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This first story is a response to an entry in the Capital Punishment game in RP.

Two days ago, Freyja and Para became lovers. Freyja initiated their love, when she seduced the other with a kiss as they showered after gymnastics.

On that day, Freyja and Para stayed a little late to help the coach clean up the gym, and Hit the showers after everyone else left. Freyja caught herself watching as the water flowed down Para’s dark, chocolatey, skin. They were alone and naked for the first time, and Freyja couldn’t resist. She leaned against Para’s body and wrapped an arm around her petite torso.

“Let’s make out!” She whispered.

Para’s widened her eyes as she pulled away. “Haha! You’re very funny Frey!” Para faked a laugh and moved back.

“I’m not joking,” Freyja replied solemnly as she brushed a strand of black hair from her face.

“Come on,” she said nervously, “I don’t really see you that way. We’re just friends.”

Freyja laughed. “You and I both know that’s not true! I know you like to take awfully long glances at my body.”

“I just…” Freyja placed her index finger over Para’s lips.

“I’ve also seen you looking at my ass whenever I walk by you. You think I’m cute, and you are just too shy to say so.”

“We could get arrested for…” Freyja grabbed her torso and pulled her close, then kissed her on the lips.

Para’s muscles tensed up for a brief moment, then her body relaxed. Her arms gripped Freyja’s sides and pulled her tighter, as she began to kiss her back, lips locked. They broke off after thirty seconds; Freyja smiling as her hazel eyes gazed into Para’s brown, while the latter breathed heavily as if she just ran a marathon.

“I was right!” Freyja kissed her on the forehead and continued beaming.

“When did you first notice me looking at you?”

“Oh, about two months ago when I was at that pool party for your thirteenth birthday. I wore that small two-piece bikini and you could hardly keep your eyes off me. You were hardly subtle.”

Para laughed. “Well, I guess I was more subtle before that. I started developing a crush on you shortly after I turned eleven.”

“Now that we kissed, what do you think?” Freyja puckered her lips.

“I think I want another sample, but longer this time,” Para replied and closed her eyes.

They locked lips again, sucking the breath from the other’s lungs and twirled their tongues together in a sloppy, wet, dance of meat and saliva.

“Let’s not leave here with our virginity intact,” Freyja piped up, breaking off their kiss after two minutes.

Freyja cupped Para’s pussy and began rubbing it gently. She lowered herself, kissing her neck and torso. Freyja puckered her lips around Para’s perky buds and suckled her tits while her tongue licked the shower water from her nipples. Para threw her head back and grabbed a handful of brown hair, stroking Freyja’s head. She kissed and sucked the water from her tender stomach until her mouth reached her crotch. A finger slithered into Para’s asshole as Freyja’s tongue licked her pussy. The sensation overwhelmed Para, who began moaning as her legs lost the ability to hold her up. Freyja laid back as her new lover’s tiny weight pressed against her, until she was on the floor with Para’s cunt sitting on her lips. With Freyja’s tongue flicking her cunt and finger fucking her ass, Para climaxed quickly and her moans filled the shower room. The best orgasm she ever had washed over her, and her orifices contracted and sprayed Freyja’s face with cum.

Lost in indulgence, and deafened by the enjoyment of sexual pleasures, the teen lesbians failed to hear footsteps on the wet concrete. When Para opened her eyes for the first time since Freyja’s tongue touched her pussy, she screamed. A twenty-something blonde, the coach’s assistant, Ms. Hamilton, stood over them with a grimace on her face. Freyja immediately opened her eyes, and widened them.

“I’d never imagined you two could be such whores.”

Freyja and Para were arrested almost immediately, and tried the next morning. The judge sentenced them to death, and scheduled their execution to be carried out in public the following day.

In the town center, the girls stood next to each other on raised platforms, beneath the gallows with two nooses hanging before their faces. They were bound at the wrists, and naked as the day they were born. Both were sobbing uncontrollably as the executioner made preparations. A small crowd gathered around the gallows; most of them were just horny men looking for a show, but they were joined by the families, friends, and acquaintances of the condemned teens. Freyja’s mother, a busty woman in her thirties with bushy brown hair, continuously sobbed into a piece of cloth while her husband softly massaged her right shoulder. Her little sister, a miniature version of Freyja with matching brown hair and ponytail, minus the ample breasts, buried her face into her mother’s ribs. Para’s mother passed out in her husband’s lap, who watched with a severe expression.

