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I've been looking for this story for ages. It disappeared from Lit a while back.
It was about a girl who uses surgery and bodymod to literally transform her pussy into a flower. Like stretching her clit into a stem or prolapsing her cervix to look like the center of the flower.
Anyone remember, or better yet have it saved?


I have it saved somewhere. Its by Falquian and it's called "Daisy and the Cuntflower"


Yes!! That's the one! if you could post it, I'm sure it would be appreciated my many, and definitely by me. I can find it anywhere, even with the name..


can't* find it



Chapter 1

It all began with the bees and the flowers. Daisy remembered very well the day her mother had called her to the couch to have that conversation dreaded by all parents worldwide. The day had begun pretty much like every other day in the life of a first grader. She had gone to school like every other day, played with her friends like every other day, showed her homework like every other day, and so on and so forth. Nothing was out of the ordinary, until the very moment when Mike had opened his backpack and got out a strange magazine smuggled from the room of his older brother, in the lifelong tradition of meddling younger siblings.

Daisy had only barely peeked at the glossy pages of the magazine, displaying photos of naked people dancing, or something along those lines, when Ms Madison, their teacher, had noticed the ruckus and took poor Mike and his contraband magazine to the principal’s office.

Little Daisy couldn’t understand what was all the fuss about, with parents being called left and right and teachers acting like mother hens, clucking here and there. What changed her life forever, though, was the talk with her mother about that subject. At that moment in her life it just seemed a confusing explanation about bees and flowers and her coochie and her dad’s weenie and where children came from. It made little sense, and she wasn’t paying much attention.

However, one concept from that conversation hit home harder than the rest, lodging firmly in her undeveloped but pliable mind, never to leave again: her coochie was a flower.

That night, after her mom had neatly brushed her long auburn tresses and tucked her blankets in, she was unable to sleep thanks to that idea repeating on a loop again and again. Flustered without knowing why, Daisy turned on the light of her room, took the small mirror from her toy makeup set and examined her coochie, or vagina, like her mother had called it, with utmost attention. Peeling the fat soft outer lips away, she looked interested at the velvety pink folds, the holes that went inside her body, and the little nub that crowned the ensemble. The awkward manipulations left her with two important conclusions.

Number one: her coochie did indeed resemble a flower somehow, albeit it seemed closed and sleeping like the flower buds daddy had showed her that time when she had visited the botanical garden.

Number two: it felt strangely good touching herself down there.

That day was the beginning of what would become a lifelong obsession for Daisy with the flowers and her genitals, linking those two concepts forever with chains of steel forged in the fires of her loins.

In the following weeks, Daisy switched her childish interest from princesses and ponies to flowers. Since it was as girly as anyone would want, her parents went along her change of tastes and showered her with every kind of flowery memorabilia. Her notebooks, the walls of her room, her furniture, clothes, toys… everything became covered with flowers of every color, size and shape. And in the solitude of her room, playing with her vagina, surrounded by flowers everywhere, her mind warped further and further.

All along that month, she would devour botanical and anatomical books in the library of her school, finally setting all those confusing concepts, which her mom had tried to explain so poorly, straight. The reality of the true purpose, similarities and differences of the reproductive organs of plants and humans did little to shake the idea that had solidified inside her mind during that fateful night. Her coochie was destined to be a flower, it needed to be a flower, it begged her to bloom in beauty, color and fragrance. And if nature hadn’t designed it that way, maybe it was up to her to set wrongs right.

In a short time, it became evident for everyone around her that little Daisy had always been an undetected precocious genius. Unbeknownst to everyone, she had only needed the proper motivation to set her mental gears running full throttle. However, her newly found brilliance soon made her wary of what she revealed about her true desire. For her awakened mind it was obvious that the object of her feverish dreams was supposed to be taboo for someone her age, so she put her brain to work in ways to increase her knowledge without alerting everyone.

It was laughably easy. Her parents were so doting on her perfect child genius, trusting her so much, that they allowed little Daisy to be alone in her room with her new laptop and a high speed internet connection, and only a stock parental filter to protect her from the nastiness of the World Wide Web.

After disabling the filter and learning in record time how to erase her traces, she began searching for ways of modifying her body with flowers. The first words she tried in her search bar were “body”, “modification” and “flower”, and the first thing she learned was about tattoos. The tattoos lead to piercings, and the piercings to scarifications, and scarifications to surgical mods, and surgical mods to hormones, and everything lead to hentai, transformations, and all kind of bizarre sexual experiences. The overflow of porn found a cozy corner in her mind, next to her obsession with flowers, and moved in, never to leave again.

Those evenings of pretend homework, alone in her room, became masturbatory sessions when she would rub her little clit and finger her small vagina until she cried tears of pleasure. Sore, but satisfied, she would go to bed and dream about her genitals transforming into a flower and blooming gloriously.

That routine settled in for the following years. Her obsession grew alongside her frustration for being incapable to carry it on. Being so young meant that nobody with the knowledge and experience she coveted would work on her. Finally, on her twelfth birthday, sick and tired of being always denied, she decided to take a leap of faith and risk everything for her dream.

After browsing the most reputable extreme body modification forums, she created a fake adult persona and set her plan into motion.
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++ on that story :) Body mods are awesome! Peel those petals open for us, little flower!
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Not my thing, but i'm still curious what's next
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Really looking forward to more!
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Huh. That was a nice build up. I'm really curious what happens next.
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Somewhat relevant. This is from Zazel.
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Chapter 2

With nervous excitement and fear at the thought of getting caught, Daisy began delving deep into the bodymod community, asking honest questions, giving insightful advice and making friends with as many people as she could. At the tender age of twelve, and thanks to her efforts into not getting discovered, Daisy had achieved an expert knowledge of computer tech, to the point she could be considered a very apt programmer.

That tech savviness allowed the little minx to avoid the worst predators and the law enforcement as well, and made a good solid foundation when she submerged for the first time in the deep web. In a matter of months, she had made herself a small name within the hacker community and, through them, she got access to the most graphic imagery of body modification, pictures and videos often shielded by pay walls she could not circumvent legally.

It had to be noted that if she wasn’t the best hacker around it was mainly because her mind was mostly occupied with sexual fantasies around the object of her insane obsession. She lost her vaginal virginity to a marker the year after she began masturbating, and her anal virginity to another marker a year after that. Through porn she learned about the spots that gave women pleasure, and she became an adept at that art thanks to the lengthy night sessions playing with her body in different ways.

The result was that she experienced some subtle changes at odds with her childish body. For example, her nipples, which had been just flat pinkish dimes in her washboard chest, became permanently puffy and erect thanks to the frequent tugging and twisting and pulling she did on them, steadily increasing the pressure, oblivious to pain in her orgiastic deliriums.

Likewise, her clit had received the same treatment and had grown a little from what should have been normal for her age and body. It wasn’t too obvious, or her parents would have suspected something amiss but, for her trained eyes, the difference was there.

Her labia, the outer as well as the inner lips, also had grown from an excessive rough manipulation, and their engorged shape when she became excited made them part sweetly, dripping nectar and showing a glimpse of the hole that they had been created to protect.

It wasn’t enough. It was never enough. The pleasure had became a drug for her, like it did for so many people, and she needed bigger doses each time to reach the same peaks. Her hazel eyes welled with tears of frustration whenever she noticed that the manipulations that had brought her to orgasm not a month ago weren’t enough to scratch the surface of her itches nowadays. She would often silently cry herself to sleep, her long auburn hair concealing her head from the inquisitive eyes of her mom and dad.

And, to top the growing pile of her frustrations, she wasn’t closer to her goal of making her vagina a flower than what she had been in the beginning. With growing horror, she discovered how her carefully crafted plans to modify her coochie always met with accusations of insanity, petitions to seek psychiatric help or threats of calling the authorities. And that was even while disguising her identity as that of an adult. It was simply too extreme, too dangerous. No reputable bodymodder would risk jail for giving her what she wanted, and the disreputable ones demanded so much money as to make the offer ridiculous. She was penniless, but not even her parents had that kind of money lying around.

Six months into her twelfth year, and she was already considering learning methods to perform the procedures on herself, when she received a mysterious anonymous email without address in her inbox. As she read it carefully, slowly, her heart thumped faster and faster in her chest, threatening to escape her body.

“Dear miss FlowerCuntF’eva, or should we say, Daisy. Your efforts to reach the world of truly extreme body modifications had moved us deeply. It takes a valiant and resolute heart for someone as awfully young as you to put so much work into what we all agree seems to be a lifelong dream, no matter how short that life might have been thus far.

