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Posted from a long-closed rag-doll-themed website, because some anon asked for it on /req. I think site and story were originally by Jessie the Ragdoll, so if that's true, all credit goes to her, obviously. Not sure if she's around any more :/ Anyway, it's a classic:


June 1997

Ashley Wong was the new girl in town and was nervous about making friends at the private school her mother had enrolled her in. After moving from city to city, she was hoping and praying this would be the final city. She did make some new friends. Three to be exact. Though she was comfortable with making just one good friend, the three girls, Beth, Cara and Devin seemed to be a group package. They were rarely seen apart, even going as far as having the same classes. Ash admired their loyalty to each other and was honored when they brought her into their fold as sister member of their clique. At first they seem a bit aloof, and at times downright mean, but Ash knew it was because she just needed to prove her worth. She was determined to do just that because she was so tired of being alone and having no other purpose than to get straight A’s for her mother. Today was report card day, and as Ash sat in her tiny, rusty car in the school parking lot waiting for her friends to arrive, she adjusts her glasses and feeling stupid in her school uniform. White dress shirt with school patch on left breast pocket, navy-blue skirt, white knee-high socks with Mary Janes, it was like being back in Hong Kong which seemed like a life time ago. She stared blankly at her single column of A+’s after every course she completed this past semester. Her enthusiasm was match only by someone forced to watch grass grow, or paint to dry. Suddenly, Devin’s hand snatches the report card from Ash’s hand, startling her.

Ash holds her hand out the open window, smiling with embarrassment, “Dev, please don’t look at it.” Devin ignores her plea as her ice-blue eyes study the card intently. “Come on, Dev,” Ash continued, “Hand it over, please?” Even at this moment, Ash always enjoys Devin’s womanly figure. She wishes she had Devin’s build along with the milky skin and the short blond hair combed to the side - almost a boy-cut, but with longer bangs falling over one of her steel-blue eyes. She sighs in constant defeat, knowing she’s stuck with her Asian-petite body.

Brushing back her bangs dismissively, Devin hands her back the card, unaffected by its content, walking around the car to the passenger side. “Shotgun.” She announces calmly, not concerned if she was heard, as she enters the car’s passenger side.

Before Ash can pull her arm in, Cara’s hand snatches the card from Ash’s hand. “What’s this?”

Ash again holds her hand out pleadingly, but is rather annoyed as well. “Cara, come on.”

Cara is slightly taller than the others with a shock of wavy red hair that hangs just above her shoulders. Ash looks up at Cara’s deceivingly soft features admiring her freckles and deep green eyes as she reads Ash’s report card. Cara’s fiery, hot head, easily provoked so Ash doesn’t say anymore and waits uncomfortably for her to hand the card back. At times, Ash has observed, she seems unstable and the only one she really listens to without question is Devin. There's something between them, but they keep it well hidden. Cara slaps the card back in Ash’s hand painfully.

“Ow,” Ash mouths the word. Her face contorts slightly in pain. Cara step with fierce purpose to sit behind Devin in the back seat, slamming the door behind her. Ash is always startled by her brutish manner as she watches Cara sitting in the back seat staring at the back of Devin’s head. To Ash, it looks as if she’s waiting for a command or she’s trying to read Devin’s mind.

“Don’t tell me, Ashie,” Ash flinches at the sound of Beth’s voice. She turns to see the half African-American/Latina mix bending over to speak directly in Ash’s ear. Beth gives her a wry smile, raising one eyebrow. Ash can’t help but stare at her full lips, almost feeling a desire she reserves for boys. She tears her eyes away to look at her face as she hands her the report card. Beth shakes her head amused. Her features are soft and kind with uncharacteristic hazel eyes that lighten her face, but she carries a very dark heart. She knows how to use her exotic looks to get what she wants, even when she is often mistaken for a Philippino.

“No, little girl,” continues Beth’s amusement. “I can give a shit about that. Let Mommy squeal over that.”

Beth stands and climbs into the back of the car. Cara exchanges a knowing glance at Beth as Devin notices. She gives the two in the back a look of warning; obviously she doesn't want Ashley tipped off to their dark plans.

Looking a bit rejected, Ash places the card in her breast pocket as she turns the ignition. She puts her safety belt on.

“Seatbelts,” she states in the most pleasant tone she can. The girl comply with an added glare of hatred unnoticed by Ash as she releases the parking break and slowly moves out of the parking lot. She carefully edges her way to the exit, diligently looking both ways to be sure it’s safe to go. When she’s satisfied, she drives the car onto the main boulevard, careful to stay a few miles under the speed limit. Devin and Cara stare darkly at Ash smiling in slight satisfaction as she drives down the road unaware. Beth inserts her earbuds and activates her mp3 player. She glares at the back of Ashley’s head before finally closing them, moving her head to the rhythms of the music only she can hear.


June 1997

Jealousy is the primary motive for what they intend to do with their friend Ashley. Jealous of her intellect, her potential physical beauty and her willingness to be a part of their group - which is impossible in their eyes. She's been a useful tool to get Devin and her cohorts in good standing academically, but now that school is coming to an end and graduation is near, Devin has pushed the need to do some clean-up.

Fear is the second motive for what they intend to do with their friend Ashley. Fear of the school finding out that Ashley was the one who carried the Devin, Cara and Beth through to graduation by copying her work. Fear that Ashley herself may have a moment of regret and decide to be very honest to the school. Devin has stated to the others that cannot happen, will not happen, according to what she has planned.

Devin forces herself to appear relaxed in the passenger seat as she stares at Ashley contently driving down the highway. She turns her gaze to the surrounding thick brush and forest speeding by her window. This is the way home, but Devin doesn’t plan to go home. She turns to look at Beth, her dark stare signals Beth to turn off her mp3 player and put it away. Devin doesn’t bother to look behind her as Cara, who trembles with excitement, but not because of what she’s about to say to the group.

“Hey,” Devin blurted in fake excitement and causing Ashley to flinch. “We should celebrate!”

The girls behind Ashley smile devilishly as she tilts her head in question, keeping her eyes on the road.

“Celebrate?” Ashley asked as Devin smiling knowingly.

She’s so fucking predictable, Devin thought as she stared at Ashley’s sickening innocent look while driving carefully down the road. “Yeah,” Devin stole a glance at Beth leaning close to the back of Ashley’s seat.

“Sounds cool,” Ashley stated happily. I sudden realization colored her face, “Oh, we have to pick up our cap and gowns by 5 o’clock.”

