaked her panties. She thrust her ass up in the air more as blood spattered off her jiggling belly.

“One more chance to hit the target dear.”

He left the knife on her upper belly and stepped off her hands. Kate didn’t want to feel her wound. She just wanted to save her sister. She quickly grabbed the blade. She had to be more accurate this time. She took the blade up in the air and rammed it back down. *thwack* It was on target this time, ramming all the way into her inch deep belly button. Her back arched hard and she let out a guttural moan.

“Congratulations senorita you managed to do it! On my honor I won’t hurt you in any other way my love. You have proven your courage.”

Her hands were grasping the blade still. She was looking straight up, ass still on her feet, belly protruding upward. The leader came over and slid the blade out of her belly. Blood welled up and ran down both her sides and around to the small of her back where it smeared her feet.

“Jesus god please save us” she whimpered.

She peeked down at her belly to see a flow of blood running up her body toward her bra. The leader bent down and cut open her bra. Her large breasts popped free and were supported by her tied hands that were clutching her bellybutton area. The leader cut off her panties and jeans. He grabbed her up from the floor and put her curvy body on a low wooden picnic style table. He hooked her hands onto a cast iron hook in the table and cut her feet bindings free. Her ass was just supported by the edge of the table. The stab wound low on her belly was soaking her well shaven pussy area. Her innie vagina was beautiful and gleaming with shiny blood. He took out his penis and rubbed it around the edges.

Kate was in a a whirlwind of emotion. She was just staring blankly at the ceiling and trying to manage the pain. It was worse than anything she had ever felt. The blood on her pussy was wet as her thighs rubbed together. As the leaders sex pressed against her she felt her body betray her and become aroused. She couldn’t help it. She was being raped as she was bleeding out and for some reason she didn’t fight it. She just wanted to die.

The leader slipped his tip in her tight hole and rammed hard. Kate’s knuckles turned white in her binds and she gasped for air. Her big blue eyes were wide and her mouth was open. The pain for loosing her virginity was nothing compared to what she was feeling from her gorey belly. Carmen was crying from the corner

“Kate I’m sorry! I love you! Hang in there, you can make it through this!”

Kate started believing her sister. People had survived belly wounds before. He had definitely punctured her intestines though. Her belly felt like fire all inside. She knew she needed medical attention soon but her chances were grim. She was trying to block out being raped by thinking about escaping. She was shocked back into reality when the leader grabbed her belly shoving his thumb into her lower wound and his two middle fingers into her belly button like a bowling ball.

“Unnnnngghhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!” Kate’s head slammed back and then down at what the despicable man was doing to her. Carmen wiggled against the number two man.

“Boss what do I do with her?” He asked in his native language.

“Look at those tits! Spike her of course! Get Jorge and bring the rig in here. I have something to show the brave one here!” He spat out in a fury of Guatemalan as he fucked the milky white Kate who was writhing in agony against his cock. He blew his load in her and withdrew. Kate was left sobbing and oozing blood with every breath.

After a radio call the grim Jorge arrived. The device he had was a metal rack with two large spikes mounted to a horizontal rail. The spikes pointed upward and there was an adjustable set of stirrups and a small swing made of leather on a pulley system. They cut Carmen’s feet bindings and the number two man and Jorge strapped her into the stirrups. They cut her clothing off and her bra as they held her upper body and lifted her up.

The leader grabbed Kate’s face and forced her to look toward Carmen. “You’re a good obedient Christian, Kate. Too bad it didn’t get you anywhere.”

“Do it” he ordered Jorge.

They positioned Carmen onto the ass swing and forced her tits over the spikes. Her hands were still tied behind her. She looked at Kate with tears in her eyes. They dropped her onto the spikes by releasing the catch on the ass swing. Her full body weight fell onto the spikes and they went straight through her large breasts. They entered about an inch from her fold and exited about three inches above her nipples. There were holes drilled in the hollow spikes that exited every inch or so. As they filled with blood it dripped out over the victims nipples. The stirrups held her legs forward pulling her whole body weight straight down. They tightened the ass swing back up to take some weight off her breasts but not enough she could push up off of them.

“NoooooAaaaHHhhhhhhhhhHhHhh!” Carmen screamed.

Kate started sobbing heavily and blood dribbled from her welled up belly button. She rubbed her thick thighs together and felt more blood. She sobbed more. Every jiggle of her cries sent more pain and blood. She had failed to save her sister.

“You see Kate, you’re a brave girl and it’s going to take you a while to die. You’ll get to watch us have fun with your sister. “

Carmen’s breasts were leaking blood at a steady rate. With her ass hanging basically below her tits with her feet pulled forward she was open to be raped by any man in the camp. The commanders lined up at the tent, taking their turns raping Carmen and Kait. Some of them punched Kate’s wounded belly. Others jammed their fingers into her. She was covered in bright thin belly blood from her feet to just above her belly button. Men came up to Carmen and fondled her impaled breasts. She hadn’t stopped sobbing since being impaled. She couldn’t think past the pain. After the commanders had their way the leader stepped back in.

“Good news! You’re both free to go!” Unstrapped Carmen and lifted her off the spikes. “Unngggfghhg” she muttered as she was lifted. Carmen’s wounds were not nearly as deep or fatal as Kate’s. Her pussy was bleeding from the forced entry of several men and her breasts were leaking blood at a steady rate, but her innards were not damaged.

“Your brave sister kept you alive and if you can get her back to your people you will be a hero too. Good luck. One last parting gift by the way.”

He picked Kate up and kissed her and flicked a switch blade. He rammed the blade down super low just above her pussy mound, withdrew it and slid into her upper belly, then he withdrew it and rammed it into Kate’s bellybutton passed the hilt. Kate’s eyes went wide. She coughed up blood. She knew she was done for. Her pussy started bleeding too. He got Carmen over and propped Kate on her arms. The stumbled out of the back of tent into the rainy jungle. There was a small trail that went about twenty yards to a small clearing.

They made it into the edge of the clearing before Kate collapsed to her knees. She took a few deep breaths and collapsed backwards over her feet, switchblade poking up into the air. Her belly was bleeding so fast that the rain couldn’t wash it away fast enough. Her beautiful face coughed up bloody bile.

“Please…. go with out me.”

Carmen’s breasts were on fire in the rain. She had no idea how to get out of this place. “No, Kate. Please!”

Kate reached down and ripped the blade out of her belly. She handed it to Carmen.

“You can make it. Find a road please. Tell them what happened. Don’t make me die in vain little sister.”

Carmen took the knife and kissed her big sisters forehead before stumbling off into the jungle in search of her congregation.

Late looked down at her milk white belly and noticed the bleeding was worse than ever. She spasmed and groaned. Her heart felt like it was fluttering. She tensed up with a wide look in her eyes. Her mission was over.


Kate was an avid bow hunter. She had learned from her father as a young girl and grew to really enjoy the hunt. Kate was raised Christian in a strict household. Her sister was a beautiful girl and they had always been strangely close. She had improper thoughts about her younger sister for as long as she could remember. They were only two years apart. They had discovered their own bodies together and in their teenage years even masturbated together. As time went on her attraction and guilt grew together.

She was a beautiful woman. She was short and stocky with milky white skin and long flowing black hair that ended around the small of her back. Her bellybutton was low on her body between the start of her wide hip bones. She had fended off advances from men for the past 25 years and her family was starting to get impatient with her. Her future was starting to look very grim from her point of view.

She fantasized about killing her self in all kinds of ways. Strangulation seemed appealing but after looking up what auto erotic asphyxiation victims look like post mortem she started leaning towards more violent impulses. She grew to enjoy the idea of her beautiful white body covered in blood. She started thinking about shooting or stabbing her self while masturbating. She would take a knife and poke at herself as she masturbated.

On a hunt one day she hit a deer a little low in the stomach. It took her forever to track it and when she found it, it was suffering and bleeding everywhere. It took a very long time to expire. She eventually finished it off with another arrow to the heart. She had a thought. Maybe if her death was slow and terrible enough, god would forgive her for taking her own life. She was constantly masturbating and was hopelessly in love with her sister.

Her sister was engaged now and planning her wedding. It was coming up in 6 months. She knew she would be gone forever. Her depression grew and grew. Her vibrator and her weapons were being used non stop. She didn’t smoke or drink much. Her only vice and release was her own body. She focused more and more on her belly area. She loved pushing scissors into her deep belly button until blood ran down in a small trickle. It drove her wild.

She wanted to die. She needed the ultimate release and she was sure she knew how to get there. She searched the internet for ways to keep herself alive a long time. She studied arrow velocities and types. She wanted the arrow to penetrate, but not to go sailing through her body. She needed to suffer for more reasons than she understood.

She wanted the arrow to penetrate her the way no one had penetrated her before. She wanted it low in her belly. She got in bed and held the arrow tip in her belly button and pressed down. She came hard. These would be her final days. She had made up her mind.

She bought a crossbow the next day at a sporting good store along with some bullet nose arrows. She bought some limiters and low tension string for the close quarters of her living room. She bought a laser sight and some twine to pull the trigger. She came home that night and bolted it to her counter top and aimed it at her bedroom wall. She gave it a slight incline. The further away she was the higher but less power she would receive. The closer the deeper and lower. She tested the distance and the power, aligned the laser sight. She practiced reloading. She practiced removing arrows from ballistic jell. It was hard. Either you pull with pliers or cut down beside it with a knife. The cocking action was very easy with the low tension. She figured she might be able to get three or so in her body before she collapsed. She was horny as hell.

She prayed to her god one last time for forgiveness. She was totally overcome by bloodlust for her own body. She pulled out a kitchen knife she kept in her bedroom drawer in case she needed to end it faster or retrieve a stick arrow. She got her pliers just in case. She put on some white lacy underwear and left her bra on the table. She let her long hair down over her breasts and looked at herself one last time in the mirror. Her big blue eyes welled up with tears. She regained her composure and smiled a villainous smile.

She walked out into the living room and loaded an arrow. A wet spot on underwear was starting to grow. She rubbed her clit a little. She couldn’t help it. She prayed again. She was so sorry for who she was. She didn’t want to be a lesbian. She didn’t want to love her sister. She didn’t want to want to die the way she wanted to die. She wanted to be normal. She couldn’t back down now though. She rubbed herself to the edge and walked over in the line of the laser. She backed up until it pointed right into her deep bellybutton. She held her hands out straight to her side. In her fucked up little head a crucifix made sense. She was a martyr for her vagina today. Unable to overcome its impulse to be penetrated.

She tugged the twine and with a thwack the crossbow bolt hit her milky slightly pudgy belly right in the natural bullseye. She looked down at the 8inch bolt buried four inches or so in her gut. There wasn’t much blood and the pain didn’t register at first. In the first few seconds the adrenaline is high she managed to think to herself. She stumbled back a bit but remained on her feet. She rubbed her clit, carefully avoiding the arrow in her stomach. She moaned. The pain wasn’t nearly what she thought it would be. She grabbed the shaft and winced. It wasn’t so bad. It was only about two inches in her inch and a half deep button, and nowhere near anything vital. She had her thick frame to thank for keeping this going. She didn’t have any rolls, but a beautiful incline down to her innie pussy. She wiggled the bolt around until a think dribble of blood ran down to her panty line and made a tiny stain. She came hard still standing. She walked slowly to reload, moaning with each step as the bolt jiggled in its rest. She placed another bolt in and cocked the crossbow with the lever.

She walked back to the center of her living room into the laser beam. She had gone a good few minutes since her first orgasm. She was ready. The blood stain on the front of her panties was about the size of two quarters. Her belly button wound was pretty superficial. She walked two steps forward and the laser pointed between her bellybutton and her vagina. Right at the top of her panties. She thought about it for a second and pulled her panties down another inch or so in front. It revealed a beautifully shaven innie vagina. She didn’t want them getting pinned to her, but it wasn’t time for them to come off. The blood trickled down between her vagina and her thigh. She started getting very horny again. She twisted the bolt in her button a bit and the sting got her instantly wet. She put her hands out to her side.

She closed her eyes and pulled the string. At this distance the power was a good bit more and the bolt buried up to the stabilizing feathers. It had hit the top of her vaginal cavity. Her g spot now had a sharp metal and carbon rod piercing through and stopping about two inches from her spine. Her velocity work had paid off. She hadn’t maimed herself in a way she couldn’t walk. She fell back onto her couch both her hands around the buried bolt with her finger tips rubbing her clit furiously. Her legs were up on the arm rest. She knew that blood to her brain would keep her conscious. She gripped the bolt in her bellybutton and turned it as hard as she could. It started to spin and the pain was amazing. She moaned exceptionally loud. She ripped the bolt out with both hands and blood welled up and ran over both sides of her belly. She looked down at the crimson spidering out across her midriff. The bolt in the bottom of her belly was almost out of sight from the curve of her belly as it went back down towards her sex. It was burning with every breath. Blood started to drizzle down her belly from her flesh wound in her belly button. It was steadily dripping from her sex. The internal damage was done but the arrow was limiting the blood.

She had thought she would get three arrows in her but she wasn’t sure she could get up and reload. She pulled at the arrow way down in her guts but she almost screamed when she tugged. She got herself sitting upright on the couch, panting hard. Sweat glistened on her bright white breasts. Her dark black hair was matted to them and to her back. She brushed her bangs off her forehead and left an smear of blood on her cheek. Every breath hurt with that arrow in her. She carefully slid her panties down over her bloody inner thighs. Blood smeared down her shaven legs.

