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CBT Shorts 4

Four short stories, Central Heating, How Long..?, Elven Traditions, and Regret, all sharing the theme of casual male genital abuse, destruction, and occasional consumption. Sometimes consensual, and sometimes not, with a healthy helping of orgasm control and denial.

1 - Central Heating, or Punishing a Panty Thief

"Auntie caught you masturbating AGAIN, didn't she?" the girl asked, as she stared down at the nude, bound form of the boy sitting on the floor before her.

Her question was rhetorical (more of an observation really) because the boy was also gagged rather thoroughly. A wadded up piece of fabric was stuffed into his mouth, held firmly in place by several tightly knotted lengths of plain white cord.

"Mmph.." was all he managed through his gag, as he tried in vain to respond.

"Tsk, tsk.." the girl tutted, as she shook her head in mock chastisement. Her amusement at his condition leaked plainly past the air of disappointment she was trying to project. "That's what.. the fourth time just since I've come to visit? Or is it the fifth..? It seems like you just won't learn, will you, dear cousin?"

"Mmph." came another muted response, though this time the boy seemed a bit sheepish if the way he ducked his head and wouldn't look her in the eye was any indication.

"That's probably why auntie decided to put you where you are.." the girl mused. "Perhaps she's hoping the extra pain will drive the lesson home this time, hmm..?

The girl giggled briefly as she watched the boy wiggle slightly where he sat, and where he sat was almost directly on top of one of grates which allowed hot air to rise up from the central heating system that ran under the floors of her aunt's house.

The girl had awoken a mere few minutes ago, in the early morning as was usual for her, snugly and warm in her comfortable bed. After rising and then taking a few moments to order her sleep tousled hair somewhat, she had glided from her room, still clad in only her brief sleeping garments, in search of breakfast. Her light, barefoot steps down the hardwood hallways were accompanied by the breezy feel of the air of the house moving around and past her gossamer shift and bare skin. The central heating kept the floors warm, so her feet and toes were quite comfortable, but the air was a delicious mixture of hot and cold, as the heating system battled valiantly to keep the chill of snowy midwinter away from the occupants of the house. Passing through the alternating temperature extremes was quite invigorating, especially after just waking up, and gave her slight, pleasant shivers and prickly gooseflesh as she made her way through the large house.

Her progress had been halted when she came upon her cousin, however, and the sight of him had driven the thought of breakfast completely out of her mind. The boy had been bound so he couldn't move or even fidget, then placed, with his legs spread wide, at the corner edge of one of the heating grates. This left his bare penis and testicles laying directly upon the sturdy metal mesh of the grate, where his sensitive male organs would experience the hot air rising up from the heating system.

Normally, this wouldn't pose any issues for the boy or his manhood, but the past few days had been particularly cold ones, and the heating system had been turned up to nearly its highest setting to compensate. The rather hot air rising up through the grate and past his vulnerable cock and balls wasn't QUITE hot enough to cook them in place, but only just, and the experience of being left at the forefront of the battle between energy and entropy was clearly taking its toll on the boy. He squirmed in place, whimpering occasionally, as he looked up at his pretty cousin standing before him.

The girl's delicate little toes were hot and toasty, almost uncomfortably so, as she stood on the same grate his manhood was laying upon, and she'd only been on it for a minute or two. She didn't know how long her cousin's cock and balls had been subjected to the heat, but wouldn't have been surprised if it had been nearly the entire night, which caused her to giggle again.

"Auntie must have been very miffed at you, to leave you like this.." she mused, as she used the soft toes of one of her feet to poke curiously at the tip of his cock, which was, against all reason and despite its predicament, quite firmly erect. "Usually she just gives you a few wacks on your boy parts when she catches you, then sends you out to shovel snow.. So, what did you do this time to annoy her so much?"

"Did she find something on your computer that you shouldn't have? Certain types of pictures, perhaps?" the girl asked, her voice taking on a playful, teasing tone as the boy blushed and shook his head in denial. "Or maybe you had a naughty magazine?"

"Or maybe.. it was something else entirely?" the girl asked, as she narrowed her eyes.

She had taken note of the bit of fabric that had been stuffed into the boy's mouth, silencing him. Whatever it was made of was thin, sheer, and ivory white.