The executioner finished routine paperwork and equipment inspection, and pointed to two guards and then the platforms. Para gasped sharply as one placed the noose around her neck and tightened it.

“Please let this be a dream,” Freyja muttered as the guard quietly placed the noose over her head. She clenched her eyes tightly, tears flying, and thrashed her head and repeating the same phrase several times.

The executioner stood between the two platforms with a notepad and paper in his hand, and read aloud.

“Freyja Nyx and Para Finn, you have been convicted of abhorrent sexual violations! The State has sentenced you to be hung by the neck until dead! Do you have any last words?”

Para shook her head. “I don’t wanna die! Please don’t kill me.”

Freyja shouted, “I’m sorry! This is my fault! I-I seduced Para in the showers, she tried to resist. Just execute me and let her go! I’m the only one who deserves to die.”

The executioner waited ten seconds after Freyja finished speaking, both girls waited in anticipation. Para opened her mouth as he approached the platform and pulled a lever on the side; her words were cut off as a trap door fell out beneath her; she fell several meters before the rope stopped her, with an audible snap as her neck broke. Piss and shit dripped from her ass and urethra as Para’s body relaxed forever, ending her short life.

“No! No!” Freyja cried out. “She didn’t do anything! Cut her down, save her, plea… aughck!” The door underneath her opened, and the world went black as her neck snapped. Another stream of piss and shit soiled the dirt as her bladder and bowels released their contents.

Freyja’s dad vomited as his wife buried herself into his stomach, and their only remaining daughter bawled until she passed out. Para’s dad remained motionless in his seat, until his wife recovered an hour later to discover that he died of a heart attack; she fainted again, and ended up taking her own life that evening. The girls were left hanging for two days until their bodies were taken down and buried in the community garden.


Incestuous Children Executed

The executioner sighed as she entered the chamber. Three children, a boy and girl, twins just weeks shy of their thirteenth birthday, and a younger girl who was probably seven or eight, awaited her in their underwear, flanked by six armed guards. The twins, she once knew personally.

Michelle once lived next door to the Whitefields, and even watched Samuel and Laura on several occasions; Elle, the youngest, was born after she moved. The news that they killed their mother, and almost killed their father, after being caught fucking was shocking enough, but she never imagined that their lives would end at her hands. Yet here they stood in her execution chamber waiting for her to send them to their graves. They stood, gazing upon her with eyes of hate and dread; although she knew they couldn’t recognize her under the cloak and mask, but her heart still broke to know that this would be the last expression she ever saw on their faces.

“Come with me,” she told them and led the children to a thick metal door. Michelle entered a typed a sequence of numbers into the keypad and the door opened. “Enter.”

Laura entered first followed by Samuel. Elle looked at Michelle for a brief moment, pouty lips and tear-filled eyes. One of the guards nudged her with his gun and she followed her older siblings, as the door closed behind her.

Six screens flashed on, showing the interior of the chamber from multiple angles. The same feed from those cameras was streamed to a screen in the waiting room, and the Internet. Michelle accessed a terminal nearby and set up the device that would kill them.

Elle immediately dropped to the ground and bawled, thrashing her arms and legs as hard as she could. “I don’t want to die! Please let me live!” She screamed repeatedly.

“What a crybaby,” Samuel said aloud, as Laura rolled her eyes.

“This is your fault for being nasty,” Elle screamed at them. Laura chuckled.

Laura’s hand reached out and grabbed Samuel’s crotch, squeezing his cock through his underpants until she felt it swell up and stiffen.

“They are legally bound to give us five minutes to say prayers and make peace” she kissed him on the lips and winked, “so let prey.” . He grabbed her, hands snaked beneath her panties and planted firmly on her ass cheeks, and locked his lips with hers.

“You two are gross! Stop! You’re not supposed to do this!” Elle screamed.

“Shut up,” Samuel told her, “besides, it’s not like they can do anything worse than what they already have planned.” Samuel kissed his twin sister again as his younger sister buried her face into her palms.

Laura unfastened her bra, allowing it to fall to the floor, and proudly thrust her round buds into her brother’s face. Samuel pushed his underwear down and kicked them at Elle. His erection sprang forward, and Laura happily wrapped her hand around it. She kneeled and wrapped her lips around the head, sloppily suckling the knob as she stroked his shaft. He groaned, quickly building up. As he grew closer to climaxing, she took the entire shaft down her throat, until he was about to cum. Then she pulled away.

“Aww!” He groaned.