She tried to masturbate more using the blood as lube. She was careful to not rip her hymen. She had been masturbating for years without ruining her virginity. It was ironic to her that she was so into the sight of her own blood. She hadn’t even gone into shock. She loved it. She built into another extraordinary orgasm. She coughed a little at the end. The pain was starting to take over from the pleasure. The bolt in her lower guts needed out.

She looked at the knife and the pliers. She needed to get it out without using the knife. She bit down on the edge of a blanket and put the channel lock pliers on the bolt end. Just the act of getting a grip on it was excruciating. She put the pliers on long ways with the handle facing up and tried to pull. Her belly extended a bit and the pain was more than anything she had felt yet. Blood started sleeping around the wound and from her vagina. Her belly button had started to clot and her torso from her belly button down was a mix of fresh and dried blood. Her chest and stomach heaved and she she twisted as she pulled. She couldn’t budge it.

Her enthusiasm was beginning to wane. She had came several times and this stick in her guts was driving her mad. The searing pain was no longer dulled by her lust. She couldn’t get the bolt out. She wasn’t dying anytime soon but she couldn’t possibly reload the bow. This couch would be her last resting place. She was getting this arrow out no matter what.

She took the half sharp half serrated steak knife she used to pretend to stab herself with. She put the blade between her vagina and the bolt only about an inch and a half above her clit. She pushed in with all her might and the blade slipped in. She was instantly aroused again. The pain searing into her vagina cavity was captivating to her. She looked down and realized she put the blade in the wrong way to cut up to the bolt. She slowly twisted the blade in her guts while gripping her boob with her left hand getting it bloody in the process. She started whining and crying a little. She was exceptionally strong willed to do this amount of damage to herself.

She grabbed the wooden handle with both bloody hands and sawed upwards toward the bolt. She could feel her connective tissue resist and tear. She bit down hard on the blanket edge while squirming and moaning on the blade. A 3 inch gash that was about 6 inches deep opened up in the thick girls belly. She kept cutting till the blade hit the bolt. Blood was pouring onto her brown couch. She withdrew the knife and pulled at the back of the bolt with bloody hands. It finally lurched free followed by a few inches of gore and intestine. She grabbed at her falling innards. She fell over, laying on her back and holding her guts in. She shimmied on her back and slid into the floor. She made sure she kept her legs on the couch. She needed to stay awake.

Her hair was spread all over the wooden floor and the puddle of blood gathering around her lower body was about to start matting it to the floor. She looked at the steak knife which had bits of her skin and belly fat stuck into the serrations. She put the tip up to her belly button which had nearly stopped bleeding. She rammed the blade in deep. The steak knife had two rivets holding the tang and it was buried up to the first rivet in her bellybutton. She fingered herself with her left hand while holding her guts in with the pressure from her palm and wrist. She squeezed her nipples with her right hand and rubbed her body. She was reveling in the beautiful death she created for herself. She looked down at the blade wiggling in her belly with every breath. She came hard, a mix of sexual fluid and blood. Her beautiful blue eyes rolled back in her head. She bit her lip and moaned and gasped in and out.

Like the moment you cum from watching a bad porn regret sank in quickly. With the ecstasy gone all that was left was pain. She looked down at the blade in her belly. It was pumping blood around the rough wooden handle. She pulled at the blade but it was too slippery with all of her intestinal gore on her hand. Her left hand was still low on her body holding in her guts. She needed to end this agony now.

She crawled on her side shimmying with her left hand as she held her guts in with her right. Her little pot belly jiggled with the blade protruding slinging little spatterings of blood onto the vinyl wood floor. Her legs smeared the droplets into a thick sliding pattern. At least it was easy to drag her legs she darkly thought to herself. She made it over to the twine and laid flat on her back. She took a few deep shaky breathes. She poked it deep into her bellybutton wound with her finger, under the beginning of the handle and tied a knot. She started crawling away from the crossbow. She was sliding around in her own blood a lot, but she grabbed the edge of the couch and pulled herself backwards. The knife shifted and lurched out of its suction with a slurp. Her bellybutton bled freely again. She felt a feeling of accomplishment. In crawling backwards without holding her lower belly a loop of her small intestine had slid out of the 4 inch gash. She stared down at her gut in front of her. She was panting hard. Sweat glistened off her bosom and her white upper belly. Smears of blood were like abstract art on her breasts. She held the knife firmly in two hands and held it up to her upper belly. She was ready. She pushed down but she was growing weak. She couldn’t penetrate herself. Kate sat up against the couch, then pushed herself over onto her knees. She was in a form that looked like downward facing dog.

Her bloody vagina and asscrack sticking up in the air with her intestine flopping out between her legs. The blood that had welled in her body cavity was pouring out her gash and the stab wound in her bellybutton. It was running up her belly and off of her chin. She pushed forward with her legs with her hands over her head in a V shape barely supporting her weight. She took the knife and put it up to her upper belly again while supporting her weight with her left elbow and her knees. She managed to get the blade standing against the floor board and picked herself weakly up off the floor with her left hand. She straightened out her knees a bit and let her arm fold under her. Her whole 136 pound body fell down onto the blade burying it deep into her stomach. It was up to the second rivet, handle and all inside of her little round tummy. She gasped deep like someone had punched her solar plexus. And rolled over grasping at the two inches of handle protruding from her belly while gasping deeply. Blood flooded up her esophagus and out her mouth. She started violently heaving up blood. She knew this was the end. She wanted to make it beautiful for whoever found her though. She shook and spasmed kicking towards her cell phone on the coffee table. She hit “call” on a number that was already entered. It was her sister. She answered “hello…. hello Kate are you okay?!”

“Hnnngggg guuhhh, I…. love you.” She said as she grabbed her intestines with both hands and pulled as hard as she could. “AHHhHhhhhHhIiiiii Love gnnnnnnnnnnhhhaaaaa you!”
Her guts spilled out over the floor. She spasmed and twitched and gurgled blood up onto her cheeks. Her big blue eyes opened wide and saw her own beautiful death one last time. She hoped she would be forgiven.

“Hello, Kate! Hello! Please Kate! I love you!” Her sister called out to a dead line.


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I really like that bottom pic.


Paige Wilkinson had come to the agency after her diagnosis. She had an inoperable tumor that would start affecting her quality of life within a few months. A devout atheist she had no qualms about suicide. She had heard of an underground euthanasia program somewhere in Colorado a few months ago and after a few dead ends she had found herself meeting in a shady office in a mostly abandoned strip mall.

“So Ms. Wilkinson, tell me what you want from this experience”
A man in a lab coat and a ski mask sat across from her behind a stainless steel desk.

“Well I’ve given it a lot of thought…” she trailed off.
“I’ve never told anyone any of this but I think now is the time. Ever since I was a little girl I found myself getting turned on by violence on tv, or even playing doctor with my friends in grade school. I came to love being the victim. I loved writing in agony and the thought of dying a slow painful death gave me shivers. Over time I honed my fetish and I know what I want. I need to be stabbed. I know how I want to die, and it’s going to be messy.”

“We can provide any kind of death you’d wish, quick and painless, erotic, slow, whatever you’d like miss. Just sign this renewed will securing your assets for our organization and we can get started. Please fill out this paperwork and describe what service you’d like.”

A small time went by after she filled everything out. When the agent returned he asked her to follow him down the hall.

“So is there another room for this or?…”

“Yes ma’am. We have three current rooms, a surgical themed room, a dungeon, or a bedroom. We also offer assistants who are good with different methods of torture, humane death or sexual desires.”

“I’ll take the bedroom, and id like someone who knows how to keep me alive, the sex is secondary.” said Paige.

She sat her purse down on a side chair and looked around after the first agent left. She was about 5’3” and about 110 pounds. Her arms and legs were very slender with a small pudge around her midriff and a nice full ass. She pulled her sweater off over her large C cup breasts and had a seat on the bed. She was wearing a small polka dotted skirt and a green shirt. Her panties were starting to get a little moist as she thought about what was to come.

A light knock came at the door and a petite and sporty brunette came through the door. She was about 5’6” with a slim build. She was wearing a black button down and black slacks. Her lacy black bra showing through the opened buttons on her blouse. She came with a small sized duffel bag and sat it near Paige on the bed with a clunk. “I’m Alaina and I’ll be assisting you tonight, I hope being a woman isn’t off putting, you can always request someone else”

Paige smiled “No, it’s actually nice to have a woman. I think you’ll be more, I don’t know, thoughtful? Have they told you what I’m asking for?”

Alaina smiled and nodded “they told me your desires were… interesting. After reading your file I requested this job. I see a lot of similarities between us. I mean, why do you think I do this? It’s certainly not for the pay. To be honest I really just like the sight of blood. To have someone want the hard way is rare. I like to think that I’m very good. I’ve done this 27 times before. I hope I can deliver your fantasy in reality,.”

Paige got suddenly nervous. Things were becoming real. This girl was obviously into her job of killing people. Hopefully she would make hers everything she wanted.

“Just tell me what you want honey” Said Alaina. “Do you want a safe word for when you’re ready for the pain to be over?”

Paige shook her head “No, after we start I want you to have fun with me. My only request is that the last thing you do is cut me horizontally from hip bone to hip bone and let me bleed out. I don’t want some knife to the heart. I want to die holding my guts in.”

Alaina was listening and nodding while putting on some blue latex gloves. She reached in her bag and got some handcuffs out. She motioned Paige toward the metal headboard. She put Paige’s hands up above her head and cuffed her to the bed. Paige was a little surprised. She thought there would be more time to prepare herself.

“Oh so we’re starting?” Asked Paige nervously.

“Glasses on or glasses off?” Asked Alaina.

Paige gulped “Leave them on, I want to see what’s happening to me.”

Alaina took out a hooked razor knife and cut Paige’s shirt off. She cut her blue lacy bra off as well, revealing Paige’s perky C cup breasts. Her nipples were puffy and very light pink from her ginger genes. Alaina remarked on their beauty.

“A shame you don’t want me to have fun with these” as she returned the razor to her satchel.

Paige wiggled her legs under her body. Her hands were now behind her head and she was kneeling with a pillow between her calves and her ass. Alaina reached up under Paige’s blue and white polka dot skirt and pulled down her pink panties down to her knees, bringing them closer together.

Alaina pulled out a small kitchen knife which had been sharpened down on both sides. It was about 3 inches long and a bout a half an inch at its base. She held it up to Paige’s bellybutton right above her skirt. She noticed Paige had a small belly button ring in. She smiled as she grabbed and tugged the bellybutton ring.

“Well, I think this is where we will start. There’s no going back now. Are you okay with that?”

Paige was nervous as hell. Her clit was starting to pulsate with her heartbeat. She was so excited to finally have someone hurt her.

“Make it hurt please. All my life I’ve dreamed of being stabbed and gutted. All my life I’ve had this urge. I’m ready.”

Alaina pondered ripping the ring out quickly but backed off. She dug through her satchel and came back with some zip ties.

“I’m going to zip your feet to the railing until you get a little weaker. I don’t want you kicking me and hurting yourself too badly too soon.”

Paige nodded and allowed her restraints to be tightened.

Alaina grabbed some pliers out of her bag. The tool made its way to the piercing on the top rim of the redheads bellybutton.

“Look down at your belly, honey.” Alaina said calmly.

The piercing was pulling on her stomach skin and distending it about an inch. Slowly the tension mounted in Paige’s bellybutton rim. She let out a slight moan of pleasure. Alaina suddenly jerked the pliers downward ripping the ring through the top rim of Paige’s pale bellybutton. A small dribble of blood ran down and welled inside. A stream flowed from it’s temporary well and began absorbing into her skirt.

“Mmmhm ” Paige moaned, taking the pain as pleasure.

Alaina grabbed the small blade from before and pressed the tip into the fresh tear in the gingers white belly. Paige winced. Alaina slid the small blade into Paige’s belly firmly at an upward 45 degree angle. Paige was a small woman but her belly had a bit of pudge to it. The blade slipped through her skin and fatty tissue and into the first few layers of muscle.

“Unnhhhhhh, Oh god! It burns and hurts and it feels like everything I want it to feel like.” Paige squealed as her heaving belly wiggled around on the blade.

Paige’s sex was throbbing now. She was in ecstasy over the pain. “I’m going to need someone to fuck me soon. This is too good.”

“Well if you don’t mind I’d like to be that person as well.” Alaina said calmly as she stroked Paige’s face with her free hand as she twisted the blade slowly in Paige’s belly.

Paige was starting to sweat a little from the pain. Alaina got up and walked over to her bag, leaving the blade quivering in its flesh wound sheathe. She stripped off her black shirt and pants and got entirely naked. She walked over to the satchel and retrieved a vibrating massager wand and a rather intimidating strap on.

Paige said “You’re beautiful and what you’re doing to me is beautiful. I want to die in pleasure and pain.”

Alaina made her way to a cabinet and retrieved a blood bag and an IV. “Do you really want to have some fun? We can keep this going for a very long time. You said no safeword and I’m going to make you regret it”

Paige was nervous at Alaina’s menacing tone, but all she wanted was to be fucked and stabbed some more. Her blood lust was at a maximum.

