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Birthday Request

A boy finds out that his sister wants something a little unusual from him for her birthday.

F/m, CBT, Penectomy, Castration, Cannibalism, Reluctant, Casual, Orgasm Control and Denial, Incest

"Mom?" he asked, as he poked his head around the door frame and looked into the kitchen and dining room.

"Yes, dear..?" his mother replied distractedly, as she moved before the oven, back and forth between simmering pots and sizzling pans.

"Umm.." he said, his voice low as he bit his bottom lip in apparent worry. "..I know you're busy with dinner, but could you.. uh.."

"Don't mumble, Jeffery." his mother instructed absently, with a glance and frown at her son.

"Sorry!" Jeffery said, his voice growing slightly more audible over the noise of his mother's dinner preparations. "Could you.. help me, please?"

As he said this last, he slid sideways into the doorway proper. His hands, which he had been twisting one against the other in agitation, relaxed slightly as he hooked his fingers into the front of his shorts. He then pulled them down to reveal his manhood, erect cock spring immediately upright and free, to his working mother.

His mother took in his aroused state with another short glance, her gaze flat and unimpressed.

"I don't really have time right now, Jeffery.." his mother finally replied with an impatient sigh, before she turned back to her cooking. "What about your sister? Why don't you ask her?"

"She's in the shower." Jeffery replied, shrugging apologetically. "She just got back from soccer practice. She doesn't like it if I bug her when she's in the bathroom.."

"..Mmm.." his mother hummed, noncommittally, without looking back at him.

"..Please..?" he asked, allowing just a hint of whine into his voice, as he looked up at her hopefully.

"It can't wait forty-five minutes?" his mother asked.

"Unh-uh." he said, shaking his head and doing his best impression of a begging puppy.

"Ohhh, alright. Bring that silly little thing over here, then." his mother finally relented, with another annoyed sigh. "I'll tend to you when I can, Jeffery, but cooking dinner comes first."

"Thanks, mom!" he replied, all hints of pleading vanishing as he bounced happily over to his mother.

He came to a stop beside her and thrust his hips, along with his still exposed manhood, out towards her. Then he looked up at her expectantly.

"Why couldn't I just have had two daughters, instead..?" his mother murmured with a roll of her eyes, before she set down her spatula and reached for his erection.

"Haa..mmmm.." he breathed, as his mother's strong, warm hand enveloped his flesh. "Ooh.. I've needed this for hours.."

"Boys.." his mother said, as she resumed cooking as best she could with only one hand.

His mother was a good as her word, using any free moments between slicing, chopping, stirring, flipping, frying, and steaming up dinner to stroke and caress his cock. There were, though, significant segments of time where she simply needed both hands for cooking, which meant that something that usually only took a few minutes was stretched out for much longer.

"Do you need any help, mother?" a voice behind them asked.

His sister had apparently finished her shower. Her hair was still wet, and she was clad in only a thin, damp shirt and tight cotton short shorts. Her eyes took in the tableau of her mother both cooking dinner and masturbating her brother right next to the stove top, a sight she apparently found entirely unremarkable.

"Set the table please, Lily." his mother replied, as she lifted a spoonful of sauce up to her lips with her left hand, even as her right pumped up and down the length of his shaft. "I'm almost done here. We'll eat in just a few minutes."

"Yes, mother." his sister replied, as she padded barefoot over to the cutlery drawer.

His attention wandered for a few moments, as he enjoyed the feeling of his mother's intermittent ministrations, before it was snapped back to the present by the sharp clatter of three plates being deposited right in front of him by his sister.

"Serve us up, will you, dear?" his mother instructed his sister, as she stepped back from the oven. "While I go ahead and finish off your brother."

Wordlessly, his sister dished up portions of pasta and sauce, steamed broccoli, meatballs, and garlic bread onto the plates. She set each plate down on the dining table as she finished it, saving her own for last.

"Bring your plate over here, dear." his mother said, as his sister finished serving herself. "Your brother's just about to pop, I think. We may as well not waste it."

"Yes, mother." his sister answered calmly, before she turned around and walked the few steps over to where his mother had pulled him back and out of the way.

She presented her full plate with both hands at waist height, standing expectantly before him even as his mother, who was now behind him, increased the pace of her efforts.

Despite the pleasure he was already feeling, it still took several more moments for those efforts to pay off. His sister spent those moments simply looking at him in apparent amusement, her gaze flicking back and forth between his eyes and the tip of his erect cock.

"Any time now, Jeffery." his sister said, her mouth twisting up into a slight smirk as she watched him begin to tremble and shake. "I'd like to eat my dinner before it gets cold, you know."

"Haahh.." he breathed, as his mother cupped and kneaded his testicles gently, even as her grip on his shaft firmed.

"Ahhh!" he exclaimed, his hands clenched at his side, his hips thrusting out as far as they could, as his orgasm finally overwhelmed him.

His mother and his sister watched as he ejaculated forcefully. His seed, aimed by his mother, splashed in thick ropes across the food held upon his sister's plate.

"There we go.." his mother whispered into his ear, as she continued to stroke him. "Get it all out, dear.. That's right, every little bit.."

"Hah.. haa.." he panted, as he collapsed back against his mother.

"Finally." his sister said when his ejaculation had finished, before she tossed her hair back over her shoulder and stepped away to set her plate down on the table. "I'm starving."

His sister sat down, and without waiting for him or his mother, promptly dug into her meal.

"Feel better, dear?" his mother asked, as she guided him on his wobbly, weak legs to his own seat.

"Ye.. yes, mom.." he said, as one last orgasmic shiver made its way up his spine. "Loads better. Thank you."

"You're welcome, dear." his mother said, as she eyed his still erect cock critically. "Just try to time it a little better next time, will you?"

"I'll.. I'll try." he promised, as he clutched the back of his chair for support.

"Good." his mother stated, as she drew her index finger up along the underside of his cock, using her fingertip to collect the little drop of semen that still beaded the end of his penis.

"Hmm.." she mused thoughtfully, as she popped her finger into her mouth and sucked it clean. "Well, sit down. Let's eat."

"So, Lily, what do you want for your birthday this year?" his mother asked some time later, as the meal progressed.

His sister, who had been in the middle of lifting a piece of broccoli to her mouth, one so liberally coated with his semen that it was actually dripping a little, paused for a moment, looking thoughtful. Then, after a quick, inscrutable glance towards him, she placed the broccoli delicately in her mouth and slowly chewed it up.

"I think.." she began, while patting her lips clean after swallowing. "..that I would like Jeffery for my birthday."

"You want your brother.." his mother asked, one eyebrow raised skeptically. "..for your birthday present?"

"Not all of him." Lily replied, with an amused little smirk in his direction.

"I just want his penis." she stated.

His fork clattered loudly as he dropped it onto his plate at his sister's casual words.

"Hmm.." his mother mused, as she rubbed her chin thoughtfully. "I see."

"Yes." his sister continued calmly. "My friend Annie told me that having a penis on your birthday is quite the treat. She received, with her mother's permission, her older brother's on her last birthday. I was there at the party when her mother and brother brought it out for her. She was quite delighted with the whole thing, and it made for a very memorable birthday."

"Wha.. what..?" he stuttered, his mouth hanging open.

"Well.." his mother pondered, as she shifted her attention away from his sister and onto himself, eyeing him speculatively. "If that's really what you want.."

"It is." his sister stated, firmly.

"Wha.. What did.. did she do with it, though..?" he finally managed to ask, his tone slightly confused and very worried at the sudden, unexpected nature of their dinner conversation.

"Well, she ate it, naturally." his sister said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "After her mother prepared and cooked it up, of course. The smell was absolutely mouthwatering. I wanted ever so much to ask Annie for a tiny bite, just to see what it tasted like, but I didn't wish to be rude."

"I mean, it was her birthday party, after all. Not mine." Lily finished, with a little giggle.

"Haah!" he squeaked, as he flinched slightly and squeezed his thighs firmly and fearfully together at the picture his sister's words painted in his mind.

"So, that's all then? Just your brother's penis?" his mother asked. "Nothing else?"

"Well.." his sister added, looking hopeful. "I'd really love to have his testicles, too. If that isn't too much to ask, that is."

