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Power Snack

One girl shares her love of boy balls with a friend.

FF/m, CBT, Castration, Penectomy, Cannibalism, Non-Consensual, Superhero

"My favorite food? That's an easy one.. Boy testicles, for sure." said the well endowed blonde, as a quick, easy grin flashed across her face.

The other three women sitting at the table just gawked at her, clearly taken aback at her rapid (and unexpected) answer.

"When you say.. boy testicles.." began the oldest of the group, who was a statuesque, raven haired woman dressed in a brief red and blue battle suit that had gold accents, an outfit which more closely resembled a bikini than anything actually suited for combat. "What.. what exactly do you mean?"

"You know.. their balls. Their nuts." The first woman replied simply, with a casual flick of her bobbed hair. "They're really tasty!"

"You can't be serious.." the other woman said, snorting slightly in disbelief.

"Of course I am, Diana.."

"Oh, come on, Karen.." Diana replied, frowning slightly. "If you're not going to take the question seriously, then why answer at all? It's a pretty poor joke.."

"Hey, who's joking?" Karen stated, with a frown of her own. "Jeez.. a girl gives an honest answer to a simple question.."

"Okay, whatever." Diana said, rolling her eyes. "What about you, Kara? What's your favorite food?"

"Uh.." hedged Kara, who looked like a slightly younger, slightly slimmer version of the first woman.

"..Ice cream?" she finally answered into the tense silence, a little bit hesitantly, as she looked back and forth between the two women frowning at each other.

"What a surprise.." Karen said sarcastically, as she rolled her own eyes, causing Kara to redden and sink into her seat a little. "You girls are so boring. I'm leaving."

"What? Where are you going?" Diana asked, surprised at the other woman's abrupt declaration.

"All this talk about food is making me hungry." replied Karen, who picked up and downed the last of her drink. "I'm going to go find something to eat."

"We've got food here.." said Kara.

"Yeah, but not my favorite." Karen replied, while sticking her tongue out at Diana. "See you all later."

With that, the first girl pushed her chair back, stood up, then rose up gracefully into the air.

"Umm.." Kara hummed, as she and the other two girls watched the first fly away.

"Well, whatever.." Diana grumped, as she shook her head dismissively. "Maybe we can have a normal conversation now. Boy testicles.. Sheesh!"

"..I'm going to go after her.." Kara stated, before she too rose up out of her chair and flew off, in the same direction that Karen had gone.

"..well, it was nice chatting with you too, Kara." Diana commented dryly, into the silence that the two girls' departure had created.

"What's up with them, anyway?" Diana finally asked, directing her gaze to the last girl, who had so far remained silent. "You don't suppose Karen was serious, do you?"

The fourth girl, whose green hued skin contrasted vividly against the pale skin tones of the rest of the group, sipped delicately at her own drink before answering.

"You know.." said the psychic girl thoughtfully, once she'd taken the straw from between her lips. "..I think she might have been."


"Yes.. Most surprising, isn't it?" the green girl mused, as she tapped her chin with one finger. "And a blushing Kara decided to follow her. Interesting."

"You.. you're all crazy." Diana stated, shaking her head skeptically. "I'm surrounded by aliens. Weird aliens, at that. What'd I do to deserve this, Megan?"

"Said the half goddess, who's also a princess of a long lost mythical island.." Megan answered, smiling faintly.

"Oh, hush."

"Karen.." Kara said, once she'd caught up the the other girl. "Karen, you WERE joking, weren't you?"

"No." Karen replied shortly, looking over her shoulder as she slowed her flight through the sky.

"But.. but.." Kara said, obviously nonplussed. "You can't just.. You can't go around actually EATING boy testicles.."

"..can you?" she finished, questioningly.

"Why not?" Karen said with a shrug, as she came to a stop in mid air.

"It's.. it's so.." Kara started, before trailing off and blushing again as she halted just below Karen.

The girl had been about to say "..wrong", but something had stopped her before she could finish her sentence. That something was the surge of buzzing excitement in her chest. The little buzz, which had begun tingling inside her the moment she'd heard Karen first state what her favorite food was, began swelling rapidly as Kara really started imagining the implications of what the other girl meant.

"..Have you really..?" Kara finally asked of her white, blue, and red clad buxom counterpart, biting her lip nervously as she looked up imploringly into the face of the girl who'd always seemed so much more self assured, confident, and mature (in nearly every way) than herself.

"Sure." Karen replied, smiling easily down into her double's conflicted eyes. "Pretty often, too. It isn't like there's a shortage of boys here in this dimension, after all."

"R-really?" Kara asked, her flush deepening as she squirmed a little in mid air at the thought. "..How? How do you.. ah.. actually do it?"

"Well, I can just show you, if you like." Karen stated, after giving Kara an evaluating, calculating look. "I was about to go find some boys anyway. I feel like having a snack."