Alaina finished the IV line and grabbed the massager. She came in close and let Paige’s hair down. Her red locks flowed down just past her shoulders. It matted to the sweat on her brown.

As Alaina brushed the hair out of Paige’s eyes she leaned in and whispered “I really hope you’re strong. You’re already struggling a lot with this little blade.”

Paige blushed a little and calmed her breathing. “I’ve never done anything like this. I’ve never been hurt badly. It’s really exerting but so exciting. I’m going to try as hard as I can to stay conscious. You can use whatever you can to wake me back up if I pass out.” She winced a little with her breathes. The dinky knife was still hanging out of her belly.

Alaina grabbed the small blade and pulled it out slowly. The blood dribble came faster. Alaina cut off Paige’s skirt and threw it to the side. Then she cut through the panties. She stuffed them into Paige’s mouth.

“Sorry. You need something to bite down on.”

Alaina turned the vibrator wand on and sat it near Paige’s knees. She took the small blade and aimed it downward in Paige’s belly button. She slowly pushed. Paige’s belly distorted at first but the tip of the blade was superbly sharp. It quickly sunk into the rim of Paige’s belly. Another flesh wound. Paige moaned a bit and bit down on the cloth while thrusting her bare bloody pussy toward the vibrator. Alaina placed it on top of the pillow that was pinched between Paige’s kneeling legs and her ass. She moved it toward the three inch circle of blood that had formed and soaked into the pillow directly under her pussy. Alaina touched the wand to Paige’s clit as she pulled the knife out of the rim of Paige’s belly and plunged it back in straight on. This was the first wound that penetrated Paige’s belly Wall. The pain seared through her belly, but was met by a wave of pleasure from the wand. She bit down hard on her own panties and thrust her crotch wildly at the vibrator. The blood was flowing a little more now and was making an excellent lubricant on the wand.

“I hope you like this. I’m going to twist the blade in you for a second and let you enjoy the pain level. It’s about to get worse.” Paige nodded as her eyes rolled back in her head from the first waves of orgasm. Alaina was twisting the blade around gently as to not rupture Paige’s intestines.

Paige’s ecstasy was mixing with the pain. The tiny blade felt like it was 5 inches inside her. As her muscles contracted new searing pain came from her wounds. She looked down and came hard at the sight of blood pumping slowly but steadily out of her belly with Alaina’s delicate fingers soaked in her precious fluid up to her knuckles. Alaina slowly withdrew the blade and Paige could feel the suction from its withdrawal. She came hard.

“Nothing is sexier than a pale girl with dark blood.” Alaina remarked. “Now here comes the first fatal wound. Of course it’s not fatal for nearly a day if left untreated, but here’s where you really start dying.”

Paige gulped a bit and spit out the panties. “Can I have some water please?”

Alaina would have said no under other circumstances but she had given the girl an IV and had several bags of blood. As long as she didn’t knick a major artery, a little hydration wouldn’t kill the girl.

“Sure. It’ll make the next part a bit more of a show anyways.”

“My hands are going to sleep above my head, can we do something about that?” Asked Paige.

“As long as you aren’t going to come at me with my own tools.” Alaina said as she uncuffed Paige.

Paige’s arms fell down to her sides, numb and limp from being over her head for the last 45 minutes. As she regained feeling she poked and prodded around her damaged belly button. She poked in at her upper belly to look into her new hole. Pain shot through her again and her back arched. Blood welled up and ran down. Alaina leaned in and cut the zip ties on Paige’s ankles. Paige winced as she pulled her legs around in front of her. Alaina grabbed the glass of water and handed it to the damaged girl. Customers like Paige were asked to keep their digestive tracts clean before the appointment. It makes everything cleaner. Alaina began stacking a few pillows up at the headboard and one thick body pillow horizontally just below them. She then stacked up all the throw pillows in the room at the foot of the bed.

“Breaks over.” Alaina said as she she jangled the hand cuffs. “Lay down on those pillows, and put the small of your back on this body pillow.”

Paige winced as she moved. The drying blood between her legs cracked and her belly oozed. She scooted across the bed and put her hands over her head as she laid down. Alaina grabbed her hands and cuffed them through the metal headboard again. This time Paige was horizontal with her belly poking up from the pillow under her upper ass. Alaina came over and propped Paige’s head up to where she could see her belly. She then stacked pillows under Paige’s legs until they made a 30 degree slant to her heart.

“This will keep the blood in your head and heart longer” Alaina remarked.

She grabbed some shackles and shackled Paige’s feet to the bed putting downward strain on the pillows. Alaina wrapped a popsicle stick in a wet cotton cloth and put it in Paige’s mouth and slid her glasses down so she could see her belly in focus. Alaina grabbed a blade that looked like a miniature gladiators blade. It was about 4 and a half inches long with a blade that grew from a small tip to a wide base almost triangularity until a blade width of about 3 inches by one inch.

“This is made to create a large opening for blood flow but less damage internally. It’s for effect.” She said as she put on the strap on and turned on Paige’s IV drip. “This IV is state of the art. It monitors your blood pressure and will continuously pump blood at high rates. I can clip an artery and you could stay alive long enough for me to patch it.”

Paige squirmed against her bonds. She was feeling a little more alert with her blood pressure coming back. It had been about an hour and a half since they started. The blood on her bellybutton was starting to dry. Alaina mounted her legs and crawled forward doggy style over Paige and pressed the 8 inch strap on tip into her bellybutton slightly. Paige winced. Alaina put some of her weight onto it as she leaned in to kiss Paige’s forehead. Paige winced more and squirmed.

“A little mouth blood on a redhead drives me wild.” Alaina said.

She had been taking it slow with this girl. Toying with her belly was getting her worked up but the idea or really messing this girl up was what got Alaina off. Paige didn’t know who she was in the room with. Alaina took the wide blade and placed the top of it right between the bottom of Paige’s sternum and the top of her belly button. She pressed down slowly. Paige’s belly made a divot around the tip. Alaina pressed very slowly but consistently. The tip broke through the skin with a small “pop” and as it slid through Paige’s milky white skin and into her fatty tissues Paige began to squirm involuntarily. The pressure was immense feeling as it hit her muscles. Alaina jerked back and reapplied pressure with a quick thrust. The knife slid into Paige’s stomach and Paige squirmed violently.

“Easy now or you’ll hurt yourself” Alaina quipped with a wink.

Paige’s eyes were wide with terror as she helplessly looked down at the blade buried deep in her body. She bit down hard on the stick so much that it cracked. She withdrew the blade to a steady stream of blood erupting from Paige’s belly and to Paige fighting against her bindings to staunch the blood flow. Paige felt a new sensation, a terrible feeling of needing to purge. The wound in her stomach was filling it with blood slowly. The water she had drank earlier had made bright red runny blood pour from her wound and she started puking up bright watery blood. As she puked out her bit of stick Alaina jammed her thumb into Paige’s old belly wound. Paige’s back arched hard and more blood poured down each side around her ribs from her upper stomach wound. Paige’s breathing was heavy and she was sweating profusely. Alaina knocked away the pillows under Paige’s legs and put her legs on her shoulders with her head through the shackles. Alaina pushed the dildo inside of Paige’s blood encrusted pussy but found it to be a bit dry.

“We need to get some lubrication down here” Alaina said as she fingered Paige’s clit.

Alaina took the long blade and pointed the tip right above Paige’s pubic mound. She pushed down with one fast swoop and twisted the blade quickly downward toward Paige’s vagina. The blade sliced through Paige’s uterus and through her sensitive pussy nerves. Paige screamed a blood curdling scream, followed by the coughing up of more blood. Blood flowed out of her vagina from her internal wounds.

“That’s more like it” Alaina said as she withdrew the blade put the tip of the dildo up to Paige’s quivering vagina. She shoved her way inside. Blood bubbled up from the low wound. Paige screamed from the pain of the dildo rubbing over her punctured g-spot. Paige realized her eyes had been closed since she first puked the blood. She was sure she would go into shock if she saw the damage, but she wanted to look.

The angle of her body on the pillows was irrigating her upper stomach blood up under her breasts and down over her ribs. A stream ran up to her throat down the center of her chest and met the sticky vomit blood from her mouth. She opened her eyes wide and looked down at Alaina thrusting into her. She saw her upper stomach purging blood up toward her chin. As she looked down her chin slid around on the gore. Her belly was mostly crimson with splashes of brilliant white. She coughed more and focused on the dildo. The pain was so intense from all over her ruined torso. Every thrust was agony mostly, but the ecstasy was coming. Slowly she was able to relax. The IV was keeping her conscious. She had to focus on the sex or she would go into shock.

Just as Paige believed the worst to be subsiding, Alaina suddenly shoved her thumb deep into Paige’s raw bellybutton and through into her abdominal cavity.

Paige gurgled though blood “unnnhhhhhhh! gggaahhhh” as her head flew back with the new agony.

Alaina pulled her finger out to a new stream of blood welling up. She took two fingers now and rammed back into the gingers gorey belly hole.

“Nnnnghhh nnnnngh nnghgghhhh!!!” Paige was grunting with every millimeter Alaina forced her fingers in. Alaina got two fingers in deep and started fingering her belly as she thrust. “St…… unnngghh, st, stop please….” Paige whimpered.

Alaina looked up at the blood bag in the IV machine and paused. It was running low. She withdrew the dildo and pulled her fingers out of the gingers belly. She replaced Paige’s legs onto the pillow stack.

“Wow you got lucky with that timing, hang in there!” Alaina sarcastically quipped as she changed the IV bag.

Paige was quivering as she took shallow breaths. She looked down at her belly. Blood from Alaina’s fingering was smeared all over her midsection. The IV must have really worked. She was laying in a puddle of blood on top of the cheap comforter. A wave of pain shot through her from her pussy to her stomach and she tensed up. Contracting her penetrated muscles only increased the pain.

Alaina walked over and uncuffed and unshackled Paige and unbelted the strap on. Paige’s left hand immediately went to her upper belly wound and her right to the low stab that went through to her g spot. She was instinctively trying to staunch the blood but the pressure only hurt worse.

“Well it’s about time for that big finally. You wanted to be gutted seppuku style? I figured I could unshackle you because you’re weak now and you did say you’d like to hold your guts in for a while. I’d like to see that more than anything to be honest. I’m just going to leave you after you’re gutted until the blood bag drains. You said no deathword so, I kind of want to see how long you’ll last before you’re begging to die. I’m sorry I’m so cruel but I am a murderer after all.”

Alaina grabbed a tanto style blade from her bag and wrapped the handle in cloth. Paige was staring at her gore and rubbing her hands over her bloody wounds involuntaryily. Her mind had withdrawn from the pain an Alaina could see she was going into shock. She reached in her bag and withdrew some smelling salts an injection. It was her own blend of adrenaline and other things that she kept to herself. She injected Paige in her shoulder and cracked the cap on the salts.

Paige shot awake and gasped several timed. “I’m…. really dying….. now. Mmmmmmhhhhh” she was hit by another wave of pain.

“Here Paige, we’re going to do the last bit together here, then I’ll bring you to the edge of the bed and you can help a bit.”

She took the tanto blade and held it up to Paige’s left hip bone. Being so short and with her belly button low on her body, the cut was going to pass about an inch below her belly button and about two inches above the wound that was inflicted just above her pussy hair. Alaina took Paige’s left hand and wrapped it around the tanto and held it with her right. She then took Paige’s other hand and wrapped it under her left.

“We’re going to do the last part together, honey. It’s almost your big moment.”

Paige nodded in return and smiled a half smile between the pain. Alaina pushed down until the blade was about three inches into Paige’s body. She sawed slightly as she moved the blade from left to right. Paige’s grip tightened hard under Alaina’s hand but she offered no resistance to what was happening. As weak as she was she was helping. Paige was ready for this to be done, but she didn’t realize that doing the cut was not the end of her tortures. The blade sawed past her bellybutton. Blood erupted behind the blade. Her intestines pushed through on the left side. As they finished the cut and Alaina removed the blade she inspected the cut to make sure no muscle was holding back Paige’s innards. Paige was back to grunting but this time she whimpered with every breath.

Paige could feel her guts trying to push past her open skin. After she let go of the blade she instinctively put her hands on her gash trying to hold herself together. The pain was excruciating and her fingers kept slipping inside her gape. She was proud that she had stayed conscious through it all though. Alaina grabbed her ankle and pulled her toward the side of the bed. Paige screamed as she was moved. The pain reached peaks she never knew. Alaina grabbed both ankles and hung them off the edge of the bed and pulled down a little. Paige slid toward the edge of the bed on the cheap comforter on her own blood. As her legs fell off the bed her belly distended and opened. Her guts slid out all around her hands. She couldn’t keep them in. She landed on the floor with a plop, her back against the bed and her feet out in front of her. Her guts were half in her lap half in her body. Her glasses slid off and into her guts. She tried to get them and put them back on her face but as she moved her left hand her intestines began to shift and she just quivered. She puked more blood water into her own lap and then put her head back against the bed. Alaina walked over and picked up the glasses out of Paige’s gore and cleaned them. She deposited them back on Paige’s face.

“Th….. thanks….. nnnghhh.” Paige had a sharp view of her mangled guts. She wanted release. “K….ill, me. Puh…… please.” Alaina stepped away.