"I bet they'd be just as delicious as his penis." she said, as she swirled another piece of broccoli around in a small pool of congealing semen at the edge of her plate. "Maybe even more so."

With her eyes locked on her brother, she slipped the cum coated vegetable into her mouth and chewed, rather forcefully.

"Hmmm.." his mother hummed, as she regarded her daughter for a moment, before returning her gaze to him once more.

It was a rather evaluative, calculating gaze, one which made him feel rather like a piece of beef or pork on display at the market. He quailed under it, squirming in his seat.

"I suppose that I don't see.." she began.

"Mom!" he tried to interrupt, outraged and shocked.

"..why not. Yes, you can have your brother's penis and testicles for your birthday." his mother finished, ignoring his outburst.

His sister's eyes lit up, even as his own heart sank.

"Thank you, mother!" Lily exclaimed, her mouth breaking into a wide, bright grin.

"Moom!" he protested again, more loudly this time. "I don't want Lily to eat my penis! She can't have it! It or my balls!"

"Dear.." his mother said to him, after shooting a quelling look at his sister, who appeared to be about to speak up. "Why ever not? Surely you can see how happy it will make her?"

"Because it's mine!" he replied, so loudly that he was almost shouting, causing his sister to wince. "I.. I don't want to give it up just so she can ee.. eat it!"

"Now, now, dear.." his mother said, placatingly. "I know that you're rather.. um.. attached to it and everything, but don't you think that you're being a little selfish..?"

"What.. but.." he stammered. "!"

"It's really not that big of a deal, Jeffery." his sister said, rolling her eyes. "It's only a penis. Annie said her brother didn't even really miss his much after a couple of weeks had gone by. Plus, he didn't have to bother her or her mother to take care of his silly erections anymore. Honestly, it's pretty much a win-win situation."

"But.. but.."

"Really, dear.." his mother said, her tone one of utmost reasonableness. "It's for the best. Whatever would you do with that silly thing later in life, anyway?"

"But.." he said, before his voice grew plaintive. "But I want to be a breeder!"

His sister made a shocked snerking sound, snorting around a small mouthful of pasta, before giggling suddenly behind her hand.

"Ah.. Dear.." his mother said, after frowning at his sister. "You realize that only about two out of a hundred boys qualify for breeder status, don't you?"

"I could make it!" he stated, emphatically.

"Well.. yes, I suppose that it is technically.. theoretically.. possible that you could end up qualifying.." his mother allowed, her skepticism showing through plainly in her tone of voice. "..but you only barely squeaked by on your last evaluation, and the standards only grow more strict each successive year."

"Barring some sort of extreme growth spurt.." she continued, with a glance down toward his lap. "..between now and your next evaluation, I think that it is all going to become something of a moot point anyway."

"It.. it could happen.." he said, gulping nervously.

"It could, but it very likely won't." his mother said, firmly. "Miracles like that only happen in story books, Jeffery. You're very, very likely to lose your manhood before the year is out regardless, so why not let your sister have it for her birthday? Really, you're just being selfish."

"I.. I.." he said, with his mouth moving but hardly any sound coming out.

"Jeffery.." his sister said, all trace of amusement gone from her voice, drawing his gaze to her once again.

"..please?" she asked, looking at him hopefully with her wide, guileless, beautiful eyes, even as she laid her left hand atop his own trembling right.

"I.." he stammered one last time, before seeming to deflate in his chair, his head sinking in defeat.

"Oh.. Okay." he finally agreed, disconsolately, as he stared down forlornly into his own lap.

The clatter of a chair being pushed back made him raise his head slightly. His sister stood up, then moved around to his side of the table. She reached out with one hand and gently tilted his chin up, then bent down and placed a warm, chaste kiss on his cheek. Her breath smelled a little like broccoli as it fluttered against the skin of his face.

"Thank you, Jeffery." she said, her voice full of genuine warmth as she smiled down winningly at him.

"Ah.." he replied, haltingly, as he looked back at his occasionally adorable sister. "You're.. you're welcome, I suppose.."

"I'm very proud of you, Jeffery." his mother said with a smile, as she patted his hand. "I know it can seem scary, but it's something almost all boys end up facing, sooner or later. Now you'll be able to look back on it later as a happy memory, as a gift you gave to your sister, rather than as something that was taken from you."

"..I suppose." he repeated, his tone heavy with doubt.

His mother just patted his hand again.

"So, Lily.." she said, her voice brightening as his sister sat back down at the dining table once again. "Have you chosen a recipe yet? For your, ahem, "big" birthday meal?"

He choked on a bit of broccoli at his mother's words and tone.

His sister's composure cracked at his mother's comment and his own reaction, and she broke out into giggles again.

"Not yet." she answered, grinning. "I wanted to see if you'd even let me have it before I started planning too much in advance.."

She shot him another amused glance, even as she popped a meatball into her mouth whole and began vigorously chewing it up.

"Well, I've got an old recipe book laying around here somewhere that you'll want to take a look at, then." his mother replied, smiling benignly. "I haven't had a use for it in ages, but I think I remember where I left it at."

"It'll be just the thing you need." his mother said, with a knowing little nod.

Jeffery sank nervously into his seat a little, as both his mother and sister turned to regard him thoughtfully.

He couldn't tell if they were licking their lips in appreciation of the meal they were eating now, or in anticipation of the meal to come.

His sister skipped out of the dining room a little later, small recipe book in hand, to go try and decide how exactly she wanted his penis cooked.

His mother had him clean off the table, even as she began to wash the dishes. His own plate was more or less untouched, as his appetite had pretty much fled after the conversation about his sister's birthday present. The only thing he'd really eaten was a little bit of broccoli, though his sister had reached over and stolen his meatballs at some point toward the end of dinner. He'd only realized he'd wanted them after they were already gone. The irony wasn't lost on him.

He spent the next several hours alone in his room, just staring down at his lap, contemplating his decision. He still was rather conflicted about the whole thing, but it had just been so hard to say no to his sister. Oh, his mother's arguments had influenced his decision, to be sure, but his will had only really broken down completely when his sister had asked him, outright, for his manhood. Though he had an oftentimes adversarial relationship with his sister, he really was rather fond of her, truth be told. Denying her something she so plainly wanted, something that it was obvious would make her very happy, was just not in his nature. It certainly wouldn't be the first time she had wheedled something of his away from him.

Thinking of his sister, especially the cute little face she made whenever she wanted something, caused the inevitable reaction. His manhood swelled, as it always did when he thought about his sister lately. Indeed, the only reason he'd needed his mother to give him some relief before dinner was because he'd accidentally stolen a look at his sister as she undressed for her shower. The sight of her peeling her tight, sweaty soccer uniform off as he passed by the only mostly closed bathroom door had brought his cock to full attention at once, and he'd been sorely tempted to tarry and see just how much he could see.

Common sense had prevailed, fortunately, as the costs of getting caught would probably have been greater than the potential rewards. It had been a very close thing, though, and he'd had to force himself to walk away from the sight of his sister's shower preparations. Still, thinking of Lily gave him an idea. Normally he'd limit the number of time's he'd ask his mother or sister to take care of an erection for him to just once or twice a day, so as not to unduly pester the two women in his life. Now, though.. Since he'd be losing his precious manhood in only a week's time, it seemed like he should take advantage of every opportunity available to him. In fact, he thought to himself as he hopped off his bed, one could almost say that his sister owed him as many orgasms as possible in the week he had left. It was only fair, after all, considering what he was giving up for her.

Grinning optimistically, he strode from his room, intent on collecting what he felt he was owed from his sister as soon, and as often, as possible.

Unfortunately, as he found out just a few moments later, his sister had some very different ideas about how he should spend his last week as a fully functional male.

"You've got to be kidding." he stated, as he voiced his complete disbelief.

"Nope, not at all." his sister said, without bothering to look up from the recipe book she was perusing on her bed. "It says right here that having the man or boy abstain before his penis and/or testicles are prepared and cooked enhances their flavor. Significantly, according to many accounts."

Abstain. What a horrible word, he felt. She wanted him to spend the entire next week, his LAST week, abstaining from orgasming and ejaculating. Utter madness.