"Wow.." Kara breathed, looking excited. "And you'll let me watch?"

"Sure, why not?" Karen replied, easily. "Heck, you can even try some for yourself, if you want. Let me find a nice little group of boys for us.."

"Eep! Me, too?!" Kara squeaked, bringing her hands up to her mouth in shock, even as Karen's eyes narrowed, as the other girl directed her gaze down toward the ground below both of them. "I.. I don't know if I could.."

Karen merely shrugged, as if the matter wasn't very important, as she continued to scan the city's edge and surrounding suburbs below them. Her perception was not at all diminished or hindered by the long distance or occassional obscuring cloud.

"There we go.." she finally said, after nearly a minute's worth of searching. "I've found us a likely bunch of boys off on their own, hiking along a stream in a green break between subdivisions.."

"Let's go meet them, shall we?" Karen said, as she tossed a smirking grin over at her counterpart, before she dropped out of the air. "Don't dawdle, they look tasty!"

"Hey, fellas." Karen said, as she floated slowly down toward the ground a few moments later. "What're you boys doing all the way out here? Exploring?"

As one, the little group of boys, all six of them, looked up in surprise at the sound of the voice above them.

"P-p-power G.." one, who looked oldest and was evidently the leader, managed to stutter out, upon seeing Karen floating there before them.

"Yep.." Karen stated, grinning smugly, as Kara descended down next to her.

"And.. and Su.. Supergi.."

"Mmhmm.. Her, too." Karen continued, struggling to suppress the snickers that seeing the boys' reaction to their sudden appearance was causing.

"W.. Wow!" the boys all exclaimed, nearly as one, their mouths falling open in shock and excitement.

"Ah, I never get tired of their expressions.." Karen commented, as she finally couldn't help herself and gave out a light laugh. "It's funny, every time!"

Kara, who had always found the stunned, nearly worshipful looks she got from normal people (and especially boys and young men) every time she met them while in costume more embarrassing than anything else, could only giggle nervously in response.

"What.. what are you doing here..?" asked the lead boy cautiously, as if even voicing the question might lead to the pair of floating, beautiful of girls disappearing back into the sky just as quickly as they'd appeared in the first place.

"Well, my companion and I are looking for something.." Karen said, as she floated closer to the boy and leaned down toward him. "And we were wondering if you and your friends could maybe help us out.."

The boy, whose eyes (despite his best efforts) were drawn like moths to a flame toward the keyhole cutout that dominated the center of Karen's very large and very shapely bosom, could only stammer in response.

"..h-help you..?" he repeated, faintly, as the bare, shapely, and rather generous cleavage that Karen was displaying for him held his full attention.

"Yes.." Karen said, as she floated even closer to the boy. "You boys are.. uniquely suited, I think, to help us."

"Whu.. whuut are..?" the boy stammered, as Karen, still floating, came to rest at a very intimate distance, only scarce inches, from him.

"What are we looking for?" Karen asked, as she reached out and raised the boy's chin with a fingertip, forcing his eyes to meet her own startlingly blue ones.

The boy, mesmerized, only nodded shallowly in response, as he gazed up at her.

"Oh, I think that we'll recognize it when we see it.." Karen stated, with a knowing smile. "Now, why don't you and your friends all line up for me, okay?"

As the boys all scrambled to comply, one, the youngest seeming, blurted out a question.

"Are.. are you two sisters?" he asked, as he looked back and forth between Karen and Kara, his awed tone tinged with curiosity.

"Something like that.." Karen said, smiling at him. "Now, if you boys are going to help us out, you'll need to do exactly what we say, got it?"

All the boys eagerly nodded, clearly exited, most unable to hide the way their eyes kept returning to Karen's chest, or to her long, strong, and bare legs, or to Kara's own lean, exposed thighs and calves, which were made all that much more attractive by the way they were barely hidden by her short, floaty red skirt.

"Good. Now.." Karen continued, even as Kara floated slowly closer as well. "..the first thing I would you like all to do is.."

"..pull down your pants." Karen finished, as she licked her lips, her eyes alight in anticipation.

"Wh.. what?" the oldest boy asked, surprised, as all the rest of the boys looked at each other, confused.

"You boys heard me.." Karen said, before repeating her order, as a predatory grin, one which showed a lot of her perfectly white teeth, spread slowly across her features. "Pull down your pants for me."

The boys continued to glance back and forth to each other, as well as the two floating girls before them, before one, the oldest and the leader, hesitantly complied.

"Your underwear, too, silly." Karen commented, rolling her eyes, after the boy had unbuttoned his pants and rolled them down to his knees. "And pull your shirt up out of the way, while you're at it."