“Shoot, we have plenty of time!” Beth said in an excited tone.

“Yeah,” Cara chimed in. “Let get something sweet!”

“Okay then,” easily convinced. “Where to?”

Devin suppresses her laughter as she points to a logging road coming up ahead. “Um, take a right on that road up ahead.”

“What?” confused. “That’s a logging road.”

“Yeah, I know,” Devin, states impatiently. “This cuts through all the forest crap and empties out about a half a block from the mall.”

Devin can see the turn coming up rapidly and suppresses her sense of urgency behind a more innocent plea.

“Come on, Ash,” she says softly. “Trust me. I promise you won’t regret it.”

Ashley steals a glance at Devin’s puppy dog stare. She smiles, amused. “Okay.”

There’s a noticeable chorus of sighs from the three girls as they relax a little, their level of annoyance for Ashley just went up a notch. Ashley doesn’t register this as she concentrates on carefully turning onto the unpaved logging road. Ten minutes pass as Ashley becomes concerned. Devin tries valiantly to suppress her excitement and smile as she glances back to Cara and Beth. The two in the back seat are becoming tense with anticipation, waiting impatiently for Devin to make her move. Devin senses this, but keeps her cool as she switches to her next act in this deception.

“Oh, dammit!” Devin’s sigh is mock realization.

Ashley is a little alarmed as she fights to keep her eyes on the steadily increasing rough road. “What?!”

Devin moans for effect. “Oh, Ash,” she whines. “I just realized it’s the next logging road, not this one. I’m sorry…”

Ashley hides her annoyance as she looks for a turn out. “That’s okay, Dev,” she says in a comforting tone, which grates on Devin’s nerves. “I’ll just turn round and get out of here.”

Devin tenses as she waits for the moment to pounce. She looks to Cara and Beth, signaling with her eyes to get ready. Cara trembles with excitement as Beth licks her dry lips in nervous anticipation. Devin watches as Ashley stops the car to carefully turn around. In one quick movement, Devin unlatched her seatbelt and jumps atop of a shocked Ashley. Devin pulls the key from the ignition, her knees purposely digging into the top of Ashley’s thighs. Ashley begins to scream in painful confusion, but Devin cuts her off by wrapping the shoulder strap of her seatbelt around Ashley’s neck. She struggles as she pushes against Devin’s chest.

“Fuck!” Devin angrily looks to her friend in the back seat. “Grab her arms!!”

Beth and Cara each quickly grab one of Ashley's arms and pull back hard. Ashley’s silent screams of pain intensify as she's forced against her seat. Devin watches with slight amusement as Ashley attempts to plea for her life. Devin answers her plea by wrapping more of her shoulder strap tight around her. Cara lets out a loud, excited giggle as she watches Ashley’s eye grow wider in terror and pain. Devin watches as her body begins to convulse at the lack of Oxygen as she fights futilely to escape her fate. The extreme closeness of Ashley’s struggling body against hers begins to arouse Devin. Her breasts pressing against Ashley’s is enough to harden her nipples inside her bra. This sensation gives Devin the added strength to tighten the seatbelt around Ashley’s slender neck.

“Jesus!” Beth is becoming annoyed by the duration of Ashley’s murder. “Fucking die already!”

As if on queue, Ashley's struggles begin to weaken as Devin watches with fascination her eyes becoming unfocused.

Devin smiles in satisfaction. “She must be seeing spots now.”

The pain of asphyxiation is unbearable along with pain of the seatbelt wrapped so tight around her neck as Ashley fights to stay conscious. Tears begin to spill from her eyes as her face contorts in silent agony.

“Awww,” Devin gives Ashley a kiss on the cheek. “No need for tears babe. It’ll be over soon.”

Devin is suddenly pushed hard against the steering wheel as Ashley's body convulses one last time, her back arching to the breaking point. Very slowly, like air being released from a balloon, Ashley's body and face grow slack. Her eyes stare unfocused, almost cross-eyed as her life drains away.

“Dammit!” Devin yells at the pain of hitting the rigid steering wheel. “That hurt you bitch!”

Ashley remains still as Devin angrily strains to keep the seatbelt tight around Ashley's neck, forcing Ashley's tongue to protrude slightly out her mouth. Saliva spills from Ashley's mouth as her tongue swells inside her mouth. The last of her tears fall from her face as Cara and Beth let go of Ashley's limp arms.

“Hey, yo?” Beth looks at Devin incredulously. “She’s dead, Dev.”

Devin glances murderously at Beth who raises an annoyed eyebrow at her. Devin slowly regains her composure and stops, letting go of her grip on the belt as Ashley's head falls forward allowing the rest of the saliva in her mouth to spill out onto her blouse.

“So,” asks Cara excitedly. “What do we do with her now?”

Beth turns her annoyed look to Cara. It’s obvious that no one had planned what to do next - accept for Devin. She shifts her position on Ashley's lap for more comfort. Cara watches in renewed excitement as Devin’s fingertips begin to trace over the shape of Ashley's breast underneath her blouse and bra. Beth turns to watch with interest as Devin unwraps the seatbelt from Ashley reddened neck, and lifts her head up so Ashley is facing her. Devin notices the deep crease marks in the skin of her neck and studies the chaotic pattern before looking back at Ashley's vacant eyes. Devin places her fingertip on Ashley’s forehead and slowly traces it down between her eyebrows. Devin’s eyes follow her fingertip as it carefully traces the bridge of her nose. She stops at the tip of Ashley’s nose, removing it from view as she looks down at her lips. Devin places her lips lightly on Ashley's protruding tongue and gently pushes it into her mouth with her own tongue. Devin can feel Ashley’s tongue begin to squeeze back out as Devin takes her hand and cup Ashley's jaw line. Devin relaxes her mouth and opens it enough to match Ashley's lips and kisses her hard as her tongue pushes against Ashley's.

Beth rolls her eyes as she stops watching as she places her ear buds back to listen to her mp3 player. As Beth slumps back in her seat in boredom, Cara is completely enthralled with the show as she feels herself getting slowly aroused by Devin's actions.

“This is boring gang,” states Beth as she studies her mp3 L.E.D. readout. “We should change our venue if we’re going to get busy like this.”

Cara’s eyes brighten at Beth’s statement. “Yeah, Devin!”

Devin reluctantly opens her eyes as she finishes her kiss and slowly parts from Ashley’s slack face. She turns her frustrated stare at her two friends and holds up her finger authoritatively.

“I get her first,” she waves her finger at the two sitting in the back seat. “You gals can resolve who goes next.”