Your efforts in concealing your identity, as well as your academic achievements and your way of expressing yourself marks you as a mature individual, conscious of the weight of her decisions and worthy of attaining her goal. You will not get what you want alone and, in the worst case, you might die from the procedure. We, on the other hand, have pieced your plans together from the scattered info you have been leaving around and believe, with the proper adjustments, to be a feasible undertaking, especially with our means and expertise.

We offer our help freely to people like you but, as with everything worthwhile in life, such things come with a prize, even if it’s not monetary. The end result of your procedure, as designed by yourself, will make you unable to function normally in society, and also expose our little organization into the hateful eye of the public opinion. We can’t afford that and, therefore, if you commit yourself to this, you will have to leave your family and friends behind, never to see them again. We will grant you a new life, away from everyone you know and love, but you will get what you want and even more.

Read this email carefully and burn it in your mind, because as soon as you close the browser window, the email will be automatically deleted without trace. If you agree, in a week from today, make a detour through the park when returning home from school, alone. You won’t need anything from your old life, so pack only your normal school gear. Don’t tell anyone, don’t alert anyone, trust us, and you will get what you want.

Yours truly. The Daphne Directorate.”

Daisy had developed a very good memory. She committed the words to her brain and closed the tab. As soon as she opened her inbox again, the message had disappeared as they had said it would. No method she tried allowed her to recover the message or trace the source. In the following days, she sometimes doubted her own sanity, believing the mail a fabrication of her delirious mind.

It was simply too good to be true, and the consequences of it being true too horrifying to contemplate. She loved her parents as much as anyone else, but an insidious thought looped again and again in her mind. If she declined the invitation, if she lost the opportunity, she was sure her unfulfilled dreams would destroy her in the long place.

It was the riskiest gamble she would ever take in her life, she was sure of that. However, as she sidetracked her friends on the way back home and headed to the park the designated day, she knew that in her heart the decision had been taken long ago.
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I'm glad my little new written endeavour is gathering so much praise. I hope you will enjoy reading the story as much as I am doing writing it.

>>6143 It's relevant, and somewhat close to what I have in mind. I might have to make a drawing of the end result myself to convey the true scope of Daisy's plans.

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Mmmh, nice buildup. One question: what's Mg on the tag means? Can't figure it out.
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Mmmh, nice buildup. One question: what's Mg on the tag means? Can't figure it out.
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>>6150 Thanks, it's standard story code for the main participants. 'M' (adult male) and 'g'(preteen girl) with a further age clarification (12).

For your info, the standard people codes are 'M' and 'F' (adult male and female), 'm' and 'f' (teen male and female) and 'b' and 'g' (preteen male (boy) and preteen female (girl)).
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Looking forward to more…
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Nice start ! Can't wait for more. :)


It's also the symbol and atomic number of Magnesium. :p
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Not that I disapprove in any way, but might any of this have been inspired by my story "The Village and the Girl with the Vision?"

>>6152 Hm. I never knew it was that standardized.

Falquian 14-Jul-16 07:57 # 6168 Up to top Down to bottom
>>6167 Well, this story is a retelling of some incomplete storylines and concepts abandoned from some of my older scripts and stories.

Apart from the flower name, it really doesn't have many things in common with your story. This is about a girl wanting to modify her genitals to resemble a flower via 'realistic' means (as in: procedures and substances that can or could be found in the real world, with a small wriggle room to get more fantastic results) so it will involve tattooing, scarification, surgery, hormones… (hence the tag body modification, instead of sci-fi). Yours was about a parasitic worm infecting people's brains, so it has more in common with my story about Heather than with this one.
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Also, I believe the codes originated at, but soon extended into every adult story network because of their usefulness.

You can find a very comprehensive list here:
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Chapter 3

The small park was in the middle of her way home, just a three minutes detour from the usual eight minutes walk to the school. It also was usually deserted at those hours, which was surely the main reason it had been chosen for the rendezvous. The amount of information those people had on her was staggering, and that fact was the only thing that eased her fears a little about the upcoming encounter.

If those people wanted to just kidnap or kill her, they would have been able to do so effortlessly. That they had contacted her and offered an alternative lowered the odds of the arrangement being an elaborate trap. Lowered, but not eliminated. The thrill of the unknown moistened Daisy’s white laced panties, leaving her bewildered and flustered.

While she walked the sandy path between the trees, she thought about how desolated her mom and dad would be by her disappearance. She hoped that they would recover in time but, at her tender age, she didn’t fully understand the devastating psychological trauma she was about to willingly inflict on them. Besides, the tiny voice of her consciousness was promptly silenced by the blood rush generating from her loins.

When she reached the end of the park, Daisy froze in her tracks, a shiver of fear running up her spine and drenching her in cold sweat. There was a shiny black limo parked in the back entrance of the park, and an elegant elderly man in butler’s attire held one of the doors open in invitation.

That was it. The moment of truth. The last chance to turn back and forget that illicit affair. The opportunity to go back to her doting parents, her good friends, and the prospect of a future career as a computer engineer.

The option to return to a life where her vagina wasn’t a flower, and wasn’t likely to ever be.

She took a step forward, and then another, and soon she reached the opened door and entered the shadowed interior of the luxurious limo.

“Welcome, Daisy”

The seated man that had ushered those words was an attractive fellow, maybe the age of his father, dressed in a very elegant two-piece suit. He had a neat salt peppered hair cut very short, and a kind smile that reflected also in his black eyes. Daisy felt relieved without knowing why, so she seated in front of him while the butler closed the door. Soon after, the limo started and they began moving towards God knew where.

“Want a drink? Maybe some juice?” he asked, politely

“Yes please. Peach, if you have it” she answered, her throat suddenly very, very dry.

Without a word, the mysterious man opened a concealed door in the opposite side, revealing a chilly minibar. The small fridge was chock full of juice bottles, of the flavors and brands she favored the most. Another proof, if she needed any, that those people, those Daphne fellows, knew everything about her.

Slowly, the suited man took a glass from another hidden compartment and poured the fresh juice inside, offering the full glass to a very thirsty and excitedly scared Daisy.

“I suppose you have a lot of questions for me. About whom we are and why do we want you.”

Daisy nodded, enjoying the cold syrupy juice moistening her throat on its way down.

“Our organization, the Daphne Directorate” he began, showing her the seal engraved on a heavy ring in his left hand, an ornate letter D surrounded by laurel leaves “began as a gathering of wealthy men with, let’s say, deviant interests. We are few, but very devoted to what we do”

“And what do you do?” Daisy asked with genuine, if amused, curiosity.

“We seek individuals with interests akin to ours, and help them fulfill their innermost desires”

“Why? What do you gain from that?”

“Entertainment, my little lady. When you have as much money as we do, there are precious few things that are forbidden or out of our reach. In time, even the most exclusive shows become dull and boring and repetitive” he explained with a hint of disgust in his soft, basso voice.

“And why am I interesting? I’m a nobody, and you know that”

“Do you know the myth of Daphne?”

Daisy nodded in acquiescence. Since that day when she had received the email, she had investigated a bit. Daphne had been a nymph transformed by a Greek god into a laurel tree to protect her chastity from another Greek god.

“We seek those individuals willing to cast away their humanity, or parts of it, at least. We help them along the process and derive pleasure from seeing the results. Yours is a special case, though, as we have never helped someone so young. You are incredible, Daisy, and you should be proud of that. Only a handful of people reach that far.”

Despite herself, Daisy beamed with pride. Nobody had ever acknowledged her for harboring desires so deviant. That her secret wish was desired and cherished lifted a weight from her chest and cast away her fears for the time being.

The mysterious man took a handful of papers from a folder at his side and presented them to the amazed girl. She accepted them and began looking at the diagrams and explanations written there. Soon, it became obvious that the papers were a detailed account of all her plans for her coochie, with some additions that sparked her interest further.

“I never thought about this!” she said, pointing to the relevant diagram “Or this!”

“Our resident doctors think it’s possible and have devised a plan to make it real. I agree with them that it’s a marked improvement from your initial plan. And one that will make your genitals completely resemble a flower.”

“I love it!” Daisy squealed excitedly. She should have thought about it herself, but who could have known such a thing was even possible?

The mysterious man smiled at her childish delight, his hands crossed above his crotch to hide his raging boner. Suddenly, the limo stopped and he turned serious again.

“Well miss. In honor to your cheerful spirit, I offer you one last chance to back down and leave. If you say so, you will exit this limo and never hear about us again. However, if you decide to stay, you will live with me, subject to my authority and my desires. And I must warn you, I will expect complete obedience in all matters, and the punishments will be harsh if I’m disobeyed”

Daisy looked at his eyes and saw danger, pain and death behind the gentle façade. He fears returned again redoubled, but the diagrams she was holding convinced her that no sacrifice was too much to achieve her desire. In front of her was the possibility of death, behind her was a life devoid of her dream, a veritable living death.