The boy, eyes wide in disbelief, did as he was told, pulling his shirt up and tucking it underneath his chin. Then, after swallowing hard, he hooked his thumbs into his underwear and pushed them down to his knees, to join his pants.

"Yes.. Good boy.." Karen murmured, her eyes locked on his now exposed crotch, even as she floated down directly before him. "Now, hold still while I take a closer look at these.."

Karen took her dark blue gloves off and tucked them into her slim, simple, and stylish (but ultimately unnecessary) belt. Then, to the boy's surprise and shock, if the hitching, breathy gasp he took was any indication, she reached out and delicately grasped his manhood in her soft, smooth, warm hands.

"Mmm.." Karen hummed, obviously pleased, as she gently manipulated the boy's quickly stiffening male member and cupped and fondled his relaxed testicles. "Mmmhmm Mmm.. Yes, these are very nice indeed.. Come and take a look, Kara."

"Oh, my gosh.." Kara (who looked very nearly as shocked and disbelieving as the rest of the boys) said, as she floated down beside Karen. "I.. I can't believe that you're just doing it.. Just like this.."

"Why not?" Karen replied, grinning mischievously as she moved a little to one side, to allow Kara space beside her. "There's nothing to stop us, really.. Why don't you give him a little feel too, before I do it? So you know what you're looking for, if you decide to do this on your own, sometime.."

"O-okay.." Kara said, after a moment's hesitation and indecision, before she reached her own hands out to take the boy's manhood from Karen's loose grasp.

"Oh.. They're so warm.." Kara stated, as she wrapped her fingers around him, even as the boy gasped and whimpered at her touch. "I've.. I've never touched a boy like.. like this, before.."

"Well, there's a first time for everything, right?" Karen said, her grin widening as she watched her counterpart begin stroking and playing with the boy in front of them both. "Why don't you give him a little kiss and taste, too? Just for the heck of it."

"Oh, I don't know.." Kara replied, suddenly looking more than a little indecisive, even slightly panicky, at the thought.

"Oh, go on.. What's the harm?" Karen said, laughing lightly at the expression on her friend's face. "It's all just in good fun, right?"

"Umm.. well, I guess you're right.." Kara said, her panicked expression turning sheepish and a little embarrassed. "Why not?"

As the rest of the small group of boys looked on incredulously, Kara licked her lips, leaned in, and planted a soft, hesitant kiss on the tip of the oldest boy's penis. The boy in question gasped again, then shuddered and hunched over forward as the beautiful young super heroine parted her lips and enveloped almost his entire length with her mouth.

"There you go!" Karen said, giggling at the cross-eyed expression on boy's face as Kara began to suck and nibble lightly on his hot, turgid male flesh. "I knew you'd like it if you gave it a try!"

"Now, why don't the rest of you boys get your pants down for us, too. Hmm?" she continued, looking up from the sight of Kara beginning to fellate the first boy in earnest to gaze at the rest of the line of shocked boys. "I don't think your friend is going to be enough to satisfy us on his own, after all.."

The boys glanced at each other again, then hurried to comply. Silly, eager grins broke through the open mouthed, disbelieving expressions they all had been wearing, as they quickly pulled down their pants or shorts and underwear.

"Good." Karen said, eyes alight as she scanned the line up of exposed boys, her gaze fixed at the level of their bare groins. "Now, just wait patiently for a few moments. Kara and I will get to each of you, I promise."

The first boy cried out, gasping and shuddering in pleasure, as Kara slowly pulled back from him, dragging her teeth lightly along his length before she leaned back up and away from his waist.

"That.. that was kind of fun..!" Kara said, after taking a couple of deep, steadying breaths and licking her lips clean. "And he didn't taste half bad, either. I thought boys' things were supposed to taste pretty unpleasant?"

"Nah.." Karen answered, smiling. "If you get them at the right age: not too old, but not too young either, they actually taste pretty good!"

"Oh, I see.." Kara said musingly, as she slowly licked her lips again, her eyes glancing back and forth between Karen and the boy's rampantly erect manhood.

He was, from the look of him, on the cusp of orgasm due to Kara's earnest, curious little mouth and tongue.

"So, ready to do what we came here to do?" Karen asked, her tone growing eager, even a little impatient. "I'm still pretty hungry, after all."

"Sure." Kara agreed, after glancing along the line of waiting, exposed boys, then drifting off the the side slightly to allow the other girl room. "How do you do it? Is it hard?"

"No, not hard at all." Karen replied. "It's dead simple, in fact."

"Show me?" Kara asked. "Please?"

"Sure!" Karen answered, her mischievous grin back. "Watch and learn, girl!"

"Okay, first, you've got to hold his penis up and out of the way.." Karen instructed, as she took hold of the tip of the boy's stiff, saliva slicked cock with the fingers of one hand. "It's easier to do this if they're still hard and haven't come yet, so he's perfect right like he is."