"Are those.. PANTIES in your mouth?" the girl asked, her voice taking on a tone of scandalized delight. "Panties? Really? Did auntie catch you with a pair of stolen panties?!"

The boy shook his head again, desperately, but the blush on his cheeks only deepened, confirming his guilt.

"No wonder she she was so angry.." the girl commented, mostly to herself. "To think, you stole some poor girl's panties from her.. used no doubt. You really ARE a naughty, perverted boy, aren't you..?"

"Hey, wait a minute.." the girl continued, as her eyes narrowed even further as she regarded her bound, nude cousin more closely. "..are those MY panties?!"

"Unmph ummph!" the boy tried to deny, quite fervently, but there was no masking the magnitude of his crime once discovered.

"You.. you..!" the girl stammered, as the delight left her voice entirely, leaving only scandalized outrage as words nearly failed her. "You.. little.. creep!"

"How did you even.. I haven't put any of my laundry out for washing yet! How did you even get them..?!" she exclaimed. "..Unless.. unless you went into my room! My private room that your aunt specifically said YOU weren't allowed into!"

"You.. you double creep!" she cried, as her shapely bosom swelled up with indignation. "Sneaking into my room and stealing my panties! You deserve everything you're getting, I say. How long did it take you to work up to courage to do it, I wonder? How long have you been coveting my panties?!"

Even bound and nearly helpless as he was; caught, punished, and embarrassed, the boy couldn't seem to help raking his gaze over the girl's barely covered form at hearing her rather loaded question. His eyes traveled from her pretty, heart shaped face down across her chest and slim torso, slid over the curve of her hips, then continued on down her long, smooth legs, before snapping back upward once again. His eyes locked on the hem of her slip, beneath and behind which was the ivory white fabric of the panties she was wearing, which he could, from his position sitting at her feet, catch brief glimpses of whenever she moved slightly.

"Gah..!" the girl cried out, clearly disgusted at being so thoroughly ogled by her cousin, as she fought the urge to tug the bottom of her shift lower to try to hide herself from him.

This feeling, more than anything, was what decided his fate. The feeling that she should have to hide herself away, rather than that he should try to control where his lecherous gazed roamed, transformed her disgusted outrage in anger.

Specifically, anger at him.

"So.. that's how it is, hmm..?" the girl stated, her voice growing somehow both hotter and colder at the same time. "Your lovely and loving cousin, who came for a visit with both you and her aunt over the winter holiday, is just a means to an end for you, am I? Just a pretty, panty wearing girl's body for you to stare at and steal from?"

The boy shook his head, trying to deny her words. It would have been a bit more convincing to her if he'd managed to take his eyes off her crotch for even a moment as he did so, however.

"Well, then.." the girl said, as if his latest action was the final straw. "If all I mean to you are my panties, then, by all means, let's give you what you want, shall we?"

This caught his attention, and his eyes widened in surprise, flashing upward to hers, as the girl's look of disgust slowly morphed into a confident, almost predatory smile.

"Mmph..?" he mumbled through the gag of her stolen panties, questioningly.

Instead of answering, the girl just stretched her arms lazily over her head, languidly arching her back and twisting her torso at the same time. An action which, of course, pulled the hem of her shift up several inches higher.

The boy's eyes, drawn like moths to flame, slid quickly back down her body. His sight riveted itself to the flashes and glimpses, which were now much larger and longer, of her panty covered womanhood. The girl reacted to this by smiling even more firmly and rolling her hips slightly.

"Mmm.." the boy murmured in apparent approval as he watched, entranced by her barely concealed form, his predicament seemingly entirely forgotten.

Forgotten that is, until the girl stepped forward. Stepped forward directly onto his cock.

"Here, have a closer look, since you're enjoying this so much.." the girl breathed, as she placed her entire weight, what little of it there was, directly onto the head and shaft of his penis.

The boy squeaked in surprise, the noise sounding quite comical muffled as it was by his gag, as the girl balanced herself on his length easily. She seemed to have no trouble at all keeping herself perfectly poised, even as she rose up off her heels, onto just the toes and balls of her feet, in order to further concentrate the downward force of her slight mass upon him.

If his cock had been laying on soft carpet, or even the solid hardwood floor, the boy probably wouldn't have minded what she was doing too terribly much. She was so slender, and weighed so relatively little, that the feel of the soft flesh of her soles against his hot, turgid length would have been easily worth a bit of minor discomfort. Unfortunately, however, his penis wasn't laying on carpet or hardwood, it was instead laying on the metal grating of the floor heating vent.