“Take me with you. I’m yours” she said, her heart heavy with finality.

“A courageous decision” he nodded “I’m Anthony, and I will be your new father from now on. Welcome to the Daphne Directorate”
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Chapter 4

Daisy lived in a secluded outskirts community, with thick forests surrounding the gated complexes that isolated them from the city suburbia. It was easy for any vehicle to get lost in some of the winding roads that crisscrossed the different dormitory towns around the main city. Despite that, a limo like Anthony’s was bound to catch a few interested stares. Stares that would later prove inconvenient if one wanted to avoid law enforcers.

That was the probably the reason for the long but narrow limo suddenly being hauled inside a truck in one of those deserted roads, Knight Rider style. The truck resumed the trip, with the limo inside its belly, and them inside the limo.

“We know what we are doing, Daisy” Anthony answered the unspoken question “The traffic cameras have been conveniently hacked and looped at our passing, and there were no witnesses around when you first entered this vehicle. Cops will have a hard time sniffing our trail and when they do, if they do, the trail will be so cold that they won’t ever find you”

“And what if I escape?” she said, unable to contain her sassy mouth.

“Do you like your new ring?” the older man said, amused.

“I do!” she said, and she meant it. After giving herself to him, he had produced a copy of his D ring from a pocket and presented it to her with great ceremony, as if it was a wedding ring. The heavy seal weighted deliciously in her left hand, with the ornate, leafy letter. “But what has the ring to do with me escaping?”

“That ring has a tracking device inserted inside” he pointed at the jewel “If you try to escape, or the signal is lost for whatever reason, or you try to tamper with it, destroy it or remove it from your finger, then a small needle loaded with a very potent neurotoxin will kill you on the spot”

Daisy looked at the heavy ring, now turned into an indestructible set of shackles, with undiluted terror. The overwhelming need to remove it threatened to kill her on the spot. Knowing that you will have to live the rest of your life with a kill switch could do terrible things to a child’s sanity. Thankfully, Anthony gripped her hands tightly, giving her time to breathe and let the panic attack pass.

“We have to protect our lifestyle, and I really hoped you would understand our point of view. You are not a slave, but we can’t risk it” he pleaded, genuinely distressed.

Daisy, now calmer, looked at him in the eyes. The dangerous look behind the gentle smile and face was still there, but she could somehow feel that the steely eyes hid something else, like a multilayered onion.

“I understand, please, release me”

Anthony did, and the rest of the trip was uneventful. Daisy told him about her life and how her obsession had developed and grew. She even told him about her sexual experiments, not even a bit embarrassed, to her surprise, to be talking about such private matters so openly with a complete stranger.

Daisy’s new ‘father’ told her about her new identity and her new home, a luxurious mansion far removed from any major city centre with vast tracts of land surrounding the complex and warding the state from curious eyes. The scarce personnel had been selected for their undying loyalty, tolerance to deviant sexual behavior and, in some cases, for being former recruits of the Directorate.

As Anthony told her some anecdotes about the antics of the maids and butlers, he managed to turn Daisy red to the roots of her hair. Her sexual discoveries were just child’s play compared to some of the things that transpired behind the closed doors of Anthony’s retreat.

They also reviewed extensively the files about her impending modifications, and he answered as well as he could all her questions about the new additions.

“Yes, Daisy, you are very smart. If you approve that modification, you won’t be able to have children, ever”

“I don’t care anymore. The more I see those drawings, the more I want to see it through the end. I have gambled everything, my whole self into this. I won’t go back.”

“I’m glad to hear that. It will be painful, you know, right?”

“I said I don’t care!” she screamed out of the blue “My body is yours, do with me whatever you want! Just… just give me my desire…” she sobbed, all her repressed feelings, frustration, fear, loneliness… crashing down on her at once.

Anthony hugged and calmed the crying girl as best as he could, whispering sweet nothings on her ear to lull her to sleep. It had been a very stressful day for a girl that young, he understood perfectly her need for release. Nonetheless, he also was adamant on taking that promise of free reins on her body at face value.

Anthony was a raging pedophile through and through. He could enjoy older women of course, and he did it, frequently, but the reason he had volunteered himself for that assignment would become evident for Daisy soon enough. If what her psychosexual profile said was right, she would be a very willing and active partner if handled right.

He marveled, for the umpteenth time, at how a girl so young could have brainwashed herself so effectively. All the analysts agreed about that: it had sufficed a genius level intelligence and a latent compulsive personality disorder to take an innocent idea, acquired at the wrong time, and escalate it to the level of insanity she displayed then. It would be his work to cultivate that obsession and make it reach its finer heights.

The truck finally reached its destination, a small private airport in the countryside. The limo disembarked from the truck and the Daphne Directorate member left the jet black vehicle for the shiny jet parked in the runway, carrying the sleeping newest addition of the society on his arms.

The videos of her transformation would gather a legendary status between the Directorate members, he was sure of that. A girl so young and delicate being on the receiving end of such a drastic, albeit exceedingly beautiful modification would harden cocks for years to come.

While he climbed the stairs of the state of the art jet, Anthony smiled inwardly at the pleasure he would derive corrupting further the poor insane girl until she reached the climax of perversion. And if that wasn’t enough of a bonus, the Directorate would nourish her computer abilities, polishing them with the best teachers. In the future, even after having achieved her dreams and providing them with countless hours of entertainment, she would keep working in the always needed field of the new technologies.

As he dropped carefully the insensate preteen in a comfortable couch and glimpsed her drenched panties, he couldn’t suppress a hearty laugh thinking about the special chair she would need to work for more than a minute in front of a computer when all her mods were completed.
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Nice chapter. How many more chapters of story plot is there. Also, will there be any extreme fetishes like in your last story, fallopian tube play, for instance.
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>>6223 Thanks astro. I have started chapter 8. The action will start on chapter 6, but I usually revise very carefully the chapters before posting, so it might take some time till we get there. Stay tuned :).
There will be extreme body modifications, but I have decided to create a procedure that could be realistically implemented in real life, if you could find doctors insane enough to carry it on. I have investigated the medical procedures, and every substance, drug and surgical method you will read is real and could actually be performed.
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>>6224 I like the sound of that! Believability makes a story like this so much better.
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Woah, I'm really curious what happens next! What exactly is she going to do with her cunt that could actually be realistic?
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Chapter 5

Daisy didn’t even fidget during the flight. Anthony had taken advantage of her unconscious state to inject her with a sedative that ensured she wouldn’t wake up during the lengthy trip back home. Eight hours later, a groggy girl woke up slowly in the seat of another limo identical to the one they had abandoned earlier; never imagining that she had rode a plane and switched vehicles.

“How much time I’ve been asleep?” she said, rubbing her puffy eyes.

“I’d say about six or seven hours, daughter” Anthony said with emphasis in the last word, half jokingly, half seriously.

Daisy got the joke quickly and smiled. It was going to take some time for her to begin calling Anthony ‘Dad’, but the idea of replacing her loving parents for this largely unknown man somehow thrilled her. The dangerous aura around Anthony made her remember the fear of being caught she had felt while looking at porn or surfing the deep web, and his obvious familiarity with her sexuality became the bittersweet forbidden fruit. The power that that man had over her was intoxicating, and it moistened her panties.

“Why have we stopped?” Daisy asked, curiosity trumping desire.

“I wanted you to be awake for this. We have finally arrived at your new home”

“Really? Can I go see?”

“Of course, be my guest” Anthony said, opening the door of the limo for her.

The now fully alert girl sprang out of the limo like a ball of youthful energy and was promptly mesmerized by the sight of a beautiful Victorian style mansion of three bodies surrounded by incredibly tall pines in a mountainous setting that seemed lifted rock for rock from a fairy tale.

It was already dark but multiple lamps illuminated the road and house, glittering like stars and giving light to see, although not as blindingly bright as the ones back in the streets of her town did.

However, what shocked her the most were the four women dressed in French maid attire that stood in two rows at the sides of the huge main doors. Their dresses, made of black satin with white lace and frills, exposed large parts of their anatomy to the chilly air. In the span of a second, she had seen more live nudity than her biological father had in all his life. However, the exposed breasts, bellies and vaginas weren’t the things that surprised her the most.

None of the young women smiling at her had a standard body as she had seen in the anatomy text books and most porn. Every last of them looked like they had been lifted directly from the body modification pictures and videos she had seen and masturbated to.

The first girl beginning from the left was completely tattooed with a motif of green scales all over a body devoid of any hair, not even in her head. Her eyes were green with two slit pupils, the tongue that sometimes licked her lips was bifurcated and her titties had no nipples that she could see.