“Oh, don’t worry. I got something better for you to cum in,” Laura said as she pushed her panties to her ankles. “Remember how before I said I didn’t want you to get me pregnant? Well, now that doesn’t matter. Lay back.” She kicked her panties, landing them on Elle’s head, who briefly looked up with a grimace on her tear-soaked face.

Samuel laid on his back, stiff cock pointed at the ceiling, as he awaited his sister and lover. Laura crawled on the floor and sat on his erect member, taking it into her moist prepubescent pussy, and caused both of them to grunt sharply. He thrust his pelvis forward as she bounced her ass back forth, smacking each other as his dick pounded her cervix.

The sliding of a panel in the ceiling, followed by loud buzzing, caught their attention. Elle looked up immediately, her eyes widened and mouth gaped, as drones, small narrow bullets attached to rotaries, swarmed into the room by the dozens. She immediately sat up, sobbing harder than before, and scooted back against the nearest wall.

Samuel and Laura ignored the drones and continued fucking. They fucked faster, and within seconds strings of warm, sticky, sperm shot into Laura’s womb. She pounded her pelvis against his relentlessly, milking as much of her brother’s cum as possible. As the buzzing grew closer, she closed her eyes and focused on getting her own last orgasm before everything blacked out.

As her last orgasm began to blossom, Laura was stunned by a sharp pain in her right ass cheek. A loud explosion rattled the room. Laura screamed as an excruciating agony erupted from her ass and washed over her entire body, and blood poured down her legs. She quickly realized that her entire right ass was gone, blasted into red pieces of flesh that flew across the floor. Laura immediately tried to run, but a second bullet drone stuck her lower left leg and exploded. She fell to the floor and rolled onto her back next to Samuel, screaming and clutching her leg.

Samuel looked up with an “O” on his face. Before he could stand, four of the drones attached themselves to his legs, two for each one, and multiple explosions tore them apart. His screams joined Laura’s. Their eyes widened further as several approached their crotches. Rather than pierce them, the bullets exploded several centimeters away, spraying their genitals with hot shrapnel.

Elle watched, completely paralyzed, as her older siblings were blasted apart a little bit at a time by what she could only describe as robotic wasps. She anticipated the moment one would turn towards her with utmost dread, but for now the horrid things seemed content with the twins.

Few of the bullet drones actually pierced flesh; instead, exploding some distance away to embed their bodies with small bits of shrapnel and prolong their suffering. Blood pooled around Samuel and Laura as they thrashed in it like dying fish in a shallow puddle. Another drone, larger than the others, dropped in after fifteen minutes, and pink mist sprayed from several nozzles, coating the twins. Whatever the substance was, Laura and Samuel seemed to thrash more vigorously, and their screams became more piercing. It flew back through the panel as several more bullet drones exploded in front of their faces; to them, the world went dark forever as their eyes were pierced with small chunks of contorted metal. The last four embedded themselves into their nipples, and exploded; Laura’s newly-developed bust disappeared into red craters, and the blast shattered bones and ruptured their lungs. Their screams became gurgled, as blood bubbled up. Their chests heaved erratically, and each attempt to breath brought a burning agony that enveloped their chests. They slowed, and eventually stopped moving. Piss poured from what remained of their genitals, adding a distinct yellow to the blood between their legs.

In silence, Elle looked on as her brother and sister expired. A sense of relief washed over as there were no drones left; they decided to spare her after all, she thought. Her hope was short-lived, as another bullet drone buzzed through the panel. Her only respite, as Elle was reluctant to go along with her siblings, was not sentenced to an agonizing death.

A scream pierced the silence, as the small autonomous bullet raced across the room towards the frightened child. As a deer in headlights, she waited until it was less than eight centimeters from her to move. Elle made a run for it, but the drone stuck itself to her forehead. Blood, skull fragments, and brain tissue sprayed the floor as a fiery explosion blasted a hole in her forehead. Elle tumbled to the floor, twitching for several seconds. The crotch of her underwear turned yellow, as her body stiffened forever.

Michelle, a stoic expression on her face, watched as the Whitefields perished, until Elle fell to the floor and pissed herself. She methodically confirmed each death in the computer, deactivated the drone execution system, and called in the clean up crew to remove the corpses and clean the mess.

She left work for the day, and called in sick for three days.