“Deal!” Cara agrees excitedly.

“Whatever,” Beth agrees flatly.


June 1997

Devin’s stepfather use to hunt. A lot. So much so that he built a cabin close to his “happy hunting ground” nestled deep in the Wenatchee National Forest. Far enough away from civilization, and her mother, to kill what he wanted when he wanted. It was not by coincidence that Devin misdirected Ashley down the wrong road to her fate. It was the long way to her stepfather’s cabin, a cabin now abandon since his hunting accident two years ago. The accident itself was a combination of too many beers and too many drunken men with rifles that caused an accidental discharge. Devin always found that description hilarious when talking about drunken men. At the time, it wasn’t funny though. No one knows who’s gun fired off, but the result was permanent for her stepfather. The bullet had severed his spinal cord, rendering him paralyzed from the chest down. Now he lives a Jabba The Hutt existence in an assisted living hospice in Olympia. At least, that was his state when Devin saw him a year ago. Currently, she had no idea what he was up to, and she frankly didn’t care if he was dead or alive at this point. She never had a real connection with him anyway, so whatever.

The only thing she cared about right now was her next move. Devin wasn’t surprised when Beth moved to the giant oak tree to sit in an old swing hung from a large branch, fiddling with her mp3 player. Beth’s shields were set to ignore as Cara helped her drag Ashley’s body out of the trunk of her car. Devin was having a hell of a time trying to negotiate the dead weight of her schoolmate’s body and the three steps to the porch. As soon as she felt the front door against her back, she dropped Ashley’s upper body on the porch like a sack of laundry. Cara flinched in mock pain at the sight of Ashley’s head hitting the old wooden porch with a loud thud. The sound causes Beth to turn at the sound with slight annoyance, rolling her eyes as she turned her attention back as she continued to surf through her play list.

Cara’s eyes move quickly from Ashley’s lifeless face and severely bruised neck to her exposed panties. She holds a leg under each arm and thanks herself for not dropping her end as she has a perfect view. At the angle she holds Ashley’s body, her skirt has fallen above her waist to reveal yellow trimmed, white panties. Like a target, right on the front of her panties is a small picture of a baby duckling, fuzzy, yellow, and sickeningly cute. Cara touches her top lip with her tongue as she imagines what lies beneath those smooth cotton panties. She can just make out the soft ridges outlining Ashley’s slit.

“Hey Cara,” Devin’s commanding voice breaks through Cara’s lustful stupor.

Cara looks up to meet Devin’s impatient gaze, “Hmmm?”

Devin intensifies her stare at Cara’s blank face, eyes widening with further impatience. Cara takes in her visual queue. “Oh, right!”

Devin crouches down to lift Ashley under her armpits, her head flopping back as her mouth hangs open revealing her swollen tongue. Devin shuffles her feet backwards as she strains to look behind her. Cara nearly trips through the door as her attention is focused exclusively between Ashley’s legs. Devin’s frustration with Cara is apparent on her face as she stops suddenly to glare at her. Cara gives her an apologetic look, but her eyes drift slowly back to Ashley. Devin rolls her eyes as they shuffle their way to an easy chair and ottoman situated close to a Ben Franklin stove. Devin and Cara drop Ashley’s body on the ottoman; her midsection is the only part resting on the footrest as the remaining hangs limp over the edges. Ashley’s arms drop to the floor above her head, which nearly touches the wood floor leaving her ponytail hair scattered in various directions.

Cara slowly rests Ashley’s feet on the floor, purposely spreading her legs in the same motion. Ashley’s legs stretch in a wide “V” due to the low profile footrest. The stretch of her flaccid body forces her school shirt to untuck from her hiked up skirt revealing her soft and smooth stomach. Cara fights the urge to run her fingers over the tiny vertical slit of Ashley’s bellybutton as she kneels beside the body.

“Wow,” Cara breathes in aroused excitement, eyes locked on Ashley’s limp form. “I never knew she had such a hot body.”

Devin stands inside Ashley’s arms resting on the floor, hands on her hips in thought. One corner of her mouth forms a smile of agreement to Cara’s words as she surveys Ashley’s body. Cara watches as Devin crouches low to look at Ashley’s face. Taking a handful of her ponytail, Devin turns Ashley’s head from side to side studying her vacant eyes.

Devin grunts satisfactorily, “She had beautiful brown eyes.”

Devin traces a finger along the length of her nose, admiring this feature as well. Her finger travels over her lips, which she notices are slowly turning blue along with her swollen tongue. She flushes with excitement, feeling her lower region tingle as she contemplates Ashley’s mouth rubbing against her. She releases her grip on her hair, watching it swing loosely to a stop. She looks to see Cara on her hands and knees between Ashley’s legs, her mouth hovering anxiously over the prize under Ashley’s panties.

“Cara,” Cara stops to look at Devin sheepishly. Devin gives her a threatening stare. “Why don’t you wait outside.”

Cara’s face is colored in disappointment as she slowly moves to a standing position, her eyes longing to see what lies under Ashley’s clothing as she slowly steps to the front door. Devin, still crouched, watches as Cara stop short of the threshold and turn licking her lips anxiously.

“Can you do me a favor?”

Devin raises an eyebrow at her.

“Can you…um…dress her when you’re done?”

Devin smiles out the corner of her mouth almost amused. “Sure, whatever.”

Cara’s face brightens, “Thanks!” She twirls to exit the cabin, shutting the door behind her.

Devin closes her eyes for a moment, shaking her head at Cara’s girlish enthusiasm. She opens her eyes to stare at Ashley’s exposed throat, studying the violet stained skin the seatbelt had made. She can almost make out the weave pattern of the belt as she moves her face closer. Her chin gently bumps Ashley’s chin as she takes in a slow tentative breath through her nose and discovers the subtle, sweet smell of honeysuckle.

“Mmmm,” she smiles at the scent as she reaches between her legs.