The second one, a brunette like her, was absurdly pale, so white that she almost glowed in the dim light of the porch. Daisy could have sworn that she could see the blue of her veins crisscrossing under the skin, but her most striking feature were her six breasts, three each side down to her waist.

The third maid, a stunning blonde, was the most normal of the bunch, if you didn’t take into account the huge rings that dangled from her nose, ears, nipples, clitoris and labia. Each of them shiny steel, and weighting so much that they stretched the flesh obscenely.

The last one of the bunch, a raven haired beauty, had all her visible skin, except for her head, covered in a lattice of scarred flesh, arranged artistically in geometrical and tribal patterns. Being familiarized with the bodymod terminology, Daisy knew that those scars were either the result of skin removal or hot branding scarification, two processes excruciatingly painful.

“Do you like my servants?” Anthony said from behind her, startling the excitable girl.

“They are so different, so… beautiful” Daisy said, mesmerized with their radiant smiles and transformed bodies.

“I’m glad you think that way” Anthony sighed in relief “It was their love for changing their bodies and practicing extreme sex what brought them into the Directorate”

“Like me?”

“There is no one like you. All the maids became enamored with the idea the very moment I told them of your circumstances. I suspect you are going to play with them a lot from now on”

Both man and little girl began walking to the entrance, where the maids bowed respectfully to their master. The blonde multibreasted maid even winked at Daisy while she passed by, which made the preteen giggle nervously. If what Anthony had told her in the limo was true, that pale cowgirl usually fucked very well endowed stallions.

The main hall was all marble and porcelain and portraits and gold and shiny glass, everything absurdly expensive and luxurious. Daisy suddenly felt ashamed of being surrounded by all that wealth, being of middle class herself. She dreaded breaking such rare items and the punishment it surely would entail.

Anthony seemed to sense her distress so, as they climbed the main staircase to get to the second floor, he tried to reassure her.

“Don’t worry about all those things. They are just things, replaceable. You, on the other hand, are unique and most precious than gold or diamonds”

Daisy literally beamed with pride at the compliment, but despite that enforced nap earlier, she was still emotionally exhausted, and the darkness of the night was claiming her consciousness slowly.

“This one here will be your room from now on, Daisy” Anthony said, opening one of the doors of the left wing corridor “You are free to change the decoration and furniture at will, but, for now, I have just arranged it as your old bedroom”

The tired preteen entered the room warily, flicking the light switch on her way in. Anthony hadn’t lied. Apart from the increased area, it looked as if he had lifted her old bedroom and transported it whole into his house. She darted to her bed, and jumped straight on top.

While the blonde maid removed her clothes and tucked her in, just like her mom used to do, a barely awake Daisy heard the last words of her new dad and closed her eyes in bliss.

“Rest well, my little flower, for tomorrow you will begin your voyage”
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So, from the next chapter, things will be starting. I cannot wait for that!
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Chapter 6

As per the plan she had originally crafted and the best scientists and doctors of the Directorate later perfected, there had to be a period of genital development before any actual modification could be performed on them. In plain words, they had to grow. However, what Daisy didn’t know was that the hormones included in the treatment not only would make her genitals grow; they would make her whole body grow alongside them.

For the Directorate as well as for Anthony, that was unacceptable. Her still prepubescent body had to be preserved in order for the changes, which would need years to be completed, to remain shocking. It was the huge difference between a crazy teenager with extreme bodymods and a crazy child with extreme bodymods.
Thus, a decision was taken, she would have to remain a child for the rest of her life, forever in the onset of puberty. For that, Doctor Henry, the endocrinologist of the organization, modified a treatment originally designed for girls transgendering into boys, extending its length indefinitely.

The following morning, just after breakfast, Krista, the reptilian maid, who also doubled as head nurse, injected the preteen with a Histrelin implant under the skin of her left arm. Those implants, that had to be renewed each year, were very powerful puberty blockers that would completely stop her growth, prevent the development of secondary sexual characteristics (breasts, hips, hair…) and halt her menstruation cycle, rendering her functionally sterile. In order to prevent bone loss from the hormonal imbalance, she would also be supplied with frequent injections of Raloxifene, as well as supplements of calcium and vitamin D.

That puberty stopping drug also would protect Daisy from suffering the secondary effects of the treatment with DHT crème (a derivative hormone from the testosterone) on her clitoris. The pleasure organ was an integral part of the flower transformation, and would need the most drastic surgery procedure to change into its final form. For that to happen, though, much more volume was needed than what would be normally available. She needed a clit that was at least the size of a cock from a boy half her own age.

The basement of the mansion was a fully equipped hospital with surgery rooms prepared to host any kind of operation the Directorate approved. It wasn’t always in use, though. Only when such an operation was scheduled the required doctors, surgeons, nurses and anesthesiologists would move into the mansion for all the time needed. In spite of the scarce use, maintenance was always being performed in order to keep it fully functional, at all times. It was a tremendous expenditure of resources, but that kind of waste was pocket money for that society of wealthy degenerates.

The very first of the operations that would be performed on Daisy was the easiest of the bunch, so that same night she found herself tightly strapped, completely naked, to a gyno chair in that very basement.

“I have sprayed a local anesthetic into the area, so you shouldn’t feel much pain, although this will sting nonetheless” said Krista, who was seated in a stool between her wide open legs.

“Don’t worry. I really want to see how it will look after this” Daisy answered cheerily.
Anthony, standing at her side and holding her hand, nodded to Krista, who took a scalpel from a nearby tray and began working to the music of the whimpers coming from a tight lipped Daisy.

The procedure in question was a partial clitoridotomy. Unlike a clitoridectomy, where all the clit was excised, what the green skinned maid was doing was removing only the folds of the clitoral hood. It was a method akin to a male circumcision, with the objective of completely freeing the clit from its protective layers, allowing further treatments to affect the whole organ easily and without restriction.

In due time, the clitoridotomy would be completed, excising the ligaments that kept the clit anchored in place and freeing it from its bed of flesh. That operation would extend its length almost one full inch which, if the rest of the treatment worked as intended, would leave her clit with an impressive length of four inches.

After clamping the relevant blood vessels, a snip here, another there, and a circular cut around the hood, quickly freed the small piece of skin that had covered until now Daisy’s most precious nub. The wrinkled hood would be pickled in order to preserve it, and then inset into an acrylic case to become the first of many memorabilia about her flower transformation.

A mere hour later, Krista had finished stitching the cut flesh around Daisy’s clitoris and applied an aseptic bandage to let it heal for some days. It had been a clean operation, without complications, so she sighed satisfied, nodding an OK to her master.

Daisy was sweating and panting profusely, but she hadn’t lost consciousness, and the victorious shine in her eyes told Krista everything she needed to know about her personality. Anthony, she also noticed, had a suspicious stain around the crotch area of his expensive pants, and she supposed Bethany or Milly (probably both) would have a very busy night after the exhausted girl was bedded.

In the following days, Krista changed the bandages twice a day, cleaning and disinfecting the wounds. After three weeks, a very sexually frustrated Daisy swore that she was healed and ready to see the result. Again in the basement with the child and Anthony, Krista removed carefully the gauze, revealing a slightly inflamed, but otherwise cured clitoris.

Holding a mirror in front of Daisy’s cunt, both the little minx and her master admired the results of her handiwork. Atop her vagina laid what looked like a miniature penis glans, angry pink and devoid of any protective layer of skin, with hints of the clitoral shaft peeking below it. It looked like it was begging for a firm hand to tug and free it from its vaginal nest.

Daisy lowered her little hand to the exposed organ, making a tentative rub. She cummed on the spot, explosively, loudly, drenching Krista in a shower of piss and vaginal jizz. The reptile themed maid didn’t mind the spray; in fact she licked it from her lips, savoring her young taste. What surprised her was that, for such a spectacular orgasm to happen in such a short time, poor Daisy must had been on the absolute edge for the three weeks of her recovery. It was amazing, and very sexy. The newest acquisition of her master was a natural, and now that she had recovered, Anthony and all her sister maids would try their best to give the deviant waif the time of her life.
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With this chapter, we enter into the realm of the body modification itself at last.
I have researched all the procedures and substances that would be needed to achieve what Daisy is going to do, and I see no reason why they wouldn't work, although I'm not a doctor, and therefore my knowledge in that field is limited. So, in order for the story to flow, I have omitted many technical nuances that could mean the difference between success and failure.
Maybe in the future, all the potential problems could be solved and somebody attempts this (after seeing split penises in body modification freaks, I'm ready to believe anything from the human race). Who knows?
Anonymous 21-Jul-16 22:07 # 6277 Up to top Down to bottom
thanks, another good story
Oniros 21-Jul-16 22:39 # 6279 Up to top Down to bottom
Nice! That chapter was nice(as usual), you put enough technical bits to make it believable, but not enough to lose your reader. At least, that was my impressions as someone who knows the basics of biology and almost nothing about body mods.
Anonymous 22-Jul-16 23:32 # 6286 Up to top Down to bottom
Thank for your work. I'm always amazed by the quality of your writing considering how fast you create your chapters.