The boy, who was obviously awaiting the last few strokes that would make his apparently impending orgasm a reality, groaned and shook at Karen's light touch.

"So, with one hand on his cock, pull his balls to the bottom of his sack and hold them there with the last three fingers of your other hand. Then, trap the top of his sack in between your index finger and thumb.." Karen continued, as she wrapped her right hand around the boy's ball sack, isolated and held firm his testicles in her palm, and then curled her index finger around the top of his scrotum.

"Then, just use the pad of your thumb to pinch them off!" Karen finished. "Easy as pie!"

"Whu.. Wait, what..?" asked the oldest boy, whose manhood was in the hands and at the mercy of a girl whose grip could bend and tear plate steel, as he suddenly (and belatedly) realized, through the fog of his arousal, just what might be about to happen to him.

His realization came too late, however, as Karen, with scarcely any effort at all, pressed her thumb and index finger together. The boy's thin, tender, sensitive flesh was no match for her enhanced alien strength. The skin of his scrotum and the cords of tissue and vessels that connected his testicles to the rest of his body were compressed and crushed in an instant between her fingers.

"Gah!" the boy gasped out, as he was casually emasculated by the girl before him.

His scrotum and testicles, now completely severed, remained in Karen's firm grip, even as she pulled her hand away from his now half empty crotch.

"Agh.. Ahh!"

"Now, just give the little wound a quick, low powered zap with your heat vision.." Karen said, as her eyes glowed and a line of light briefly flickered between them and the spot where the boy's testicles had been attached only half a moment before. "To cauterize it and seal everything up nice and clean."

A small sizzling noise and a thin wisp of smokey steam curled up from the boy's reduced crotch.


"And, you're done!" Karen declared, finally releasing her grip on the boy's penis, which in turn allowed him to fall limply to the ground, even as she held up his now detached ball sack for Kara to see.

"Oh.. my.. gosh.." Kara breathed, as she gazed down raptly on the sad little lump of flesh that had been the boy's masculinity.

"Here, hold this set while I do another.." Karen said, as she pushed the bit of boy meat into Kara's empty hands. "You can do some of them too, if you want to try it out."

Kara squeaked and fumbled with the balls that Karen thrust into her hands, and would have dropped them if not for her superior reflexes and speed.

"Wow.." she sighed, once she'd calmed down a bit, as she gazed, enraptured, down at the severed, plump scrotum she held in her hands. "They're so.. soft.."

"And to think, these were attached to a boy only a few seconds ago.." Kara mused aloud, as she squeezed and poked curiously at the fleshy male orbs hidden from view by their layer of thin, protective skin.

"Yup." Karen said, as she nonchalantly dropped another set of boy balls into her friend's open hands. "Here's some more.."

"Oh!" Kara blurted out, surprised, before she looked up. "You.. you already did another one..?"

"Yeah." the other girl replied, grinning. "I told you it was quick and easy, didn't I?"

Indeed, there was another boy, the one who had been second in line, that was now laying on the ground just like the first, whimpering and groaning, clutching at his groin.

Grabbing for where his poor little balls, which were now resting lightly in Kara's hand, had been, only a moment before.

The excitement Kara had been feeling building up inside of her chest peaked, and she closed her eyes and shivered as a little thrill of pleasure shot up and down her spine, throughout her still floating body.

"So, do you want to try it out, yourself?" Karen asked, with a knowing little smirk, once Kara opened her eyes again.

"..Yes." Kara stated, after the breath that had caught in her chest finally released. "Yes, I do."

"Well, go ahead, then.." Karen said, a light laugh bubbling out of her at the intense and eager look that swiftly settled on her usually shy counterpart's features. "I'll take those back, then. You're going to need both hands free!"

Kara barely noticed Karen plucking the two already severed scrotums out of her hands. Her eyes and attention were locked on the next boy in line.

He, along with the remaining boys, all wore identical expressions. Where before they had sported goofy, eager grins, now their mouths were hanging open in shock. Their eyes, which had been hopeful and disbelieving of their stroke of good fortune, were now wide in horror, and filled with a completely different type of disbelief: the desperate kind.

Their eyes begged for this to all be a joke or trick, for the beautiful girls who had gracefully floated down from the sky like angles to not have casually ripped their two friends' manhoods away, and for the two girls to not appear quite intent on doing the same to the rest of them.

As Kara bent low and took the next boy's still erect cock and soft balls in hand, ignoring his panicked, nearly silent pleading, the nerves of the last boy in the line, who also looked the youngest, apparently broke.

"Ah, ah, ahhh!" Karen tsked, as she focused her suddenly laser-intense attention solely on the trembling and panicking boy, as he tried to slowly back away. "Not so fast, buddy."