"Nope, unacceptable." he said, making his voice as firm and unyielding as possible. "If you want my penis, you're going to have to masturbate me at least four.. no, at least FIVE times each day."

"And.." he continued recklessly, feeling perhaps a bit braver than was actually warranted. "..and you have to use your m-mouth on me at least one of those times, every day."

His sister finally looked up at him, as he stood there with his feet spread, his fists on his hips, and his chest thrown out, and snorted derisively.

"Yeah, okay." she said, her tone so dry that it would pull water out of salt. "I agree to those conditions, absolutely."

"Really?" he asked, hopefully.

"No." she replied, shortly, with a shake of her head and an exaggerated eye roll.

"Aww, come on.." he said. "I'm being serious!"

"I know you are." his sister stated. "It's cute."

"Well, fine then." he said, as he turned to leave. "I guess you can't have my penis after all."

"My penis." she shot back, still reading her new recipe book.

"What?" he asked, over his shoulder.

"It isn't YOUR penis." she stated, with a scathing look at him over the top of her book. "It's MINE. You already gave it to me. No. Take. Backs."

"I.. I did not! I said you could have it for your birthday." he retorted. "And it isn't your birthday yet!"

"You gave it to me." his sister replied, stubbornly. "That means it's mine, now and forever."

"Unh uh"

"Yeah huh"

"MO-OM!" they both shouted.

There was the sound of an exasperated sigh, audible even from the other side of the house. Before long, their mother, looking distinctly unamused, poked her head around the door frame.

"What?" she asked, flatly.

"Jeffery's trying to weasel out of his promise!" his sister complained, loudly.

"Lily says I can't come at all before her birthday!" he said, even more loudly.

His mother looked back and forth at the both of them for a moment, the directed her gaze to him.

"Is it true?" she asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Yes, she says that she won't help me if I get an erection for the rest of the week until her birthday!" he said, indignantly.

"Not that." his mother said, waving her hand dismissively at his concern. "I meant are you trying to get out of giving the gift that you've already promised?"

"W.. Well, yes, I suppose.." he said. "..but only because she says I shouldn't come!"

His mother simply raised her eyebrow even further at this.

"Supposedly it makes my p.. er.. a p-penis "taste better" if it hasn't ejaculated, or something stupid like that." he explained, using his fingers to make air quotes to emphasize his skepticism about his sister's claim.

"It does." his mother said, her tone perfectly flat once again. "Everybody knows that."

"What?!" he exclaimed. "It.. it does not. That's dumb!"

"Yes! Told you, Jeffery." his sister said, smugly.

"But.. but.." he stammered.

"It does." his mother repeated firmly. "And, you've already agreed to give you penis and testicles to your sister for her birthday, so that's that. They're hers now, and if she says they aren't to orgasm, then they aren't to orgasm. Period."


"Now, don't bother me again unless it's important." his mother said, as she pulled her head back and left. "I'm reading a novel. It's rather interesting."


"Jeffery, go away." his sister commanded, as she buried her nose in her little recipe book once again. "I need to find the perfect recipe for my birthday, and I can't do it with you standing there looking dumb and annoying me."



He looked at his sister, who was glaring up at him through narrowed eyes and radiating hostility, then back down at his still erect cock. Realizing that there was no hope or help to be had, he whimpered and beat a hasty retreat.

If he didn't figure something out, then it was going to be a long week until his sister's bithday.

Monday, 9:02 AM

"Lily, will you please take care of my erection? It's been bugging me all night."




"Look, I'm sorry about trying to.. to weasel out of my promise. Really, I am."


"So.. will you take care of my stupid penis?"



Monday, 9:27 PM

"Lily, will you please..?"



"No. Go away."

Tuesday, 8:37 AM

"Serious Lily, this thing is driving me crazy. Please just jerk me off. Even just once a day is enough."



Tuesday, 10:33 AM

"Hey Lily, could you.."


"I wasn't going to ask about my penis."


"Really, I wasn't.."


"..but, since you're here.. Would you please..?"


Tuesday, 12:02 PM

"Hey Lily, would you like me to make you lunch? I'm making sandwiches."


"What do you want on yours? Mustard?"




"Miracle Whip?"



"..I'll make my own sandwich."

Tuesday, 6:38 PM

"Hey Lily, I brought you some flowers. You know, for an early birthday present."


"..Sooo.. could you take care of my penis, please?"


Tuesday, 6:42 PM

"Hey mom, I brought you some flowers."

"Thank you, dear. That was very thoughtful."

"Would you help me, please? My penis has really, really been bothering me lately. It'll only take a minute, I promise."

"Did your sister say it was alright?"

"..Yes. Yes, she did."

"No, she didn't."

"No, really. I just asked her a minute ago, and she said it was fine. Really. So, please?"



Tuesday, 9:47 PM

"Hey Lily.."


"But I.."


"Seriously, this thing is.."



Wednesday, 6:01 AM





"Oh, hey. You're awake."

"Wha.. What time is it?"

"So, listen, I haven't been able to sleep. At all."

"How.. is that my problem?"

"Because of my stupid penis."

" is that my problem?"

"Please, Lily.. I'm begging you. Just once, that's all I need."


"Lily, seriously.."

"No. Get out, you jerk, and let me sleep!"


Thursday, 10:47 AM

"Hey Annie, how're you doing?"

"I'm fine, Jeffery. How are you?"

"Uh, well.. Not so good, actually. I wouldn't usually ask you something like this, but, seeing as how you're my sister's best friend, which sort of makes you my friend too, I thought that maybe.."

"What do you need?"

"Would you.. erm.. help me, please?"

"Oh, I haven't had to do that for awhile, ha ha. Not since my last birthday, anyway."

"So, will you?"

"Oh, ha ha. Sorry, no."

"What? Why not? Please, I promise that it'll only take a minute. Or less. Seriously. Please."

"Lily told me not to."

"She what?"

"Yeah, she said that she was going to have your penis at her birthday party. So, naturally, she called all her friends and asked them not to touch you at all."

"She.. She did that..? All her friends?"

"Yeah, she told me it took forever, too, ha ha. You know, seeing as how she's friends with practically everyone around. Honestly, I expected that you would have asked me days ago. It would have worked then, too."

"It.. it would have?"

"Yeah. Lily called all her friends in alphabetical order, and my last name starts with a "W". She only got to me last night. If you'd have asked me yesterday or the day before, I would have been happy to do it for you, ha ha."


Friday 3:23 PM



"I'm begging.."


"Please.. Oh my god, it hurts so much. I'll do anything. Anything!"



"ANYTHING anything?"

"Yes! Please!"





Saturday 9:12 AM




"Are you.. crying?"

"N-no!" *sniff*

"Jeez, that's kinda pathetic, Jeffery."

"S-shut up!"

"It almost makes me want to take pity on you.."



"So, w-will you..? Please?"


"Argh!" *sob*

It was Saturday evening. He was in the shower, simply staring down at his manhood as hot water beat down on him. His cock had been erect almost constantly for the entire past week, and it hurt. His balls ached even worse, a low grade pounding that echoed painfully up through his innards in time with his heartbeat. There was only one thing that would make the pain go away, and his sister had denied it to him.

His hands, which he usually only touched himself with in order to wash or urinate, hovered over his turgid member. It would be so, so easy.. But there was a lifetime's worth of taboo and stigma that he was struggling against. Boys couldn't touch themselves. Boys SHOULDN'T touch themselves.


If a boy had an erection, he had to go to a girl and hope she took pity on him. Usually they would, if they weren't busy with something else, that is. Penises, despite the fact that they were attached to boys, were for girls. They orgasmed and ejaculated only if and when a girl thought it appropriate. That's just the way it was and always had been.

What he was contemplating doing, as his hand drifted closer and closer to his own erection, was against all of that. If he was caught, even just once, no girl might ever touch him again.


But tomorrow was his sister's birthday party, wasn't it? She'd be taking his manhood tomorrow anyway. He really, truly didn't have anything left to lose, did he?

His hand wrapped around his length, and he shuddered in ecstasy at the pleasure the simple pressure of his own grip caused.

"Haaahhh.. ha haa haaah!" he laughed, almost maniacally, as he began to lightly stroke himself.