Alaina smiled. She was covered in Paige’s blood. She picked a medium sized suction cup mounted vibrator and stuck it to the ground next to Paige. Her blood made an excellent seal on the hard wood floor. Alaina stood on the bed and picked up Paige under her armpits. Paige fought hard to keep a grip on her guts but eventually her arms gave out and more innards spilled. She let out a terrible groan. Alaina dropped her onto the dildo violently. Paige’s eyes grew wide again and she again felt terrible pain from the wounds in her vaginal cavity. She tried to scoop her guts back into herself weakly as Alaina turned on the vibrator from her remote. Paige was quivering and groaning. Alaina cranked the vibration to 10 and sat the controller down. She walked to a chair and started masturbating to Paige’s ruined form.

Paige’s thoughts were racing. She was dying now for sure. She was sure that injection and the IV were all that was keeping her here. The pain was more dull now. Her guts were sensitive and cold. Everything was cold. The few parts of her that weren’t covered in blood were even more pasty than usual. She tried to focus on the vibrator but there was too much damage to her belly to concentrate. Every shift was agony. The blood bag was about half full and draining at a steady pace. No major artery had been hit but her wounds were severe. She eventually moved her right hand from her gut pile and tried to squeeze her pale breasts. The gore made it slippery and warm followed by cold as the air cooled the liquid. Her puffy pink nipples became erect under the blood. Her left hand searched for her clit through her gorey lap. She eventually found it, wrist deep in guts, and she started rubbing.

“Gnnnng, gnnnh, uhh-ahh uhh-ahh, gnnnhhh”

She tensed up with every movement. Her torn muscles seared with pain as her guts rubbed the exposed nerves. She rubbed her clit as it was her last salivation from the pain. She burbled more clearish mouth blood.

Alaina was cumming hard at the sight of the redhead fighting through the pain to feel one last good thing. The IV bag was down to its last quarter. Four hours after they started Paige’s body was ruined. Alaina walked over to the tanto and back to Paige. Paige looked up with her big hazel eyes, red hair matted to her forehead and bloody shoulders.

She puked some more blood and said “nyhhhhh, uhhh it’s….. so….. painful. Rrrrrggghhh. It’s…. beautiful.”

Alaina took the large dagger and placed the tin Paige’s upper wound and slid it back into Paige’s stomach. Paige grabbed at Alaina’s wrist with her right hand but kept pleasuring herself with her left. Alaina cut straight down through her belly to her bellybutton. Paige pushed back against Alaina as she removed the blade. The only thing holding Paige’s stomach together was a thin strip of skin below her bellybutton. The rest of the watery contents of her stomach flowed out over her guts and her whole body clenched tight.

Paige knew it was the end. She was coughing and puking dark dark blood and could no longer speak. Her body started spasming. She tried all her might to rub her clit into another orgasm but it was in vain. The IV was almost dry and her brain was loosing blood flow. She started breathing in short violent bursts. As she slipped in and out of consciousness she saw Alaina masturbating in her chair. Paige smiled. Her body convulsed several times and she started agony breathing. Her whole body quaked for several seconds and finally she was free.


This is great stuff! Looking forward to any updates.


I have written stories in one afternoon and some have taken months. There are one or two that are very close but I just haven’t had the spare time to finish them up.


File: 1556602046448.jpg (519.35 KB, 1280x960, BG DAZ0100.jpg)


Hallie was 19 and lived alone with her well off father and her indifferent step mom. She was into computers and K-pop. Her mother had passed when she was a small child. Growing up a millennial only child she had basically grew up on the internet. She had discovered masturbation at a young age and being on the *chans in the early 2000s she stumbled onto Guro and realized her fetish. As early as 14 she was masturbating to art of women being gutted or committing seppuku. She started downloading snuff films as torrents at first, but since her dad had given her a credit card with a $2000 dollar monthly limit she downloaded countless films from Nicheclips. She was addicted to masturbating and had never really even tried to make relationships.

She had been home schooled all her life and her only true friends were the people she met on darkfetishnet or on Xbox live. She was becoming increasingly anti social. She was depressed and acted out towards her distant parents, only causing them to recoil further. Even so she was a beautiful girl. The natural brunette had dyed her hair hot pink. She had huge hazel eyes and a pale clear complexion. She was around 5’5” with wide hips and a bit of extra weight. Nothing so much that she had rolls but she wouldn’t make much of a jockey. Her big puffy breasts swung freely under her Hello Kitty crop sweater that she wore around the house with black lace underwear.

Her dad was away on business for the next week. It was going to be a good time over the next few days. She would traditionally use this time to throw herself masturbation parties. She had a collection of knives and objects that she would poke herself with as she masturbated. She had clamps and needles that she had made belly fetish videos with on her webcam. Her room was fully equipped for her pleasures.

Friday morning came and went as her barely parents rushed off to their jet set vacation. She slept in until 4pm and got up to order some pizza. She was feeling horny and grabbed her favorite vibrator and a thin little old school spring style retracting switchblade that had just arrived from amazon. She settled down on her bed and slid her panties off.

She flicked the switch and the double sided blade shot forward like lightning. She rubbed the blunt side of the knife on her clit. The cold steel instantly made her horny. She rubbed the blade up her gut making a tiny red scratch line up the center of her wide lower belly. She kneaded at her voluptuous sweater puppies and teased the knife into her milky complexioned belly button.

“Ding dong” the doorbell rang.

“Shit the pizza guy!” She said aloud to herself as she threw on some pajamas and pushed the knife back into its handle and laid it on the wooden side table. She ran and paid for the pizza which she sat on the kitchen table. She was still horny as hell and wanted to get back to her body quickly.

She flopped on her bed and slung her PJ bottoms across the room. She grabbed the vibrator and the spring loaded knife from her side table and resumed her teasing. She worked herself up and got the dildo inside her sliding nicely. She flicked the vibration up and moaned a little. She was holding the blade into her belly button with the blade retracted. As she looked down past her well worn white Hello Kitty sweater it looked like the knife blade was inside her. The visual stimulation was great and she could feel herself start to work up a climax.

She was thrusting her hips up in the air towards the vibrator as her orgasm began to build, her right hand sliding the dildo and her left pushing the retracted switchblade hard into her bellybutton. Her orgasm built another wave and her left hand squeezed a bit too hard. *thwah-clack* The 4 inch stiletto blade slid through the center of Hallie’s bellybutton, propelled by the stiff spring.

“Oh shit!” She exclaimed.

She had dreamed about working up the courage to actually stab herself since she was a child. She almost laughed at the irony of the accident. She could never explain that she accidentally stabbed herself while trying to pretend to stab her self.

She let go of the blade in disbelief. It stayed put quivering in her bellybutton. The masochistic girl giggled at the sight of her unexpected wound. This would be a session for the record books. She regrouped increased the pace of her dildo action with her right hand. The blade wiggling free in her belly was starting to really hurt so she stabilized the blade with her left hand and kept masturbating for several minutes. The jostling of the blade had caused blood to well in her bellybutton. A single trail of blood ran over her right side and onto her comforter. She came hard.

She knew she wanted to document this moment for her friends on the internet. Her mind raced. She figured she could make a little video of her pulling the blade out and masturbating one more time. She would then drive herself a few blocks away to the hospital and report that she had been mugged.

She supported the blade and sat up. The blood that had welled in her bellybutton rolled down the center of her belly and around her pussy. She wished it hurt more. The blade was small and thin. She scooted to the edge of the bed and retrieved her lap top and webcam. She set up the webcam over her bed the same way she did when she made her navel play videos. It showed from her head to about 3 inches above her knees. She started a live feed.

“Hi guys! It’s me Hallie and I’ve put myself in a dumb situation today while playing alone. Daddy always said don’t play with knives and I really should have listened. Too bad it’s making me horny as hell so I thought I’d share some before I go to the hospital. I don’t think this is anywhere near fatal so I’m going to pull it out and share it with everyone!”

She grabbed onto the blade and it pulled hard. The blade slid free and dark blood came oozing out. It wasn’t very fast, but Hallie was not prepared for the amount. “Oh wow! I guess it did more damage than I thought. Thats what I get for getting carried away. This is pretty fucking hot though.” She started rubbing her clit for the camera. Her thick blood made excellent lubrication on her pussy. She fingered herself to a heavy orgasm.

She caught her breath and propped some pillows under her shoulders so she could see her monitor better. Seeing herself in the monitor with a small trail of blood from her bellybutton to her pussy area and her inner thighs covered in blood was so erotic. It was like watching her own snuff film.

“Well maybe I’ll give you guys a little show. I’m not in much pain and I think I could take more. I still need to make it look like a mugging so I’m going to do two more in a random pattern. I’m going to keep it low.”

She retracted the blade again and held it just below the navel and off center to her right side. She worked her fingers back on her clit with her left hand until she was getting wet again and she clicked the release with her right. The small blade shot into her lower belly. Hallie clenched her teeth and moaned a bit. The thin blade sat in a small dimple in her silky white belly skin. She fingered herself more while holding the knife and staring into the webcam monitor. She slid the blade out and two small streams of blood spidered out. One down to where her thighs met her pubic area, the other over her hip bone and down her side. She was getting off on the sight of real blood. It flowed so much more freely than in the fake movies she collected.

She took the still erect blade and stabbed it back in just to the left andnd about two inches below her bellybutton. She withdrew the knife to two little trickles of blood that fanned out across her left side and another that ran down to her crotch.

The masochist yearned for more pain but thought about how embarrassing it would be for her to have to call 911 for an autoerotic stabbing. She would go to the psych ward for years. Her pussy was frothing. She looked down at her ruined sheets. Her mugging plan probably wouldn’t work out. She thought about how sad she was and how this felt better than anything in her life. She felt alive. The smell of her blood in the air was making her hornier.

“Fuck it! I’ve wanted this for years and years. This is for all of us today. My parents never gave a fuck anyways, and I have no real friends. All I have are moments of this, but none of them are as good as this. I think I’m going to do it. I’m going to give you guys a good video though. My gift to our community.” She rolled over to her side table and retrieved a massaging wand and a tanto style blade. She laid them beside her.

“I’ve always wanted a wound through to my g-spot. Hopefully it feels as good and as terrible as I’ve dreamed. Then I’m going to give you all a real show. I’m going to attempt a partial harakiri. Get your recording programs ready, you won’t want to miss it.” She winked as she grabbed the stiletto blade with both hands and raised it over her pussy. She thrust down and upwards towards her vagina cavity. The blade slid through her lower belly fat and the tip just punctured her vaginal cavity. The pressure there made her moan loudly. She arched her back up and kicked her feet. She held the blade in with one hand and masturbated furiously with the other. A small dribble of blood ran out of her vagina. She wiggled and turned the stiletto blade ever so slightly tearing her sexual nerve center. She came harder than ever before.

“Mmmmhhhhh this is the best day of my life! Look at the blood! It’s so beautiful! Oh god, these hurt a lot. I’m going to cum again!” She tensed up and arched her back and came hard. She was experiencing multiple orgasms and they were coming fast. She scooted herself up on the bed and removed her hello kitty crop sweater and laid it beside her.

She slid the blade out of her lower gut. It was a gnarly stab wound and it was leaking a steady small stream of blood. She smeared it over her whole belly and smiled. To her it was beautiful. She readjusted her posture to a kneel and adjusted the webcam to offer a clear view of her whole body.

“Fuck I’m going to keep cumming.”she moaned out.

Hallie took the sweater and wiped her belly and wounds. Hallie winced as she rubbed over the small wounds. She moaned in pain and pleasure when she rubbed over the low wound.

She wrapped the tanto in a pillow case and sat upright. “Traditionally they start left to right from hip bone to hip bone. I don’t want this to end too fast so I’m going to just make a deep cut about 6 inches wide below my bellybutton. I can always open it up. I’m so excited. I want this pain more than anything in the entire world. I hope I do this right!”

She took the cloth wrapped tanto and shoved hard just down and to the left of her belly button.

“Hnnngnggg! Oh god this is going to hurt!”

She tugged with all her might while sawing to the right. The blade was slightly dull and was fighting her across her midriff.

“Ohhh ahhhhh! Gnnnngggghhhh!”

The searing hot pain splashed across her lower belly. Not like any menstrual cramp or normal pain. It was a fierce burning. She felt her tissue tug and pop against the blade. She could feel the warm blood flowing down over her pussy. It felt great. It was sheer terror as well.

She finally made it over to the stiletto wound on her right side and ended the cut in the stab wound. Blood was running at a fabulous pace over her pubic mound. She withdrew the blade and poked in her upper belly with her fist to look into the deep gash. She was waiting for her guts to fall out but they never came. She had only cut her skin and some fatty tissue. The thick girl had only hit her muscles in a few places. The blood was weeping out of the whole wound.

The pain was immense. The air on the edges of the wound felt like a million wasp stings all along her lower belly. Every breath made her quiver. She sat down on her heels that were folded under her.

“Oh god! I fucking did it but I didn’t do it right! Aaaaaaaagnnnggg. I don’t know if I can do it. It’s so much pain.”

She slid down the headboard with her head looking down at her belly and legs under her.

She stuck her fingers in both of her gashes. She rubbed her belly wound sending terrible pain through her nerve endings while masturbating furiously. She was worked way up near orgasm when she worked up the courage to try again. She took the tanto and raised it up with both hands and slammed it into the left end of her gash. She ripped it as hard as she could to the right. Dark blood shot up a few inches. She nicked a major vein. She withdrew the knife and smiled at the camera. She was going to die for sure. She was in ecstasy.