The metal wasn't sharp, exactly, so much as it was perfectly rigid and unyielding. The mesh was made up of strips of flat metal stood on edge, edges which dug painfully into the thin, sensitive skin of his cock. Still, even if rather unpleasant, it WAS tolerable, and he thought that, on the whole, it all might have been worth it, especially with the view he was currently enjoying.. until the girl started twisting her feet, legs, and hips in place.

"Haahhmph!" the boy attempted to cry out, through his gag, as his cousin ground her feet against his trapped flesh.

The girl, even as she mashed the boy's cock down ruthlessly against the mesh grate, kept her arms up over her head in a relaxed pose, her back arched in an easy stretch. Her smile held firm, her pleasure very obvious at inflicting this richly deserved punishment on her cousin, a fair balancing of the scales of justice against the weight of his crime.

"Graamph! Aumph!" came the muffled protests of the boy, as he twisted and squirmed in place, futilely attempting to escape the weight of the girl standing upon his cock.

"Ha!" exclaimed the girl, triumphantly. "I'll bet you'll never steal another pair of panties again, will you? Especially not mine!"

"Hhmmmph.." the boy whined, as if in agreement, before he fell forward against her legs, his face landing squarely against her panty covered pubis, his whole body shaking.

At first, the girl thought that this action, his falling against her, was just an expression of how defeated the boy now was. Until, she realized, that he hadn't fallen at all. He was leaning into her, quite deliberately. His face was rubbing back and forth across her crotch as he nuzzled his head beneath her shift, to bury his nose and gagged mouth against her sex. Possibly the worst was how she could hear and feel him snuffling and sniffing at her, as if he were a dog trying to get the scent of her womanhood.

"You.. You..!" the girl growled out, outraged once again at the temerity of her cousin, who was supposed to be being punished for his perverse actions against her, not rewarded with opportunities to commit even more such offenses. "That's it!"

"Since you can't seem to control yourself, I'll just have to do it for you!" the girl said, as her lips firmed into a grim line.

Then, she stepped forward again. Stepped forward off of his cock, and onto his balls.

The response she got from her actions was immediate.

"Hhiiiiignh!" yelped the boy, through his gag, as his head jerked back and his eyes widened in shock.

"Oh ho!" the girl cried, triumphantly, at the look of panic that suddenly flashed across her cousin's face, as her full weight descended upon his gonads. "Looks like someone's finally starting to learn his lesson!"

The boy struggled and squirmed beneath her, frantic motions that only served to make his predicament worse as they caused the source of his troubles to shift in place where she stood atop his trapped testicles, so she could maintain her balance.

"Now, now.. Do stay still, dear cousin.." the girl said, smugly, as she began to slowly rotate her ankles back and forth, grinding the balls of her feet down upon the balls of his manhood. "After all, you've earned this through your own naughty, naughty actions.. It's best if you just let it happen, it'll be over more quickly, that way."

"Hnnngh!" the boy squealed, into his gag, as he began to whip his head back and forth, desperately shaking his body at the same time, as if he could dislodge the weight of his tormentor.

"Here now, didn't you want to have your face up against my panties..?" the girl asked, her tone falsely sweet as she reached down and curled her fingers into her cousin's hair. "By all means, have at it!"

She used her new leverage to yank the boy firmly against her crotch, burying his nose into her panty covered womanhood once more.

"There we go, you're exactly where you wanted to be.." the girl cooed, as she felt the boy's frantic whimpers and muffled protests vibrate against her sex. "Isn't your cousin nice, allowing you to indulge in your perversity like this?"

"Mmmmph mmm mmmmnnnn.." was the boy's only response, as he began sobbing into the panties he'd been fantasizing about for the past several days, struggling feebly.

"Oh..! Oh, my.." the girl said, as an expression of surprise and pleasure flashed across her own face, as her body reacted to the presence and proximity of her pained cousin's face. "Mmm.. Maybe you're not a complete waste of space, after all.."

With that, the girl began bouncing in place, rocking and thrusting her hips slightly as she started to grind not only her cousin's testicles down into the metal grating, but her sex up against his mouth and nose.