Devin’s body shudders as she feels herself wet with anticipation. With her other hand she begins to unbutton Ashley’s dress shirt revealing more of her smooth skin and a yellow trimmed camisole. Devin can see a hint of Ashley’s nipples pressing against the cotton fabric of the camisole. She touches one of them with her forefinger smiling as they feel firm to the touch. She hurriedly sits back and roughly yanks off Ashley’s school shirt, tossing it thoughtlessly into the corner of the room. She places both her hands on Ashley’s chest as she begins to gently fondle her breasts through the camisole, enjoying the feel of the fabric and the fleshy softness of Ashley’s tiny breasts. Devin’s mouth waters as she quickly, carelessly pulls the camisole up above her breasts to suck hard on her nipple. She presses her face against Ashley’s chest as she tries to fit as much of her breast in her mouth as possible. She squeezes Ashley’s other breast with her hand. Her teeth clench around her areola as she takes her free hand to grab Ashley’s ponytail. Devin straddles her face and with a firm grip on her hair, presses Ashley’s face hard between her open legs. Devin begins to slowly rub herself back and forth against Ashley’s slack mouth. To her aroused delight, Devin can feel her teeth, lips and nose as she presses harder and quickens her movements. Her breath becomes strained as she gasps at the shear ecstasy, releasing her mouth’s grip on Ashley’s breast and throwing her head back gasping and moaning at the overwhelming sensations between her legs. She grips Ashley’s other breast for leverage, digging her nails into her flesh as she feels herself just seconds from her explosive climax. She moans and gasps louder, not caring who’ll hear.

She wants this.

She wants Ashley to give it to her.

She is.

Suddenly, like slamming the breaks on a racecar, Devin freezes, eyes dart towards the door at the sound of a girl’s scream outside. It stops just as suddenly followed by gurgling sound. A second later, she hears a meaty thud hit the ground outside followed by a more forced gurgling sound. Then silence. Devin watches the door with Ashley’s face still pressed between her legs, but nobody enters, nobody calls her name. Nothing but dead silence.

As if to break the silence, Devin’s body shudders violently as she climaxes, releasing her grip on Ashley’s head. Devin doubles over falling forward hard against Ashley’s flaccid body. Her cheek rest against Ashley’s stomach as she strains to regain her focus on the door now skewed sideways in her view.

Her breathing slowly returns to normal and the pounding in her chest subsides as she takes a minute to rest. Her vision returns as she gathers herself and attempts to stand. Her knees feel like jelly as they tremble weakly. Devin, by force of will, commands her legs to walk towards the door. Caution and rage energize her physical and mental resolve as she quietly turns the knob and pulls the front door slowly open to peer outside.


June 1997

20 Minutes Earlier…

Cara stops short of the threshold and turns anxiously to face an apparently impatient Devin. Glancing at Ashley’s body draped over the ottoman starts her mouth to water once more as she licks her lips.

“Can you do me a favor?”

Devin raises an eyebrow at her. Cara doesn’t want this moment of Ashley to change one bit when it’s her turn. She mentally crosses her fingers for luck as she drums up the courage to ask her friend an important request.

“Can you…um…” Cara clears her throat, “Dress her when you’re done?”

Cara’s heart lifts just a little as Devin smiles out the corner of her mouth. “Sure, whatever.”

Cara’s allows her relief to brighten her face, feeling her heart swell with anticipation, “Thanks!”

She twirls to exit the cabin, shutting the door behind her. She skips happily off the old wooden porch towards Beth still sitting on the tree swing listening to her mp3 player. Cara bounces into Beth’s view excitement trembling through her body as Beth continues to noticeably ignore her. Cara glances back at the cabin for a brief moment before turning back to look at Beth with unabated glee as she watches Beth’s patience wear thin by the second.

Cara is relieved as Beth yanks her ear buds off and gives her a dark stare. “What, C?”

Cara gushes as she bends over to look at Beth, face to face. “Dev says I’m next!”

Beth rolls her eyes, “Bullshit.”

Cara is unaffected by her attitude. “Nah-uh, Dev said sooooo.” Cara shook her head back and forth with every syllable.

She watches with amusement as Beth sighs in mild frustration, squeezing her eyes shut. Cara could tell she was trying to control her anger and was half-hoping she would blow. She always got very colorful with her words when she got mad, and it always made Cara laugh. She loved Beth’s clever way of stringing the dirtiest words together to make her insults so poetic. To her disappointment, Beth just opened her eyes to stare at her. Cara wondered if that was pity in her eyes.

“Look C,” Beth said, fatigue in her voice as she held up an index finger. “I called dibs in the car on our way here.” She takes her finger and points it at her ample chest. “I am next.”

Cara’s grin got a little wider as she looked into Beth’s eyes and nods excitedly. “You’re absolutely right.”

Beth’s face turns to slight confusion at the unexpected response. Before she can respond, she senses someone behind her and begins to look. In the next second, the stranger’s hand grips her chin, places their other hand on top of her head, taking a handful of hair in the same move. Before Beth can raise her hands to stop this assault, in one fluid move the stranger wrenches her chin upward and twists her head. Cara’s mouth forms a soundless “whoa” as she witnesses Beth’s neck being snapped quickly, producing a sound not unlike celery stalks being twisted to the breaking point. Beth’s eyes immediately grow unfocused and the remaining air in her lungs expel out of her mouth with a gurgling sound.

Cara grins with satisfaction keeping her eyes on Beth’s lifeless expression, “Hi, Regan.”

Regan Twombly, still holding Beth’s limp body upright by her head, returns Cara’s smile.

“Hey babe,” her voice is calm, tempered with an intensity of a seasoned killer.

Cara stands, more relaxed now, feeling relief in watch Beth die quickly. Thank god! she thought. She was such a downer! She watches as Regan releases her grip on Beth. Her body immediately falls back to the ground with a meaty thud. Cara’s interest in Beth has never been very intense, but seeing her splayed on the ground with her legs propped up by the swing she was sitting on… Cara began feeling the same swelling inside her once more as she stepped closer to Beth. It’s like deja vu as her vantage point is the same as it was with Ashley. She looks down between Beth’s legs, noticing with much gratitude that her skirt has fallen above her waistline. The unobstructed view of her hot pink thong forces her mouth to water.

“Nice,” she almost whispers to herself.

Cara glances at the odd angle Beth’s head situated in relation to her body and nods with happy approval.

“Wow,” she states with respect. “Did your dad teach you that move?”

Regan makes a huffing sound that could be mistaken for a laugh. Cara continues her visual assault on Beth’s body as she listens to her friend.

“The Colonel??” Cara barely noticed the distain in Regan’s voice, or the common reference she used for her father, as Regan moved to stand beside her. “I suppose, but he was all about self-defense. He wasn’t keen on showing me kill moves.”

Cara turns to Regan, who is enjoying the same view as her. She pauses a moment to admire Regan’s athletic form. She notices that her build is similar to Devin’s, but her tan skin and long, silky brown hair is so much more enticing to her than Dev. Her secret crush on Regan is difficult to hide in her face as she fixates on Regan’s ample breasts stretching the limits of her school shirt. Cara’s eyes wonder downward as she folds her hands tight behind her to keep from lifting Regan’s skirt to check out what’s underneath. She quickly realizes Regan’s thousand-yard stare as she meets it with a sheepish grin. Regan responds with an amused smirk.