After an entire week's worth of denial and build up, it felt good. So terribly good. Exquisite. Heck, it almost felt worth it even, going without for the entire week, just for how good his cock felt right at that very moment.

He tightened his grip, and sped up the pace of his strokes, breathing heavily in the hot water of the shower. He was going to come, and soon. Nothing, nothing could stop him now!

"Hah! Caught you!" his sister crowed delightedly, practically in his ear, as she tossed back the shower curtain.

"Gaaahhh!" he shrieked, so startled that his feet slipped out from beneath him entirely.

Thankfully, he was already leaning against the back wall of the shower, arching his hips and manhood up toward the hot spray of the shower head. So, instead of paralyzing himself by landing on the lip of the large tub, he merely slipped down into it, coming to rest on his back.

"I knew you'd give in eventually." his sister stated triumphantly, as she stood over him with her hands on her hips, even as warm water began to splash onto her clothes. "Boys, boys, boys.. Can't even go a week, can you..?"

"L-Lily!" he said, once he'd recovered from his fright and caught his breath. "Go away. Go away!"

"Nope!" his sister said, with a quick shake of her head. "That's my penis you're manhandling there. I'll ask you to kindly remove your hand from it, please."

"Argh!" he groaned, even as he jerked his hand away from himself, a lifetime of indoctrination quickly reasserting itself. "Jeez, just leave me alone and let me finish! Just once before tomorrow!"

"And waste all the flavor that's built up over the past week?" Lily asked, rhetorically. "I don't think so. Get up."

Grumbling, he carefully climbed to his feet, doing his best not to slip again in the warm, slick tub. Petulantly, he refused to look at his sister.

"Good, now face me squarely, please." she commanded.

After a moment's consideration, he grudgingly complied, turning his whole body to look at his sister, his very erect cock pointing directly up at her face.

"What do you want?" he asked shortly, his mood thoroughly ruined by her sudden appearance.

"Several things, actually." Lily said, as she reached out and took his manhood gently in hand. "First, I simply want to see how these are coming along.."

He gasped at her touch, the first time he'd felt it in over a week, as she squeezed and hefted his member and gonads.

"Ooh, they feel good.." his sister mused, as she examined him closely.

"What.. what do you mean..?" he asked as he thrust out his hips, keen, despite his irritation at her, to prolong his sister's touch.

"Well, you feel rather plump and full." Lily said, as she rolled and kneaded his testicles in her hand. "Much more so than usual."

He shuddered at the sensation, the throbbing pain in his gonads somehow both easing and sharpening at the modest, pleasurable pressure she was subjecting them to.

"And I think that this is the largest I've ever seen your penis." she continued, as she ran her other hand appreciatively up and down his length. "The largest, by far. Not quite big enough to qualify as a breeder, of course, but still.. impressive, brother dear."

"Thanks..?" he said, a bit confused by the compliments coming from the girl who had cut him off so completely a week prior.

"You're welcome." she replied, with a little giggle. "It wouldn't have happened without me, after all. They're going to be perfect for my birthday, tomorrow."

The pit of his stomach dropped at the mention of the party the next day, the party which would mark the end of his manhood.

"Speaking of which, that's the second reason I'm here." his sister said, as she gave him another squeeze. "I've narrowed my choices about how to prepare this thing down to two, but I simply can't decide which one of them to pick."

"Y-yeah..?" he asked, with a shudder that wasn't entirely due to the feel of his sister's hand on his flesh.

"Thankfully, the authors of the cook book mom gave to me expected girls to have trouble choosing a recipe, and they had some advice about it." Lily explained. "They suggested a taste test."

"A taste..?" he repeated, before realization struck him. "..Really?"

"Yes." his sister said, her eyes locked on his penis, as she licked her lips. "Certain recipes work better with certain.. ah.. flavors of boy, I suppose you'd say."

"You're going to.." he started, hope blooming in his chest.

Neither his sister nor his mother had ever deigned to use their mouths on him before. He'd heard from other boys, ones who had female relatives and friends that weren't quite so reserved, that orgasming inside of a girl's mouth was another whole level of pleasure higher than mere hand stimulation. Sadly, though, he'd never been able to find out for himself.

"Well, it is my last opportunity, after all.." his sister admitted, with a little giggle and smirk. ".and it's for a good reason, too. I only get one chance to get the recipe right. It'd be a shame if your penis came out of the oven less than perfect, wouldn't it?"

"Haauuhhh ahh.." he moaned, as the two contrasting mental images, one of his sister sucking his cock, and the other of his sister eating it, conflicted with each other in his mind.

"So, hold still, will you?" his sister said as she bent down, her lips parting, even as she pulled on his manhood, encouraging him to thrust out his hips more.

"Haa.." he breathed, as his sister's face moved closer and closer to the tip of his straining, eager member.

She paused, only inches from his flesh, as the spray from the still running shower began splattering directly onto her face and into her hair.

"Hmm.." she frowned, looking slightly annoyed as she glanced up at the water streaming from the shower head.

"L-lily..?" he asked, his tone confused, as his sister released her hold on his manhood and straightened back up.

"Nope." she stated firmly, with a little shake of her head. "This won't work at all. My clothes are getting soaked."

Indeed, warm water from the shower had been splashing off of him during their entire conversation, and a not insignificant amount of it had wound up on his sister. Her shirt, which was a rather thin cotton spaghetti strap top, was already so damp that it clung tightly to her, showcasing the swell of her breasts, and especially the hard little nubs of her nipples, quite clearly.

"I guess that I'll just have to get into the shower with you." she concluded a moment later, with a thoughtful nod.

Then, without any further warning, and to his complete surprise and shock, his sister stripped down right there in front of him. She peeled her clingy, waterlogged top off to reveal her bare, bra-less chest in all it's nubile, perky glory, then casually tossed the damp garment aside. Her flip-flops, followed by her shorts and brief panties, went next, kicked off into a careless pile on the floor.

"Hah.. L-lily.." he sputtered, as his brain seemed to short circuit entirely.

"There we go, that's better." his now completely nude sister stated, seeming quite satisfied, as she stretched and gave a little shiver at the feel of the warm bathroom air on her bare skin. "Scootch over some, so I can get in, will you?"

Wordlessly, he complied, backing up against the rear wall of the shower. He watched, amazed, as his sister stepped boldly into the warm spray and then slid the shower curtain shut.

"This is cozy." his sister joked, even as she raised her arms up above her head and spun in place, letting the shower water run around, over, and across her smooth, flawless skin. The little beaded trails that clung to her curves drew his eye, and he simply couldn't help staring as she took a few moments to wet herself down completely.

"We haven't bathed together for ages, have we?" his sister stated, as she ran her hands vigorously though her fine, silky hair, causing delightful little bounces in her exposed, out thrust chest. "Not since you started having erections, anyway. I suppose that we'll be able to do it again after tomorrow, won't we?"

"It's something to look forward to, isn't it?" she finished, with a wicked little smile as she drew her finger tips down the length of her body, along and over her curves, allowing them to come to rest just above her bare sex, drawing his eyes like moths to a flame.

"Hahhahahaghh.." he whimpered, as his sister pressed up closer toward him, the tips of her breasts brushing against his chest.

"Now, hold still so I can get a taste of you, okay?" she whispered, looking him in the eye for a brief second, before she slowly knelt down in front of him.

Kneeling, she reached up and slowly trailed her fingers across his chest, then slid them down his flanks and abdomen, before finally encircling the base of his manhood once more. The moment she touched his cock, his hips bucked, and he gasped.

"Easy there, Jeffery.." his sister commented, as she began lightly pumping her hand up and down his shaft. "I still haven't given you permission to come, remember."


"If you do.." she murmured, looking up into his eyes even as she bent closer to him, her lips brushing his tip. "..I'm going to be very, very disappointed."

Then, she enveloped the head of his cock entirely.

"Gaaahhhh..!" he groaned, as his eyelids fluttered and his whole body trembled.

His sister, suckling gently, hummed her approval as her tongue darted and flicked curiously across his flesh, tasting him.

"Hmm.. not bad.." she breathed, as she released his tip and began brushing her lips down the underside of his shaft, licking him as she went. "Maybe I should have been doing this with you all along.."