She threw the blade and pushed her right thumb into her body cavity. She masturbated with her left hand. She forced her hand into her belly as if it was a virgin being penetrated for the first time. She made it in and grabbed a loop of her own intestines and ripped them back out of the hole. Her whole body shuddered as she pulled pink and red ribbons of gore from her soft wide belly.

She had a small pile over her hand and pussy and she unfolded her legs to the front. She tried to push her self up onto the headboard more. There was a lot of blood and gore and she slipped several times. She finally sat upright looking down at her guts running out of her belly hole. Blood was pumping with her every heartbeat. She came hard and shuddered. She pulled at her guts with a weak effort. More slid free. She continued to pull as her blood flow became torrential. It soaked her legs and the mattress. Her heart fluttered from the lack of blood. She began shaking violently as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her pelvis thrust around as if she was humping her guts one last time and with a large tremor and a gasping breath of agony she was gone.

The pizza was still on the kitchen table when her parents came home.


Would you write one with Kate and Carmen as soldier girls in battle, where they bayonet enemy girls in the belly and get bayoneted in turn?


I’m really not into amazon combat style stuff. I would highly recommend checking out if you’re really into combat. They make very good live action combat fetish videos with a lot of belly focus. I’m more into modern girls who want to die or who are murdered. I may do a military style belly shooting. I know a girl who went into the army in real life and I can think of a few interesting ways she would become wounded.


Ok. It may be bayonet as execution. Like if they are captured by some militia that think they are spies and get a bayonet in the guts.


Kate was a beautiful 20 year old girl with dark hair, blue eyes and pale unblemished skin. She was short and thick standing around 5’3” with wide hips and a long torso. Her belly button was low on her body and her torso made a beautiful arc from her hairless vagina up to her large almost D cup breasts.

She had grown up strict and was out on her own now. She lived in a small single wide trailer and quickly put her newfound privacy to work. She had been focused sexually on her own body for years. As a little girl she loved playing doctor and pretending to be wounded. She loved the idea of squirming in pain. As her teenage years came and went she realized she was asexual. She never cared for boys and she certainly wasn’t attracted to women. She had developed quite an addiction to masturbating throughout high school.

As she gained her independence she realized she could use her body and her addiction to make money. She was raking in money as a cam girl with her striking features. Over time she started doing more and more fetish videos. She would pour hot wax into her deep belly button or push scissors into herself enough to draw blood. Eventually she found Fetnoir and fantasy snuff producers. She did a few videos for some American producers as a model and loved the role of being shot or stabbed.

One day she awoke to a message in her inbox from a new film producer. She hadn’t heard of them before but they money they offered was very good. Better still, the location was in her state. She had never heard of someone offering this kind of money for custom work, but it did say it was going to be “involving.” Never one to turn down a challenging role, she agreed to meet them that weekend at their studio.

She pulled up to the address that they gave her. It was an old warehouse in a shady part of town between two sets of rail road tracks. She walked down the narrow alley way to the entrance. She tried the door but it was locked so the girl knocked on the door. After the second knock the door buzzed and lurched open. She looked up at a CCTV camera above the door and gave a shy smile and wave.

A man in a suit greeted her and led her to a small office area. It was lavish compared to the way the building looked from the road. A thick mahogany desk sat in the center of the room, and behind it an older woman in her early 60s in a business suit. Her blonde hair was in an up Do from 30 years prior. She clicked her fingernails on her desk

“Come, sit. I need to ask you some things. You’re very pretty. We might be able to make a good amount of money together.”

As Kate sat down, her white sun dress exposed her luscious milky white thighs.

“Some girls do this for money, or drugs. Others do it as a step towards becoming an actress. Some do it because they like it. Which one is it for you?”

“Uhm, what do I call you miss?” Kate asked sheepishly.

“I don’t give out my name to just anyone. You can call me miss, or master if you prefer.”

Kate scoffed a little at the ladies arrogance. “Okay miss. I like to think I started because of the money, but it’s me really. I dream of being stabbed or stabbing a partner in the belly. I dream about the blood and pain. That’s why people pay for my videos. I’m not selling a lie. I haven’t admitted that to many people.”

“Good. That will make this easier on you. The second you stepped in that door you were as good as dead. You do have a choice in the matter though. We can make you rich beyond your dreams. We can give you what you want, we can give you a release like no other. That is, if you play along. If you fight back you will be rewarded with eternal torture and an ending not becoming of your fantasy.”

Kate was confused and trying to figure out what was happening “What do you mean if I play along?”

“We’re funded by the richest people, some of them are in the government. Some of them come here themselves to experience the fun, others just like to watch. You said you had dreams of stabbing other people, specifically bellies. A customer has paid well for a few disembowelments. This particular video would have you do that to an unwilling girl, a willing girl, and then yourself.”

“But you said I could get rich, how will I enjoy anything if I’m dead?” Kate asked aggressively.

“My love, you will gain the world knowing you beloved parents aren’t deposited across the county in different dumpsters. You will know your sister is safe in her dorm. As a matter of fact, here’s a key card to her building. Would you like me to snap a selfie with her liver? We could remove it and show it to her if you’d like……. Or, you can follow that same curiosity that lead you to this literal dead end. Find out what it feels like once and for all.”

Kate was filled with anger and fear for her family. She had tried so hard to escape them but she still cared. She thought about her life. She couldn’t do this her whole life. She wouldn’t be beautiful forever. Kate wanted to die beautiful and bloody. She swallowed back her tears and defeatedly said

“Okay. I’ll do it. When do we start?”

“I thought you’d come around. Every room is filmed from multiple angles. Also there are vibrators under your cot. We encourage sexual release of tensions. You’ll be bedding with your willing scene partner tonight. Maybe you’ll get to know each other. We will start tomorrow at noon. Oh and one more thing, I prefer master.”

Two men in suits and balaclavas entered the room. “This way. Easy or hard.”

Kate stood up and walked over to them. “I’m not an easy kind of girl, but it doesn’t look I have much choice here.”

They led her through a series of prison style doors and down a hallway that lead to what looked like holding cells. “Here it is, #17. You’re cute as hell. I’m looking forward to see what they make you do.”

“Thanks, I guess” Kate mumbled.

As they shoved her into the cell she was greeted by a nude girl drawing on a scratch pad.

“Hi, I’m Rowan.”

Kate extended her hand “I’m Kate. Nice to meet you, maybe it would be better under different circumstances.”

She looked over her cell mate. She was about 5’5’ and had D sized breasts and a bit of a gut at 150 pounds or so. She had a beautiful face though that reminded one of a blue eyed Audrey Hepburn and a stark white complexion.

“I don’t mind. I’m here to die after all. My dad is a senator and I caught him watching these videos when I was 14. I’m 20 now and all I could think about when I saw that video is how much I wish I was the one being stabbed. I’ve been here for two weeks since he set up my “abduction.” This is my birthday present.”

“Wow. I wish I was as certain as you. You, uhh, you want it in your belly too?” Kate asked surprised that other girls were this into her fetish.

“Yeah. I got caught pushing a metal skewer into my belly a few years ago. My parents are very smart and they realized the only way to avoid political sabotage was to let me finish myself off, in a private kind of way. They’re kind of generous in a way. Most parents would be upset that their girl wants to die for an orgasm. Mine just want me gone. I really want it in my belly button the most.”

“Wow, the leading class is so fucked up here. I’m being blackmailed to do this, not that I don’t want to experience this, but I thought I’d do it as an old lady. Not 20. Then again it’s for the best. We will get to live out a dream without burden. I have no choice technically, plus they said that one of you would be willing and one of you wouldn’t be. I’m supposed to be the one who stabs you, then I guess I do myself or they do something.”

“Wow they only told me that I would get to choose how, not much more. So you’re going to be my killer. I’m grateful. I hope you make it hurt. I want to suffer. I feel like I’ve lived too well. I need to make things right with the world. I live with a lot of guilt. I know what my dad has done to get his money and I’ve lived on it for years.”

The two pale brunettes embraced and slept together that night. They held each other tight knowing they would both be dead this time tomorrow. Their dinner was a protein shake. They had to keep their bowels clean for the video. They talked about their deaths and had sex several times. It was hard to sleep on the last night of their lives. Finally it came.

They awoke to two more glasses of protein laden water being shoved through the glass.

“An hour to showtime girls.”

They drank and mulled about nervously before the guards came to fetch them. They were lead down through an air lock and to a shower room. There they were forced to shower clean and then go on to a makeup room. They powdered their faces and did their hair and lead them out naked into the next room.

Kate stepped into the filming studio and froze at the sight in front of her. A girl was chained to a large X frame with bright lights illuminating her face and torso. They had some sort of fucking machine aimed at her vagina that had a large dildo on its end. Kate recognized the girl from the news. Montana Shilling was all over it for the last month. The 18 year old ginger girl had been abducted after a concert and the case had gone cold. The girl was about 5’4” with small A cup breasts and a bit of a belly that was mostly baby fat still. Her freckled pale belly reflected the bright lights. Her wrists and ankles were bruised from weeks of captivity.

“Hello again girls.” Said the Master from behind them. “I see you recognize our third player, I hope you are able to do your job Kate. They want you to give her just one. A jab to the belly just below her navel and right in the center. If they can get her to cum after the stab their going to mail her a clip to show them how kind I am. Her father should have paid me what he owes. I hope you can give them a show. Pay attention to the TelePrompter. You can take some liberties but do as you’re told. Lives depend on it. Break a leg.”

Rowan and Kate walked over to the center of the room in front of the teenager. There were two large double sided knives on a tray in the center. There was plastic stretched nearly and professionally across the floor. She looked back at the prompts, one for Rowan one for her. Rowan’s said “kneel on the Red X” she took her place. Cameras were all around, even one on a drone.

Kate’s prompt said “Place the tip of the machine into the girl. Stab her. Pull the blade out. Look into the camera with excitement.”

Kate was hesitant to stab this young girl. “She hasn’t even grew her breasts in all the way” she thought to herself.

Kate walked over towards her and the fucking machine whirred into life. She guided the dildo to the young girls vagina. It was much larger than her virgin vagina. She pushed the tip in and the machine locked in place and slowly started moving in and out. The girl was whimpering and trying to scream around her small ball gag. The torque of the machine was nothing for the small girl and soon her Hyman was ruptured and a small amount of blood showed on the dildo. Kate waited a second and rubbed the girls clit.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to be a murderer, but I’m going to die right after you are. Please take some solace in that. Try to let it feel good.” The girl on the X blinked at her with a confused look. Tears filled Hazel eyes.

Kate took the blade and positioned it below the girls small innie navel which was around chin level with Kate. Montana was peering down over her underdeveloped chest with wide eyes. Kate pushed slowly. She had always dreamed of someone slowly punching a blade through her guts while being penetrated. She would give this girl the death she wanted for herself. The young gingers belly dipped around the blade point. The pressure continued and the girl tried to suck her belly in away from the blade. Kate was pushing further still until she felt the blade reach a new resistance. The girl had no more room to suck in. She shoved a little more and reached up and punched the girl in the upper belly. She couldn’t suck in with the wind knocked out of her and just as she lost control of her muscles Kate shoved the knife in with all her might.

The blade popped and ripped through the young girls lower abdominal muscles and though to her guts and onward puncturing her vaginal cavity. The fucking machines dildo hit against the blade inside the girl. Kate left it there. She figured the girl would be in ecstasy. She knew that she would love to feel a knife deep in her own pussy. She looked up at the girl who was in anything but ecstasy. She was firmly biting down on the ball gag and making a snarling noise around it. Every time the dildo hit the blade buried in her guts she would let out a whimpering “unf.” Kate sawed downward as she withdrew the blade. Blood pumped out of the newly made hole in her belly and covered her crotch, running down onto the dildo that was unrelentingly pounding the small girl. Kate stood back taking in what she just did to this innocent girl. The wide blade left a huge gash in the girls belly. She was fighting against her bindings

Kate found herself extremely aroused at the sight of the bloody girl. So much so she put the tip of the blade to her own belly and started masturbating while looking down at the bloody knife. She realized what she was doing and collected herself. A little of the ginger girls blood was smeared around her wide belly button. She glanced at the prompter “go to Rowan. Do as you wish with her”

Rowan was masturbating hard at the sight of the ginger girl suffering on the cross. One low belly stab while stretched out on the cross seemed amazing to the girl with a death wish. As Kate approached Rowan stood up. “I’ve always thought my belly was gross and pudgy. I want you to bury that blade in it and punish it. Please kill me badly.” Kate walked around behind the slightly chubby girl and placed the blade into her deep belly button. She felt the girls large breasts with her left hand. Rowan put her hands up above her head “now please” she whispered to Kate.

Kate rammed the blade into Rowan’s soft midriff. Her blue eyes shot open and her mouth made a great big “O.” Rowan’s arms slammed down over Kate’s and onto the blade handle.
Kate squirmed free and stood to the side as the larger Rowan struggled to stay standing with the large blade firmly in her belly.

“Hunnnh hhhaaahhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!” The girl couldn’t find her words.