I might also make a criticism, but as its based on my personal feeling, I can't guaranty it to be relevant. In your previous work, there was the Cosmic Worm, in this one there is the Directorate. Both are really powerful entity that can take an (almost?) absolute control over some people life. It seem to be a theme you enjoy and I won't complain about it.
What is frustrating me is that this control is too perfect for me and here is why. As a reader I tend to synchronize my mood with the characters of the story I read. That's why I'm really happy when I find story like yours, where the protagonist is really exited by what is happening to her. But here come the problem: as this kind of story is about extreme fetish, I also expect the character to feel like extreme thing are happening to them. But this feeling is considerably damped by the huge monument of stability that are either the Worms of the Directorate. Their control over everything and everyone and their capacity to make thing always go along their will give a mundane and expected feeling to the whole story. They try and success to make every other character to see as vanilla any kind of perversion.
What also bug me a bit is that nor the Worm nor the member of the directorate seem really aroused by what they are doing. I know, its weird to ask for the Worm too fill aroused but … Whatever. Yet the member of the Directorate are humans, so they can feel this way. But it seem they don't. Lust is a passion and passion make you act inconsiderately. As the Directorate have always acted in a perfectly coherent and planed way, it feel like despite their effort, the members of the directorate aren't that much excited by what they are doing. And that make the character with the most valued opinion of the story feel (and make me feel) “Hm hm really interesting, indeed” about this story instead of the expected “OMG WTF!!! mind = blown.”

My message might be long but it's meant to be a small criticism.
You are a really good at what you are doing!
Falquian 23-Jul-16 06:02 # 6288 Up to top Down to bottom
>> 6286 Constructive criticism is always appreciated. I know where you are coming from, I can share your feelings on it because it's exactly what is happening, and I'll tell you why.

My favourite themes are about women falling willingly into depravity, with powerful entities guiding them along the way (I suppose a psychiatrist could extract lots of information about my personality by reading them, but I, like everyone else here, don't come to this page for that).

Your main criticism comes from the fact that the all powerful entities are not as excited/deranged/passionate about such extreme behavior as the 'victims'. I have gone there before. My first serious attempt on a story was about a bodymodder (a normal one, mind you) that is enraptured with a young lady asking to be guided into the extremes where Daisy is headed. He, as well as she, are drawn into a spiral where their respective fetishes feedback between them, drawing them both into a form of mutual insanity. They both lose control, and they like it.

I never finished that story. As you probably know by reading my tales, I can't stand a story poorly written from a strict literary point of view, so I try to be as 'artistic' as possible so that, when people read mine, they feel like they are reading a professionaly written one, and not the masturbatory fantasy of a teenager (you know what I'm talking about, there are plenty of examples around here).

In the end, what that perfectionism meant for that unfinished story was that it became a monster of a hundred pages with no end in sight. Having to describe in detail the daily adventures of two people from their perspectives meant that what I was writing became a full commercial book, and not a perverted story to be enjoyed in a short time. I'm not a full time writer, it's not my job, and I quickly lost the interest and drive to keep writing it. It still seats in a place of my hard drive reminding me of the dangers of overreaching.

So, the moral of that story for me was that, if I wanted to finish something, I would have to limit my scope. Since my main interest was, and always have been, the female component of those tales, I had to cut short the other side somehow. The easiest way was, of course, to make the male counterpart an entity working in the background. Able to grant the female her innermost desires, but with his own agenda and plans running behind the scenes.

If it helps you to better digest this tale, imagine Anthony having repeated what he is doing to Daisy with all her maids before, and many more women (and men) before them. Even if he still lusts after Daisy's transformation, he is a bit jaded and has learned a measure of self control along the way. Nonetheless, as the story goes on, he will get lots of wild sex with Daisy, rest assured.

If you want stories that put focus on all the involved parties, here you have many examples of better writers than me (tSade or Poguemahome are some of my favorites). They have the motivation, time and skill to give their stories the lenght they deserve (especially tSade), so don't forget to pay their threads a visit and let them know.

Well, that has been a long rant, sorry. Thanks for taking that issue to the foreground, I'm sure many more people felt like you, and now they have an explanation.
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If that's so, maybe you could show more often your characters or entities making error, acting foolishly, making people have lesser trust in them and especially if they are not supposed to do so, and also if possible being an annoyance.
It's extremely efficient to give them depth in a few words. Failure and flaws tell way more about someone than anything else. It's done in every single successful fiction either for characters, organizations, gods or whatever. That's also what was fun with Heather: she was lawless and egocentric and she had lost her crime lord throne.
tSade 24-Jul-16 23:46 # 6317 Up to top Down to bottom
Now that is a lovely attention to details and a wonderful beginning of a descent story. Thank you, I'm going to love seeing where you're going with this.
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This was so well written I couldn't put it down. I love your work so far and I hope you can write more!
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Chapter 7

While her clit had been healing from its operation, Daisy had been forbidden to masturbate or even touch herself down there, for fear of compromising a speedy recovery. For a preteen that was so sexually active, it was torture of the worst kind.

At least Anthony and the maids kept the precocious brunette busy most of the time hammering into her the daily routines that would become her future life in the mansion. Wake up at seven A.M., breakfast, a shower aided by the maids, treatment for her aching clit and then study time until four P.M with a pause for lunch. The intention of the Directorate was to speed up her learning, with specialized tutors that would guide her along an optimized curriculum into the path of excellence.

After her classes, Daisy was subjected to an intensive exercise plan focused on flexibility and aerobic endurance to keep her in shape and prepare her body for the strenuous sex and bondage sessions that loomed in her future. Exhausted in both body and mind, she would drift to sleep immediately only to resume the routine the next day.

It was a demanding schedule, but she was intelligent and adaptable, and the tingling of her loins was a constant reminder of how she had set foot on the road to get her flower at last. Nonetheless, by the time her clit was finally cured and she was cleared for genital development, she had become a ball of frustrated sexual energy aching for release.

When Anthony, completely naked, entered her room that very night, she was desperately ready for him, legs open, her sex wetting her bed in a veritable deluge of love fluids. His body, twice her height and width, engulfed her so completely that she felt small and vulnerable buried between his muscular frame and the bed, but also protected and safe in his powerful embrace.

His cock was impressive, a circumcidated rod nine inches long and two thick that almost rivaled her forearm in size. While he covered her small body with kisses, she measured his cock against her belly, and wondered if he could fit that massive meat pole in her virgin cunt.

He could, making her scream in a mixture of agony and pleasure. Even if he couldn’t hilt himself completely inside her, the feeling of being painfully full combined with his pelvis smacking rhythmically against her unprotected clit was enough to send her careening into orgasm almost immediately.

The repressed energy exploded all at once, dwarfing even her wildest attempts at masturbation, solidifying the links of the chain that joined her sexuality with her kinks and her new dad/master. Unbeknownst to her, the maids had spiked her dinner with a carefully concocted cocktail of psychotropic drugs designed to reduce her pain, loosen her muscles, enhance her sensory input and make her very receptive to hypnotic stimulus.

Anthony, taking full advantage of that altered state, repeated commands that echoed in Daisy’s brain: “You love me passionately and unconditionally”, “Your body is mine to use as I see fit”, “You will surrender your body to me”, “I’m the one who will give you the flower of your desire”

Phrases like those, whispered tenderly at her ear, again and again while he pistoned her tender cunt, disguised as the sensual talk of lovemaking, were etched in her very suggestionable mind with metaphorical and literal acid. The succession of drug fueled orgasms melted and reformed her mind as per his wicked instructions, further altering her psychosexual makeup while her convulsing body disappeared inside Anthony’s embrace.

Those kind of sessions would be repeated daily, sometimes three or more times a day, until Daisy’s brain had been so corrupted that the drugs became unnecessary, and she looked for that chemical high on her own. In the end, the Directorate had turned her into a desperate nymphomaniac, a slut that craved sex, eager to learn each and every technique that Anthony and the maids were willing to teach her.

She discovered the joys of fellatio, cunnilingus and anal sex. She offered her body to the thrills of bondage, spanking, whipping, torture and submission in general. She made love to Anthony, the maids, and a myriad of toys designed to expand all her holes and make her receptive to the bigger cocks and fists. She experimented with urethral sex and scat, and even learned to pleasure and be pleasured by dogs. No sexual practice was forbidden to her, like every individual that fell into the Directorate’s clutches, Daisy was destined to become adept at all of them.