"Ohh.. Oh, fuuu…" he gasped, as his stomach began flexing and heaving in a stuttery rhythm. "L-lily..!"

"Mmmm.." his sister sighed happily, as she first kissed, then sucked, each of his aching balls. "These feel soo full.. I love it.."

"Aaaahhh..!" he panted, his voice strained, almost breaking, as he looked down at his sister. "I.. I can't.. can't.."

If he'd been in a fit state of mind, what he saw when he looked down would have surprised him even more than it did. His sister, who had one hand firmly around the base of his manhood, had her other hand between her own legs, rubbing furiously.

"Ooh.." his sister said, as she leaned back away from him onto her heels, letting his testicles slide reluctantly from her warm, soft mouth. "Y-you'd.. better.. not..!"

"Haagh..?" he groaned, as the spray of hot water coming from the shower head played across his sister's beautiful face, heaving breasts, taut belly, and slick sex.

His sister stayed like that for several moments, the hand that had been holding his member now pressed back against the wall by her head, steadying herself, as she continued to masturbate. Her own tummy flexed in time with her breathing, in an ever increasing tempo, as she gasped and moaned herself closer and closer to climax.

Finally, after watching her gorgeous, slim form shudder and tremble for what seemed to be an eternity, but was really only a minute or two, his sister finally came. She closed her eyes and moaned as she orgasmed, thrusting her hips up toward him. He saw her sex pulsing and contracting as she slid her index finger in little circles around her clit, only a foot or two from his own hard, dangerously on-edge cock.

His hand, completely of its own volition, drifted back toward his penis, as he watched his sister collapse back down onto her heels, shivering with the aftershocks of her powerful climax. He simply couldn't help himself anymore. He needed to come, and the sight of his sister's nude body, splayed out brazenly before him in post climax bliss, only spurred him onward.

He grasped himself, and felt a boiling heat deep within his groin start to burble and bubble up.

Three strokes, that's all it would take, he knew.

One, looking at his sister laying there, water still playing across her bare skin.

Two, raking his eyes across her pert, shapely chest, then down to the lips of her slightly parted cleft.

He almost made it to three, was a mere half second from completing that one, final stroke that would put him irrevocably over the edge, when his sister's hand shot up and grasped his own, stilling the motion.

"Wha.. wha?" he gasped, his whole body spasming in unfulfilled need. "Lily, p-please..!"

"No." she said simply, a wicked little smile on her face, even as she drew her other hand up her torso to cup one of her own breasts and roll the nipple between her fingers. "No. This is mine."

"And it can't come." she finished, sighing in pleasure and writhing languidly in place on her knees at his feet. "Ever."

"Haah haha haugh.." he groaned out, practically sobbing as the orgasm he was so close to experiencing began to stall.

He had been so close to the edge that he could actually feel a small bit of his ejaculate, which had been primed and ready to explode out of him, oozing slowly up along his length. It was under such pressure that his body literally couldn't hold it back, and it beaded up just at the tip of his urethra, glistening white and pearly.

"Hmm.." his sister mused, as she dabbed at the bead of his essence with one fingertip, even as she stood up.

"Perfect.." she said, drawing the bead across her the tip of her tongue and smiling at him again.

"Gah.. guh.." was all he was able to reply, his eyes locked, pleadingly, on her own.

"Well, I suppose that I now know how I'm going to have your penis and testicles cooked, tomorrow.." his sister stated, her eyes sparkling and her smile turning mischievous. "You're definitely on the sweeter side, Jeffery. I have just the recipe for you."

"Haaa ahahhh.." he whimpered.

"Thank you, brother dear, for your co-operation." his sister breathed, as she leaned forward and hugged him, pressing her lithe, wet body up against his own.

Up on her toes as she was, she was just tall enough to allow his fervently, painfully erect penis to slide into the little gap between her thighs, right below her sex. Her lower lips brushed lightly along his length as she kissed him briefly, directly on the lips.

He could feel her heartbeat pulsing in her cleft, thrumming against his cock.

"I can't wait until tomorrow." she whispered into his ear, before pulling away from him once more.

His penis bounced slightly, bobbing up and down as it was released from between her thighs, as she reached back and turned off the water.

"So, keep your hands off my meal until then." she ordered, smirking, before she stepped out of the shower stall.

He saw her lean, shapely shadow silhouetted against the opaque curtain as she pulled out a towel and wrapped it around her torso, before she slipped out of the steamy bathroom, humming happily to herself. She left him there alone, with nothing but his aching erection for company, which he dared not touch.

The tune she had been humming was, of course, "Happy birthday to me".

"There you are." his mother stated, sounding a little strained. "Get into the kitchen, Jeffery. It's almost time to start your sister's birthday meal."

His heart dropped in his chest at his mother's words. He had been standing, hiding really, behind the enormous pile of wrapped presents that his sister had received from all the various girls who had shown up for her party. His sister had an inordinate amount of friends, all of whom seemed to have turned up for her party, hence his mother's strained demeanor. Keeping thirty or forty teen-aged girls under at least the semblance of control was taxing even her usually saint-like patience, apparently.

Him trying to hide, hoping that his mother and sister Lily would somehow forget about his own role in the birthday party, probably wasn't helping her stress levels much, either. At her words he gulped, then, with slow, dragging footsteps, made his way to the kitchen. The stares of his sister's friends, not to mention the giggles and low, whispered conversations held behind cupped hands as he pressed through the crowded party, didn't help his own unsteady emotional state either.

"Get undressed." his mother commanded, as she followed him into the kitchen.

"But, everyone'll see.." he protested, turning crimson and squirming at the thought.

"So?" his mother asked, rolling her eyes. "It's not like you've got anything they haven't seen before, Jeffery."

That was true. Heck, he'd even had a few of the girls out there help him with his erections on occasion in the past, when his mother or sister hadn't been available. But having just one girl give him a quick, impersonal hand job in a closet or bathroom was much different than standing completely naked in a big crowd. A crowd of his sister's friends, all of whom seemed to be just as intimidatingly pretty as she was.

Of course, the fact that they would be watching his sister eat his cock and balls drove the whole scenario well passed embarrassing and straight into mortifying.


"Now, Jeffery." his mother commanded, even as she began to pull items off of shelves and out from under cupboards. "I don't have any time for your nonsense, today."

"J-jeez.." he gulped, as he began to comply.

Most of the items, he noticed as he pulled off his clothes, were various spices, herbs, and sauces, ingredients his mother would use when she prepared his manhood to cook.

He shivered, and not at the sudden coolness of the air on his bare skin.

"Right, get that thing of yours over here." his mother said absently, as she finished pulling out an oddly shaped object from one final cupboard, set it down, then moved to the sink. "I have to scrub it down. It needs to be completely clean before we begin."

"O-okay.." he said, as he hesitantly sidled over towards his mother, erect penis bobbing before him.

"We haven't got all day, Jeffery." his mother sighed, before she reached over and took a firm grip on his cock.

She drug him over the sink, ignoring his squeaks of protest, and held him under the hottest water the tap could produce. Then, she started scrubbing him with a brand new, green and yellow wash pad. She wasn't very gentle about it, and she didn't use the soft yellow side of the pad, either. Not even when she cleaned the thin, sensitive skin of his cock head.

"Oww.." he whined, once his mother had finished, rinsed him, then dried him off.

"Put your penis on the cutting board." his mother instructed, as she drug him over to a counter she had cleared off and prepared.

"Y-you.. you're not going to cut.. cut me.. it up, are you?" he asked, his voice quavery with fear and trepidation. He had been dreading this moment for the past week. He had no idea how his sister wanted his cock and balls prepared, and images of flashing knives and hacking cleavers had been dominating his thoughts the entire time.

"What? No." his mother answered, as she pulled open a drawer and withdrew an implement.

It was a meat mallet. A heavy, metal one.

"Your sister wants your penis and testicles cooked up while they're still attached." she continued. "But they need to be tenderized first, of course."

He eeped, even as his mother raised the mallet up high over his vulnerable penis, his eyes wide with disbelief. Then, she brought the hammer down. Repeatedly.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

She showed his manhood no quarter, pounding on him for nearly ten minutes straight, despite his occasional attempts to wiggle away. Every heavy thwack of the hammer crushed the meat of his cock down hard against the firm surface of the cutting board, each blow making his manhood just a little more tender for his sister.