The Princess

Princess Sophia lay curled up in the fetal position on the pile of straw that stood in for a bed. The daughter of the House of Crawford was now the only remaining member of that noble bloodline. Up until last month, her life had been one of luxury and privilege. But even she, a sheltered little princess, could tell things were going badly. Her father barely spoke to her, bags under his eyes, and her mother had been snappy and temperamental. Then, just a week ago, the enemy had pushed into the capital. The Kingdom's soldiers had fought valiantly, but they could not fight with no food and no ammo. They laid down their weapons and allowed the enemy free entry into the palace grounds.

Sophia still had nightmares of what happened next. Dirty, rough men, tired and angry from long months of fighting rampaged through the halls and countless rooms of the estate. They raped the maids, killing those who resisted. They stole anything not tied down, and smashed anything they could not take away.

The soldiers found the royal family hiding in one of the attic spaces. She remembered everything with crystal-clear clarity. Her mother screaming, her father pleading with their captors. Then, two gunshots and her parents slumped over with ragged holes in their chests. The men turned their attention to her, the little girl cowering in the corner.

She remembered The sensation of strong, rapacious hands exploring her young body as they tore off her precious silk nightgown. Then, the sudden pain in her crotch as the soldier took her first time. More hands, gripping onto her golden blonde hair, forcing her delicate mouth open as they satisfied their pent up urges. Sophia was stripped of everything that day. Her family, her title, her fortune, and her pride. For the first time in her short life, she knew what fear and pain felt like.

"A visitor for you, princess", one of the prison guards announced. The young girl stood up and gracefully curtsied as the heavyset man lumbered into the dank cell. Sophia recognized him. He was the general of the enemy ground forces. She greeted him in his language, haltingly. "No need for that, miss", he said gently. "We've set your execution date for tomorrow, at mid day", he took off his spectacles and rubbed them on his coat as he talked. "They wanted to make an example of you, but I convinced them to be lenient. You'll be attended to by the best headsman in the army". Sophia felt the last vestiges of hope crumble. The princess forced herself to thank the man, but all she desired was to scream obscenities at him.

The unfortunate girl spent her last night tossing and turning on that cold patch of straw. Despite her fervent wishes, the next morning came, spilling bright sunlight through the city. The guards came with a bowl of porridge and a cup of milk, and she took a few half hearted spoonfuls. She hadn't much of an appetite. The guards came back, one of them tossing a threadbare gown at her feet, the other placing a sponge, a towel and a large bucket of warm, soapy water on the cell floor. They left, leaving the princess to wash herself in private. The princess slipped out of her stained camisole and bloomers, picked up the bucket and slowly poured it over herself. She rubbed her soft, pale skin with the sponge, cleaning the grime and grease of the past 7 days away. Sophia toweled herself dry, then pulled the fresh gown over her head, tightening the strap around her waist. She sat down on the straw pile and pulled her feet up, resting her chin on her knees.

The hours seemed to pass by in minutes, and soon enough it was almost time to depart for the central square where her sentence was to be carried out. Flanked by several guards, she was escorted to a motorcar and slowly driven past crowds of onlookers. The citizens were mostly quiet and respectful. The car slipped through some concrete bollards and arrived at the central square, where it came to a stop. The guards helped Sophia step down from the vehicle, where she promptly fell to her knees.
They took hold of her arms and dragged the princess across the square.

A raised wooden platform had been erected in the center, where the headsman waited, his axe by his side. Her guards firmly pulled the princess up the stairs. They reached the top of the platform and forced her to her knees.

There was a large wooden block placed in front of the girl, its top dark old blood stains and marked with the cuts from a thousand beheadings. The guards forced her head down, and Sophia grimaced as she laid her neck on the pitted surface of the chopping block. They pulled her long hair clear from her nape, to allow the headsman a clean shot.
Sophia tried to remain composed, but despite her upbringing, she was still an 11 year old girl. Sophia closed her eyes tight as the headsman read the charges against her. She had no tears left, but her heart still shook in terror. She felt her bladder release, piss dribbling down her thigh, and blushed in shame.

Having finished reading out the charges, the executioner raised his axe, and swung it down. It was a good strike, and the axe blade had been kept sharp. The girl's head tumbled off the block and rolled forward, coming to a stop a few meters away from the edge of the platform. Sophia's body jerked, bright red blood spraying forth from her neck. The guards let go of her arms, letting her corpse collapse on its side, her slender legs twitching as blood pooled around her prostrate form.

The headsman grabbed her head and looked in her eyes. For a few seconds, her pupils wandered around, as her lips tried to form words. Then, as blood poured out the bottom, her eyes dulled and became still. Princess Sophia was no more, and the House of Crawford had ended.

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