Meanwhile, her erogenous zones were being subjected to the treatments that would prepare them for the final transformation.

Four times a day, her clit was massaged deeply with DHT crème, one of the maids mauling the exposed organ so that the hormone penetrated deeply in the erectile tissue. Then, a small vacuum pump would be attached to the sensitized organ and pumped until the clit was swollen to twice its original size. Pumping and releasing, milking the pleasure nub, making poor little Daisy cum repeatedly, that routine was enforced for an hour after each hormonal application. Also, in order to avoid desensitization, her swollen clit was massaged during the day at regular intervals with coconut oil, which maintained the skin as soft and tender as it had been while still covered by the hood.

In addition to that, after each clitoral session, her whole vagina was also vacuumed for an hour, inflating her already puffy lips to ridiculous proportions, making them resemble the tires of a bicycle which, in Anthony’s opinion, made them look deliciously plump and juicy. After each pumping session, Daisy would perform the rest of her daily routines with a set of clamps, attached to her inner and outer labia, designed to grip without restricting circulation.

From those clamps, metal spheres of increasing weight dangled merrily, stretching her labia past their natural limits. Since she spent her time mostly naked, it was just a matter of adjusting her gait to the tingling chandelier between her legs, but it was a treat for the whole household seeing the nude little minx running in the treadmill with the array of chains and balls swinging back and forth.

Her nipples also received a similar vacuum pumping treatment which, combined with topical injections of Oxytocin, ensured that the teats and areolas fused into swollen, painfully erect nubs that would be further restricted with elastic bands until they became the shape and color of ripe strawberries. The contrast between the fruit shaped flesh in her otherwise flat chest usually made Anthony and the maids go into a sexual frenzy with a very happy Daisy.

Between the genital enhancement, sexual training, studying and exercising, each minute of Daisy’s day was tightly controlled, leaving her almost no time for herself, further reinforcing the harsh mental conditioning. And if that schedule wasn’t enough, she used her leisure time, which in her old life had been filled with toys, friends or TV, to seek Anthony or any free maid and have wild, rough sex.

That strenuous routine was strictly followed during the next year and a half, and the results of such extreme manipulation left Daisy’s erogenous zones bizarrely enlarged and incredibly sensitive, but fully prepared for the next stage of her transformation. Daisy was then fourteen, and she was ready to step into the operation room for her first major surgery.
Falquian 26-Jul-16 07:42 # 6342 Up to top Down to bottom
Thanks for all your kind comments, that encouragement is all I need to keep writing. Problems with characterization notwithstanding, here is the next chapter, in where Daisy's body and mind are prepared for what will come next.
Anonymous 14-Aug-16 23:50 # 6584 Up to top Down to bottom
I am really waiting for the next part!
Anonymous 17-Aug-16 11:35 # 6640 Up to top Down to bottom
the most hideous part is that the cunt being named a flower and this mindfucking the loli.
Falquian 17-Aug-16 14:22 # 6645 Up to top Down to bottom
Chapter 8

The Daphne Directorate, conscious of its future needs, had recruited early and then given expensive training to a bunch of doctors and surgeons that shared their deviant interests. The results were highly specialized medical professionals that usually operated in the civil realm with utmost success, but were ready to drop everything as soon as the Directorate called.

Some of the doctors that had improved Daisy’s original plan were called to the mansion to begin working with her modified genitals. For all the time needed until she recovered, they would share living quarters with the mansion usual inhabitants, making use of the maid servants as they pleased, as a form of an additional bonus.

For her part, Daisy’s nether lips had become veritable beef curtains, extending down like pink sheets; darkened by the constant use and abuse they had been subjected to. Those meat flaps wouldn’t have been amiss in the cunt of a slutty, worn out hooker, except that thanks to her youth and constant care by her handlers, they looked fresh and shiny, instead of wrinkly and dry. Her outer lips extended almost two inches downwards, while her ridiculous inner lips surpassed them at four inches long.

The faint squelching sounds that the perpetually moist lips made when rubbing together created a nice background music for Daisy wherever she went. The doctors that waited for her in the basement operating room were not immune to her charming wet walk, and the raging erections barely concealed by the surgical garbs were for Daisy like the traditional sword salute of the military in weddings. It was a fitting tribute to her dream, she thought after she laid her body atop the bed; spread eagled, waiting for the anesthesia that would send her into unconsciousness.

Once the little girl was safely in the hands of Morpheus, the surgeons began working, their steady hands concentrated in Daisy while their cocks were serviced by the dutiful maids of the house. The release of pent up tension helped them concentrate in their work, or so they claimed. That claim had some merit to it, it seemed, because so far none of their surgeries as a team had had any complications.

This first stage of the procedure was pretty simple in theory. Using their sharp tools, they divided each inner labia into two identical pieces with a cut right through the middle. With judicious use of scalpel, scissors and suture, they molded each of the four flaps into a petal shape and then connected through the base the top right ‘petal’ with the top left and the bottom right with the bottom left, creating a perfect frame that left the oversized clit poking below the junction between the top ones and surrounded seamlessly the vaginal opening.

Then, clamping the labia minora together to have room, they did the same with the labia majora, except that the juicy outer lips were split and sculpted into four smaller ‘sepals’ each and then connected like the ‘petals’ had been, at the bottom a


at the bottom and the top. Once the twin set of lips were spread, Daisy’s vagina began looking like a flower for the first time in her life.

Unfortunately, the flesh didn’t react exactly like plants did, especially not against gravity. In order to increase the turgency of those meat petals, the doctors inserted chirurgical plastic wires, molded in the shape of the outline of the completed petals under the freshly cut tissue. The artificial wire frame, very thin, flexible and sturdy, became all but invisible once inside her flesh, and would keep the split labia always in their proper position, opened and inviting, resting against the skin of her thighs.
A small set of powerful rare earth magnet locks inside the very tips of each petal would connect the wires and make possible for the flower to be closed if anyone so desired. The effect of such a flower opening would be very powerful, and the Directorate members wanted to experience it in full. What did the petals protect while closed, though? That would be solved by the next stage.

After resting for awhile, the surgeons returned to the operating table for the more difficult procedure of that day. Using a laparoscopy toolset, they penetrated into her uterine cavity from her bellybutton, searching for the ligaments that held her womb in place. After all, what was a flower without an ovary?

With expert precision, they found the pubocervical, transverse and uterosacral ligament pairs, and cut them one by one, destroying the anchors that kept her baby oven in place. When the last set of ligaments was excised, they looked in wonder at how Daisy’s womb suddenly loosened like a puppet with its strings severed. Using a small set of forceps, they grabbed the cervical ring and tugged with care, reversing the now floppy vaginal walls like a sock with incredible ease, exposing the cervix to the outside for the first time.

With a small additional effort, the doctors prolapsed Daisy’s womb completely, almost three inches outside of her body, creating the perfect ovary for her vaginal flower. Using the same hole opened in the bellybutton, they inserted a synthetic surgical mesh that was normally used to repair that kind of damage. In this instance, though, it would serve to keep the womb out instead. Anchoring the mesh strongly to the pelvic floor in multiple places, they ensured that the uterus would never go back to its proper location, no matter the kind of force applied, and that the extended blood vessels and nerves would not suffer damage in the process.

That last addition had been a request from Anthony himself. He wanted to keep fucking little Daisy’s snatch, but not ruin its new appearance in the slightest in the process. What they had done, in the end, had been to extend her fuckhole outside her body. With proper stretching training for her cervix, anyone would be able to fuck Daisy’s uterus directly without fear of the prolapse returning into her body, although the obsessed girl would have to learn how to live with such a sensitive organ forever dangling between her shapely legs.

The space that had been vacated by her uterus was planned to be filled by her bladder. Usually, women’s bladders were smaller due to the genital tract taking space. Now that the womb and vagina were out of the way, the bladder would have room to stretch until it reached, and surpassed, the size of a man’s. A set of progressively larger water balloons were prepared to be inserted through her urethra, past her sphincter, and then inflated to capacity. In a short time, the progressive stretching would make the piss reservoir grow, increasing the number of kinky entertainments in Daisy’s arsenal, and reinforcing the blockade of the surgical mesh.