The only small mercy was that his mother didn't seem to go out of her way to give his balls the same treatment. They each only got a few wacks each, although that was more than bad enough, considering the weight of the hammer. Apparently she thought they were probably tender enough already.

He wasn't crying by the end, but it was close. He whimpered, eyes brimming with unshed tears, as his mother inspected his slightly flattened, very tender (in both senses of the word) penis carefully.

"Well, that looks good." she commented, as she finally set the metal mallet aside.

"Hahamaagha.." was his only response, as he trembled in reaction to the beating his meat had just endured.

"Right, time now for the seasonings." his mother stated, as she pulled him along the counter to another pre-prepared area. "Let's get that into the baking pan, then butter it up."

The baking pan was oddly shaped, elongated and only a bit more than twice the width of his member at the thickest point, with a divot on one end that the base of his cock and balls fit into perfectly. It was almost as if the little pan had been designed specifically for his penis and testicles.

"The pan's specifically designed for this." his mother said. "I had to dig it and the cooker out from behind a whole bunch of other stuff, but they should still work fine. I haven't had a chance to use it in years.. not since your father, anyway."

He didn't know how to respond to that. Luckily, it seemed that his input wasn't actually required, and his mother carried on with the one sided conversation by herself.

"Lily chose a good recipe, especially for a boy your size.." his mother stated, stroking his tenderized cock absently with one hand as she dipped a brush into a little dish of melted butter with her other.

"I was afraid she'd want to grill your penis.." she continued, as she began brushing the butter along his length, making him shiver in reaction to the touch of the soft bristles. "Grilled cock shrinks quite a bit, even if you baste it constantly, so you need a really big one."

The melted butter had little bits and specks in it, and seemed gritty against the skin of his manhood. Seasonings already mixed in, he supposed, with a nervous gulp.

"Fortunately, she chose an easier recipe." his mother finished, as she pinched the tip of his cock in order to lift it up and finish coating the underside. "There we go.. Now, for the stuffing."

"S-stuffing?" he asked, nonplussed.

"Yep." his mother confirmed, as she reached out and plucked up a surprisingly large, needless syringe. "Stuffing."

"Ahhh!" he groaned, when his mother jammed the pointed end of the very enormous, very full syringe right into the opening of his urethra.

"Hold still, Jeffery." his mother instructed, as her tongue poked out in concentration. "Quit squirming, I don't want to waste any!"

"Ahhhh!" he repeated, as he watched his mother depress the plunger of the syringe, and felt the sudden influx of foreign material invading his penis.

The stuffing, whatever it was made up of, was very thick and only slightly moist, which meant that it stopped up quickly within the tip of his penis, bunching up and ballooning out his urethra. After a moment, though, enough pressure built up to overcome the friction inside him, and he felt the large lump of material start to slide down the length of his cock.

"Arghh.." he moaned, still squirming, when his mother finally finished emptying the syringe into him.

It felt to him like the big initial bulge of stuffing had been pushed well past the bottom of his cock. It was extremely uncomfortable, lodged as deeply as it was inside him.

"That might have been a bit much.." his mother observed, as she set the syringe aside and plugged the end of his penis with what looked like a carved down bit of carrot. "..but better too much, than too little, right?"

"You're lucky that your sister chose the recipe she did, too." his mother commented. "The other one she had been considering had marinade injections instead of stuffing. For the penis AND both testicles.

He only whimpered, squirming at the sensation of his cock stuffed to bursting, not to mention the thought of his mother injecting marinade into his balls.

"There we go." his mother said, looking down happily at the progress she had made. "Just a bit more seasoning to do, then we pour in the sauce, then everything will be ready to cook!"

His mother then spent a few moments taking pinches of this, and dashes of that, sprinkling each little portion of whatever it was onto his cock and balls. By the time she was finished, his manhood was coated liberally with flakes of parsley and grains of ground garlic and onion, just to name a few. Most of the things seasoning his flesh he didn't even recognize.

"Hmm.. that looks pretty good.." his mother said, eyeing his prepared penis and testicles critically. "I think we'd better do the sauce after we fit the pan into the cooker. I'd hate for it to spill on the way."

"We'd have to start all over again. Ha!" she commented, with a wry little flip of her hand and a grin. "Pick up the pan and bring it over here, Jeffery. Carefully, too!"

After glancing from his mother to his penis and testicles, taking a moment to note how they now less resembled a set of male organs than they did a cut of well prepared, but uncooked meat, he gulped and then did as he was asked.

His mother, yet a little further down the counter, was fussing with the odd object she'd pulled out of the cupboards last. Finally, she slid it to the edge of the counter, used a set of built-in clamps to secure it, and then plugged it in.

"Now, just set the pan right down into the cooker, Jeffery." she instructed. "There we go.."

The pan slotted into the cooker easily, sliding home without issue. Everything was at the perfect height, as if it had been adjusted beforehand, for his manhood to lay perfectly level within the cooker as he stood at the counter.

"Very good." his mother said, beaming happily. "Now for the sauce.."

His mother picked up a small pan, which sat on the stove, full of thick, rich looking sauce.

"I turned off the burner a few minutes ago, but it might still be a bit warm.." she commented, as she lifted the pan up over his cock and balls. "..though probably not hot enough to burn you, at least."

Then she began pouring the sauce all around and over his seasoned, tenderized flesh.

It was still very hot.

"Of course.." his mother said, over the sound of his high pitched yelp of surprise and protest. "Even if it was still hot enough to burn you, I suppose that it wouldn't really matter much, would it? It would only be speeding things along by a few minutes.. Stop squirming, Jeffery, or the sauce might spill."

He whined, biting his lip, as the heat of the sauce sank into the sensitive flesh of his cock and balls.

"Now, we just put on the lid.." his mother said, as she fitted a clear glass domed lid over the cooker. "..and set the temperature and timer.."

She fiddled with a few of the dials on the side of the cooker. Other than a small clicking sound which emanated from somewhere on the underside of the cooker, there was no indication that anything had changed.

"..Annnd we're done!" his mother exclaimed, clapping her hands together. "About time, too. We're right on schedule."

"What.. what happens now?" he asked, glancing back and forth between his mother and his manhood, trapped as it was inside the cooker.

"Now?" his mother said, distractedly, as she began putting away the various ingredients and seasonings she had gotten out. "Now you just cook, of course."

"C-cook..?" he squeaked, the full gravity of his situation finally settling in at last.

"That IS the whole point all this, Jeffery. Try not to squirm too much, or sauce will leak out around the base." his mother said, over her shoulder as she strode out of the kitchen, after she'd dropped the utensils she'd dirtied into the sink and washed her hands. "I'm going to go see what your sister and her friends have gotten up to. I'll be back to check on you soon."

He whimpered again, as he looked from where his mother had disappeared back down to his cock and balls. He couldn't feel any difference in temperature yet..

..but he knew it wouldn't be long before he did.

It took much longer than he thought it would. Maybe it was because of how hot the sauce his mother had poured all over him, but it felt like ten or even fifteen minutes had passed before he noticed the temperature inside the cooker rising.

If anything, the long delay only made things worse for him. His emotions were running riot inside of him, as he waited for his manhood to begin cooking. The longer he simply stood there, with nothing apparently happening, the more extreme the swings in his emotions became.

Finally, though, when he'd worked himself into a near panic, his chest heaving, and his guts trembling and roiling, he felt the first little blossom of increased heat, directly under the center of his penis. He gasped and stilled, his frenzied emotions coming to a peak, then bucked his hips involuntarily against the cooker. He didn't orgasm, but it was a powerful spasm of mixed pleasure and pain that shot through him, regardless.

Perhaps the worst part of the whole ordeal, he realized, as he felt the heat begin spreading along his length, was how agonizingly aroused he still was. All throughout the uncomfortable, even downright painful preparation process, his penis had been relentlessly hard, despite his mother's mistreatment of it. He still needed to orgasm, so very badly, only now..

Now, it seemed, it was too late..