“You want this body?” Regan asks, placing her hands on the topside of her chest. “Or, do you want that one?”

Cara follows Regan’s gesture towards Beth’s flaccid body. Cara considers the one fact that separates the difficult choice. The fact that Beth has expiration and the clock is ticking. She giggles at the obvious choice.

“Thought so,” Regan states with a knowing tone.

Cara’s mouth waters once more, licking her lips as she concentrates on Beth. She begins to move around the swing when she feels a gentle, but firm hand on her shoulder. She turns to face Regan, melting from her deep brown eyes staring at her. Cara wanted to kiss her so bad as she watched Regan’s lips part to speak. She trembled as she restrained herself from the incredible urge.

“Before you have fun, babe,” Regan began as Cara forced herself to listen. “There’s one thing you have to do for me.”

Cara’s excitement was overwhelming her self-control. She was hoping Regan was beginning to feel the same way about her. Please ask me for a kiss! She prayed internally. She began to tremble with anticipation as she watched Regan display a wolfish grin. Cara returns with a grin of her own accompanied by an excited giggle.

Cara feels a sudden constriction around her neck. What the fuck is she doing?! thought Cara’s panicked brain as she took hold of Regan’s right arm. She could feel Regan’s vice-like hand painfully gripping her neck. The next second Cara finds her feet swept from underneath her and being slammed to the ground on her back. The force of the impact is enough to knock the wind out of her lungs. Cara desperately gasps for air as the sharp pain of Regan’s fingers dig into her neck. Regan moves to sit on her stomach, pinning her arms under Regan’s knees. Cara can barely squeeze out a feeble cry as Regan’s knees press hard against her biceps.

“This, Cara,” Regan calmly states. “Is what I want you to do for me.”

Cara sucks in oxygen hungrily as Regan releases her grip. Cara’s spotty vision returns in time to see Regan’s evil grin and her right hand balled in a tight fist. She watches in horror as Regan pulls her fist as far back as she can, cocked for a devastating blow.

“I want you to die,” Regan spits the words through her grinning teeth.

Cara hears a scream explode from her mouth as Regan’s fist hammers into her throat, instantly crushing her larynx and shattering the hyoid bone. Her scream is abruptly cut off, replaced by a gurgling sound as blood begins to flow from the trauma caused by the blow. The excruciating pain from the initial blow is nothing compared to the blood quickly flooding her lungs. With her voice box obliterated Cara can’t scream in pain as she writhes and convulses under Regan. Her lungs feel like burning lava has been poured into them and a 5-ton weight is pressing against her chest. Glittering spots appear before the eclipsing view of Regan satisfied face as her eyesight begins to fail, her body continues to convulse involuntarily. Her panic is slowly replaced by a strange euphoria as the pain of oxygen deprivation begins to shut down her senses one-by-one. Her eyes fail completely as she senses her convulsions slow as she feels her life slowly tearing away. Suddenly, cold blackness envelops her completely, eternally.

Regan watches with aroused satisfaction as Cara’s eyes lose their focus and her body’s convulsing slowly subside against her. To compensate for the lack of Cara’s movement, Regan begins rub against her body, feeling the heat of ecstasy tingle and surge between her legs. Just as Cara grows forever still under her, Regan gasps as she explodes in climax. She forces her head back, her back arching as her mouth opens wide and smiling as she pants heavily from the head rush that follows.

After a moment she regains her steady breathing and slowly relaxes, still sitting on Cara’s stomach. She places a hand on Cara’s chest, groping for her small breast. She smiles as she discovers a very erect nipple.

“Lovely,” she breathes as she turns her attention to Cara’s face.

Cara’s eyes are nearly crossed as she notices the bubbling froth of blood oozing from her nose and mouth. Regan’s hand slides from Cara’s breast to her neck, admiring the violet-blue bruise on her throat.

Devin opens the front door all the way to see Regan resting on her knees, sitting on Cara’s stomach near the tree swing. Her tense shoulders relax as she notices Beth lying dead, legs still suspended from the swing. She turns and gives Regan a warm smile as she steps onto the porch the make her way down the steps. Before she can greet her friend and lover, her eyes are drawn to the blood foaming from Cara’s mouth and nose. She feels a sudden lurching in her stomach and the taste of bile in the back of her throat.

“F…uck!” Devin gags out the expletive. “I think I’m gonna puke!”

Regan turns to the sound of Devin’s voice and pushes off Cara’s body to block Devin’s view. Devin senses Regan’s arms wrapping around her and walking her swiftly back into the cabin. Inside, Devin continues to swallow repeatedly, not wanting to lose it here as Regan leads her straight for the restroom.

Devin throws her face over the toilet and vomits violently, feeling her stomach muscles clench so tight she fears she might rupture something. She can hear the faucet turn on as Regan wets a washcloth with cold water. Devin’s spasms calm as she sits back against the wall facing the toilet. Devin gratefully accepts the cold washcloth gingerly place on her forehead. She feels a warm hand gently caressing her shoulder, causing an automatic smile. Her appreciation for Regan’s help is overshadowed quickly by her anger towards her weakness she just displayed. Her smile turns to a frown of frustration.

“Feeling sick again?” Regan asks, her voice full of concern.

“No,” Devin answers, louder than she intended. She clears her throat to give her a moment to calm herself. “I can handle anything, Anything. But….” She sighs, “Why does the sight of blood fuck me up?!”

She turns her head to look at Regan, hoping she might have an answer. Instead, Regan gives her a reassuring smile as she slowly shakes her head.

“You were in the military,” Devin continues to pursue an answer from Regan. “You’ve seen all kinds of shit. Is there something I can do??”

“Dev, honey,” Regan begins, soothingly. “I wasn’t in the military. My dad was.”

Not wanting to hear the truth, Devin squeezes her eyes shut. “I know, I know,” she moans. She pounds a fist against the linoleum floor. “Dammit!” she growls through her clenched teeth. “I hate feeling weak!”

There’s a small moment of silence before Devin opens her eyes again to find Regan still looking at her with loving concern. Devin can’t help but feel embarrassed by her actions as she looks away.

“Sorry, I’m being such a big baby,” Devin mumbles in embarrassment.

“Look at it this way,” Regan begins. “Your like a superhero.”