She took her time taking her pleasure from him, enjoying not just the way his muffled moans vibrated out of this throat and into her womanhood, but also the feel of his balls beneath her toes, as they slowly deformed and flattened down into the grating of the floor vent.

She gasped, an exited thrill shooting up her body, as she felt his left testicle finally give way and burst beneath her. The right popped just a moment later, and the sensation of her cousin's second gonad crushing flat, the knowledge that his masculinity had just died under her weight, caused her to finally reach her peak.

She orgasmed, body arched up onto her toes, as she ground her cousin's face hard against her womanhood, while he wailed an agonized cry of utter despair into her panties.

"Ohhhh.." the girl sighed, as she slowly came down, her body relaxing, gasping a little for breath. "Oh, that was quite.. quite amazing.."

"Well.." she commented, as she patted her shuddering, trembling cousin on the top of the head fondly. "I suppose you've learned your lesson now, haven't you..?"

His only response was a gagging, choking noise, as his body heaved slightly in place, as if he were trying hard not to retch.

The girl giggled at this, the ridiculousness of the situation suddenly becoming apparent to her.

"My goodness, what would your aunt say if she saw us like this?" she asked, in a mock conspiratorial tone. "She might get ALL the wrong ideas, don't you think..?"

"Well, I suppose I'll leave you to your punishment.." she said, as she finally stepped back away from, and off of, her cousin, who only moaned feebly at the sudden lack of pressure on his crushed, ruined flesh. "I'm sure that auntie will come check up on you.. Sooner or later, anyway."

"It may seem a bit harsh to you, what I've done to you.. But stealing my panties WAS a rather naughty thing to do, after all.." she mused, as she regarded his utterly defeated form. "You more than earned this punishment, cousin."

"I mean, really.." she said, as a mischievous grin suddenly quirked up the corners of her mouth. "..if you wanted a pair of my panties, all you would have had to do is ask me, silly."

Then, with a fluid motion, she hooked the edges of her now quite damp panties with her thumbs, slid them down her hips, and stepped gracefully out of them.

"Here.." she said, as she turned them around and stretched them over her cousin's head, snapping the wet crotch over his blank, shocked face. " you won't have to steal from me again! You can do with them anything your perverted little heart desires!"

With that, she, while humming contently to herself, and with her bare, moist sex now peeking cheekily out from beneath the hem of her floaty slip, skipped cheerfully down the hallway away from him, once again in search of breakfast.

She did, however, not leave him without adding one final bit to his well earned and deserved punishment..

She slid the temperature controls on the thermostat, which controlled the amount of heat coming up from the floor vents, to its highest setting, as she passed by them in the hallway.

"It is pretty chilly, out, after all." she reasoned with another giggle, her grin growing Cheshire wide. "Bye, cousin! Stay warm!"

END Central Heating

2 - How Long..?

"How long has it been? Two weeks..?" she asks, her breath tickling me as it plays over my erect cock, as she examines my swollen, aching balls closely.

It's actually been closer to a month, not that I've been counting every day, every hour, even every damn minute. Why, oh WHY did I agree to put myself through this torment, again..?

"You've done very well to last so long, you know." she says, as she kneads and squeezes me, like my testicles are a pair of soft fruit she's checking over for ripeness. "It makes me so happy!"

Then she smiles up at me, brilliantly.

Oh, yeah.. That's why. Damn, but I'd do just about anything to make her smile like that.

"Tomorrow's the big day." she states, as she runs the tip of one finger absently along my length, making me shudder in response.

My physical reaction has more to do with her reminder about the next day, than it does with her light strokes on my dick. Tomorrow, and what is going to happen then, has been looming very large in my mind for the entire past month, ever since my wife told me what it was that she wanted as a present for our anniversary.

"I can't wait.." she continues, her voice growing excited with anticipation, her lips moistening as she licks them. "It's something that I've always wanted to do, ever since I was a little girl.."

I know, she's talked about it quite a lot with me, even before we were married. I never thought much of it, believed it was just an idle fantasy for her, actually.. But then, she popped the question a few weeks before our fifth anniversary. And how on earth was I to deny her, especially when she looked so hopeful, so sincere, so sure that I wouldn't let her down, when she asked me?

"Mmm.." she murmurs, as she bends even closer to me and places a soft kiss on each of my testicles, cupped within her grasp. "Just think, there's weeks of build up in these little guys.. They're going to be absolutely delicious, I'm sure of it."