Even if he still wanted to (which he really, really did), he probably couldn't orgasm, let alone ejaculate, simply because of the sheer amount of stuffing now filling his penis and blocking his urethra.

A little sob escaped him, even as he felt the heat start growing beneath his testicles too, when he finally realized and accepted that he would never, ever orgasm again. He'd held out hope, even after his sister's declaration in the shower the evening before, that he'd be able to come one last time, before he was cooked. That his sister or mother would take pity on him, and grant him a last reprieve before the end.

He thrust himself into the cooker again, the motion almost an involuntary reflex, as his body desperately tried to orgasm. It wasn't to be, though, as there simply wasn't anything inside of the cooker that would give him the needed stimulation. The cooker contained nothing but sauce, spices, an ever increasing amout of heat..

..oh, and the meat for his sister's birthday meal, of course.

His mother found him like that a few minutes later, tears glistening in his eyes even as he desperately, hopelessly thrust himself into the device that was slowly beginning to cook his manhood.

"Didn't you listen to what I said?" his mother asked, shaking her head and rolling her eyes. "Don't squirm, Jeffery, or the sauce will leak!"

He turned to look up at his mother, expression stricken, bottom lip trembling, as she stood next to him and whisked off the lid covering the cooker.

"Now, now.." she commented, as she peered down past the steam beginning to emanate up from the sauce. "..don't give me that look. You did agree to this, after all."

"I know it probably hurts somewhat, but just try to think about how happy your sister is going to be, okay?" she said, as she took a few extra pinches of some seasoning or another and sprinkled it along his sauce coated length. "There's a good boy. I'll come back to poke some holes so the skin doesn't split in another few minutes, once everything's really heated up."

Then his mother left him to cook once more.

It wasn't his mother who came into the kitchen next, though, but his sister, along with a few of her friends.

The sauce inside the cooker had just begun to softly simmer, little bubbles forming and popping on the surface as it approached boiling point. His penis and testicles, immersed as they were in the sauce, were scarcely any cooler.

He was trembling and groaning, hunched over the cooker, staring down into it, watching his manhood slowly turn into meat, when he felt a light touch on his shoulder.

"Hey Jeffery.." his sister said, with an open, excited expression on


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Ha ha, sorry about that. I didn't realize that it had been cut off. Here's the rest:

It wasn't his mother who came into the kitchen next, though, but his sister, along with a few of her friends.

The sauce inside the cooker had just begun to softly simmer, little bubbles forming and popping on the surface as it approached boiling point. His penis and testicles, immersed as they were in the sauce, were scarcely any cooler.

He was trembling and groaning, hunched over the cooker, staring down into it, watching his manhood slowly turn into meat, when he felt a light touch on his shoulder.

"Hey Jeffery.." his sister said, with an open, excited expression on her face. "It smells really good in here! How's it coming along?"

He only whimpered in response, almost incapable of speech by this point.

"Lean back, would you?" his sister asked, as she prodded him in the side. "I need to look in and see how you're doing.."

The little group of his sister's friends, which included Annie, all gathered around as he leaned back with a groan.

The cute 'ooh's' and 'aah's' that the eager group of giggling girls made over the sight (and smell) of his cooking manhood were lost on him, as he struggled to maintain the shreds of his composure. Even the feel of the girls' hands, as they unconsciously stroked his arms, shoulders, and torso, almost hanging off him in order to get a better look into the cooker, scarcely registered.

He leaned his head back, breath coming in harsh pants, and stared up at the ceiling without actually seeing it.

"Mmm.." his sister purred, as she slowly stirred the sauce around his cooking meat, causing him to yelp as his overheated, abused nerve endings were aggravated even further. "..this looks soo good. Gosh, I can hardly wait!"

"I suppose I'd better put the lid back on, so everything cooks up more quickly and evenly.." she said, sounding a bit reluctant. "..after I poke some holes, of course."

Somehow, his sister's words finally penetrated his heat induced fugue, and he blinked his eyes rapidly for a moment, before coming back to himself slightly.

"P-poke..? What?" he croaked, dragging his eyes down from the ceiling to look at what his sister was doing..

..just in time to see her raise a long, sharp, two-tined meat fork with one hand, and a large skewer in the other.

"Wha..?!" was all he had time to get out, before Lily stabbed down with her meat fork, right into the center of his slowly baking penis. "Arrgh!"

"Hold still, Jeffery.. Jeez." his sister instructed, after he jumped in reaction. "You almost pulled yourself right out of the cooker! Do you want to ruin my present?"

"Argh!" he repeated, squirming futilely, when his sister proceeded to impale the tip of his cock with her skewer. Several times.

"Wh.. Why.." he tried to ask, before another painful puncture interrupted him.

"Why do you have to poke holes in him?" Annie asked over his pained gasps, voicing the very same question he was desperately thinking.

"Oh, mom says that his skin could split open." Lily answered, even as she poked another few holes in his penis, slowly working her way down the length of his shaft. "You know, like a hot dog's? If there isn't anywhere for the juices to go when they start boiling?"


"Oh, that makes sense.." Annie replied, as the other girls all nodded in understanding. "Do you need to make so many, though?"

"Ahhhah hahaaa.." he moaned, in time with three more quick pokes from his sister.

"Probably not." Lily admitted, with an absent shrug as she put two final holes right at the base of his manhood. "But, better too many holes that too few, right?"

"Haaa ahh uurghh.." he groaned, as his sister pulled the thick metal skewer from his flesh for what he sincerely hoped was the last time.

"Are you going to do his balls, too?" Annie asked, as she peered interestedly at the series of new holes running all up and down his cock, each of which had begun to leak steaming, aromatic juices.

"Oh! You know, I had forgotten about them completely." his sister stated, with a small look of chagrin. "They totally need some holes, too. Thanks for reminding me!"

"Wha..?" he gasped, as he began to shake his head in denial. "No! Plea.."

His sister ignored him, however, and, after taking a moment to re-position her meat fork down lower on the shaft of his penis, plunged her skewer down once again.

"Dang, I think I missed the testicle.." Lily said, as she wiggled the metal rod around in his flesh a little. "Guess it's a little more to the left.."

"Nooo.." he moaned, as his sister withdrew the skewer from him and re-positioned it slightly, so she could try again.


"There we go.." his sister murmured, as she twitched the skewer from side to side, tugging experimentally on the orb of his male flesh impaled on it. "Jeffery, seriously. You need to stop squirming so much."

"Argh! Ahh! Ah!" he cried out, as his sister gave his first testicle another poke, then repeated her efforts on his second. "..whyyyy.. haaahhh..!"

"Perfect!" Lily stated, as the tip of the skewer and sharp tines of the meat fork finally withdrew from him. "All that's left is to let him finish cooking!"

"Gosh, Lily.." one of his sister's other friends commented, as the lid to the cooker was replaced. "..your brother looks and smells soo good. First Annie, now you.. I'm super jealous. I wish it was my birthday today, too!"

"Yours in only a few months away, isn't it..?" Annie asked, as the girls all turned to leave the kitchen, dismissing him with scarcely a thought.

"Yeah, but I don't have any brothers.." the girl said, forlornly.

"Well.. what about your dad?" Lily suggested, as they all began filing through the door.

"Ooh.. I hadn't thought of that!" the girl replied, brightening. "Mom's been talking about getting him docked, or maybe even trimmed entirely anyway! That could totally work!"

With that, the door closed behind them, leaving Jeffery, once again, with nothing to do but cook.

"Happy Birthday to you!"

"Alright Jeffery, they've started." his mother instructed, as she prodded him on his bare bottom. "Get out into the living room, and for goodness sake, don't trip or drop the plate. You sister would be heartbroken."

"Happy Birthday to you!"

Wordlessly, he complied, shuffling his footsteps carefully though the doorway held open by his mother, carrying his sister's final present in his hands: his perfectly cooked cock and balls, still attached, presented on a clean white plate and drenched in the sauce he had baked in.

"Happy Birthday dear Lily..!"

He approached the narrow table where his sister was sitting, surrounded by her friends, a pile of opened gifts, and a mound of torn wrapping paper. He carefully, just as the last verse of the traditional song was sung, placed his own gift down before her.

"Happy Birthday to youuu!"