The floating girl slid sideways through the air, as if in orbit around the little group, to come to rest directly in front of the whimpering boy. Face to face, her amused blue eyes stared right into his fearful ones.

"Now, where do you think that YOU'RE going?" she asked, her tone mild, even as her expression turned playful. "We're not done with you just yet.. So, why don't you stay right where you are, hmmm?"

Karen floated closer to him as she spoke, her aura of power, assurance, and confidence easily cowing the scared boy back into place at the end of the line.

"There we go.." Karen stated happily, after the boy edged back into his original position. "Don't you worry one little bit. We're not taking anything you actually need, after all.."

"Oh, you might miss them for a bit.." she continued, with a light, unconcerned laugh after several of the boys made disbelieving noises of protest. "But, really, you won't even notice they're gone after awhile."

"It's not like they're important, or anything."

The shivering boy, after looking her in the face one last time, refused to meet her eyes.

Kara was oblivious to this little drama, even as it unfolded mere feet from her. Her attention was fixed solely on the pair of testicles she holding in her hand.

"Okay.." she said to herself, with a little gulp of excited apprehension. "I can do this.."

"P.. P.. p-p.." stammered the boy, who was trembling violently, as he gazed down at the gorgeous girl who literally had his entire future as a man cradled in her fingers. "P-please.."

"Oh.." Kara said, as she glanced up to the boy's face, before reaching out her other hand to pat his cheek reassuringly. "Oh, I'm sorry.. But I really need to do this.."

"I've never been this excited about something, before." she said, before closing her eyes briefly and shivering again, in apparent anticipation. "And I'm kinda hungry, you see."

Then, without opening her eyes, she pinched her thumb and first finger together.

"W-wow.." Kara breathed, as another, stronger shiver ran up her body, as she floated back away from the boy she had just so easily castrated, even as he collapsed onto the ground with a plaintive little cry.

Her eyes opened and focused on the boy's balls, still grasped tightly in her hand. They were warm. They still felt alive, even. And would still, if only for a short time more.

Most importantly, though, was that they were hers now. Hers alone.

"Fun, huh?" Karen prompted, causing Kara to look up, breaking the little spell she had been under.

"Y-yeah.." she breathed, her chest light with a kind of happiness she'd never experienced before. "..It was.. Amazing!"

"If you think that was fun, just wait 'till you actually taste them!" Karen replied, with a wicked little grin. "They're soo good.. All the rest of you girls have no idea what you've been missing."

"Why don't you go ahead and do the rest of them, too?" she suggested, a moment later. "It's pretty fun watching you, actually. I should have dragged you along on one of these ages ago."

"You.. You don't mind?" Kara asked, her eyes lighting up at the prospect of taking the testicles of the three remaining boys.

"Nah, go for it, girl!" Karen encouraged. "Just don't forget to use your heat vision to cauterize them afterword."

"Thanks!" Kara replied happily, as she turned back to the little line up of boys.

The next boy in line watched, wide eyed and trembling, as Kara pulled apart the knees of the boy she'd just castrated and, after moving aside his clutching hands, gave his now reduced crotch a quick zap with her eye beams. The next boy's trembling increased, and he gave out a little whimper of fright, as Kara then turned her attentions to him.

The fact that his friend's severed testicles, which were still held in the super-powered alien beauty's palm, were pressed up against his own still (for now) connected pair as she took him in her hand didn't make what was happening any easier to bear.

Kara worked her way down the dwindling line of boys, her heart fluttering happily in her chest as she did, her excitement reaching a peak each time she pinched another set of balls off from their former owners. She very easily ignored the frantic pleading and begging of the boys, her attentions focused almost soley on the only part of them she had any real interest in.

Just as she was about to take the balls of the last boy in line, the youngest, she hesitated for a moment, seeming to be lost in thought.

"Karen.." she finally asked, as she glanced back over her shoulder toward the other girl. "What about their.. their penises?"

"What about them?" Karen replied, with one pale eyebrow cocked up questioningly.

"Are they any good to.." Kara began to say, before swallowing hesitantly. " eat, too? Like their balls..?"

"Why do you ask?" Karen replied, curiously.

"Well, I just noticed that this boy's is the largest, which made me wonder if it might taste as good as you said his balls will." Kara said, as she absently flicked the tip of the boy's erect cock with her fingertip. "It'd be a lot of extra meat. Boy's balls aren't real big, after all.."

Indeed, the youngest boy's penis was, out of the entire line up of boys, easily (and ironically) the largest.

"Hmm.." Karen replied, her tone turning musing.

"Well, I'm not much of a fan of them.." she stated slowly, before continuing on. "..but that doesn't mean that you won't like them. Why don't you take his dick off too, just to see?"

"Okay!" Kara agreed, enthusiastically, to the evident horror of the boy before her. "Do I do it just like his balls? Pinch it off?"