"This thing, too.." she says, as she gives the tip of my cock a long, lingering kiss as well, making sure to lick up the little bead of precum that's bubbled out. "I've always loved the taste of it."

Damn, does that feel good. She's making it so hard to last out until tomorrow..

"I wonder how they're going to prepare you..?" she muses, as she pulls her head back slightly to regard my manhood once more, her warm hands still slowly stroking and squeezing it. "Just what recipe they're going to use..? I've been researching them online, and they all just sound so good."

If she keeps this up, I might NOT make it, actually.. God, I'm so close.

"It's a bit of a shame that we'll only be able to try one.." she continues, as she gives my flesh a particularly strong squeeze. "..but, I suppose that's part of what makes this all so exciting, isn't it?"

Fuck. I can feel it bubbling up, deep in my groin. I'm only a few moments away from it becoming inevitable, a few more strokes or squeezes..

"Ooh.." she says, as she feels my cock quiver, and my balls squirm and clench up within her hands. "Feels like someone's just as excited as I am..!"

"I guess we'd better stop, then." she says, with a little smirk up at me, as she releases me. "We don't want you getting TOO exited, now do we? The last few weeks will have been rather wasted if you lose control now."


"Hmmm.." she hums, as she slides the bare skin of her body up mine, to lay down alongside me on our bed, her lips brushing against my ear as she whispers to me. "That reminds me.. Some of the recipes call for the.. ingredients.. to be milked beforehand, to help provide a base for the sauce.."

"Try and help me remember to tell the waitresses to not let the cooks do that with you, okay?" she breathes. "I want you on my plate just like you are right now.."

"Hard." she says, as she lightly flicks the tip of my cock.

"Plump." she states, as she gives my balls a fond pat.

"And juicy!" she whispers, before sucking my earlobe between her lips and nibbling on it.

Haaughh.. so damned close..! The ONLY thing that keeps me from begging for release is the thought of that brilliant smile of hers, of how happy she'll be, tomorrow at the restaurant..

"C'mon, let's go to sleep." she says, after releasing my earlobe. "It's just like Christmas.. The sooner we go to sleep, the sooner it'll be tomorrow morning! Ha!"

I lay there on my back, rigid, knowing that any movement on my part could set my long, long delayed and pent up orgasm off, as my wife curls up around me possessively. She goes to sleep rather quickly, a contented smile staying on her features even as she slumbers. Her face is tucked against my head, her arm thrown across my chest, and the thigh of one leg laid across my hips. One of her generous breasts is pillowed up on my chest, and her sex, which I can feel the moist heat of, is barely a scarce inch from my throbbing cock.

I'm so aroused that my entire body is practically vibrating. It takes every ounce and scrap of willpower I can muster to not wrap my wife up in my arms, pin her beneath me, and bury myself into her, down to the hilt.

I doesn't help that she squirms against me and moans, every so often, as she dreams of tomorrow.

Damn, this is going to be a long night.

END How Long..?

3 - Elven Traditions

"Are you in a hurry?" asked the vampire, as she examined his (rather nervous) brother's jutting, erect cock and hanging balls. "Or do you mind if I take my time with him?"

"Why?" asked his mother, who raised a questioning eyebrow at the semi-dead woman.

"Well, you're my only appointment today." the vampire explained, as she absently toyed with the manhood in her grasp. "Since my schedule is clear, I can spend more time than I'm usually able to on him. It won't make any difference in the end result, but I prefer to.. work.. slowly, if I can."

"The younger ones, and especially the elven younger ones, like yours.." she finished, with a predatory little smile down at his brother. "..are particularly flavorful, and I like to savor them when I have the opportunity."

"Hmm.." his mother mused, looking upward thoughtfully as she tapped a slim finger on her chin. "I do have some errands to run, and they'll be quicker if I'm not dragging the boys around with me.."

"Yes.." she said, as she came to her decision. "Yes, feel free to take as long as you wish with him. I'll likely be an hour or two."

"Splendid." the vampire responded, smiling widely (showing off her rather pristine set of sharp, white teeth as she did so).

His brother gulped audibly at the display of dentition.

"Will his younger brother be a distraction, or can I leave him here as well?" his mother asked, as she stood up.