There was still one operation to be performed down there, but the little girl’s genitals had suffered too much abuse in one sitting, and they didn’t want to risk her life any longer. Therefore, the last procedure and, by far, the most delicate one, the modification of her clit, would have to wait until she was fully healed. That would give it time to grow further, and they were going to need every last ounce of extra flesh for such a radical operation to have a chance to succeed.
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For the first few chapter, it wasn't impressive. But now, I'm amazed. It became a great story to my interests!
Keep up the good work!
Anonymous 25-Aug-16 21:07 # 6772 Up to top Down to bottom
More! :)
repec 19-Nov-16 12:11 # 7782 Up to top Down to bottom
We need more of this!
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Chapter 9

Daisy spent the rest of that day and the next one asleep in bed while the most grievous damage of the operation healed. After she woke up, extremely sore but very excited, she fell into a small depression when she was told that she would have to wait almost a month to see the results. In the end, it would amount to a week bedded and three weeks of frustrating recovery with her cunt hidden inside a bandaged codpiece, denying her the glorious view of her dream came true. She compensated for the wait by making ample use of her asshole and mouth, setting new girth and length records for herself on a weekly basis.

Only the doctors were allowed to see the recovery rate of her cunt whenever they applied the pertinent cures and, to the relief of the whole household, it seemed like she was healing nicely and without scars thanks to the regenerative power of the very young people and the ability of the best surgeons available.

The day that the doctors had scheduled to clear her, a party was arranged by Anthony. It had balloons, confetti, cakes, the whole package, and everything was flower shaped. That evening, everyone reunited in the luxurious ball room, decorated for the occasion, and stood around little Daisy. The girl, ecstatic to be the centre of attention and on the verge of madness due to the wait, sit down in a gyno chair where Mike, the helpful surgeon that had monitored the whole process, began unwrapping the bandages and the protective codpiece.

Everyone held their breath when Mike removed the last bandage, and everyone saw at last what Daisy’s nethers had been hiding all that time.

The circular crown of eight sepals made with the flesh of Daisy’s outer lips, skin toned on the outside, pink in the inside, framed the cocoon formed by the four, bigger petals created with the flesh of her inner lips. The cocoon was closed, the four meat flaps fitting together into a perfect ovoid. Tears streaming freely down her face, Daisy reached for her cunt flower, that she had been feeling for one whole month, but had been unable to touch, and inserted a delicate finger between them to peel the ‘petals’ away.

Once forced to separate, the invisible magnet locks released their hold on the flesh and the plastic wires forced the folds to open slowly, revealing the soft, floppy tube of meat that was her prolapsed vagina, and the long stem above that was her elongated clit.

“It’s so beautiful” Daisy cried at the sight of her cunt flower opening for the first time.

“It is, indeed” echoed Anthony, while the rest of the people nodded their assent.

“You fulfilled your promise” she said, hugging Anthony and kissing him passionately.

That was it, the deal had been completed. If at any moment Daisy had harbored any thoughts of escaping despite the risks, those thoughts had been obliterated by the miracle unfolding between her legs. For that unrivaled gift, she would be his for the rest of her life.

After that solemn moment passed, everyone cheered and clapped to her successful modification, and the party began in full.

All the people wanted to feel for themselves the touch and texture of the flower, and Daisy’s cunt was poked and manipulated unmercifully. The petals were wet and velvety soft, while the prolapsed vagina was a rubbery hose of flesh that was a delight to squeeze and tug, prompting a powerful masochistic induced orgasm and a clear discharge from her cervix each time it was so handled. Everyone present had a chance to lick, taste, bit, tug, twist, pinch or just fondle her bizarrely modified genitalia, and the preteen soon felt like floating above the clouds, so was her high from the undiluted adoration and the pleasure chemicals flooding her brain.

The naked people ate till their bellies were full, danced till their feet ached, and fucked till all their holes were sore, all night long. Daisy even tried her new cervical hole, inserting some thin soda straws up the tight orifice. It would be some time before she could accept Anthony’s cock inside her womb, but she was determined to get to that point as soon as possible.

Nonetheless, there were still modifications left to do and, although she would never tire from playing with her meat flower, the following days marked her return to the routine. A routine that had been significantly changed, as some elements were kept, some discarded, some modified and some added.

The newly scheduled bladder training, for example, became the worst part of the day for Daisy until she accustomed to it. Four times a day, before proceeding to each of the daily clitoral treatments, Bethany would insert a deflated balloon through her raw urethra, with the help of abundant doses of lubricant, and then inflate it inside her bladder until she begged her to stop.

After having reached her apparent bursting point, the relentless maid would keep squeezing the inflation bulb until the poor girl screamed in pain, in order to slowly increase her limits. The amount of pressure was so tremendous that it created a small mound above her pelvis, making the child look like three months pregnant, but Bethany knew very well Daisy’s capacity and she never came close of rupturing something important.

Only when she had the balloon changed was she allowed pissing and then, as soon as she finished, the flexible device was reinserted again. The result was that she always spent day and night with the overwhelming need to pee, punctuated by the four bursts of excruciating bladder inflation sessions, and was never able to find true relief. The torture was not without purpose, though, as the continuous cycle of micro-tearing and healing of the bladder musculature was slowly increasing its capacity.

Thankfully, as the Directorate had planned, linking the inflations with the clit massage sessions afterwards had finally had an effect on her psyche. The powerful orgasms that always generated when her oversized appendage was being treated mixed with the pain of her abused bladder until she linked those two sensations in her mind. From that moment on, the aches of her loins tingled in sympathy alongside her clitoris, and she came to reclassify that excruciating sensation of being full to the brim and then a little more as pleasurable.

And that was just one of the changes in the routines. Her clit regime of DHT crème, vacuum pumping and coconut oil had been supplemented with injections all over its length of Nerve Growth Factor, in order to drastically increase the number of nerve endings and ramifications. The end result was that the already sensitive organ became triply so, and sometimes even the slightest touch was enough to make Daisy cum. It got so bad that she had to resort more than once to hide the hypersensitive organ inside the labia petal cocoon if she didn’t want to become a mindless blob of orgasms trashing on the floor.

Her nipples kept growing steadily atop her still undeveloped breasts thanks to the pumping and banding sessions, and became easily an inch long and two inches wide when erect, which was almost always. It was an impressive feat for such a flat chested gal, and they became a point of focus for the maids, that liked to suck or whip them equally, depending on their daily mood shifts.

All that activity consumed so much time from everyone that, without anyone really noticing, another year passed and Daisy was ready for the final stage of her flowery modification.

Chapter 10

Having reached fifteen, Daisy had started to show subtle behavioral changes. Even if her hormonal cycle was strictly controlled and her body would never grow past twelve, her brain kept maturing, and she became more conscious of her self-image. It wasn’t long before she asked for makeup and Anthony granted her wish, albeit in a very permanent way.

Megan, the black haired scarred maid, was an expert tattoo artist, having done Krista’s beautiful green scale pattern years ago. It was she who was tasked with Daisy’s makeup, which was going to be permanently inked on her skin. That course of action had been suggested by Anthony and wholeheartedly supported by the teen, which was glad to, at least, save the time needed to apply and retouch the makeup daily. With a schedule so tight, every moment wasted was a moment that could have been used in better ways, like having sex.

In a meager three sessions, Daisy found herself with a permanent dark eyeliner and grayish brown eye shadow that spoke of sexiness without being trashy. The dark outline made her almond, honey brown eyes even more piercing if possible, conveying a very seductive look if she lowered her eyelids.

Her lips had been tattooed with a very deep red, so intense that it always looked like she had lip gloss applied, and looked bigger than ever thanks to the artistic sense of Megan, who had expanded their contour with subtlety and dexterity. In the end Daisy’s kissers became moist, inviting and always slightly opened, an erotic delight to the sight and the touch.

Having started on the road of tattooing, Daisy decided to keep going and fix one aspect of her cunt flower that had been vexing her since almost the beginning. The petals, coming from her rose colored inner lips were basically the right color for a flower. The sepals and ovary, coming from her outer lips and vagina, needed some proper tinting in her opinion.

Therefore, after having had her permanent makeup applied, she scheduled another session with Megan to have her cunt done, to the amusement of all the manor staff. After the maid had her way with her, Daisy showed everyone the green colored prolapse and outer lips, proud of the way she had handled a process so painful without anesthesia, even if she had had to bite a gag and cry a river while such sensitive parts of her anatomy were repeatedly stabbed by the tattoo gun.

If she hadn’t known what was in store for her clit, she would have probably colored it too. However, the surgeons had been summoned again because her boy cock sized clit was at last ready for the last procedure and any further esthetic change would have to wait until it was done.

The frequent sessions of DHT application, vacuum pumping and Nerve Growth Factor injections not only had made the organ grow grotesquely, they had also changed its tisular composition in an important way. The nerve endings and blood capillaries had grown and branched profusely, increasing the sensitivity to painful levels, but also creating a network of additional connections that the surgeons could use to operate on the clitoris without it losing sensitivity or suffering necrosis due to lack of irrigation.
As Daisy was lying unconscious on the operation bed for the second time, the head surgeon positioned his precision instrumentality above her flowery cunt and prepared to operate.