"No, you'll need to use your heat vision to cut it off." Karen instructed. "Otherwise it'll drain out and go flaccid pretty quick, not to mention that he'll bleed all over the place and make a mess."

"W-wait, please.." the boy whimpered, his already pale face blanching white, and his trembling suddenly increasing by an order of magnitude. "Not.. not my..!"

"Sorry, kiddo.." Kara replied, a little guiltily, after a brief glance at his terrified, pleading face, even as she firmed her grip on his manhood. "..but I'm way too curious to pass this up. You understand, don't you?"

"Gah!" the boy cried out, before he could utter another protest, as Kara pulled his balls out from his body, then quickly pinched them off.

He yelped in pain, as Kara directed a brief flash of heat vision at the spot his testicles had been attached. Then, he howled in shocked agony as the beam, far brighter and more intense this time, was redirected by the gorgeous alien girl. She made it pass directly across the base of the large cock he was so proud of, both slicing it off and sealing up both sides of the cut at the same time.

His cock, still plump and erect, and his balls, soft and loose in their sack, both came free from his crotch. His manhood, all of it, was now held in Kara's hands.

"Great!" Karen said, once the final boy had collapsed back onto the grass, clutching at his empty and mutilated groin. "Now we can leave. These guys don't have anything else we want, after all, and their whining will just be distracting when we eat. Let's go!"

The slimmer girl's eyes were fixed firmly on her full hands as she nodded absently in agreement. The four sets of boy testicles and rather large penis were then clutched possessively to her chest as she made to follow Karen, as the other girl flew up and away.

She did look back, one last time, as the line of curled up, crying boys began to fade into the distance behind them. Her enhanced senses meant that she could still hear every groan and sob, and see every twitch and shiver, as they clutched uselessly where their balls or, in one case, their entire manhoods had been. Before she and her companion had shown up and taken them, that is.

The excitement that had been filling her chest began to sour, and guilt began to churn in her stomach in its place.

"What's wrong with you?" Karen asked, as the two girls came to a halt several thousand feet up, puffy white wisps of cloud swirling around and past them.

"I.. I feel a little bad for those boys, now.." Kara said, as she bit her lip worriedly. "I mean, it was fun while it lasted, but.. I dunno.."

"It seems kinda mean, now, looking back at it." the girl said, uncertainly, as she looked down at the cooling boy flesh grasped between her two hands. "We hurt those boys, and I feel guilty about it.."

"Oh, Kara.." Karen sighed, as she drifted over to the conflicted girl and laid a hand (the one empty of boy's balls) across her cheek comfortingly. "You're being absolutely silly. You don't have a thing to feel guilty about."

"..Really?" Kara asked, hopefully, as she met her counterpart's bright blue eyes with her own identical ones.

"Really." Karen confirmed, with a firm nod of her head. "How many times have you saved this city.. even this entire world, from certain doom? Heck, how many times have you done so just in this past month alone?!"

"Uh.. a couple?" Kara replied, confused. "So?"

"So? So?!" Karen responded, laughing. "So, how much did you get paid for it? How much compensation did the world offer you when you punched that giant asteroid off course last weekend? You know, the one that would have made ninety percent of the Earth's population, human and animal alike, extinct?"

"Noth.. Nothing." Kara said.

"Exactly. How about when our silly cousin got himself trapped in the Phantom Zone, and you had to beat the villian that did it do him all by yourself while I was out in space?" Karen continued. "You saved both Clark AND the entire world from that guy's evil plan, and got nothing but a thank you and a brief pat on the back for your trouble."

"And speaking of Clark, what about last month, when he was forcibly switched with his evil counterpart from another dimension.. Again!" Kara said. "The only thing that stood between our cousin's jerky alternate twin's plans for world domination was you and me! And after we both punched him so hard in the balls that not only were his nuts rattling around inside his empty skull, but it actually knocked him back into his own dimension and yanked Clark back into ours, what did we get?"

"Nothing?" Kara supplied.

"Nothing." Karen echoed, with an eye roll of exasperation.

"Those boys we just took these from.." she continued, as she waved the two sets of balls clutched in her free hand in front of Kara's face. "..not to mention their families, friends, and everyone else they know, would have been dead or enslaved a dozen times over if not for us."

"So, I don't think a half dozen sets of balls is too much to ask after all that, do you?" Karen finished, her voice firm. "We save millions of people, and only take a few boy balls here and there in exchange.. That seems like a pretty good deal for pretty much everyone involved, to me."

"Jeez.." Kara said, as she looked back and forth between her counterpart and the bits of boy meat in her hands. "..when you put it that way, I guess you're right."

"Of course I'm right, silly." Karen said, as she rolled her eyes and stroked the other girl on the cheek, before she curled her hand into a fist and punched Kara goodnaturedly on the shoulder.