"Oh, leave him here." the vampire said, her smile turning a trifle wicked as she glanced at him. "I don't mind an audience. Especially one so delicious looking as him."

It was his turn to gulp, after hearing that.

"Very well." his mother said, with scarcely a backward glance as she walked to the door. "I shall return after at least an hour, then."

"We'll be here." the vampire responded, with a musical little singsong lilt in her voice, which ended with what was, he thought, a fairly sinister laugh.

Without another word, his mother left, leaving both him and his older brother alone with the vampire.

"Well, boy.." the vampire said, as she firmed her grip on his brother's male organs. "I suppose that it's time we got started, isn't it..?"

"After all, this little penis of yours isn't going to eat itself, now is it?" she stated, with another laugh.

"Haahh..!" his brother squeaked, as the vampire ran her long, flexible tongue around her lips. "Hah.. um.. um.."

"Yess? You have a question, boy?" the vampire asked, her smile growing smug, as if she knew exactly what was on his mind.

"I'm.. I'm not going to.. to.." his brother stammered, his voice high and thready with nerves, before he managed to finish his question in a rush. "turnintoavampire, am I?"

"Oh no.. No, no, no.." the vampire responded, with a condescending laugh. "Vampirism isn't like the common cold, boy. It takes a great deal of effort, not to mention time, to transfer the.. curse. You are worth neither, to me."

"Now, be a sweet child, and hold at least somewhat still, yes?" the vampire instructed, as she flowed into a kneeling position before his brother. "I promise you that it won't hurt at all.."

"At least, not at first." she finished, flashing a quick, malicious looking grin up at the boy.

Then, she opened her mouth wide, showcasing her long, sharp teeth again, and engulfed his brother's cock completely.

The vampire was as good as her word. She took her time, as she said she would, and seemed to greatly enjoy her work. It also quickly became apparent that what she was doing wasn't hurting his brother either, at all. Quite the opposite, it seemed. After some initial reluctance, his brother's expression shifted from fearful to.. happy? He wasn't quite sure, but if the noises he was making were any indication, his brother was actually quite enjoying having his manhood inside of the vampire's mouth.

At first, anyway.

Soon enough, rather than using his grip on the vampire's long, dark hair to thrust himself further into her, he began using his hands to try, futilely, to push her away. The vampire would have none of that, though, and used her own iron grasp around his bottom to keep his cock and his balls firmly inside her maw.

The reason for the change in his brother's demeanor was fairly obvious, even from his position as an outside observer. The vampire had begun with soft, slow strokes and kisses, then progressed to long licks and suckles, before finally moving on to full, deep-throated sucks of his entire length, all the while humming in apparent approval of how he tasted. His brother had rocked his hips against her, and tensed up and cried out several times, bucking in ecstasy on each occasion as the vampire gulped around his penis, swallowing down whatever it was she was taking from him.

Then she had begun nibbling on him, which, judging from his brother's conflicted expression, didn't seem to feel quite as good.

Then she had begun to actually chew on him. Not hard, at first, probably not even hard enough to break the skin, but it was certainly enough of a change to convince his brother to vainly attempt to extricate his manhood from the trap it was in. For all the good it did, he may as well not have bothered, and the vampire continued to slowly increase the depth and force of her mastication of his flesh.

Finally, as watery blood began leaking from around the seal of the vampire's lips, and his brother's thrashing and whining and wailing reached a crescendo, the semi-dead woman snapped her jaws shut completely. His brother blanched white at this, going deathly pale, and his vocal protests were instantly reduced to a halting, choking stutter.

Then, the vampire jerked her head back slightly, as if tearing a morsel from a sweetbun, and swallowed.

He watched as the bulge that had been filling out the vampire's cheeks was forced down into her working throat, which it then slowly slid further along, before it disappeared into her body entirely.

The vampire let out a moan of pure pleasure as this happened. Then his brother went limp, though not completely unconscious, and would have fallen to the floor entirely, if not for the fact that the vampire was still holding him up, her lips still sealed around his now much reduced crotch.

Her mouth, though now empty, seemed to work intently for several more minutes, as if she were licking furiously at the place where his brother's manhood had been attached. Indeed, she swallowed down several extra throatfulls as she did this, before the pace of her efforts slowed, and she then finally released him.