That operation had needed months of planning and research beforehand. The surgeons had analyzed the multiple 3D tomographies and radioactive contrast scanners taken of her altered genitals, mapping with millimetric precision the position of each and every ligament, blood vessel and nerve of her clit.

It was no surprise then that the neurosurgeon assigned for that operation had memorized exactly where to cut, where to graft nerves and vessels, where to cauterize and where to suture. Aided by robotic arms that demultiplied his movements, he was able to make incisions that would have been impossible for his pulse alone. He began by cutting the suspensory ligaments of the clitoris, allowing it to fall floppily an additional inch outside the vagina. Then, slowly but methodically, he began to split the tube of meat into the two long appendages that would make the stamens completing Daisy’s flower.

That idea was not originally Daisy’s, but something a member of the directorate, a gardening aficionado, had proposed to the team of doctors. Considered unfeasible at the beginning due to the small size of the clit, risking necrosis if so divided, the compromise was reached to make it grow as much as possible to increase the odds of success of the transformation.

Armed with the knowledge of multiple computer simulations of Daisy’s clit inner anatomy, the neurosurgeon moved with determination excising flesh, rerouting nerves, cauterizing capillaries and stitching carefully the wounds he was creating. The task was horrendously complicated due to the dorsal nerve of the clit having only two branches, which limited the division to just two parts (Daisy and that crazed botanist would have liked at least four, but such were the limits of current medical technology). Even then, nerve grafts had to be used at some points to ensure proper innervation.
Finally, in the same way they had done with the labia, small plastic wires molded to the desired length and curvature were inserted straight into the two long and, then thin, clitoris pieces, guiding the ‘stamens’ to the sides of the prolapsed green vagina serving as the ovary.

Thanks to that, Daisy’s split clitoris would always remain erect and turgid, crowning the increasingly loose hole of her cervix, the pair of glans slightly curved to the inside in salute to the life giving organ. When it was finally healed, new injections of Nerve Growth Factor and DHT would restore in time the nerve endings and blood vessels to normal, making each stamen as sensitive as her clit had been originally before beginning the treatment. Nobody was really sure of how the brain would process the new information coming from her mauled organ, but everyone was eager to know, beginning from the man that had used his tools to divide it. For science, it was understood.

Like the first operation recovery period had been handled, Daisy wasn’t allowed to see or use her cunt until it was again completely healed, which gave Anthony and the maids another excuse to throw a party the day the flower was again unveiled. For her part, Daisy spent that time reacquainting herself with her asshole, throat, and other sensual parts that had been neglected in favor of her prolapsed womb.

Even if she was having trouble cataloguing the sensations that radiated from her healing clitoris, her active imagination was helping her brain to remap its connections and separating slowly the sensations coming from each individual clitoris piece. She became sure that, once she had access to her twin clits again, she would quickly learn to differentiate them by intense and frequent manipulation.

However, the most important thing, the thought that filled her brain day and night, giving her peace of mind at last, was this: “I’m finally complete”


The unveiling of her clit stamens carried the same symbolical weight that her flower opening for the first time had had. Once the labia petals parted again and everyone saw the finished mod, sighs of envy, shouts of admiration and lustful stares made Daisy literally beam at the attention received. The twin clits had healed very nicely, without a trace of scar thanks to the incredible ability of the surgeons, and now stood proudly by the sides of her green tinted prolapse. Two cylindrical rigid sticks a quarter of an inch wide and four inches long, engorged with arousal, pulsating at the tune of her heartbeat, with a protuberance on top made by the bisected glans.

Her ‘dad’, unable to resist the temptation, unfastened his pants and positioned his cock at the entrance of her womb, her cock head kissing the inviting opening. Daisy was in heaven, panting with anticipation but, as Anthony breached her cervix with his cock for the first time in front of everyone, she dedicated one last thought to the life she had abandoned for that bliss, looking for any sign of regret.

She didn’t found any. That decision taken three years ago had proved to be the best one, so she dumped the memory of her parents, friends and home into the trash bin of the childhood memories. It was nostalgia without sadness, nothing else.

Quickly returning to the present, she cried ecstatically at how Anthony’s tool scraped the lining of her womb, compressing it while entering and stretching it while leaving, but never pushing it inside of her body again, thanks to the surgical mesh and the volume of her expanded bladder blocking the access.

The maids joined the party cheerfully, one kissing her mouth, another one tonguing her asshole and the other two attacking her cookie shaped nipples. Orgasm after orgasm wrecked the body of the teenager forever trapped inside the body of a child, erasing the last traces of the thoughts that had given her pause before. Those people were her true family, her dad and husband, moms and sisters.

It was a pity that she would never have children of her own but, just as Anthony had recruited her, she hoped that a fresh member of the Daphne Directorate would look at her someday with the same look she then had for her new father, a look of filial love, of carnal love.

After a week, Megan tattooed her twin clits green, with the glans transitioning to white, completing the color scheme of her cunt flower. Thanks to the long coexistence with the maids, she had grown to the idea of the human body as a canvas so, during the following year, Daisy also scarified her whole flat breasts with a motif of interlocking petals around her nipples. Megan herself was the one that removed carefully the small strips of skin that would later heal as keloids, creating a raised lattice of pink textured scars that framed beautifully her cookie shaped teats.

She didn’t stop there, though. Tattoos of vines crept from her ankles, all around her legs and up to her pelvis, making it seem that her cunt flower was growing from the incredibly realistic vegetable drawings. From her wrists, more vines filled her arms surrounding them up to her shoulders, decorated with small flowers carved from her skin to create relief and tattooed in bright hues of pink and white.

Apart from finishing her modifications, her training never really ended, although it suffered many changes. Gone were the pumping sessions, and the aggressive chemical treatments, replaced by a regime of hormones designed to safely maintain her in her childish body. Her stretching exercises continued, though, until her cervix was comfortably pliable and her ass was able to house two adult arms up the elbow.

The beautiful rosebud created by her prolapsed rectum after any particularly intense session became the subject of many afternoon chats, everyone giving ideas to follow on the flowery theme. A suggestion by Milly, the heavily pierced maid, was slowly gaining traction. It involved using piercings to decorate the prolapse and keep it outside her body at all times, and Daisy promised that she would consider it very carefully.

Also, she finally managed to fit Anthony’s cock in her urethra, taking advantage of her bladder astounding capacity to fill it with multitude of toys, vibrator devices and the like, increasing her pleasure as well as Anthony’s. That she became functionally incontinent because of the speedy stretching regime didn’t bother her in the slightest. The yellowish trickle of urine that never stopped flowing from her abused piss hole made her flower look always shiny and fresh, as if it was coated in morning dew. Besides, whenever she became really bothered by that, she could always plug her urethra with one of her many toys and manage to last up to three days without removing it, thanks to her incredible bladder capacity and fondness for that ‘ready to burst’ feeling.

Her voyage into the world of depravity continued unabated, familiarizing herself with every kind of perversion imaginable, until no sexual practice was taboo for her. As Anthony had predicted, the multitude of videos before, during and after her transformation became legendary within the Directorate, giving her a lot of prestige inside the society. When she learned that the kill switch on the ring had been a clever lie to keep her in check, she merely laughed at her own ingenuity, never for an instant thinking about abandoning them.

Sex still occupied a large chunk of her day, be it producing content for the society or for her own amusement in her free time. However, her studying schedule had been replaced by her work as one of their computer engineers, using state of the art technology to track candidates for the Directorate, multiplying their economic resources and hiding everything from the clutches of law enforcement. Working from her specially made seat, which had a conveniently placed padded hole for her cunt flower, her genius level ability made her one of the most precious assets of the secret society in the years to come.

In a bout of sadistic humor, when she turned eighteen she even decided to pay a visit to her old parents to see how they were faring. From the darkened windows of a Directorate limo, she saw her parents leaving the house holding hands with a little girl of four. The analysis of their behavior from surveillance and newspapers told Daisy that she hadn’t been forgotten, and that they still looked for her, even after all those years. Nonetheless, it lifted a weight from her chest seeing them happily pampering her replacement little sister, so she wished all the best for them in the years to come. She would even talk to the upper echelons of the Directorate to see if their good fortune could be increased somehow. Maybe a winner lottery ticket or a high end job for her dad. The Daphne Directorate could do that and more.

In fact, the sight of her young sister, so pure and innocent, like she had been before that damned explanation from her mother, ignited an unnatural fire in her loins. While she fondled her always exposed cunt flower, playing with the petals and tugging on the stamens, she thought in the many ways a girl like her sister could be corrupted.



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