Kara's guilt evaporated, and she giggled happily once again as her mood lightened.

"So, now what?" she asked, as she held up the boy bits in her hands. "Do you eat them raw..? Or cook them, or what?"

"Hmm.." Karen mused, as she floated next to Kara. "Well, I've had them raw before, and they're not bad that way.. but I prefer them cooked a bit first, to be perfectly honest."

"Oh.." Kara said, nodding. "How do you cook them, then? On a barbecue, or in an oven?"

"Girl.." Karen replied, with a roll of her eyes. " you have heat vision, or not?!"

"Oh.. Ohh!" Kara blurted, blinking in realization. "I guess that I do, ha!"

"Now, you're going to want to cook them a bit slowly.." Karen said, as she presented the two sets of testicles she'd pinched from the boys so far below up in one cupped hand. "..if you go too fast, they might pop when the juices start to boil."

With that, she frowned prettily at her hand, causing a faint beam of light to flicker into being, each emanating from one of her pupils. The beams played back and forth over the balls in her hand, in time with the slight movements of her eyes, and quickly began heating the severed boy meat up.

"You'll probably want to hold the cut end of your cock shut.." Karen instructed, as Kara made to copy her actions. "Otherwise all the fluids will bubble out, and the meat will dry out too much."

"Okay." Kara said, as her own heat beams blossomed out of her eyes, directly onto the bits of severed manhood held in her hands. "Thanks for the tip!"

Both girls stayed that way for several minutes, eyes and powers focused completely on the task of making sure that their stolen bits of boy meat cooked up perfectly. Soon, the sounds of sizzling flesh could be heard in addition to sound of the cool winds blowing past them.

"Hmm.. Karen mused, as she shut off her eye beams and bent down to sniff at the fried gonads in her hand. "I think these are just about perfect now!"

Kara ceased her efforts as well, then glanced over at her counterpart's cupped hand. She saw that the two sets of testicles, which had still been attached to the boy they came from mere minutes before, were now much darker, slick with bubbling juices, the steam of which was whipped away by the cold air around them.

"Wow.." Kara breathed, entranced at the sight. "Are mine done, too?"

"Not yet." Karen commented, after a quick glance into the other girl's hands. "Give it another minute or two. You're cooking up more than twice as much meat as I am, after all."


Karen watched her friend light her heat vision up once more and resume her efforts, even as she herself used her free hand to pop a freshly cooked testicle out of the fried scrotum containing it.

"Mmmm…" she moaned, as she flicked the little orb of succulent boy flesh up into the air and caught it in her mouth. "Gosh, I love these things soo much."

"Hey, no fair!" Kara protested, even as she kept her laser gaze on her own full hands. "Don't start without me!"

"Ha, sorry girl." Karen said, while not actually sounding very sorry at all. "But I'm hungry right now!"

Then she chewed up the testicle in her mouth, moaning appreciatively as the ball of boy meat burst between her teeth and squirted hot, delicious juices across her tongue.

"Now are they done, now?!" Kara demanded, a few moments later, just as Karen swallowed down her first mouthful of male flesh.

"Yup, looks like it. Or, close enough, anyway."

"Awesome!" Kara exclaimed. "I'm so excited! I can't wait to see how good they taste!"

"Good enough to be my favorite." Karen replied, even as she popped the second testicle out from within its scrotum.

She let the now empty flap of crisped skin drop, discarding it casually, even as she slid the testicle in between her pursed, sucking lips.

"You don't eat the.. the wrappers they come in?" Kara asked, even as she gently squeezed one of her own stolen scrotums, making both of its cooked contents plop out into her hand.

"Nah.." Karen replied, between chews. "They're not bad, but I'm really only interested in the balls."

"Well, here goes then.." Kara said, even as she let her own now vacant scrotum fall away into the empty sky below her, before raising both testicles to her lips. "They smell.. really good!"

"Hmmmm mmm.." she groaned, as she pushed both meaty little orbs into her mouth, sucking eagerly on them, savoring their full, rich flavor.

"Oh.." Chew "My.." Chew "..God!" Chew chew chew

"These are amazing!" she finished, as she finally swallowed. "Just fantastic! I can't believe I never knew about these before now! How long have you been doing this for?"

"Ever since I arrived in this dimension." Karen said, with a little shrug, even as she squeezed free her last two testicles. "I'd always wanted to try it out, but never did back home. I figured, since this isn't actually my original dimension, that it couldn't hurt to see what it was like just once.. Then, when I realized how good they taste, I got hooked!"

"Oh, I can totally see why you did." Kara commented, voice muffled slightly, as she stuffed another pair of balls into her mouth and began chewing.

Both girls floated there in the sky for a few minutes, eating contentedly, sharing equally happy smiles with each other.