The immense pain and pressure of the knife in her belly was too much for her to comprehend. Her eyes were big and she looked toward Kate. They had agreed for Kate to stab her four times. Once in the belly button, twice below the belly button and to either side, and a final blow to her upper stomach. Kate was holding Rowan up under her right shoulder keeping a clear view of her punctured belly for the cameras, ready to grab the blade and shove it back in to fulfill this girls fantasy.

Kate glanced at the TelePrompter and it read “blue X face forward, NOW.”

“I think I have to let you go, I’m sorry I’m going to put you up on your knees. I’ll help you finish this like we talked about. I promise.”

Kate let the girl down to her knees. Rowan was holding the blade with both hands and making little whimpering cries with every breath. A small stream of blood started dripping down from around the blade.

Montana was squirming in her binds against the unstoppable fucking machine. Her blood had soaked the dildo and she was pumping blood with every thrust. Her guts had started poking through the 3-4 inch vertical gash in her lower belly. Her hips swayed forward and back with the waves of pain and encroaching pleasure. Her mind was reeling from the pain. She retreated into the only thing she had, the sex. Her young body had never even felt a man, but now she knew in her heart she would die. This would be as close as she would get. She focused all she could on her pussy and the friction. Every time it bottomed out against the wound in her vaginal cavity she shuddered with pain and pleasure.

Kate took three steps to the right and stood on the blue X. She couldn’t see anything beyond the lights of the stage. A small cracking sound is all she heard. She looked down to see 4 inches of a 10 inch crossbow bolt sticking straight ahead out of her snow white bellybutton. The pain followed quickly. It felt like the weight of the world was pressing down on her belly button.

“Hmmmph. Hah! Oh god! Oh god, yesssss unnmhhhhh”

Kate took two steps back toward Rowan and fell to her knees. Rowan was still holding the blade still in her belly and was now sobbing and crying.

“W-w-wwwow, y-y-you look great w-w-ahhh, with aaahhhhh-That arrow.” Rowan barely managed to get the words out as she nodded towards Kate’s shaft.

Kate was starting to feel sick with the shafts every jostle. She fell back on her hands with her belly jutting out forward. The shaft wiggled in her guts.

“Pull it hnnnngggg, together.” Rowan said to Kate as she took hold of the shaft with her right hand and tugged it out of the other girl.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhh! Oh god oh god!” Kate said as blood came rushing out of her bellybutton.

“Get this out of me! Now!” Rowan spat out while gripping Kate’s left arm hard.

Kate came to her senses a bit and shimmied over in front of Rowan while holding her bellybutton with her left hand. Blood was dripping through her fingers as her hand slipped back and forth over the wound. She gripped the large blade in Rowan’s belly and pulled back with all her might. Rowan puked clear water all over the floor to her left as the blade lurched free. A torrent of blood shot out of the girls split navel and onto Kate’s leg. They were face to face with their knees at each other’s vaginas. They started stimulating each other with their knees. Rowan leaned her head forward against Kates shoulder. Camera drones hovered all around to provide clear views of the girls.

Montana was cumming hard on the fucking machine. As her moans got louder through the machine pounded further and further inside her. It eventually ripped through the poor girls womb and into her guts which further pushed out of the huge gash in her lower belly. Her hips relaxed as she started going into shock. The machine kept going further and further up into the girl until the pressure against her stomach cavity caused the red haired girl to puke against the ball gag. With nowhere for the bile to go she began to aspirate. The girls body shook violently against her chains for several seconds. All that remained was a slight sway from the machine which was still going.

“Get it in low please” Rowan whispered to Kate. Kate took the large blade and held it horizontally and rammed it into the chubby lower belly of the blue eyed girl. She buried the blade up to the hilt. Rowan sucked in a huge gasp of air and fell over to her side away from Kate with her hands on the blade. She was tugging at it and unable to get a grip as the wooden handle was soaked with her life juices. She started rolling on her back and picking her ass up off the ground.

Kate crawled forward on her hands and knees to try to retrieve the blade from Rowan’s body. As her ass was exposed she heard footsteps from behind and heard another *clack* of the cross bow. A man in all black with a balaclava had walked onto the stage within 3 feet of her and fired the bolt directly into the girls asshole and down towards the ground. The bolt went through the girl and wound up sticking about 5 inches out of her Lower belly just above her pubic hairline.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She let out as she collapsed down onto her elbows with her ass poking up into the air.

Blood hemorrhaged out between her spread ass and down the shaft of the bolt. She flipped over onto her back and tugged at the bolt. The bolt was right through her G-Spot and every tug sent quivers of pain and pleasure up her spine. She looked down at the bolt gyrating around in the air sticking up proudly out of her belly. She kicked her feet and slid up next to Rowan.

The girls started making out and grasped each other’s protruding instruments of death. Rowan slipped her fingers into Kate’s blood soaked pussy and started stimulating her. Kate’s hands were wrapped around the crossbow bolt that stuck a few inches out of her belly. She was tugging it with the rhythm of Rowan’s fingers. Every movement brought her closer to orgasm.

“Ngggghhhh, guh, g-gut me please!” Rowan spit out between waves of pain.

Kate grasped the big knife handle that jutted out from the chubby girls lower belly. She weakly sawed back and forth up the girls belly to connect her two wounds and withdrew the knife with a slurp. Rowan gripped down on Kate’s pussy with her left hand and ripped the bolt from Kate’s midriff as her own guts started slipping out of the gape in her lower belly.

Rowan tossed the bolt and rolled over onto her back while trying to hold her guts inside of the gash that ran from her pubic bone to her belllybutton. She couldn’t stop dry heaving and with each contraction of her torn abdominal muscles, more of her intestines squeezed through the gaping wound. Blood poured out from between the coils of intestine. She peered down over her chest at the damage she had sustained. She knew she was past the point of no return. She slid her left hand down to her clit and started pleasuring herself. Her right hand grabbed a few coils of intestine. As she pulled she heaved and a large section of guts flopped out over her right leg. Some draped over her right flank and some slid between her legs. The masturbation increased and she began to climax under the pile of fatty tissue and intestine that now covered her hand.

Kate was on her back staring up at the stage lights and bleeding from multiple holes in her torso. She glanced toward Rowan who was trying to cum one last time before she bled out. The chubby girl reached her climax as her heart started to enter arrhythmia from the loss of blood pressure. She started seizing and shaking while taking short rapid deaths. Kate hoped the girl’s death satisfied her dark desires.

Two men dressed all in black with balaclavas switched off the fucking machine still inside the dead girl on the cross. One man carried the dead girl over his shoulder while the other swept her wet guts away with a push broom. Kate was clutching her wounds attempting to slow her bleeding and occasionally rubbing some blood down onto her clit. The two men returned and lifted her up onto the X shaped cross and buckled her hands and feet in. The pale blue eyed girls head was swaying back and forth. She was trying hard to not go into shock. She wanted to feel everything.

One man inserted the fucking machine into the young woman’s blood weeping vagina while the other lowered a chain on an industrial winch. At the end of the chain was a large gut hook. One of the men in black left the stage while the remaining one started up the fucking machine. Kate moaned in pleasure and pain. She was really having her fantasy fulfilled. She couldn’t believe how much pleasure she was getting from the pain of the puncture wounds. Every time the dildo hit the puncture in her womb her whole body shuddered. The man noticed how much she was enjoying it and made a hand gesture. The drone cameras came in close and focused on her face and her belly. They allowed the girl to build up multiple orgasms over the next few minutes. Kate was drooling and cumming hard as her lower belly leaked her life blood.

The man in black then took the large gut hook and flipped it around so the rope eye faced down and the large hook also pointed downwards. He looked up at the bloody masochistic girl. He was struck by her beauty as most men were.

“If you pooch your tummy out this will be easier for us both” he whispered up at her.

The blue eye girl managed a nod and a wink. She took a deep breath and tried to make her belly big and round. The man shoved the gut hook down through the hole in her belly button and wiggled it around trying to align the tip with the hole just above her pubic mound. She tried as hard as she could to keep her stomach distended but the foreign object seared pain into her flesh. Finally the man found the hole and twisted the hook through. The giant belly piercing was in her bellybutton with the eyehole for the chain near her sternum and the lower end of the hook poking out forward and away from her. The man hit a button on the industrial winch and it moved on a track away from Kate. The winch was now about 6 feet in front of the girl with the chain making a 45 degree to the ceiling.

Kate’s belly was heaving with the pain of being impaled by the hook. She was still enveloped in pleasure but the pain was so intense it was hard to concentrate on the dildo anymore. The man buckled her into three more straps. One just below her breasts and two more around her upper thighs. His hands slipped with blood as he clasped the belts near her crotch.

“This is the end here. You’re adorable. Our customers will be very pleased. Here’s so you don’t break your teeth from the pain” he whispered as he placed a cloth wrapped popsicle stick in her bite.

She knew what was coming. She saw the winch. She wanted to scream but she knew it wouldn’t help. The man hit the button on the slow industrial winch and walked off. Her first 10 seconds were spent waiting for the winch to loose slack. She tried to focus on the machine still fucking her blood-lubricated vagina instead of the winch which was about to literally tear her belly open. The winch suddenly lost slack and she felt the tension building. As it pulled forward blood squirted out of her penetrated anus and vagina. She glanced down to see her belly distended about 4 inches and slowly stretching more. She bit down hard on the stick. The 20 ton winch was slow and relentless.

Her first scream surprised even her. Her belly was stretched more than 6 inches when the rim of her belly button began to tear. Her muscles and skin were holding back the best they could but the winch continued. Her second scream was uncontrollable as the hook started tearing her belly skin from the bottom. The winch continued on. She twitched and fought against the bindings as the winch slowly ripped up through her belly. She started grunting and crying. Her big beautiful blue eyes shot open. The winch made its final tear and the gut hook swung forward with a large chunk of Kate’s intestines looped over it. Her whole body, finally relieved of the forward tension, smacked back against the x-frame. Her small intestine made a trail from the huge rip in her stomach to the swinging hook and back.

Kate couldn’t handle the pain. She never thought she would still have consciousness through it all. Her heart fluttered as blood poured out of her abdomen. She looked up at her guts hanging in front of her. She rested her chin on her chest and stared down at her ruined torso and waited. She couldn’t even feel the dildo anymore. More guts slid free from her fatty deep tissue. She heaved and her heart failed her, fluttering pointlessly. She shook hard for 10-20 seconds with her large baby blues wide open for the last time. She expired with one final breath.

The headmistress yelled “Cut” as she prepared herself for a long night in the editing room.


I absolutely love everything you've written! The details and the way your characters die is amazing. Let me know if you'd ever want to role play out similar stories or even just brainstorm some ideas!


Absolutely. I’ve linked my email to my name so shoot me an email and we can talk.


Meredith worked as a nurse in the local planned parenthood. She was nearing her 10th hour of her 12 hour night shift when she heard some commotion in the hallway. She exited her nurses station to see what was going on.

Another one of the night nurses burst through the double doors to her floor followed by a man holding the lone security guard at gunpoint. After they got through the double doors the masked gunman knocked the guard out with a pistol whip to the back of the head. He turned and locked the double doors. The other nurse tried to run and the gunman shot her in the back of the head with his .45 before she made it 5 feet.

Meredith stood in shock with her jaw slack. The blue eyed brunette had just talked to the girl who lay dead in front of her about an hour ago. Now she forced herself to look away from what remained of her co workers face.

“You! You’re one of the bitches that ruined my life!”

“W-w-what?” Is all she could muster before the gunman leveled his .45 at her mid section.

She was still frozen in fear when the bullet slammed into her lower belly about an inch and a half directly below her belly button. The large .45 caliber continued through her soft tissue and intestines and impacted on her tail bone, exploding it in the process. In a split second Meredith was rendered totally incapacitated and fell to the ground.

“I’ll come back for you, bitch!” He hatefully barked at the wounded nurse as he stormed off through the next set of doors further into the clinic.

Meredith clasped both her hands on her lower belly to staunch the blood flow. Her right leg kicked around trying to push her closer to the wall. Her left leg wasn’t responding at all. As she shoved herself along the linoleum floor her scrubs slid down below her ass. A trail of smeared blood was left behind as she shimmied over to the wall a few feet behind her. She propped her shoulders up on the wall and lifted up her scrubs with her right hand. Her left hand still clutched her belly tightly. She pulled her hand away with a wince. A large .45 caliber hole had been punched into her. She wiped the blood away from the hole with another wince and within a moment more of her dark life blood pumped out of the hole. She wiped the wound again and more blood gushed up. She looked down at her hands with her eyes wide. She had never bled this much. She knew she had to avoid going into shock.

Her mind was still alert. She knew she needed to slow the bleeding. She pulled off her scrub top with a groan and balled it up she pushed down hard and let out a high pitched scream as the pressure shifted her punctured guts. She pushed herself more upright against the wall, still holding her balled up scrub top against the large hole in her lower gut. Time seemed to slow down for her. Her adrenaline had been so high that she hadn’t even really felt the pain from the shot but all of a sudden she had no chemical distraction. The first wave of pain hit her so violently all she could do was arch her back and shake. After the first wave subsided she began internalizing what had happened.

“I’m probably going to be paralyzed if I make it through this” she thought to herself. “I can’t even wiggle my left leg. The pain in my lower back is excruciating. I wonder if I have an exit wound.”