His brother fell backward away from her, aided by a small push, onto a well padded, strategically placed cushion. His bare limbs splayed wide as he landed, showcasing the crotch of his legs, which was now smooth, if a little swollen, and conspicuously empty.

"The wound.. is cleaned and sealed." the vampire said as she rose, looking over to his right side and gesturing negligently with one had toward his prone brother. "But he'll need to keep his physical activity to a minimum for the next week or two, or he'll risk opening it back up and possibly bleeding out."

He looked to his right, and was surprised to see his mother sitting beside him, casually reading from a periodical. She must have returned some time ago, but he had been so focused on what had been happening to his brother that he had failed entirely to noticed her arrival.

"Ah." his mother said, as if taken slightly by surprise, as she looked up distractedly from her reading. "All done, then?"

"Yes." the vampire replied. "Though, as I said, he'll need to take things easy for several weeks."

"Very good." His mother said. "Will he be fit enough to walk home, or should I send for a carriage?"

"As long as the distance isn't too great, he will manage, once he rouses." the vampire said. "It should be only a few minutes. I didn't take much from him, other than his manhood."

"Very well, then." his mother said, before she dug into her purse to pull out her coin bag. "I have to say, when I had friends recommended you to me, I had my doubts, but you've more than earned your fee. Thank you."

"It was my pleasure.." the vampire purred, as she accepted the small handful of silver coins his mother passed to her. "My pleasure, entirely."

"Well, I suppose there's nothing to do now but to wait for him to awaken.." his mother said, as she sat back down and picked up her periodical once again, apparently intent on returning to her reading.

"What about the other..?" the vampire asked, as she opened her mouth to idly pick at her bloodstained teeth.

"Hmm..?" his mother asked, absently. "Other?"

"The other boy." the vampire stated, once she'd dislodged a rather large morsel of shredded flesh from between her incisors. "Will you be requiring my services for him today, as well? If so, I can provide a.. discount."

"Really.." his mother stated, showing interest.

"Yess.." the vampire said, her mouth turning up into a evil looking smile once more. "Two for the price of one.. Usually I do not sell my services so cheaply, but his brother.."

"..his brother was most.." the vampire breathed, her eyes fluttering and her expression becoming almost.. reverent, as a shiver ran through her. "..delicious. I would be pleased to be able to make the pair of them matching, once again."

"Hmm.." his mother mused, not dismissing the idea out of hand, much to his horror. "Well, I hadn't planned on it, yet.."

The vampire's smile deepened, and his heart skipped several beats as she shifted her gaze to him, licking her lips hungrily.

"..but, no." his mother said, after a few moments of consideration. "He hasn't proven himself completely inadequate, yet, like his brother. I'll give him another few years to.. measure up, so to speak, before I make my final decision about him."

"..ahh, well.." the vampire sighed, her disappointment evident. "Perhaps I will see you again in a year or two, then."

"I certainly hope so, anyway." she finished, while sending him a burning, lascivious look as he shuddered and quailed in his seat.

His brother woke up from his daze after that. It was only a few moments later that all three of them, his mother herding his woozy, wobbly brother along firmly, exited the vampire's lair, which was a quaint, pretty little home/business located just a block or two from the nicer market square in their town.

"Thank you for selecting me for your.. needs." the vampire said, as she bowed them out. "And please, remember to tell your friends about me! I am always looking to.. acquire.. more business."

"What a lovely person." his mother commented, seemingly oblivious of the vampire's evil laugh which followed them down the cobbled street. "Didn't live up to the stereotype at all. It just goes to show you.."

"Well, come along, dear.." she said, with a mild, but evaluating glance at him. "With any luck, that'll be the last time we have need of her.."

He breathed a sigh of relief as he heard his mother say this, though it froze in his chest when she finished her thought.

"..though I doubt it."

END Elven Traditions

4 - Regret

"You know, sometimes I miss your cock."

"I know, I know, don't give me that look. It WAS my idea to get it removed in the first place."

"And I still think that you look much better without it, but sometimes.."

"Well, sometimes I just can't help remembering how good it felt. It was so long and thick, easily the biggest one I've ever seen, and it just felt so GOOD stretching me out, you know."

"Yeah, we've got the strap-on toys, and they're nice.. but something about them just isn't the same.."

"Gosh, just thinking about your big cock is getting me kinda hot, ha hah!"