"Hey, gimme one of yours." Karen asked/commanded, after she swallowed down her last well masticated testicle and licks her lips and fingers clean. "You've got twice the number of balls I do, plus you still have your cock to try."

"Sure!" Kara replied, not at all put out by the request. "You're the one who found the boys, after all."

She tossed one of her untouched, full scrotums through the air, which the other girl easily caught.

"Thanks." Karen said, with a smile at her friend, before she sucked both balls right out of the little pouch of cooked skin.

"Hmm mmm.. Mmmm..!" Kara moaned, as she gobbled down her last pair of gonads. "Wow.. those were great! I wonder how good the penis will taste..?"

"Well, try it and see.." Karen said, with a shrug.

"Hmm.." Kara mused, as she ran the tip of the cooked cock beneath her nose. "Smells good, a little different than the balls did, but still good.."

She took a curious, tentative lick, running her tongue over the head, collecting the beaded meat juices that had bubbled out as it cooked. Then, with an approving humm, she slipped the head into her mouth entirely, then sucked on it for a moment, before nipping it free.

"Well?" Karen prompted, as she watched her counterpart chew up and swallow her first bite, then take a second. "How do you like it?"

"Hmm.." Kara hummed again, as she frowned down at the length of shaft still held in her fingers.

"The tip was pretty good.." she said, after she swallowed. "..but the shaft.. hmm.. I'm not so sure about.."

"Yeah, it's pretty chewy, isn't it?" Kara said, nodding.

"REALLY chewy.." Kara said, after she took a second, smaller bite of shaft meat, then pulled a face.

Considering that both girls could literally bite through iron, or catch bullets with their teeth, their distain was somewhat ironic.

"Blech.. Nope." Kara said, as she grimaced and let the little bit of half chewed boy meat fall out of her mouth. "Don't think I'll try another one of these. Still, at least the tip was tasty enough."

With a casual, dismissive motion, Kara dropped the half eaten penis, allowing it to fall to the ground far below.

"I'd rather just have another testicles or two, though." Karen commented, as she watched Kara lick her fingers clean.

"Yeah, I think you're right.." Kara said. "Gosh, but those balls sure were good, weren't they?"

"Oh, yeah." Karen agreed. "That's why I love 'em so much. They taste great, and they always leave me full of.. energy, afterward. You know what I mean?"

"Hey, you're right.." Kara mused as she looked down at herself, then stretched out in mid air, her long, slim limbs pointing prettily in opposite directions. "Wow, I feel almost.. tingly!"

The super powered girl ran her hands over her body, as if gauging herself, then bit her lip.

"Yeah.. tingly.." Karen murmured, as she drifted a little closer to her beautiful counterpart. "Hey, have you ever thought about.."

"..about what?" Kara asked, looking up, right into the eyes of her friend.

"..about this." Karen whispered, before she pressed up against Kara and brushed her lips against the other girl's own.

"Karen!" Kara squeaked, her large, blue eyes wide with surprise, shock, but not, Karen noted, dismay.

"Eating boy balls always leaves me in a bit of a state.." Karen breathed, face to face with her nearly identical counterpart, her own eyes hopeful. "Do you think we could.. could work some of that energy off? Together?"

"I.. I.." Kara stammered, unable to look away from the eager, earnest expression on Karen's features.

"I.. think that.. I'd like that." she finally whispered, before leaning forward and pressing her lips into the other girl's, kissing her fully and enthusiastically.

They made love there, high up in the sky, floating like angels in the clouds. Made love for the first time, both with each other, and with another person at all, with the delicious aftertaste of boy meat in their mouths and fire of stolen sexualities lighting up and spurring on their passions.

"We've.. got to do this again sometime..!" Kara gasped, as Karen used her lips, tongue and teeth to nibble and lick her way down the girl's toned belly.

"Well, dinner time is only in another few hours.." Karen said, as she pulled down her counterpart's skirt and traced her tongue along the line where her hip and leg joined together. "..I think we'll be ready for a recharge by then!"

Kara's only response was a breathy sigh, as Karen found her center and attacked it with her mouth.

They were definitely, definitely going to be doing this again.


Author's note:

This one has been sitting mostly finished on my hard drive for months now. I'm glad I finally got it wrapped up and posted. It was inspired by a rather lovely image of Power Girl by Warren Louw that I came across on Deviantart, which I think may have been a comic cover or something at one point (I don't really follow comics). Link: hxxps://

Usually I don't like to write about already established characters, but the image of Power Girl was so good that the story just popped into my head and wouldn't go away. It helps that I've got a bit of a thing for strong, confident women, and blondes. The fact that she is (depending on the origin story) an alternate universe twin of super girl is just a wonderful bonus. All the benefits of identical twin lesbian sex, without any of the weirdness of actual incest, ha ha. I just couldn't pass it up. I hope you like it.

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