Devin forces down a laugh as she turns to stare at Regan incredulously. “What the hell are you saying to me?”

“A superhero,” Regan repeats, unaffected by the disbelief in Devin face. “Look, everything you do in my eyes has strength behind it. You fear nothing. I admire that about you,” she places a hand on Devin’s cheek. Devin can feel the electricity of her touch on her skin.

Regan takes a breath before continuing. “Like any super hero, you have a weakness, but a weakness your enemies don’t know about, right?”

“Okay…” Devin is beginning to understand where this might be going, but decides to let her finish without interruption.

“I’m like your plucky sidekick. The only other person who knows of your weakness, see?”

“I think so.”

“And, as your sidekick, I’ll never betray your weakness. Plus, I don’t dwell on it so I just see you as my superhero.”

“Sexy superhero,” Devin corrects her, unable to stifle her amusement.

Regan gives her a sly smile, “Sexy, of course.”

Devin watches her lean towards her to give her a soft kiss on the cheek. She pulls away to give Devin a mischievous grin. “Now get yourself cleaned up, we’ve got a whole lotta fun ahead of us!”

Devin can’t help but laugh and nods in agreement at the titillating thoughts of Ashley’s body.


June 1997

Regan, sitting on Cara’s stomach, finished tying Cara’s sock around her neck, just below Cara’s jaw line, forcing her tongue to swell in her mouth. Satisfied, Regan began to clean off the blood from Cara’s slack face with her other sock. She wet a part of the sock with her spit to remove the dried portions of blood from Cara’s face. After a moment of intense cleaning, Regan sat back to inspect her work.

“Good as new,” she smiled with satisfaction. She threw the used sock in a large trash bag sitting beside her. Cara’s shoes were already in the bag along with her skirt.

Regan didn’t bother to unbutton Cara’s school shirt as she ripped it open violently. Buttons flew off from the force of her actions as Regan placed her hands on the grey sports bra covering her petite breasts. Regan smiled, “Mmmmm,” came a deep growl from her throat as her groping fingers detected Cara’s erect nipples underneath the material of the bra. Her arousal began to smolder as she turned her desirous gaze to Beth still lying on the ground, legs propped up by the swing she was sitting on before her death by Regan’s hands.

Regan turns and leans close to Cara’s face and stares mischievously into Cara’s unfocused eyes. “We are gonna have so much fun!”

* * *

Devin had carried Ashley’s body to the main bedroom and placed her on the small bed. As she undressed herself, Devin studies Ashley’s body lying above the covers on her back. Her limp arms rest above her head and her legs spread as wide as they’ll go. Her skirt and school shirt have been removed along with her shoes. Her sports bra is slightly skewed from Devin groping her breasts underneath it earlier in the living room, but her panties were still on the way Ashley had dressed herself this morning. They were a perfect mold around her perfectly shaped body, revealing the sweet camel toe shape of her pussy underneath. Devin hurried to remove the final bits of her clothing as her mouth began to water at the sight. She wanted Ashley so bad, her body ached hungrily for her body and she could feel the wet heat between her legs as she climbed onto the bed on her hand and knees.

Devin straddled Ashley’s body like a predator as she surveyed her body as if to choose where she would strike first. She sat back on Ashley’s hips and with her hands pushed the sports bra up and over her head. After removing it, she carelessly threw it to the floor, never once taking her eyes off of Ashley’s petite breast. Her mouth watered at the sight of Ashley’s erect nipples. She wanted nothing more than to hug her lips around her nipple and nibble and suck for as long as she desired, but she couldn’t help admiring the perfect shape of her breasts. She stared for a good minute before she gently placed her hands upon them. They were soft, supple and she could feel the firm protrusions of her nipples against her palms. Devin shivered with excitement as she began to squeeze and pet Ashley’s breast. She swallowed several times as her mouth would not stop salivating and her breathing became more labored as she realized she was moving her hips back and forth instinctively. Devin took her left hand and grabbed the back of Ashley’s right knee. She maneuvered her left leg under Ashley’s right to create a scissor position. She slid forward to press herself against Ashley and began to undulate her hips. Devin mewed in deep satisfaction as she continued her gyrations.

* * *

Regan was disappointed.

Cara was skinnier than she thought. Regan stared at Cara’s nude body strewn on the floor of the living room, face down. Regan admitted to herself as she locked her gaze on Cara’s bottom, that she had a perfectly shaped ass, but her body as a whole was more like a 14-year-old’s than her 18-years let on.

If I wanted a fucking boy to grope, she thought angrily. I would’ve snuffed little 14-year-old shithead, Tommy.

Regan, clad in her camisole and panties took a step closer to Cara’s body. With her bare foot she lightly kicked Cara’s hip and watched how her limp body reacted. Regan began to feel her disappointment burn slowly into anger. She gave a harder kick to the soft flesh of her side between her hip and rib cage.

“To bad sunshine!” she growled through clenched teeth.

Regan stepped between Cara’s legs and used her feet to roughly spread her limp thighs. Her anger had flamed to rage as she kicked as hard as she could between Cara’s legs. She felt Cara pubis give way with a crack followed by numbness in her foot. The force of the blow was enough to raise her butt up a few inches for a second, and slide her body forward about a foot on the slick, dusty wood floor.

“You fucking waste!” she screamed at the lifeless form. The next second brought the twinge of pain to top of her foot. “Shit!” she plopped down on the ottoman, which supported Ashley’s body earlier, to gingerly inspect her foot.

* * *

Devin sat on Ashley’s chest, minutely wiggling her bottom to feel her nipples rubbing against her flesh. She faced the end of the bed and Ashley’s feet. Her limp legs were spread wide in a perfect “V” – just the way she wanted as she leaned forward to rest on her hands and knees. Devin swallowed with delight at the inverted view; her desire to taste her grew stronger by the second as she admired Ashley’s shaved pussy. She slowly leaned forward, jamming her nose inside her as her tongue and teeth worked together to find her clitoris. She pushed her face harder against Ashley’s soft, moist flesh as she tasted her, nibbled and painted her tongue in various probing patterns.

Devin lowered her bottom half against Ashley’s face, a little disappointed her Asian nose didn’t have the same affect. She began to rock back and forth, rubbing herself hard on Ashley’s face. This was a more effective position than the ottoman earlier as the bed kept her head still without the use of her hand. She could relax more and enjoy the sensation of her soft lips, swollen tongue and nose as she rubbed to and froe. Her movements bumped her lips rhythmically against Ashley allowing her the chance to gasp for breath as she continued to feast on her flower.