"The way it would look when it was getting erect, such a silly looking little thing suddenly growing into a big ol' manly pole. How it would pulse and throb, especially when I was playing with it and sucking on it.."

"It makes my little clitty tingle, remembering the way I would just grind on it.. You remember, don't you..? How you'd be on you back, with your big, hard, veiny cock laying on your stomach, and me on top, sliding my wet pussy up and down the length of it?"

"God, we'd do that for hours.. It was so great.."

"Then, when we'd both gotten so worked up we couldn't stand it anymore, you'd turn me over, hold me down beneath you, and fuck me hard until we both came like crazy.."

"I always liked it when you'd hold me down like that, you know.. It made me feel all small and feminine.. The thrill of you dominating me always drove me a little crazy, ha hah!"

"..and you'd get so damn deep inside of me, too.."

"Fuck, I'm going to have to masturbate. You don't mind, do you?

"No, wait.. Don't leave.."

"You know I like it when you watch.."


"Y-you know.. hah.. I always wondered what they did with it.."

"..after they.. haauhmm.. removed it, at the clinic. The girls there did say they'd never taken one so b-big before.."

"Do you think they.. hmm.. think they just threw it away, like they said they did with all the others..?"

"Or do you think one of them secretly kept it? Ha hah hmmm.. I'll bet they d-did.. That one girl.. You remember, the cute redhead..? She was totally.. hmm.. totally staring at your cock the entire time, hard."

"I'll bet she snuck it out.. hmm.. when no one else was looking."

"What do you think she did with it..?"

"Maybe she.. I dunno.. like preserved it, s-somehow.. So she could use it for herself."

"Just think, hmm.. somewhere out there, your d-dick could still exist, looking just like it did the moment they took it from you.. hah.. It could be sliding in and out of that hot little redhead's pussy, right this second."

"I bet she comes like c-crazy when she uses it, just like we used to. I wonder if she remembers your face, if she thinks of you when she.. hah.. hmm.. uses it..? Or, if your dick is the only thing that matters to her, if she doesn't r-remember you at all.."

"..Mmm.. haahh.."

"Maybe she even turned it into a strap-on, like one of our toys.."

"Do you think she.. hmm.. fucks other girls with it? I bet she does.."

"I wish she were here now, fucking me with it.."

"Would you want to see that? See your dick fuck mmm-me again, just like it u-used to..?"

"You always did want to have a threesome, ha hah! That would count, kinda.. Me, another girl, and your cock.."

"Fuck, that makes me so hot, just thinking about it.."

"Thinking about your cock always d-does.. hah.."

"God, it's almost like I can f-feel it inside mmm-me.."

"I'm so close.. hah.."




"Damn.. that.. hmm.."

"That was a good one.."

"Not as good as.. as it would have been, though.."

"..if you still had your cock."

"It was so big.. It always left me a little sore, afterwards.."

"The good kind of sore, though, ha hah."

"Heh, I'd better stop thinking about it, or I'll have to go again, he hee.."



"..I miss your cock.."


"Don't look at me like that.. How was I to know I'd miss it so much?"

"..I mean, it seemed like a good idea.. at the time, anyway."

"Oh, well.. at least you've still got your balls."

"Your big, heavy balls.."

"They certainly are feeling full, these days, aren't they..?"

END(less) Regret

Author's Notes:

The long holiday break allowed me to finally catch up on some rest, and recover from a Dire Cold I randomly encountered, which kicked my low level ass pretty thoroughly.

I enjoyed these stories, writing them out was quite fulfilling. Each one was my favorite, until I wrote the next one.. but How Long..? does have a special place in my heart, ha ha. I just love the casual disregard for the poor guy's suffering. I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end, though.. just ask his wife, ha! Regret hits a lot of the same buttons for me, too. Elven Traditions is an offshoot of a much longer story I'm semi-working on, called Punishing the Beast, and is sort of a worldbuilding background story. Central Heating was inspired by a particular photo that I have. I'll see if I can't scrape up a working link to it for you guys somewhere (it was a tumblr image).

Also, though this may be a bit late, R.I.P. tumblr porn. I didn't actually use the site much, as I never cared much for the design of it, but I can't deny that it had a whole hell of a lot of great content. My brother was particularly distraught about it..

END CBT Shorts 4

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