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This is something I wrote before GC switched domains, and now I can't find it here. I still had my files, so I posted it on AO3 so there's a permanent link.

I'm also open for story commissions if anyone's interested. Email me (the address should show up in the heading; if not, I'll just reply with it) to talk about pricing and content. I'll write just about anything as long as it's not based on real people. Anyway, enjoy this story!


Okay, email doesn't show up, so the commission email is the same as the AO3 username, whydoihavethiskink, at Yahoo.


You know, this stuff is well written. The descriptions are snappy but detailed, and the pacing was good.

But it's not guro. It's just scat.


>>16060 I never said it was guro, just that I'd posted it on Gurochan before the domain switch. Scat is allowed on Gurochan, including in /lit/, so long as you warn for it (if you look at the thread title, you'll notice I did). /s/ is for images, and there aren't enough writers or story reccers to split /lit/ into two boards.

Thanks for the compliment, though! I try to write so it could be enjoyable to someone who wasn't aroused by it, assuming they weren't disgusted by the topic. I can write gore, and it's pretty decent when I do, but scat is what turns me on, so that's what this story is about.


This story has a third chapter now!


Fourth chapter now! Lots of maids, a teeny bit of shota, and tons of accidents and desperation!


The story is complete now, over on AO3! There will be more stories set in that world, however.

So, to recap:

Chapter 1: A saboteur contaminates an entire town with a stomach bug, then deliberately gets sick himself, from both ends, in public.
Chapter 2: A little elf girl gets sick in public, then goes home, where she soils her bed.
Chapter 3: A rich merchant and several of his guests get sick at a dinner party.
Chapter 4: The rich merchant's servants and his infant son get sick. Lots of accidents and desperation.
Chapter 5: The merchant's wife becomes ill and has an accident during anal sex with the butler.
Chapter 6: A band of orc mercenaries gets sick after leaving town.
Chapter 7: As he leaves town, the saboteur finds an accomplice, and seals the deal by raping his new bitch boy and giving him a piss enema and a special parasite.

So, head on over to AO3 if you want to read! Link:

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