* * *

Beth’s body lay face down on the couch, her lifeless face obscured by her hair. One arm and leg hung over the edge of the couch seat cushions as Regan studied Beth’s nude form, tapping a forefinger lightly against her lower lip. I never realized just how fine her ass was, Regan thought as she sat on the arm of the couch admiring Beth’s shapely butt. In her other hand, she clutched Beth’s hot pink thong as she moved to sit on the arm of the couch next to Beth’s head. She had her regrets for breaking her soft, smooth neck, but the circumstances were not of her choosing. This was Devin’s show and she was facilitating her wishes. Clean-up duty is more like it, she thought dismissively as she toyed with the thong in her lap. She brushed away Beth’s hair to reveal the brown skin of her neck. Regan smiled at the purple stain of the bruise wrapped unevenly around her neck. Some of the blood vessels in Beth’s neck had torn during the neck break along with the trauma that cause the cloudy bruising around her neck. Regan lightly caressed the bruised neck as her smile turned to a frown. She wasn’t feeling any arousal at all. She turned to give Cara’s body a dark, scornful look, then turned back to look at Beth lying on the couch, almost apologetic.

“I wish I could’ve strangled you,” she stated quietly to the back of Beth’s head.

She looked at the crumpled thong in her other hand, wishing she could’ve used this as her weapon. She raised her eyebrows in realization. This could come in handy! She thought excitedly.

Regan began stretching the thong out then twisted it until it looked more like a short length of hot pink rope. She gathered it up and placed it in the front of her panties as she reached for Beth. She hooked her hands under Beth’s armpits, lifted and dragged her over the armrest of the couch. Regan stopped as soon as Beth’s breasts were directly over the armrest before dropping her hold carelessly. Beth’s head flopped over without hitting the side of the couch.

Perfect, Regan told herself and smiled in satisfaction.

Regan moved around the couch to sit on Beth’s soft butt, her knees hugging her hips. She wiggles her bottom feeling the cushiony flesh yield to her movements. She giggles at the ticklish sensation as she pulls out the twisted thong, tucked in her panties. She held the thong taught as she leaned forward to slip the thong around Beth’s neck. Using her weight, Regan leaned back as she pulled on the ends of the thong. Beth’s head bent all the way back as the thong slid to a stop at the corners of her jaw. The dead weight of her body and Regan tugging on the thong, compressed her neck forcing her tongue to swell in her mouth. The remaining saliva in her mouth was forced out spilling down the corners of her mouth as Regan began to strain against Beth’s arching back. Regan’s hands were becoming wet with sweat as she strained to hang on to the silky material of the thong. Beth’s back was almost ninety degrees in relation to her lower half, and Regan wished she had Devin doing this so she could touch Beth’s stretched stomach. She could feel the thong slipping from her grip as she fought the decision to let go, but she wanted to save her arm strength so she could move Beth around in other positions. She let go. Beth’s body fell quickly, her chest slamming against the arm of the couch hard forcing her head to swing wildly before settling.

“Well,” Regan stated to herself as she rubbed her cramped arms. “That was interesting.”

* * *

Devin lay on her back content with the weight of Ashley’s body lying on top of her face down. Ashley’s slack face was nestled in the crook of Devin’s neck and her arms splayed as Devin held her around the torso. Devin slowly ran the fingers of her right hand down Ashley’s spine as her other hand slid down to feel her soft, tiny bottom. Ashley’s legs were draped over Devin’s hips allowing easy access for her hand to trace the moist folds of Ashley’s pussy. She ran her hand further down where the back of Ashley’s thigh met the crease of her butt cheek. So smooth, she admired. Her right hand was slowly running back the other way up her spine until she reached the nap of her neck. Devin felt the tight material of a man’s necktie around Ashley’s neck. Her hand continued over the tie to the back of Ashley’s scalp. Devin made a fist, grabbing a handful of Ashley’s hair, lifting her head so she could look into Ashley’s lifeless eyes.

“Thanks,” Devin smiled.

Devin looked at Ashley’s mouth; the large knot under her chin was forcing her tongue to swell through her lips. Devin’s mouth watered at the urge to kiss her mouth. Devin pressed her open mouth against hers, sucking Ashley’s tongue as she softly bit at her lips. Devin squeezed Ashley’s butt cheek hard as she pulled her head back further to expose her neck. She nibbled and sucked on Ashley’s smooth, bruise skin as the nails of her left hand dug into the soft flesh of her bottom.

“You’re gonna draw blood,” came Regan’s voice.

Devin released a startled gasp as pushed Ashley’s body off of her, ignoring the meaty thud of the body landing on the wood floor. Devin burns her angry stare at Regan sitting in the corner of the bedroom, cross-legged in a chair. Regan, still clad in her panties and shirt, returns her stare with a pleasant smile. One of her hands is placed above her heart, the other tucked between her legs.

“I know how much you hate the sight of blood, babe,” Regan continued.

Devin takes a deep, cleansing breath as her anger subsides to annoyance. “Hm,” she eye’s her partner. “Did you enjoy the show?”

Regan raised an eyebrow as the hand on her chest began to drift downward over her breast. “I am now.”

Devin saw Regan’s eyes scanning her nude body sitting on the edge of the bed. Devin chuckled half embarrassed by Regan’s blatant once over. Looking down draws her attention to Ashley’s body splayed on her back in an odd angle. Her nude form lays perfectly still, eyes staring into nothingness. The red markings of the seatbelt that Devin used to snuff out her life have turned violet. Her swollen tougue and lips share the same tint of violet as she noticed her creamy beige skin was pale and turning a sickly color. At that moment, her fantasy ended and she sighed again. This time it was a sigh of disappointment.

“We need to pack it up,” Devin stated without turning her gaze away from Ashley’s lifeless face.

“Roger that,” Regan said enthusiastically as she hopped to her feet and strolled out the bedroom.

Devin turned at the sound of rustling plastic to see Regan in the other room collecting the remainder of Cara and Beth’s clothing. She watched as Regan paused before throwing Cara’s panties in the bag, playing with the material in her free hand. With surprise she watched as Regan tucked Cara’s underwear inside the elastic of her panties and moved to finish the clean-up.