Meredith wiped her left hand on her scrubs to get as much of the sticky blood off as she could and with a moan she felt her back with her hand. When it returned there was no new blood.

“Okay, if I can stop this bleeding I’ll be OK. I’ll just have some scars, and probably won’t be able to have kids, but I can live through this. It’s just some intestinal damage probably, if I can get treated before my guts leak into my body cavity I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine” she kept reassuring herself in her mind.

She could hear commotion in the distance. A scream and two or three more gunshots. She couldn’t understand why the police hadn’t arrived, but it had only been about 5 minutes since the man arrived. The bullet in her guts was detracting from her ability to tell time. Another wave of intense pain hit and she shuddered as her muscles contracted. This time there was no reprieve, only more waves of intense searing pain in her lower belly.

“Nnnnnnnghhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” She screamed out loud while gnashing her teeth together. Her back arched hard and she toppled over onto the floor. Her pink panties had been entirely soaked in her blood. She flopped over onto her back and tried to hold her scrub top onto the wound more but the pain was so intense she was writing uncontrollably. The shirt fell to her side, entirely soaked in blood. She still oozed dark sticky blood from the hole. The outline of her shaven vagina was visible through her blood soaked panties. Another wave of pain stacked on top of another. Her whole body was tense with excruciating pain. Finally a moment of clarity arrived. She had nearly cracked her teeth with the last wave of pain.

Meredith unclipped her bra revealing her C cup breasts. She bit down on the foam cushioning just in time for the next wave of pain hit her like a ton of bricks. This time she convulsed and shook violently. The pain was so intense it controlled her body. She contorted back and forth trying to escape the fire in the bottom of her belly. In the midst of her torment the gunman stormed back into her room. He walked over to the guard and executed him with two shots and turned his attention to the girl who was flopping around in a small puddle of her own blood.

“Good, you’re still alive. That looks painful. I think we need to operate.” He said as he bent down and scooped the girl up.

Meredith couldn’t fight back in the midst of the pain she was experiencing. She tried to say no but all that escaped her mouth was two weak agonizing moans as the bra fell to the ground. He placed her down on one of the chairs used at the clinic and strapped her good legs into the stirrups. She screamed when he pulled on her legs. The shattered vertebrae and the pain in her stomach all connected in one terrible lightning rod of agony that shot through her lower torso. He grabbed her hands which were too weak to fight back and handcuffed them around the light fixture that was attached to the chair. Another wave of pain gripped the girl and she shoved her ass toward the ceiling. The man grabbed a scalpel from one of the trays near by.

“N-n-no please-unnnnnggghhh, please don’t.” Begged Meredith through the pain. Her mind raced to the girlfriend she wouldn’t come home to the next morning. She knew she was going to die at this point. In her mind she just wanted it to be over. The pain was terrible. She wanted her girlfriend to comfort her. She wanted her mom. Anyone.

The man took the scalpel and placed the tip to the lower rim of her bellybutton. She looked down her body at what was about to happen. Before she could protest the man quickly slid the blade from her bellybutton down to the bullet hole. Her body instinctively withdrew from the pain and she squirmed against her bonds. The man withdrew and waited a few seconds. Some connective tissue and intestine were already visible through the wound. Blood dribbled out between the loops of her guts. As her squirming stopped he placed the tip in the bottom of the bullet hole and cut her all the way down to her pubic mound. Her body reacted by clinching her torn stomach muscles, betraying her and shoving a good amount of her intestines out of her open belly.

Meredith could feel every agonizing moment. The cool air on her open nerve endings in the tissue that held her insides together was more intense than anything she had ever felt. She was ready to die but the man had been careful to not cause too much damage. He stood back and admired his work for a moment or two before he stepped back up to the girl and sliced her from just below her sternum down to her bellybutton. Her abdomen was now totally split from stomach to pubic mound. More of her guts slipped out and piled up over her pussy. The man stepped back and dropped the scalpel at his feet.

“See ya around liberal scum, now you get a taste of your own medicine”

Meredith couldn’t believe it. Eviscerated because of some backwoods republicans ideals. The man walked out the doors. She hoped there were police ready to storm the building and take him out. She was getting very sleepy. The pain was becoming more numb. She was so cold. Her whole body was opened up and she could feel cool air inside of her body cavity. She convulsed and dozed off. Her last thoughts were of her girlfriend.


Sure it is your mail, bellystabber?



Violent and unmotivated, I like it!


Hey Bellystabber, did you received my mail lately? I apologize but I have to be sure to have written to you, not anyone else.


I dated Kate all throughout high school and for about a year afterward. She was a beautiful Irish blooded brunette with thick thighs and creamy pale white skin. We had lost our virginity together in 10th grade. We were very close. We told each other everything. I’m not sure if it was or youth that made us so open or if it was our compatibility of personality. Rumors had circulated around the school about me. A friend who was in band with me had discovered some of my snuff film collection. Some girls on color-guard were aware of my belly stabbing fetish as she joined the color guard the next year. Kate and I had started dating well after this and she was friends with the other girl who had discovered my “interests.” I always assumed she was okay with it. Once she pretended to be stabbed in the belly in front of me and it drove me wild. For some reason I could never admit it to her.

Two years out of high school I finally got the courage to tell her my interests. Our sex life was getting dull and I really wanted to be truly open about my desires. We talked over dinner at her rented home in our small town. I told her about my desires openly and she absorbed all of it without judging me or being afraid. I showed her a video of my desires. It was a simulated snuff film of a girl stabbing her self in the belly button and masturbating. That night she told me she would let me know what she thinks about all of it and we would talk the next day.

The next day when we talked she broke up with me. She said she was afraid, but not of me. I doubted her and felt terrible. I really thought she would understand. She was my true love with whom I wanted to grow old. Her beautiful blue eyes welled with tears as I said goodbye. That night she blocked me from all of her social media. I was devastated. I realized I could never share these desires with my future partners.

I was turning 30 in a few months. After a few failed relationships I found myself on a dating website. I was looking for something more than the girls I found in bars around the city in which I had moved. One day as I scrolled through I found Kate. I figured “what the hell” and sent her a match. To my surprise she matched me back. I couldn’t bring myself to message her. I figured she would think I was some kind of crazy killer man. I put my phone down and went to bed without putting too much thought into the situation. The next morning I was greeted with a message.

“Hey, how have you been? All these years and we’re both still single. I always thought I’d be married by thirty. I’m sorry for how things went down all those years ago. We were both young and I was closed minded. I really wouldn’t mind talking to you sometime about things.

With love,

I sent her a message in return expressing my surprise that she wasn’t afraid of me. I asked her a few small talk questions. Apparently she had a few failed relationships as well and had moved around only to return back near our hometown. After a few reposes from us each she set up a meeting with me. She said she wanted me to meet her in that same small house that she used to rent. My interest was definitely piqued.

The little house was a good way out in the woods with not many people around. Most of the surroundings were mobile homes rented by all kinds of white trash people that had been ran down back when I went to high school. I pulled up in the driveway after my hour drive from the city. I had butterflies in my stomach from the nerves of meeting my old lover and the only person who truly knew my desires.

A few moments after I rang the doorbell she answered. I was always struck by her beauty and this time was no different. The 5’4” woman opened the door. Aside for a few gained pounds she looked almost exactly the same as she did in her early 20’s. She probably weighed around 130 with thick thighs and a little pudge to her belly that the years tend to bring. She smiled and hugged me as she brought me inside. The place was well kept as she had always been a neat girl. She sat down at her small dinner table and gestured me toward it. Her crop top rode up a bit from her mid wasted jeans as she sat down. Her bellybutton always drove me wild.

“It’s so good to see you again. I really have so much I want to say so just let me say what I have to say before you ask me anything. You’ll probably have even more questions after I finish. I want to start by saying I’m sorry. We both were young then and if we had communicated more things might have been different.”

I nodded my head in agreement.

“The thing is…. I knew about what you were into a long time ago. Before we dated even. When Hannah showed me the link to the video she had found, we were both kids and we had never seen anything like that before. At first I was disgusted, but I found myself rewatching the video again alone. I watched that video many times alone. I never told anyone other than Hannah. She watched it too but was already kinky and into asphyxiation. That’s why she never tried to ruin you. She was sympathetic of us both. I wanted to be the girl in the video. The girl with the knife in her belly. I thought I would be so much prettier with that dark blood on my pale skin. It drove me wild. I tried to tell you that time I pretended to stab myself and acted out my death in front of you. When you finally admitted it to me I was terrified, not of you, but of what I might let you do to me.”

I was stunned. I was ready to propose to her then and there. I wanted to spend the rest of my days having kinky sex with her pretending to be stabbed with some stage blood.

“I really did love you, I wish we could start over.” I said. “I’m sorry I was so oblivious, I was just a kid. Do you want to go out someplace other than here? I know some good restaurants back in he city. You could come stay the night and we could do some role playing if that’s okay with you.” I suggested.

“Well, that’s what I’ve been thinking about. I never really made much plans for my life after thirty. I never wanted to be old. My job is dead end. The more I think about it the less I want to get old working the same old job day in and day out. My last relationship ended because my husband found some videos on my computer. It’s funny isn’t it how everything is a circle?”

“Not to sound oblivious again, but what are you saying here Kate. This is a little heavy don’t you think? I do fine. You could come live with me.” I suggested again.

“Well, that sounds lovely but I know what I want. I really really know. I want you to stab me in my belly. I want you to make love to me like we used to, but this time we can live out our fantasies for real. I want to be the victim. You want to be the killer. This house isn’t in my name. No one knows where I am right now. I have a note saying I’m leaving for California. Hannah has a plane ticket in my name, my ID, and a wig that looks like me. She’s going to leave as me and return as herself. You have an alibi. I already have a place mapped where I want you to put my body. The hole is even dug. I thought of everything. I haven’t had food for 24 hours and I’ve evacuated my colon. I’m so hungry and empty. I need the knife instead. Please do this for me. I’ve put too much effort into all of this to back down now. It’s become my ultimate fantasy and obsession. Please.” She looked hopeless.

I was still speechless.

“So what do you say?” She asked

“Okay. I’ll do it. I’m going to do it slow and you’re going to be begging to die in the end. Are you sure you really want me to let do everything I want? Are you sure I’m not going to go to jail?”

She nodded “I promise. I was thorough. You know me”

She always was making straight A’s and was very intelligent.

“Okay then.” I said as the erection in my pants strained against my zipper.

She got up and brought back a small duffel style bag. She opened the zipper and dug around inside. She first brought out a box of condoms with a little blush on her cheeks and ears.

“We don’t want you to deposit any DNA if they accidentally dig me up to build a Wal-Mart in a few years” she smiled.

Next she brought out two knives. A small switch blade stiletto and a larger military style k-bar. As I examined the knives she drug out two large rolls of plastic sheeting from under the couch.

“Well, where do you want to start?” She asked with a shrug while standing in her living room.

“You’re the one who’s thought of everything. You can’t tell me you haven’t thought of the place too.”

She blushed. “I figured I’ll put one on my bed and another here over the couch. We can start on the couch, move to the bedroom and then you can finish me in the tub for easier cleanup.”

“Sounds good to me” I said as I stood up.

I picked up the large K-bar and walked into her master bedroom which had an attached bath. I laid the big blade on the bed. I walked back in to her finishing putting the plastic on her couch. I helped and spread the plastic over her bed and some on the floor between the bed and the bathroom. As I returned to the living room she had her right hand down her pants as she looked at the plastic.

“I can hardly wait. I’ve dreamed about this for years. I’m almost going to cum in my pants. How do you want to start?” She asked.

“It looks like you started without me, but you could get naked.” I said as I flicked open the stiletto blade.

She took off her top in one quick motion revealing her lack of a bra. Her large milk white breasts flopped loose. She slid off her pants, kicked them to the side, and slid off her white panties. Her pussy was shaven recently. Her vagina was a beautiful innie with no hanging lips. Her thighs touched ever so slightly just below her pussy. She continued to masturbate.

“Here I am. Finally ready after all these years. Mmmmm.” She said while her voiced wavered from her self stimulation.

I stripped naked and rolled on one of the Trojans. I went to her and we made out passionately. I rubbed my knee on her clit and she moaned loudly. I lightly poked the small double sided blade at her belly button. She moaned again. She walked me over to the couch and spread herself out with one hand under her head and the other stimulating her clit.

“So where do you want it first?” I asked her.

“Low. Down low below my bellybutton. Just don’t do too much too fast. I want this to last. We have as much time as we need.”

I got up on the couch and put my dick tip up to her luscious pussy lips. I used my hand to wiggle my penis into her tight vagina. We had sex for a while as I poked and teased her with the tiny blade. I started at her throat dragging the tip ever so lightly along her pale skin. As I got down to her belly button I twirled the blade in her deep innie. She lifted her hands up over her head and stretched out her ever so slightly pudgy belly.

“I’m going to try to not interfere with my hands, but if it gets too painful and I can’t control them there are handcuffs in the bag. I also have a bike lock if you feel like hog tying me, which I wouldn’t mind at all. We could save that for near the end I think.”

“Wow, you’re so different than before. You’ve put a lot of thought into this. I’m going to cut you a little first. Do you want the handcuffs now or do you want to see how it goes?”

“No, just get me a pillow so I can see better please. The visual experience is a big part of it for me.”

“Okay I’ll be right back.”