Lily's eyes gleamed, as she took in the sight of his manhood, her birthday meal.

"Ohh! Thank you, thank you so much, Mother!" his sister exclaimed, delightedly.

"You're welcome dear.." his mother said, warmly. "Don't forget to thank your brother, too."

"Thank you, Jeffery!" Lily blurted out brightly, almost as an afterthought, as she picked up her fork and knife.

He looked down at her shining face once more, taking in her her eager, earnest enthusiasm as she bent down and placed her utensils on his meat. For the sheer amount of unbridled happiness she was displaying.. well, it was all almost worth it, wasn't it?, he thought.


Lily cut delicately into the tip of his penis, slicing his cockhead slowly in half. A little puff of steam and gush of juice poured out of the deepening wound, making the mouths of everyone present, even including Jeffery himself, water.

He shook and trembled as his sister cut into his flesh, and not just with emotional reactions. Sensations from his penis and testicles had faded into almost nothing as they had cooked, and yet, when his sister's knife parted his flesh, he could still somehow feel it. Faint, but definitely discernible, the cold blade passed though him, making him shiver.

"Oh my gosh.." the same girl from before commented, biting her lip and practically squirming in place, as his sister finally severed the tip of his cock entirely. " jealous!"

His sister only giggled, then, with a bright eyed glance up at him, she popped the first bite of her birthday meal into her mouth.

"Oohh.." Lily moaned, as she began slowly chewing with her eyes closed. "This.. is.."

"Absolutely.." she breathed, when she finally swallowed. "..the best thing I have EVER tasted."

Then she bent down, knife and fork ready, for more.

He watched as his sister, over the next half hour, slowly consumed his manhood completely. She regarded him with lazy contentment the whole while, her eyes half-lidded with pleasure as she took slice after slice, and bite after bite of him. She even, to his heatstroke-dulled surprise, shared with the rest of the girls at the party.

Halfway down the length of his shaft, his sister started cutting tissue-paper thin slices of him. She then fed each slice to one of her guests, both girls locked into intimate eye contact as his sister lay the bit of his perfectly cooked flesh on their tongues, and watched as the same look of pleasure and bliss crossed their faces as had crossed her own.

"Are you going to share his balls, too..?" the last girl to receive a slice of him asked, hopefully, even as she licked her lips clean.

"Not a chance." his sister commented, with a little giggle. "You have no idea how much trouble it was to keep them plump and full all this week. Those things are MINE, ha ha!"

"I don't blame you at all." the girl said, with another lick of her lips and a long stare at Jeffery. "I sure wouldn't share them if I were you, either."

And his sister didn't. The dull throb that spiked up into his gut after his sister speared her fork down into his left testicle was only a shadow of what it would have been, had his flesh not been cooked through already, but it was still enough to drive most of the air out of his stomach.

"Mmm.." his sister hummed, as she ran the cooked, steaming ball of flesh under her nose after cutting it free from him. "Saved the best for last.."

Then his sister placed his testicle in her mouth, pulled it from her fork, and bit into it, crushing it between her molars. Lily went rigid in her seat as his gonad popped, audibly, and the burst of juices, which had been building up over the entire past week, flooded into her mouth.

"Oh.." his sister breathed, around her mouthful of his cooked flesh. "Oh, my god.."

"It's.. it's soo good. It's so good!" she moaned, even as tears of joy sprang into her eyes. "I can't believe how good it is!"

She took her time chewing, all of the girls around her watching closely, and with not a small amount of jealousy, before she slowly, almost reluctantly, swallowed.

Jeffery's own eyes were watering freely by this time as well, but not with anything even remotely approaching joy. He watched, crying, as his sister ate his dreams of the future. All the pleasure he could have ever had, all the potential children he could have sired, had he made it to become a breeder like he had so wished, disappearing into his beautiful, happy, precious, and loved sister's mouth, as just so much more meat.

"I almost can't bear to eat the second one.." his sister said, as she eyed the last bit of her birthday present. "I want this meal to last forever!"

" jealous!" one of the girls squeaked, which caused everyone there, save Jeffery, to break out into a torrent of giggles.

"Mmm.. one.. last.. bite.." his sister murmured, as she impaled and then cut away the final piece of his manhood, ending his time as a male forever, there in front of his mother and all her friends.

His mother guided him away even as his sister began chewing up her last bite, leaving the plate, which was still full of juice and sauce, behind for his sister to no doubt lick clean.

If anyone heard his ragged sob, the one he had been holding back for the past half hour, finally burst free from his chest, they paid no attention. There wasn't anything interesting enough left about him for the girls to notice anymore, after all. He was just one more ex-boy, now.

He just hoped his mother and sister would decide to keep him around.

"Ohh.. Oh, my god.." his sister gasped, as she rocked her hips against his face, her fingers tangled in his wet hair as she pulled him hard into her sex.

"Yess..!" she exclaimed loudly, as his efforts finally brought her to climax, her whole body shuddering and trembling.

If he'd still had his cock and balls, he would have found the sight absolutely fascinating. As it was now, the little shivers that made her beautiful, smooth, wet skin quiver so fetchingly under the warm spray of the shower only added to his ever present, never ending frustration.

He was on his knees, as he often was nowadays, before his sister. True to her word, they now always showered together, though she, of course, took much more pleasure from their time together than he did. It was a bit ironic that he now found himself in a position that he would have enjoyed far, far more before the thing that landed him in it had occurred: his sister's birthday party and the loss of his manhood.

"Ohh.. that was a good one.." his sister breathed, body still shivering slightly as she collapsed back against the wall. "You're.. you're definitely getting better at this, Jeffery.."

He murmured a noncommittal response, not that he could say much more even if he wanted to, as his face was still buried firmly in his sister's womanhood, Lily not having released him yet.

"Hey, are you done in there, yet?" came his mother's voice, as the door to the bathroom opened.

"Just about!" called his sister through the shower curtain, as she absently stroked her fingers through his hair.

"Good, I want another turn with your brother before I go to sleep for tonight." his mother replied, before shutting the door once more.

"Yes.." his sister commented, with a little laugh as she released him, pushed away from the wall, and began rinsing herself off for a final time. "We're definitely keeping you around, Jeffery.."

"..for now, at least."

END Birthday Request

Author's Note:

This was supposed to be a short, but it quickly ballooned up into a full length story of its own. I tried to do the whole idea justice but kinda ran out of steam towards the end; I hope it doesn't show too much, ha ha.

This story is a part of what I'm tentatively calling my BCC world (Boys Can't Come, full title Boys Can't Come, Unless A Girl Allows It, but that's a bit unwieldy, ha), which is a world that at first seems pretty awesome to be a boy in, as one can proposition pretty much any girl or woman one sees for oral or hand sex and have a reasonable expectation of success, all without any negative social repercussions. The downside, though, is that boys aren't allowed to touch themselves, at all, only orgasming if a girl allows it, and, depending on region/time-frame, they may have anywhere from very little to no control over their own bodies, sexuality, and sexual organs, and may even be regarded as mere property.

Other previous stories of mine that are a part of this world are Milked and Harvested (which is basically the equal opposite of this story, forced orgasms instead of orgasm denial, ha ha), and possibly Properly Tenderized Meat and the A Little Extra Spending Money series of shorts. The Vacuum Incident, The Boy Who Lied Thrice, and Milkmaids(far future, perhaps?) could also take place in this world, too. I plan to write several more stories or shorts that share this world, some of which are already half completed, while others only yet exist in my head. That is, of course, in addition to all the other half-completed stories I have laying about, ha ha. I'm gonna finish and post them all someday, I swear.


Hey just wanted to say your penectomy stories encourage me to post my own stories. I saw you'd been posting on hentai foundry so I decided to use that as my new place to post(ever since tumblr you know). The 1st story had gotten low ratings and I felt kinda disappointed till I noticed your stories don't exactly get high ratings either(although i give all your stories a +1 rating wherever i see them). Sometimes I forget how specific a kink this tends to be and it's not everyone's cup of tea. So thanks for being an inspiration of sorts!



Link to your HF? Would love to check out your stories.



Look for Emily-the-Strange i guess.

if you go on htabdoolb's HF i should be under the "fans" section

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