Devin’s eyebrows raise as she smiled, amused at the uncharacteristic behavior Regan displayed. She slides off the edge of the bed to her feet, steps over Ashley’s body to the chair Regan had occupied. She headed for her change of clothing which lay stacked beside the chair. As she neared the chair, she noticed something white and yellow stuck in between the chair cushions. She immediately recognized Ashley’s panties, remembering this last article of clothing she removed and threw in this direction. She held the underwear by the corners of the waistband at eye level. She studied the too-cute yellow baby duckling image imprinted on the front. Devin glanced down at Ashley’s body, smiling appreciatively at the appropriate correlation between the panty she held and Ashley’s personality.

“You were incredibly cute, Ash.” Devin turned her stare back to the panties. “And so innocent.” She stated to herself. She admired Ashley’s unbending innocence and how vulnerable it made her. She stared at the panties, puzzled as to why she was fixating on this object. It wants me? She thought, but shook her head at the ridiculous idea. Still, the duckling panties were beckoning her, as if to say, “Don’t let me go!”

“Dev!” Regan yelled from the other room, startling her out of her daze. “Get dressed! We’re losing daylight!”

“Okay!” she responded, eyes locked on the panties. Get dressed? She projected her thoughts to the underwear. You want me to put you on?

Without another thought, Devin found herself putting the panties on. She expected they would be snug since Ashley’s hips were not as wide as hers, but that didn’t matter. She liked the tight feel of the cotton and didn’t care if the elastic banding cut into her skin. She ran her hand over the panty she wore, feeling every contour of her body underneath.

“Nice,” she said to herself will a satisfactory smile.

Devin turned her focus back to her change of clothing. She found the neatly folded stack exactly where she had left them last weekend, and hurried to dress herself.

* * *

To Devin’s satisfaction, Regan managed to collect all the clothing and shoes, including their school uniforms into on large yard waste bag. Devin glanced over her shoulder to admire Regan’s outfit. She wore black jeans, a yellow turtleneck and a black leather bomber jacket. She had tied her long hair in a ponytail as she knelt on one knee beside the stuffed plastic bag to finish tying the laces of her suede hiking boots. Devin turned her attention back to the task of tying Ashley’s ankles together with a rope suspended from a large tree limb. Once Devin was finished, she studied her knots and nodded to herself happy with her handiwork. She ran her palm slowly over Ashley’s cold skin, starting from her thigh and ending at her bruised neck. She stared hard at Ashley’s lifeless eyes. Even though the sun had fallen behind the horizon, the ambience of dusk light was enough to see her eyes were beginning to cloud over with a milky film. Her tongue was a dark violet, matching her lip color, and the bruising on her neck was dark and splotchy. Devin reached and caressed Ashley’s icy cheek with the back of her hand.

“Thank you,” she whispered, smiling gratefully.

Devin studied the red shirt tie wrapped tightly three times around Ashley’s. She reflected on the moment in the bedroom when she tied the tightest knot she could, grunting at the effort. She was glad to see the knot ball was still embedded deep in her neck, centered under her jaw line. Ashley’s tongue had swollen even further by the force of the knot. Devin smiled and touched her dry tongue with her fore finger. It felt sandy and rough to the touch as Devin pulled her finger away with a curious stare. Devin stood and looked to see Regan watching her with delight.

“What?” Devin asked almost defensively.

Regan chuckled, “Nothing babe. Just enjoying the show.”

Devin rolled her eyes in a show of slight annoyance in order to hide her embarrassment. Without missing a beat, Devin turned to step towards the other end of the rope and griped it removing the slack. She stopped as she looked at Regan, confused as to why she hadn’t moved to help her pull on the rope as she had just moments earlier to hoist Cara and Beth. She gestured with one hand towards the two dangling bodies strung up by their ankles, red shirt ties tied in the same fashion as Ashley’s.

“A little help here,” Devin returned her free hand to grip the rope as she widened her stare toward Regan.

Regan smiled mischievously, “Sorry babe.”

Regan sauntered over and gracefully gripped the rope. They pulled in unison as Ashley’s legs lifted slowly off the ground. Her body slid forward on the ground, about a foot, as the rest of her weight is hoisted up one tug at a time. Devin watched with enjoyment as Ashley’s flaccid body jiggled with each tug. The two stop as Regan gripped the rope tight while Devin moved to the nearby tree and tied off the rope next to the other knots holding the other bodies.

Devin studied the knot she’d made and nodded to herself. “Okay,” she says breathlessly to Regan.

She watched as Regan released her grip and rubbed her hands, gazing at the three nude bodies suspended by their ankles.

“From now on,” she began as Devin moved to stand next to her following Regan’s satisfied gaze. “We should do one at a time.”

“Agreed,” Devin nodded, never taking her eyes off the bodies hanging before them.

Devin studied their handiwork, the dangling bodies were a pleasurable end to a very exciting, educational day. Even though she had most of the day to satiate her newly discovered urges, she was still hungry. That hunger she felt was a sign that she would have to feed again, and again. The fear burning in the pit of her stomach she recognized was the fear of being addicted like a junkie was addicted to heroine. It was enough to consider not pursuing this. She glanced at Ashley hanging, arms slowly swaying by the movement of the tree being pushed by a growing wind; her thoughts went back to her time with Ashley. She reflected on the highlights of touching her body with her mouth, hands and her entire body. Realization of the desire to continue flooded her soul. She wanted this life. She wanted to have more of this, of girls like Ashley. A redhead would be nice to have, she thought inspirationally. She wanted complete control of a woman’s body without any of the emotional baggage. If she wanted emotions, she would turn to Regan.

Devin turned her gaze to Regan and smiled in appreciation. It had been her idea, but Regan helped her bring it to reality and she loved her for that. Regan had never asked for anything in return, and this puzzled her a bit.

“Why’re you doing this for me?” she asked in a soft voice.

She watched as Regan smiled, closing her eyes as she lowered her head. Devin wasn’t sure what was so funny, but she was about to ask again more forcefully. Before she could, Regan opened her eyes and turned to give Devin an adoring look; she sensed shyness in Regan’s demeanor as she took a breath before speaking.

“Because I love you Devin,” she breathed, barely audible.

Her quiet statement hit Devin in the chest with sweet impact. She lost all control of the grin forming on her face as tears welled up in her eyes. She had no words, just desire. Desire to kiss her beloved. She griped the back of Regan’s neck and pulled her lips to hers. She felt Regan’s arms wrap around her waist , squeezing her close as she flung her arms around Regan’s neck. They held each other for an eternity as they continued to kiss one another hard and deep.

If Devin had any doubts about what the future held, they were washed away as they continued their loving embrace while the darkness of night fell upon them.


FYI, Jessi (Jessika Ryan, or Ragdoll) has been around and very infrequently posting things. Still a fan!

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