I went to her bedroom and picked out a big fluffy pillow to prop her head up. I returned and placed her head on it. Her chin was nearly resting on her bosom. I felt up her breasts and sucked her nipples to get them hard. I reinserted my hard cock into her and grabbed the stiletto.

“Okay. I’m going to cut you now.”

“Do it.” She looked me in the eyes and raised her arms up over her head, inviting me to her torso. I placed the blade horizontally just below her panty line. I slowly worked the tip of the razor sharp stiletto back and forth about an inch. Her first layers of skin had just been sliced ever so thinly. Little droplets of blood beaded up. I drug the knife back and forth again.

“Mmmmm, ssss-ahh!” She winced as the sharp blade cut through her tissue. She did not move her hands or try to stop me in any way. She wiggled her hips on my cock and thrust her vagina at me. It was clearly turning her on.

I sliced about 1/4 of an inch into her belly skin. Blood welled in the small wound and a little drip ran down towards her pubic area. I took my thumb and pressed it into her wound a little. She tightened her thighs around me and moaned again. I fucked her hard. I used the blood on my thumb to lubricate her clit and rubbed it in a circular motion. We came together. I pulled out of her and went to change my condom. She poked in at her belly button to see the little cut better.

“It’s crazy how intense the cutting feels but afterward it’s just kind of a dull ache.”

“Yeah, that’s why we have to keep cutting more.”

I went over to her bag for a new condom and found a big massaging vibrator. I grabbed it and returned to my beautiful willing victim.

“Use this so I can focus on stabbing you without hurting you too badly. I want this night to last forever.”

“We both know I’m going to die in a few hours. You’re going to gut me in that bathtub. The best things are all temporary.”

I showed her the knife with a small smearing of her belly blood on the tip.

“I’m going to put this all the way into you now. Are you ready to be stabbed?”

“Yes. Where are you going to do it?”

“I was thinking I’d put the tip in your belly button and aim almost straight down towards your crotch. It won’t go deeper than the muscle but it’ll be in to the hilt.”

“Okay. I’m ready.” She put her arms back above her head and interlocked her fingers.

I straddled her legs and brought them together around the vibrator. I gripped the blade with my thumb on the butt end and the blade protruding downward from my pinky. I pressed my knuckles into her upper belly. Her sexy adult belly fat depressed under my knuckles. I pressed the blade tip deep into the lower rim of her bellybutton. The top half of her bellybutton was depressed by my knuckles being pushed into her stomach. I could feel her breathing under the slight pressure or my hand. I reached up with my off hand and kneaded her right breast. She responded with a deep moan. Without warning or hesitation I shovedthe blade downwards towards her lower belly. The blade sunk deep into her skin, then her belly fat, and finally into her lower abdominal muscle.

“Hhhhnnnmaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Oh my god! Oh my god!” She screamed

I let go of the blade as her belly rolled and heaved with deep breaths and pain induced muscle contractions. As she breathed out and tightened her lower belly muscles the blade handle would pick itself up off the top rim of her bellybutton. As she breathed it would fall back against her stomach. She was looking down at the blade wiggle around with her hands clutched on either side of her belly button.

“You can take it out when you want to. How does it feel?”

“Oh oh, uhhhh. It hurts a lot. Deep too. I feel like I can barely catch my breath if that tells you anything.”

I reached down to her crotch and worked the vibrator for her. She moaned as she was panting. She had slid down on the plastic and now her chin was resting on her chest. Her forehead was a little sweaty from the sex and intense pain. She slowly reached her left hand toward the blade. When she touched it she winced again.

“Pull it straight out if you don’t want to really hurt yourself.”

“No shit” she snapped back.

She gripped the blade handle and tugged hard in one big pull. Her belly suctioned out with the blade and as the tip finally exited her body. Her belly button immediately filled with blood which began to run down both sides of her stomach.

“Fuck me as I bleed. Mmmmm.” She looked up at me with her big blue eyes pleading like a puppy.

I withdrew the vibrator and lifted her legs up over my shoulders. She handed me the blade again. I took it and placed the tip back in the small cut I had made near her panty line. She moaned in pain. It was mostly dried blood now. I knew it would be raw and painful to recut this wound. As I fucked her hard I suddenly stopped and pulled out. I took her legs and spread them wide. I shifted down the couch and placed the blade back inside her small cut. Her hands were clasped over her belly button and were coated in a thin sheen of blood. I took the blade and shoved it into the cut straight down. Her eyes went wide and she grasped my hands with her hands. I wiggled the blade left and right to open the stab wound. Blood flowed up around either side. As I pulled the blade out it made a slurping sound. Kate’s back arched and her belly heaved. Her left hand was on her belly button while her right went to staunch the dark blood flowing out of the bottom of her belly.

“Hnnnnnhh. Oh god oh god! You really did it that time. It went all the way into my body! I could feel it near my bladder. I don’t think I’m dying but it went so deep.”

Her belly blood had leaked all around her shaven pussy. I couldn’t resist. I started fucking her again. She offered no resistance. She moaned and moaned. 15 minutes turned into nearly an hour. The passion she was showing during the sex was like none I had experienced before. She fucked like these were her last hours on earth. She fucked with the intensity of a wounded animal trying as hard as she could to replace pain with pleasure. After she reached orgasm several times I finally came and was ready for the next stage of her death.

I pulled away from her to change condoms. I took in the image of her bleeding body. She was removing her hands from the sticky wounds and looking to see if the bleeding had stopped. Her belly button flesh wound was nearly scabbed over, but the deep wound low in her belly still dribbled dark blood from deep inside her.

“So you said something about being hog-tied? I think I have an idea that’s pretty hot. Are you ready for the next stage? There’s not going to be any coming back from this.” I asked

“Yes. This has been the most erotic night of my life and I want it to be my last. Please tie me up and gut me. I can’t wait for my pudgy belly to be split open. I want you to touch my g-spot from outside. I’ve really been thinking about that a lot. It would be nice for it to happen as I die.”

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing from you. I promise I will do anything you ask me to do. Can you stand up fine?”

“Yeah. I think. It hurts a lot but I’m not in shock or anything. Am I as beautiful as I feel right now? Doesn’t this blood look great on me?”

“Yeah Kate. You’ve always been one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, but seeing you like this is amazing.”

She stood up with one hand on the couch and her other clutching her belly. Blood dripped and ran down her inner thighs. She shuffled toward the bedroom clutching her stomach. I quickly followed with the handcuffs and bike lock.

“Stop there, Kate. Put your feet together.”

She did as she was asked. I bent down and handcuffed her ankles together. Tightly, but not tight enough to cause her distraction from the pain she was about to experience. I did the same to her wrists behind her back. I picked her up and deposited her on the bed face down, and shackled her ankles and hands together with the bike lock chain looped twice. This brought her hands and her feet about 2 feet apart. Not enough to be seriously uncomfortable but definitely an attractive position for her to be placed.

I rolled her over onto her side and pulled the plastic away from her half dry sticky-blooded wounds. Her pussy was already soaking with anticipation. I fingered her for a few moments before flipping her onto her back. Her ankles were folded under her thighs and her hands were trapped down near her ass. Her belly poked up into the air perfectly. I picked up the large K-bar knife I had placed on the bed earlier.

“This isn’t going to be fun for you Kate. It’s going to hurt lot. I’m sorry, but you asked for it. It’s going to be really bad for you.”

“I know. I want it. You have to trust me.”

“Okay. I’m going to do something I’ve fantasized about for a while. I’m going to stab your bellybutton deep with this big blade and I’m going to fuck the hole.”

“That sounds terrifying and amazing. Let’s do it.”

I took up the knife in my right hand and held the tip to her bellybutton. I didn’t want to give her the luxury of a quick stab. I pushed ever so slowly into her bellybutton. She moaned a little. I pushed harder and harder. Her belly dimpled in around the blade. The wound in the lower rim started bleeding with the force. I pushed harder still. She was trying to peer down over her breasts at the blade putting all that pressure on her stomach. Finally it was too much for her skin to resist and with a snap and a pop the blade tip entered her body. I thrust further and her dimpled skin popped upward toward the guard. The blade came to rest deep inside her. She was trying to kick and move her hands toward the intrusion. Her belly muscles were gyrating as if they were trying to push the blade out.

I used to blade handle as leverage to pull her over onto her right side near the edge of the bed. Her belly was now about even with my cock. I held her arm and ripped the blade out of her torso. Dark life blood came rushing out. I shoved my middle two fingers of my left hand into the wound to see if it was going to accept my penis. As I withdrew my fingers rammed my hard cock into the wound. It was so much tighter than any vagina I had ever experienced. Her stomach muscles spasmed with every thrust. With every pump the beautiful pale girl let out a guttural sound and moaned with every withdrawal.

“Gak, uhh, gnnnhhh, uhh, gggnnsshsh, ehh, ohhh, mmmm, hurts, mmmmm, sooo much! Ahhhhhh!!”

As she laid on the bed with her right side facing down blood gushed around my penis. It was starting to pool a little around her side on the plastic that covered the bed. I continued thrusting into her bellybutton. She started gagging from the force of my member inside her body cavity. The lust took me over. I felt around the bed for the switchblade and grasped it tightly in my left hand.

“I’ll give you something to throw up, whore.” I said manically

She picked her head up and looked down at me confused at my sudden bloodlust. I jabbed the blade quickly several times into her upper belly about three inches below her breast plate, piercing into her stomach lining. She tugged desperately against her bonds as if holding her wounds would save her. Four new little dribbles of blood flowed into a single stream which trickled down around her right breast. She started puking up clear bright red blood as I continued to fuck her bellybutton wound.

“Ugghhh-pffft…… hnnngggg…. gut me…. nnnnnnnhhhh” she moaned out as she gagged up more bright stomach blood.

The smear of red down her right cheek that dripped down her neck and onto her beautiful pale shoulder was like fine art on a beautiful white canvas. I continued to pump into her belly and finally relaxed enough to cum. I pulled out and more blood ran freely from her punctured belly followed by a bulge of intestine and fatty tissue. The girl was breathing shakily and her body was tensing up and quaking with pain and blood loss. I rolled the hogtied girl over on the bed onto her stomach. She squealed when her bare guts touched the plastic.

“I….. I can-nnnnnn- feel it all. It’s so much-hhh pain.”

I unlocked her shackles and rolled her onto her back. She took her dainty left hand and held her upper belly where the small stabs to her stomach were. She held her guts into her bellybutton with her right. I slid my hands under her legs and her bloody lower back. She grasped around my head weakly with her left arm as I picked her up to head to the bathtub. She coughed up more blood that dribbled down her chin and wound up in the dimple in her neck. I kissed her forehead.

“We’re almost done my love.” I whispered to her.

“Gggggnnnn….. goood.” She managed to get out through the waves of pain.

I laid her into the tub and turned to fetch the big knife. When I returned she was attempting to masturbate and coughing up more blood which slid down her chin. I kneeled by the tub and brushed her blood matted hair away from her face.

She coughed and puked some more bile and in a moment of clarity said “I’m glad we did this. It’s a beautiful way to die, being stabbed in your belly. I can feel the holes inside me. I can feel all the cuts bleeding. I feel more alive now than ever before. I’m ready. I love you.”

“I love you too, brave girl.” I said.

During our talk I had positioned the blade horizontally near the wound that was low below her navel. I placed the knife tip in the tender wound and pushed slowly but deliberately. The large knife slid easily into the wound left from the smaller blade, opening the horizontal gash. When the blade was several inches inside her I flipped the blade vertically with the sharp side towards her vagina causing her to grasp my hands with hers. I slid the blade out and applied pressure downward. She was weak but she wasn’t fighting it, if anything she was helping the motions of me sawing open her tummy. In and out in and out twice more and the blade was brushing up against the top of her pubic bone. Her breath was fast and shallow. She was trying to manage the pain. I flipped the wet blade in her stomach and we both sawed in and out. The knife sliced her flesh with ease. Inches at a time it slid through and past her mangled bellybutton. We stopped with the blade a few inches above her navel, not quite to the switchblade wounds in her upper belly. Her whole body was shuddering and shaking.

When I withdrew the knife her hands were still grasping mine as hard as her weak pulse would allow. I easily pried her shaking hands away and tossed the knife. I grabbed her right hand by the wrist and forced it into her gaping wound. She was trying hard to keep breathing. She wanted to see what was happening. I tilted her head down and she smiled a little at the sight of her fatty tissue and split open belly button.

“Just make a fist and grab some of your guts.” I asked

The weak girl closed her hand and I pulled her wrist. A whole gob of her large intestine and a lot of connective fat plopped free from her body cavity. Severed blood vessels pumped blood through the bright red coils. I reached my hand in just below where her navel used to be and squeezed on her sexual organs from the inside. Her entire body was shuddering. Her legs were kicking uncontrollably and her eyed fluttered. I knew it was the end. Her breathing became short and violent. I kissed her head and ripped out another large coil of intestine which plopped into the tub between her twitching legs.

She arched her back violently in her last throws and looked at me with eyes filled with fear. She took one last breath and went limp in the tub. I got ready to take a shower over what was left of her. I needed to be presentable to buy a chainsaw at country store down the road. I had a body to dispose of.


Definitely your best story so far! Love the attention given to her bellybutton, hope we will get more of this in future


Really good story, I'm not fond of consensuals stab but this is really strong

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